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Welcome to Adjeca's Spyro Collection. This site features pictures of my Spyro the Dragon collection which includes games, magazines, game guides, toys, plushies, posters, cards, promotional items and more. I also have pictures of the character (box art, concept art, et cetera). Enjoy!


09/23/10 - Over three years since last update!
    I got a whole bunch of Shadow Legacy postcards a while ago. It has stickers on it too and acted as a coupon for the game.

A friend who works at GameStop has been coming across these giftcards from customers and giving them to me, I'm indebted to him.

Also got a box full of inflatable hammers (wtf?) and inflatable Spyros a while ago too. I don't have a camera handy at the moment so I'll post pictures of those later. I don't expect it to be years later though.

09/18/07 - The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Wendy's Promotion
    Wendy's is having a promotion for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night and will feature five collectible toys.

More details at, complete with pictures.

Wendy's official site:

    It's been quite some time since I've last updated, but I'm still alive. :)

11/27/06 - Big Spyro the Dragon Store Standee
    A big Spyro the Dragon standee finally came in. :)

11/26/06 - ConAgra Foods Back to School Kit and PAL Store Display Disk
    That Back to School Kit from ConAgra Foods finally came in.
    Also, my Spyro: A New Beginning Promo arrived a few days ago. It's the full version of the game, just without the cover and instructions. These were sent out to gaming stores so they can be on display for potential customers.

11/15/06 - Web Site Update
    I added a nice and simple guestbook. Please sign it if you'd like to comment on anything.
    I also modified the pictures so they load in a new window when you click the link for them. You won't have to keep hitting back or right-click -> new windowing all the time now.
11/13/06 - Huge 4'x3' Spyro the Dragon Pre-Order Poster
    I found this on ebay a month ago and it finally arrived. It's a huge 8-year-old pre-order poster saying: "Coming Soon in September." Really nice addition to my collection.
    I also updated the "Pictures/Art" section. It's, by far, cleaner and easier to navigate in. I'm still updating it. It takes a while doing everything in notepad...
11/08/06 - Wal-Mart Stuff
    I went to Wal-Mart today to get an eye exam, but I had to have my appointment at a later date. I decided to check the popcorn isle to see if they had any boxes with the Spyro/Crash promotion printed on them but there were only ones for that Cars movie. BUT, I checked behind them all and found the very last Spyro/Crash popcorn box. That sure made my day! Then, as I was exiting the store, I decided to have a look at the claw machines and found one full of little bouncy balls. Buried beneath a bunch of Barbie/Superman balls I saw a Spyro ball! I've never seen it before, except at Kellytoy's web site. Too bad I didn't have the time and money to try and dig it up but I think I'll ask my uncle to get me one since he works with those claw machines.
    So, if you're looking for Spyro stuff, do check claw machines! I don't know if Kellytoy has them in the UK.
    In other news, I recieved a Spyro: A New Beginning Giant Display Cube from the UK.
11/07/06 - New Stuff From UK!
    A friend of mine from the UK sent these to me. I just got them yesterday. One is a business-only subscription magazine, MCV Entertainment Weekly which includes some interesting advertising info regarding Spyro: A New Beginning. The other item is an advertisement standee for Spyro: A New Beginning and Crash Boom Bang. Great new additions! :)
11/04/06 - Spyro: A New Beginning Posters!
    These just in, 11 Spyro: A New Beginning Posters from UK!
10/25/06 - Site Published
    Finally I can have my Spyro collection online. Thanks Dino!

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