The official spiffy map of FAIBANX MUCK! ( requires java script and frames, but nothing else )
WARNING! Faibanx MUCK is an adult MUCK and some of the homepages or character pics linked may have adult content.
On popular demand, we start with a short explaination of the buttons/features, although you would get the same and even more info if you just pressed the Info button up there in the blue top frame...
INFO / HELP: Additional features and detailed information about all features.
LOCATION LIST: A list of everything that is on the map. Browsable. Clickable.
ZOOM: It zooms in. Then out. Then in. Then out. Pretty simple.
OVERVIEW: A small scale overview of the entire map. And back.
>>> GO ON TO THE MAP!!! <<<
( click here to view with fog toggled on, doesnt load the big map picture )
TOGGLE FOG: Toggles fog on the map. Icons, names and grid are easier to see then.
TOGGLE ICONS: Puts icons on the map where interesting things are.
TOGGLE NAMES: Show the names of the places on the map.
TOGGLE GRID: Show the grid of rooms and the links between it. The bones of the muck.