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Deviant Art

Sheezy Art

Fur Affinity

Newest pics added 02/11/06

Hello everyone, this is Cashew Lou. I consider it a great source of pride to introduce you to the artwork of Braford, a very talented Argentinian furry artist whose control of line and depiction of muscle is outstanding--certainly among the best out there. As you can see, this page is bare-bones simple; it is meant to be a showcase for Braford's art, and not much more than that. But that is downplaying it a bit; I am sure you will see his art is more than adequate to make this site one to bookmark and visit again and again.

And now, the obligatory disclaimer. Much of Braford's artwork is of a mature and homoerotic nature, and this site was designed for adult viewers only. You have been warned; in other words, please practice a little responsibility. If you are not of legal adult age as it is defined in your jurisdiction, please leave. If you are of legal age, feel free to click the link to Braford's gallery below. Thanks! Just covering our butts.

Speaking of thanks, they are due to Dinosorceror, who provided the new home for this site.

Okay, enough talk. Let's go!



You can contact Braford by e-mail by clicking here.

Feel free to link to Braford's Gym with the link banner below!


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