Update 04/2002

Eddie's Macro Page

I always liked macro since I was a little kid. The first macro furry I can remember was Bronto bear from galaxy ranger and the monken from thundercat.  If you don't know what I talking about that cool.

I always thought it be cool to live as a giant. No rules do what you want.unlimited  freedom. or is it?
Other on this site have better define it. much better then I can. I do know that this does disturb people so I hide this stuff here.

What I do like to do is draw and write macro stuff.  It chalenges my imagination.

Anyway. One to the stuff.

Clicking on any link will take you to my macro page.  If you don't know you don't want to go.
By clicking these link you signfy that you do not mind things that are rated R. and hold me for no blame for your response to this stuff.
Please do not repost my doodles, draw your own :)


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