UPDATE 03.29.08
In before april fools.
This is just a quick note, because I still get emails about this. Yes, I did stop updating my site. The reason for this is based on three things: #1, I ran out of disk space on the LD5 server. Each time I load something new, I have to delete something old now. #2, I stopped drawing vore, and since that was the only sort of picture anyone seemed to like it wasn't worth it to bother with other stuff. #3, the entire reason I draw is to get the porn I want that I can't find. With the advent of websites like fchan and gelbooru, this is no longer the case.
I'd considered getting a spot on FA, but the name Salamander was already taken. After a year of consideration I might use a different name, and change the focus of my drawing if I ever choose to get back into it.
That's all!

Shiron the Win Dragon
Male Legendz. Go ahead and try changing the filename to -06, -09, -12 ...
Ivalice Characters Concept
Female viera blackmage and male bangaa warrior.
Reiger, Again
Male dragon.
Eunuch dragon.
Stallions, Human-Sized
Four male stallions, under-endowment.
A Bit of a Prick
Male feline, under-endowment.
Cheating Bitch!
Male dragon and female wolf. Cunnilingus, infidelity, sloppy-seconds.
Female dragon with female wolf. Oral sex.
Dragoness Character Concept
Muscular herm dragoness character form design.
Caught Off Guard
Four male bulls, surprise buttsecks.
Herm dragoness warrior. Masturbation, alcohol.

Images 2000-2008 Salamander
Legendz (C) Bandai
Final Fantasy (C) Square-Enix
Reiger (C) his player