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  If you've found this place, congrats! This is the homepage of Sarkiran. I'm not an artist or writer by trade, but enjoy both pursuits enough to put up a page for them. My work spans both furry and scaly subjects, and anime also influences what I do. At the moment, this place is pretty bare. I recommend checking back later as I add more content. Thanks for visiting!


This site contains artwork, stories, pictures, and other content that is deemed as adult. This content includes sex, homo- and hetero- sexuality, mild violence, and other explicit content. You have been warned.

What's new:

30-JAN-2002, 10:09PM

  A new piece of content added - my first story! Warning - it's yiffy, and will not appeal to all tastes. Hit the Stories section and check it out ^_^

23-JAN-2002, 11:22AM

  A little update - added the counter to the page. Back in Austin, catching up on things here. Have some things I might add to the site tonight... some stories I had been working on. Not sure if they are ready for the light of day, but I might as well post them - perhaps I'll get some feedback ^^.

16-JAN-2002, 4:10PM

  Much thanks to LD5's Dinosorceror for providing this web space and bandwidth and Drakarth for bringing LD5 to my attention as a place to host my page! I'm very much in the embrionic stages of putting things together, and won't have finished, colored artwork here for a while, but I'll be putting up a better Galleries area soon.

  Another big thanks goes to Tokeki! He helped me break my fear of html ^_^. He made this dragon understand tables - heh, again, much thanks, man! Without you, this would be frames (evil grin). Heh!

  Took a moment and added another page to the sketchbook area. Think I'll keep this area going, really helps me reflect on my drawing. Page is now version 0.0.3. Have a lot of ideas about redesigning the layout, but for now this is good enough to put online.

30-DEC-2001, 12:10PM

  Modified the page quite a bit and incremented to 0.0.2 version. Looks a bit better, added a sketchbook page to the Sketches section, put up the changelog page, fixed some broken links in the Nav Bar - yes, not looking too hot, but it's functional :P. Still organizing the page and adding content as I create it. The big change - took all the annoying table borders out. When they were there I felt like I was stuck in a cage. It looks better w/o them, IMHO.

  Now it's starting to dawn on me. . . I've got a home page :). LOL, guess now I have more of a reason to put up art and stories. Now I need to find a hit counter, think that's the only code portion left. Oh yeah, also can't forget the need for a freakin' DNS name.

  Starting to wonder - now that I have the page, what do I DO with it? I view this media as dynamic, but I think it's possible to overupdate - heh, check out my Livejournal to see that in action :).

29-DEC-2001, 11:45PM

  Well, this entire page is new. Look at the horrible design and colors! Gah! Heh, well, being the first page I've ever done, ya gotta expect that it'll look like, well, crap ^^;. Look, like zero images, and even less content! It's a content vacuum! Yaha! On a serious note, tho, I do plan on making major changes and additions to this, um, heap of code. Just gotta stretch my legs a bit with it and I'll get my footing soon enough.

All Artwork, Stories, Pictures, and content is Copyright 2002 Sarkiran, unless expressly stated otherwise. All rights reserved. Any and all reproduction and/or redistribution is strictly prohibited. Have a muffin.
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