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Updated: 10/26/02

5/22/03 - Just a quick note, not worth putting under the update section. I'm currently working on cleaning up a few older pictures I have and will be adding some new/old art that's been fixed to look a bit neater. I'm almost done, so check back in a week or two!

Run away! Run away!

Welcome welcome, nice to see ya here...I finally managed to get this site finished and running. :) Yay! Many many thanks to Dino for the webspace. Feel free to look around ,everything should work (I hope). If something doesn't, let me know! :) The buttons below should be pretty self explanitory. The site may look a bit basic, but hey, it saves on loading times! I'm sure I've bored you by now, so go on, I'll be quiet now.


Thanks to Tyranno Toes for the nice buttons! :)

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