Gimlet and Dy's webspot
Dy currently does hand painted tiles, take a look at her website if you're interested: Click Here There's a lot of very nice work being displayed on her page.
If you wish to contact either Gimlet or Dy, e-mail them at:

Welcome, this page is to help showcase various pieces done by Gimlet and Dy. Here's what Gimlet himself had to say in an e-mail to me::

"I wondered if you wanted to post this, though it isn't a normal vore art pic. The point is I'd like to post a topic on Big Gulp asking people if they'd like us (myself and my girlfriend Dy) to make a vore sculpture for them. This is our first example (slightly more of it by Dy than me, but we both put a lot into it), hand made (not molded) and hand glazed. It's fully glazed, not acryllic so it will last. We are very pleased about what we've done and are in the middle of another one (that one I did most of the work Dy helped me out).

This is our first project and hence means a lot to us. I doubt we'll sell this one, but others we make will likely be around $150, depending on size, complexity, more expensive glazes etc. If we ever get the skills together to make molds we can make them cheaper, but they would also then have to be batch jobs, not personalised any more. Right now it doesn't look like we will do molds, but you can never tell. "

Thumbnail of sculpture Short Description Dimensions Price
Here's the first example of their sculpture work, a sea creature in the process of gobbling up a tasty young female. L: 10.5 inches  
Here's a second example, a work in progress at the moment, it's waiting to be glazed. A young female almost fully devoured now, only her fingers stick out of the snake's jaws.    
Here's the finished version of the above example