3 Pigs 

by Bartaugh
Story Copyright (C) By: Bartaugh
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Inside a deep dark cave where small holes in the ceiling were made to let sunlight in but keep rainwater out lived a wolf. He was a big wolf and a hungry wolf, but he needn't fear being a hungry wolf for long: whlie the scent of a plump pig cooking for his dinner made him even hungrier, the knowledge that he would be eating that pig soon meant that he wouldn't be hungry anymore. Still, he sighed wistfully as good pork was hard to find and he knew that he wouldn't this well again for some time. Our story does not begin here, however, it begins several months later with three young pigboys.

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs: Roderick, age 16; Cutler, age 15; and Bobby, age 13. They all decided one day that it was time for them to move out on their own, so they packed up and left to make homes of their own. Bobby, having little experience with construction, made his home from straw; the domicile crude but effective shelter. Cutler was equally inexperienced but he had better luck with construction and managed to piece together a little home out of sticks; the architecture no less crude than his younger brother's but a bit sturdier. Roderick was a very intelligent little pig with some knowledge of engineering and resource management and constructed a very sturdy and well-built home from bricks. He even tried to goad his younger brothers to do the same, offering to help -- noting the superior strength and security of a brick home but they would have none of it. Cutler insisted upon asserting his independence and Bobby wanted to follow his middle brother's example.

It so happened one day that the wolf -- whose name was Vincent -- was out looking for food, as wolves often do. He happened upon Bobby's home, and even saw Bobby himself before the frightened little pig fled indoors and locked himself away. Undaunted the wolf knocked upon the door and shouted, "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"Bobby was quite frightened, but he remembered what he was taught to say, "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!"

The wolf, unfazed, quickly retorted, "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!"

Vincent Wolf didn't wait for a response, he simply made good on his promise: huffing and puffing and blowing out a hard gust that completely blew away poor Bobby's little straw house. Little Bobby was quite frightene indeed, expecting to be eaten up right away but the wolf was quite winded from his 'outburst' and the frightened little pigboy scrambled up and ran away to his older brother Cutler's house.

Vincent Wolf was indeed winded, but he wasn't too winded to follow his intended meal all the way to Cutler's house of sticks. The response there was much the same as before, except that it was two frightened-looking little pigs cowering instead of one. He smiled and repeated his previous phrase, "Litte pigs, little pigs, let me in!"

As before, Bobby cried out, "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!"

And again, "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!" followed by the huffing and the puffing and the blowing of the house in, resulting in a mess of sticks strewn about two cowering little pigs and a very out of breath wolf. Bobby stared in fright, again expecting to be eaten all up when Cutler grabbed him and dashed away to Roderick's home, the middle pig pushing his way in and locking up the door with Bobby in tow even before Ruderick could ask what was wrong. When the eldest pig saw the wolf coming toward his home he couldn't help but surpess a smile at his foresight in the construction of his home. He assured his younger siblings that everything would be fine and told them to stay away from the windows as the wolf knocked upon the door. The conversation was the same as always:

The wolf's usual opener was, "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"

Ruderick responded quite smugly, "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin!"

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!" was the expected reply, followed by the huffing, the puffing and then the blowing of the house...except that the house didn't blow in at all, or up or down or anything. It stayed quite firm despite repeated attempts by the wolf to blow it down. In the end Vincent Wolf was left quite winded but Ruderick's house stood tall.

Bobby and Cutler seemed quite relieved that they remained safe despite the wolf's attempts, but they expressed alarm when they heard the sounds of a big wolf climbing up onto the roof. Ruderick assured them not to worry, however, and pointed to a pot of boiling water laying upon the fireplace and explaining, "Don't worry...the chimney is the only place in from the roof, and when he tries it we'll have a lovely dinner cooking for us!"

Ruderick's siblings agreed that it would indeed be lovely so they waited around the pot for the wolf to 'drop in' and were taken completely by surprise when the front door -- apparently not as well-locked as it should have been -- burst open and Vincent rushed in. For all of the planning and engineering Ruderick did, he neglected to put in more than one exit, and so the poor little pigboys were trapped, easily gathered up, tossed into a large sack and dragged away, the hungry wolf licking his lips as he carried his squirming quarry home.

Ruderick, Cutler and Bobby squirmed about, quite frightened as they were stuffed into a large sack, then smooshed together and bounced about as they were carried to parts unknown. The sack was quite tight and the piglet siblings had difficulty breathing within, each one eventually blacking out as they were carried off. They eventually came to -- finding themselves locked in a small cage with their clothing removed and a hungry-looking wolf grinning at them from outside of the metal bars.

Ruderick decided to take charge, even as frightened as he was. He stammered, "W...what are you going to .d...do?"

Vincent wolf just laughed, "Isn't it obvious? I'm going to eat you up!"

The three pigs gasped at the frank statement, little Bobby suddenly breaking down and sobbing, "No! Please! I don't wanna be eaten!", but of course the wolf was unmoved by the tears.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the three naked little piglets trembling in the cage watching the wolf prepare his kitchen supplies for a pork dinner, Bobby continually sobbing the whole time. The youngest piglet's tears must have caught the notice of the wolf, as he finally opened up the cage, grabbed up little Bobby and chuckled, "You! You shall make a lovely roast tonight!"

Poor little Bobby squealed and sobbed even louder as his naked little body was pulled from the cage and then forced face-down on the cold preperation table, where his limbs were quickly bound down to keep him from moving. He was too busy bawling with fear to hear the wolf's words but he felt large hands rubbing all over his body as Vincent Wolf spread various seasonings over the pig's young hairless skin and licked his lips repeatedly. His words did not go unheard by Bobby's elder brothers who watched in apparent horror as their youngest sibling was prepared for a meal.

The wolf, for his part, was rather calm and didn't try to put the doomed little piglet in any more discomfort than was necessary -- though his words were perhaps disquieting to any who heard, "Mmm...now just you relax, soon you will be a tasty golden brown roast pork dinner for my table..." The wolf, as he rubbed his special spices and seasonings over Bobby's naked body, seemed to enjoy pushing his finger right up under Bobby's tail, shoving a digit firmly into the young piglet's bottom, which made poor Bobby squirm and squeal and made the wolf giggle with delight. Finally he decided that his young piglet meal was suitably prepared and announced that it was time to get him cooking -- causing Bobby to enter another round of wailing and sobbing.

The wolf left his sobbing, squirming, bound and helpless captive to return to the cage to address Cutler and Ruderick. HE smiled and licked his lips as the two elder piglets trembled, apparently quite horrified at the sight. Delighting in the fear Vincent casually quipped, "Doesn't he look delicious, all tied up like that? Don't either of you want to help me prepare him?" He opened up the cage and dragged out Cutler and mused, "You! You shall help cook your little brother, let him know what a fine meal he makes!"

Ruderick, even with his age, couldn't hold back his tears of terror and sadness at what he watched. Cutler didn't cry, however, he simply walked unsteadily toward his brother'sbound body -- perhaps he was too much in shock to react. He was lifted suddenly to see his little brother's backside and suddenly felt a furry hand at his groin. He whimpered softly as he looked straight ahead at his brother's exposed rear, the little curly tail instinctively raised and wiggling. Cutler moand softly, unable to deny the physical pleasure brought upon by the rubbing at his groin and before he could say anything his little cock was poking forward, pointing straight at his younger brother's ass. He panted and seemed quite unsure of himself as he looked down to see a furry thumb and forefinger gripping his hard little cock, helping to aim it as his body was pushed forward. He shuddered and shook his head, moaning but not speaking. He heard a chuckle from behind him, then heard a gruff whisper from behind him...

"Go ahead...you want it...you know it won't matter soon..."

It was all the encouragement that Cutler needed. His eyes widened as he stared at his little brother's bottom and he grabbed the younger piglet's rear and pulled himself up to let his hard cock push into Bobby's tight young ass. He groand and moaned as he felt helping arms holding up and thrusting his hips back and forth into his younger brother's rear, the flesh squeezing so wonderfully around his cock, stimulating him. He lost track of time until finally the pleasure built up and he let out a cry as his little dick pulsed and spurted thick cum into his young brother's warm rear.

For his part Bobby seemed to notice little as his older brother fucked him. He cried and sobbed, already quite humiliated from being stripped and bound down and rubbed all over with large wolf paws -- he hardly noticed his brother's dick in him and he barely flinched when he felt the warm liquid splashing up inside of him. By the time Cutlar was cumming in his tight little rear his sobs had softened to quiet sniffles and faint but constant trembling. Over time the initial shock wore off and was simply replaced with terror and dread over his impending doom. His eyes darted about nervously as he tried to look about despite his rather tied down position, his recovery just in time to witness the wolf starting up a large fire in his barbecue pit. The sight made him tremble and whine again, squealing and squirming though still in denial and unable to believe that was meant for him until he felt something hard and metal poking up under his tail, the warmth of the cum in his ass making the spit being pushed into him feel that much colder. Seeing the wolf in front of him still tending to the fire, he knew that it was his brother pushing the steel spit into his body and he opened his mouth to beg and plead for mercy but the pointed tip suddenly ripped into his insides and he could only squeal out in pain.

Cutler was indeed ramming the metal spit into his younger brother's bottom, just as he had been instructed by the wolf. He showed little emotion or feeling save the occasional gritting of the teeth as the pointed tip ripped through poor Bobby's internal organs. Cutler paused just before the steel rod burrowed up into his little brother's chest and he stared, seeing just a little tied up piglet quivering with a long rod stuck out of his ass. He brought his arms back to make another firm thrust when he felt furred hands grasping him gently, guiding his aim before coaxing him to shove forward. Cutler's strength surprised even himself: the thrust enough to completely slide the spit into Bobby's chest, up through his throat and out of his wailing mouth. Vincent's aim insured that the rod completley missed Bobby's heart, leaving the little piglet alive even as he was stuck, impaled quite firmly on the rod and able to breathe -- barely -- with much effort.

Poor Bobby sobbed and sobbed, his cries of pain cut off thanks to the large metal spit in his mouth and throat, the shock of it all helping to dull some of the agony that he should have felt. He clenched firmly around the spit and sniffled, his little body quivering on the spit, not noticing as his legs were unbound from the table and retied to the spit, then his arms, nor did he notice that the hands that bound him were not those of the wolf. He barely noticed when furry arms gathered up his spitted body, only fully recovering halfway through his trip to the crackling fire of Vincent Wolf's barbecue pit. His eyes widened suddenly as he saw his destination and he renewed his struggles, ignoring the terrible pain that the spit caused him as he squirmed around but unable to ignore the intense heat of the fire as he was set over the flames. The intense blaze burned all over him, his little body squirming in a desperate but futile attempt to escape the hot fire below him. He cried and sobbed profusely, tears streaming down his tormented face and dripping down to hiss in the fire. The agony of the cooking fire against the front of his body was relieved only slightly as his body started to turn, though the heat moving from his front to his side, then his back, then his other side and finally back to his front to start all over again was little comfort.

Cutler was the one turning his brother over the fire, still showing little emotion -- though there seemed to be a hint of fascination at seeing his little brother with a metal spit shoved in his rear and mouth, lit up by the flames of the fire that cooked him. He blinked a few times as he watched the little piglet's squirming, then jumped suddenly a rather firm spasm from Bobby was accompanied by a tapping on his own shoulder.

Cutler looked over and up to view a smiling wolfish visage. The staring, grinning face of Vincent directed Cutler to look downward and the little pig complied, his face dropping to see the large pink wolf cock pointing right into his face. The piglet gulped at the sight, then took a deep breath in through his nose and smelled the scent of the wolf's crotch, the scent making him lick his lips and shudder with apprehension. He looked at his brother Bobby, the impaled young piglet still squriming and sobbing as his naked body started to turn red as it cooked over the hot fire. The sight, so strange and unexpected and bizzare drew him in, but a gruff voice commanding, "Pleasure me, slut. You can watch this piece of meat roast afterwards." snapped him back to attention with a jolt. He looked back between the wolf's legs for just a moment before opening his mouth up and taking the wolf's large cock in, suckling obediently.

Vincent wolf inhaled deeply, hoping that the littlest piglet's cooking scent might be detectable, however faint. He stared at the young piglet, squirming and whimpering and crying as he turned and cooked alive over the hot fire, licking his lips as he took note of the quivering plump young legs, the firm rump from which the metal spit protruded and the fine and meaty ribs that already were changing colour from the heat. He sighed deeply as he felt the warm mouth of the piglet's older brother around his cock and began to thrust his hips and jerk his throbbing member within the warm and moist interior, thick droplets of precum dribbling down onto the piglet's tongue. Cutler simply sucked and suckled at the object in his mouth, seeming almost eager with his task; the taste of precum and the feeling of the thick member pushing into his throat slowly made him forget what his arms were doing: turning his little brother over a fire to cook him. Little Bobby, for all the pain and fear he felt, admirably did exactly what he was meant to do. He squirmed and struggled through his bindings and through the spit that impaled him from the searing heat of the flames below, he cried and pleaded and sobbed as best he could through the metal pole in his throat and tears streaked down his face as fast as they could before evaporating away in the intense heat but through it all his naked little body began cooking up perfectly, the smell of his roasting flesh soon filling the cave and even though as time passed he felt himself grow weaker and weaker, his cooking came along better and better, as though he was completely focusing upon his new task.

Ruderick, the only one seemingly left out of the fun, just sat in his cage. For all of his brains and all of his elder experience he couldn't think of a better thing to do than to sit with his legs pulled against his chest as he watched everything before him while tears crept down his soft cheeks. He watched as his youngest brother Bobby was pulled and tied down, then watched as his other brother Cutler was forced to rape Bobby and then impale him. He sobbed helplessly while he stared at Bobby's squirming helpless naked body turning over the fire. He felt helpless despair when he saw an emotionless Cutler turning the spit that held their youngest brother, despair that only doubled when it seemed that Cutler almost enjoyed being forced to service the wolf orally -- he could swear that he saw a hint of a smile on Cutler's face through the engorged wolfcock stuffed in his mouth and the black-furred hips that repeatedly pushed against Cutler's snout. He turned his head, knowing that Cutler was too strong-willed and independent to enjoy being dominated and abused so. He curled up, wanting to pass out to get away from the sights and sounds of the cave...but he could not escape the smells. The scent of Bobby's young cooking body wafted to his nose and much as he wanted to feel sick his belly was too empty for queasiness...so empty in fact, that the scent of roasting pork -- much to his horror -- only made his stomach growl with hunger.

Vincent Wolf was unconcerned with the sobbing little pig in the cage. He hadn't cared much about the sobbing of the little pig turning over the fire either, though that sobbing was finished now; the streams of liquid running down little Bobby's face were not tears but the first traces of juice that had boiled up from within the little piglet's body and seeped out through the cracks in the piglet's drying, cooking skin. While the liquid hissed as satisfyingly as the tears and smelled even better, he still had more important concerns: the wonderful suckling pig mouth around his hard cock. Young Cutler sucked away quite effectively despite his inexperience, his tongue sliding along the hard wolfshaft to tease and stimulate it before tickling the tip and receiving another salty taste of precum. His right hand slipped from the spit -- his left arm sufficient to keep Bobby turning and cooking evenly over the fire -- and reached around to gently rub the wolf's dangling balls, gently massaging the large furry sac and the warm orbs within. He couldn't tell but he guessed that Vincent appreciated the extra efforts, judging from the quickened pace of the wolf's hips against his face and the extra liquid dribbling out onto his tongue.

Vincent was already breathing heavily as he fucked and enjoyed Cutlar's warm tight mouth and throat and now the scent of Bobby's cooking flesh filled his nostrils. He licked his lips and groaned in pleasure before feeling five warm tender fingers at his balls, the light tickle and stimulation pushing him right over the edge. He yelped and howled loudly as his large shaft throbbed firmly, then started squirting out thick gushes of cum into Cutler's gulping maw. Even without the sudden strong hairy hand holding his head in place Cutler had no intention of pulling away from the wolf's crotch. His mouth gulped eagerly at the flowing cum, his tongue lapping at the thick cocktip to taste the offering as he was 'fed', forgetting completely about poor Bobby -- though he continued mindlessly turning the spit over the fire. Cutler even managed to surprise Vincent by pushing his head forward, drawing that heavy pulsing and spurting cock into his tight throat, suckling and teasing to keep the wolf pleasured and happy and feeling more thick gobs of hot spunk splatter inside of his throat and flow freely into his stomach.

Vincent sighed happily, feeding the eager little pig as much cum as he could muster, but the warm furry balls in the pig's hand emptied out eventually and he pushed the eager young pig's head away, his cock softening and just dripping a bit. He smiled and chuckled a bit at Cutler, "Did you enjoy your appetizer? I do hope that you have room for our main course."

Cutler blushed brightly as he lapped up a few errant droplets of cum from his lips and chin, seeming more than a little embarassed and even ashamed for his behaviour. He looked over at his now motionless and light-brown brother's body and saw that he had slowed the rotation over the fire. He moved redouble his efforts when a gentle furry paw brushed him away.

"Just a moment..." The wolf brushed him aside for a moment, then turned to Bobby's body, the piglet's front side facing the fire again. In one hand he held a large funnel connected to a hose into a very large pot under Bobby's neck and in the other he held a knife at the piglet's throat. He looked to his still-browning meal and explained, "It's time to get him cooking properly..." before cutting open Bobby's throat and letting the blood drain out into the pot via the funnel and hose.

Cutler shuddered at the sight, not sure he wanted to watch even after witnessing so much today. The blood did not pour out terribly quickly, though -- poor Bobby's heart had stopped pushing it out and only the a slight vertical tilt of his body allowed him to drain effectively. Over time, Cutler found the sight more palatable; after watching poor Bobby being impaled and slow-roasted, bleeding could cause little trauma. Once the youngest pig was fully drained Vincent directed Cutler to resume the rotation. Cutler simply looked upon Bobby's turning and now browning body with the same lack of emotion that he showed before. He barely moved as a furry paw patted his shoulder and a gruff voice informed him, "Isn't it amazing...your own brother now a delicious roast..."

Cutler didn't answer. He just looked straight ahead at the cooking body of his younger sibling, seeming to try and shrug off the emotions that such a sight could bring.

Hours passed. Ruderick lay in the cage, still sobbing and whimpering, feeling so helpless from the sight of his younger brothers: one becoming a meal and the other helping to cook that meal. Cutler continued turning the little boypig over the fire. Vincent Wolf prepared for the coming meal by setting up a serving platter with an assortment of vegetables and a bed of lettuce leaves, an apple awaiting placement within the mouth of the meal. If anyone did more than Vincent it was certainly Bobby, who had gone from being soft, dry and pink to crispy firm, slick with natural cooking juices and deep golden brown. The fire crackling below his body before had cast an eerie light upon his skin but now the light glistened from the dribblings of juices that seeped through the cracks in the pig's crisp skin after rising up from within his cooked body. Before being brought to Vincent's cave little Bobby had the scent of a young and clean little piglet. His scent was decidedly different now, heady and thick -- though somehow Vincent found the change in the piglet's scent appealing, even mouth watering. The wolf directed Cutler to pause in the piglet's rotation over the fire so that he could probe little Bobby's rump with a fork. The prongs sank deep into the cooked piglet's body and a thick trickle of clear juice streamed out. The wolf licked his lips and smiled, clearly satisfied. Vincent happily announced to the two remaining piglet brothers, "He is done. Time to eat."

The announcement had little noticable effect on the two boys. Ruderick looked up for a moment, but his despair could sink little further and Cutler simply followed Vincent about without any sign of emotion. Bobby showed no emotion either as two oven-mitt protected wolf arms lifted him from the barbecue pit and laid him gently upon the serving platter. His meat jiggled a bit, loose on the bone now, as the spit was slowly pulled from his rear and his tender flesh offered no resistance as the wolf folded the little cooked pigboy's arms and legs under his body to properly put Bobby in the "roast suckling" position, complete with a red shiny apple in the mouth.

Vincent took up Cutler and let the middle pig get a good look at the brother he helped roast. He chuckled, "I thank you for your services...now I must enjoy the dinner you helped prepare." and he led the still stotic Cutler to the cage, pushing him inside and into the curled up body of Roderick. Roderick looked up suddenly to see the wolf sitting down to a steaming roast pig -- the roast pig clearly recognizable as his youngest brother Bobby. He was out of tears to cry so he simply stared in shocked horror as a large knife blade slid down into the cooked piglet's left hip, severing the leg at the joint. Vincent Wolf held Bobby's roasted pork chop and smiled cruelly at the pigs in the cage before taking a large bite from the juicy white meat. Bobby's roasted flesh was delicious and Vincent made no effort to hide his enjoyment of the taste, moaning and gasping with delight as the cooked pig meat and juices slid along his tongue and chewing the savory meat slowly to fully enjoy the flavour.

Cutler looked up at the sight, trying to hold on to his emotionless expression but he quickly broke down into tears at the horrific sight before him. Ruderick quickly moved to console his younger brother, trying to assure Cutler that he wasn't to blame for what happened. The two pigboys were so lost in their tearful huddle that they did not notice the wolf approaching the cage until two thick ham steaks were thrust through the bars. The source of the steaks did not need to be identified, the exact origins of the meat apparent from the two carvings from Bobby's backside.

Ruderick choked, trying to gag and feeling as though he should be sick but much to his dismay and horror he felt the slight hunger he had felt earlier building up to make his stomach rumble audibly. He trembled hard, the scent of Bobby's cooked meat so horrifyingly enticing. He gulped and finally spoke, "I...I won't....I won't eat him."

Vincent smiled a warm, disarming smile, "I thought that you might be hungry, and I didn't have anything else to offer...you don't have to eat anything, but it is very tasty meat." The wolf walked away to return to his delicious piglet meal.

Cutler appeared less resolved against cannibalism. The brief dispair he showed earlier faded back to an emotionless stare as he eyed the steaming meat. Ruderick noticed his brother licking his lips and snapped, "N..no! You can't eat it! He...he was..."

Cuter's voice trembled as he answered, "He's gone now...we can't change that..." He reached out and lifted the greasy pork steak, sniffing at it and feeling the urges of his food-deprived belly.

Ruderick whimpered, worried that his brother would soon resort to eating his own. He cried softly, "He was our brother!" just as Cutler took a large bite from his portion of meat.

Cutler chewed slowly, his expression so distant that it seemed unlikely that he was even tasting the flesh in his mouth before he swallowed it and answered in a soft voice, "He can't feel it..anymore..." He turned to Ruderick and seemed torn and pained as he explained, "T...the wolf...may try to fatten us before...if we don't eat we won't get fat...and he'll cook us right away...if we eat we might have more time."

Ruderick winced a bit and gulped hard at the words which made so much sense to his food-starved brain. He looked down at his own steaming thick hamsteak, then lifted the mass of meat to his face. He took an experimental nibble, then stuffed his face, wanting to be full and wanting to delay his trip to the fire, his mind constantly rationalizing his act of cannibalism just as his brother suggested. He managed to finish even before Cutler and he stared down at his belly, rubbing it as the realisation that it was filled with his own brother's flesh -- and that his brother's flesh was delicious -- hit him before he passed out cold.

Cutler was chewing slowly, and despite his appearance he was taking his time to taste the meat. He watched his elder brother faint away, reacting not at all, only continuing his meal. As he stuffed the last of his portion of Bobby's tender, juicy meat into his mouth he looked to the wolf who was just finishing off the porkchop that he had carved earlier, leaving behind nothing but bone where once had been tender young piglet leg.

Vincent set down the skeletal remains of his first course and looked to the cage. He stood and went to the pig captives, staring at Ruderick's unconscious body.

"He's out cold.", Cutler stated flatly.

"Oh? You don't think that he will wake soon?" Vincent gave an amused smile and started to unlock the cage again.

Cutler shook his head, giving a thin smile as the cage was unlatched and opened up. He stood and let the wolf help him out onto the floor. He headed to the table as Vincent re-closed the cage and returned to his seat, sitting and spreading his legs a bit to allow Cutler to climb up and sit in his lap. He reached over the table and carved off young Bobby's left arm, the white meat steaming as the knife sliced into it.

As he carved, Vincent casually asked, "How was it."

Cutler let out a slight sigh, "Delicious..." He smiled and added, "...I do hope that I have room for more." As it was offered he brightened and eagerly accepted his brother's cooked severed arm, leaning in to bite into the thick bicep. He paused to let the tangy juices wash over his tongue before biting the meat away, chewing it slowly before he swallowed. He took another bite, then another before he realised that he was staring at his little brother's bone. He giggled a bit, unsure of what to think of what he had done and looked over the remains of the arm. It was still mostly intact and still very recognizable, especially the hand. Cutler looked over the cooked brown piglet hand, then brough his own up and marvelled at how similar they looked and for a moment -- just a moment -- he wondered what his own hand, his five fingers, would look like cooked up like his brother's. He brought the cooked limb to his nose to sniff at it and turned to stare at Bobby's body upon the platter. Even cooked to a golden brown, with parts missing, it was still recognizable as his little brother Bobby. He watched the wolf's carving knife suddenly descend into the flesh of Bobby's right hip and shuddered as he nearly expected the little piglet to react as the blade sank down, slicing apart the hot, steaming white meat below the skin. Cutler stared intently as his brother's now severed right leg was removed, the change making Bobby look less like the little pigboy he used to be and more like the proper meal that he had become. He looked up to see strong jaws bite down on Bobby's thick, meaty thigh then looked down at his own meal, leaning in to slurp the cooked piglet fingers from the bone. The sound of Vincent's chewing and swallowing help Cutler's appetite return.

Bobby's crisp cooked finger meat slid right off as each digit was suckled, and the flesh of his hands easily fell from the bone as Cutler devoured hungrily and happily. He allowed bone to hang loosely from weakened ligament as he devoured, moving on to the crisp wrist and the sliding up the meaty forearm. Bobby's cooked meat was so tender that Cutler had no difficulty scraping it from the bone even without the benefit of predator teeth. The meat was delicious, better than anything he had tasted before, and he worked to devour and savour the flesh, either oblivious to the cannibalistic nature of his meal or just not caring. He worked almost too quickly, the arm bones stripped of meat before Cutler realised it. He burped lightly and realised that he suddenly felt very full, then he looked up to see a smiling wolf staring down at him, the wolf's hand holding a partially eaten porkchop and the wolf's mouth moving slowly as it chewed up the most recent bite.

Cutler giggled, blushing a bit from his ravenous behaviour, "No fair! You got a bigger piece!" He started to squirm a bit, moving to turn around in Vincent's lap so that he would face toward the wolf instead of away.

Vincent swallowed and smiled, spreading his legs to assist Cutler's about-face. The sight of the smiling naked pigboy -- covered in piggrease -- staring up at him brought a stirring to his groin and he made no effort to hide his arousal. He chuckled and lowered the leg of Bobby down to Cutler's reach and replied, "I thought it best that you start small, find out the size of your appetite...would you like a bite?"

Cutler blushed and nodded, then leaned up to take a bite from the offered leg. As he nibbled away at the tender porkchop he felt the lips of a furry face lean in and returned the move, chewing the tangy meat of his brother's cooked flesh and tenderly kissing the wolf who fed him.

The two stayed as they were for an hour, Vincent devouring more and more of little Bobby's leg and Cutler -- mostly full -- taking an occasional nibble and snuggling with his newfound friend until he felt groggy and sleepy and was carried back to his cage by the wolf. He was sleeping peacefully even before Vincent returned to finish his meal.

Cutler and Ruderick awoke about the same time, their bodies cuddled together for warmth. Ruderick rose first, looking out to see that the events of the previous night were not a horrible nightmare; a sated wolf lay still snoozing upon his bed and a pile of young piglet bones -- the wolf had eaten Bobby all up. Ruderick just trembled and whimpered, once again in shock as Cutler awoke, showing no emotion at all as he took in the scene. Ruderick thought his brother Cutler to be in deep denial, so he slunk over to his sibling and embraced him tearfully.

"W..we'll find a way out of here...we'll get free...and we'll get justice for Bobby..." Ruderick's voice was shaky, unsteady and little confidence echoed within his words.

Cutler nodded, his face unchanging. He stared at the bones of his younger

brother, silently marvelling that the skeletal pile upon the table was

once little energetic Bobby. In a quiet tone he answered, "Yeah."

Ruderick didn't find a way out that day, nor the next. He and Cutler were kept in their cage for most of the day, the wolf feeding them scraps of meat that he could catch in the woods and whatever vegetables or fruits he could scavenge from the gardens of others. Ruderick sank deeper and deeper into depression over time, though Cutler rarely showed any emotion at all.

On the third full day of the pigs' imprisonment Vincent stepped to the cage with a look in his eye that made Ruderick cringe. The wolf's next move, opening up the cage and voilently yanking the eldest piglet out made Ruderick squeal in terror, the terrified boy expecting to be stuck and placed over a fire at any moment. The feeling of something hard and thick entering his rear didn't help until he realised that it was the wolf's thick cock in his ass and not a metal spit. The relief was short lived, though, when Vincent began thrusting his hips firmly into poor Ruderick's body, the hard wolfcock throbbing and pounding and pushing forcefully and very painfully into little Ruderick's tight ass, the piglet squealing and squirming about as his body was held tightly down against the carving table.

Vincent Wolf growled and moaned happily as poor Ruderick's ass squeezed so nicely around his engorged cock, sending waves of pleasure rippling through his body. He snorted and slapped the piglet's bottom, feeling the pudgy boy's meat and commented, "Ooh...such juicy tender flesh..." before his ability to speak was overtaken from the intense pleasure of his orgasm, his cock pulsing and spurting out thick cum into Ruderick's helpless squirming body. The little piglet squirmed helplessly as he was raped and filled with wolfcum. While his ears barely heard the wolf refer to him as meat it registered in his brain very clearly and he sobbed loud and hard as his ass was repeatedly pounded in with a gushing cock. He shuddered hard, wracked with emotion, remembering poor Bobby and how his littlest brother looked all cooked to a golden brown. He felt the cock pounding into his rear and realised that to the wolf he was no better -- just like Bobby he was a roast waiting to be cooked. The strong arms forcing him against the table despite his struggles reminded him that he was totally powerless -- he couldn't save his little brother from being eaten, he wouldn't be able to save Cutler from being eaten and he wouldn't even be able to save himself from being eaten! He sobbed and whined as Vincent Wolf finished up, withdrawing his cock to give another final spurt of cum against Ruderick's rump. The poor piglet didn't even notice as he was roughly lifted back up and carried -- cum dripping from his ass -- back to the cage.

Every day at noon for the next week and a half Vincent would alternate between pulling out either Cutler or Ruderick, have his way with the chosen piglet -- sometimes more than once, then throw them back into the cage. He seemed to prefer oral sex with Cutler and anal sex with Ruderick, though he did not limit himself to one style with either pig. When abused, Ruderick would just shudder and sob, feeling so helpless and weak at being delegated to nothing more than sex toy; his sobs would be slow and steady at first then degenerate into compelte breakdown when he felt the wolf's thick cum filling his ass or spurting onto his tongue and down his throat where he was forced to swallow. Cutler, as always, never showed any emotion regardless of whether the wolf's cock was pounding in his ass or rubbing about against his tongue, he simply closed his eyes and did as he was told. One day Ruderick watched as Cutler was being fucked in the ass and almost thought that he saw a hint of a smile -- but he shook his head, knowing that independent Cutler would never enjoy such abuse.

It came to pass following that week and a half that Ruderick was forcefully grabbed out of the cage and carried over to the wolf's preperation table. The piglet knew that today was his day to be fucked or otherwise used and thought nothing of it until he was suddenly turned about and thrown face-down into a large pan. He squirmed for a moment, trying to look around at the new object when several restraints in the pan came clamping down over his wrists and ankles, holding them in place. He squealed and squirmed about, finding himself surprisingly willing to struggle and protest despite his broken spirit. After a few minutes of futile squirming and crying he calmed, realising that he couldn't wiggle his way free...and also realising that he was facing the cage, which had been mysteriously left open. Apparently he wasn't the only one to realise this as Cutler had opened up the door and crept out onto the floor.

"Cutler! Hurry! Run and get help!", Ruderick cried out, voice filled with anxiety and urgency but for the first time it also carried a hint of excitement -- the sight of his brother freed and able to possibly alert others of their plight finally giving him a glimmer of hope.

Ruderick's hope started to turn into more anxiety as Cutler did not turn and run but instead walked calmly toward the table. Ruderick whimpered, "C...Cutler? Run, before he catches you!" but his voice faltered, the elder piglet unable to understand why his younger sibling approached. He blinked and gulped and tried to comprehend what he saw -- Cutler was actually showing emotion: he had a broad smile across his face. Not the fake smile of forced acceptance of something terrible, but a genuinely pleased and amused smile. Ruderick blinked again before noticing Cutler's groin, the younger piglet's left arm stroking a nice-sized erection.

"C...Cutler?" The hope was gone, replaced only with fear and confusion.

Cutler stepped forward and then climbed up onto the table, standing right in front of the roasting pan. Ruderick tried to look up at his brother but his restrictive bindings prevented him from seeing beyond the firm shaft and dangling orbs of Cutler's genitals and the hand that played with them. He barely noticed when his brother began to speak -- Cutler's voice almost forgotten as the younger pig had barely spoken since their arrival, but when he realised that he heard words he struggled to listen and understand...before he realised that Cutler was not addressing him.

"He looks very nice...may I have him as I did Bobby?" Cutler stepped forward as he spoke, walking on the table around Ruderick and turning to face his elder brother'sbackside, looking down at it before rubbing his left hand along the buttocks.

Vincent chuckled and stepped up behind Cutler, sliding a furry arm around to tease the younger piglet's groin as he growled, "Of course, you've earned it." He grasped Cutler's hips to help guide them down toward Ruderick's rear, though the piglet needed little aid in finding his brother's tight hole and pushing into it.

Ruderick whimpered, biting his lip as waves of despair rushed through -- his own brother apparently corrupted by the wolf! He whimpered and sobbed softly as he felt Cutler's body press down from above as the younger pig's cock pushed in from behind. Ruderick struggled to move about as his brother's arms slid down his sides to reach underneath his bound body and he jerked as his genitals were suddenly touched and fondled by his younger sibling's hand. His jerking turned to spasming when the cock in his ass begang to thrust within him. Desperate to understand but unable to do so on his own he gulped hard and spoke in a near sob, "W...what are you doing!?"

Cutler smiled broadly, the burden of hiding his emotions lifted, and reached down to grab Ruderick's cock firmly in an attempt to coax out a hardon from his elder brother while his own hard shaft pounded firmly within that wonderful warm tight ass. So pleasuring were the motions of his hips that his response to Ruderick came out almost as a groan, but he steadied himself enough to be understood when he responded, "I'm fucking you...he said I could fuck you before dinner." After squeezing and stroking the elder pig's cock resulted in the member firming up noticably Cutler added, "You...should enjoy yourself too..."

Ruderick whimpered and cried at first, not understanding his younger sibling's answer but a dim and horrible realisation crept in as he felt himself stuffed with his brother Cutler's hard cock followed by a terrifying and undesired arousal as fingers wrapped around his own uncontrollably firming shaft. He whined and protested in vain, squirming about as Cutler relentless pounded his tight ass and continued stroking his now quite hard shaft but the more he resisted and protested the more he found himself pleasured, the feelings building up in his groin as his tormented mind tried to cope. Pained and panicked squeals turned to pained and panicked moans as the penis wrapped within Cutler's stroking and squeezing fingers throbbed once and began squirting forth spurts of Ruderick's cum, the thick seed splattering about and puddling under Ruderick's body, coating the bound piglet's underside with a gooey sticky mess.

Cutler felt his elder brother's release and let it happen, coaxing it along to draw out as much creamy cum as possible to coat the bottom of the pan. He felt his own pleasure building to its climax and he raised up to grasp Ruderick's hips firmly, the younger piglet's hips pounding fiercely to drive a hard cock into that tight ass. He gasped and grunted and then slammed forward hard to release his load, but before anything could come of his orgasm two strong furry arms grabbed him and pulled him back, then a firm grip took his previously buried cock and squeezed, stroked and aimed it as the spray of cum gushed forth.

Ruderick winced and cringed, too drained from his own orgasm to struggle further. He braced himself, expecting to feel that familiar feeling of hot liquid gushing up inside of him and he opened his eyes in surprise as the cock in his ass was withdrawn suddenly. So surprised was he that he barely noticed the thick warm splatters upon his backside until Cutler's cum had created quite a mess atop him. Even then he knew not how to react; the wolf had always shot a load right into his ass or right down his throat, Ruderick had never experienced the humiliation of being covered in cum before. Too overcome with confusion and emotion he simply began sobbing softly, bound in the roasting pan.

Vincent Wolf stroked little Cutler's cock hard and fast and watched amused as his little piglet friend's cum squirted out thick and full over the evening meal's backside. He held Cutler firmly, using his non-stroking hand to tease Cutler's balls and probe the piglet's little hole to keep the thick seed gushing for as long as possible, but he stopped and let the piglet relax when it was clear that there was none left to offer. Cutler panted hard to recover from his intense climax; he shuddered, quite drained but also quite satisfied -- only a little disappointed that he wasn't able to fill up Ruderick as he had done little Bobby. He felt himself being slowly lowered onto the table and went to work at the task expected of him: using his hands to gently rub the thick gobs of cum all over Ruderick's. The strange glistening of the gooey cum and its smell excited him in a way he couldn't explain; it was as though he was about to experience something new and unexpected even though he knew full well what was to happen. Trying his best to hold back his excitement he turned to the wolf for a moment in mid-massage and asked, "D...does it really make the meat taste better?"

"Indeed it does," responded a very amused Wolf, "...though I must say that I've never had them basted this well before. Usually I am only able to use their own cum. I thank you for contributing to this meal..."

Cutler smiled and returned to his work, squirming with a light giggle as a wandering wolfpaw fondled him gently. He sniffed the thick aroma of cum and could swear that he could detect the slight scent of fear through it; he mused, "Perhaps he should be thanked more...after all he's going to contribute much more." He paused for just a moment, then resumed and asked simply, "Will he taste better than Bobby? Bobby was so young and tender..."

Ruderick's senses were finally starting to return when he heard Cutler's shocking question and the horrible implications: his younger brother was cheerfully planning to eat him! He squirmed uselessly in his bindings and cried out, "No! What! Cutler, what are you doing!"

Vincent -- very much enjoying himself now -- answered, "Why, he's helping prepare you for dinner...turns out your brother has quite a taste for pork. You should have seen how happily he ate Bobby."

Ruderick stopped struggling but kept protesting, "No! You...you've corrupted him! You're forcing him into this! Cutler, what has he done to you!?" Confident as he tried to sound his resolve was noticably breaking back down again into pathetic blubbering.

Cutler's cum-soaked hands slid down Ruderick's rump, the younger piglet squeezing and wondering how his brother's flesh would look and feel once it was cooked to a juicy brown. His answer was spoken without hint of malice or fear, "Done to me? He's taken me in and helped me experience the incredible taste of young pork." He slid a sticky finger into Ruderick's rear then stepped back, his work apparently finished with a nod of approval from Vincent.

Ruderick shivered within the roasting pan, "N...no! He...he's done something to you...you...you'd never have done this last week!"

Vincent stepped forward, leaning over to speak directly into Ruderick's frightened face, "Don't be silly! This whole thing was his idea."

Ruderick growled, trying to turn his fear to anger, "No! You lie!"...

...but his accusation was cut short when Vincent stepped back to let Cutler's smiling cheerful face pop in, "It's true. This whole thing was my idea."

Ruderick stared, shocked but still trying to convince himself thet Cutler had just fallen deep into the Wolf's emotional trap before Cutler added, "Why do you think that I convinced Bobby to build such a weak house on his own rather than using your help?" He giggled and patted Ruderick's trembling head before continuing, "And when we ran to your home...who do you think left the door unlocked for him."

Ruderick trembled still, suddenly finding his whole life shattering. He tried to speak, tried to point out inconsistencies in the story but he could find none and in the end the only word to emerge from his trembling lips were, "W...why?"

Cutler sighed happily as a furry wolf arm wrapped around his shoulders. He explained, "Several months ago I stumbled upon Mr. Vincent's humble home here...I could smell something wonderful as I walked by the cave but it wasn't until I peered inside when I saw that the wonderful scent came from a pig being roasted for dinner." He giggled and sniffed firmly at Ruderick, though currently could only smell the cum covering his brother's body, "It was such a delicious aroma...I wanted to come right in and ask to have a bite...but...I was too afraid. But the next day I came back, and I made our Wolf friend a deal -- I'd deliver my brothers...and in exchange I could share in the meat." He smiled cheerfully as was handled a shaker and began sprinkling mixed spices about Ruderick's body, the crushed flakes sticking nicely on the bound piglet's cum-covered body.

Ruderick trembled, his whole world shattered as he slowly realised that the story he heard was true; he was the victim not of a brainwashed brother, but a betraying one. The sting of his brother's actions hurt him deeply, emotions wracking his body and causing him to sob and shudder hard. He broke down in the pan, crying out hard and loud, barely aware now of where he was or the sounds around him until he opened his eyes and looked up at the grinning, happy face of Cutler. The sight changed his fear and pain to pure anger and for a moment he had enough courage to speak very sharply to Culter, "You...you're a cannibal! And you're a fool...he is only using you...when this is over and you are the only one left he shall eat you just like any other pig!" Beneath his anger was the faint, dim hope that Cutler would realise the truth of those words and a last-minute change of heart would lead to his release.

"Oh dear brother, " Cutler spoke sweetly, kneeling lightly and caressing Ruderick's cheek, "I am not ashamed to be a cannibal when the flesh of my kind is so succulent...and I have no illusions as to my fate here. The taste of Bobby's delicious meat alone was worth the price of being cooked and eaten myself...I am eternally grateful to our host that I shall be allowed to consume your body as well." Cutler finally stood to look to Vincent, who had been heating up the oven and had not heard the exchange.

Ruderick's mouth dropped in shock at the final relevation. His mind reeled as he searched for words but his thoughts melted into a jumbled mess. By the time he realised that he wanted to respond Cutler stood and the view changed from his younger brother's face to his brother's genitals dangling before him. The shock set in fully then, his mind on little but the sight of Cutler's now hard penis and the little fingers as his younger sibling played with himself. He barely noticed the view changing; Cutler moved away as Vincent took hold of the pan. His head swam but it seemed to fit perfectly with the roasting pan being lifted and carried, the jumble of words beteen Cutler and Vincent melting into a strange sea of chaos. There was heat at his backside as he was carried toward the open oven door, the heat growing and spreading as he was pushed forward and into the large oven. The heat had meaning, but Ruderick couldn't figure out what it was. The oven door closed...

...and Ruderick screamed as the intense searing heat all around him snapped him back to reality: he was bound in a roasting pan, stuck in an oven and cooking for a wolf and his treacherous brother's dinner! He squealed and cried loudly, struggling hard and painfully in the intense heat and all to no avail.

For Cutler the evening was one of discovery and excitement. For Vincent it was a typical dinner, though the Wolf did enjoy occasions such as this when such fine meat was available. He prepared the platter that would receive the night's roast then listened with Cutler at Ruderick's final screams. When the cooking piglet's cries finally silenced he was removed, hung over a drainage pit, cut open to bleed, eviserated, filled with stuffing and then placed back into the pan as he was before. Vincent did most of the work, but allowed Cutler to help when the eager younger piglet could. Cutler marvelled at the sight of his brother's body; already changed to a bright red yet still appearing so much as it had before. When Ruderick was placed back in the pan the hungry younger piglet licked his lips, mouth watering at the sight and he realised that the source of his hunger was not the anticipation of seeing his brother roasted, but the sight of his brother now -- still, lying in a pan, so clearly destined to be nothing but food. He sat upon the table, legs dangling off the edge, and watched as Vincent pushed Ruderick back into the oven to finish cooking.

Hours passed. Vincent sat before his table and Cutler sat upon his lap, snuggled against an unlikely companion. Ruderick merely lay in a pan within the oven; his body cooked, his skin browned and cracked, the scent of his roasting flesh filling the room with a mouth-watering aroma. His juices boiled up and dribbled down his crisp brown skin to puddle up, the thick liquid a mixture of fat, porkjuice and spicy porkcum. Within a few hours Vincent was removing Ruderick's perfectly cooked body from the pan and placing the roast piglet onto a serving platter.

Cutler hopped up to eagerly eye Ruderick's transformation from a young boy to a suckling roast. He gazed upon the form, only the second wholly cooked piglet he'd seen in his life, and as with Bobby before he found himself recognizing very clearly the form of his brother. Ruderick looked different than Bobby had: the younger piglet's fire- oasted body had been slightly charred in a few places and the skin had been visibly crisp and rough; Ruderick's skin, while brown and steaming and glistening with juice, still had some hint of the texture it carried in life, the lack of exposure to flame directly making it seem softer and perhaps more tender. Ruderick's body did clearly appear as food with his darkened skin, the steam rising up, the suckling position of his limbs and the apple in his mouth, but the appearance -- he was still clearly a whole pig and clearly Cutler's elder brother -- made the middle piglet feel hungry and excited in a way he couldn't describe.

Vincent took note of Cutler's reaction -- not entirely unexpected, and possibly something to enjoy and share. He removed Ruderick's platter from the floor and carried it to his bedside, beckoning Cutler to follow. He set the steaming roast piglet onto the floor, lay down upon his mattress and softly spoke to his cannibal friend, "Come, sit with me."

Cutler followed, of course, hopping up and seating himself firmly upon the Wolf's lap. He wiggled about and soon felt a pleasant bulge pushing up against his rump, then gasped as the wolf's cock suddenly penetrated him as strong arms held him down. He looked down at his furry seat, realising at last just how hard his own cock had grown, then looked up at Vincent whilst struggling to keep from groaning too hard. He watched his lover's hand reach out and sink a fork into Ruderick's rear end, then he watched a second hand sink a knife into the roasted piglet's hip to carve off and sever the leg. Cutler gasped at the sight, flexing around the cock in his ass while his own twitched with delight, seeing that his elder brother's flesh was indeed more tender and juicy than Bobby's had been. He soon had a close up look when Vincent shoved the hunk of porkleg into his face. He sniffed at the roasted meat, so clearly recognizable as Ruderick's leg, so obviously meant to be eaten. The scent of roast pork was overpowering, it made Cutler's stomach growl and knot in anticipation; the sight of juices covering it and the knowledge that the liquid dribbling and trickling down from the meat came from Ruderick's body -- mixed with his own cum of course -- made him buck harder around Vincent's cock; and faintly, just barely, Cutler knew that through the overpowering aroma of the cooked meat he could make out the faint scent of Ruderick's cum mixed with his own. He grasped his own cock and jerked it once, then leaned forward right into the thick thighmeat as he gasped, sinking his teeth down into the juicy, tender flesh. The meat was more succulent than he could have imagined, the piglet cum having made an excellent basting sauce that perfectly complemented Ruderick's own natural juices. The meat was quite tender, seemingly the perfect texture to Cutler as he slowly chewed and savoured each bite, sliding his tongue along the delicious porkflesh. The roasted leg was drawn back and Cutler looked over to the source of the flesh, seeing the recognizable face of his brother -- oh god, he was eating his brother's cooked body! He shuddered and jerked his hips firmly as he sat upon a wolf's engorged cock, then turned to watch that very wolf take a large bite from his brother's legs. Such strong jaws tearing away and devouring what was once part of a young, happy, energetic pigboy. Legs that his brother had used to run and play were now simply meat to warm and fill hungry stomachs. Cutler swallowed the morsel of flesh in his mouth and squealed with delight whilst leaning forward to take another bite, and then another. Vincent and Cutler devoured the leg together like this, lips and tongue slathering over one another more than once before finally settling into a strange and wonderful kiss seperated only by the portion of Ruderick's leg that they were biting away and chewing.

Cutler's and Vincent's passions intensified as they devoured the plentiful meat from Ruderick's roasted leg. Most of the piglet's thigh was gone, munched away and swallowed into the hungry bellies of a wolf and a cannibal pig. The two ravenous beasts worked upon the calf next; while not as meaty it did give the piglet and wolf a chance to deepen their kiss, their tongues slathering back and forth to exchange and share their intimate meal with one another. Thier lips and tongues were not the only parts of them locked and their ravenous hunger could only be interrupted by occasional gasps of pleasure from one or the other, a result of Vincent's engorged cock thrusting deep and hard into Cutler's eagerly accepting ass. Their bodies tensed and shook firmly within the throes of their passion, Cutler's fingers clenched firmly around his cock to stroke himself as his ass clenched firmly around Vincent's. Together they had devoured nearly all of Ruderick's legmeat and now their lips met in a deep kiss, tongues intertwining and sharing the meat between the two as Vincent's cock spurted forth thick gobs of cum, warming and filling young Cutler's tight ass as the little piglet squealed and jerked his own cock and sprayed his own thick load of piglet cum onto Vincent's chest. They panted and relaxed, utterly exhausted, just holding up as best they could and taking light nibbles from the remains of roasted Ruderick's leg.

It was Cutler who spoke first, though he struggled for several seconds before doing so. He used his tongue to lick up any stray scraps of meat, then swallowed and finally managed to mutter out, "D...delicious."

Vincent panted for a moment, then laughed a bit at the mess on his chest. He nodded, "Indeed...I hope that you enjoyed more than just the taste..." The wolf slurped up the last scraps of meat, then handed the bone to Cutler.

Cutler gazed at the pork bone, amazed at how much he and Vincent had gnawed upon it, amazed even more when he thought of Ruderick, and how this bone used to be inside his older brother's leg. Now all of the flesh that had covered the bone -- flesh that Cutler had stared at more and more in the past month, wondering what it would be like to eat it -- was in his and Vincent's bellies, digesting. He set the bone aside and gazed up at his wolf lover, impressive even when so physically drained. He smiled best he could through the haze in his head and nodded, "Y...yes...I've had a wonderful time...I'm glad...that you've allowed me this time with you."

Vincent casually leaned over to Ruderick's body and carved out two thick slices of meat. He handed one to Cutler and took a bite from his own portion before speaking softly, "You say that as though you will leave soon...is that what you wish?"

Cutler nibbled on the flesh of his brother before looking up meekly, "O...oh, no, not at all...but..I thought that with Bobby and Ruderick eaten...I was all that was left...and..."

Vincent gave a light chuckle and finished Cutler's statement, "You thought that I would eat you next? Whatever gave you that idea?"

"W...well, you are a wolf..." Cutler blushed, "And you do eat pigs..."

Vincent finished his slice of meat and took up his knife as though ready to carve another portion from the cooked pigboy's body. Before doing that, though, he responded to Cutler, "And you thought that after you brought your brothers here to be eaten, I would want to eat you afterwards? Whyever would you agree to such an offer if you thought it would end that way?"

Cutler blushed even more brightly, shifting around nervously atop Vincent's lap -- though the cock in his ass, even though not completely firm, made things a little akward. His voice was soft, submissive, "Well...when I first smelled the aroma of roast pork...I knew that I wanted to taste -- to eat it...I knew that I wanted to see my brothers become it...and that I wanted to taste them..." He looked away, the admission apparently quite embarassing for him, "...and once I tasted Bobby, I knew that it was all worth it, even though I would surely be roasted myself."

Vincent leaned over to carve out some more flesh from Ruderick's young roasted body. As he worked he asked, "You mean that you find the flesh of your brothers -- the roasted flesh of your own kind -- so delicious that you believe that becoming a roast yourself is worth the cost?"

Cutler swallowed hard, finally realsing fully what he'd accepted -- and finding himself without any regret or second thoughts. He nodded and quietly answered, "Yes...yes, sir."

Vincent returned, showing his young piglet friend and lover what had been carved out from the elder piglet's flesh: Ruderick's roasted cock and balls. The wolf smiled slyly and extended the knife out to very lightly touch the blade to Cutler's belly, "Well...I'm sure that I could make a lovely roast of you. If you'd cooperate it would help me prepare you properly to make you into a truly fitting and delicious meal..."

Cutler gulped again and nodded, trembling as he felt the blade against his skin and starting to wonder how he would appear roasted to a golden brown. He looked toward Ruderick for a moment and noted how much his brother's roasted body was still recognizable as a young piglet like himself. His eyes closed and he gulped hard, his mind finally realising exactly what was being asked of him -- and he nodded slowly, accepting his fate.

Vincent responded to Cutler's shudder with a firming of his cock, the wolf squirming a bit at the new stimulation. He grinned broadly and asked, "But aren't there other pigs out there? Could you not, perhaps, lure them into my home as well? They may not be your family, but they are still your kin in a way...and we could feast upon their flesh as well."

Cutler perked up in surprise at the proposition and beamed a very happy smile to Vincent, "Y...yes, I could if it would please you!"

Vincent's grin turned into a warm smile, "I'm glad to hear it. It would please me, much more so than roasting you would. I like you, Cutler, and I'd miss your companiy should you leave for -- or by -- any reason. I feel blessed to have met you and I value your companionship far more than I could your meat." He extended his arm, offering Ruderick's genitals to his newfound lover.

Cutler's mind raced from the words, the piglet not expecting such hospitality or companionship from the wolf -- he'd been fully prepared to become a roast for the next time Vincent was hungry, and now he was a distinguished guest and dinner partner. He looked down at the offered meat and barely believed that he would be granted such a treat. He hesitated, then gratefully accepted the pork genitalia. Licking his lips at the juicy meat, he stared at the roasted cock and balls carved from Ruderick's body. He remembered staying up at night often staring between his elder brother's legs, imagining the delightful looking parts as they would be golden brown and cooked, glistening with juices. He had imagined what it would be like to watch Vincent eat them, in his dreams always left wondering about their flavour, and yet here they were in his own hands to be eaten. Cutler opened wide and thrust them in, then started chewing very slowly. Without realising it the piglet moaned with pleasure as his teeth bit into the shaft of Ruderick's cooked penis, the member very tender and juicy, quite possibly the tastiest part of the body. If it was the tastiest then Ruderick's testicles were second-in-line for the title: thick, full and salty. Cutler spent some time chewing up the juicy morsels of Ruderick's roasted genitals, savouring the incredible flavour of every bite. By the time his chewing had sufficiently pulverized the meat and his throat had swallowed down what remained of Ruderick's cock and balls to be digested, Culter noticed that Vincent was watching him with a very amused expression.

Vincent just smiled, not at all surprised, "It is the best part of the pig; I should have told you, I guess." He offered Cutler a bite of Ruderick's left arm, having severed it while Cutler was lost in a trance.

The ever-hungry piglet nodded with a bright grin, "Thank you, sir." and leaned forward for a bite from his brother's forearm.

Vincent growled lightly and playfully, "Now, don't go calling me sir. You're not my servant, you're my lover and friend. I'm Vincent, and you are Cutler...and this..." He leaned in for a bite and finished the sentence as he chewed up some of Ruderick's flesh, "is delicious meat..."

Vincent's cock had grown hard once more from Cutler's movements and the piglet had also become aroused again after the delightful flavour experience from between Ruderick's legs. The hungry and horny wolf began fucking up into the eager and happy pig's tight rear as they drew together toward the arm in much the same kind of kiss that they had made with Ruderick's leg earlier. They ate and played together happily, both knowing that many such meals and couplings awaited them in the months to come.