Title: Alex Meets Draconia
Author: Corona Da Roo
© 2003
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Alex Meets Draconia
By: Corona da Roo

All characters in this story are of my creation.
Ask before using them. >^.^<
All Pokémon are © Nintendo

Alex: A short spunky boy of 15, he kind of resembles Ash Ketchum from the show Pokémon, except he has Brown hair and always has it in spikes. He is about 5' 10". He Mina and Brian are from Kali (North west of Johto).

Mina: Yet another spunky kid, but she is a little younger than Alex is. She has long blonde hair that she constantly keeps in a ponytail. She wears a red shirt with the word Spicy written across the chest in blue. She wears this with a pair of cut off bluejeans the she always plays with while sitting. She tops this all off with a pair of red Nike sneakers and a deep navy blue cap on her head. She is Alex's annoying sister and is about 5' 9".

Brian: A hopeless romantic of 16. He is almost exactly like Brock from the show Pokémon except that his face is more like Ash's and he has long silvery gray hair. He is about 6' 2". He is Alex's best friend from school.

Draconia: She is my own creation of a Pokémon. She looks like a mix of Dragonite, Kangaskhan, and Charizard (like Kangaskhan in respect of the pouch and long ears, but has the long snout like Charizard and the wings and body structure of Dragonite). She has slightly purplish sky-blue skin except for her underbody (from her chin, down her neck, around her large bust, down her belly, around her abs, between her legs to the tip of her tail and in the insides of her thighs) which is a pale almost white green. Her wing skin is the same color. She is about 6' tall from the tops of her ears to the bottoms of her feet (9' long if you count her tail when she is lying down). Her wingspan is about 2/3 her height for each wing (there's 4)

"The Meeting"

It's a beautiful day in the world of Pokémon. We find our friends on an adventure through Kaladaan Forest in Shima (NW of Johto), and what an adventure it will be.

"Man, I'm starved," groaned Alex. "Chuuu" agreed Pikachu.

"Honestly. You two could eat an entire restaurant and still not be full" complained Mina.

"She's right you know. I mean we just ate lunch 2 hours ago" agreed Brian.

"I don't care, it's just the way I am." griped Alex.

"What, that you're a pig?" asked Mina.

"That's not very funny!" sneered Alex. "Chu!" agreed Pikachu.

"Well if I didn't keep you from eating so much you would be as fat as a pig!" Mina yelled.

"You take that back!" Alex snarled.

"NO! Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!" teased Mina.

"Ohhhh!" Enfuriated, Alex jumped on Mina and began to wrestle with her.

"Guys, guys! Come on, cut it out!" Brian yelled over the screaming mass that was Alex & Mina.

"Grrrrr! Humph!" argued Alex & Mina.

"You guys argue over anything." Sighed Brian "Pikachu," agreed Pikachu, "Pi?"

"What is it Pikachu, you see something?" asked Alex. "Pika!" said Pikachu pointing at the brush at the edge of the trail.

"Hmmm. I don't see anything," puzzled Brian, "Oh well. Lets keep going. It's still 2 more hours till we reach Kaladaan."

"You're right. We need to get moving before it gets dark." agreed Alex.

So they continued on their way, unaware of the presence watching them from the shadows of the trees.

"Hmmm, these three seem amusing. Maybe I should follow them. If not amusing at least they can provide me with a challenge." pondered a mysterious creature.


"Alright then it's agreed. This will be a 3 on 3 Pokémon match" proclaimed Terry, a rival trainer.

"You're on!" agreed Alex.

So thus the match got underway. Terry's first Pokémon that he sent out was Donphan and Alex's first one was Umbreon, result Umbreon win. Terry's second Pokémon was Houndoom and Alex recalled Umbreon and sent out Wobbuffett, result Wobbuffett win. Terry's third and final Pokémon was Scizor to witch Alex tried to recall Wobbuffett but Scizor used pursuit and won. Alex then brought back out Umbreon, result Scizor won. All the while the same dark figure from before was watching the match between Alex and Terry from the trees. Alex's final Pokémon was Pikachu, result Pikachu win.

"Aw man I lost," said Terry downhearted, "Scizor return."

"I hope to battle you again," comforted Alex, "that was a great match."

{I couldn't agree more} called a dark figure jumping out of the brush.

"Whoa! What's that?!" cried Alex, whipping out his Pokédex. "No information can be found" answered his Pokédex.

"Hey a new Pokémon. I'm gonna catch it," called Terry, "GO! Pokéball!"

{Humph, pathetic.} replied the dark figure. With that it held out its hand and halted the ball in mid-air.

"Wha? How did it do that?" puzzled Terry.

"Aah! Look at its eyes," yelled Brian, "the creatures eyes are glowing!"

"It must be psychic!" cried Mina.

Just then the creature's eyes glowed bright red and the ball exploded.

"Whoa! It destroyed the ball!" exclaimed Terry.

{Fool! I am no ordinary Pokémon!} exclaimed the creature.

"What are you then!" demanded Alex.

{I am the queen of all Pokémon. I am the powerful Draconia!} stated Draconia.

"Since you are a Pokémon there is no reason why I can't catch you!" retorted Alex.

{You ca try.} proclaimed Draconia.

"All right! Master Ball GO!" cried Alex, hurtling the best pokéball ever created.

{Hmm, I think I'll amuse him,} thought Draconia, {I'll let him catch me and then bust out of the ball.}

With that the Master Ball struck and she glowed red before being transferred into the ball.

"Yeah! I told you I could catch it!" exclaimed Alex.


"Hey what's that buzzing noise?" asked Mina. "Hunh?" puzzled Alex.

"Hey! Look at the ball!" yelled Brian.

The ball was glowing a brilliant white and static was moving across its surface. The wind began to howl.

"Man this is too creepy. I'm outta here!" exclaimed Terry, running from the clearing.

The ball continued to glow but was now pulsing with the glow.

"What's happening?" asked Mina frightened. "Piii…"cried Pikachu, hugging closer to Alex's leg.

At that moment the wind stopped completely. Suddenly the ball exploded with a brilliant flash of light.

{Hahahahahahaha!!} laughed Draconia, emerging from the smoke {I told you I couldn't be contained. My power is beyond your comprehension!" With that she began to chant.

"What is she doing!?" asked Mina. "I don't know and I don't want to find out! Let's go!" replied Brian.

He, Mina and Alex began to run.

{YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!} cried Draconia, her eyes glowing again. Mina, Brian and Alex stopped frozen.

"I can't move," cried Mina, "she must have us locked down with her psychic power."

"What are we going to do now?" asked Alex.

"Actually, the more important question is what is she going to do to us?!" replied Brian.

To Be Continued………