Title: Alex Meets Draconia PT2
Author: Corona Da Roo
© 2003
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"Moments Reprieve"
All characters © Me
All Pokémon © Nintendo

Last time we left our heroes, the powerful Dragon Queen, Draconia had just captured them. How will our heroes escape from her psychic control?

{Quit you're struggling you filthy human, there is no way you can escape my grasp. You are mine." leered Draconia. *She's right how can we fight something as powerful as she is* thought Alex *Unless… Yes! Pikachu was able to escape before her gaze caught him. Even though he's probably not strong enough it's worth a try. * {Now what should I do first.} queried Draconia. "You're not doing anything to us!" yelled Alex. {Hmm, and why is that you pathetic boy?} asked Draconia. "This is why," replied Alex, "Pikachu! Thunderbolt Attack!" "Pika!" cried Pikachu, bursting form hiding spot behind the trees and firing a destructive ball of electrical energy at Draconia. {What!? NO!! *unf*} grunted Draconia as the ball of energy struck her squarely in the chest, sending her flying into the trees. Released from her grasp Alex had only one thing else to say, "RUN!!!" With that they all bolted from the clearing.

It was then that Alex noticed someone missing "Pikachu! Come on Pikachu!" called Alex. "Pika." answered Pikachu, starting to head away from the field when it was halted in mid-turn. "Pika*" it choked.
{HOW DARE YOU STRIKEME!!!} screamed Draconia. "Pikachu! NO!" cried Alex. "No! Stop Alex!" called Brian, just barely catching him by his jacket collar. "Let me go! Pikachu needs help!" yelled Alex, tugging at Brian's grasp. "Stop it!" retorted Mina, slapping Alex across the face, "if you go out there you'll be captured too!" With that Alex stopped struggling and stared at Mina. "Pikachu is giving you a chance to get away," Mina said, "don't let its sacrifice be in vain!" "Pikachu" muttered Alex, crying. "C'mon! We have to go now!" called Brian. "I will destroy Draconia for this," said Alex, shaking with rage, "I swear it!" With that the three adventurers turned and fled from sight.


Draconia held Pikachu fast in her psychic grasp while she recovered form the blast. Stalking over to Pikachu, there was only a look of hatred in Draconia's eyes. {You insolent creature! You will pay for that,} fumed Draconia, picking Pikachu up off the ground, {with your life." "Pikaaa…" cried Pikachu, struggling in her grasp. With that, Draconia opened her mouth wide, stomach growling with anticipation of the meal. Pikachu cringed at the sight of what was about to happen. Next thing Pikachu knew it was being stuffed headfirst into Draconia's maw and ultimately into her throat. Swallowing heavily, Draconia engulfed Pikachu into her throat up to its waist, with only its long tail dangling from her lips. She then slurped up the tail like a long noodle and gulped Pikachu the rest of the way down, a large bulge sliding down her neck then vanishing into her chest. Draconia smiled, feeling her belly bulge out as her meal entered her stomach. She giggled as Pikachu tried to shock its way out of her stomach. Eventually Pikachu passed out from exhaustion. Feeling full and satisfied, Draconia summoned some of her followers to her (which are Dragonite, Dragonair, and Charizard). {Ok, I want you three to track down and bring back the kids who were just here a while ago,} ordered Draconia, {They probably won't come easily so do what you have to to bring them to me. Eat them if it is easier for you to return them to me that way. Now GO!} With that all three dragons set off in search of Alex and friends. {I shall enjoy consuming each and every one of those insolent children,} grinned Draconia, rubbing her taunt belly, {Yes indeed.}

A few hours later…

"Man that was too close" sighed Mina. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Alex yelled out in rage. "Calm down, Alex," comforted Brian, "there was nothing you could have done to save Pikachu." "*sigh* You're right Brian," agreed Alex, calming down, "I almost got us recaptured because of my hot-temper." "Don't worry," comforted Mina, "we'll find a way to get Pikachu back." "Yeah right now we need to… Hunh??" Brian said looking up. "Look!" he called. "What is it?" asked Mina. In a flash, Alex whipped out his pokédex. "Ahh! Oh No!" Alex cried, "My pokédex is crushed!" "That's just too bad, Alex!" said a mysterious voice. "Wha? You!" Alex exclaimed. "It's… Terry!" said Mina. "Yes, and that pokémon is called Dragonair and if you look above it you can see a Dragonite and a Charizard." said Terry. Sure enough, just above the Dragonair was it's evolved form, Dragonite, and next to the Dragonite was a Charizard. "But don't worry, they're friendly." said Terry. But Terry had no knowing that these pokémon were not friendly, something that he would soon regret.

To Be Continued………