Title: Alex Meets Draconia PT3
Author: Corona Da Roo
© 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Friends Fall

If you remember, Alex and his friends had just escaped form Draconia's clutches at the expense of Pikachu. Now they have met up with Terry in a small glen along with a few mysterious visitors…

"Are you sure about that Terry," asked Alex, "afterall it was a dragon-type pokémon that was after us in the first place."

"Well maybe," said Terry, looking up at the descending pokémon, "but I think that we can trust these Dragons." But Alex just sneered and said "That may be so but I still say that we get out of here while we can."

But it was already too late for any of them to leave as the three pokémon formed a small perimeter around the adventurers. "Well its too late to get away," Terry said, approaching the Dragonite, "Anyway I don't think they'll hurt us." He then started to reach up to pet the Dragonite on the arm when…

"Hey look at their foreheads" Brian called, pointing to the Charizard in example, "If I'm not mistaken that's the same symbol that was on the tops of Draconia's hands!!"

Sure enough it was the same mark, and just as Brian said this, the Dragonite swung down with a fist and struck the distracted Terry in the back of the head, knocking him out cold. "Terry!!" Mina cried running towards him only to be snatched up by the Charizard, who quickly restrained her in its powerful arms. "Let her go!!" screamed Brian, rushing to Mina's aid. Only too late did he notice the long blue and white tail before it tripped him up and sent him falling to the dirt. As soon as he hit the ground, the Dragonair proceeded to wrap up its catch for Draconia.

"Brian! Mina!" cried Alex as he began to rush forward but was halted at Mina's cry. "No! Stop Alex!" she cried out desperately to her brother. At that Alex stopped in his tracks. "Forget about us and save yourself!" she pleaded. "She's right Alex," Brian agreed, gasping in Dragonair's tight coils, "you've got to get out of here and get help!" Alex stared at his friend dumbfounded "But…" he stammered starting to advance again. "NO BUTS!" Mina yelled "JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!" Reluctantly Alex agreed and ran as fast as he could from the glen. The Dragonite, noticing that his prize was escaping, began to take chase after Alex.

Alex ran until his heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. But he kept running, knowing that the Dragonite was still chasing after him. "I've got to find somewhere to hide" he thought to himself. He began franticly searching for somewhere to hide when he spotted his chance. As he ran around a rather large oak tree, he noticed a dense thicket on the side of the trail and dove into it, disappearing from sight just as the Dragonite came crashing around the corner.

The Dragonite stopped a few feet away from where Alex was hiding and looked around for his elusive prey. Alex tried to keep quiet, but his chest was pounding like a bass drum. Eventually, the Dragonite gave up and took off angrily into the sky heading back to the glen. Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the pokémon leave, and wondered how he was going to save his friends.

Meanwhile, back at the glen…

Mina watched with tears as her brother ran from the glen with the Dragonite in hot pursuit. "I hope that he gets away" prayed Mina, struggling in the Charizard's grasp. "Don't worry," Brian gasped as the Dragonair began squeezing even tighter, "I'm sure that he'll get away. Remember how hard it was for your parents to keep him grounded back home." Mina remembered and was assured that her brother would be all right.

Her hopes were further confirmed when she saw the Dragonite return empty handed. The Dragonite then walked over to Terry's limp body and picked it up. "I just hope that we can get out of this mess just as easily" whimpered Mina. {I wouldn't count on that, little girl}boomed a terrible voice. Both Brian and Mina looked up in fear as they saw Draconia descend down to join her followers. Mina then noticed a small bulge in Draconia's belly and then remembered Pikachu, and as if in response Draconia's belly gave a faint twitch. {Now, which one of you was the trainer of that annoying but delicious Pikachu!} Draconia demanded.

Neither Mina nor Brian responded to her question. {Very well then.} she declared as she walked over to Terry's limp form that Dragonite was holding {I'll find out myself}. She then placed one hand over his head and closed her eyes. After a few seconds she opened her eyes. {Hmm… It wasn't him} she said and the approached Mina. Mina began struggling again as Draconia placed her hand over her head, removing it moments later. {Not you either} she said as her eyes then fell upon Brian in Dragonair's coils. She then placed her hand yet again over his head. {Well it seems that none of you were its trainer} she said standing. {Which means,} she muttered, glaring at her followers, {that you allowed him to escape}.

All three of the Dragons lowered their heads in shame. {Well I guess I'll have to go after him myself} Draconia stated {and in the mean time, you three can do what you want with your catches}. At this, all three Dragon's eyes lit up in excitement as they watched Draconia take off after Alex. "Yikes, whats gonna happen now" whimpered Mina. Her question was answered all too roughly as the Charizard began to rip off her clothes a piece at a time, setting here pokéballs on the ground next to him. "Hey!" Mina yelled.

She then heard Brian scream and then get muffled. Mina turned her head to see that the Dragonair had already engulfed Brian in its throat up to his chest. "Brian!" she cried as she saw his shape begin to form in the Dragonair's long neck. Mina then gasped as the Charizard began to lick her naked body and exposed breasts with its rough tongue. "Oh no! Please oh please don't eat me" she pleaded, struggling in the Charizard's massive grip. As she struggled she saw that the Dragonite had also began eating Terry as well, his limp form making a disturbing bulge in the Dragonite's throat and chest as the Dragonite began to shove Terry's legs down into it's drooling maw. Meanwhile, Brian twitched as the Dragonair gulped down more of his body, pulling his hips into its mouth.

"This can't be happening," Mina cried to herself, "it just can't be." She then began to feel an odd warmth in her crotch. She barely got a glimpse of the Dragon's massive cock before she was roughly impaled upon it. Mina screamed in pain as the massive shaft filled her passage all the way up to her cervix before the sheer force of the impalement caused her cervix to spread open, allowing the Charizard's cock up into her womb. The Charizard then began to lean forward on all fours and begin to pound its hard member in and out of Mina's tight cunny, grunting in pleasure. Mina cried in pain for a while but noticed as the Charizard continued it began to hurt less and less. She eventually began moaning in pleasure.

Brian gasped for air as he felt the Dragonair work its way slowly up his waist. He then felt an odd protrubence force its way into the back of his shorts before they were ripped off roughly. He then moaned as he felt the Dragonair's tongue begin to rub and slide over his aroused member. The Dragonair began to shift its position so that its mouth was at its ventral opening. Brian then felt himself slide a little bit up out of Dragonair's mouth. "Whats it doing now" he thought to himself. The answer came all too soon when he felt him member slide into what was unmistakably the Dragonair's vagina. He moaned out loud inside the Dragonair's throat as the pokémon began pleasuring itself on his aroused shaft. Not long after it began Brian felt the Dragonair's cunny convulse and tighten as it reached its climax. Brian then felt his quaking member slide back out of the warm passage and began to feel himself begin to slide down the Dragonair's throat again as it resumed consuming him. Moments after the Dragonair's began swallowing again, Brian screamed out in pleasure as he expelled his load all over the Dragonair's tongue, which promptly began licking it again. Brian then fell limp and passed out from the lack of oxygen and the Dragonair swallowed him down without further event.

Meanwhile, Terry groaned as he slowly began to regain consciousness. "What happened" he grunted as he tried to move but found that he couldn't. "WHA?!" he cried struggling. He then felt the slimy walls around him and the answer dawned on him all to horribly. "Oh no! The Dragonite is eating me!" he wailed. He then felt a rolling gulp and felt himself slid very fast down the Dragonite's throat. He landed squirming in the pokémon's massive belly. "Well it seems that Alex was right," he sighed to himself, "these pokémon were trouble." Then he began to feel light headed and eventually passed out deep in the Dragonite's gut.

The Charizard roared out in pleasure as he hit his climax as poured his load into Mina's womb. Mina groaned as her womb and passage was filled to spilling with the pokémon's hot cum. The Charizard then sat back, lifting Mina up with it. Mina slowly opened her pleasure fogged eyes only to see the Charizard's gaping maw descending down towards her. She then closed her eyes as she felt the pokémon engulf her in its mouth and throat up to her waist in one gulp. Her legs kicked innvoluntarily as the Charizard flicked its head back a few times, gulping her thin form down into its gut in just a few short swallows. "This is it," she thought, squirming into the hot embrace of the Charizard's belly, "This is the end." She then slowly began to pass out form the lack of air.

To Be Concluded……