Title: Annette's Appetite
Author: Dancing Queen
© 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Annette's Appetite
By Dancing Queen
(Based on a role play between Dancingqueen6281 and Btwain_1999)

Annette carries the two large pizza boxes up to Sarah's room where she and Emily are
waiting, practically drooling in anticipation. She pushes open the door to see her two
friends' faces light up as she sets the boxes down on the bed. Sarah pops open the top
box and she and Emily both grab two slices each, one in each hand and begin to stuff
their faces with them.

Sarah moans as the flavor of melted cheese and sliced meat hits her tongue, "Mmmm
good stuff!"

Emily nods as she starts to shove her first slice into her mouth.

Annette gingerly takes a single slice, "This is good pizza."

Sarah has already finished off one slice and grabs another as she takes a bite out of the
one in her other hand. "Mmmmhmmm"

"Boy, Sarah you are hungry today aren't you?" asked Annette.

Sarah nods between bites as Emily gulps down her crust and starts in on her second slice.

"Emily you are starved as well?" gasps Annette.

"Heck yeah, come on Annette dig in you haven't even finished your first piece, Sarah's on
her third!" urges Emily.

Sarah licks grease off her fingers and takes a big bite out of her third piece.

"Well I am hungry today too, I just can't eat as fast as you, besides I have to watch my
figure," responds Annette.

Sarah burps, "Oh come on Annette, lighten up for once."

Emily nods, "Yeah you need some meat on you, just indulge yourself at least once,
before Sarah and I eat it all."

Sarah gulps down her slice and takes a bite so big it takes in half of her fourth slice.

"Well, I think I really only want this slice after all. I will just watch you too stuff
yourselves silly. I will eat something later." Annette nibbles her slice.

Emily shrugs, "You're loss."

Sarah gulps down her slice as Emily finishes her third and Sarah grabs the last slice of the
first pizza and licks her lips, "Mmhhmm."

Annette gawks, "Man oh man Sarah, I haven't seen you eat this much."

Emily giggles at her friend, "Sarah you piggy."

Sarah laughs, "Yup and I like it!" Her belly is noticably straining against her jeans.

Annette just stares at her friends, "Are you too going to be able to finish that second

Emily smiles and takes a bite, "At the rate we're going? Hell yeah!" She giggles

Sarah gulps down the rest of her slice, not even chewing and reaches for two more,
sandwiches them together and takes a bite, placing one hand on her bloating belly.

Annette looks to her friend with a little concern, "Feeling alright Sarah?"

Sarah lets out a resounding burp. "Just a little cramped, hang on." She reaches down and
unbuttons her pants, letting her belly sag out. "Ahhhh, that's better." With that she takes
another bite.

Emily starts working on another piece, her belly more then a little swollen as well.
"Better hurry Annette, it'll all be gone soon."

Annette gets up and starts walking around her two friends. Looking the two of them over,
especially their growing bellies. "Oh I am fine… uh, this is fun just watching you."

Sarah takes another bite from her double slice "Where're you going skinny?"

Annette starts licking her lips, "Just stretching my legs, waiting for you guys to finish."

Sarah lets out another burp. "Ok then." She gulps down the last of the double slice and
reaches for one more.

Emily reaches for the last slice. She and Sarah work on their slices together, laughing in
a way that makes their bellies jiggle.

Annette notices chubby jiggling, and something down inside her clicks. Her belly
rumbles loudly.

Sarah finishes her slice and looks over at Annette, shaking her head, "Told you to eat

Emily nods her agreement, "Yeah you see, you were hungry and now there's nothing left
to eat." She giggles and finishes off her slice.

Annette grins, "Oh I think I will find something... So now that all the pizza is gone in
your tummies how are you feeling?"

Emily burps and puts a hand on her belly, groaning a little in both satisfaction and mild

Sarah pats her mound of a tummy, "Uh, so full, and so good."

Emily giggles and turns to Annette, "Yeah I bet full is a feeling you've never had you
bean pole." She and Sarah laugh heartily.

Annette walks over to Emily. She reaches down pats her friend's bloated belly.

Emily giggles and coos a little, "Heehee, that's nice isn't it? Feel that? Nice and full."

Annette rubs Emily's tummy even as her own lets out another rumble. "Oh you are just
right now... Well I think I am about to find out what full is."

Emily looks up at Annette with a confused look. "Huh?"

Sarah belches and looks at her skinny friend, "What're you talking about Annette?
There's nothing left to eat."

Annette just smiles. "Sarah can we play a game?"

Sarah giggles, "Sure, what game?"

Annette pats her pudgy friend's tummy. "Wow you are full aren't you?"

Sarah nods and gives her belly a squeeze.

Annette licks her lips, "Now don't go anywhere."

Sarah cocks her head, "Why? Where're you going?"

Annette turns to her other friend, "To deal with Emily first."

Emily looks at Annette oddly "What do you mean 'deal' with me"?

Annette approaches Emily, "Oh Em, I have to say you look delicious."

Emily blushes, "Annette don't tell me you're going lezzie on me now."

Annette shakes her head, "Oh no. Just hungry that's all." Annette grabs Emily and
pushes her down onto the bed.

Emily squeals playfully, "Hey! You silly girl."

Annette gave a very mischievous grin, "Lets have some fun"

Emily blushes bright red and stammers, "You're naughty Annette, you know that..."

Sarah laughs at what she sees, thinking the same thing Emily is: that Annette wants to
fool around.

Annette licked her lips, "Yep... I am naughty, and VERY hungry." With that she places
Emily's toes in her month, licking at them.

Emily giggles and squirms a little, "Hey that tickles Annette."

Annette pulls all of Emily's feet into her mouth and takes a big gulp.

Emily gasped in surprise, "What the...?"

Sarah stops laughing and her eyes go wide, her jaw drops as she tries to find words.

Soon Emily's ankles go into her friend's mouth, her feet bulging in the Annette's neck.
"Annette... what... what are you doing?"

Annette's response is a swallow, a loud gulp that pulls Emily into her friend's mouth up
to her knees.

Sarah stutters but is somehow unable to find words.

Emily's feet wiggle in Annette's throat as she tries to reason with her ravenous friend.
"Annette you're getting my pants all wet with your spit! Cut this out!"

Annette only smiles as she gulps again and soon Emily is up to her hips.

Emily pushes against Annette's face with her hands "Hey now fun's fun, now let go

Sarah manages to find her voice, "Y...yeah Annette, this isn't funny anymore, Emily isn't
food now let her go."

Annette responds by taking another gulp which takes in her friend's rounded hips as she
shoots Sarah a wicked smile.

Emily screams in panic, "Sarah make her stop!"

Sarah waddles over to the bed and grabs Emily's hands, trying to pull her back out of her
ravenous friend's mouth. "Come on Annette, cough her up!"

Annette responds by reaching up and tickling Emily under her arms. Emily shakes and
squirms, giggling wildly causing Sarah to loose her grip on her hands. Annette then
reached, grabbed Emily's arms and stuffed her friends hands into her mouth, pinning
Emily's arms to her sides.

Sarah doesn't give up and reaches down to grab Emily by her arm pits and tries to hoist
her out of Annette's mouth, but in her bloated state she lacks the energy of the greedy

Emily whimpers and squirms helplessly, "Sarah get me out!" She looked down into the
hungry eyes of Annette, "Annette stop it! I'm your best friend! You don't want to eat

Annette defies her friend with another gulp that takes in pizza-bloated belly which
Annette savors, running her tongue all over it. Her own stomach starts to show signs of

Sarah is hardly even trying to pull Emily out anymore, rather she stares at Annette's
tummy as the oddly shaped bulge of Emily's wriggling feet becomes apparent.

Sarah is broken from her trance as another loud gulp devours Emily's breasts, forcing
Sarah to let go of her armpits for fear of her own hands being swallowed.

Emily pleads, "Annette please stop! I don't want to be eaten! I'm sorry I picked on you
for being skinny, just let me out! We'll get you another pizza, all for yourself! Please!"

Annette only swallows again, engulfing her delicious friend's shoulders, leaving only the
head left to be devoured.

Emily wails, shaking her head about, "Annette please don't do it! Don't swallow me!"

Sarah chimes in weakly, "Annette come on, don't do this."

There is a loud slurp and Emily's head is sucked into Annette's mouth, her lips closing
over the top of her friend's head.

Emily's voice is muffled in Annette's mouth as she screams, "Nooooo!"

A final nearly deafening gulp sends the lump in Annette's throat that is Emily's head
down into her waiting tummy.

Sarah stares in awe as she sees the outline of Emily squirm around, pounding against
Annette's stomach walls that have enveloped her. "Let me out!"

Sarah shakes her head in disbelief "Wow Annette, you really were hungry... I would
have never thought..."

Annette grins and pats her tummy. "Comfy in there Em?"

Emily's muffled whimper can barely be heard, "It's cramped in here, Annette!"

Annette laughs at her tasty friend and then lets loose with a belch that shakes the bed.

Emily whined, "Ow! Annette don't do that! It shakes everything around in here."

Sarah simply watches Annette's belly shift around with Emily inside for several minutes
before finding the strength to voice her disbelief. "Annette! How? I mean… why?
What possessed you?"

Annette only giggles, pats her belly and says with a shrug "I was hungry."

Emily's voice squeaks from inside the fleshy prison, "Come on Annette just let me out,

Annette looks down at her ballooned belly and chuckles, "Why would you want out Em?
I rather like you in there." She smiles and motions Sarah over. "Come here Sarah and
feel Emily it's incredible," she says as she rubs her domed tummy.

Sarah looks at her well stuffed friend cautiously as Emily pipes up again from inside the
bloated belly, "Because it's not nice to eat your friends! You can't just keep me in here."
Sarah, still trying to think of how she'll get Emily out leans in and touches Annette's
belly, feeling how tightly it's stretched and how Emily moves around inside. "Wow you
must be completely stuffed after that."

Annette grins and licks her lips, "Well you would think so… but I think there is still room
in there."

Sarah looks up at Annette in confused and slightly nervous, "Y… you're just teasing me,
no way could you eat me… not after Emily and besides I'm so much bigger then she is."

Annette reaches out and grabs Sarah's shoulders, "Well let's see."

Sarah gets off one scream before friend's mouth opens wide and then engulfs her head in
a wet darkness.

Annette doesn't give Sarah a chance to struggle, grabbing her sides and with an
enormous gulp shoves all of Sarah's shoulders and chest into her dripping mouth,
pushing her helpless friend's head into her throat.

Sarah can't do much with her arms held at her sides by Annette's powerful mouth but she
kicks wildly, her feet beating against Annette's stomach, causing Emily to protest,
"What's going on out there? Quit it!"

Wanting to taste as much of Sarah's soft flesh as possible Annette practically tears the
undone jeans off of her friend's kicking legs. With that she tilts back her head and lets
gravity help Sarah's pudgy belly slide into her mouth. This is soon followed by her
fleshy thighs and all too soon Annette closes her lips over her friend's wiggling toes and
takes the last gulp.

Her belly tears through her clothes, shirt, pants, and even underwear, as Sarah is
deposited right next to Emily who whines and squirms.

Annette flops back on the bed as her friends whimper and struggle, their tasty bodies
becoming entangled and they hold each other for comfort in the tightly cramped dungeon
of Annette's finally satisfied stomach.

It's a few minutes before Sarah manages to collect herself enough to ask, "So Annette…
are you going to let us out soon?"

Annette's only response is a loud snore and slight burp as she rest peacefully, her hand
unconsciously caressing her bloated tummy.

Annette wakes up some hours later to find the dome of her belly is all but gone, though a
noticeable bulge can still be seen at the bottom of her tummy. She feels stronger and
rejuvenated as she heads to the bathroom. She goes in and kicks off the torn remains of
her clothes and sits on the toilet. As she disposes of the remains of her delicious friends
she smiles, remembering Sally had invited her to a get together this weekend and that
dinner will be provided. Annette makes a quick count in her head, and comes up with at
least 5 of her friends being there. She practically drools as she gets up and flushes the
toilet, her belly empty and eager to be refilled.