A Weekend at the Beach:

Chapter 1
By GryphRaptor 
Story Copyright (C) By: GryphRaptor
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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  A Weekend at the Beach
by GryphRaptor

 Drake sighed in contentment as he relaxed, the warm sun and soft sand felt wonderful after the hectic week he’d had. He’d been really looking forward to the weekend retreat his friend Leo had invited him on, along with a few others. Drake’s niece was also along for the retreat, and was currently off swimming in the lagoon. Smiling Drake broke his relaxation enough to sit up and look around once more, admiring the place, a wide expanse of soft white sand spread out around him, tall palm and coconut trees gave off shade behind him, while the lagoon’s crystal clear, blue waters shimmered about 20 feet from where he lay relaxing.
 Grinning, the dragon lay back down, returning to the serious business of relaxing, softly slipping into a half doze. While he lay there dozing, Leo soon came walking up, and smiled as he looked his draconic friend over. Admiring how the pale green scales of his belly slowly darkened to a deep forest green along his sides and back. Slowly Leo moved closer, licking his lips as he knelt down next to his friend, and leaned over. Gently he began to lightly lick over his friend’s groin, careful to not wake the dragon, at least not yet. His broad tongue, slowly lapping at Drake’s genital slit, teasing the dragon’s cock from its hiding spot.
 The lion mmmed softly as Drake’s cock slide out, and continued to lick, drawing his friend to full arousal, his own sheath filling as his tip poked out. Smiling, Leo shifted slightly and opening his jaws, took Drake’s shaft into his mouth, until his muzzle was pressed against Drake’s groin, his tongue sliding about the cock, as his throat rippled around it’s length. Drake groaned softly as Leo continued, bobbing his mouth up and down over the dragon’s cock, suckling it slowly, as Drake lay there.
 Warm pre began to seep out into Leo’s mouth, and he grinned around Drake’s shaft, feeling the cock within his mouth and throat throbbing as the dragon’s body approached climax. He began to increase the pace, feeling Drake beginning to wake up under the stimulation. The Dragon shuddering under the slowly building onslaught around his shaft.
 Drake moaned softly as he slowly woke up, loving the sensations around his shaft, he reached down and ran his claws over Leo’s head, still not fully awake, his claws gripped Leo’s mane, and held his head there as he exploded down the lion’s throat, shuddering in pleasure. Leo purred deeply as he felt his friend climax, and swallowed eagerly, strong throat muscled pulling on the thick shaft that filled his mouth, milking the dragon for his full load.
 Leo grinned as slowly he pulled his muzzle from around Drake’s cock, letting the last few spurts fill his mouth, coating it with the thick liquid, as he looked at his friend. Drake smiled back, "mmmmm…now that’s a nice way to be woken up…." The dragon chuckled as he lay there, leaning up a bit to regard his friend. "Well…you looked too good to pass up…laying here and everything…" slowly Leo licked his chops, "and you tasted very good too…" Drake laughed, "got room for seconds?" as he pulled his friend close, reaching around to softly squeeze the lion’s tailbase.
 "Oooo….i think I can fit a second course in…." Leo replied as  he found himself laying atop Drake, the dragon’s cock soon pressing up beneath his tail.
 Drake grinned as he eased himself back into Leo’s body, this time entering from the other end, mmming softly as Drake’s tight tailhole was slowly opened up by the thick tip of his cock. Leo stiffened and slowly sat back, gasping as he took his friend’s shaft into himself, groaning a bit at the large size. Softly the two began to thrust against each other once more, Drake’s arousal filling Leo’s rear quite nicely, warm pre beginning to flow up into his innards as he clenched tightly around the dragon. Soon enough their efforts caused them both to gasp in pleasure as they climaxed, Drake’s thick seed shooting deeply into Leo’s innards, filling him with the warm liquid.
 Smiling Leo looked down at his friend, "mmmm….nice…." his claws tracing the smooth hide of his draconic friend’s chest and belly, "so…after all that, would you care for something to fill your belly with?"
 "Hmmmm…that sounds rather like a good idea," Drake replied, licking his muzzle slowly as he gazed at the well-muscled feline, slowly pulling his friend down and into a kiss, his long muzzle pressing around Leo’s broader muzzle, tongues sliding softly against each other as Drake held his friend close. As they held the kiss, Drake began to relax his jaws, slowly working them over Leo’s muzzle and face, he felt his friend stiffen in surprise, then begin to relax as he continues, licking softly over the feline’s muzzle, caressing him tenderly as he began his meal.
 Leo shivered a bit as he felt the dragon’s mouth slowly enveloping his head, wondering briefly just how far Drake was going to go, and finding he was half-hoping that he’d end up completely in his friend’s body, and half dreading that that would actually happen. Drake mmmed around his friend’s head as he worked it completely into his mouth, continuing to gently lick the feline as he slowly slide deeper. Twisting his head to the side a bit, he began to work Leo’s broad shoulders into his mouth, his claws softly caressing the feline’s soft pelt, one of his claws slipping down to tease the muscular tailbase, squeezing it as Leo’s tail flicked all about.
 Drake marveled at how good it felt slowly swallowing his friend down, and was looking forward to seeing his belly swollen to accommodate Leo completely within himself. He could feel Leo’s cock throbbing against his belly as he continued to work his friend deeper into his throat, and smiling he began to stroke Leo off, even as he shifted around to ease the feline’s passage downwards, his throat and chest beginning to bulge as Leo’s head was worked closer to the waiting embrace of the dragon’s stomach.
 The lion continued to squirm about somewhat as he found himself sliding deeper down his friend’s throat, shivering at how much he was enjoying the strange sensations flooding through him. He let out a gasp as he felt his hardened cock being gripped and stroked, beginning to buck into the paw that held his arousal, shuddering as his pre began to flow, lubricating Drake’s grip on his cock. Drake’s tongue continuing to slide all over his feline’s friend’s chest, and soon belly, his own belly beginning to stretch as Leo’s head and shoulders eased through the tight ring of muscle guarding his stomach. Leo’s deep rumbling purr vibrated all through Drake’s body as he continued, his own shaft throbbing against the growing bulge of his stomach.
 Slowly Drake shifted into a kneeling position, hefting his friend upwards, to allow gravity to assist in his descent to the dragon’s waiting stomach. His tongue snaked out to coil about Leo’s shaft, tasting the musky pre, stroking the full length as the cock was guided into his eager mouth. Soon only Leo’s legs and flailing tail were sticking straight up from Drake’s muzzle, his throat bulging tightly around his friend’s body, while his belly continued to slowly stretch to accommodate his friend within. Leo’s outline becoming more distinct beneath the pale green scales of Drake’s belly.
 Leo let out a roar of pleasure as he climaxed again, spewing his seed over Drake’s tongue and down his throat as the dragon shuddered in pleasure as well, tasting the delicious feline cum pouring from his friend as his throat rippled, deeply massaging Leo’s entire body as it slide downwards. Drake gulping strongly around the feline as he gripped his own cock, stroking himself to climax as well, his seed shooting over the bottom bulge of his growing belly. Leo’s shape wriggled all about within Drake as he slowly curled up within his friend’s body, shivering in reaction to how wonderful it’d felt.
 Slowly, Leo’s legs and tail descended down Drake’s throat, the lion curling up within Drake as he was swallowed completely down. Drake groaned and clutched his now very large belly, smiling as he tenderly regarded the outline of his friend, shivering a bit as Leo shifted about within. Lightly he traced the lion’s outline beneath his scales, and mmmed softly. Laying back, Drake continued to stroke his friend, feeling Leo held fully within himself now, a wonderful feeling of pleasure filled Drake’s body, that combined with the warm sunshine and soft sand beneath him, eventually caused Drake to drift off into sleep, sighing in deep contentment.
 Leo lay there inside Drake’s belly, his friend’s belly feeling extremely nice as it softly caressed his entire body. Shivering softly he couldn’t help but stroke himself off once more, coating the moist walls with his seed before just laying there, purring deeply in pleasure, finding that he felt remarkably safe held inside Drake like this. Quietly he listened to his friend’s body, and smiled as he realized Drake had fallen asleep, shifting slightly to get a bit more comfortable, he too soon drifted off into slumber.
 Several hours later, Drake woke slowly, feeling very sated and relaxed, he smiled as he thought of the strange dream he’d had. Slowly he tried to sit up, and groaned as he found an unexpected weight, and opened his eyes wide as he realized it hadn’t been a dream, he really had swallowed Leo down. As he collapsed backwards once more, his claws slowly begin to stroke the heavy bulge of his stomach, he could feel his friend slumbering peacefully within him, and he shivered a bit. Sighing, Drake carefully heaved his way up, slowly standing, it took a few moments to get used to the weight of his friend now settled within his belly, but soon he found he rather liked how full he now was. 
Standing there, Drake continued to rub his swollen belly, feeling Leo shift slightly as he continued to sleep. He also found that he was reluctant to try and cough his friend up, he wanted to keep Leo tucked away within his belly for awhile longer at least, he rather liked the soft vibrations of the lion’s deep purring as he slumbered away there inside his stomach. As he stood there, trying to figure out just what to do, he heard a voice coming from behind him.
"What’cha doing Uncle Drake?" Turning a bit, Drake looked to see Jessie running up the beach towards him, grinning widely. The young dragoness wasn’t really Drake’s neice, but had known him and Leo for much of her life. Her soft white scales shimmered under the sunlight as she ran, her hair dripping wet from the swim she must have taken earlier.
"Um…just thinking a bit…" Drake replied as he gazed over the smaller dragon and couldn’t help but smile at her. Jessie came to as stop near Drake and blinked, regarding his massive belly, "You’ve got Uncle Leo in there…" she said, looking rather intrigued by the sight. Drake blushed, "um…yeah….we got a bit carried away…"
"Did you two have sex beforehand?" she asked, and grinned at the older dragon’s embarrassment.
"Well, Leo does have such a nice cock…" he answered, his hand absently going down to rub the area where he could feel Leo’s semi-hard shaft pushing against the soft lining of his stomach.