Title: Bowser Binge: Prologue
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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Bowser Binge by Wolfgang Wolfe

The large Koopa groaned and scratched his tan scaled belly as he awoke. His rather large custom made bed creaked as he sat up and ran his claws through his flame red hair. He yawned exposing his rows of sharp, glistening white teeth. He looked over at his alarm clock which beeped consistently but soon stopped as he flicked the switch to turn it off. He looked back at the ruined sheets on his bed and sighed seeing the holes from the spikes on his shell. He stood somewhat groggily and walked over to the closet to grab some more sheets and began to set up his bed again.
After he finished with the bed he went over to his huge mirror and admired his figure in it, especially his hanging belly, he patted and rubbed it with a smile. It protruded a good 3 feet in front of him (considering he was 7ft tall he thought his belly was too small) and hung down just above his knees. The large Koopa obviously loved a good meal and had HUGE feasts just about every day. But there was always something that managed to disturb him… Those damn Mario Brothers and that Princess! Just as he would be about to chow down on some serious grub they would come in and accuse him of kidnapping her again. Now yes, he admits that he had kidnapped her a few times but now it was just ridiculous!
But, he tried not to let it bother him and he continued his day as usual. After he jumped in the shower and checked his mail he took his usual stroll through the castle, though something was different. He looked out his window and realized something for the first time…He was fed up with the same green fields with the many pipes and smiling clouds that seemed to be all that made up his world. He even grew tired of seeing the same old faces everyday over and over again. He was at the point where he even got tired of eating the same food although there was a variety of food to eat he had had it all and then some. (A few servants and Yoshi’s had gone missing) Though he laughed to himself and patted his gut at the thought.
Finally he stepped into the Throne room and was greeted by the same subject, the same throne and the same picture of himself hanging above the throne. He snapped his fingers and a servant hastily ran up and gave Bowser his daily paper. He smiled a polite smile at the Servant and began to flip through the paper. On the front page as usual he saw those damn Mario brothers giving some B.S. story about how evil he was and he quickly flipped the page. On the next page was a story about a rather interesting character he saw a few times, it was an odd looking blue furred hedgehog, on the next page some fat guy in a bad red and black suit with skinny legs that were COMPLETELY disproportioned to his body. He chuckled to himself and snapped his fingers twice, immediately another much smaller Koopa with wings flew into the room. He wore glasses and a white lab jacket (which had holes cut into it for his wings) Bowser flipped down his paper and smiled as he saw the Koopa.
“Ah! Prometheus! The royal scientist! Tell me,” he asked showing the Koopa the paper, “What do you think of these characters?” Prometheus looked over the paper and skimmed through the article.
“Hmmm, well sire they do seem at least very unusual.” He chuckled looking at the blue hedgehog.
Bowser smiled wide as he heard this, “Exactly! They are unusual! And these are just the first ones!” he said and flipped forward through the remaining pages. On them he saw a rather large gorilla wearing a red tie and a smaller one with a red cap and t-shirt being chased by a rather obese alligator with a crown and red cape. Next a rather large Bandicoot with blue pants and boots with odd looking spiked hair, from then on there were dozens of other characters from other dimensions, other worlds and other realms even!
Then, like a bolt of lightning something hit him…
“Prometheus, I have a project I would like you to get started on immediately. I want you, to put a device on my cloud flyer.” He smiled wildly, the scientist’s interest was peaked, “yes sire go on…” he thought getting out a pen and pad.
“I want this device to not only track these characters down but I want it to be able to teleport me to where these guys are…including to different dimensions.” He smiled rubbing his claws together happily. Prometheus began to take down the description immediately. “I will begin working on it right away! But if you don’t mind my asking sire, whatever do you want to do this for?” he asked having such an inquisitive nature.
The large cooper looked around the room and began to whisper to the scientist,
“I have two main goals that I have yet to fulfill, the first being to become the worlds most evil and well known villain, and to become the biggest Koopa around! Now as you see throughout the paper each of these characters has done some great deed and the others have all done some great evil deed…and just imagine me being the only villain to not only defeat them both but also the same villain who will eat them both.” He grinned showing all his teeth. Prometheus sat a bit shocked by this but understood why the king had chose to do this, the constant day in day out routine must have began to work on his nerves and something, ANYTHING could be more exciting than this. So, he nodded his head and smiled at the king, “Sire, I will have it to you in no time.” He smiled and flew out of the room anxious to get to work on his new project. Bowser smiled to himself and returned to the paper, circling off the main individuals that caught his attention, and then another plot came to mind…
“Oh silly me, how could I forget about those Mario brothers and that charming princess…: he said quite sarcastically. “As soon as I take care of them I will be on my way!” He laughed and began to plan for his upcoming feast or rather Binge.

The end ? Not hardly…