Title: Bowser Binge: Mario Brothers
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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Bowser Binge: Mario Brothers

The large and pleased Koopa walked out of his castle with an unusual bounce in his step. He smiled to a few of his servants as he walked out of the castle gates to take care of a little “business” while Prometheus worked on his device. He stopped to see Prometheus only to pick up an odd device which made his day all the brighter as he walked down the street towards the princesses Castle, several people stood in shock to see this sight. Bowser rarely walked out in the open like this but today he didn’t care. He finally reached the large castle and looked it over a few times. He smiled smugly to himself and then knocked on the door.
Moments later, a miniscule mushroom man who seemed to be in some kind of hurry answered the door, as soon as he saw Bowser he nearly toppled over!
“B, b, b, b, Bowser! W, w, w, w what are you doing here?!” he said back up and shivered some. Bowser simply smiled at Toad, the mushroom man, and said; “Why toad, you seem so surprised to see me! I simply came to see if the princess, Mario, and Luigi is here, nothing more. I wish to discuss some drastic changes that need to be made, a treaty so to speak.” He smiled his fakest sincere smile and bowed a little.
Toad simply stared at him, a mix of shock and disbelief, “Well I don’t know about that…” he said thinking some about this sudden change.
“Well would you at least let the princess know that I wish to speak, if it makes you feel better, I’d be more than willing to speak of all these matters here?” He smiled again.
“Hmmm, fair enough…hold on.” Toad replied and quickly ran back into the castle. Bowser stood patiently and picked his claws a bit as he waited, minutes later, the princess stuck her head out of the window and looked down at the 7ft of Koopa downstairs.
“How might I help you?” she said somewhat sarcastically, Bowser looked up at her and tried his hardest not to sneer.
“Ah, princess! You look simply ravishing, I have come here to ask that we may speak you and the Mario brothers!” he yelled up to her.
“What’s the catch?” she asked still quite skeptical,
“No catch, I only wish to speak of a treaty that we can arrange.” He replied.
“Well, alright I suppose, but nothing funny!” she yelled and signaled for the gates to be opened. Bowser nodded to the guards and stepped into the castle, a few dozen feet in front of him there was a rather large room with a square table at it, already sitting there on his left was Mario, to his left Luigi, and directly in front was the princess peach. Just as he sat the doors slammed loudly behind him. The chair groaned loudly as he sat and surprisingly it did not crack under his immense weight. He pushed the button on the odd device he had and then placed his paws on the table as he waited. The four of them just exchanged looks in the silence and finally the Princess cleared her throat and spoke.
“Ahem, I believe you came here to discuss something Bowser?” She asked waiting for him to respond.
“Oh, silly me! How could I have forgotten?” He smiled and pulled a scroll out of his shell and placed it on the table before them. The princess smiled some and took the scroll and read it over.
“Ok, now let’s see…I, princess peach hereby declare that all my land is turned over to Bowser?! What is the meaning of this!” she asked outraged by the treaty, Bowser simply laughed to himself and shook his head as he stood, towering over them.
“You see princess, seeing as how you won’t be around anymore, I’m going to take your castle and all its land for myself.” He laughed, Mario and Luigi instantly leapt out of their seats and onto the table.
“OH! If we had some power-ups! We’d give ya a thrashing Bowser!” Mario said angrily.
“Oh but yet you don’t!” He growled and with a deceptive speed grabbed the two brothers by their necks and held them in the air, the struggled feebly to release his grip but to no avail.
“GUARDS! GUARDS GET IN HERE NOW!” The princess yelled but oddly enough, no one showed!
“heh I guess I forgot to mention, I had one of my scientists make a device to slow down time for me, so your guards can here ya…but they cant really act on it for the next…oh lets say, an hour or so!” he laughed and watched as the princess darted from her seat and tried to open the doors but with very little success. He laughed as he saw this and then turned his attention to Mario.
“I’m so disappointed in you Mario; I would’ve thought you of all people would put up more of a fight!” He laughed and opened his jaws wide; he pulled the pudgy plumber towards his gaping jaws and licked his face.
“Hey, b, b, bBowser, you can’t do this! It-sa me! Mario!” he said as the chubby Koopa licked his face,
“Well, you’re not the best tasting thing…but yes I can!” He growled and stuffed the helpless hero’s head into his maw, a loud swallow was heard as he pulled him in up to his shoulders in no time, and Mario’s head disappeared down his gullet forever as his brother kicked helplessly in Bowser’s other paw. He gulped again with much determination as his jaws stretched around Mario, another sickeningly loud gulp and Mario’s head could be seen traveling down Bowser's fat neck. In another quick but powerful swallow Mario’s chest and torso disappeared down Bowser's Throat, Now only Mario’s kicking legs could be seen. Bowser pulled the plumbers legs in with his tongue and with another gulp Mario disappeared down into the Koopa’s Belly, barely making a noticeable bulge. Bowser burped some and used his free claw to pat his wiggling belly; he then turned his attention to the 2nd brother still in his hand.
“You ate my bro and now you’re going to pay for that!” he yelled and used all of his strength to open Bowser's paw. He stood on the table and shot a blast of green flame from his hand which simply hit Bowser’s belly and fizzed out, Bowser laughed some at this “heh that tickled!” He smiled and wiped some singes from his gut.
“Now you’re going to get it! Super head butt!” Luigi shouted and with that he backed up some and ran full speed at Bowser before he leapt into the air head first, moving so fast a trail of smoke followed him!
Bowser paused a minute as he saw this and then smiled and moved to his hands and knees, his gut sagging on the floor some. He opened his jaws wide as Luigi flew in head first and was rammed up to his knees into the Koopa’s slobbering muzzle. A muffled “Oh no!” Could be heard from Bowser’s gullet as the well fed Koopa gulped down the idiotic Brother. He stood and licked his lips then turned to Princess Peach who jumped some as he turned to her.
“And now princess with no Mario brothers here to save you, what will you do?” He laughed and walked toward her slowly; she backed up to the wall and looked around, all she could find was her Umbrella…what luck…
“S, stop! I’ll use it!” she yelled and pointed the umbrella at him which just poked into his flabby paunch. He just looked as she did this and began to burst out laughing, making a tear roll down his eye.
“HAHAHAHAHA! You’re joking right?!” He laughed and then picked her up with both his paws. She screamed and shrieked as he lifted her up over his head and pulled her slippers off. He licked at her feet some and then just as quickly pulled them into his maw. She shrieked once again as she watched the hungry Koopa pull her legs into his slobbering jaws with minimal effort. She pounded helplessly at his forehead with her arms which did little more than annoy him before he tilted his head back and swallowed again, engulfing her up to her hips. Another few useless hits were dealt before Bowser finally grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides which made her slip in even farther, now her hands had begins to slide into his warm, wet maw. She pleaded a bit more but this simply made Bowser all the more determined. He paused for a moment to lick over her midsection before he took a glance at his device and realized he had only a few minutes before the time slowing effects wore off. He sighed some and tossed his head back and with a mighty gulp, the princess slid in up to her neck, he gave a long lick over her face and then closed his jaws around her head, a muffled yell was the last thing to be heard from the princess. He gulped loudly and watched as the lump of Princess Traveled down into his already gorged gut. He sat back in a chair heavily which gave under his weight, he laughed some at this and stood up.
“Heh, should’ve seen that one coming!” he grinned as he pat his huge paunch and opened the doors to the room he was in, he laughed as he saw dozens of guards run at him in super slow motion and he strolled out. Once he reached a safe enough distance from the castle, he turned off the device and listened happily as he heard sirens sounding from the distant castle. He walked into his castle and was instantly greeted by a smiling Prometheus.
“Sire with great pride I present to you…SIRE! Um, you’ve uh…” He said as he just realized how large the Koopa’s gut had grown. Bowser smiled very slyly as he saw Prometheus’s reaction.
“Put on weight?” he asked as though he read his scientists mind.
“Why yes sire, not that it looks bad on you but, might I ask how, in such a short amount of time that is?” Prometheus asked being quite puzzled.
Bowser simply shrugged, cleared his throat, and replied with a belch that shook the entire castle. After Prometheus nearly passed out, he looked down to see a Red Cap with a white “M” Lying at Bowser’s feet.
“Oh I see…” Prometheus said and gulped loudly now with fear.
“Heh, anyways, you said you have something to show me?” Bowser chuckled. Prometheus thought for a moment and then instantly remembered.
“Ah yes how silly of me! The modifications to your Cloud Flyer have been completed sire!” He smiled and pulled a small remote out of his lab coat, with a few beeps and clicks; his new and improved flyer flew into the room and landed right in front of the ecstatic ruler.
It had an altogether new look, the silly clown like face was replaced with a wicked sharp toothed smile that greatly resembled him (even in the since that it was now much larger) and had faster jets, space flight capability, and realm travel devices.
He stepped into the much larger Flyer and looked around to see all the cool gadgets and such placed inside.
“Well sire, I hope you have a great time and do be careful.” Prometheus smiled seeing how pleased Bowser was and handed him the remote control for it. Bowser took it and nodded happily to the Scientist.
“Prometheus, remind me to give you a BIG raise upon my return!” he laughed and began to play around a bit with the controls. After a few near crashes and slip ups he finally got the hang of it and flew back out of the castle and over the surrounding area, he gazed around one last time and pat his gut proudly.
“Heh c’mon big guy, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Now let’s see here…” He said and paused to look through his newspaper as he hovered over his castle…
“Hmmm, First stop…Mobius, heh never had hedgehog before…” he laughed to himself and licked his lips.
Just as quickly as he did that he pushed a few keys and a larger dome came over the Flyer, the sounds of the engines charging could be heard and in a large flash…he was gone. Off to Mobius at the speed of light…
The End…for now