Camptown Race(s) 

By Race 
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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"Camptown Race(s)" by Race

It was one of those days. Well at least one of those afternoons, as
you can't really count the morning since he was still asleep then. In
fact, the fact that he was awake at afternoon was a bit of an oddity in
itself, since raccoons are normally nocturnal creatures. Of course, this
is no normal raccoon.
His name is Race. Well not really, but that's what he goes by and
that's what everyone calls him. From about half a mile away he looks just
like a normal raccoon. Of course, then you get closer and realize that
he's a tad bit larger. Say about 14 feet tall and around 5000 pounds. Of
course, if you were to get that close you might find yourself adding to
that two-ton and a half weight. Other than the immense size, he's still
got the entire raccoon get up. He's covered in silvery-grey fur, with
that little bandit's mask pattern over his eyes. And yes, of course
there's that striped tail - alternating bands of black and grey fur that
end at the tiniest tip of white.
So other than the size, there's not much to him that other raccoons
don't have. That is, unless you count the fact that he talks and swallows
various creatures whole, but that's not all that unusual. Oh wait, it
kind of is. Oh well, anyway...
It was one of those afternoons. Race was just kind of wandering around
the forest with no sense of aim or ambition. He really didn't have a
place he could call home, but just kind of galavanted around until
something interesting happened. The coon happened to approach a clearing, his
ears perking up as he heard voices, prompting him to try and hide
behind a few bushes, falling to all fours and getting close to the ground as
"Okay. It's very simple guys. You take pole A and insert it into tent
flap B and then connect the skeleton frame at a 43.4-degree angle. And
then you repeat this step eight times. And that's just the first side.
So get cracking!" It was a group of four humans. They appeared to be
around college-age, their SUV parked off to the side and a few coolers
and blankets strewn all over the place. It didn't take much time for Race
to deduce that they must be campers. Although he was hiding in the
background, the coon was still able to get a good look at them.
The one barking orders seemed to be the leader of the motley crew. He
was quite tall and looked pretty strong. His shirt was a college
sweatshirt, which school it was wasn't readily apparent to the coon's vision.
He wore a pair of dingy looking blue jeans and had some old-looking
hiking boots on his feet. He sat back in a chair drinking a Coke while he
commanded the other three around. The next tallest seemed to be
fumbling with a tent pole, which seemed to want to do everything except fit in
tent flap B. This young man was wearing glasses and a ball cap, but
appeared to have brown hair under the cap. His frame was slightly less
robust than the "leader," but still pretty good for a human. He too was
wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, but his feet were covered in sneakers
instead of hiking books.
Race turned his head to the side, remaining perfectly quiet, as he
inspected the other two. They were what you would nicely refer to as
"scrubs" or "wimps." One, with blond hair and glasses, was shorter than the
others. His shirt was a cutoff green shirt and his pants were some
black corduroy looking things. The last of the quarter was taller than the
blond one, but not by much. His hair was black and tied back in a
ponytail. He too was wearing a tee shirt, though his was not cut-off. Like
the one in charge, he wore a pair of blue jeans and hiking boots. These
two seemed to be delegated to the most degrading jobs, since Race saw
them go over to the SUV every so often, carrying some heavy object which
they would then set down on the ground before retrieving another.
Race smirked and decided that since as usual he had nothing else to
do, he would just stay hidden and watch these curious humans for a while.
Through various conversations Race was able to learn their names. The
leader was apparently named Nicholas or Nick. The guy who was having
issues with the tent was named Mark. The short one with glasses was
referred to as Dave, and the guy with the long black hair was called Jeff.
Race couldn't help but snicker as he learned their names, finding it
slightly humorous that they all had four-letter names. Race just barely
stopped himself from snickering to loud, raising a paw to his muzzle so he
wouldn't be discovered.
Nick turned his head over in the direction where Race was hiding, but
that was all. The young man ignored the noise as just another bird or
something and looked to the other three. "Uh...great job Mark." Nick got
off his chair and looked at Mark's handiwork. Imagine if you will a
tent that just got stamped by a dozen rhinoceri. That's basically what the
group's tent looked like. Nick sighed and shook his head. "Guess we'll
just have to sleep in the car then." Race chuckled again as he thought
out loud to himself, "...yeah, or somewhere else." Nick looked over at
the bushes again, but just as before, ignored the noise. He continued
his survey, walking over to Dave and Jeff, who were gasping and out of
breath. The two were sprawled out on a blanket, obviously quite tired
from unloading the SUV of all the camping equipment.
Nick chuckled to himself and took out a book, thumbing through it for
a second before looking at the others. "Okay guys," he bellowed,
"According to this we should tie up our food so the bears and raccoons don't
get it." Race almost bawled out laughing at the idea that a string
would stop him from stealing their food, but he was able to keep himself
under control. Nick blinked and looked over at where the coon was hiding
once more, squinting his eyes and looking to the others, "You guys hear
Mark shrugged and shook his head. "Not really Nick," he said,
"probably just a squirrel or something." Jeff and Dave nodded in agreement.
Race wiped his brow when he realized that they weren't coming any closer
to him. Not that he couldn't defend himself, but he still didn't want to
be discovered just yet.
Nick shrugged and turned back to them. "Heh, I guess so," he remarked.
"Well, regardless. Let's eat dinner and then tie up the rest of our
food." Nick wandered over to a cooler and tossed three beers to his
friends, taking one out for himself. He then went to another cooler and got
out some hot dogs and buns, a few bags of potato chips, and some
brownies. Mark built a small fire and the boys cooked their hot dogs and
drank their beer, talking to each other about various girlfriends and other
such "manly" subjects as they had dinner.
Meanwhile, it was starting to get dark out, and Race was still hiding
behind the bushes. He was able to see everything quite clearly, his own
stomach grumbling as he watched them eat the hot dogs and especially
the brownies. He lifted a paw up to his muzzle to wipe away some of the
drool and smiled as he saw the four men finally pack up their dinner
Nick turned and looked at Jeff and Dave. "Okay, you two take care of
the extra food. I'm going to sleep in the car." Nick yawned and wandered
off, motioning Mark to join him, and they both went into the SUV to go
to sleep. Jeff and Dave looked at each other and grumbled.
"Like this will ever work," said Jeff. Dave nodded in agreement, "I'm
sure most bears and raccoons would figure out a way to get our food
down." They sighed and realized that they should do it anyway. They got
out some rope from one of the heavy boxes and picked up a package of
buns, running a loop around it and hanging it from a branch in one of the
tallest trees. Dave did the same for the extra hot dogs, and Jeff took
the Tupperware container holding the brownies and tied it up as well.
The two boys shook hands with each other for a job well done and went to
join Nick and Mark in the SUV.
After he was certain they had fallen asleep, the coon finally peeked
out of the bushes, standing up on his foot paws. Race wandered into the
clearing and smirked as the first thing he noticed was the tree. "Well
this might work with bears and coons," he remarked to himself as he
slowly untied the ropes, "But a bear-sized raccoon. That's different." The
coon chuckled at his comment and tossed the package of hot dogs in his
maw, chewing it around a bit before swallowing. He did the same with
the hot dog buns, not even bothering to take them out of the package, in
fact. With the brownies, he at least took the lid off the container,
but he still poured all of the desserts into his open jaws at once.
The coon licked over his lips and decided to go over to the other
coolers and poke around as well. Race lowered himself to four feet and
poked the lid of one of the coolers with his nose. He could hardly believe
his luck, as it was full of the food that was going to be for the
group's breakfast and lunch the day after. The coon smirked and rolled onto
his back, taking the cooler with him and pouring the entire contents
into his jaws. Bags of potato chips, cookies, luncheon meat, cereal, even
some paper plates, all of it poured into the greedy mammal's mouth.
Like most raccoons, Race didn't seem phased by the fact that he was eating
paper and plastic along with the more common food items, as he had
raided more than his share of garbage cans in his lifetime.
Finishing the cooler, Race tossed it to the side and rolled back onto
four feet. He poked into another cooler, looking curiously at the cans
inside. He blinked and pulled out one of the drinks, holding the can in
a paw and peering at it curiously. "Beer?"
It was at this point that noises could be heard coming from the SUV.
Jeff woke up and looked out the back window, to where he could see the
coon quite clearly as Race raided their campsite. The young man poked a
sleeping Nick with his foot. Nick growled and sat up, glaring at Jeff.
"What is it?! It better be important, I was having a great dream," Nick
declared and looked out the window where Jeff was pointing. "What is
Mark and Dave woke up as well, and all four of them crowded around the
back window of the SUV to look out at the strange creature. Race seemed
oblivious to this as he continued fumbling with their stuff curiously,
poking through the boxes and tossing anything that looked edible - and
even some stuff that didn't - into his hungry maw. It was Jeff who
finally broke the silence, turning to Nick and whispering. "Um...did we
bring the gun?"
Nick looked at Jeff with an annoyed expression. "I thought you had
Jeff shook his head. "I thought you did."
Nick sighed and looked at a set of golf clubs that had been left in
the SUV, getting an idea. He motioned to the others. "Everyone grab a
club. We'll just scare him off!"
The other three nodded in agreement, especially when they saw Race
start to paw through their precious beer cooler. They slowly opened one of
the side doors, sneaking around sneakily along the outside of the SUV,
concealing the golf clubs behind their backs as they slowly snuck up on
the unsuspecting coon.
Race's back was turned to the four boys, seeming quite interested in
the destroyed tent, sniffing at it curiously before poking it a few
times with his muzzle. The coon grumbled after realizing there was nothing
inside and decided to root through the bag of trash that was lying off
to the side. He picked it up in his forepaws and stuck his muzzle
inside, sniffing at what was inside before finally deciding to taste some of
it. His fun was rudely interrupted though when he started to feel what
felt like tiny pebbles pelting his fur. The coon growled a little and
dropped the bag, turning to see the four boys whacking him over and over
with their golf clubs.
Race stood up onto two paws again, showing his full fourteen-foot
height and glared down at them, growling a bit. "You interrupted my
eating." The four guys stuttered and just stared in amazement. Not only did
this giant coon exist, but he talked too. Race rolled his eyes and
lowered his head down to the four, sniffing at them curiously before
snickering. "Heh, I guess maybe you didn't actually."
The boys looked at each other, obviously confused and forgetting
completely about their golf clubs. Race smirked and reached out to pick them
all up at once, surprising them completely as they were lifted from the
ground in the coon's great paws. Race smirked and looked them over like
a kid in a candy store, licking his lips. "Heh, so who wants to go
The four looked at each other oddly, still in shock at this whole
experience and not even trying to escape. They turned back to look up at
the coon's giant face, all four yelling in unison. "What?!?"
Race chuckled a little slyly and shrugged his shoulders, smirking.
"Well I've gotta eat something." The coon smirked and pulled one of the
boys out of the group in his right paw, keeping the other three wrapped
up in his left and holding them against his chest just in case they try
to escape once they figure out what's happening. The coon licked over
his lips and stared at Jeff like a dog would stare at a piece of meat.
Before the guy knew what was happening, Race opened his large muzzle and
stuffed Jeff's head inside.
The other three looked on in horror, but there was nothing at all they
could do to save their friend as they were held in Race's iron grip.
The coon smirked and started to slurp at Jeff's head hungrily, almost
like a kid eating a Popsicle, drooling over himself in the process. The
coon smirked as the young man weakly wriggled and kicked his legs out,
trying in vain to escape this monster. Race pushed a bit more of Jeff's
body into his maw now, taking in the human down to the elbows and
licking him over, giving him a good coat of saliva, before swallowing once.
The coon chuckled and continued to push more of the young man into his
maw, the large pink tongue wrapping around Jeff a bit and pulling him
inside even quicker.
Inside the coon's maw, Jeff was shell-shocked. He could see very
little except the large pink tunnel his head was aimed toward, and could
hear little except the disconcerting noises of the large creature's
stomach rumblings. Meanwhile, Jeff's three friends just kind of stared in
horror as they watched their friend being devoured by the large raccoon.
Another push of his paw and another swallow and Jeff disappeared from
sight. Race closed his eyes and tilted his head back, taking a great
swallow. A small bulge could be seen in the coon's neck fur after Race
finished swallowing, the coon's fur convulsing as Jeff continued to wriggle
even inside Race's powerful gullet. The coon smirked and licked over
his lips before turning to the other three again.
Dave was the next to go, Race's paw snatching him up from the other
three. Nick and Mark hugged close to each other, scared out of their wits
and not sure what to do. At some point, they could almost swear they
could feel Jeff pushing out from Race's stomach as he was deposited
inside. Meanwhile the coon smirked and started to tease Dave. "Hee...your
friend was quite good. I must say when you humans gather it makes my job
a lot easier." Before Dave had a chance to respond, his head was
brought up into the giant coon's muzzle, Race's jaws easily opening enough to
accept the second human.
The coon murred and licked at Dave as well, making it obvious that the
coon really enjoyed the taste of these humans. Oddly enough though, he
never made an attempt to disrobe them first. Of course, considering
some of the other stuff he was eating earlier, that shouldn't come as too
much of a surprise. Race's paw continued to hold Dave steady on the
waist as the coon pushed the human in up to his shoulders. The coon smiled
and tasted Dave all over inside his maw, but never made an attempt to
bite down or anything, simply tonguing the young man all over with coon
saliva. Race's muzzle opened a little wider as he pushed Dave in up to
the wrists, taking in the human with remarkable efficiency.
Dave continued to wriggle and even tried to bite Race's tongue at one
point, but it was all for naught. Basically the coon was hungry, Dave
and his friends were his food, and there wasn't a darn thing Dave or
them could do about it. Race's throat seemed to beckon to Dave, and it was
only inevitable before he too was swallowed down partway, the young
man's face pushed down into the horrible moist gullet while the rest of
his body was being licked over by the giant coon's tongue. Race closed
his muzzle slightly once he reached Dave's waist, electing to let go of
the human's legs and use his right paw to rub over the bulge that was
beginning to form in his neck fur.
Mark and Nick couldn't believe it. Not only was this giant mammal
eating their friends, but he seemed incredibly happy as he did it too. The
happiness seemed to go beyond even mere joy with eating, although that
was assuredly part of it. Even though Dave's legs still dangled
precariously from the coon's mouth, that didn't stop Race from grabbing Mark
in that great paw of his now.
The coon grinned and lifted Mark up to his muzzle, opening his maw
slightly so that the human could see his friends legs slowly disappear
down the coon's throat. Race grinned and licked over his lips as he toyed
with his third meal of the night. "Hee...see that? He tasted so good
too, I can't eat just one." Race continued to snicker wickedly, clearly
enjoying his dominance over the petty humans, as he pushed Mark up and
into his maw now as soon as Dave disappeared from sight.
Mark struggled a bit more than the other two, by virtue of his greater
strength, but it was still not enough to dissuade the large predator.
Race grinned and slurped over the human's body for a second before
pushing more of him into his hungry maw. Mark eeped and tried to avoid the
large tongue, but it almost always found the human's skin, washing
especially his face over with gobs of drool. The coon hummed happily as he
started to feel his belly fill out more, anxious to continue with the
adduction. Race tipped his head back slightly and gulped Mark's head down
into his gullet, making another tiny bulge in his neck fur from the
human's head, while at the same time Race enveloped everything above
Mark's waist in his muzzle, again only the boy's legs kicking weakly.
Inside the coon's belly, Jeff and Dave were reunited. It was hot and
smelly inside, and there were remnants of leftover meals, especially
their hot dogs and brownies. Oh yes, and there was a steady pool of acids
as well, which had already begun to eat through Jeff's skin as Dave was
dumped inside. Dave whimpered and pounded on the stomach wall, but
nothing came of it and eventually they both passed out from a lack of
Meanwhile, their friend was slowly disappearing into the ravenous
predator as well, Race taking another swallow to pull Mark in to his knees.
Nick continued to stare in shock as his last friend began to disappear
from sight as well, not even noticing that he too was being pulled up
higher in Race's left paw. The coon's right served a different purpose;
Race used it to poke the rest of Mark's legs inside his muzzle, and
then placed it over his large gut as he swallowed. The coon murred happily
as he rubbed over his meal so far, enjoying the feeling of the still
live humans inside him, especially Mark's wriggling in his throat. Again,
Race's neck fur convulsed with the motions of the young man as he was
slowly brought down by peristaltic motions to join his friends, filling
Race's gut out even more.
The coon grinned and opened his eyes again after swallowing Mark down
finally. He was able to use both paws again, and held Nick tightly by
his arms, looking down at the worried human. Race chuckled and lifted
Nick up closer to his muzzle, to where he could feel the coon's breath
rush over him when the muzzle opened. " sure do have good taste
in friends," he snickered, "Oh, and another thing. That field guide of
yours is bunk. As you see, raccoons have no problem getting food from
campsites, especially this raccoon." With that last tease, the coon
opened his muzzle and pushed Nick's head in afterward.
Nick was the strongest of all the humans, but he was completely in
shock, almost unable to move. That is, until he felt the warm moist tongue
wash over his face as well. Then he began to wriggle like an eel and
scream like a banshee. Of course, that didn't phase Race one iota. In
fact, you could almost swear that he liked it even more. Three humans had
already taken the trip down his gullet this night, what would be one
The coon chuckled and pushed upward with both paws, somewhat roughly
forcing Nick's head into his muzzle completely and taking in everything
above the elbows as well. At this point, Race was forced to reset his
paws, grabbing at the human's hips instead. The coon licked over Nick's
upper chest and face a bit more before he swallowed, pulling the
human's head down into his throat and more of Nick's body into his maw.
Race hummed happily as he finished off his feast, taking another few
swallows and pulling Nick in to his waist, the young man giving off an
even better taste thing his friends and eliciting a deep murr of
happiness from the large beast. Nick obviously wasn't happy, as he pushed
against Race's throat, pushing the coon's neck fur out as well. The coon
obviously was used to such things though, and continued without a hitch.
Race let go of Nick's hips as he pulled them into his muzzle as well,
wrapping around the boy's waist with his tongue almost like a snake. The
coon smiled and tipped his head back, Nick's legs dangling off to the
side of his open jaws.
Race jerked his head back, tossing the human's legs into the air and
catching them in his muzzle on the way down. His jaws remained open
until he had pulled the rest of the young man inside, the hiking boots the
very last thing to disappear before they too were pulled inside the
giant coon's maw. Race closed his muzzle and his eyes as well before
taking one last swallow for the night. He turned his head down to look at
his neck afterwards, snickering at the very visible bulge as Nick was
pushed into his gullet now as well. The coon murred happily and used both
paws to push against the bulge, almost as if he were coaxing it down.
Race licked over his lips and paws, getting the last residue of his
meal off them as Nick was pulled down into his stomach to join his
already partially digested friends, all of whom had already passed out. Nick
looked around in absolute horror, banging on the walls for a bit and
trying to climb out before he too tired and fainted inside Race's gut.
The coon smirked and leaned against the boys' SUV, rubbing over his
immense belly happily. At least ten pounds of conventional food and four
humans were inside there now. That's quite a feast, even for a creature of
Race's size.
Race murred as he rubbed over his gut a bit more before giving up a
large belch that shook the whole area. The coon chuckled and saw no need
to apologize for it since no one else was around. Race chuckled and
looked around at the now empty campsite, devoid of anything edible, unless
he wanted to try eating the tent or coolers. Even the cardboard boxes
had been devoured in the raccoon's ravenous feeding frenzy.
The coon yawned and slowly sat up away from the SUV, stood up on two
paws and slowly padded away from the site of his banquet, smirking as he
continued to rub over his belly and talk to himself. "Mmm...what a
great meal. If only they had stuff for s'mores, it would've been perfect!"
Race chuckled to himself and padded off to find someplace to curl up
and sleep, so he could digest his meal in peace.

The End

Story copyright Justin M. Schuver/Race 2002
Please do not copy or repost without author's permission. Kids, don't
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