by Catman
Story Copyright (C) By: Catman
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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(WARNING: vore, sexual situations)

Charles worked hard in his cubicle, easily filling out the reports and
files that needed done, as well as reprogramming part of the security
on the computers for better protection. He was a hard and constant
worker, sometimes making other employees furious at his efficiency. But he
didn’t care. He had an ulterior motive: more time off to see his girl.
With the holidays coming up, and Thanksgiving occurring next week, he
was longing to be free from work for a while.
“Mr. Cortez?” A man called over his intercom. It was his boss, Samson
Q. Thompson.
“Yes sir?” Charles replied, fearing the worst.
“As you know, my boy, our company is expanding and we need to
appropriate some funds to new projects. With several holidays coming up, I know
“I’m fired, aren’t I?” Charles said. The response was laughter.
“No, Charles!” Thompson said. “I still owe you for taking away from
your vacation several months ago. Now it’s payback time. I have to lay
off several employees over the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You,
unfortunately, are one of them.”
“Laid… off?” Charles said, surprised.
“Oh, you will still get your Christmas bonus and will come back to
work on the Mondays of November 29th and January 3rd, respectively.”
“Sir, I have to ask,” Charles said, “Why was I laid off, even for such
a short time.”
“Because,” Thompson said, “You have taken only a dozen holidays in the
past seven months, and none at all before that. You were hired at 18 as
a mailboy, and never stopped for anything, even on vacation. Now I’m
forcing it on you, as an apology for what happened in April.”
Charles was ecstatic now. He would see her for the holiday for sure!
Vixen had booted up the computer and logged in to the chat room. The
pretty foxtaur was late already, and he hoped Charles had not left yet.
She looked carefully at the list of logged in members, and found
CHAZOR21, the name she was looking for.
Vixen knew CHAZOR well, as he was really Charles Cortez, a handsome
man and Vixen’s boyfriend. To date, they had known each other for over
seven months, seeing each other often and chatting online every day. All
the while, they grew more and more in love with one another. He was
kind and selfless, always complementing the foxtaur wherever they met.
But there was another reason Vixen liked him: his irresistible taste.
Vixen had eaten him several times, sending him to her magical
sexbelly. There, he was fondled and warmed by her insides, which longed for him
every time. While she had only cooked him on their first date, Vixen
could not deny his taste, or how satisfying he was. Best of all, he loved
it. He longed to be her nourishment and sleep inside her. Because of
this, she always loved the idea of gobbling up her love.
But for now, just talking to him would do.
She logged in to the site as VIXEN20 and searched the rooms for him.
Had he left already?
“Hi VIXEN!” CHAZOR messaged. She found him!
“Sorry I’m late.” She replied. “I was talking to my brother.”
“It’s all right, though it’s a little late for dinner. However, I have
great news.”
Now Vixen was intrigued. What was up?
“Well, the boss has seen how hard I work and is giving me a vacation
for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!”
“Oh Charles!” Vixen messaged, not yet willing to believe the good
news. “Is it for real? I mean, do you really have the break?”
“Sure do, starting tomorrow and ending the Monday after thanksgiving.”
Charles replied, sending a smile as well. “Oh Vixen…”
“Then I’ll see you tomorrow?” She messaged.
“Nope. Look outside.”
Vixen looked out at the driveway, and saw Charles’ car. He was using
his laptop and had connected to her secondary line. Vixen raised the
window and looked lovingly at her lover below.
“Surprise!” Charles said, turning off his laptop. “I thought I could
use my computer to give you a little surprise.”
“You silly sweetmeat,” Vixen said, teasing him a little, “Don’t you
know I’m not usually crazy about surprises?”
“What about now?” Charles asked.
“I’ll make an exception.”
Vixen logged off, turned off her computer, and rushed to the main
hall. This was going to be the best Thanksgiving ever!
The two unpacked Charles’ car, then spent some time in the fun room.
It was a room completely devoted to sex, and was right next to Vixen’s
room. During the next couple of hours, they made love to one another as
in the movies. When they were done, they lay there, facing each other,
“Charles, I’m looking forward to my family meeting you. They will love
you, and I know you will love them.” Vixen held him close as she said
“I’m a little afraid of meeting them,” Charles admitted, “And I don’t
know if they will like me. After all, I’m not the average suitor.”
“Not necessarily.” Vixen giggled.
“Shh. Just sleep. You will find out tomorrow.”
“All right.” Charles got up and looked at her belly. It rumbled,
knowing Charles’ thoughts.
“Oh, you.” Vixen said, a sly look on her face. He looked tastier than
ever, and she knew what to do. She walked over to him and licked her
lips. Then, as he completely undressed, she prepared for her midnight
“How do you want to go down this time?” Vixen asked, motioning him
“Feet first,” Charles said, lying on the bed, ”I’ve never done it that
Vixen complied, taking his feet into her mouth. Vixen never grew tired
of his taste, and insisted on more. With a mighty swallow, she was up
to his knees, mmming at their sweet, cakelike flavor.
“That tickles!” Charles said, giggling as she tasted behind his knees.
Then she swallowed again, reaching his shaft. By accident, she clamped
down early, leaving it just outside her mouth.
“Ouch!” Charles said, as Vixen accidentally grazed his shaft. Vixen
looked at Charles, horrified at what she had just done. Her eyes widened
in terror as Charles trickled blood from the erect sex before her.
Thinking fast, she reached over and grabbed a bottle. She opened it quickly
and put the goo on the wound, which quickly sealed. Then, using her
tongue, she licked up the blood, shivering at the disgusting taste of
fresh blood, horrified at having to swallow it.
“It’s okay,” Charles said, guessing her thoughts, “I know that was not
meant to happen. I’m not that badly hurt.
Vixen cried a tear of happiness at Charles’ kind words. It was little
wonder that she loved him. Gathering her wits, she resumed her work,
taking him in up to his belly. She toyed with his sex for a moment before
swallowing again, leaving only the head out of her warm body.
“You see, Vixen,” Charles said, kissing her nose, “I’m fine. The
bleeding stopped and the pain is gone. Besides, It was a variation we hadn’t
tried yet.”
Vixen smiled and slurped up his head. She gulped quickly, licking her
lips at the delicious taste he left in her mouth.
“Oh Charles,” she said as he reached her sexbelly. “I’m sorry I hurt
you. Guess it’s lucky there was some ointment handy.”
“Don’t worry,” Charles said, settling into her silken stomach, “It
hurt, I’ll admit that, but it was you who did it, so I don’t mind too
“But I hate blood!”
Charles realized that it might be best to change the subject, and did
“Listen, do you have a blanket or something? I feel a little awkward
without one.”
Vixen forgot her biting and reached for some edible covers. They were
mainly various types of dough, which included chocolate, gingerbread,
and even pizza crust. Finally, she swallowed down the chocolate dough.
She swayed in delight as Charles wrapped himself in the soft pastry,
making her feel better about her accident. She smiled as she laid down on
the bed, her belly over her.
“Ohhh, thanks.” Charles said at last. “This is wonderful!”
“I agree,” Vixen said, rubbing her belly, “you are the best!”
“How about a little added pleasure?” Charles said, working his hands
all over her belly, gently massaging it, sending her into pure ecstasy.
“That’s nice, Charles.” Vixen said. “Oh God… don’t stop. Please don’t
But Charles did stop after a time, and both were tired out.
“Oh, Charles,” Vixen said, “I’m so glad you and I have all week
together. I love you.”
“Vixen, “Charles said, getting comfortable in her silken belly, “I
love you too. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will
treat you like a queen. I promise.”
“Sleep tight, Charles.”
“Goodnight, my love.”
And, as the moon shined into the now dark room, the two had fallen
fast asleep.
Vixen awoke early that morning, smiling as she heard Charles’ snoring
from within her. It was a pleasant feeling, better then any sexual
experience. She hoped he would sleep for at least a little longer.
She looked in the mirror and was pleased at the bulge in her belly.
Anyone who did not know might think she was 4 months pregnant! Indeed,
her lover was very filling, besides being delicious. She rubbed her belly
affectionately and put on her dress for today.
“Just think,” she said to herself, “soon my family will meet my love.
Boy, is he in for a surprise!”
Charles awoke soon after. The feeling of the silken belly almost
prevented it, as it was so comfortable, but he knew he had to get up.
“Morning!” Vixen called from outside. “It’s time to wake up!”
“Sorry I slept in.” Charles said. “But it’s so nice in here! Warm and
silky and soft… It’s heavenly!”
Vixen rubbed her belly softly, feeling him through the skin. “Sorry,
but I need a break from carrying you. Still, I will not mind this
happening again.”
Vixen opened her mouth wide, and Charles crawled out. After wiping
himself off, he set to getting dressed for the day.
“So,” he said after dressing, “when is the family getting here?”
“They will be arriving in about three hours.”
“That will be around lunchtime. You need any help?”
“Nah. Just come and talk to me while I work.”
Charles agreed, and the two set to the preparations after a nice
breakfast. There was a bit to do, including the meal preparations, but Vixen
was able to handle it easily. It seemed to Charles that this happened a
bit. In any case, he sat back out of the way, talking to Vixen all the
“So, who all is in your family?” He asked.
“Well,” Vixen replied, “There is my mother and father, my older
brother and his wife and children, and my young sister.”
“I have a feeling they are not all foxtaurs.” Charles said.
“That’s right. But why spoil the surprise?”
“Not even a hint?”
“No way!” Vixen giggled. Charles shook his head and smiled as Vixen
went into the next room.
“Women. I’ll never totally understand them.”
By noon, the huge house was spotless. Vixen did not do it herself,
though, as Charles did offer assistance. They relaxed for a minute,
everything ready for the arrival of the families.
Finally, after about a half-hour, the doorbell rang. They had come at
“How do I look?” Charles said as they got up. “I want to look my best
for them.”
“Don’t worry!” Vixen said, and she opened the door.
Standing just outside was a seven-foot male wolfen, or wolftaur, and a
small kittenmorph. The wolfen had grayish fur and wore a white t -
shirt and blue jeans. As for the kittenmorph, she wore a pink dress and had
white fur. Both were pleased to see Vixen.
“Happy Thanksgiving!” The wolfen said, hugging Vixen. Clearly, this
was Vixen’s older brother.
Vixen released the hug to get another from the kittenmorph. “Hi Aunt
Vixen!” The kitten said, obviously female.
“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!” Vixen said, motioning her older
brother in. “Where’s Karen?”
“She’s parking the car.” The wolf said. “She’ll be only a minute.”
Vixen then brought Charles over to meet the family. “Charles, this is
my older brother, Ben B. Wolf, and his daughter, Callie.”
Charles shook Ben’s hand… um… paw. “It’s definitely a pleasure, sir.
I’ve heard a bit about you.”
“Well, I can definitely say the same.” Ben said, smiling. “I
understand you are in programming.”
“Yes, that’s right. I make several types of programs and perform
“Ever considered design for buildings?”
Ben smiled. He was a construction boss. “Well, give me a call
“Thanks!” Charles said, taking one of his cards. Vixen only laughed.
Callie tugged on Charles’ pants, impatiently wanting to speak.
“Are you going to be my uncle, Mr. Charles?”
Charles smiled at the tiny ‘taur. “Hopefully I will be, little one.”
“Do you want to eat me?” Callie said, almost pleading. Charles was
“What?” Charles giggled. Before he could say a word more, Vixen led
the little kittenmorph to the living room.
Ben shook his head and smiled. “Sorry about that.” He said at last.
“At their age, it is an innocent game. She has been like this always!
Once, she even hid in my sandwich!”
“Jeepers!” Charles said, trying not to laugh.
“Oh, I didn’t eat her,” Ben said, “but I sure got close. I was about
to bite down when I heard her say, ‘bon appiete!’”
Charles couldn’t hide the laughter anymore.
“Callie, Charles cannot eat like that.” Vixen tried to explain. “You
should realize that from your mother.”
“Why?” Callie asked, innocently.
“Because of several reasons. He has too small a mouth, no second
stomach, and so forth. He is a human, Callie, and humans are not meant to do
that kind of thing.”
“Because they would suffocate and choke if they tried it.”
“Because…” Vixen was getting tired of this! “Just because, and that’s
all you need to know for now.”
“What if he took a potion?”
Vixen forgot! There was another potion she had. Maybe…
“No, it’s crazy!” She said.
“PLEEEEEASE?” Callie begged.
Vixen thought for a moment. Could she dare risk it?
Charles talked for a moment with Ben. He was a likable fellow, though
he reminded Charles of the Wolf from Red Riding Hood. It was just then
that a pretty female voice called.
“Ben?” It said. “Are you in here?”
“Sure am, Karen!” Ben called back. “Come in and meet your future
brother in law!”
When Karen came in, you could have knocked Charles over with a
feather. Entering the house was a woman, a HUMAN woman, of about 26 years. She
wore a blue flowered dress and carried a suitcase and a basket. Around
her she wore a red silken cape. If Charles didn’t know any better,
Karen could pass as an older version of Red Riding Hood herself! Beside her
was a young boy Callie’s age, but definitely not human. Rather, he was
a mouse with Karen’s black hair. Charles just stood there with a look
of surprise in his eyes and his mouth hanging open.
“Hi, you must be Charles.” Karen said, shaking his hand. “I’m Karen,
but I sometimes go by Red. And this is my son, Jerry.”
Charles shook her hand, the surprised look never leaving his face.
Jerry tugged on his pants, like Callie had done. Definitely related.
“Hi Uncle Charlie!” He said. “Do you like mice?”
“Well,” Charles started, but Karen interrupted.
“Now Jerry, I told you only Mommy could do that when she has her
drink.” She said. Ben chuckled in the background as Jerry ran off to see
Aunt Vixen.
“Nice kids.” Charles said, looking in the direction Jerry went.
“They are a handful.” Karen said, sitting on a chair. The other two
followed suit. “With their desire to be eaten, I’ve had to keep a close
eye out for them.”
“So I’ve heard.” Charles said, remembering the sandwich story.
“They are good kids, though,” Karen continued, “and I wouldn’t trade
them away for all the world. Or my wonderful husband.”
If a wolf could blush, Ben was doing that now. Charles only smiled.
Vixen shook her head as Callie put Jerry in a sandwich.
“Callie, can this wait until AFTER lunch?” She said, trying not to
“But Aunt Vixen,” Jerry said, shifting himself in the bun, “I want to
“After lunch, we will see.” Vixen said. The two disappointed children
walked into the dining room to wait for the others. Meanwhile, Vixen
put the finishing touches on Charles’ drink…
“Lunch!” Vixen called at last. The trio in the hall got up and headed
for the dining room, where an array of sandwiches, some chips, and
several drinks had been poured. Charles marveled at the array, though he
had seen Vixen prepare it. Still, it was quite a sight.
As the group sat down, they said grace and began to eat. But Ben had a
surprise as he picked up a larger sandwich and a little girls’ voice
said: “Bon appitete!”
No one could keep from laughing after that.
After Callie had sat back down and cleaned the mustard from her dress,
Charles struck up some conversation (not touching his drink yet).
“So how long have you and Karen been married, Ben?” Charles asked the
“Six years, last week.” Ben replied, taking another bite of a turkey
sub. “It has been the best years ever. I got a great job, a beautiful
(if not tasty) wife, two beautiful kids, and all kinds of delicious
“So how did you two meet?”
“It was a blind date.” Karen said. “We both tried to pick matches
according to a computer. Because we were both shy, however, we stuck to
letters and phone calls for about a year. I was seventeen then.
“Well, Ben decided we should see each other at the forest grove. I was
nervous, but I decided that it was a good idea. I put on my red cape
and filled a picnic basket for a moonlight picnic.”
Charles tried not to laugh.
“When she arrived,” Ben continued, “She was a wonder to behold. Yet it
was clear when she saw me that running was on her mind. After all, I
was a wolf and she… Well, she did look mighty tasty.
“But she did not run. She decided to see this through, and we had our
moonlight picnic. On that first date I did not eat her, but she did ask
if I wanted to. So when she visited me next, I ate her up.” Karen
giggled at remembering that first time.
“Has your marriage always been bliss, as it were?” Charles asked,
wishing he hadn’t afterward.
“It was odd for me at first,” Karen said, “but Ben is right. It is the
best experience anyone could ask for. But I have a feeling you were
surprised to see me, Charles.”
“Well, now that you mention it,” Charles said, realizing he may have
goofed. Big time.
“It’s all right.” Karen said. “I understand completely why you were
surprised. Not only have you seen a ‘taur, you are not the only human in
this family. But neither was I.”
“As a matter of fact,” Vixen said, “humans and ‘taurs have seen and
fallen in love with each other since time began. It is not common, of
course, and some small groups even would hurt the other race.”
“Such as our sister, Felicia.” Ben said under his breath. But everyone
“Sadly, yes.” Vixen said. “Females are accepted by her, but males are,
in her opinion, the finest delicacy of all, but nothing more. To her,”
and she looked at Charles as she said this, “you are little more than
Charles was a little worried at hearing this, but Vixen calmed him
down (and he still hasn’t touched his drink!).
“She does respect every man in our family, though, so you should be
okay.” Vixen said, rubbing his shoulder.
“Thanks.” He said. “I just hope your sister doesn’t decide that Cortez
Cookies are on the menu for tonight.”
“That reminds me,” Vixen said, “When is Mom and Dad coming?”
“Not until later on,” Ben said, wiping his face, “they have to pick up
Felicia at the airport.”
“Well, I hope she doesn’t try to eat me,” Charles said, lifting his
glass, “as that is reserved for Vixen only.” With that, he drank the
When lunch ended, Charles helped Vixen clean up, and then he went into
the living room. There, he found Callie… again wanting to enter
Charles’ stomach.
“No, no, no, no.” Charles had said, but she kept insisting.
‘Well, I’ll just have to show her I cannot eat her.’ He thought, so he
opened his mouth… and, much to his surprise, his mouth and throat were
more than big enough!
“Hooray!!” Callie said, and before Charles could reply, she had put
her head in his mouth. More than he wanted to admit, she was DELISH!!!
Her taste was better than any sweet dessert he had ever eaten, and he
found his belly grumbling for more. Yet he was surprised at how easy he
was doing this. Charles tasted her all over, being careful not to touch
her private areas. Finally, he set himself up to gulp the tasty little
girl. With a mighty swallow, she slid down into his satisfied belly. He
had done it, he had eaten her!
“How the hell?” Charles wondered. Vixen came out of hiding with a
another vial.
“Just a bit of vorish cola!” Vixen said, handing him the bottle. “It
inhibits digestion, puts sweet air in your belly, and makes it easy to
devour any size in a few gulps. And the best part is it’s cheap!”
“But I never…” Then he remembered! “You sneak! You put that in my
drink at lunch!”
Vixen nodded, a Cheshire cat grin on her face. Charles shook his head
and smiled. It was quite enjoyable, but he wondered…
“How long does it last, Vixen?” Charles asked, eyeing her in a new
“About 48 hours.” She said, guessing what he was thinking. She grabbed
some whipped cream and gave it to him. Charles smiled and liked his
lips. He had the appetizer, now came the main course.
“Come eat up,” Vixen said, as the whipped cream was spread all over
her, “I’m delicious.”
“Let’s find out how delicious you are.” He said, and kissed her lips.
The kiss became extremely deep as Charles engulfed her head, tasting it
all over, loving her taste. She was not sweet like Callie, but was
quite yummy! A little sweet, quite soft, and extremely heavenly!
Now he knew how Vixen felt when she ate him that first time! Sex was
nothing compared to the total experience. It was wonderful, and he
wanted more!
Charles worked fast, as he couldn’t hold his breath very long. In a
few moments, Vixen had entered him completely, filling his belly with
delicious foxmeat. He laid down on the sofa and rubbed his now HUGE belly,
which seemed to double his size. Inside, he could hear the aunt and
niece moving and talking, then he heard a definitive GULP. Vixen and
swallowed Callie!
“Once is bad enough!” Charles joked. Vixen laughed within the pink
“So, this is a human belly.” She said. “Quite nice. Soft, slippery,
silky… now I know how you felt our first time.”
“Now let me know if digestion starts to set in. I don’t want to hurt
“No worries!” Vixen said, massaging his belly. “I’ll come out in about
an hour. In the mean time, relax. Think of me as food for now. That
reminds me, how did I taste?”
Charles rubbed his belly softly. “Delicious.” He said. “Completely and
totally delicious.”
Vixen continued her massage and Charles wondered if there would be
more of this to come.
It was about mid - afternoon when Vixen came out of Charles. She still
had Callie, asleep, in her belly. Coming out of Charles, therefore, was
not easy.
Still, she managed to succeed in the task, and Vixen wiped off her
delicious toppings.
“She’s something else.” Vixen said, patting her belly. “I think she
thinks that she is supposed to be on the dinner menu.”
Charles chuckled at that. He felt part of the family here. He had a
family and friends again, and it felt wonderful. He held vixen close,
gently kissing her lips.
“Oh man!” A voice called from another room. It was Jerry.
“Sounds like they got the Dreamcast set up.” Vixen said, shaking her
head. “That’s the only time he says that.”
“I had a Super Nintendo when I was younger.” He said. “It was what got
me started in liking vore.”
“Secret of Mana?” Vixen guessed. Charles nodded at that, an
embarrassed look on his face.
The two went in the other room to watch the gaming. Ben and Jerry were
facing each other in a fighting game, and Jerry was not doing well.
“Hey Charles!” Ben said, not turning away from the game. “How was it?”
“How was what?” Charles asked, but Vixen interrupted.
“That’s a little personal, don’t you think?” She said, rubbing her
brothers shoulder fur. He cursed under his breath and went back to his
game. Charles wondered if he still had the touch.
“Uh, Jerry,” he asked, “mind if I take your Father on?”
“Why not, you’ll lose.” Jerry said, handing the control to Charles.
Jerry went with Vixen into the kitchen.
‘Let’s see if I still got it.’ He thought, choosing his fighter and
starting the match.
A Wolfen lost at that game that day.
“Come on, Aunt Vixen!!!” Jerry said, climbing on the counter.
“But your sister is asleep!” Vixen said, secretly agreeing to eat him.
“Aw, man. It isn’t fa…” But Jerry didn’t finish as Vixen put chocolate
on her nephew.
“I just LOVE chocolate mouse!” she said, popping the little one into
her mouth. He giggled as Vixen tickled him with her tongue, thanking his
aunt for eating him. With a couple of swallows, he had joined Callie in
her now full sexbelly.
“I hope it isn’t to cramped for them.” She suddenly thought. But it
clearly wasn’t. He heard them both settle down to sleep inside her, and
she only shook her head.
“They love it when you do that.” Karen said, walking in. “My husband
just got his butt whooped in that game. You never told us he was a
gaming guru, as it were.”
“He likes them, if that’s what you mean,” Vixen said, “but he doesn’t
play them very much since…”
“Since when?”
“Since his mother died. She was the last person other than him in his
family, so only he and about six others went to her funeral. Now he
lives alone in the outskirts of Johnstown.”
“Poor guy.” Karen said. “I know how he feels.”
“He’s all right now.” Vixen said, putting away the chocolate sauce.
“He told me once that knowing me is having his family back.”
“Will you marry him, do you think?”
Vixen didn’t even need to think it over. “Yes.” She said. “I know I
“Good God, man!” Ben said, astonished at Charles’ gaming. “How did you
ever learn to do that?!”
“My Mom always had time to play a bit with me, so we got good fast.”
Charles said. “I miss her, you know. For awhile, I couldn’t even play
these things.”
“I can imagine somewhat.” Ben said, turning off the game. “So, are you
going to marry my sister?”
“I want to, that’s for sure.” Charles said. “And when I get the ring
for the wedding, I will.”
“Let me know if you need a best man.”
“Sure will, Ben. It’s nice to see someone who is as much into gaming
as I once was.”
Ben laughed a bit at that, and they both went out to find their women.
It was later that evening when supper was being prepared. The rest of
the family was expected soon, and everyone was up to something. Ben and
Charles had shot a round of pool in the game room. Karen and Vixen were
busy making the meal. Both children, now out of Vixen’s belly, were
working on another game. All stopped in their tracks as the doorbell rang.
‘Oh, boy.’ Charles thought. ‘Here we go…’
Vixen answered the door to a tall, silver and white furred wolfen and
a foxtaur similar in appearance to Vixen. Behind them was a black
furred catamorph. All were glad to see Vixen.
“Happy Thanksgiving!” They said in unison. Each one gave her a hug and
stepped in.
“Mom! Dad! Felicia!” Vixen said, glad to see them all. “Happy
“So, little girl,” Vixen’s dad said, “where is my future son - in -
“Right here.” Charles said, bowing to them. The parents were glad, but
the catamorph clearly hadn’t got it yet.
“Why Vixen! You didn’t have to give us a gift!” She said, feeling
Charles for plumpness. “He’ll make a fine dinner!”
“Felicia…” Vixen tried to say. No chance.
“He’ll be perfect as a roast or a meat pie! Where do you keep your
meat choppers?”
“Never mind, I’ll find them. Come on, dinner, let’s make you tasty!”
the Catamorph started to pull him away, but Vixen stopped her.
“FELICIA!!!!” She shouted. Now the catamorph listened. “This is my
boyfriend. The one I love.”
Felicia looked at Charles, a surprised look on her face. It was also
coupled with disbelief and disappointment.
“You must be Felicia.” Charles said, a look of dislike clearly on his
face. “Happy Thanksgiving.”
Felicia fainted right then and there.
“She’ll be all right.” Vixen’s mom said. “She’ll understand
eventually. In any case, I am Ashira and this is Darrick, my husband.”
“Unlike Felicia, I think it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Darrick
said, shaking Charles’ hand. That was happening a lot today.
“The pleasure is mine sir.” Charles said. “Or should I call you
Darrick laughed. “Not a problem, son! Not a problem at all!”
Vixen was overjoyed! They loved her choice of mate!
They all sat down in the living room (except for Felicia, who was
taken upstairs to lie down). Charles told the parents all about himself and
his wish to one day marry Vixen.
“I know I’m not wealthy or popular,” he said, “But I’m a hard worker
and I’ll do everything in my power to make your daughter happy.”
“I know all about you.” Darrick finally said. “I’m familiar with your
Mr. Thompson and this Vore Chat you mentioned. Your boss is actually a
friend of mine.”
“He doesn’t know of you and Vixen yet.” Ashira said, guessing Charles’
thoughts. “But I think he’ll find out soon. Then you will have either
his blessing or his job.”
Charles laughed at the thought. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind it.” He
said. “I’m big into programming and computers, and I hope one day to even
design my own video game.”
“Well,” Darrick said, “we mostly like games, though I still say Pac -
Man was the best.” Everyone laughed at that one.
“So, Mr. Cortez,” Ashira said, “I have heard you are alone in your
family. An orphan, if you will.”
Charles couldn’t lie about that. “Yes Ma’am.”
“Well, feel free to call us your family. All of us, especially Vixen,
I think would welcome that.”
“Not all.” Ben said, remembering his sister again.
“That reminds me,” Vixen said, “I better go check on her.” And she
left the room to head upstairs.
“Felicia has always been like this, Charles.” Ashira said. “The last
man to cross her path became an ice cream sundae.”
“And it doesn’t help that she works at a restaurant, of all places!”
Ben said. “’The Wildcat Eatery’. The most disgusting place I have ever
“Yet I have a feeling there is a business for that.” Charles said,
slightly interested.
“It isn’t ALL bad,” Darrick said, “but it sure is not good. It sells
the people or ‘taurs, and it’s the customer who decides his or her fate.
And it’s LEGAL! A bunch of loopholes in the state bill allows the
restaurant to exist.”
“Worse,” Ben said, “business is never bad. People and ‘taurs both sign
up as customers… and dinners. It’s all done willingly, or so they say.”
“Well, I can’t say anything.” Charles said. “I let Vixen cook me the
first time. Of course, I drank some of that body coolant or whatever you
call it. I wasn’t ready to die right then and there, so when she said
she could eat me and I’d still live, I knew I had to try it.
“What I don’t understand is why all ‘taurs aren’t like that. After
all, it seems more cost efficient.”
“Because some ‘taurs long for the insides of creatures.” Ashira
explained, wiping her eyes. “It is sad that some are like that: they quiver
in delight at the life blood and inner meat of a man. That puts man, in
their eyes, at the same level as cattle.”
“Sorry I asked.” Charles said, changing the subject to one more
pleasant. It was clear Felicia would try this again to him, and he would have
to be ready.
“But why, Vixen?” Felicia asked, enraged that she cannot have Charles
for dinner.
“Because,” Vixen said, “He is my whole life now. He loves me and I
him. I’m going to marry him someday soon, and you won’t change that.
Damnit Felicia! He’s my mate!”
“You’re mate is supposed to be a meal! Human males are delicacies, but
cannot become more than that! You’re in love with what should be
slaughtered and eaten right NOW!”
Vixen slapped her sister… HARD. When she recoiled from the blow, blood
trickled down from her nose.
“Never, ever, say that again you cannibal.” Vixens said, a mix of
anger and sadness in her voice. “All my life I have wondered why you want
to kill and eat creatures at the exact same level as we are. Still I
don’t understand. I guess if he were a foxtaur like me or a catamorph like
you, there would be no problems.”
Felicia knew Vixen was right. If Charles wasn’t a human it wouldn’t
matter. She wouldn’t want to eat him. If Charles were female, it wouldn’t
matter either.
But Charles was a human male. As such, Felicia couldn’t see him as
more than food. It was an addiction. She wanted to taste his inner meat,
savor it, and digest it.
“Vixen, you know I’ve always been like this.” She said at last. “I’ll
respect your choice in mate, but I don’t know if I can control myself
from eating him.”
“Try. For me.” Vixen said, hugging her sister. Though they couldn’t
agree on several things, they still loved each other. Even at times like
this, when they were almost at each other’s throats.
“I will. But I still say we should cook him.”
“Felicia…” Vixen said, gritting her teeth.
“All right, all right.” She said. “I’ll keep from eating him.”
“Thanks.” Vixen said, but she knew she would have to keep an eye on
her young sister.
Supper consisted of several homemade pizzas and breadsticks, as well
as more of the vorish cola. Talk mainly revolved around sleeping
arrangements and plans for the week. When dinner was done, the women set to
cleaning while the men went to shoot pool. Jerry and Callie watched as
they played. All the while, Felicia had tried not to look at Charles, as
it would only make her hungry for him.
But Felicia couldn’t avoid him forever. She found him sitting in the
living room, and her mouth watered. But she controlled herself. For
Vixen’s sake.
“Hi.” She said, clearly nervous.
“Felicia, hello.” Charles said, looking up. “I was waiting for Vixen.
We finished our pool game, and now they’re relaxing for a moment.” He
stood up and walked over to her.
“Look, I know all about you and I don’t dislike you. I’d probably ask
you sometime to prepare me for Vixen. I love her so much, and I like
nourishing her. Besides, from what I hear, you’re a top notch chef.”
Felicia almost lost herself and rushed this handsome creature to the
chopper again. But what Charles said next brought her out of her fantasy:
“But you better not try anything. I know I’m not more than meat to
you, but this meat will bite back. I happen to have recently tasted
kittenmorph, and I have no doubt that catamorph is any different. There. I’ve
said it all, and now you know.”
Felicia stood there, her eyes bulging. She looked at the human before
him in a different way now. He was like her and Vixen, and he’d make a
welcome addition to the family. Yet she still salivated at his
“Sorry about before.” She finally said, regaining herself. “I just
never have seen men like you before. Most of the ones I see are jerks. Yet
when they’re eaten, they taste quite yummy.” She licked her lips as she
remembered her last dinner. “I have no doubt you are any… Oh, listen to
me. I’m doing it again, thinking you are mere meat.” She looked as
though she would cry.
“Hey, stop it.” Charles said, lifting her chin until she looked into
his eyes. “Your mate is out there. Maybe he’ll ask you to eat him, like
I did with Vixen. Maybe it will be a courtship deal. But he’s out
there, Felicia.”
Felicia smiled. No wonder Vixen loved him! “Thanks, brother.” She
said, giving a smile. “I’ll look hard.”
“At least I know why you eat men.” Charles said. She laughed a little
at that.
“I guess so. I guess I got hurt so many times I just stopped thinking
of humans as equals. But there are others like you, I know.”
Charles smiled and walked off. Felicia stood there, eyeing Charles in
a new light. Yet she still wanted to eat him! She also knew if she did,
Vixen would kill her. Even swallowing him could be considered cheating
on Vixen. But still, she wanted him inside her sexbelly at the very
That was when she got a brainstorm. She knew of a way to both get him
on the dinner plate AND have Vixen’s approval.
She’d swallow them both.
“You want to WHAT?” Vixen said, scarcely believing her sisters
“Listen, you know that sexual arousal occurs MUCH easier in a
sexbelly.” Felicia explained, trying to get her idea straight. “That’s why it
was called that in the first place! So why not let me eat you two
lovebirds up, sending you into that very belly!”
“Come on, Felicia.” Vixen said, pacing around her room. “This is nuts!
Even if Charles agreed to this, how will you keep from chomping him?”
“Because he is different from the others, Vixen. You were right all
along. There are bad men but not all are bad! He’s so kind and selfless.
I hate you for getting him first!”
Vixen giggled at that one. “Oh… All right.” She said at last. “I’ll
ask him.”
“Oh, Vixen,” Felicia said, hugging her sister, “thank you! You won’t
be sorry!”
Felicia rushed out of the room, happier than sunshine. Vixen just
stood there, nervous about what Charles would say.
“Maybe not you, but I might be sorry. Oh, what have I gotten into this
Charles wasn’t be asked about Felicia’s suggestion for three days.
Vixen was worried that he would say no, then that he would say yes. She
tried to hide it, but it was clear to her brother that something was up.
But when she lost against him at a game she was unbeatable at, he had
to ask her.
“Alright, Sis.” He said, turning off the game. “What the Hell is going
on with you? What are you hiding from us?”
“Not from all of you,” Vixen said, “from Charles. Felicia wants to eat
us both before the vacation is over, and I have to ask him.”
“That’s it?” Ben said, obviously not impressed. “If that’s all, just
ask him!”
“I can’t!” She said. “If he says yes, there is the possibility that
she’ll kill him, and if he says no… Well, I just don’t want to think
about it!”
“Maybe I should.” A voice said. It was Charles. “Vixen, I’m your man.
If you want this, then I do to. Okay?”
“Oh Charles, I’m so sorry.” Vixen said. Ben chuckled and left the
Before Vixen could further apologize, Charles kissed her lips. He
stuck his tongue in her mouth and tasted it all over. He massaged her back
and pulled her close, wanting to take her right there and then. When at
last he ended the kiss, she looked at him lovingly, and he her.
“You might get hurt.” Vixen said. “She could hurt you.”
“Or you.” Charles said, stroking the back of her head. “But I’m
willing to take the chance.”
“Me two.” Vixen said, nuzzling into his chest.
They headed for Felicia’s room and opened the door.
Felicia set herself up for her huge meal. They had agreed to enter her
sexbelly, and she was looking forward to it.
“Remember, you promised not to hurt him.” Vixen said, removing her
dress. Charles was already undressed and covered with whipped cream.
“I won’t hurt him.” Felicia said. “You’re going to be on top of him.”
Vixen nodded, settling down on Charles. It felt different because of
the whipped cream, but still VERY nice.
“Now,” Felicia said, seating herself at their feet, “it’s time for my
Charles relaxed and kissed Vixen, looking at her, longing for the
experience as they were slowly eaten. Vixen quickly guessed his thoughts,
and maneuvered her second mouth until it found his shaft, slightly erect
at this point. By now, Felicia was up to their knees, but they still
were able to move enough. Vixen nipped at Charles’ neck, loving its
taste, while Charles sucked on Vixens’ ear. She purred in delight at the
All the while, Felicia was having the best meal she ever had. She had
tasted Vixen before, who was delicious of course, but Charles was even
more so. He tasted like her favorite cakes, and was soft and moist.
Both were easily being swallowed, the only problem being at their behinds.
The moment she got their sex units in, however, she was aware of
another taste. It was an icing liquid, extremely sweet. She knew it was bits
of her meals orgasms.
“We must be tasty if she’s going this fast!” Vixen said, shivering at
the warmth of Felicia’s throat. Charles just held Vixen for a moment,
so to make it easier for Felicia.
And then it happened. By accident, Felicia bit down harder than she
needed to, giving both of them small wounds on their arm. They were pin
prick size, but enough for Felicia to taste their inside life.
“YOU PROMISED!!!” Vixen said, upset about what happened. But it was
clear that it was an accident. Felicia put pressure on the wounds and
grabbed some ointment to close them. Vixen and Charles stopped bleeding in
thirty seconds from the time of injury. When the wounds were sealed,
she swallowed them both. It was easily done, and Felicia soon was lying
on the bed, her belly bulging from her sister and future brother - in -
Inside, the two arrived in the sexbelly, landing with another orgasm.
Vixen screamed in delight as her body was filled with her lover’s cum.
At last, the feeling subsided, and they lay in the silken belly,
massaged by the stomach walls.
“Again, Charles.” Vixen said, lust in her mind and love in her eyes.
“Do me again.”
“Don’t you ever… OHHH!!!… tire of me… MMM… Vixen?” Charles said,
getting his answer before he even finished. She was sucking his shaft with
her slit, and began to lick his face softly, teasing him, enticing him
to continue the sexual experience.
He naturally gave in, giving her a powerful french kiss and thrusting
into her. She moaned in pleasure as he moved all over her with his lips
and hands. She responded by shifting her position, turning herself
until his shaft was in her hot mouth. With a few sucks, his seed was
stuffed in her mouth like icing from a pastry bag. When it was dry, she
readjusted herself in the roomy stomach until their eyes and chests met.
Licking the last of his cum from her lips, she swallowed joyfully, loving
its taste.
“How can you be so tasty, inside and out?” Vixen asked softly,
nuzzling against his chest, murring in satisfaction.
“It’s just how I am.” He said. He really didn’t know, after all.
Vixen giggled a little and fell to sleep, massaged by both her
sisters’ wonderful stomach and her lover’s willing hands. Charles, exhausted
from the efforts, soon followed suit, a smile on his face. It was a good
Ben walked into the room to check on the trio a few hours later. It
was late now, but Ben had to be sure everything was all right. He was not
that surprised by what he saw.
There, lying on the bed, was Felicia. Her belly bulged so much from
Vixen and Charles that it looked more like a fluffy ball than her chest.
Of course, it also made her breast much bigger.
Ben was relieved when he saw motion inside her belly. She had kept her
word and sent them to her sexbelly. Ben smiled as he saw Felicia smile
and lick her lips, and went to leave the room.
“Wait, please.” Felicia said, obviously still awake. “I did hurt them,
if that’s what you’re wondering. I don’t like that I did it, either.”
Ben faced her and smiled. “If it was an accident then I don’t think
they care.”
“They didn’t care then.” Felicia said, gently rubbing her belly. “They
were making love in there until about an hour ago. Now they’re fast
“So why aren’t you?” Ben asked. “You look like you could dose off any
“I didn’t want to miss a moment of this bliss.” She replied. She
shifted her body slowly until it faced him completely. “There were ‘taurs
who say that eating the inner parts of a creature is the finest
experience of all. It isn’t. When lovers willingly give themselves to you, to
sleep and make love inside of you, THEN you have the finest experience in
this area. I just wish I knew that sooner.”
Ben understood completely what she was feeling. “Look, if all ‘taurs
felt eating the inner life of our equals was wrong, there wouldn’t even
be this problem. You are a good person, Felicia. Granted, you do like
to fully eat creatures, but so do many others in this world. One day it
will end, and you might be the one that ends it.”
Felicia felt better after hearing that. Ben said his good night after
that, leaving Felicia to her designs. She loved eating the lovers, and
hoped she would again soon.
Charles was first to awake that morning. He smiled as he felt that his
shaft was still in his lover. All around, the walls of the catamorph’s
belly waved slightly, like leaves in a gentle breeze. Charles knew what
that meant: Felicia wasn’t up yet. Vixen, however, was.
“Morning, my love.” Vixen said, stroking his hair. “I was licking all
that whipped cream off of you, and it was wonderful.”
“You’re something else, Vixen.” Charles said, pulling her closer to
his lips. “Don’t ever change.”
Vixen moaned in pleasure as Charles stirred his cock in her soft
opening. He furthered the love with a delicate kiss. It was a peck at first,
then emerged into a full-fledged french kiss. It did not take much for
Charles to cum in her, and she shivered as the seed entered her. When
it was done, Charles finally pulled out his shaft, wet and sticky from
the night. They then lay by each other, pure love in their eyes.
“Morning, lovebirds!” Came a voice from outside. Apparently, Felicia
was awakened by their lovemaking.
“Morning Felicia.” Charles called. “What time is it?”
“9:30. if you weren’t up yet, I was going to wake you. We have a lot
to do today.”
Vixen almost bust through the stomach as she realized it was the day
before Thanksgiving! Today was a day to prepare food, and there was
going to be a LOT!
“Felicia, you better let us out right away. And thanks for a wonderful
“No,” Felicia said, opening her mouth, “Thank you.” As the two climbed
out, she was able to taste them again. She mmmed to herself and licked
them playfully, making them giggle as they landed on the floor before
“Stop being so tasty, sis!” Felicia said, bursting in laughter. It
quickly became clear to Charles that he was going to be part of this
family, weather he married Vixen or not! It wasn’t the average family, that
was for sure, but it was a good one.
As the laughter ceased, Charles and Vixen cleaned themselves off and
prepared for the day. They had brought in their outfits for today before
being eaten, so they wouldn’t risk flashing anyone else.
“Charles, we will probably be gone awhile to get the shopping done for
Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.” Vixen said once she was dressed. “Don’t
run off on me.” Charles only smiled at the last part.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, my dear.” Charles said. “Just don’t be away
too long. I can’t stand being away from you.” Charles was about to kiss,
when he became aware that Felicia WAS WATCHING.
“Come on, guys!” Felicia said, egging them on. “Go for the French
style!” Vixen smiled and obeyed before Charles even said a word. When they
were done, they looked into each others eyes, a look of love in them.
“See you tonight.” Vixen said. She and Felicia then went downstairs to
join the other women. Charles, however, had not moved.
He only smiled as he saw her. For the first time in a long time, he
felt that he was home. True an UNUSUAL home, but a home nonetheless. And
it made him happy to be a part of this.
When the girls returned it was late in the afternoon, just like they
had said. They immediately set to work, getting everything ready for the
big feast tomorrow. The men wanted to help, but were repeatedly told to
stay out of the way. Charles was curious why, as he had always been a
good cook himself.
He didn’t wonder long. He peeked into the kitchen just to see his love
at work, and was astonished! There were all sorts of food being made
ready for tomorrow. Obviously, the family was in to nice meals. But
suddenly, Vixen motioned for Charles to come in for a moment. When he did
so, she shooed the other women out.
“So, what do you think of the family?” Vixen asked.
“I love ‘em!” Charles replied, a big grin on his face. He meant it
“They all like you, too. You are a real blessing according to them. A
human son with more than enough love for everyone… especially me. In
short, they want you to be part of this family, and the sooner, the
Charles smiled at that, but Vixen continued before he could say a
word. “That’s why I… I…”
“What?” Charles asked, fearing the worst.
“I want you to move in. Live with me before we get married. I talked
to mom and dad about it, and they think it’s a great idea. Besides, I
cannot let you leave for days on end, only to see me for just a few
hours. I need you now.”
Charles shed a happy tear and rushed to Vixen, wrapping his arms
around his lover. He had hoped she would ask this! It would mean he could
marry her by Christmas, as he wouldn’t have to use most of his money just
to pay the rent! No words needed to be said. Charles had said yes with
his actions, and then he sealed it, giving his lover a kiss.
“YEAH, BABY!!!” A man’s voice said. It was Vixen’s father.
“DAD!!!!” Vixen screamed, half in surprise and half in teasing anger.
He had heard the whole thing!
“Well, it’s about time you asked him, Vixen my dear!” Derrick said,
putting an arm around his daughter. “I almost thought you weren’t going
Charles just laughed in the background. But it didn’t last long. He
soon got some of the wind knocked out of him as his will-be father
slapped him on the back.
“Welcome to the family, Son!”
All Charles could manage was a smile.
When the Thanksgiving Day meal was ready the next day, everyone was in
their finest. All that mattered to Charles, however, was Vixen. She
came down the stairs in a lovely Silk dress of light blue, which perfectly
matched her fur. In his black suit, Charles offered to escort her to
the Dining Room.
“We’ll get your things tomorrow, and have the rest of the time off for
a little nibbling, if you like.” Vixen said as they headed down.
“All that matters is that I’m near you, my love.” Charles said,
smiling. Vixen returned with a pretty smile of her own.
All the while as they headed for the Dining Room, Charles thought
about the family he would be part of. There was a cat who wanted him
roasted, two children eager to be eaten, their parents, who could pass for
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and the heads of the clan, Derrick and
But Vixen was all he cared about. The rest was just an added bonus he
really liked. And as they sat down at the table, ready to bless the
meal, Charles was glad he had met Vixen’s family. He felt part of it. At
last, he had a family again. At long last, he felt whole.
“Charles,” Ashira said, “will you bless the food?”
“Of course.” Charles said, and they bowed their heads in prayer. “Dear