Title: A Child's Appetite
Author: Smokey Blue Dragon
© 2004
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A Child’s Appetite

by Smokey Blue Dragon

The sun broke in over a clearing where two young dragon girls played. Sarah was the younger of the two and green as the grass they sat in while her companion, Aqua, was as blue as the water she loved to swim in. They weren't too far apart in age, Sarah being three while Aqua was five. They both walked on their hind legs, having learned how to balance with their tails but from time to time, they returned to their four legged ways during their playtime. At this particular moment in time, they were drawing in a dirt patch they had found, erasing their drawings and doodling something new. Aqua was the first to speak up.

"Did ya hear that my mom had a new baby about a month ago?" Sarah gasped softly, her eyes lighting up.

"She did?? Goody!! You got a little sister right??" Aqua grinned happily and nodded.

"Yeah! She's gray and her name is Skygaze. She's got blue eyes and she's really cute! We'll get to play with her soon. Mom says she's growing fast." The two girls giggled and hugged one another, overjoyed at the prospect of a new playmate. Eventually, they each returned home for the night and shared their day with their parents. About two weeks later, Aqua met with Sarah in the woods to play, bringing with her a smallish gray dragoness who walked on all fours, still too young to know how to walk upright or even speak. Aqua smiled happily, beaming at her friend as she introduced her new sister.

"Hi Sarah! This is Skygaze! My little sister! Skygaze, this is my bestest friend Sarah! Say hi!" The little gray dragon looked up at Sarah and chirred, tilting her head to one side. Sarah squealed gleefully and embraced the little dragon, hugging her tight.

"Hi!! I'm Sarah!! Nice at meet ya!" Skygaze eeped loudly begin picked up by a total stranger but after she realized all that was happening to her was she was being hugged, she wrapped her front legs around Sarah, hugging her back as she purred softly. Sarah giggled and gave the hatchling a little kiss on the cheek before grinning at Aqua.

"I got soooo many games we can play! Let's get started!!" Aqua looked down a little and twisted a foot in the dirt.

"I can't, not right now. I didn't do my laps yesterday and mommy says I gotta do extra to make up for it before I can play. You two have fun and I'll be back later." The water dragon walked off sadly as Sarah waved goodbye to her. The green dragoness smiled at the gray one in her arms.

"Well, you and I can have fun. I'm gonna go pick some flowers to make a little crown for ya! We'll make you into a cute little princess!" Skygaze chirruped happily as Sarah set her down and started looking for the materials. The younger lizard plopped down into a sitting position waiting for her new friend to finish what she was doing. In Aqua's exuberance to take her new sister out to meet her best friend, she accidentally forgot to let her mother feed Skygaze. This became quite obvious when her stomach growled loudly, ordering her to find something to eat. The little girl scanned the area, looking for something to quiet her belly. Her first choice was grass. She chomped at it and mashed some up before spitting it out in disgust. She wanted meat. Her mom always gave her a bite of something she found while hunting so she had no experience in fending for herself. Hungrily, she looked around again, looking for something resembling the food she had tasted already. Her eyes fell on Sarah, making the connection between living creature and food.

The still infantile dragon stared at Sarah, drooling as she eyed the green lizard. Within seconds she was on her, cramming the poor girl's head into her maw. Sarah screamed and fought hard to get free but the younger one was for some reason far stronger. She swallowed half of the older female quickly, lashing her tongue all over the smooth scales within reach. A few more seconds passed and the last of Sarah's tail was vanishing into Skygaze's mouth. She slurped the remaining portion up and swallowed noisily, smacking her lips and wagging her tail happily. She sat there on the ground like any non-anthropomorphic creature would, her tummy sagging between her forelegs while her hind legs, bent, bowed out to the side. Sarah struggled wildly inside the gray lizard's belly, her hands and face becoming visible through her scales from time to time. The motion made her captor murr loudly and roll onto her side, letting her rounded middle rise higher than the rest of her. After a moment or two, Sarah quieted down, only poking the walls surrounding her from time to time. She found it amazing she could fit so well inside a dragon that was only slightly smaller than her.

"Ya know...it's not so bad in here." She kicked lightly, making Skygaze chirp at her from outside. She kicked again only a bit stronger and a louder chirp was her answer.

"Hey, can you let me out for a bit? I wanna see something." Though the younger one couldn't speak yet, she had a fairly good understanding of the language and rolled onto her fattened belly, opening her mouth as wide as she could. A light broke in on Sarah deep in Skygaze's stomach and she reached up towards it, climbing back up the hatchling's throat until her head popped out of the girl's mouth. She giggled loudly and crawled the rest of the way free, hugging her friend's neck.

"That was kinda fun! Do it again! Do it again!!" Skygaze chirped and cooed happily, licking Sarah's cheek before gobbling up her head and shoulders again. This time she went a bit slower since her meal didn't fight, enabling her to enjoy her taste this time. She licked Sarah lovingly as she devoured the giggling lizard. Sarah folded her wings back against her as Skygaze slurped her up past her chest, ever so slowly working her way down past the older dragon's tummy until she reached her hips. At that point, Skygaze sat up, like a dog obeying its master. She lifted her chin and swallowed again letting her friend's hips sink into her throat while her forked tongue snaked out and coiled around the smooth, green legs that would soon follow. Skygaze murred around the youngster in her mouth, letting her throat ripple over Sarah, tugging her in agonizingly slowly. The younger, gray lizard finally gave in, unable to stand an empty belly and gulped hard, sending most of her friend into her waiting stomach. She slurped up her tail like she did before and swallowed it down happily, smacking her lips again before laying down atop the girl in her stomach, burping cutely. Sarah giggled loudly and rolled around in Skygaze's stomach.

"That was great!! We gotta show your big sis!! Let's go see her!! Go go go!!" The thought struck Skygaze as an interesting one and she got up on all fours as she usually walked and trotted off in search of Aqua, the whole time, her round tummy swaying under her, only a few inches from the ground. It didn't take long for the hatchling to locate the blue female. She hid in the bushes, watching her sister swim around the lake all by herself as she usually did when doing laps. Sarah kicked lightly again when her 'ride' stopped.

"You found her yet?" Skygaze chirped in the affirmative, resulting in a giggle from the green girl in her belly who kicked again.

"Alright, open up again, I wanna climb out and bring her over." Reluctantly, Skygaze did as she was told, hoping she'd get to eat her meal again. This time Sarah climbed out faster, having gained a bit of experience in doing so the first time. She gave Skygaze a quick hug before bounding off to catch Aqua's attention.

"HEY!! AQUA!! I wanna show you something really cool!! Com'ere!!" The slightly older blue dragon looked up from the water, grinning before darting over to the shore and climbing out, shaking scales dry.

"Something cool huh? What is it?" Sarah grinned and shook her head, taking Aqua by the wrist.

"Uh uh uh...I'm not tellin'. You just gotta see it for yourself." Instantly, the green one dragged her blue companion off to find Skygaze who was still in the bushes, watching them. Aqua was quite confused by now, not sure what it was about her little sister that was so cool other than her ravenous appetite.

"Okay...watch this!! And don't worry, I don't get hurt..." That worried Aqua. She didn't want to be a part of someone getting hurt. Sarah turned back around and nodded to Skygaze who promptly gulped the green dragon down quickly, not wanting to waist time this go 'round. Aqua stood there shocked and frightened having watched her best friend get eaten by her younger sister.

"Skygaze! No! Spit her out now!" Sarah just giggled loud enough to be heard by the blue one who furrowed her brow, putting her hands on the large lump in her sister's tummy.

"It's okay Aqua! I'm alright! It's fun in here! Come on in! There's room for more!" Skygaze chirped, her ears perking up at the idea, grinning widely. Aqua seemed a little apprehensive as she stared at the bulge.

"You're sure I won't get all melted by acids and stuff?" There came another giggle while Skygaze nosed her sister's arm, actually wanting to try this.

"Yeah! I'm sure! I woulda been melted if I was lyin'! Come on!!" She reached but up Skygaze's throat and stuck her hand out the little dragon's mouth. Seeing that seemed to ease Aqua's fears and she took the hand eagerly.

"Okay! Eat me up sis!" Without hesitation, Sarah pulled hard and Skygaze gulped noisily, pulling the slightly larger meal into her throat up to her trim little belly. The gray hatchling murred around this new tasting morsel, working to get her in quickly as did her passenger. She let another swallow roll over her sister as the blue scaled dragon sank in past her hips. The same tongue that dragged Sarah in worked over Aqua now, pulling those legs, strong from swimming, into her warm, slick throat. Aqua giggled and began to curl up as best she could as she was dropped into her sister's stomach, trusting the judgment of her best friend. Another gulp saw only a bit of blue tail hanging from the gray lizard's mouth which vanished quickly. Once more, Skygaze smacked her lips and purred loudly, enjoying her now much larger belly as her passengers wiggled about inside her. She flopped onto her side and cooed quietly.

"This is so cool Sarah! When did you find out we could do this??"

"Just a little while ago. I was picking flowers with Skygaze and she just pounced on me and gobbled me up. At first I was really scared but after a while, I found out it wasn't so bad in here. Then she let me out and ate me back up just for fun. Then she started looking for you while I was in her tummy. Isn't that just so awesome??" Aqua nodded in agreement.

"Yeah it is, but we can't tell my mommy or yours, they'll flip out and keep us from doing it again." Sarah concurred and kicked their predator's stomach softly.

"You hear that Skygaze? You can't tell my mommy or yours. We can't tell anyone about this. It's our secret!" She giggled again, "Like a club!!" More giggled arose from the plump dragoness's belly. The duo rest within the hatchling for a good while, wrestling, tickling one another, and basically having the time of their lives while Skygaze purred and chirped in pleasure, enjoying the movement in her tummy. After a few hours, the two girls fell asleep as did the third outside, all three purring loudly, liking the situation. The sun rose the next morning and Skygaze yawned, chirping softly as she woke. She moved to stand and meeped quietly when she noticed the added weight in her middle. When she stood, her belly hung low enough to drag on the ground gently. She chirped at the bulge, pawing at it to wake her passengers up. When she felt the stir and stretch, another wave of giggles radiated out from within her.

"Morning sis!! We slept great! What about you?" The fat hatching chirped happily and started trotting off, wondering how long she could keep her friend and sister in her stomach. Just as both girls woke completely, a new idea struck them.

"Hey Sarah, you think Dayna and Kit might think this is cool?" The green dragon's eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously.

"Yeah!! Let's show them too! Skygaze, see if you can find Dayna and Kit!" She chirped confusedly at her belly but obeyed, dragging her tummy along as she walked. Eventually, she came upon the two she was in search of and they eyed her curiously, moving to sides to examine her belly.

"What did you eat THIS time Skygaze?" Kit rolled his eyes as he spoke. Dayna was busy running her hands over the squirming lump. The little girl just rolled onto her back and purred loudly, enjoying being so full. More giggles came from her middle making the two fledglings look at one another curiously. Sarah nudged Aqua to play long and started calling for help.

"Get us out of here! Skygaze ate us!! Please help!! We're melting!!" Aqua stifled her laughter and joined in.

"Yeah but be careful! I tried to pull Sarah out and little sis just swallowed me right up! We'll stick our arms out and you grab hold okay??" Hearing this, the two outside began to panic a little, ready to help when they could. The little dragoness chirped in confusion at her meals' change of heart but her protests were quickly silenced by a lump moving up her neck. A pair of hands, one blue and one green, emerged from Skygaze's mouth and reached out for something to grab onto. Immediately, the two older children gripped them and began to tug. As soon as they had something to hold onto, they grabbed hold tight and pulled with all their might.

"Now Skygaze!!" Sarah shouted up the throat they were reaching through. The gray lizard merphed and whimpered, not ready to try something so big. The two older dragons, now understanding what was happening, were caught off guard for a moment, giving the younger ones the upper hand. They heaved and dragged both the black and red fledglings into the warm tunnel of Skygaze's throat, making her neck bulge out massively. She whined and clenched her eyes shut, expecting to be ripped open but somehow her body held fast. The first pull saw the whole of both pairs of arms, as well as their owner's heads and shoulders pulled in. The youngest of the group, caught in a rather tough position couldn't even swallow. She was too afraid to stuff herself like this but that didn't stop her sister and friend from going through with their plan. Skygaze tried to stand up and pull away from them, but that only helped them lose their footing and allow them to be tugged deeper. Soon, both dragon's chests where in her jaws and she had given up trying to fight, letting her tongue roam over her two newest meals. Inside, Sarah and Aqua were giggling like mad, dragging their friends in further and further until the two heads popped into the sack that served as the hatchlings stomach. They looked all around and blinked.

"You two like being in here??" asked Dayna. Kit was too stunned to say anything, his yellow eyes blinking again and again as his black, slick scales worked against him, letting him slide in easily. Aqua grinned and nodded.

"Yeah! It's fun! We spent the night in here and nothing happened. It's great!!" They just pulled even harder, not giving the older kids a chance to respond. Skygaze's middle grew bigger and bigger as more of the two fledglings were draw into her body. Their hips passed somewhat easily, followed by their thighs which she lapped over softly. Dayna and Kit began to curl up a little, getting used to the idea and rather enjoying it. A moment or two later and a pair of tails were all that was hanging from the youngster's lips. She panted around them as they were pulled into her throat without her help until the four children were gone from the world, nothing but a giant sphere of dragon flesh. The poor hatchling whimpered, kicking her legs trying to reach the ground which was now a good four inches from her feet, lifted by her massive belly which moved and wriggled about under her. She chirped at her middle and whimpered half out pain, half out of pleasure. All the motion inside her ended up forcing her to roll onto her side, then onto her back where she lay, motionless save for her breathing and moaning while her friends had the time of their lives in her stomach.

About an hour later, the motion subsided as all four kids fell asleep and Skygaze nosed her belly, whining quietly. The sound of her whimpers had drawn her mother which gasped softly seeing her daughter swollen so large. After she realized what had happened, she rolled her eyes a little and hefted the heavy girl off the ground as she cried softly, chirping to her mom, thinking her sister and friends were dead. Liona comforted the girl, kissing her cheek.

"No no, honey...they're not dead, they're just asleep. You see, you're like me. You don't digest anything if it's still alive. It has to be dead for you to do that. When they're ready to come out, they will." Skygaze moaned in pain and curled up against her mother and Liona chuckled again, kissing her plump daughter's cheek again.

"I know how you feel honey. I did the same thing when I was little too. You'll get used to it. Now then, I've got a little remedy that will help ease the pain. Let's go fix it up for you." Skygaze chirped curiously at her mother and snuggled against her, feeling better about those in her belly. The two headed home to get Liona's remedy, happy in their new arrangement while the four children napped soundly in the tightly stretched belly of the hatchling.
This story is ©2004 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)