Title: A Different Orca
Author: Norch Rovian
© 2003
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A Different Orca

By Norch Rovian

SeaWorld in Florida was closed during redecoration, so it was almost deserterd. This night, George was the only person at SeaWorld. He was one of the clean up crewmembers. The night was his favourite time to work, since it always was quiet and peaceful. And during the redecoration, no one would interrupt him in his work. George had a good friend at SeaWorld. Not a human, but an orca. During his breaks, he often sat at the pool where the orca lived, and he used to talk with it and sometimes taking a swim with it.The orca often snuggled against George, and he had always looked at seamammals, specially orcas, as the most sexy beasts of the ocean. But he had never been able to think that he would have sex with them. Until this night. George had his break as usual, and had stripped out of his clothes and was now swimming in the thank witht the big orca. But this night seemed different. He couldn't figure it out, but he had this weird sensation. He noticed that the orca's cock was exposed, and he got a good look at it. It was thick and muscular, and it swayed from one side to another. This scene put a grin on George's face, and he swimmed over to the orca and touched it. It felt smooth, and he started to stroke it. Suddenly the orca swam over to the shallow water where it usually presented himself to the audience. George swam after, and placed himself next to it. Then the orca rolled over on it's side and exposed his cock to George. The orca was gorgeous and huge. George put his hands on the orca's lower belly and moved them down to it's midline until he felt the big 2-foot long cock. He was a bit confused on what to do next until the orca started thrusting, and then George grabbed the cock with both of his hands, and started to jerk the orca off. Small loads of precum were running down the cock and over George's hands. This turned him him on so much that he started stroking his own cock. After a while, George crawled up on the orca's belly and moved toward it's cock. He then stood up on his knees, placing the tip of the cock under his ass, and started to push himself down onto the long shaft. He only got in a little bit of the cock inside, but it was enough for him. He started to move down and up, faster and faster each time. The orca was thrusting, but not so much that it hurt him. And then the orca came. Big loads of cum were spurting in to George's ass. It was spurting out of him when the pressure was too high, and it was running down his legs and on the orcas belly. George toke some cum in his hands and tasted it. Salty--very salty--but good. His cock was now rock-hard, but he wanted more. He continued to slide up and down on the cock, but, after a while, the orca rolled over, almost crushing George. He became a bit confused and walked over to the orca, and knelt before it's head. The orca then opened it's mouth to George. He reacheed his arm out and stroked the its tongue, feeling how warm, smooth, and soft it was. His arm was still partially covered with the orcas cum. George thought the orca sensed this and wanted to taste, so he put his arm deeper inside it's mouth. With incredible precision, the orca clamped down on George's arm just hard enough to hold it in place. Then, with a quick movement of the it's body and head, George was pulled inside it's mouth.
He landed in the fetal position with his feet towards the orcas throat. George was in horror. Especially when the orca started to
suck on him. The strong suction was pulling George's feet into it's throat. As he pulled George in, he was forced to roll over
onto his belly. Quickly, his knees were in, then his thighs, and butt, and cock. And at that moment, the orca stopped; the human's cock was fitting nicely on the orc'as warm, soft tongue. George hugged some of the orca's teeth to try to not be drawn deeper down the throat. Then, the orca opened it's mouth again, and lifted his head up, so George slid deeper down the black hole. George could feel the strong sucking again as he was sucked deeper down the throat.Now, George's head was pulled in the orca's mouth. He started panicking to get loose, but that only made him slide deeper in. As George was dragged deeper and deeper inside, his cock became more and more hard due to the orca's warm and smooth walls. George was now pinned, as he was pushed down a small passage before he was emptied out into a small, hot, dark room. He could feel that the orca was sliding into the deep water, just to hide the bulge in it's stomac. George felt a strange tingling on his skin, and it started to hurt. But he was not dying a sad death, he thought, so he grabbed his cock, and stroked it. The acid was a good lubricant, and a minute later, George came. He could not remember whether he had had an orgasm like this before. Too bad that it would only be once. The tingling was more like burning now, and George started to scream and kick in the walls of the orca's stomac. But it was impossible to kick hard, since it was so slimy and he could not stretch out his feet enough in the small room. The orca was swimming around in the pool, and the stomac tightened harder and harder around George, and more and more digestive juices was pumped in. The pain, the heat, and lack of air were making him tired and dizzy. George cried out as he felt much of his skin burning, digesting in the juices in the stomach. And after some minutes, George was dragged in a sleep he never would wake from.
The next day, nobody could find George. They searched and searched, but couldn't find anything. And some weeks later, the
bosses employed a new clean-up crewmember. His name was Jack. And one night, Jack was working alone, like George ofted did. He was just standing by the pool, looking at the orca who was swimming around. It almost looked like the orca was smiling to him. Jack was smiling back, and he had a hard-on. And since he was so aroused, why shouldn't he take a swim with the
beautiful orca? He wouldn't mind it, Jack thought. So he slipped off his clothes and jumped into the pool. Yes, this was
going to be a night with lots of fun.

The End!!

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