Title: Draconic Bliss
Author: Nason Xian Lionheart
© 2005 Lander Robinson, AKA, Nason Xian Lionheart
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Summary: vore, swallowing, digestion, magic, dragon, m/f

Chapter One: "Who goes there?"

How did I get myself into this...? I wonder as I wander through this cursed forest. "Damn it's cold..." I mutter, shivering. I spot a cave a few miles to the west and my spirits soar. Perhaps I can wait there until sunrise. I start to jog towards the cave. When I reach the cave, I stop outside as I hear voices from within the cave. I remember the stories I'd been told as a lad, tales which told of ferocious dragons, terrifying beasts that roamed this forest. I quickly shake the thought away, and step quietly into the cave. As I enter, one of the voices laughs, and a burst of warm air floods through the cave, giving some relief to the cold. As I go deeper into the cave, I accidentally kick a rock, sending it skittering through the cave, making a horrendous racket. The voices all stop, and for a moment I consider running. I hear the whispers of the unknown beings echoing throughout the cave. "A knight?" One asks. "Or perhaps a slayer?" A second adds. Slayer? The word clicks in my head and I turn to run, fearing that I had indeed stumbled upon a dragons lair. I hear a clicking sound behind me, like claws on stone, and I begin to run, but I can't get good traction in my bare feet, and I start off slowly. I hear the clicking growing louder as I run, my bare feet slapping on the cold stone. I see the mouth of the cave, ringed with stalactites and stalagmites. Were those there when I came in? I wonder, but pay it no heed. I race through the opening, but instead of feeling the cold, frost covered, frozen ground, I feel something warm and soft beneath me. Then I realize, to my horror, that I have run straight into the mouth of some beast. I try to turn, but the tongue on which I stand lifts up, sending me plummeting down the beast's throat. I land on my back in the beast's stomach and wait for the agonizing pains of the beast's digestive juices, but when it doesn't come; I open my eyes, and sit up, looking about the stomach of the beast. Suddenly, I feel the stomach contracting, pushing me upwards. What's going on? I wonder as I enter the beast's mouth. It spits me out, and I land in the claws of a large crimson dragon, who, upon seeing me, simply smiles. "If he were a slayer, or a knight, he would at least wear some clothes." The dragon said quietly. I look around, and see numerous dragons in the shadows, and start to tremble slightly.

Chapter Two: "You poor dear..."

As one of the dragons steps from the shadows, it sees me trembling. "Oh you poor dear, you must be frozen stiff from the cold." It said in a feminine voice, gently plucking me from the crimson dragon's palm. She walked over to a large bonfire where there were some younger dragons, at least, I think they were younger, and set me down gently on a rather large boulder. One of the smaller dragons, a blue, almost the same color as the female who had just brought me to the fire, giggled and walked over to me slowly. She giggled again as she looked below my waist. "You don't look like a bad person to me." She said quietly and stepped up and sat next to me on the boulder, rubbing her head against me, which nearly knocks me off of the stone. The rest of the younger dragons giggle and laugh at her, and she blushes, looking to the floor. I tentatively reach over and rub my palm across her eye ridges, and she looks up at me smiles, and leans closer to me. I smile and gently pat her head. The rest of the adult dragons join the female and the younglings, and the crimson male frowns, seeing the young blue so close to me. She looks up at the male and lowers her head, and hops steps down from the boulder. "Welcome." The crimson dragon says, taking my fleshy hand in his own scaly claws. "I am Draconis. These are my brothers, Blizoc, and Thrid." He says, motioning to a light blue dragon and a bronze dragon. "I am Jensa." The adult teal says. "And you have met my daughter Nesa." She says, motioning to the young blue. A large green dragon smiles and introduces himself to be Vyie, followed by a gold, whose name is Triff. Some of the younger dragons step forward, but only two of them introduce themselves. A young black male dragon named Hesha and a young female turquoise dragon named Blusaè. As I sit on the rock, pondering why they hadn't eaten me, a thought strikes me. Perhaps the stories were false...? I smile and introduce myself. "Greetings. My name is Lander." The adult dragons all sit down on boulders much like the one I'm on, and the crimson sits next to me. "I apologize if we frightened you Lander. We meant no harm, we just wanted to see who had entered our cave." Nesa looks at me and sits next to me again, laying her head across my lap, which brings a chuckle from Draconis "Nesa seems to have taken a liking to you Lander. Would you care for something to eat?" I smile at their kindness. "No, thank you." "Well, perhaps a warm drink?" Jensa asks. "No, I'm fine, thank you." I reply. There probably isn't anything I can hold. I think to myself. "Well, let us show you our hospitality in some way. Perhaps you would like to stay the night here?" I think for a moment, then nod. "Thank you." "Just the night...?" Nesa asks, looking up at me. "Why not longer?" "Yes, please, stay as long as you like." Jensa adds. Draconis smiles, and chuckles softly. "You may stay as long as you like Lander, on one condition. In return for staying here, you must protect us." "Protect you? From what?" I ask, a little skeptically. What could hurt them? I wonder. "From dragon hinters, slayers and knights." Draconis replies. "Knights?" I ask. "I wish I could help, but I have no weapons. No way to fight." Draconis sighs, about to give up I think, when he remembers something. He picks me up and caries me deeper into the cave. He sets me down on a rock and pushes a boulder aside. He looks back at me. "Inside this cave, there are weapons and armor, but none of us can fit inside. Would you be willing to go in to get the weapons and armor?" I look into the hole, and nod. Nesa bumps into me, sending me sprawling across the floor. "I'm going with you." She says firmly. Draconis looks at Nesa and nods. "Very well..." I get up from the floor and look back at Nesa, and smile, glad to have some company. I step silently into the cave, with Nesa close behind me.

Chapter Three: The Knight of Old

As I step into the darkness, I immediately get a feeling of foreboding, as one would get when breaking into a cursed tomb. "Nesa, what is down here?" I ask, backing up a bit so that I'm beside her. "This is where The Knight of Old died. He swore that none but ?the chosen' would ever be able to enter his tomb, and placed a curse on it." I pale at her response. "C-Curse?" I look over at her and she nods. Great... As if I didn't get enough of curses before I came here... I think. I press on, Nesa at my side. We soon come to a more open space, and I see a rather large dagger propped up against the far wall. I take a tentative step, then another until I reach the dagger. I take a deep breath, and reach out to touch the hilt. I pull back before I actually touch the dagger, and step back. "What's wrong Lander?" Nesa asks from the other side of the room. "I can't do it. I can't just take the dagger. If it belonged to a knight, then I suppose I owe him the respect to not just take his equipment." I turn around, and hear Nesa gasp. "Nesa? What's wrong?" "B-B-Behind you!" I spin around and nearly scream as a skeleton lifts itself from the floor. The skeletal knight steps towards me, grasping the hilt of the dagger. It raises the dagger, as though to stab me, but I don't move. I'm not sure why I didn't run right then, but something held me in place. I stood fast, gritting my teeth, waiting for the pain of the dagger plunging into my heart. I see the dagger move forward, and feel it touch my flesh, but then, nothing. I look at the knight, and gasp as I see the skin reforming on its bones. As the final bit of skin reforms, the knight smiles, and kneels before me, holding the dagger out to me. "Please, noble sir, make use of my trusted blade. Take my armor as well if you wish. I'll not need it anymore." The knight smiles and sets his dagger and armor before me. "My soul can finally be at peace. Thank you." I smile and pick up the armor and the magnificent dagger. "Thank you..." I say quietly. The knight nods, and slowly sinks to the floor, where he disappears. "Lander, you did it!" Nesa cries. "No one has ever been able to gain the knight's blessing, or obtain his dagger before. You did it! I knew there was something special about you!" I smile at her kind words and gently run my hand across her head and down her back as far as I can reach, and smile as I hear a small growl of pleasure. She rests her head on my arm and smiles. "I would have lost my nerve long ago if you hadn't been with me Nesa." I say quietly. She smiles and I feel her thin tongue slide gently over my neck. I smile and pat the top of her head. "I knew you'd be able to get the knights blessing Lander. I just knew it. That's why I came with you, so I could see for myself." She rests her head on my shoulder again. "And so I could be with you..." I smile at her words. "I'm glad you came with me Nesa..." I gently wrap my arms around her large neck and hug her. "Let's get back to the others." I suggest. "Now? All right..." She sighs and starts to walk towards the exit to the cave, but I place a hand on her back to stop her. "Is there something more you wanted to do Nesa...?" She smiles and nods, then I feel her scaled lips pressing against my own. I smile slightly and gently pet her again. When she pulls away, she turns quickly to hide her blushing, and starts to walk off again. She really is beautiful... I find myself thinking, and smile as I watch her walk away. I smile and walk quickly to catch up with her, gently resting my arm on her back, resting my hand between her wings. She arches her back as my hand touches her sensitive flesh, growling softly in pleasure. "Ooh, that feels good..." She moans softly, and I run my fingers against the thin membrane of her fleshy wings. I smile and pull my hand back. She moans softly, and whimpers even more so, but I gently pat her head and smile. We exit the cave a few minutes later, and Draconis smiles as he sees me. "You got it? You got the dagger?" I nod. "He got the dagger and the knights armor!" Nesa pipes up. Draconis' eyes go wide. "And the armor? You got his armor as well?? Again I nod and hold up the armor, then gasp as it melts onto me, becoming nearly skin tight Mythril armor. I look up at Draconis, who nods in approval. -----We go back into the room where the rest of the dragons are waiting, and they all gasp as they see the armor and dagger. Jensa and Blizoc jump up and hurry over to me. "A perfect fit! And such a fine dagger." Blizoc says. "Such a fine bit of equipment." Jensa adds. I smile and nod. "Unless the blade of an enemy or the claws of a beast cut my life short, I swear that I will protect you all as best I can." I promise. The dragons all smile and hug me gently, each adding their thanks.

Chapter Four: "Our New Guardian... And More..."

For the next few days, I lived happily with the dragons. One day though, a knight showed up at the cave to ?slay the horrendous beasts that roamed the forest'. I never should have let him see my face. "Come out beasts! Come and fight!" He got a surprise when instead of a dragon stepping from the cave, a knight garbed in the finest armor stepped out to meet the challenge. "Stand aside! Stand aside or I'll cut ye down!" I stand fast and draw my dagger, prepared to fight to protect the dragons. "Then cut me down! If you can!" I taunt, gently turning the dagger in my hands. The knight growls and charges, and I easily block his thrust with a thrust of my own. He gasps as he sees my face, and falls back a step, lowering his defenses for a moment. One moment too long. I thrust forward, my dagger piercing the knight's armor as though it was made of sandstone. The knight gasps as he feels my dagger piercing his flesh. I pull my dagger out, and casually wipe the blood off on his armor. I pick the knight up and carry him off into the woods, where I leave his body. I walk back to the cave, and find Nesa waiting for me. I smile as she lies down and I sit down next to her. She smiles and licks me gently. "Hi Lander." She says quietly before licking me again. I smile and gently kiss her. "Hello Nesa. Good to see you're awake." She smiles and kisses me back. Over the time I've known Nesa, I've come to love her. And I believe she loves me as well. She gently curls her tail around me, encircling me. I sigh and lay back against her and gently stroke her stomach. If only she knew how I felt... How I long to tell her of my feelings... She smiles as I stroke her stomach and licks me gently. She rests her head on my shoulder. Triff wanders out from the cave, and, upon seeing us, hurries back in to give us a little privacy. I cannot keep my feelings from her forever... I sigh and kiss her again. "What's wrong Lander? You seem... Sad." I smile at her worry and stroke her stomach again. "No no, just... thinking." "About what?" I chuckle softly and kiss her. About you... Is what I want to say, but I simply sigh and kiss her again. "Nothing... Nothing important." She smiles and nudges my back with the tip of her tail. "Oh come on... You can't hide it from me... You're thinking about... Triff. Right?" I laugh and shake my head. "No, no, not really. I was thinking about... You." She tilts her head and looks at me curiously. "Me? You were thinking about... me?" I nod and kiss her. "About you and how much I love you..." I whisper. She smiles and licks me. "I love you too..." She whispers and kisses me again. "You mean so much to me... I was afraid that you were only going to stay one night... I wanted you to stay forever. And now you will. Now that you're our guardian... And so much more..." I smile and gently stroke the soft flesh near her wings, drawing a soft moan of pleasure from her. I rest my head back on her soft stomach and smile. As the hours pass -I forget how long it was- I sigh and stand up, just as the sun is setting. I turn around, and, as the suns last rays of light disappear over the horizon, I see them sparkle on Nesa's scales, making her even more beautiful than I had ever imagined. She smiles as the suns rays draw my glance, and gently pulls me back to the ground. I smile and kiss her, then lay down next to her. "I love you Nesa..." I whisper. "I know..." She whispers and kisses me back.

Chapter Five: Nesa's tricks

We sat alone in the darkness for some time before Nesa finally decided we should head inside, wrapping her tail casually around me as she carried me inside, a faint giggle passing her lips as she felt me squirm. I spent the night with her alone, staying as close to the lovely dragoness as I could. Which is how I found out about Nesa's little tricks. Just as the sun was rising, the golden light spilling into the cave, I heard, and felt, her stomach growl, and I saw a faint blush tinting her scales purple. I smiled, gently patting her belly before I stood up. "I'll go find you some food." I said softly, kissing her lightly, then once again, I felt myself hauled back to the ground by her powerful tail. But this time I was much closer to her mouth. I felt her slender tongue run along my neck, the gentle touch sending shivers down my spine. I looked back at her and gasped as I felt her slick tongue wriggle under my armor, running along my back, her thick, slimy saliva slowly coating my back as it oozed downward from her tongue. I gave another shudder, then I felt the armor drop, falling from me, landing in a small pile on the floor, nearly without a sound. I shuddered and looked at her, or rather, at her gaping maw, her tongue hanging out slightly. I blink, about to ask what she was thinking, when she lunged, taking my head and shoulders into her maw, suckling gently, tongue rubbing against me, coating me with her slippery saliva. She smiled at my taste -at least, I think that's why she smiled- and then began to swallow, her tight esophogal muscles dragging me down into her long throat, each of the tight rings massaging my body as she devoured me alive. I squirmed, pushing and kicking, trying to escape from her body, until I felt her lips close around my feet. She gave one last mighty swallow, sending me into her wet, warm, cramped stomach with a splat. I glanced up, seeing the single ray of light from her mouth vanish, and then I heard a massive rumbling all around me, as well as the hiss of air escaping as she belched. I squirmed weakly, a feeling of light-headedness coming over me as al my air, stale as it was, was expelled from her stomach. I soon passed out with a groan, wondering why she had betrayed me to her stomach. I didn't have long to wonder, however, before I felt the powerful acids of her stomach eating away at my flesh, the searing pain brought to an end only when the acids devoured my body. Death was a wonderful reprieve from such horrid torments. Now, you may wonder how I am here to tell this story, if I was digested. And I will tell you. A short time after she had finished digesting me, She slowly reincarnated me, using a powerful draconic spell, only used to bring a soulmate back from the dead. When I awoke, I was laying underneath her, my wings splayed out behind me, my scales glimmering faintly. She smiled down at me, then kissed me softly before rolling off of me, faling asleep after the exertion of devouring my former body. I now stood slowly on two shaky, scaled legs, a thick tail ending in a heart-shaped spade, flat, sharp spines going down my back, and deep blue hair flowing down the sides of my face, fremen blue-within-blue eyes staring at her as I slowly looked myself over. And to this day, my mate Nesa and I, have lived in peace with the rest of her family as the lords of dragons.

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