The Food Chain

Part 7

By Random Dragon 
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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The Food Chain ( Part 7 )
The Final Memoirs of the dragoness, Erinystial
by Random Dragon

The writings that follow were found in an ancient, leather-bound book. It is slightly oversized, and the manner of inscribing seems archaic. Although no dates are given, it is assumed this is a relic from over a thousand years ago. After being studied and declassified, we now present these writings to the public, in their entirety.

Everyone has secrets. Embarrassing little quirks, or deep, dark, grievous memories that torment them. The proverbial skeleton in our closets. The problem with secrets is that they usually come up to bite you on the ass if you don't deal with them. At least once in our lives, we all have to deal with the fact that we can't hide everything. That deep, dark secret we tried so desperately to protect may very well become common knowledge in a flash.

Then, there are people who have to deal with the secrets outwardly, the ones who learn "more than they wanted to know". While I've never felt as such before (I find others' secrets quite fascinating), I suppose I can understand where they're coming from. To have the image of someone shattered by one piece of information must be very difficult to take. While I do have a certain pity for those, my selfishness lends more pity to myself, than to others.

Of course, my deep, dark secret was deeper and darker than most others'.

After sleeping off the tonnage I had gained at the human village (who, interestingly enough, spoke fluent Draconic), Lein and I set off to the south once more. The Plains of Ixtay were a mere three or four days journey from our current position, and I, for one, was desperate to get to a world-renowned locale, known for its unparalleled beauty, gorgeous wildlife, and specie habitation. (The place was known to be home to at least two human kingdoms, random clans of dragons, one large Elven kingdom, and countless other cities.) I was looking forward to spending some time relaxing and generally doing nothing constructive, as well as catch a few sights, maybe enjoy the pleasures the cities would undoubtedly have to offer.

"Erin! Hey, Eri-…c'mon, Erinystial!"

I sighed. Looking back to the source of the voice, I idly wondered how much relaxing I'd get done with Leindurstit around. He came galloping up to my side, panting and struggling to stay upright. Even if he was a little bastard, I couldn't help but smile with amusement as he strained to match my stride.

"Er….Er…." Lein struggled, "Er…Erin! I was just…getting…a drink. You didn't…have to…leave me……….there."

"Oh, but we've got a schedule to keep, dearest," I began, with sarcasm heavy in my voice, "I told you that I wanted to be in Ixtay in four days, tops."

"But we're way….ahead….of schedule!"

"Just…quit your complaining, Lein. If you weren't here, I could be in Ixtay tomorrow. Just spread my wings and take off," I said, though I knew I had made a mistake just as I finished. Lein's face darkened and he hung his head in abject failure.

"Sorry I don't have your magnificent features, Erin," the young, wingless dragon sighed.

As usual, I had forgotten what to mention and what not to mention, and I ended up really hurting someone. Leindurstit came from an odd race of dragons that lived in the mountain ranges that lined Ixtay. They were leaner, more agile (but less powerful), and were utterly without wings. There weren't even traces where they might have devolved them. It was just how they were, a way of life for them. This just made it harder for the poor guy, who delighted in just looking at my wings, marveling at the fact that I could just take off and go anywhere, free as the wind. I looked away without apologizing, for I couldn't find the words, as the deprived, forlorn dragon next to me hobbled along.

After almost twenty minutes of pure silence, I began to feel a little more confident, and was rather irritated by the lack of conversation. Not letting up in my stride, I inched over and nudged Lein with my shoulder, causing him to falter and have to catch up. He wasn't pleased.

"C'mon, Leiny. Cheer up and keep up. You wouldn't want to face my punishment, now would you?" I said in a sing-song voice, giving him a mischievous wink.

"Erin, why do you eat so much?"

"Wha…?" I was speechless for once. Not only was the question totally out of the blue, but I didn't know exactly how he meant it, or how to answer it.

"Why do you eat so much? Why do you like eating so much? Surely you don't need so much food just to survive day-to-day," he elaborated.

"Well…one reason, of course, is that I need food to live. Whichever 'food' I choose shouldn't be your concern,"

"Unless it's me," he interjected sarcastically. I gave him a toothy grin.

"Let's just say I never ate my vegetables growing up. I tend to enjoy the finer meats,"

"And by 'finer', you mean 'alive and kicking'?" Lein interrupted once more, a knowing grin forming on his face. My, he did learn fast. I couldn't help but snicker, which told Lein he was right.

"It's not just that, I guess. The sensation of a live meal, someone who has lived a life of their own, slipping away into your stomach, becoming part of your life…" I stopped to shiver, "…oh, the pleasure, it's-"

Lein froze. I stopped as well and gave him a questioning look. He just stared at me, jaw open, and it took him quite a while to find the words.

"Holy Fire! (a draconic expression)," were the only words he could muster. I began to feel uncomfortable under his shocked stare.


"You…you get off on it, don't you?!" he managed, his knees beginning to shake. I audibly gasped, and almost collapsed myself.

"I…but…wait, what?"

"It turns you on! By the stars, it turns you on!!" he spat at me, accusatively. My jaw opened and closed three times. I couldn't find words. I squinted my eyes and almost began to cry from frustration. How?? How did he know??

"Lein, I-"

"I can tell! I should've figured it out sooner! How often you did it, how you acted when you did it, or when it was mentioned. How you just said 'pleasure'," he rambled, looking as if he were about to cry himself, "Holy Fire! Eating people arouses you!!" he shouted, backing away from me the entire time. My chest tightened, and I felt dizzy. He knew.

"Lein, please. I…I can explain. It's just-"

"Don't…touch me! Don't talk to me! Jeez, don't even look at me, you pervert!"

"Lein, I'm begging you…"

"Shut up! The only reason I haven't killed myself by now is that I thought you were just eating me to survive. That it was pure survival, and you'd reward me somehow for my noble sacrifices. Now I find out you were just using me as a…as a plaything! A…a…" he screamed, searching for words, "a…sex toy!"

I just hung my head and closed my eyes. I suddenly felt very sick, and I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a hole and die. I was just getting ready to apologize again, when Lein came over and walked past me.

"…..Let's get going, sicko. Once we get to Ixtay, I'm staying there. You can go use some other poor bastard for you repulsive needs and desires."

What else could I do? I just nodded, utterly drowning in shame and humiliation, and plodded on after him towards Ixtay, towards the place where I would lose him forever.

Three days. Three days of grueling, soul-crushing travel. We were still a long way from Ixtay, because our attitudes and mindset had slowed us to a depressed, plodding crawl. Not only that, but hardly a word was spoken in 36 hours. I was just left with my shame, and my hunger. I hadn't even dared to mention food after Lein's revelation. I hadn't had a single thing to eat in three days, and I was suffering. But the pain in my soul was worse, which took my mind off my stomach, at least for a little while.

We stopped in a small grove near a stream for the night. Lein had quietly mentioned being tired, and I just nodded and followed him. He took a long drink from the stream, then raised his head to look at me.

"Go to sleep," he pointed, "over there."

He then padded over to the tree furthest from that spot and settled down. I relaxed near the stream, trying desperately to repair my soul, but it just wasn't working. I stared at my reflection in the running water, and I hated it. I smashed the image of myself with my tail, then leaned down to take a drink. I had been so preoccupied that I hadn't noticed the change. When I looked up from my drink, it was dusk. I could barely make out Lein's form, sprawled out on his back, beneath the tree. As I watched him, I began to feel something burning inside. Something forbidden, something very, very deep. I hadn't eaten in three days. I hadn't had a conversation in even longer. I hadn't been free of my torment for an eternity, for each day had spread itself into a decade, which dragged by slowly. I needed relief. I needed food. I needed passion.

I snapped.

I was off in a flash, bounding across the hundred yards or so to where Lein lie. I felt my muscles tensing more and more, the closer I got. When I was finally in range, I leapt into the air, about to explode from what was bottled up inside of me, and came down on Leindurstit's legs. He awoke with a start. I gazed at him from above, nestled firmly on his thighs. He looked down, then up at me. He knew immediately he was trapped.

"Erin, what the hell do you think you're doing? Get off or I swear I'll-"

"Shhhh…" I whispered, running a finger down his chest.

I slowly began to lean forward, casting my shadow over him like a grim specter. His eyes widened as I came even closer. By the time he could gather his scattered wits, I was lying flat on his stomach, our snouts practically touching. I closed my eyes and let my head lay on his own, spilling my deep, hot breath over his face. He gritted his teeth and I could feel his muscles tensing as he struggled helplessly beneath me. When I sensed his tension, I raised my head and opened my eyes. I began teasing him with a finger, running it from his forehead to the tip of his snout, then scratching him under the neck.

"Leeeeein…" I cooed. "It's been so long, I just can't help myself. It's not my fault you're so irresistible. I must have you. I must make you mine, little one."

He squirmed under my bulk, sputtering phrases I could not understand. Not that it mattered. I began tasting him, delicately and slowly, getting a reminder of his enchanting flavor. He moved his head back and forth, trying to get away as I licked his snout and forehead, even the soft spot right between his eyes. I reached up and rubbed his head softly, trying to calm him, as I ran my tongue all along his neck, bringing it up to his very chin, where I let my tongue off his flesh. I returned it quickly, however, to his chest. I let out a moan as I was assaulted by his taste. I had all but forgotten it in such a short while.

Lein, as expected, was positively mortified. His entire body was twitching, and his breathing was faster than I thought possible. I made out a few cries of "Please…", "Stop, Erin…", and "Please, no…", but I paid them no heed. As far as I was concerned, I was no longer in control. I had become the embodiment of my instincts and desires, and I left them to do as they pleased. I felt a certain pity for my "plaything", for this must have been utterly terrifying. Then again, the exact same thought also enticed me beyond belief. He was quivering with fright, and I was the cause. He knew what I would do, and so did I. He didn't want it, but I wanted it so badly. Emotions always got involved.

I opened my eyes to escape from the intense pleasure. I felt as if I were about to explode. Gazing down ravenously just in time, I saw Lein let his head fall to the side, closing his eyes. He had a hopeless expression on his face, and it was obvious he had given up. Feeling an almost matronly affection for the morsel, I reached out gently to lift his head. His eyes did not open. Bringing him face up to mine, I gave a slow, torturous lick to his snout. I saw his eyes close tighter, and his breathing sped up. And with a wicked grin, I opened wide, and lay his head on my tongue.

I immediately shivered. The sensations came flooding back. I held Lein in my maw, and I could feel his helpless body tensing and squirming beneath mine. Mostly just for show, I moaned around his head, filling his ears with the sounds of my pleasure. I leaned forward more, swallowing up to his neck, to the base of his shoulders. I began backing up off of his exhausted body, taking him in up to his armpits as I did this. Once I had settled myself, sitting down next to him, I softly, yet firmly, grasped his arms, folded them towards his chest, and swallowed them up, too.

Once I felt his head enter my throat, and his stomach tease my lips, I closed my eyes and went almost limp. Sure, this was always a mind-blowing experience, but the pleasure, the sensations, had never been so good. My hands went down to his belly, and propped themselves underneath it. I leaned back ever so slightly and, using gravity as well as a gentle shove from my hands, crammed his belly into my greedy maw. My saliva glands were in overdrive, and my little Lein was absolutely soaked, letting my saliva carry his flavor into my stomach, ahead of him, acting as an appetizer. Desperate for the main course, however, I gulped powerfully, bringing him in up to his legs, which kicked weakly outside of my mouth, the only sign that Lein existed to the outside world.

The weight in my mouth and my fatigue forced me to lay back where I was. Reclining on my back, whatever portion of Lein that was in my stomach was accentuated, and I looked much plumper than I had before. It gave me an odd pleasure, seeing my stomach seemingly "grow" right before my eyes. My dinner's legs started flailing again, and I quickly swallowed them in with a giggle. I completely sprawled out on the grass, under Lein's tree, with naught but his tail protruding from between my lips. I let it stay that way for almost a full minute, feeling the struggles of my meal from every part of my body; my stomach, my throat, the inside of my mouth…all of it was a massage from within that almost literally blinded me with pleasure.

By then, it was plenty dark. I could barely see the tail sticking out of my mouth, and the trees above made the grove even darker as the sun fell to hide behind the distant mountains. Almost hating to bring an end to such a slice of utter bliss, I played with Lein's tail tip for a moment. After making a little loop out of it twice (which caused him to squirm even more), I leaned my head back as far as it could go, and slurped the last sign of Leindurstit into my mouth. I played with it, once again, using my tongue to toss it around. Then, finally, exhaustion took over, and my eyelids felt very heavy. I swallowed one last time, and felt the last of his body drop into my belly, which puffed out to an almost startling size, and curl up. Well, now that he's all comfy and ready to sleep, it's my turn…, I thought to myself, chuckling. So I fell asleep in the dark, pleasant, quiet grove, rocked into slumber by the faint squirms from within.

I was awakened by a very strange feeling. The very tip of my tail seemed to be moving around, as if tossed by rain. Wait, rain? It felt vaguely moist, moving ever so slightly back and forth. Frightened, I peeked an eye open. There was Leindurstit, settled in front of me as I lay, sprawled on my back from last night. That was weird. I didn't remember having reformed him last night. I must have, though. He had a good portion of my tail in his mouth, and he was rolling it around, playing with it and tasting it. Seeing no threat of being eaten by the little shrimp, I decided to let him have a little more fun, or whatever it was he was doing.

About five minutes later, I opened both eyes and raised my head to look directly at Lein. He froze. I couldn't help but smile bemusedly as his jaw dropped, letting my tender tail fall gently back onto the grass.

"Well good morning, sunshine," I said, as his eyes widened even more. "How do I taste?" I cooed, with a mischievous grin and a wink.

"What? I…uh…well, you…" he stammered, an embarrassed grin on his blushing face. "I…I have a…a 'thing' for tails," he muttered. My grin widened.

"Do you…?"

Before he could react, I snatched up his own tail, threaded it into my throat, and began to swallow.