The Food Chain

Part 8

By Random Dragon 
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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The Food Chain ( Part 8 )
The Final Memoirs of the dragoness, Erinystial
by Random Dragon

The writings that follow were found in an ancient, leather-bound book. It is slightly oversized, and the manner of inscribing seems archaic. Although no dates are given, it is assumed this is a relic from over a thousand years ago. After being studied and declassified, we now present these writings to the public, in their entirety.

I've always had a rare talent for seeing the truths. Even behind the veils of falsehood and poorly maintained facades of people, my eyes are unclouded to the heart of the matter. Perhaps it was because of my childhood, but I never really cared for image, having a very poor one of my own. I was one of the few that could honestly say that I didn't care what people thought of me, what they whispered behind my back. I was comfortable with myself and thus, acted as such.

There are those who are not so fortunate. There are those who cannot look at themselves in the mirror, for fear of seeing who they really are. Once they have spent so much time building up a false image for themselves, so great that they have blinded even themselves, the last spark of Self within can ignite and shatter everything they thought they knew. There are many people who do such things, whether it's to impress, intimidate, or just to escape from reality; they just don't like who they really are, so they put on a mask and display it to the world.

This, they usually learn too late, can get them into quite a bit of trouble.

It was the sixth day of travel, and we had finally arrived at our destination. The Plains of Ixtay lay wide, rimmed by the towering, majestic forest of Nightgrove. Leindurstit and I had spent half that day sprawled out in the gentle grass, in the middle of the sea of green that seemed to stretch for infinitely over the horizon. The sun was warm, and a constant, gentle breeze kept us cool and comfortable. It was a truly great feeling to be somewhere new, somewhere I had never been before. Granted, I hadn't done much traveling at all, but this was quite an accomplishment for me.

The dubious "relationship" I had with my Lein had been thrown for many loops since I had met him. I thought I was going to lose him, that I had lost him, when he discovered his despicable, secret obsession. To me, it was a true honor that he was the one I lusted for, the one I indulged in. But to him, it was just a frightening, cruel abuse, out of which he got only terror. However, after the incident where I snapped and…"indulged" myself, things had calmed down somewhat. We had a few more conversations, and the air about the young dragon was a tad more light-hearted, perhaps even jovial.

"There doesn't seem to be anything near the rim of Nightgrove Forest, Erin," Lein shouted, coming up from the distance towards me. It took me a good while to stretch out and simply stand up, and I had just gotten to my feet when he stopped in front of me.

"What would I do without you, Leiny?" I asked with a happy sigh, giving his cute little snout a lick.

"Starve, probably…" he chuckled, letting his gaze wander off to the sea of grass behind me. I gave a toothy grin, which he did not see.

"So…are we going now?" I questioned.

"If you want," Lein answered, turning his eyes back to me. "We may as well decide where we're going to stay for the night, and it's quite beautiful near the rim. Some nice shade, too."

I smiled warmly at him, at which he blushed, then I gave him a nod. Without a word, I began to pad towards the rim of Nightgrove Forest, ready to settle down and enjoy being carefree while I could. Lein turned and hustled after me, slowing to match my pace once he had caught up. After a few minutes of silent travel, halfway to the rim, I glanced over at Leindurstit, only to find him staring at me. I lowered my eyelids with a nervous embarrassment, then blew him a little kiss. He shook his head, coming out of his trance, and looked away quickly. I stifled a snicker when I noticed his knees had become wobbly. Poor little love-struck dragon…

Once we had reached the rim of the enormous forest, with magnificent trees that seemed to scrape the clouds, Lein led the way. I followed him for about a minute or so, until we reached a roomy clearing. It had a cozy feel, deep enough in the forest to be quiet and calm, but no so far in that we'd be lost forever.

"This is great, Lein. You're wonderful!" I exclaimed, padding around the clearing in a circle.

"Erm…if you say so. Well, like you said, this is where we'll stay for the night. So unless you object, I'm gonna have a nap," he said, dragging himself over to a patch of lush grass, doused in the shade of the swaying trees above. I just nodded.

I turned and scanned the environs quickly, being the suspicious dragoness I am. By the time I had convinced myself the place was safe, Lein had settled down and curled up, his eyes already closed. I just watched him for a moment, heartened by the fact that the poor guy could finally relax, free of fear, then sauntered over quietly to where he lay. After a quick tensing of my muscles, I felt very tired, lulled into sleep by the sound of the blowing leaves above, and moved right up next to Lein. I plopped my heavy body down next to his, curled up, and draped my huge tail over his body protectively. Lein just yawned, which turned into a tiny smile. With a smile of my own, I laid my head on the grass, next to his, and fell asleep for an afternoon nap.

I awoke with a start. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I gazed frantically about the clearing. Lein still lay where he was, though he had rolled over to his other side, and was softly snoring. I knew I had awoken for a reason, for I was a very light sleeper. Just then, to confirm my suspicions, the leaves above rustled; very loud and very short. The wind wasn't that powerful, or that sporadic. There was something, or someone, up there. I got to my feet as quickly as I could without making too much noises, and hissed Lein's name, trying to wake him up. He grunted, and did nothing else.

Suddenly, the leaves in the trees exploded with motion and sound. Many of them came fluttering down to obscure my view, and the noise of the thousands of writhing leaves almost deafened me. I could neither see nor hear a thing. I admit I was very frightened. Just as I heard Leindurstit snort, move about, and finally get up, I made out two forms, standing very close to each other, about fifteen yards from Lein and I.

"Who are you!? What do you want!?" I shouted, squinting at the forms, my eyes struggling to adapt to the filtered light that now came through the holes in the foliage. A bitter, egotistical laugh met my ears.

"Oh, no, no, no, dear girl. You're in no position to ask questions," a caustic, feminine voice rang out.

"Wha…? Erin…wh…what's goin' on?" Lein managed to say through a yawn, standing up and stretching.

"Well, well. So there is another," a second, masculine voice added.

"Show yourself. I've no time, nor desire, for games," I growled, taking a few steps forward, lowering my head. I began to make out the forms. I got the hint of a red color, and they appeared to be vaguely humanoid, approximately 9 or 10 feet tall. The resonant sound of steel halted me.

"Not so fast, Big Bertha. We want you alive, but don't think I won't change the game plan," the feminine voice warned. I could make out a frighteningly large sword, about the size of the creature itself, clutched with two hands.

"It'd be much better for you to just cooperate. You're worth less dead, both to yourselves and to…well, never mind that," the masculine voice chimed in. In its right hand, I could make out a large polearm, with a vicious spike at the end. I didn't like the looks of it.

"If surrender is what you desire, then show yourself. Let us speak, for I do nothing without the proper information," I answered, taking another step forward. I could see both of the forms tense, then lower their weapons.

"Very well, girl…"

As they stepped into a ray of light, I could make out their features entirely. They were two of the oddest creatures I had ever seen. My best guess was that they were half-dragon and half-man. Studying them in the light, I assumed they were 10 feet tall. They stood upright, like a human, yet their powerful hind legs looked ready to leap at any moment, and their smallish, but stout tails twitched and swayed behind them. Their entire body was covered with red scales; an ominous, blood red. All except for their frontside, which had a softness to it. Their soft underbelly ran from under their chins to the base of their bellies. Both of the creatures wore leather pants, which looked to be made of fine material. I idly wondered not only how much such garments had cost, but how such creatures came to possess them.

"Is your curiosity sated, dragoness?" the female spoke. Her head, like the other's, was draconic, complete with scaly frills on each side of her head, and her small, delicate snout protruding from her face.

Leindurstit had a sudden intake of breath, and both of the creatures turned their gaze to him. As they did, the female's expression became dark and wicked.

"Ah, yes. I remember you, troublesome whelp. Leindurstit something-or-other, wasn't it?" she rasped.

"I'd like to say it's been too long, but frankly, it hasn't," Lein answered with a sneer. I didn't get it. How did Lein know such…peculiar creatures?

"I repeat: who are you and what do you want?" I said, growing tired of this.

"You mean to say you do not know of us?" the male asked, sounding genuinely surprised.

"Should I have?" I shrugged.

"I am Jetraal Zeindahn," began the female, putting her hand to her chest. "This is my brother, Jekraal," he continued, waving her arm to indicate the other, who gave a flourishing bow. "We, ignorant girl, are the Zeindahn Dragon Hunters!"

"Infamous Zeindahn Dragon Hunters," Jekraal interjected, clearing his throat.

"Oh yes. Infamous," Jetraal added quickly, looking a bit perturbed.

"…Ok, that covers half of my question. Why are you here, dragon-creatures?"

"First of all, we are dragoons," Jekraal answered hastily. "Half-dragon, half-man. You truly must be blind to the world to not have learned of hybrids such as we, the dragoons," he said in an important tone, as if I should care. I shrugged.

"We come to take you prisoner, dear girl. You've a price on your head. Quite a large one, I'm afraid. I'll accept no questions as to my employer. Just come along with us and we will not have to kill you," Jetraal hissed. I had had about enough of these empty threats from creatures no larger than my leg.

"Oh, but I've got other plans, cutie," I said with an evil grin, leaning down my head to look the male, Jekraal, straight in the eyes. He gritted his teeth and his stern expression faltered. I could sense the fear, and it enticed me. "I just love having my lunch delivered…"

"H-hey! None of that, n-now! I'm…I'm just…" Jek stuttered, backing away. I took another step towards him, practically pressing my face into his, and to my pleasure, his arm twitched and he lost his grip on the large polearm. With a quick swipe, I sent the spear so far into the forest I couldn't even hear it fall.

"Mmmm…bite-sized dragons. What will they think of next?" I teased, my grin widening. Jek turned and crouched down, ready to leap back into the branches. Before he could, however, my right arm shot out and grabbed him by the tail. He leapt, but was pulled back down immediately. He scrambled along the ground, trying to escape my grip, but was helpless.

I held his tail firmly between two clawed fingers, and raised him up to eye level, letting him dangle and swing before my face. He quivered and looked me in the eyes. He was truly terrified. This was the "infamous Dragon Hunter"? I brought him even closer, studying him very closely with my hungry eyes, and let out a delighted "Mmmmpff". I tilted my head back and raised him up by his tail. Jek began to struggle and swing even more violently when it was obvious what was going to happen. I opened my mouth wide and let my tongue sprawl out. With a wicked wink to his sister, Jet, who stared up at me, mortified, I laid Jek on my tongue. Still grasping his tail, the only part left outside of my drooling maw, I swished him around and tickled him with my tongue, getting a taste for the little morsel. I opened my mouth ever so slightly and pulled the dripping dragoon out, smacking my lips as I did so. I can't be sure, for it could have been my own saliva, but I think he might have been crying.

"Ooh, your brother is tasty indeed, my Jetraal. Now sit and watch, for this is the fate of Dragon Hunters," I said, a true wickedness in my voice. She stared up at her brother, about to become food, and she knew she could do nothing to stop it.

And so, I opened my mouth once again, and lay the forlorn Jekraal on my tongue. I felt the slightest twinge of remorse. He was crying, and was hardly struggling at all. I don't think he wanted to be there. His sister seemed to be the powerful one. He must have been forced into this job by that overbearing Jetraal. Closing my mouth around him once more, only his tail, grasped between my fingers, remained in the outside world. I tilted my head back and let the tail go. I heard Jet gasp as her brother's tail disappeared between my lips. I let out a soft groan, to let her know that I was enjoying her brother's fate immensely, then closed my eyes. Arching my back and tilting my head back to the limit, I swallowed powerfully. I could feel the good-sized snack squirming down my gullet. Jekraal was just a bulge in my throat, traveling ever downwards, until it finally disappeared. I giggled sadistically when I felt the poor little guy land in my stomach.

"You wench!" Jetraal spat at me, lunging suddenly, her gigantic sword reared back. I just chuckled and snapped my tail like a whip, which threw her to the ground, her sword clattering noisily on a few rocks. I leaned over slowly, intentionally, and picked her up by her tail, gripping it with two dainty fingers. She was breathing very fast, and seemed to be gripped by terror, having seen her own fate moments before.

"Vile creature! Unhand me or my vengeance will be terrible!" she screamed, but her struggles quickly weakened, and soon, she was merely dangling by her tail. "Please…I beg of you. Do not eat me..." she begged. Well! Quite a change of heart!

"I…I will not eat you, foolish dragoon," I began, sympathy in my voice. Her expression brightened, and she looked as if she were about to cry from happiness. "I could not eat you. However, your friend Leindurstit would be more than eager to feast upon you."

It was quite comical. Lein and Jet's expression were the exact same look of shock and surprise. However, Jet's expression turned into bitter remorse, while Lein's turned into one of playful embarrassment.

"Umm…no, I…I couldn't, Erin. You…you go-"

"Oh, but I insist, Leiny. I don't think you've ever had a good meal in your whole life!" I began, giving him a mischievous wink. "Admit it. You'd just love to devour this troublesome creature. You seem to have a history,"

"Well…she has been a thorn in my side, but…"

I took that as a yes. I sauntered over to Lein, holding the screaming and swinging Jetraal, and plopped down in front of him. I studied both of them, then grinned. This should be fun. Lein was a lot smaller than me, so by comparison, Jetraal would be a far bigger meal to him, than Jek was to me. I leaned forward to lick Lein's snout, then told him to tilt his head back and open his mouth. When he did, Jet began kicking even harder. With a wicked little snicker, I began lowering her, torturously slow, into Lein's wating mouth.

I teased both of them, letting Jet dangle right on Lein's tongue, letting him get the flavor that would hopefully encourage him. After what I felt was a suitable amount of time, I lowered her even more, so she was fully in his mouth, but I still had a grip on her tail. I brushed a hand over Lein's forehead gently, to soothe him and let him know he was doing all right. On my cue, he began to swish her around, jostling her with his tongue, getting her flavor all over his mouth, and into his throat. I could barely hear Jet's muffled cries for help, but they gave me a pleasure like no other. Finally, I let go of her tail, and the dragoon filled Lein's mouth entirely, puffing out his cheeks a little, her entire body squirming inside of his maw.

"Ok, now just get her into a comfortable position for you, then just…swallow! It's not that hard, Lein. You'll like it, don't worry," I cooed, caressing one of his swollen cheeks. He gave me an odd expression, one which showed he had never even dreamed of doing something like this, then he tilted his head back and gave a swallow. I almost gasped. In fact, I think I did. By the time Lein had swallowed and pulled Jet fully into his throat, the bulge was huge! I was surprised she even fit in his gullet, but it was quite a show. I could make out almost every detail of the struggling dragoon, desperately wriggling around in her tight confines, about to become Lein's meal.

"You see that, Lein? You feel that? That's what I always talk about. Consider it," I said, gently massaging the bulge in his throat, spreading it out so he could swallow easier. "Jetraal is in your throat, struggling helplessly against her inevitable fate. You control your life as of right now, Lein. You have her, a living creature, inside of you, and when you so choose, a single gulp will send her to your stomach, to become nothing more than your food," I described, lost in the fantasy that I was finally sharing with him. "Just a nice, plump meal where a living, breathing creature once was…"

When I looked up, Lein had closed his eyes, and he had the faintest hint of a cruel smile on his face. I gave him a toothy grin, then rubbed his throat again to encourage him. The bulge that was Jet was still squirming desperately, and it was so utterly delightful to watch. Then finally, I saw Lein's neck tense, and he gave a powerful swallow. I got butterflies in my stomach just watching the beautiful lump of food in his throat squirm all the way down to the base of his neck, where it disappeared, only to be replaced by a slight distension of his belly. Jet was much bigger than my snack, based on Lein's size, and it showed. Lein was breathing a little heavily, still in the afterglow of his very first living lunch, and he rested a hand on his belly. He gave me a peculiar, yet satisfied, grin as he felt the struggles of his meal within his stomach. He rubbed around the sensitive area, and could feel the visible squirms of Jetraal, now my Leiny's food.

"So," I breathed passionately, lost in the wicked pleasures of such a fantasy. "How was she?" Lein blushed, then patted his belly once more.

"Hopefully not as good as me…"

I just grinned.