Family Affair 

by Race
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"Family Affair"
by Race
"Well done Kerry. You've scored the highest in the class," said Mrs. Wallace as she handed out the geography tests that nearly everyone had failed. She reached down to hand the paper to the coyote.
Everyone had failed the test, that is, except Kerry. He never made a mistake.
The coyote was the star of the class. In fact, he was the star of everything he did. From excelling in his studies, to being the captain of the football team, to dating the hottest skunkette in school, Kerry Rowlfer had it all. Only one problem...
"Ma'am," said the coyote shyly and with a tinge of embarrassment in his voice. "I'm Kenny."
The class erupted in giggles. They always did. The two brothers were completely identical twins, and it was difficult to tell them apart. Well at least from appearance it was. Kenny was the polar opposite of his smart and popular brother. He'd never been able to average above a "C" in any class; he'd only once scored a goal at PE soccer (Kerry had scored over 120 at last count); and the closest he'd come to going out with a girl was when he took his little sister to her dance lessons once.
"It's okay," said Kenny quietly as he slowly lowered in his seat as though trying to make himself disappear. "Everyone gets us mixed up."
Kerry laughed loudest of all the class. It seemed that Kerry knew he was better than Kenny at nearly everything, and he seemed to take enjoyment in the times his brother was embarrassed like this.
"Hey Mrs. Wallace. That's my paper! Surely you know that Kenny can hardly spell his name right, much less Kyrgyzstan!" yelled Kerry from the back of the room. Kenny continued to slouch in his seat, to where everything below his muzzle was obstructed by the desk. The class continued to roar in laughter.
"Oh, I'm sorry Kenny," said Mrs. Wallace as she turned to give the paper to its rightful owner, "...I mean Kerry. Excellent work as usual."
Kerry chuckled to himself as he accepted his paper, while the giggling from the rest of the class slowly died down as they were handed their respective papers. Kenny was handed his "D" without as much as a peep from Mrs. Wallace.
After she finished handing out the papers and explaining the reading assignment, the bell rang and the eleventh-grade class quickly filed out of the classroom.
"Hey Butch!" yelled Kerry to a husky looking raccoon boy wearing a backwards baseball cap.
"Kerr Bear!" said the coon, grinning.
"Shuddap," smirked Kerry as he ribbed his friend with his elbow. "So how was your first class today? As good as mine? That little pip-squeak of a brother of mine got embarrassed again, heh."
Butch sneered and wrapped an arm around his buddy. "Hee, again? What is it? The fourth time this week? And it's only Tuesday, haw!"
Meanwhile Kenny slowly padded to his locker, his ears picking up everything his brother and the raccoon were saying. By now, the coyote had learned to ignore it, at least mostly. He wiped a tear from his eye and adjusted his glasses as he slowly used his other paw to undo the combination lock.
"Yeah, well I gotta get going again Fatso," chuckled Kerry as he elbowed the pudgy Butch again. "I've got a lot more classes to dominate today."
The raccoon smirked and stumbled back a bit from the elbow. "Heh, of course. See you later after school. I heard Jenny's having a party at her house." Jenny was Butch's girlfriend, a rather sexy raccoonette who was on the cheerleading squad.
Kerry grinned and nodded and turned to look at his brother, who had managed to drop his books on the ground while fumbling around with his combination, which he had forgotten again. Kerry growled rather loudly, to where all the kids in the hall could hear. "Can't you do anything right, Kenny?! You're a waste of space, that's what you are!" Kerry huffed and turned away from his brother, who was trying desperately not to cry.
Kenny's glasses were off-kilter as he sat on the ground with his books sprawled everywhere, and even though the coyote slowly managed to collect his things again, he was too late to make the next bell. "Oh crap!" he yelled as he ran to the classroom, dropping pencils and papers along the way.
The coyote brothers' day at school was rather similar. Kenny spilled his lunch at school, while Kerry set a new record for consecutive weeks as "Student of the Week." Kenny twisted his ankle trying to field a groundball out at PE, while Kerry hit three home runs.
When the final bell rang, everyone had a friend or two to leave school with. Kerry left with Butch and Melissa, a vixen. Everyone, that is...except Kenny.
The poor coyote sniffled as he walked home, the quarter mile trip seeming to take ages. Eventually, Kenny arrived at the humble house that was the Rowlfer residence. His parents were still at work, so he decided just to sit on the couch and watch TV.
Kenny reached for the remote and turned right to an infommercial. "Tired of being picked on," it said.
The 16-year-old coyote's ears perked and he sat to attention. "Yes!"
"Tired of having others get what they want while you are left behind in the dust?"
"Yes! Yes!" Kenny's head nodded emphatically as he leaned up in the couch's seat, staring at the TV with great interest.
"Like to get rid of your problems quickly and easily, and get a good meal at the same time?"
Kenny almost fell out of his seat. Did he hear the announcer correctly? Surely not. Such an idea is ridiculous, absurd, why it's...
"That's right! Call 555-GULP and sign up now for classes at the Institute of Predation and learn to make your problems disappear!" As the voice-over droned on, the commercial showed a young vixen in an office as she was being yelled at by a fox in a business suit, obviously her boss. The screen wiped away to show a happily smiling vixen rubbing her bulging gut and picking her teeth while sitting in her boss's chair, her legs propped up on his desk and the slightest bit of fox tail sticking from her muzzle.
Kenny shook his head to make sure he wasn't dreaming, and quickly grabbed the remote to shut the TV off, but waited to see what else the commercial would say.
"For only 19.95 a month you can take classes such as 'Cornering,' 'From Seduction to Satiation,' 'Dislocation and You,' and the favorite of Mafia members, 'Eliminating Your Relatives!"
That was the last straw. Kenny quickly shut the screen off and ran to the bathroom, feeling sick to his stomach. He grabbed a cup and filled it with water from the tap, and quickly gulped it down, feeling a little better after that.
"That's crazy...absolutely absurd...there's no way...they're just trying to take people's money..." Kenny sat against the wall across from the sink, still a little dizzy from before, and simply trying to convince himself that what he heard was a bunch of hooey. "Isn't it?..."
Kenny slowly began to stand up, and looked at himself in the mirror. He stared intently at his reflection, but what he saw wasn't himself. Well it was himself, only he was different. His shirt was unbuttoned, and his blue jeans button was broken. Of course, they'd have to be, considering he was sporting a large bulging gut and a little bit of coyote tail was sticking out from his smiling jaws.. Kenny again shook his head and growled, tossing the cup at the mirror. "Stop it! I won't!"
Luckily, Kenny had no power in his arm, and the cup merely bounced off the mirror without as much as a crack. The coyote sighed and left the bathroom, though he couldn't get that infommercial or the image of him in the mirror out of his mind. As the coyote walked through the kitchen on his way to the bedroom, his eyes glanced over to see the telephone.
He sighed as he picked up the receiver and slowly dialed the number for the Institute. "Maybe I'll just go to one class," he convinced himself as he stood and waited impatiently for a voice to answer.
"Hello?" said the voice on the other end. It was the same voice that he'd heard on the infommercial.
"Uh yes," said Kenny as he twisted the cord around in his fingers nervously. "I'm interested in taking a class..."
The voice on the other line took a while to respond. "Name?"
"Kenneth Rowlfer."
Again, a slight pause. "Rowlfer? That's interesting...well okay, we have an opening for this night's class, 'How Not to Choke on Your Victim." Will we be seeing you then?"
Kenny pulled the receiver away from his ear and looked around the kitchen. His parents wouldn't be home until later, and Kerry was surely having fun at someone's house. At least, that's where he always said he was going after school, and as popular as he was no one would ever doubt him. The timid coyote slowly lifted the receiver to his ear again and nodded.
"Great. We expect great things from you!" The voice ended abruptly and hung up.
Kenny blinked and rubbed a footpaw against the floor. What was he doing? Was he insane? Did he REALLY want to do this? It was too many questions, and he only had 45 minutes until the class. The coyote quickly ran upstairs and tossed on a pair of shoes, and in less than ten minutes he was out the door.
The Institute for Predation was located in a rather unassuming storefront, between a Laundromat and a pizza place. Kenny slowly pushed the glass door open to the school, which at first glance looked a lot like a karate dojo. He was startled as a rather large wolf with a gruff voice sneaked up behind him.
"Ah, you must be the Rowlfer."
Kenny shuddered and turned his head around to stare up at the large lupine, who was wearing a camouflage suit to make him even more intimidating than he would normally appear. "Uh...y-y-yes sir."
The wolf smirked and showed the coyote to the center of the class. "Well class, say hello to your new classmate!"
The class would've said hello, except for the fact that their mouths were busy. All twelve members of the class were swallowing live cats! It was horrific, and yet Kenny didn't run. In fact, he seemed quite intrigued. "Wooow," he said as he watched the poor felines squirm around inside their respective predators.
The wolf, whose name was Mr. Black, smiled to Kenny. "Heh, that's just warm-ups. Here you go." Mr. Black turned to hand Kenny a small white-furred kitten, who mewed pathetically.
Kenny stared at the poor thing for a second, and closed his eyes as he lifted her to his muzzle. Without looking, the coyote opened his jaws as much as he could and slid the small kitten's head inside.
Kenny winced as he felt her squirm around in his grip, but he had nothing to fear since she was declawed. The teenager continued to push until he had forced the tiny cat's shoulders in as well.
Mr. Black was obviously impressed. " learner. I figured you would be. Maybe we should put you in the advanced class already."
Kenny began to make noises of delight as he tasted the kitten, and opened his eyes finally. Whatever apprehension he may have had initially was gone, and he slowly swallowed. The kitten let out a squeal of fright, but because her head was stuck behind Kenny's neckfur it was muffled greatly. The coyote swallowed once more, taking in the rest of the kitten's body into his muzzle, closing his jaws to leave only her tail.
The coyote slowly slurped up the little thing's tail like a noodle, and with a final gulp she was pushed the rest of the way into his gullet. Kenny murred slightly at her aftertaste and put a paw against his neck as he felt the slightly squirming bulge there from his prey.
Mr. Black smirked and walked away from Kenny, going to the front of the class. "You see? Everyone has a bit of predator in them. You just have to find it!"
Kenny nodded and took a seat next to the others, who consisted of all sorts of creatures. Everything from bears to tigers to deer were taking this class. Mr. Black continued on with his lecture.
"You have all learned the biggest rule of predation. Never feel sorry for your prey. If you do, you will lose it. You have to be ruthless! Remember, you're the dominant one. You're the winner."
Kenny's eyes widened as he listened to the teacher, his tail starting to wag behind him from the slit cut in his jeans. The coyote had never felt so great in his life. He'd always been in the shadow of his brother, but already he could picture the scene in his mind.
It would be like any other day. He would knock on the door to wake Kerry up, and his brother would get up with a huff and kick Kenny like he always did. "What is it squirt?!" Kerry would yell, and Kenny would smirk and grab his brother in his paws. He'd open his jaws, and then minutes later all his problems would be solved. It would be so simple...
"Rowlfer!" yelled Mr. Black as he noticed the coyote start to daydream.
"Aaack!" Kenny yelled out and almost fell over as he slowly came back to reality. "Yesss...sir?"
Mr. Black gave Kenny a serious face. "Rule number two! Always pay attention! Never let your guard down for even a minute. Total concentration. Understand Rowlfer?"
The coyote nodded timidly. "Y-y-yessir..."
"All right," said Mr. Black, and he continued with the class.
A week later, Mr. Black motioned for Kenny to come to the head of the class. The coyote had been an outstanding learner. The institute was very high-tech, and had several swallowing dummies available for students. After being swallowed, Mr. Black would press a button and the dummies would dissipate. "Well Rowlfer, I'm impressed. Only one other student in the history of this school has successfully swallowed a Level 4 GP-39 as quickly as you did. The Level 4 GP-39 was as large as a hippopotamus. Kenny, all 200 pounds of him, had successfully gulped it down, using the techniques of dislocating his jaw and slowly relaxing his skin and muscles to let his prey inside. It helped that he had especially stretchy skin as well.
Kenny blushed and looked down at his feet, a little embarrassed at all the attention. "Heh, thank you sir..."
Mr. Black smiled and handed Kenny a certificate lauding his accomplishment. "To Kenneth Andrew Rowlfer For Excellence in Swallowing," it read, with Mr. Black's signature at the bottom.
Kenny smiled and put the certificate in his backpack, then looked back to Mr. Black with a weak grin. "Heh, thanks."
The wolf returned the smile and reached down to pat the coyote on the head. "You earned it." Mr. Black then allowed the three remaining students try their GP-39's, none of which could do near as well as Kenny. After a brief lesson on not going outside right after eating, to wait for the evidence to shrink a little so as not to risk being caught, the wolf let class out.
Kenny skipped happily on the way back home. His parents never wondered where he was all the past week. In fact, they were happy to see that he was looking to make some friends, or so they thought. When Kenny arrived at his house that night it was just about night out, but he saw his parents' car wasn't parked in the garage. "Hmm...they must still be gone."
Kenny shrugged and reached to open the front door, slowly padding into the living room. Reclining on the couch and watching the TV was his brother Kerry.
"What do you want runt?" Kerry growled as he noticed his brother coming in.
Kenny stuttered initially. "Uh...I was g-gonna watch some T-TV"
Kerry rolled his eyes and tossed the remote at Kenny, hitting the coyote in the muzzle with it. "Like hell you are! Go make me something to eat!"
Normally, Kerry's twin would've done just that. Things were different now though. Kenny went over a few thoughts in his mind. He wasn't finished with the classes yet...but he was an excellent student...and his parents weren't would be a perfect time...
Kerry growled again. "Did you hear me squirt!?"
Kenny blinked and slowly started walking toward Kerry's couch, and once he got close enough, slammed a pair of paws down on his brother's shoulders. "Yeah, I heard you. I'm just ignoring you."
Kerry growled again. "Whattttt?! I said fix me something to eat now!"
Kenny sniffled a little then smirked as his twin brother. "Heh, I actually feel just like fixing myself something. You can get your own tonight."
Kenny smirked and slowly lowered his muzzle down to his brother's, and slowly opened his jaws, a sound of creaking and popping as the coyote's mouth slowly widened. Kenny murred happily as he felt his brother squirm beneath him. He could already picture himself, lying happily on the couch, rubbing a paw over his bulging belly as Kerry squirmed helplessly inside...
Kenny's dream was broken though, as with a sudden burst of adrenaline Kerry pushed up and out of the couch, knocking his brother to his backside. Kerry growled and leapt on top of Kenny, pinning the other coyote to the ground. "What the hell did you think you were..." Kerry stopped, though still keeping his strong arms pinning Kenny to the ground, and looked at a piece of paper that had fallen from his brother's backpack when he fell. Kerry read it out loud.
"To Kenneth Andrew Rowlfer for Excellence in Swallowing." The coyote howled in laughter. "Hahahahah! This is a joke, right bro? Surely you didn't think your little tricks would work on me, your much stronger, smarter, and better brother." Kerry sneered down at the fallen Kenny, sharp teeth visible in his muzzle as he sneered.
Kenny whimpered and wriggled under his brother's grip, and even though they were the same height and weight, Kerry was too strong. Kenny looked his brother straight in the eyes and went speechless.
Kerry grinned and pushed down on his weaker brother's shoulders a little harder. "That's right Kenny. I'm bigger than you; I'm smarter than you; and I'm hungrier than you." Kenny's eyes flashed with a little evil at the last part, causing his brother to stutter again.
Kerry didn't answer, as he used one paw to remove Kenny's glasses, tossing them rather roughly against a wall and breaking the frames. The stronger brother then reached around Kenny's back and slowly pulled his backpack off. Kenny tried desperately to wriggle away, but when he was about to escape, Kerry gave the coyote a swift knee in the stomach, causing Kenny to grunt and whimper pathetically.
Kerry smirked and grabbed his paws around his brother's neck rather roughly, close to choking him. Kenny whimpered and gagged at the rough treatment while his brother simply enjoyed it. "Oh, I'm sorry bro. Am I hurting you?"
Kenny nodded slightly, and Kerry smirked as he licked across his lips. "Heh, you always were a little runt." The frightened coyote's eyes closed and he reached up with his paws to try and pull his brother's paws away, but to no avail.
"Well I asked you to get me some dinner. You told me to get my own. So I guess I'll do that right now." Kerry smirked and slowly started to open his jaws. Kenny opened his eyes and squinted at the sight. This couldn't be! Kerry continued to open his muzzle, until a slight creaking and popping noise was heard. The coyote opened his jaws completely, dislocating temporarily to an incredible angle. Kenny's view allowed him to see the inside of his brother's maw quite easily, sharp teeth around the perimeter while a glistening pink maw and tongue beckoned.
Kenny let out a loud "merf," but it didn't matter as Kerry roughly stuffed his brother's head inside his maw. The coyote murred happily as he ran a tongue all around his twin's ears and fur, slurping hungrily at the taste while his stomach rumbled for its meal. Kerry let go of his brother's neck, but only so that he could grab the swinging arms instead. With incredible strength, the juvenile coyote forced Kenny's arms to his side, changing his brother into a conveniently swallowable package.
Kerry closed his eyes and took his first swallow, making sure to go slowly so that he could inflict the greatest amount of torture on his brother. Kenny began to cry as his head was pushed down into the gullet of his twin. The stronger coyote roughly ripped his brother's button up shirt off his back, murring happily as he was able to taste even more of Kenny's fur and skin.
Kerry slowly began to stand up, dragging his brother with him, and took a seat on the couch. Kenny wriggled helplessly as Kerry contentedly leaned back against the seat, while taking another swallow. Kenny's shoulders slipped in with relative ease, the other coyote's jaw open wide as a python. Kerry lifted up on his brother with incredible strength, pulling the other coyote up onto the couch with himself.
Kerry closed his eyes again and swallowed once more, pulling his brother past his jaws and engulfing him to the elbows. Tears of enjoyment flowed from Kerry's eyes, while tears of fear flowed from Kenny's. A noticeable bulge was beginning to form in Kerry's neckfur, thick indentations showing his brother's facial features for the world to see.
Of course, the world couldn't see. That was part of the point. No witnesses. Kerry let go of his brother's arms once they were pinned by his jaws, and slowly reached down for Kenny's jeans. Murring loudly as he continued to taste his brother's fur, he was eventually able to unbutton them and slip the pants off as well. With a rough tug, he tore Kenny's boxers from his brother, causing him to yelp from inside Kerry's throat at the sudden burst of pain.
This caused Kerry to snicker wickedly, and he swallowed once more. This gulp was enough to pull Kenny inside his muzzle down to the navel, the bulge in Kerry's neckfur growing larger by the minute. The coyote murred as he reached down for his brother's ankles now and began to slowly lift him into the air. Kenny's head was already pushing against Kerry's stomach now, loud cries coming from inside the coyote from the other coyote.
Kerry hummed happily and continued to gulp his weaker brother down. The coyote's sheath passed inside Kerry's maw and tongue, but Kenny was so scared he didn't even notice any sensation he may have felt. Not that Kerry minded. All he cared about was filling his belly, which continued to growl loudly for the meat. He'd fasted several days for this moment.
Kenny's body began to really disappear as his brother slowly slurped past his thigh's, the coyote's muzzle bulging considerably with the meat. Kerry murred and reached down to his slowly distending gut, massaging it a little both in enjoyment and to alleviate any pain from stretching. He closed his eyes tightly and gulped once more, the weaker coyote becoming engulfed all the way to the ankles, only his sneaker-covered feet remaining.
Kerry slowly reached up with his paws to remove the unappetizing feet-coverings, his brother's footpaws flexing slightly outside his muzzle, a truly pathetic sight. Kerry seemed to enjoy it though, and after taking the last swallow he kept the paws inside his muzzle for a minute. Murring, he licked across his brother's feet, savoring the taste as he worked his tongue over the fine sole and in between the toes before taking the final swallow.
With a grunt, Kerry gulped once more and finished his brother off. In a matter of minutes, his twin brother was pushed completely into his stomach. The coyote murred and leaned back against the couch seat, setting a paw against his incredibly bulging gut. Kenny's features were quite noticeable in the stretched skin and fur, and his brother continued to wriggle about slightly and emit squeals.
Kerry licked across his lips and looked down to his belly with a smile. " I told you Kenny..." Kerry closed his eyes for a second and belched quite loudly and rudely. "...hee...I was ALWAYS better than you." Kerry murred and continued to rub across his still slightly trembling belly as he turned to look behind the couch. "Hey Fatso! Get out here!"
Butch slowly stumbled out of a closet where he'd been hiding, sporting an equally bulging belly, his tee-shirt so stretched that it actually ripped through the middle and had the appearance of an open button-up shirt. The raccoon chuckled and slowly stumbled around to his best friend's couch, Butch's own grey-furred belly bulging out over his pants.
Kerry continued to murr as he rubbed across his distended belly and smirked to Butch. "Heh, how's Jenny? She give you a stomach-ache?"
Butch sneered and sat down beside the gorged coyote. "Heh, nah...after all, you did tell her she'd regret dumping me. So how does it feel, fellow cannibal?"
Kerry murred and rubbed a paw over his own belly, and one over Butch's as well. " feels great. I'm rid of that runt forever. I knew taking that class wasn't a waste of money." Kerry smiled and leaned over to give his big raccoon friend a hug, their prey-filled bellies grinding against each other.
Butch grinned and hugged his friend tightly for a second, then let go. "Heh, I better get going now Kerr Bear. My parents will be expecting me."
Kerry smirked. "Ah. My parents won't be in until later tonight. I plan to already be in bed digesting my dinner by then." He snickered and poked his now quiet though still bulging belly.
Butch chuckled and nodded, then got up from the couch and went out the front door. Kerry smiled and got off the couch to retrieve the remote and then promptly flopped back down again. The coyote rested one paw against his belly while he flipped the channel with his other paw. He stopped for one moment and put the remote down, going over to pick up his brother's backpack, clothes, and certificate. He put them under the couch for now, and then reached behind one of the pillows to pull out another piece of paper.
The coyote snickered to himself as he again climbed onto the couch to recline lazily. He looked over the paper. "To Kerrigan Scott Rowlfer for Excellence in Swallowing" it read. Kerry burped slightly and crumbled up his certificate. He leaned over the armrest and tossed the ball of paper towards the wastebasket in the kitchen. It rang the basket without even hitting the rim.
He never made a mistake.
The End
Story copyright Justin M. Schuver/Race 2002
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