Title: Furry Arm of the Law

Author: Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

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Summary: Furry, swallowing, yiffing, f/m.


Story: Furry Arm of the Law

By Sly Cooper




It was nighttime. A raccoon moved silently through hallowed halls, stopping only to take quick glances at the numbers on the doors before moving on. He almost passed his mark, a green door with a wreath on it. His friends had warned him that this one wasn't worth it. Sly didn't need this item for anything in particular...more of a pride thing. He raised a furry paw to the engraved name on the door, in the center of the wreath.


"Carmelita Fox," Sly whispered to himself, and pushed the name to the side, taking the key from the hidden compartment within. A turn of the key, and the door popped right open.


It was relatively neat in the vixen's office; there was nothing on the desk except for a sheet of paper, her badge and shock pistol...just as he had planned. Sly had had very little to do other than the casual robbery over the last couple of months...and he assumed the same was true for the unfortunate foxy, who had been suspended after blowing up at a random raccoon while she was on traffic duty. She must have been a bit more stressed about his constant getaways.


He had caught the station while everyone was out...chief, lieutenant... hell, even the janitor was gone. He really expected a lot more out of the cities finest...maybe a camera or a mousetrap or something. It was starting to get creepy when he really thought about it. So he didn't; he walked right into the office, picking up the badge...gleaming gold, the whole thing. It was a shame he was keeping it as a trophy, it might have sold for quite a little bit.


His thoughts were interrupted by a sharp slam, though. The raccoon instinctively wheeled around, cane drawn. He straightened himself out a bit, looking into the shadows in the corner of the room.


"Trespassing is a crime, Cooper." The familiar latino voice sounded, the foxy stepping out of the shadows. "But I'm sure you already knew that..."


Sly's tail slowly rose onto the desk; to the shock pistol...it was still there. "Eh, most of the fun things in life are illegal." He smirked, and put his cane back into the loop on his vest. "Speaking of which, you aren't a cop anymore, so you're trespassing."


Carmelita shrugged, and started moving towards the raccoon, swaying with each step. "A law lecture from a thief..."


He raised a digit. "Master thief. There's a difference."


She chuckled softly, and nodded. "About 5 years in prison." She was already right in front of her...Sly was distracted well enough. By the time he got the idea to push her to the side, she had grabbed the shock pistol and was pointing it at him. "I expected more of you, Cooper." She was moving forward again.


The raccoon froze until she was less than arm's length from him. Then he grabbed the shock pistol, and threw it behind her. This happened too fast for Carmelita, having to take precious seconds to turn around and look. Sly leapfrogged over her, and dove out the window...just in time to get caught in the back with a shock pistol charge. Sly was out before he hit the balcony.




He woke up a while later, both of his paws free...and the vixen's footpad pressed hard into his back. As he started to move a bit more, she kneeled down, pressing the shock pistol into the back of his neck. "Daring. Not smart, but daring." Carmelita rolled him over with her footpad, and picked him up by the vest. She paused, studying him. Her eyes traveled to the top of his head, and another paw soon knocked off his cap.


Again, he found both of his paws free... they went straight for the arm holding him up, trying to at least make her drop him a bit. She eventually did let go, Sly only moving downward a bit before being hoisted back up. Carmelita had wrapped her furry, orange tail around his waist, that alone being able to support his weight.


"...Huh. Quite a tail you have, foxy." The raccoon tried to make small talk while he tugged on her tail.


She giggled a bit, and brang him closer. "I try." She opened her mouth slightly, reaching over and licking at his muzzle. He wiped off her saliva, and gave her an odd look. "Mmm. Delicious." Sly started tugging at that rich tail more frantically, only getting him pulled closer to the foxy, and his head bumping lightly against her chest. It raised a soft murr from the foxy, who reached down and picked up his head.


"H-hey...!" Sly was starting to get frantic, squirming and moving with every chance he could get.


"Be silent, Cooper, and you might get something out of this." She held him very close, one paw wrapped under both shoulders, her tail moving down and pushing Sly towards her face. "Of course, you can squirm as much as you like." She opened her jaws, her paws pushing his head right in. As soon as the raccoon realized what she was trying to do, he immediately hugged against her neck, bringing her head down sharply. She gagged for a second, and tugged the thief back out. "Curses..."


Sly started pushing away from her, his footpads planted against her stomach. She quickly dislodged them, bringing Sly crashing down to the ground. Carmelita smiled, and moved down onto him, pushing his legs apart and sliding up his body. "Well, well, well."


Sly gulped nervously, and reached for his cane...it was resting on the desk, a few feet out of reach. Oddly enough, though, the blunt end of it was glistening...


"Looks like I'll have to tire you out, first." Her paws stayed down at his hips, rubbing softly. It was more of an act of instinct, the coon murred. He started murring more loudly as the rubbing continued, her paw soon filling up with the thief's cock. "Ah, there we are." She smiled at him, moving her head right up to his face... before her lower half started moving down, her sex greedily accepting the raccoon's cock. This raised another moan from Sly, who really didn't mind the treatment as much anymore.


"Mmm...Hold on, now." Carmelita raised him up a bit with her tail, and started bouncing slowly on his member. She was murring as well, her bouncing starting to speed up. Soon after, she ripped open his vest, stripping him of it, licking it profusely. As the foxy's climax built, her sex got progressively tight around his member, forcing him to shoot his seed first...soon followed by her release, soaking down his hips.


The raccoon started panting, gasping for the energy he used as it faded from him. The latino foxy's tail wrapped about his waist again, lifting him as she rose to her feet. Sly was soon brought close to her, her mouth starting to open...


"Now be a goof thief and squirm." She quickly grabbed his head with one paw, forcefully bringing it into her maw. Her lips were forced to slide over his head just as quickly, sharp canine teeth clamping down just at the base of his ears. She took a few moments to lick at his chin, savoring him.


"Errf!" The raccoon tried twisting his head in the foxy's mouth, but she already had a convincing hold on it. At the moment, all he could do was reach desperately for the cane that rested on the desk...or the shock pistol sitting next to it.


The foxy started to swallow, Sly's nose starting to get almost impossibly cramped in the back of Carmelita's neck... he was convinced that she was realized he was too large a meal and spit him right out. Luck was not with him then, though, as her gullet slowly parted around his nose, it's muscles starting to pull him farther and downward.


Carmelita's murring became louder as she swallowed her neck starting to bulge out as more of Sly's head filled it. Her tail clenched around his waist, raising a pained yell from within her. "Damn it, Carmelita! Isn't this assault or something!?” She ignored his pleas, though, continuing to swallow.. her lips finally passed over his chin, and moved slightly faster up his neck.


As he moved deeper within Carmelita, he could start hearing her organs...especially the beating of her heart. It was moving very quickly. Another wave of swallows brang him down farther, his shoulders bumping abruptly against her lips. She tried for a few moments to compact them, to try to fit them in... But they simply would not give. Sly was about to make a confident comment when he heard a slight 'pop' sound.


"...No." Carmelita's jaw hung down much farther than before, it popped out of place; this allowed her to take in his shoulders with ease. It was to her favor that she took the extra time to learn how to unhinge her jaws for just this situation. She took a powerful swallow, his shoulders sliding right into her gullet, and her lips claiming his elbows and chest.


Sly flailed his head uselessly, trying to move himself farther upward...but he only got a loud murring from outside, and a rub from the foxy's free paw. Every move he made, she was enjoying. It was only the foxy’s paws that were keeping him in the air; her tail was behind her, wagging happily. Another swallow rippled around him, pulling his muzzle behind her chest, and out of sight. Several more ‘pop’ sounds echoed around him, her ribs getting out of the way so that he could continue.


Carmelita took a few more gulps, her lips eventually claiming his flailing paws and stomach. Having a little over half the raccoon within her, she moved backwards onto the desk, sweeping its contents off with her powerful foxtail. After taking a seat on the wooden structure, she swallowed again.


The muzzle of the thief was soon pressing against the tight ring around the entrance to the vixen’s stomach. It was starting to let his nose through, stretching over his muzzle. As soon as he could again open his mouth, he began growling to himself, and flailing his head around.


Despite Sly’s obvious discomfort, the ex-cop loved every moment; Sly’s head alone filled her up adequately, and she could only wonder what being filled with raccoon would feel like. Driven by these thoughts, she swallowed again, with much more power, pulling the hips and Sly’s still-uncovered member into her greedy maw. She gave it a few licks, absorbing it’s flavor and coaxing several pleasing spasms from him.


The latest swallow would push the rest of Sly’s head into Carmelita’s stomach; he rested his head on a part of the stomach lining. Had he not been panicking, he’d have noticed the warmth and softness of it. Of course, though, Sly was panicking, and a lot at that; he had the distinct idea of the end that would accompany this experience, and he didn’t want any part of it. Not that he had any control over it anymore, that is.


Satisfied with Sly’s frantic movements, she took another powerful swallow, her lips slowly moving up his hips; at this rate, the raccoon would be curled in her stomach in no time. Her gullet was stretched as far as it could manage, just barely reaching over his stomach.


Sly’s shoulders joined him in the sac, Carmelita’s belly starting to fill out nicely. She had to stop for a few moments at his knees, regaining her energy and rubbing her belly happily. After a little while of hearing Sly’s growled pleas and removing his boots, she resumed swallowing. Within moments, his furry toes slipped past her lips, leaving only his tail outside of her mouth.


There was very little Sly could do at the moment but squirm lightly; it was all his tight confinement allowed him to do. A few more swallows passed, and his legs and feet joined him within Carmelita, the raccoon forced to curl up into a ball.


The foxy was extremely impressed with herself and the overwhelming bulge in her gut; she had been chasing Sly all that time, and all she had to do to catch him was seduce him, fuck him and eat him. She lay back on her desk, still rubbing her stomach. A loud burp escaped her lips; the raccoon’s striped tail would stay where it was, hanging outside her mouth, for the time being. He wouldn’t need it where he was going, anyway.


Sly’s growled requests had degenerated into mumbled complaints, stretching the stomach where he could, and resting when he couldn’t. It was both the lack of air and the lulling rubbing that forced him to lose consciousness, and just in time, too; her digestive fluids were starting to pour in.


Carmelita eventually hoisted herself off of the desk, quickly grabbing her shock pistol, and waddled through the door... her friends probably already seized that raccoon’s accomplices. It really paid to have friends with similar interests. She really didn’t think the police would mind about her removing Sly from the picture, as he had been a thorn in its side for many years. As she opened the door out of the station, she heard honking; to her surprise, it was Sly’s friends instead of hers. The windows rolled down, and the turtle stuck his head out.


“Hey, Sly-“ He stopped mid-sentence, looking slowly down at her filled-out stomach. “Oh, no.”


Carmelita raised her shock pistol to Bentley’s head. “Let me in, or I’ll commandeer your vehicle.”


The turtle gulped, and opened the door before jumping into the back of the van. Carmelita tried to hoist herself up, but could not keep her balance. “One of you, help me in!” The hippo tensed up a bit before offering his arm, which the vixen accepted, pulling herself in and dropping into the passenger seat. She gave his wrist a lick before letting it go, putting on her seatbelt. “Drive. I don’t care where.”


And off the van went. She wasn’t exactly sure where her friends got to, but she was not in the state to go looking for them...