Title: Future Womb
Author: Radijs
© 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Summary: A story by Radijs about the strange laws of the future and what they lead to. Unbirth
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to life real situations would be really cool.
We read this story in the year 2358 and the human race hasn’t done too badly for itself over the last few centuries so there’s no need to go into detail about all that. Instead we will focus on a very specific pair of humans, Tom and Alice Lovejoy.

Tom and Alice have been in love with each other for several years and about sixteen months ago they found out that the feeling was mutual and started dating. Their love prospered during that time and just two weeks ago they had moved into a new apartment together. The habitat had been assigned to them upon request and it wasn’t surprising that they found themselves in a neighborhood where most of the residents where of the same age and social status as themselves. They quickly became friends with their neighbors and everything seemed perfect for the happy couple. But there was a small problem.

Alice always had a desire to become pregnant, she was a Maieusiophiliac.

But a few years ago the world government had passed a new law which forbade people to have children before a certain age. It was found that most couples that broke up where under that determined age and the law would protect both the children and the parents.

Tom didn’t know about his girlfriends secret desire but now that they where living together and her fantasy was so close to becoming reality it began to weigh heavily on her mind. It didn’t take Tom long to realize that something was wrong and tonight after dinner he decided to find out what was wrong.

After dinner they sat down in the living room but when Alice wanted to turn on the news Tom stopped her.

“What’s wrong Tom?” Alice asked confused. “Don’t you want to see the news?”

“No, I want to talk. Talk about you.” Tom replied with a serious tone in his voice. “You’ve been feeling down lately.” He continued. “What’s troubling you dearest?”

Alice sighed heavily and slowly doubled over supporting her head with her hands.

“I should have told you sooner. But I was too embarrassed. Have you heard of Maieusiophilia?”

“Ma-what? I haven’t heard of that before. Are you ill?” Tom was a bit worried. Big words usually meant something bad. But Alice quickly shook her head and looked up.

“No, Its not a disease. It’s a fetish.”

“You’re confusing me. Is this mase-thing why you are depressed?”

“Maieusiophilia” Alice continued; “Is a desire to be pregnant. I want to be pregnant!” Alice shouted it almost angrily in Toms face who nearly fell over backwards.

“Now now, there’s no need to get upset. We all have our skeletons in our closets.” Tom said with a soothing voice. “Now that I know, we can help each other.”

“We cant have children yet. Don’t you remember the law?” Alice snapped at Tom.

“Yes I remember. But now you can at least get it of your chest. And maybe“ Tom continued whilst putting his arm around Alice. “We can play a little make-believe later Tonight.”

Alice wiped away a tear from her eye and hugged Tom passionately.

“Thanks for reminding me why I married you.”

Talking and fantasizing about Alice having a big swollen belly teeming with life was helping a lot at first but after a few weeks Tom noticed that she was getting depressed again. One night he was walking on the municipal garden on the roof of the apartment building when he saw the girl from next door walking though the small grove in a thin nightgown. Now at first he though that he was imagining things because he was obsessed with Alice’s problems but when he looked again he could clearly see the outline of her vastly distended belly against the bright backdrop of a passing commercial blimp. She hadn’t seen him yet and Tom immediately dropped down to the ground to make sure it would stay that way. A light breeze caused the trees to make a slight rustling sound camouflaging the noise he made while he was crawling closer. Linda was reclining in a small open spot in the grass supporting her head with one hand and gently rubbing her belly with the other. She was whispering to herself but Tom couldn’t make out the words. Apparently the child in Linda’s womb could because it began kicking and bouncing causing her skin to ripple as she arched her back lifting her sphere high into the air.

An automatic voice sounded calmly throughout the park announcing its closing so that the maintenance robots could get to work keeping the plants in perfect shape. Linda got op and left and a few moments later after her so did Tom, very puzzled about the entire situation.

The next morning he decided to make up an excuse and went over for a visit. He still had a cordless drill that he borrowed from them and he was holding it in his hand when Linda opened the door. The shock he got then was even bigger then the one he had gotten last night because instead of seeing a mother to be he saw Linda wearing a pair of tight pants and a thin sweater over what could only be described as a washboard stomach.

“I think you’d better come inside.” Linda said while she pulled at Tom’s arm.

After a cup of coffee Tom finally came a bit to his senses.

“What did you see?” Linda asked plainly while she sat down on a chair in the corner of the room.

Tom explained that he saw her in the park last night and what happened there.

“Was I dreaming or are you indeed pregnant?” Tom ended his explanation.

“You weren’t dreaming, but I’m not pregnant as you can plainly see. No need to call the cops.”

“Then what did I see yesterday?”

“This might be a bit hard to explain, I told you I study religious history? A few months ago I deciphered a ancient tome of a cults that worshipped the earth mother. There where a few spells in the book and one of them was called return to the earth. I preformed the ceremony with Danny and he wound up in my womb for a few hours. We both liked the experience and we do it occasionally, like last night.”

“This is unbelievable!” Tom exclaimed loudly, “I can’t wait to tell Alice!”

“She wont believe you. Not unless she sees it for herself. And no don’t ask its not going to happen.”

Tom was a bit disappointed with her reaction. He had hoped that Linda would have been more willing to tell him about how it all worked.

”Well I guess I’ll be on my way again. You probably have things to do.”

“Not so fast Tom. I still have a question for you. Why did you come here? Why didn’t you just call the police that night when you saw me?”

Tom then decided to just share the whole story about Alice’s desires and the problems they had been having. Linda was eventually sympathetic to their situation and agreed to give Tom a translated copy of the ritual so they could try it out for themselves.

The ritual was very complex and Tom had to spend the better part of the day getting the guest room ready to perform the ceremony in. He was just finished when Alice opened the front door. She was skeptical at first when he explained the recent events to her during dinner and found a slight reluctance to let Tom in her womb, “what if he would damage anything?” she thought to herself. But when they where watching a classic movie called “Nine months” on the TV wall that night she felt so empty inside again that she agreed to try.

Tom had emptied out the guest room with the exception of a small table, a chair and the bed. The floor was decorated with may complex drawings which all seemed to point towards the bed and the chair. The document with the ritual was on the table. Tom and Alice both took off all their clothes and left them outside the room. The instructions on the paper where very specific and warned of danger and harm if they would not be adhered to. But that was only on the original text. Tom had cut that bit out because he didn’t want to scare Alice.

Alice lay back on the bed with her legs spread and her vulva pointing towards the chair where tom was sitting down.

“You have to lay completely still until you climax.” Tom said while reading the instructions. “Looks like I will have to do most of the work.”

“For a chance.” Alice added with a smile while she lay on the bed staring at the ceiling.

“I never heard you complaining.” Tom said back and turned his attention back to the paper.

“I’m going to begin.”

Tom swallowed and began to read out loud. The words where in a different language so he didn’t know what he was saying. About half-way through the text the chair felt uncomfortable, like it was expanding. Quickly dismissing the thought he continued his chanting until he ran out of words to chant. Tom looked up again and noticed that the room had become a bit larger and that he could just reach the floor with his toes. A voice in his head seemed to guide what he did next. Tom stood up and walked around the table towards Alice. When he had passed the table he noticed that it had become a little taller then him. Quickly he walked on because he feared that he wouldn’t be able to get on the bed if he shrank much more. When he reached the bed he could just see over it when he stood on his toes. It was quite a struggle to get on and when he finally managed he was no bigger then a 20th century Barbie doll. He could just see Alice looking down at him over her vulva. It was time to move on.

Alice trembled when he felt Toms tiny hand touching her vulva and she shivered when he worked his upper body inside of her. It felt a bit cold at first but her excitement quickly warmed up Tom’s skin and by the time he was up to his legs inside her vagina she felt no more discomfort, only excitement.

Tom meanwhile was having a hard time crawling into the moist wetness of Alice. It went smoothly until he had lost his foothold and with her juices flowing so rapidly it was hard to make any progress. Oddly enough he had no trouble seeing as the walls seemed to give of a feint glimmering light. Finally he felt his feet slip in and in front of him a wall with a hole in the middle became visible. The hole was still too small but in the glimmering light he could see it grow larger and he deeply desired to go there.

Alice felt Toms feet slip into her and she had a hard time restraining herself from reaching down and pleasuring herself. The thrashing movements of Tom inside her vagina where unlike anything she ever felt before. She grabbed the blankets and squeezed hard in a desperate attempt to remain still.

Meanwhile Tom’s desire to go through Alice’s cervix became stronger and stronger and he began to kick, swim and push harder to get to it but Alice was so wet by now that he was making no progress until…

Alice could feel her orgasm riding up from her toes and she arched her back and screamed as she came. In the haze of her pleasure she could feel something sliding from her vulva up to her womb. When it was over she lay on her back for a few minutes regaining her wits.

The walls around Tom where completely motionless for a moment and then began to tremble. Before he realized what was happening he could feel the flesh pulse and contract around him pushing him through the wall in front of him. It felt like a roller coaster as it begins its first drop from the high hill. When everything settled down he found himself in a roomier place. The hole through which he came had clenched shut again and the room began to fill with fluids.

Alice slowly sat up and looked at her abdomen which barely had a bulge in it. She felt Tom shift inside her but she felt slightly disappointed. She had hoped to be bigger and she expected more activity from her womb. She looked again, was she still growing? Yes she was still growing; she could feel her skin stretching beneath her hand.

After a few minutes Alice’s abdomen had become a well rounded sphere and she could almost feel Tom’s breathing through her skin. Alice rubbed her belly passionately enjoying the feel of her new form.

“Thanks darling.” She whispered to her belly. A small bump appeared in her skin for a moment when Tom kicked in reply. It was a wonderful feeling. Alice got up, she would be pregnant for three hours and she wanted to make the most of it.

Tom’s cramped world suddenly shifted ninety degrees. Tom couldn’t hear anything except Alice’s soothing heartbeat, the rhythmic rush of her breathing and the occasional thanks of her voice.

”It’s lovely in here. I think I’ll take a short nap.”

Tom closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

“Huh!? What?!” Tom thought when he woke up by a strange feeling in his stomach. It felt like he was falling fast. The muffled sound of splashing water coming through the pink walls made him realize what was going on. Alice liked swimming and she liked diving from those high diving boards. Just like the one at the pool that was attached to their building. Her womb contracted and shivered wildly ash she swam through the water and Tom bounced around inside giggling like a school girl.

Alice frantically swam to the surface. She had arched her back after she plunged in the water and she had expected her inertia to carry her back to the surface.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.” She muttered at herself as she slowly heaved herself up the bank. She put her elbows on her belly and leant on herself. She laid down for a moment and began laughing at her own sillyness while Tom kept spinning and bouncing making her belly look like it was made of jello. Then her belly suddenly hardened and she felt a need to bend over.

“Out time must be nearly up. I’d better get back home.”

Alice hurried back to the empty room and lay on the bed. The contractions had become stronger and came more frequent but the didn’t feel any pain.

“Oh I hope this isn’t going to be painful.”

Inside her womb Tom had also noticed the happenings. One moment he was swimming around freely and the next he was forced head-first into Alice’s still closed cervix.

“That’s going to leave a mark.” He thought while rubbing his head.”

The coming minutes the attempts of Alice to force Tom through her cervix continued but the it seemed to calm down again. Her womb became roomier again as Tom shrunk back to his Barbie-doll size.

“I hope Alice made it back to the house in time.” Was the last thought that when through him when Alice’s cervix suddenly opened wide and he was washed out by all the water that had suddenly found a way out.

What happened then passed in moments and by the time Tom had his bearings again he was his normal size again and sitting on the bed in Alice’s loving embrace.

“That was wonderful dear, Thanks.”

“It was wonderful inside you dear. I cant wait to get back.”