Some Good Hiding Spots 2:
an Alternate Sequal

by SD Marquis 

Story Copyright (C) By: SD Marquis
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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---------------------------------- Cessa Ketra Christi, Shorty, Harve, Jense, Cessa continues to make her way along
                 the relatively level ground at a good pace, about equal to a fast walk for a bipedal being. In the near distance she spies
                 and copse of evergreen trees and decides that this is probably far enough from town for a safe resting and recuperating
                 place for her, the meal, and her companions. While approaching this secluded spot she enjoys the feel of her fullness and
                 how the belly sways of its own momentum and mass. It will probably take another couple of hours before she can reach
                 the hidden place and enjoy a bit of rest after the nights exploits. 'Will you two be ready for a bit of an excursion outside
                 of these stomach walls of mine?' Cessa inquires of her companions. At first the answer is a bit muffled and faint for her to
                 hear as she is going over some dry and rustling leaves and the reply is canceled out by the sound. 'Could you say again
                 your wishes?' Ketra says in an unhurried way 'What ever you have found and feel is suitable will be fine for us'. There is a
                 bit of jostling within her belly as the two occupants maneuver around the water keg and food stuffs Cessa has thoughtfully
                 provided. The consuming of their meal discourages any further conversation for the next hour or so. The spot that Cessa
                 sought to reach seems to be a bit further away in time than she originally estimates. It seems that the early morning twilight
                 is playing tricks with her vision, which is most excellent even in subdued lighting. Still she continues to make headway
                 toward her goal and shrugs off the optical illusion. Then she gets curious and sings a couple of discovery spells to herself
                 while she watches the location of her objective. These tunes are more than mere merriment songs sung in the local
                 taverns. These are endowed with a measure of power to see through the influence of outside magical forces that she has
                 come in contact with over the seasons of her life. There is an odd shimmering effect that she notices and the place she
                 focuses her attention on suddenly is no longer visible and the countryside takes on a different appearance. The distance is
                 a sparsely filled glen of tress with little or no under growth. Instead of continuing on in the same direction she had
                 originally intended, she veers off the left and heads for the bank of a stream that might provide better shelter and privacy
                 in some sort of thicket. Her musings are cut short as she hears an inquiry from her eaten guests. 'What did you estimate
                 our arrival time to be?' Chrisi softly asks. 'It might be a bit longer than I had imagined. There seems to be a contradictory
                 force prevalent in the terrain we are traveling in' sighs Cessa. 'In addition there seems to also be a bit of a spell on the
                 land and numerous optical illusions difficult to see through.' Her guests mull this over for a bit and Ketra replies; 'We
                 know that you have to be cautious, both for yourself and us too, please feel free to do what ever you think is best. Our
                 living time before was counted out in a just few hours. We both want you to know we have complete confidence in your
                 decision, regardless of what actions concerning us are necessary to preserve our whereabouts, disposition, and condition
                 a secret. We have already given ourselves over to you and have survived to this point in time. We understand that
                 sometimes we need to help and assist each other, and make ultimate sacrifices for one another.' Cessa pauses a moment
                 before making a reply; 'you mean you would sacrifice yourselves to my digestive tract if the situation got that extreme?'
                 All Cessa hears is mutual confirmation from her now willingly traveling companions. With spontaneous emotion Cessa
                 reaches down and hugs her bulging belly closer to her and is rewarded with hearing a muted groan and sigh. In short
                 order Cessa has reached the stream bank and notices that it is more than trickle of water. The flow is slow and leisurely,
                 but at the same time deep enough for her to travel in. Since the motion she uses for locomotion on land or through water
                 is basically the same and the effort required to move her mass is directly proportional to the friction on the surfaces,
                 Cessa opts for swimming in the cool water for a while. The direction she has chosen to travel is one that is unfamiliar to
                 her and requires a bit of caution. She softly says in a private voice for her companions only to hear 'I am going to
                 postpone your release for a while longer and take to the water for travelling. This might be even more comfortable for
                 you, there are no sharp bends or irregular surfaces to go over or around.' This information causes her belly to grow still
                 and quiet. Her occupants are curious what the different form of travel will mean for them. Soon enough Cessa has eased
                 herself down the stream bank and has again struck off in the desired direction of travel. Christi and Ketra softly discuss
                 between them the difference of this form of locomotion as compared to the effects of land transport they have
                 experienced up to this point in time. They can hear the slight gurgling sound of the water as Cessa cuts a wake through
                 the cool water. The water's displaceable nature changes the rhythm of her body mass and makes Cessa's body
                 movement much more fluid and sensual. Even though Christi and the foxtaur have already engaged in some rigorous
                 sexual activity, the motion becomes infectious because of the limited space and their relative positions. Before anyone
                 expects, the foxtaur is arroused and entering Christi's vaginal opening. The interaction is one of gentle caressing that
                 slowly raises their arousal. Cessa can tell that they are becoming sexually involved, due the variations in her rhythmic
                 motions. Cessa marvels at the energy and drive that her occupants have to engage in such strenuous activity. She thinks
                 to herself that they would not have much fight left in them if they have a change heart about subjecting to her will. The
                 timing and location of letting them free again, if they get free her mind adds, is totally in her power. They would just
                 succumb to her internal massaging and manipulation and easily slip into her digestive tract without much effort on her part
                 at all. Just allowing her to contemplate this course of action starts up her own arousal again. Within moments she can feel
                 their efforts change pace and become more pressed. Cessa thinks to herself: 'Well, it will not be long now and they will
                 have exhausted themselves, and slip into slumber again.' The length of their climax and subsequent after glow motions still
                 amaze her to no end. She is certain that she must experience this foxtaur for herself. The whole while this drama is taking
                 place within her warm and comfortable insides, she has continued making considerable progress against the stream's
                 slow moving current. Casually she glances back over her shoulder to gauge the distance traveled and is amazed that they
                 have gotten so far. Then she recalls that she has been preoccupied for sometime with the scenario that is going on within
                 and realizes the effects of the time dilation that distraction can have on a routine task of traveling. She feels the final feeble
                 movements of her belly and the two finish their efforts and slip into unconsciousness. With her distractions played out,
                 Cessa looks farther up the stream and spies the perfect place to haul out her bulk and rest for a while before continuing
                 her journey. The nights exertions and activities are taking their toll on her resources and she decides that this is a place
                 the will serve her purposes to get some rest and allow for further planning of the immediate future. Her occupants are in
                 no state to put up a fuss about her taking a prolonged rest. Besides once she curls up upon herself their movements will
                 be even more limited and less noticeable. The length of time that they have occupied her stomach has been adequate for
                 the catalytic reactions to start lengthening their slumber periods and slowing down of their metabolism. Cessa starts
                 unwinding and relaxing as she gets into a comfortable arrangement of her massive body. She has securely hidden her
                 possessions under her considerable bulk, her thoughts stretch away to what seems infinity and one by one her senses
                 start to relax. She is not so careless to slumber with thoughtless abandon but keeps a part of her keenest senses on alert
                 while she allows the massive locomotion muscles to relax and recuperate from the strain of her activities. As her cognitive
                 mental awareness slows down she is aware of how much effort her additional mass requires of her while traveling. Her
                 normal routine after a massive meal and live occupants is stretch back and just take life easy. Upon her awakening, she
                 plans to institute some changes in the present travel arrangements, after all she is not a beast of burden. There is the
                 chance the changes can be made when they have their more aware period. She is surprised at how much time has
                 elapsed since she left the town. It was not her plan to leave them within her so long, but the circumstances just were not
                 conducive for a safe retrieval of her guests. The magic tickle that was felt in the glen was most disturbing indeed. Perhaps
                 she did not travel as far from the town's territory as imagined. These are but a few of her coherent thoughts as she drifts
                 into a restful sleep hugging her marvelous full-feeling belly, with a satisfied smile upon her lips she slips into slumber. The
                 gurgling sounds of the water enhance the comfort of the sleeping Lamia. During the quiet and subdued lighting of the
                 remainder of the evening, night, and throughout the whole of the following overcast day in her secluded spot she
                 slumbers. Toward early evening something arouses her senses that not all is peaceful and harmless. Very cautiously
                 Cessa monitors her surroundings as her awareness heightens, without opening her eyes through her other senses. The
                 filtered warmth of the day is gone, and the cool breeze of the night is noticeable. Whatever vibration or sound that
                 arroused her, doesn't repeat for a considerable time. Furtively she cracks her eyes open just ever so slightly, and notices
                 a very weak glowing from further back in the forest that comes down to the stream bank. The sparsely placed trees have
                 given way to dense forest of many tree varieties. The illumination is coming from several points and not just one source.
                 There is a regular motion to the positions. The lights are moving in a rough line across the landscape where the foliage
                 doesn't obscure the more distant sources. There is an eerie silence to the whole event; there is no talking or clank of
                 armor and implements. Occasionally there is the squeaking of leather girdles and boots crunching upon dried twigs and
                 leaves under foot. The sky is dark and where it peaks through the canopy of branches and leaves overhead shows
                 occasional cloud obscured twinkling. Without disturbing her coiled form in its resting-place, Cessa raises her head and
                 torso to get and better angle of the activity going on around her. Her senses report back to her that there is a large body
                 of people on both sides of the stream in a massive search of some kind. Ever so slowly the activity passes by her spot
                 leaving her unnoticed, but that is to be expected since her cloak is of such a dark and camouflaged coloring. Silently she
                 watches them pass and disappear in the distance of the direction she was heading. As all grows quiet around her position
                 she lowers herself into a more comfortable position and relaxes toward slumber again. While this relaxing continues, she
                 contemplates again some of the events of the recent past and marvels at how well she has adapted to her still contained
                 live meal. Then at how quickly the food she had recently gorged on in the kitchen's back storerooms has been so quickly
                 absorbed by her digestive tract. The only logical conclusion she can come up with is that the travel exertions have
                 increased her metabolism and the capacity of her food bearing stomach was reduced due to the size of the live meal just
                 prior to that feasting. She just idly wonders what the upcoming events will bring her way as future events unwind for all of
                 them. While thoughts of a stuffed belly lull her back to sleep she sets her mental senses to awaken near the middle of the
                 night and continue upon her travels, so as to draw little notice. Several hours of slumber elapse when her internal senses
                 tell her the night is well along and the majority of the animal life around her has returned to their own slumbering places.
                 Before forging forth she again monitors her surroundings for signs of activity. Slowly opening her eyes fully she raises her
                 human like torso up to peer around and take stock of her situation. Very slowly she unwinds her coils and gently gathers
                 up her belongings and returns to the stream to continue her travels. Her initially hesitant traveling companions are still
                 slumbering in a toxin induced hibernation within her belly and do not notice her motions as she resumes the trek to leave
                 the land of the High Council's influence. Cessa mentally calculates that they will be out until well after sunrise if no outside
                 disturbance rouses them. She chuckles to herself, what outside stimulus will they be subject to, they are in my warm and
                 moist belly constantly subjected the massaging of my muscles and rhythm of movements. She doubts that they will even
                 wake or be more aware before the middle of the next daylight period. She knows that once the catalytic reaction takes
                 full effect, their senses and metabolism, their unconscious periods will lengthen at a geometric rate, do to the
                 concentration of the resulting toxins. These will not be harmful or have long lasting after effects once purged from their
                 skins. But when will there be a safe location to do the purging and then subsequent release from her comfortably full
                 belly. As this thought crosses her mind, a tinge of sadness crosses her mind as she remembers what it is like to lose the
                 full feeling her live meal provides for her inner self. Well, the purging will be no problem with such a source of water so
                 handy. Of course she knows the process has to be done very carefully or her inner occupants will drown. All the while
                 with this internal dialog is going on Cessa continues to make good progress in her coverage of distance. After a few
                 hours of mile eating progress have elapsed the sky shows signs of the false dawn on the horizon. There has as yet been
                 no sign of the search parties of the previous night. As the light gets brighter and distant objects come into clearer focus,
                 Cessa sees a group of searchers slumbering on the stream bank. She starts to softly sing her songs to herself and
                 progresses to a louder level as she approaches the slumbering men. Because of the hypnotic affects of the melody, none
                 of those slumbering take notice of her arrival. The guards of the group have even nodded off to sleep. She looks over the
                 selection of tantalizing morsels she can so easily ingest within her now mostly empty and demanding digestive tract. While
                 she does a quick search of the living meals before her she selects two that will provide her the needed nourishment. In a
                 matter of seconds a few well aimed stokes of her dagger and the first man is stripped of clothes and aligned with an
                 eagerly awaiting gullet. Swiftly and quietly she approaches the closest victim and unhinges her lower jaw and engulfs the
                 first one without even a pause in the hypnotic song she has continued to produce this whole time. With a few well-timed
                 swallows the first one is well on his way to the now ravenous stomach. While she readjusts her position for the next part
                 of her meal the first one has reached her digestive tract and starts to squirm and react to the digestive solutions of her
                 stomach. The sympathetic reactions of her body almost throw off her rhythm as she starts to ingest her next serving of
                 living meal. She continues her swallowing and humming while the second body slides down her throat and into her waiting
                 belly. As this one crosses her tongue, she is surprised to find out the gender is female, oh well she is not predjudiced. Her
                 jaw, neck, and upper torso return to their normal proportions while she quickly disposes of the clothes and equipment
                 the two bodies were responsible for, to obscure their disappearance to some degree. She then backs away from the
                 group and continues on her way again without disturbing the sleep of those remaining. Once she is back in the stream and
                 moving away, she allows herself to enjoy the last few movements of her most enjoyable meal. Looking down upon her
                 impressive and well-fleshed body to savor both the inner full feeling and the distending bulges that represent her
                 companions and digesting meal. She is somewhat surprised at how quickly she has adapted to the presence of her new
                 bulk and movement rhythms. Her traveling companions have settled into a comfortable arrangement within her storing
                 belly and the bulges they make in her shape have been smoothed over with more added flesh of muscle and fat. She is
                 simply amazed at how natural the mass and weight they represent has become so second nature to her. The original
                 awkwardness to her movements with them inside her have been supplemented with a whole new range of movements as
                 they seem to have totally integrated to her overall shape and size. A wicked thought crosses her mind as this realization
                 occurs to her... they may not wake up ever again, especially since she has grown so comfortable with their inner
                 presence. But this is just a fleeting thought; she is a person of integrity. Yet, there is the possibility of getting into situations
                 where the safeness of her belly is so much more appealing to her companions that they will voluntarily prefer being inside
                 of her than subject to the atrocities of corrupt magistrates. Is this why she has subconsciously chosen the direction of
                 travel? Several more hours have passed by when she hauls her massive and well-fleshed bulk out of the water to rest a
                 bit. She decides that her living passengers will slumber on for a while longer and her system's need for rest right now is
                 more important to her than interrupting their peaceful slumber. All motion of an inside nature has long ceased to come to
                 her attention for some time now. The warmth of the sun's rays upon her sinuous body lulls her into a comfortable mental
                 state. Before she totally succumbs to the hypnotic effects of the sun, Cessa moves to a more protected and hidden
                 location on the stream bank and arranges the immediate surroundings to make detection of her presence nearly
                 impossible. Once the cloak is deployed and tucked in around the compactly arranged coils, she tucks her head and arms
                 into disguising position and proceeds to drop into the deep and restful slumber she had been planning on two days ago.
                 Her thoughts recount how events have been going on. She can hardly believe that it is late afternoon on this third day and
                 her companions have not stirred in more than twenty-four hours. The only conclusion she can come to is that their
                 exertions of love making within the confines of her belly must have greatly intensified the effects of the catalytic toxins.
                 Well, since they were not aware of the conditions surrounding them, she would continue to enjoy how wonderfully full
                 they allowed her feel and not disturb them just yet. Her autonomous systems kept a sufficient amount of air circulated for
                 them to survive at this reduced metabolic rate, before taking over that function for them as well. The other smooth
                 muscles have allowed her to regurgitate that remains of the breakfast in bed they enjoyed when she first moved a ways
                 from town. They wouldn't need much else for a while. The internal chemistry of this stomach was such that their water
                 and elimination needs would be taken care of. Another realization occurred to Cessa just then, this method of travel on
                 the water would not jostle and disturb her companions into wakefulness as traveling over land would. If she kept this
                 pattern up for another twenty-four hours they would not regain consciousness until she chose the place and time. With
                 that thought fading from her mind she drifts into slumber peacefully. The trip's exhaustion and well-stuffed digestive
                 system allows Cessa's rest to continue through the remainder of the afternoon and all night long as well. With no unusual
                 sounds and movements in her vicinity to trigger her senses to full wakefulness, she is pleasantly surprised to feel the
                 warming rays of the sun at the beginning of a new day. As she just stays still and luxuriates in the relaxing warmth, it
                 occurs to her that it is well past mid-morning and rapidly approaching afternoon. She cautiously monitors her
                 surroundings and the makes visual inspection of the vicinity. Ever so slowly she extends the range of her examination to
                 determine her level of safely moving without detection. While not making a major adjustment to her comfortable body
                 arrangement she determines that nothing with in visual or hearing range of her position is amiss and she returns to her
                 peaceful slumber. Several more hours pass before she decides to move and take care of her necessary bodily functions
                 of getting a drink, and the elimination of body wastes. As she comes to full alertness and can extend her senses to their
                 greatest extent realization dawns on her that it is now late afternoon of the following day. When personal needs are taken
                 care of, Cessa decides to venture over land to determine the conditions of the territory and disposition of the search
                 parties she has seen in the last day or two. Before leaving the seclusion of her resting-place she looks down at her
                 beautiful body and notices that some new flesh and muscle have been added at strategic locations. The comforting bulge
                 of her stored companions is even less noticeable today than it was the day before. Her sizable meal of the previous day
                 has started to lose its recognizable shape and blends well with the remainder of thirty plus foot form. Upon venturing out
                 of the secluded spot Cessa notices that her belly does not sway as profoundly as when Christi and Ketra first took up
                 residence. Perhaps, that is still an inaccurate description, the shifting of movement of her belly and torso containing her
                 companions, while she makes her way over the ground, seems more natural without calling any undue attention from an
                 observer. They have truly taken up residence within her body now, and even they are not in a position to voice a
                 complaint, they will remain in hibernation until she chooses to awaken them. Not very far from her last resting-place she
                 encounters a scouting party. The group she approaches is just starting to set up camp before it gets to dark to see more
                 than a few feet from the camp fires. As she approaches the captain in charge of the group greets her. 'Hello, mind if I join
                 you for the evening' asks Cessa in her pleasant sibilant sounding voice. The captain replies that it will be just fine and
                 directs her over to where they are beginning to unload the wagons and get the evening meal ready. She gets some curious
                 looks for the camps occupants and a couple of greetings as well. Upon arriving at the make shift cook tent/chow hall, she
                 is provided with large mug of tea. The cook inquires; 'Will you be eating with us this evening.' She responds; 'Yes, but
                 that her appetite is not very ravenous at this time.' The cook responds; 'That will help, our supplies are down a bit, we
                 hadn't planned to spend quite this much time in the field. It seems that the fugitives have managed to escape our area
                 without so much as leaving a trail of any kind.' Cessa responds; 'Fugitives? I had no idea that you were looking for some
                 one. Are these fugitives you are looking for dangerous or criminals of some kind? This seems like a big operation that is
                 involved in the search, were there a large number involved?' Cessa has joined the cook's staff while drinking her tea to
                 make herself appear useful and find out what might be going on for sure so as to not make an incriminating blunders. The
                 cook gets called away by one of the stewards to take care of some special needs of the officers mess. One of the helpers
                 fills in some of the details and gossip of what has been making the rounds. It seems that a day or so ago two members of
                 another search party turned up missing. There are several groups spread out through most of the township making an
                 effort to recover some escaped prisoners that were to be executed more than three days ago. The cook returns and asks
                 Cessa... 'Has Shorty been telling you some of his tales again?' With this statement Shorty flushes and hurries away to
                 take care of some other work that needs doing. Cessa, smiling indulgently, asks the cook; 'Is there any truth to what
                 Shorty was saying?' 'Well, that depends upon what Shorty was blabbing about. Sometimes he has the straight scoop and
                 then there are the tall tale extrapolations. What did he mention?' 'He said something about two members of another
                 search party that went missing, fugitives, executions, a number of search parties all within the last couple of days?' 'That is
                 a fairly accurate accounting of what is known by me, but the cooks are not involved in the big wigs planning tent. For us
                 common workers there is very little official information available. As near as I can tell two prisoners slated for execution
                 escaped from a locked dungeon and only left behind a simple human garment. Then a bit over a day ago two searchers
                 vanish without a trace, not tracks, equipment, nor any one's recollection of having seen them. The town's magistrates are
                 fit to be tied with anger and consternation.' Cessa nods and HHMMmms at the appropriate places in sympathy with the
                 cooks recounting of the events of the last three days. All the while she had made herself indespensible by preparing the
                 vegetables for the rapidly approaching evening meal. She then inquires; 'are there any theories or unsupported ideas of
                 how all of this activity could be accounted for?' The cook siddles over to Cessa's side and quietly says; 'There is a fear
                 among the troops that some of the territory we have been recently passing through is under some sort of enchantment
                 and it is causing a wide variety of speculation that the officers and magistrates seem to want to keep the wraps on. If
                 some sort of discovery or finding isn't made soon, the rank and file are going to panick and all semblance of order around
                 here is going to crumble to nothing. They seem to be looking for some sort of scape goat. Your natural diplomatic
                 immunity protects you to a great degree, that us commoners do not have access to.' Cessa eyes grow large and round as
                 this and other inside details are revealed to her. All she can do is shake her head in amazement at this honest and
                 unforced exposing of facts and feelings. In reflection upon forthright appraisal the cook has shared with her, she decides
                 to extend some form of comfort to him. 'Is there anything that may be done for you or a close companion of yours that
                 might help when this misdirected search concludes? Especially if the level of success is not improved? I am not a
                 recognized power in these parts, but there is no need for torture and misdirected fear to endanger someone needlessly.'
                 The cooks features take on a different appearance as the sun's natural light fades away. Sadly he shakes his head and
                 says; 'There is no one that is close to me that is in any danger at this time, Shorty on the other hand is being watched
                 rather closely since yesterday afternoon. Some how the powers that be seem to think he may be connected with the
                 missing searchers. There is no reason or logic to this rumor for the steps taken to keep him under such tight survelance.
                 He has been a nervous wreck since he found out his sister is one of the missing searchers. They were not especially
                 close, but he had specifically warned her that something unusual was going to happen to her on this campaign.' Again her
                 face shows a measure of astonishment about these words and ideas just expressed to her. The cook quickly adds that
                 this should go no further, and that there is an unusual number of spies among the camp that evening. The food preparation
                 continues apace and finally the troops are filed through the feeding lines and the routine of the camp becomes subdued
                 and quiet. After the rush of serving and initial cleaning up is under way the cook looks at the food that isn't served and
                 that can not be properly cared for when the camp is to be broken down and moved ater breakfast the next day. He
                 makes this know to Cessa, and she agrees to look over what can not be safely stored until the next meal. She smiles at
                 the cook's consternation and says; 'is this all you are worring about? I have not eaten yet, and didn't plan to eat until
                 everyone else had to reduce the load on your provisions. This will fill in the few remaing cavities in my digestive tract with
                 no problem or overloading.' The cook's expression gives Cessa a surprise and pleasure as she assures him that yes she
                 can comfortable tuck that much away on an even full stomach. That is when the cook's jaw almost drops off of his face.
                 'Ah... A... A.... How much can or should I say do you eat?' 'That all depends upon the circumstances;' She replies with a
                 wide grin spreading across her face. My kind have been know to eat 80% of their body weight on a regular schedule,
                 and have even manged 130% upon occasion, but the interval in between feedings is pushed a bit further apart. Then
                 again it also depends upon how strenuous and aerobic activity is in volved between the feedings. The amount of food you
                 are worried about would be considered an appitizer for the most average of our kind. You are beholding someone that is
                 well above the average size for our kind. Unconsciously she licks her lips as she remembers her most recent meals and
                 the aromas that have been present through out the whole evening meal.' 'Please forgive me my forwardness' replies the
                 cook, 'when you have finished off the leftovers may I please get close to you and hug you beautifully stuffed form, without
                 offending you?' Cessa recognizes a coneseur of large bodied women when she meets one and quietly says that it would
                 be just fine, and if he would like when the clean up is finished he can feed her if it is his wish. The cook nearly stumbles
                 over himself at this suggestion and is so choked up with emotion that words fail to express his interest and wish to take
                 advantage of her offer. But his body language says it all, and Cessa doesn't miss so much as a syllable of it. The extra
                 food stuffs from the meal are manuvered over to the edge of the cooking area where Cessa has set up her planned
                 sleeping area. After arranging her things and manuvering her massive body into a position to consume the leftovers she
                 lets the cook do the serving. The containers have been removed from their sources of heat for sometime and have
                 approached a reasonable temperature for consuming. The Cook doesn't know how to proceed, and look questioningly
                 at the rather large pot she brought over with her. She smiles and says the serving spoons are much to small to feed her
                 this before it cools too much. She is within arms reach of caldrons and the cook takes a pot in each hand as per her
                 instruction and is simply amazed that she can practically take the whole pot full in one swallow. And he thought how am I
                 going to control the flow into her mouth with such a clumsy serving tool. He is finding he can not scoop and dump fast
                 enough to keep up with her consuming ability. Soon two of three cauldrons are so empty that it is impossible to get any
                 more out with even a regular serving spoon. She makes very quick work of the third one as well. He gets the scullery
                 crew to remove the empty containers to be washed and readied for the next morning, while he makes good on his wish
                 to snuggle into soft and protruding belly he so recently helped to fill. He marvels at how much her capacity must really be.
                 Then he hesitently asks if he might spend the rest of the night with her? How can she say no to a round bodied lover? Of
                 course she says it is ok, and then asks; 'Aren't you worried about me have some sort of food binge dream and ingesting
                 you too?' His face shows no sign of fear, but of pure lust and passion which does her heart good. After getting
                 themselves arranged comfortable, he explores her anatomy and fondles her seeming arces of soft pliable flesh. All the
                 while getting more and more sexually arroused. She helps him off with his clothes, and he climbs under her wide spread
                 cape to seek more erogenous anatomy. It isn't too very long when Cessa feels his excited male member entering her sex
                 opening. Then she really begins to enjoy his ministrations to her already arroused body. The rhythm starts out slow and
                 insistant allowing her time to match his level of excitement. He slows down and pauses for a minute of two and then
                 resumes picking up the coordinated motion that was generated before. The cook contiues to massage her abdomen and
                 lower belly and can not quite reach her breasts to further her arrousal. So she assists his efforts and again matches her
                 progress to the sumit of shared mutual passion. She can feel her arrousal begin to cascade over into climax, her
                 involentary motions push him over the brink and they nearly climax simultaneously. The coordinated motion slows down
                 to a soothing rocking motion and the afterglow of their efforts flows over them like an invisible blanket. Before they are
                 even aware of it the both slip into peaceful slumber in each others embrace. She is holding him to her well filled belly and
                 he is laying upon the most comfortable sleeping surface in days. Cessa's senses are aroused by the actions and
                 movements of something in her immediate vicinity. In her accostomed manner she monitors her surrondings and then
                 opens her eyes to see a darkly clad figure adding some kind of liquid to the cooking pots that have been cleaned and
                 prepped for the next meal. Her senses also tell her the cook is still blissfully sleeping his rest period away in luxurious
                 comfort. The odor and manner of the sneaking figure is not like any that Cessa has seen within this camp of searchers.
                 The figure quickly finishes his task and silently escapes without detection in the direction of the stream. Cessa feels the
                 snuggling motions of her lovers slumber and notices that the time is moving closer to early morning. She gently attracts his
                 attentions by gradually awakening him. Of course like most men, his awakening is also accompanied by his involuntary
                 sexual arrousal too. While still mostly asleep he wispers to her; 'could you really swallow me whole?' So she asks: 'What
                 would it take for you to believe me, a demonstration?' He sleepily looks into eyes and slowly nods his head yes. Then he
                 whispers for her ears only: 'It will be a closely guarded secret that will stay with me to my grave.' She smiles and says to
                 him 'You do not know how correct those words might turn out to be.' Instead of those words being a descouragement,
                 they only inflame his fantasy and wishes to know the truth. Cessa explains that there is not much time before the freakfast
                 fires and preparations need to be started to avoid any undue attention to their shared intimacies. Since he is already fully
                 naked and hidden from view he asks her what does he need to do to have the proof. She simply smiles and tells him to
                 back up to her mouth feet first. Ever so gently she feeds his toes and feet in between her warm and moist lips. He scoots
                 back a bit farther and she swallows what is in her mouth already. The scoot and swallow routine continues through a few
                 more cycles. Before the cook realises how far he has progressed, he feels her tongue and lips encounter and stimulate is
                 already excited male organ. As she starts to set up a regular rhythm, his involuntary bucking continues to feed his hips
                 and stomach into her mouth and throat. As his level of excitement approaches climax her sympathetic reaction drives her
                 to climax as well. With their mutual sexual movements enforcing one another he reaches climax at about the same time as
                 Cessa, which also coincides with the top of his head passing over her lips and his shoulders deep within the confines of
                 her throat. The bucking motion continues of its own momentum at this point and greatly assists with his envelopment in
                 her throat and torso. His lower extremities are already within the confines of her enlarging belly and she is lost in the
                 throws of climax of a living meal. She swallows several times involuntarily, driving him further into her ready and waiting
                 stomach. By the time reason starts to return and she takes stock of the situation she discovers that the cook is completely
                 with in her body and just his upper arms have not finished clearing the ring of muscle she uses to guard her digestive tract.
                 By the time her full recognition returns her jaw, throat, and upper torso have already resumed their normal proportions. If
                 someone had been present to see her at this moment, they would only notice a bit of a bulge within her already expsnaive
                 belly and have no indication of what had just traversed her throat and lips. In succumbing to the after glow of her fantastic
                 climax, she feels the last portions of the cook slip completely with her waiting digestive tract, comfortably filling out any
                 emptinesses that may have developed during the preceding rest period. Looking down she sees her arms comfortably
                 wrapped around her belly bulge where the cook is resting so sensually comfortable. The finnally realizing just what has
                 happened she calls out to the cook; 'Are you alright? Please do not, answer but continue to hold your breath for a bit.
                 Now while you are in this position do you begin to comprehend the enormous capacity of Lamia digestive tract?' She can
                 feel him trying to shake his head in the afirmative. She adds; 'Is this the fantasy and experience you have always longed
                 for?' again the affirmative confirmation. 'Well, what happens if I like how you feel with in my belly, would you willing wish
                 to remain in there and be absorbed by my rather well-fleshed body?' Once again the confirmation is felt in an even more
                 vigorous manner than she had expected. She then sxplains; 'This may become uncomfortable as you are moved back up
                 my esophigal path and back into the living world, but bear with me.' Cessa relaxes her throat and jaw muscle and
                 ligaments meant to ingest 'not free' her meals. Her powerful abdominal muscle contractions are directed at her digestive
                 tract and not her storage belly. Slowly she can feel him rising into upper belly and lower throat, until she can feel his
                 hands and arms quickly progress from the muscle lined valve into the back of her throat. A couple more contractions and
                 she feels his body follow and rapidly rise and begin to exit her body, much faster than the controlled descent. As he is
                 fully expelled from her body and lies gasping upon the outside of her soft and comfortable belly, she explains; 'I have
                 much less control over how you exit my body than how you enter. I am designed to eat not release my meals.' She grins
                 at him and begins to help him clean off the digestive juices that have coated his skin and have started to cause some
                 minor irritations. As his breath is gradually returned to a more normal rate he breathlessly states: 'That was one of the
                 most enjoyable and sexually satisfying adventures in my entire life. That is the way I wish die, not rotting away in some
                 relative's back room dying by one agonizing minute followed by another. Or from some other equally slow method
                 because of some wound received in battle.' She looks lovingly into his eyes and states: 'You had best be careful what you
                 wish for it just might come true, and you just may pass this way again.' He just looks up at her adoringly and renews his
                 hugging of her. Then he looks at her in all earnestness and says. 'Can you tell me if you know what may have happened
                 to Shorty's sister? I just keep hoping that she didn't disappear into some dark magicians hole and will be tortured and
                 abused or worse.' She looks at him and can see he is totally and completely taken with her as a lover and complete ally.
                 She nods her head in an affirmative manner, and states that her second live meal just seemed to beg to be eaten by her,
                 even though one was plenty for nurishment at the time. Please do not be angry with for such action against innocents.
                 Almost violently the Cook, Harve, seeks to reassure her that what she has done was more like a merciful and loving
                 service for the two that disappeared from the river bank. He had heard gossip spreading that these specific people were
                 going to be singled out as and be blamed for the same crimes that the two escaped prisoners were going to be executed
                 for some four days ago. In addition this would greatly reduce the anxiety that shorty was most worried about. Then
                 Harve went on to assure her that this secret of hers would not be revealed even to Shorty by him, but wished to have
                 permission to assure Shorty that his sister would suffer no shame in public and died a peaceful yet useful way. Cessa
                 agrees with this line of reasoning knowing that she can trust his discretion and concern for a long time friend. Now it was
                 Cessa's turn to look perplexed and troubled about the way things were shaping up in the region. While she is mulling over
                 the impact of the words Harve just muttered, he gets fully dressed and starts the mornings cook fires and rousts up the
                 cooking crew. The events of the evening and early morning encounter with Harve have put Cessa into a contemplative
                 mood and she proceeds to clean and tidy herself up by visiting the nearby stream for washing and seeing to her other
                 personal elimination needs. While there she can see the indentation left in the sand of some sort of flat bottomed water
                 craft. As she puzzels over this development it dawns on her what she had witnessed earlier that morning before Harve
                 and her became involved in each others fantasies. She finishes up her task and puts her belongings in order and heads
                 back to the cooking area. As she arrives she catches Harve's attention and signals for him to join her for a minute while
                 she gathers up the makings for some tea. Her utensils are safe since the mug and makings are from her own cache of
                 stores. Shortly Harve joins her for a minute during a lull in the perperation activities. She motions for him to draw even
                 closer to her cloak covered human form. 'I don't have any time for more fun and games right now.' She shushes him and
                 says in a voice only he can hear; 'Do not eat any of the food you are preparing in the regular cauldrons and kettles this
                 morning.' Quizically he looks up at her and says: 'Are you daft, I am just about starving as it is.' Quickly she continues
                 with her narative and explains the early morning visitor that the camp had before they had engaged in their mutually
                 shared fantasy. In addition she mentions the trail of foot prints that she saw on the streams bank and impression of the flat
                 bottomed boat on the sand. Now his eyes grow large and fearful... and he asks: 'Were you observed or spotted by this
                 operative? This will alter the traveling plans for today then, we will be right here tonight too.' She indicated a negative
                 with a very slight motion of her head. Then wishes that he would bring her a sampling of the foods that are prepared in
                 the general use cooking utensils. Harve's eye brows go up but he agrees to comply. She assures him that she only wants
                 a very small sampling of what everyone else in the camp was to be seved, no more that a half a small spoon full. Harve
                 complies with her wishes and brings her the small platters he used to rest the serving utensils on. She is stationed near the
                 scullery and is already cleaning up some of the other uncontaminated cook ware. When the samples make their way to
                 her vicinity she pauses and begins to test the contents in a casual yet seriptious manner. She soon discovers that the
                 additive to the cooking pots is all identical and unchanged by cooking heats. As her examination continues she discovers
                 that there is no poisonous components present, but a definite hallucinigen in very minute quantities can be detected. Next
                 she notices some of the last nights left over containers didn't get washed after Harve had fed her before retiring. She
                 continues her washing activities and then gets a relief after a considerable mountain of is finished. then she casually goes
                 over to the previous nights impliments and tests them in the same way. Again the contaminant is present in very small
                 traces, the same way with the officer's utensils. She feigns exhaustion and proceeds to retire from the busy cooking and
                 washing areas. Instead of just going over to her chosen rest area she grab a couple of the large water jars and then heads
                 to the stream to refill them. On her way back as she sets down the containers Harve approaches her. She doesn't wait
                 for him to ask, but tells him the details of what she is sure of, and that there may well be some magical component
                 present also. At this his eye brows go up and he exhales his breath in a long low whistle. She produces a small leather
                 pouch of herbs that she then sprinkles into her own private water container and asks him to take ten swallows. She then
                 does the same thing in turn. There is no immediate effects felt. They proceed back to the washing area again and meet up
                 with Shorty. He seems some what less troubled than the day before. Harve has her pour a mug's measure of her personal
                 water holder and gets Shorty to drink the whole thing down without question. After a couple more hours the preparations
                 for the noon early afternoon meal are begun. And Again Cessa gets drafted into providing some additional help to offset
                 her provision consumption. Instead of eating what the majority of the searchers have served to them she is given those
                 components that are of insuficient quantity to make a meal for the rest of the crews. Since she doesn't really need to have
                 the same thorough preparation that others need she just ingests what she wants or has comfortable room for. Some
                 where during the intervening time that she has worked with Shorty and Harve it comes to her attention that all of the
                 search crews are cycled through this mobile kitchen and that they are all being subject to the hallucinagen. When she
                 brings this to Harve's attention he only confirms it and shrugs his shoulders as to how to correct it without jepordizing his
                 well being to the powers behind the scene who are trying to accomplish some sinister activity. After another brief period
                 of idleness Cessa finds that she is again hard at work preparing the evening meal for the numerous searchers under the
                 control of the powers that be. This whole day she has been mulling over what is the ultimate objective of the Magistrates,
                 then with a flash of brilliance she discovers that it may not be the Magistrates at all. The pieces are starting to fit together
                 for her. She seems to recall some behind the scenes struggle between the larger ruling powers trying to undermine the
                 power base of the other kingdom. Finally dinner is over and the vast majority of clean up is finished. Harve and Shorty
                 get called away to the officers mess and the work of the cook area gradually grinds to a halt. Cessa informs Harve that
                 she is going to take up an observers position down by the stream in a hidden location. She will hang around the kitchen
                 area for a while, but if he gets delayed and returns to find her gone she will leave signal in his bed role that he will not
                 mistake. In the rush of the events and work of the day Cessa goes about her routine in a casual manner, when in fact she
                 is actually laying traps for the unwanted intruder. When all is set she leaves behind a ring of Harve's that got dislodged in
                 their early morning love making and fantasies. She works her way out of the camp's perimeter without even the guards
                 being aware of such a large being's presence. Once in the darkened fields far away from the fires, she head's directly to
                 the stream and takes up a position that overlooks the most likely part of the bank to put any kind of floating device
                 ashore. She arranges her body in a comfortable patern noticing how nicely her flesh billows and flows together and
                 smoothly contured her belly and upper torso have melded together. With that thought still fresh in her mind she realizes
                 she has not even thought about her inner belly's contents all day. It astonishes her that nearly a full twenty-four hour
                 period has passed and she hasn't even thought about her traveling companions. For just a moment she focuses inward
                 and monitors their condition. They are in full hibernation and will stay that way until she takes some sort of directed
                 action. Then she physcially examines her nicely fleshed body by running her sensitive fingers and hands all around and
                 over her torso and gently rounded shape. Their distinguishing bulge has completely disappeared and is unnoticeable to
                 even a trained healer, such as herself. It is only her inner knowledge that lets her explore the location that they have taken
                 up residence in. Some what surprising to her is the fact the they migrated down her torso much more than she thought
                 possible and are below the region where her human and serpent forms merge. Their displacement, bulk, and mass is still
                 completely unnoticeable and even illuded her initial examination. She had begun to think that she had already transferred
                 them over to her digestive tract and had started to process them to become a part of her magnificent mass. They no
                 longer altered her movement rhythms in the water or her negotiation over land and through tight confining spaces like the
                 dungeon's halls where she originally made their acquaintence a few days ago. What continued to surprize her was the
                 way her body had adapted to their presence and accepted them as though they were actually her flesh and not
                 completely seperate beings totally foreign to her anatomy. She had heard some accient tales of her ancesters that she
                 thought were just stories about how some companions who had been eaten and stored within the belly of Lamia's of old
                 were kept there so long that they were no longer able to be set free. They were not assimilated by digestion, but never
                 the less became an intergral part of the hosts anatomy and were completely undetectable by any form of examination
                 short of disection at death. The story that came to her mind was one that she had utterly dismissed as total fantasy
                 concerned one of her own genetic predecessors. As Cessa remebers this unbelievable story, she has found and
                 completely settled into her observing position and ceased all outward movement except for the regular and silent
                 movements involved with breathing. Her automatic senses are on alert to her surroundings while her inner mental faclties
                 are reviewing her the most recent events to take place in her life. She would almost be consider slumbering, for all of this
                 is taken place while her body goes about the normal digesting and recuperating processes of all living things. Nothing
                 occurs in her immediately detectable area for many hours of the late evening and early morning. While in this dream like
                 state she remembers some of the details of her ancient ancestors. She was something like a legendary grand mother
                 figure for the region branch of her family. She too had ventured forth on many an adventure in the early days of her life to
                 complete her training, which included experiencing how many of the other sentient species of her world went about their
                 lives and died and passed on the knowledge to the succeding gernerations. When Serna's journeying was complete she
                 returned to inherited lands and holdings; she started to acquire servants and helpers to take care of the routine tasks
                 associated with running an estate. She even had representatives that would carry her authority to distand places she had
                 once visited while on her original sojourn. She had arranged her life to allow her a fair measure of liesure time doing the
                 things she enjoyed doing. Among these were sunning her self in the early afternoon's warmth, also the swimming in her
                 secluded and beautiful pond that adjoined her personal quarters. Since there was an organization in place operating
                 orderly, her attention to its needs were somewhat minimal. One of the features of the story that seemed so implausible
                 about the ancester Serna was her supposedly massive size. As Cessa reflected on this one detail alone she made a
                 mental calculation and determined that even her well fleshed state, with hidden companions in her body right now and all,
                 Cessa was still less than half the diameter of this ancestor and considerably shorter to boot. Part of the tale made mention
                 of the dimensions of her curled up body laying only two layers high was taller that then heads of most horses, and her coil
                 had a diameter of about twenty feet. This was a staggering length of nearly ninety feet if stretched out in one long line. Her
                 body's diameter was said to aproach nearly five feet in some places, but seemed some what uniformly contoured and
                 tapered like all other of her spicies. Some of the boastful chapters describing her prowess included that digestive capacity
                 to consume, without interuption, a minimum of thirty, six foot tall large bodied humans of either sex and scarcely show
                 their existance by bulges within her skin's surface. To support just such a claim there was the legend that developed
                 around some sort of sporting event held by a nearby community of humans. Two opposing teams would be chosen to
                 play (perform) for this August person, Serena, and the winning team was invited to join her household. The losing team
                 would return to the community and make certain that all would know of the details of the contest. Of course there were
                 the usual observers and spectators who would coroborate the whole of the contest. That was a most believable turn of
                 events. The remainder of the story that was kept as a closely guarded family secret is this. The winners would be invited
                 to a victory celebration in the inner chambers of Serena's residence and then would never be seen or heard from again.
                 Serena would continue with her usual daily schedule after the celebration as if nothing unusual had occurred within the
                 privacy of her chambers. She would continue with her meetings and meals and sunning and swimming just like usual. The
                 report of the party was preserved in a secret diary that was passed on from generation to generation. The abreviated tale
                 indicated that the team was an mix of both male and female team mates. They were treated to the most delectible
                 gourmet treats and no expense was spared. Included among the entrys was a certain amounts of sexually stimulating
                 ingredients, as well as intoxicants that reduced inhibitions but did not dull the senses. The more that Cessa reviewed the
                 scene described, the more it sounded like some kind of wild sex orgy, but there was some controlling restraint, for when
                 the servants entered the chambers the next day no damage to property could be found. Just the clothing and personal
                 effects of the team that had celebrated with Serena the night before. The diary account indicated that the teams members
                 deepest fantasies were satisfied during that evenings celebration. One of the most common themes mentioned in these
                 fulfilled fantasies was of being swallowed whole and alive while still engaged in various acts of procreation. The most
                 startling aspect to the celebration is the start and conclusion times. It all began shortly after sunset, all of the shutters and
                 windows were draped and secured. The participants could choose any partner to share the evening with, and not be
                 limited to only their first choice until the fantasies began to be fulfilled. Once that part of the program began then the
                 pairings became more or less permanent. Once this decision was firmed up the celebration would rapidly conclude and
                 all would become quiet once more within the inner chambers. No one that was not present would have knowledge of
                 that fact though, everything was completely sound proofed and shrouded in some type of magical dampening field. In the
                 hour or two that this final phase took place all fifteen pairs of ahteletes would willingly give themsleves over the Serena's
                 ravenous appetite and join her fully fleshed formed willingly while engaged in full blown sexual intercourse to the full view
                 of all present. The order of selection was not as haphazard as one might think. Each was chosen for a specitic order
                 according to screening process that was never fully disclosed in the diaries. The only noticeable difference in Serena's
                 routine the following day was a much longer time spent in sun bathing. Her form, though massive, still appeared smooth
                 and streamed lined as ever. One final and parting snippet recalled was the appearance of several successive teams
                 leaders that would put in an honorary appearance before the begining of the game. The contest between the teams would
                 begin, Serena would be followed by the captains into her chambers, and then reappear shortly there after and the
                 captains would not be seen again for perhaps many months time. Each time the captains would make their appearance
                 they seemed to be preserved at exactly the same state of maturity and physical well beinging. This inspite of many months
                 or even, as in several cases, years later. There was one incident where the captains of a decade earlier were present to
                 usher in the contestants. Cessa is snapped back to the present as relization begins to dawn upon her, her present
                 occupants may very well represent what may have taken place in her ancient ancestor's private chambers. Well, with that
                 mystery explored a bit more thoroughly, Cessa decides to devote more of her energies to discovering just what sort of
                 unhealthy activities are behind the unusual dark activities that seem to be adversely affected the lives of so many common
                 folk. She feels a momentary stab of conscience as the full feeling withing her belly reminds her of the most enjoyable
                 occupants she is going to ignore for the immediate foreseeable future. As that thought is expressed in her mind she plants
                 a tickler thought to remind her to check upon the companions safely stored in four months time. The situation appears to
                 be much more involved than originally believed, and there are many factors and needs to be taken care of. These will
                 demand all of her mental and emotional resources to deal with fairly. Her present involvement with Harve, and possible
                 inclusion of Shorty too will cover her immediate emotional requirements. Her autonomic muscle and nervous sytems will
                 care for the needs of her most enjoyable meal of several days ago. There is no safe pace for them to go to escape the
                 ensuing conditons that have so mercilessly gripped this normally peaceful land. Their existance within her body has
                 become so normal that she has to make herself recall their presence and actual existence. They have become like so
                 many meals before them, just memories that have been processed through her digestive tract and end up contributing to
                 her growing full-fleshed form. With that conclusion reached, she lets the exploratory dream come to a conclusion and
                 resumes a much deeper and more restful form of slumber. The hour is still very early in the morning with no unusual
                 developments taking place for her senses to rouse her from much need rest. The mornig sun comes and its warmth
                 arouses her to full wakefulness. Since reaching her heartfelt conclusion the night before, Cessa goes through her morning
                 washing and cleansing ritual without any particular notice of condition or surroundings, except knowing that she needs to
                 decipher just what is the source of the negative turn of events. She heads back to the camp cooking area and finds a row
                 of supply wagons recently arrived and being unloaded by all who are available. She grabs a generous serving or two of
                 some of the breakfast leftovers and tests them for the previouly discovered contaminants and senses none present. After
                 making short work of the sizeable meal she joins an existing work party and helps with the storing of provisions. In a few
                 hours the food prep people break away and put the finishing touches on the mid day meal. By the time the meal is served
                 and finished and searchers are sent out into the surrounding lands she gets a chance to trade a few words with Harve.
                 'No one approached the camp from the river last night. The food that was leftover from breakfast was not altered in any
                 way and completely safe. Can you tell what sort of plans are to be carried out?' Harve quietly informs her: 'The latest
                 word is that we are to spend another day and night here at this location and then move closer to the next sizable village of
                 Greenwedge. You are most welcome to accompany us, both the Captain and Colonel would feel better about you
                 joining us. It seems that some of the harmful effects of the substance you found in our food is having less affect by its
                 displacement with other clean nourishment.' Cessa informs him that she is going to return to her place of observation by a
                 circuitous route while at the same time scouting around the entire encampment area searching for the pecular odor she
                 sensed when the food was contaminated. She gives Harve a quick squeeze and leaves the cooking area. While making
                 her way around the encampment nothing out the ordinary is found and she makes several detours to get back to her
                 listening post without being noticed and proceeds to slumber and prepare for an all night vigil. In a matter of minutes she
                 is asleep and doesn't awaken until just after dinner time. She retires to the cooking and food area without distrubing the
                 surrounding ground cover and serves herself a very generous helping of the evening meals leftovers. Then proceeds to
                 relieve the present tired washer. By the time it is full dark all the extra equipment is stowed away and made ready for
                 traveling the following day. Greendwedge is nearly three days travel time from this location. The numerous deputized
                 searchers who initially joined the regular militia have been dismissed and to return to their homes from the vicinity of the
                 town where the original prisoners have escaped. The search is not ended just moved and modified. The equipment and
                 food stuffs needed for the morning are streamed lined. This way the additional reserves can get a good meal and then
                 return to their homes in the daylight hours. Cessa finishes up and hugs both Shorty and Harve and then goes to her post
                 for observation. In each case she has moved to a bit different location that would give a similar advantage of observation
                 without being seen. She has cleverly disguised her previous waiting points so as to not give away her intentions. Once
                 settled into position she lightly and alertly rests until morning, and still no sign of the intruder from the previous vist. By the
                 time she does her morning routine the majority of the reserves had started gathering to make the return trip home. She
                 grabs a few of the things that have remained after the serving of the meal is finished. She is almost certain the both Shorty
                 and Harve have saved some of these delectibles back just for her meal. So she slowly savors them and finishes up by
                 hungrily swallowing all of the unconsumed food from breakfast and enjoys the full roundness of her modestly full belly.
                 Then she proceeds the washup area and puts the finishing touches on the cleanup needs. Cessa finally locates the group
                 captain and determines the direction of the next few days march. The route they will be taking parallels the stream she
                 has become so fond of traveling in. She makes note of where the evening camp is to be set up and proceeds to inform
                 her friends from the kitchen she will probably not make contact with them until later that afternoon when then camp is
                 setup. She give her favorites a departing hug or two. She then makes one final round of the camp searching out any
                 foreign or unusual presence before going to the stream and proceeding up current to the next camping location. Her plan
                 is to get ahead of the main body of the militia and watch from seclusion their progress over land and leap frog their
                 position as they pass her observation point. This whole strategy was agreed upon by both the captain and colonel. The
                 next three days go off just like clock work. she joins the camp by late afternoon from her observation points and joins in
                 the meal preparation, consumption, and cleanup. She then retires to remote location that she doesn't directly go to and
                 maintains a watchful vigil from. She has a couple of secret rendevous with her friends in the cooking crew, but she limits
                 her involvement to sexual foreplay and intercourse. No swallowing and dismissal of restraints that she engaged in with
                 Harve on that first night. There seemed to be too much riding on the welfare of all the lands inhabitants to blunt her senses
                 for personal pleasures and miss an opportunity to discover who is behind the slow destruction of this once prosperous
                 people. In the events of watching, traveling, eating, and interacting with the militia Cessa's time has been one of non-stop
                 activity that has awakened her appetite and has proceeded to tone up fully fleshed form. Her upper torso is still pleasingly
                 soft and enjoyable to the touch. Her meals seem to settle into her belly with greater ease and her physical conditioning
                 has continued to improve. On the eve of the third day arriving near the outskirts of Greenwedge she takes up secluded
                 post for vigilence outside of the normal sentry postings just like usual. Near midnight she awakens for no alarming
                 reasons. The night is enjoyable and quiet and she can see the myriads of stars the cover the vast over head valt of sky
                 visible to her from where she watches. Her thoughts turn inward to her now silent and dormant traveling companions.
                 She does a cursory examination of her anantomy, the first in several days. To her surprize she can not even locate the
                 position they have settled into. Experimentally she monitors her internal anatomy mentally and discovers they have moved
                 a considerable distance along her powerful length. The regular meals and exercise have begun to take affect making her
                 belly muscles and traveling sinews not only more endurable but flexible in ways she never believed possible. Normally
                 she would move from one place to another and then spend several weeks enjoying her lesiure. The constant exercise has
                 changed the distribution of her mass to some degree, adding to her already alluring beauty. She discovers they are now
                 contained well within the serpentine portion of her anatomy almost half way along her length. Before, when she first
                 swallowed them, they were within easy reach just below her middle belly area on her human torso portion. Now she had
                 to feel down the length of her considerable body to locate them just above her sexual access slit. This first night passes
                 by without so much as hair on her head being blown out of place. She takes care of her necessary morning routine and
                 heads into camp to see what can be had for the morning meal. She finds herself a generous share of tasty food stuffs and
                 packs them away in no time and proceeds to help finish off the clean up duties. After the cleanup is finished she seeks out
                 Harve and asks about shorty. She has not seen him since early the day before. She is directed to group of buildings near
                 the outskirts of the village. She proceeds there to see how Shorty is managing and to find out if anything is possibly
                 wrong. Upon finding the proper residence where Shorty is staying she proceeds to sleeping quarters where her
                 instructions indicate. There she enters a darkened room and finds two reclining and quiet humans. They arise at her
                 approach and discover it is Cessa and nothing to be alarmed at. Shorty introduces Cessa to his younger half sister, Sible,
                 who is a virtual slave to the thoughtless estate manager. She is a young and beautiful woman of nearly twenty years with
                 dry tear streaks on her pleasantly plumg cheeks. She is no skinny and weakling woman mind you, but one of stout
                 proportions and great beauty. This is not to say she is fat by any means, just of strong and large development. Shorty tells
                 of how he wished there was some way of getting her out of this unhealthy situation where she would not be subject to the
                 heartless whims of the unfeeling nor caring house manager. Sible cuddles into Cessa's arms for a few minutes and begins
                 to shed tears of torment as she describes some of the inhumane things she is called upon to do regularly. These tasks are
                 in addition to her regular household duties. Shorty leaves the room and leaves the two women together after he closes the
                 door to her quarters. Sible explains that even death would be preferrable to the conditions she lives in. She had
                 overheard the manager talking to some unsavory strangers who had passed this way a week ago and were due back in
                 another couple of days. They were negotiating a price with the manager to obtain her indentureship and take her with
                 them to some place a great distance from the regularly frequented trade routes. The conversation became hushed and she
                 only picked up a couple more words before almost being discovered at listening in. The phrases 'forcing her', 'breaking
                 her spirit', and 'breading her' were all she heard without more explaination. Sible approaches and embraces Cessa in firm
                 and loving embrace. Then she very softly mumbles into Cessa's ear: 'What am I to do?' Cessa asks her how seriously is
                 she considering death as an alternative to staying here in this miserable place. What would she be willing to endure to get
                 away from such harmful conditions? Sible tells her they have kept her in this room in the dark since the strangers passed
                 through here and even make her eat in this confining space. She doesn't even own or have access to a dangerous
                 implement of any sort so as to inflict any bodily harm upon herself to thwart her 'sale' to the unsavory ones. Cessa gives
                 her a few tasks that seem simple minded at first glance, but actually measure the depth of courage and determination of a
                 person's emotional make up and how they will handle anxiety producing situations. Sible tells Cessa that Shorty
                 mentioned that maybe there was anohter alternative out of this, but wouldn't give any details. Cessa says that desparate
                 circumstances require drastic steps and was she ready to take that leap of faith? Sible then asks her will it be painful, this
                 alternative that her half brother mentioned. Cessa smiles and then licks her lips and asks her if she is afraid of hearing
                 what Shorty and Cessa have proposed to do. Sible shakes her head in the negative not trusting her voice to words.
                 Cessa then tells her Shorty will keep the house staff and servants away from this portion of the dwelling for the next while
                 with stories of the things he has seen in the last campaign. In that time she suggests to Sible this plan. If Sible can put trust
                 in her and willingly subject herself to being eatened by her she can get her out of the house. Sible doesn't cryout in alarm,
                 but her facial expression tells the story of her thoughts. She bravely doesn't back away, but is fearful just the same from
                 such an unconventional suggestion. She voices these concerns. Cessa asks her well what are your alternatives? Your
                 passing will be quick and enjoyable. You will have to trust me to do what is best for all concerned, and that may mean
                 her digestion and becoming a part of the full-fleshed body of the Lamia. Sible shudders one more time and then snuggles
                 closer to Cessa's human appearing anatomy. Then she says what do you need me to do? 'First off, clothing makes me
                 very ill, so undrss completely, then recline with your feet facing me. You will be conscious within me for atleast the next
                 two full days. The stir that your disappearance will cause around here will not settle down for perhaps several weeks in
                 the future. Is this something you are ready to give into my control? Please remember that this is only a flesh and blood
                 person talking and as such is subject to temptation and whims too. Does this bother you?' Sible quickly strips off her
                 clothing in a flash and only has one small gold chain and delicate carving still on her body. 'Dose this need to come off
                 too? It is pure gold so should not react with anything with in you' Cessa shakes her head she understand and it will be all
                 right to leave it on. Sible then again approaches her for one final embrace and then reclines with her feet up to Cessa lips,
                 watching anxiously and she sees the lower jaw unhinge and drop easily taking in her toes and feet up to the ankes in just
                 moments. Cessa then gently guides her legs in the her mouth and gets her feet started down her powerful throat. Sible
                 slides forward almost eagerly wanting to disappear into Cessa's massive and beautiful body. As her genital area gets with
                 reach of Cessa's hands she starts massaging her vaginal opening and getting her already moist lips to accept more direct
                 stimulation. Before very long Sible is begins to develop sympathetic movements that blend in with Cessa swallowing of
                 her body. Sible's body motions are becoming even more insistent and she is disappearing more quickly down the
                 undulating and expanding throat visible before her. Her hips are already stretching Cessa's mouth wide and Sible's hands
                 are continuing to bring her closer to the climax she only imagined possible a few minutes earlier. Cessa's tongue has not
                 been idle but has worked its way over all the anatomy it can reach and the slippery saliva of her mouth is continuing to
                 coat the smooth firm skin that is rather quickly disappearing her throat. Sible's movements start to take on an urgency of
                 their own and her body slips even quicker down Cessa's throat, within moments only Sible's face and nose are still visible
                 between the slowly closing lips. A couple more good swallows and Sible is well on her way to joining Cessa's other living
                 guests. With another couple of swallows Sible is completel passed the muscular valve that has closed off access to the
                 digestive tract. By this time Sibles reaches her climax and moves with much greater force than she thought possible.
                 Cessa's throat and mouth return to normal as she experiences her first climax. Sible's followup motions let her settle into a
                 comfortable position relatively high in the storage belly. Sible cannot feel the existance of any other occupants in the
                 special part of Cessa's anatomy, as far as she is concerned she is the first one in here. As Cessa lays back and helps her
                 meal settle into its new home, Shorty returns and asks if there is anything he can do. Cessa just looks up at him in a
                 seductive way and within moments he is carressing her breasts and stroking her female opening getting ready to enter her.
                 His disrobing doesn't take but a few moments. Soon he is fully inserted within her vagina and setting up a rhythm that
                 allows her to reach clmax again. This combines with stomach's muscles to fully seat Sible's full bodied figure more deeply
                 within her belly to mask its mass and allow a more natural body motion as Cessa moves about. As the two of them
                 continue their climb to climax, Sible begins to experience the after glow of her orgasm, and is rocked into slumber from
                 the host and lovers ministrations going on around her. Soon she is unconscious and isn't even aware of the almost violent
                 orgasm that occurs next. This culmination of exertion of smooth and reflexive muscle continue to more complete seat her
                 into her new residence for the next few weeks. Cessas tissues begin to mold around Sible's body almost immediately and
                 smooth out the contours of her body. In the after glow of their love making both Shorty and Cessa fall into a brief and
                 deep slumber that remains undesturbed until they awaken on their own. Perhaps two hours have elapsed since Cessa has
                 entered this complex of rooms and courtyards. After obtaining cloths and water the two of them clean up and
                 experimentally see how easily her newest meal will be noticed by observers. Surprisingly even without her cloak
                 wrapped around her the bulges that represent Sible's form are nearly unnoticable to even the trained eye. Shorty is
                 amazed at her stomach's elastic capabilities and wishes he too could join his beautiful half sister inside the warm and
                 comforting confines of this beatiful belly just in front of him. All this time Sible's body is being massaged in the most
                 comforting manner. This helps to maintain the resting body's normal circulation and well as exercises the muscles and
                 prserves them from attrophy. Soon the two have finished their little distraction, Sible is slumbering from her earlier
                 exertions and it is determined that now is a good time to leave the residence she is visiting. She doesn't need to call any
                 undue attention to a distended belly that seems to have a mind of its own while it sways back and forth in front of her
                 while she manuvers her way out of the inner rooms. Cessa need not have worried, the blending is nearly complete and
                 only she really notices anything. Cessa puts on her cloak and straps on her belongings. She takes a few experiemental
                 movements of her pleasingly full bellied body to see how it might sway. She is simply stunned that the exquisite full feeling
                 is within her and no excessive wobbling of her belly is even noticable. She bids good by to Shorty and leaves for the
                 camp. Cessa's mind is on preparing the evening meal. Shorty says he will be leaving within a half hour and will see her
                 soon. The servants are fairly sure from the noises that Shorty is bidding good by to his sister for the last time. While
                 unbeknown to them that very same person is swaying her way gently down the hall within the massive and full belly of the
                 house guest they are showing the nearest exit to. Several minutes later the severants look in on Shorty and see him
                 snuggled up to a form obscured by covers upon Sible's sleeping mat. He motions them to be quiet and gently rolls away
                 from the recling form. He quietly lifts his gear and quickly exits the room with the house servants. They walk him the
                 cumunal exit where he gives his good byes. The servants look in at the form in Sible's room and dim down the lamps and
                 make ready for the night's rest, since she has refused to eat any evening meals for the last two or three months. By the
                 time that Shorty gets back to the camp, he has a brief interval to gulp down some dinner and join Cessa to finish up the
                 evening meal's dishes and do some prep work for the morning meal. He is surprized to find out that the camp will be
                 broken up early in the morning and there will be a cold meal of journey cakes and sunflower seeds. Cessa has obtained a
                 medium size cask of water and pouch full of travel rations for Sible's first (and maybe last) inside meal. She exits the
                 camp and takes up her position and just settles down to enjoy the comfortably full sensations Sible's body gives to her
                 upper torso. Beofre going to rest for the evening, she swallows the leather pouch of travel rations and cask for Sible.
                 Then she just settles down to rest and watch through out the rest of the night. Cessa is simply amazed at how long her
                 guest's slumber has continued. She monitors how things are going on inside of her belly and finds nothing wrong and
                 relaxes into a restful yet watchful sleep. The night passes by without incident and she returns to camp early to assist with
                 the morning ration and helps to break down camp. Within an hour of sunrise they are under way and traveling
                 perpendicular to the stream of the previous week. By the time the household servants go into check on Sible's absence,
                 the company has moved several miles away from Greendwedge. In the ensuing confusion afterward the household
                 manager doesn't find out until the evening and no one has a clue as to her wherabouts, since the attendants were sure that
                 she was asleep on her sleeping mat the previou night. The servants who check her in the morning are different than the
                 ones who were sure that she was there the night before. Another missing person report is then filed and the household
                 manager is wondering just what he is to expect from the unsavory characters who are returning in the next couple of
                 days, at the end of the week. Through out the day Sible's words drift up to Cessa's ears alone and she thanks her for the
                 food and water. Cessa explains that once the waste products start to accumulate within the comfortable confines of her
                 new temporary home she will spend much more time asleep until she goes into a state of hibernation. Cessa also reminds
                 her that she has indeed been eaten as live food. That some how her body was able to make use of her in ways she didn't
                 understand without breaking her down into its molicular parts, and if for what ever reason Cessa does receive a mortal
                 wound before restoring her to full independant consciousness she would never again be an independent sentient being. In
                 others words Sible would never live again like she had lived prior to letting Cessa swallow her down alive as a meal of
                 immense enjoyment. Sible just says that she understands that and doesn't really care if she comes out Cessa's belly ever
                 again. She has never felt so loved and wanted in all of her life. The gentle swaying motion of movements of her body, the
                 massage like sensation that the stomach walls provide to her muscles and skin is like nothing she has ever recalled
                 experiencing before in her life. Cessa feels a wonderful full and satisfied feeling all through out her body down to the
                 smallest part and she passes this thought on to Sible, who merely responds that she can feel it to, then she dozes of an on
                 for the rest of the day, while the culmulitvie hibernation effect starts to take on its earliest effects and she slips into
                 slumber. Cessa gives Shorty a very brief report on how things are going, and he gives her a quick and emotion filled
                 snuggles. By the time evening arrives everyone is ready for some rest and free time from the days trek. The meal routine
                 is worked through in record time and the sentries are posted. Cessa still prefers to sleep outside of the regular camp
                 confines and reflects on the days events. Besides if Sible wants to talk it will be better if there are no evesdroppers. She
                 settles in for the night and trades thoughts with her newest guest for a short while until Sible falls into slumber more easily.
                 Within a brief time Cessa has gone through her personal check list and drifts off into a restful yet aware slumber. There
                 are no unusual occurances and the next morning starts up early again with more traveling to look forward to. Cessa does
                 her best to have a normal routine, but finds this difficult with no large body's of fresh water near by. The meal is fixed,
                 served, and cleaned up after and they are on their way again. By lunch time Cessa notices the Sible has quit talking and
                 has stopped moving almost all together, just like her other occupants. By dinner time that night Her belly contents have
                 shifted around some and there is no way to tell where Sible has finnally settled to. Even to Cessa's touch there appears to
                 be no distinct bulge or form that feels like a recently swallowed meal. After all of the cooking, feeding and cleaning are
                 through Shorty approaches Cessa to find out how Sible is fairing. The answer he gets it a bit disturbing and wants to
                 verfy what he is hearing. Cessa sleeps in camp that night, and Shorty does his level best to see what happened to his
                 sister. No matter how diligently he searches, the mussle tone and sinews that make up Cessa's body and the firm but
                 yeilding layer of fat have completely obscured her rather large and shapely body. He then gets a concerned look upon his
                 face and hesitently asks if she not indeed been absorbed into Cessa's body. Cessa reassurraningly smiles and reports that
                 in a manner of speaking that is what happens to the live meals she swallows down, especially when they spend more than
                 two full days within her body. The familiarizing and absorption in this manner is slower than when she admits them to her
                 digestive tract, but the assimilation is just as complete to outward and inward feelings. She reassures him thought that she
                 can still monitor the mental activity and life signs of the her though, to which she receives a grand smile. They both drift off
                 to sleep, and slumber on until morning. Cessa still maintained watchful set of senses and no intruders were detected.
                 Cessa arises like usual and extracts herself and goes through her routine using a small amount fresh water. She travels
                 some way from the camp to take care of the necessary elimination and checks out her body's muscle tone. Her amply
                 body proportions still proclaim her beauty and sexual allurements. There is not the slightest wobble to her movements
                 that indicate her belly is carrying an extra load of companions, the sway and grace of her body's gate is most graceful.
                 She does a intense physical search and determines that Sible too has slipped down her growing length and girth to settle
                 right next to Christi and Ketra. All Three have uniformly conformed their body contours to her belly with the help of
                 muscles, body fat and other tissues into a streamlined component of her serpentine lower body. The only noticeable
                 difference is the more mature shape her body has taken on through out her length. She is simply ecstatic that her muscle
                 tone and mass have developed so rapidly and uniformly. The constant exercise and regular adequate meals have made a
                 big difference in her appearance. She is certain though, if given the time she could double her mass and return to the
                 much softer texture she had prior to all of this adventure. ---------------------------------------------
                 --------------------------------------------- Over the next several ten day increments the way of life and traveling takes
                 on a mind blurring routine with not many distinguishing events to seprate one day from most any other. Cessa has a
                 companionable relationship with the two cooks, causes less of a stir among the other contingents of the regulars as they
                 work together carrying on assigned duties. Harve and Shorty do not press their intiment acquaintance with her, but do
                 provide a core of acceptance and mutual appreciation of Cessa's presence. The Captain and Colonel have commended
                 her on how her presence has contributed to the total success of the search and protection assignment the land
                 Magistrates have given them. It seems that most of the pressure to have the public example executions of a few tens ago
                 doesn't seem to exist in the open anymore. They have traveled in a zig zag pattern over the land they are sworn to help
                 and protect. They are developing a record of having more successes than failures with the result of a better reputation.
                 Cessa does not feel so confident that her presence alone has contributed to this, but perhaps there is a connection
                 between this success and the absence of the stealthy intruder of so long ago. Her other concerns have to do with the
                 minute magic residuals she senses when they go into an area never visited before. The nearly undetectable indicators are
                 not of recent useage, but do indicate that a large scale operation was there in the not so distance past. She has made
                 both the Colonel and the Captain aware of the events she senses. Ever since she discovered a residual mages trap when
                 entering one area, she has continued travleing near the head of the column when they move their camp, which has been
                 averaging twice in a ten day stretch. By her own recollection keeping track of the days and seasons she has been
                 traveling with regulars for close to three ten day intervals. Shorty hasn't even mentioned Sible in the last two ten day
                 periods, nor even been arpund fpr that matter. He has been a bit busy since being promoted to second cook for the
                 battalion right behind Harve. His duties include traveling to different clusters of habitation to procure suplies. Only about
                 half or less of his time is spent in the camp, the rest is lining up where to get the next load of supplies. Harve chuckles at
                 some private joke about Shoty's new job. He is remembering to himself as shorty went off muttering something a couple
                 of days back, about not liking to deal with up coming communities. They seem to have an unusual addiction to haggeling
                 over almost anything, no matter how petty, and tangling up the deals with local jargon and customs. When Cessa asks
                 what the subdued chuckling is about, Harve looks up surprised to find that she noticed his laughter at all. In a nut shell
                 Harve explains that supply procurement was his old job not so long ago, and he didn't envy Shorty's recently promotion.
                 Especially since The Colonel's special stocks of beverage and snacking foods were low, this is not the most cost effective
                 place to reprovision on those items. Since the overall spirit of the camp dribbled down hill from the upper ranks, it was
                 always best, no matter what the cost to prevent certain parts of the larder form running empty. They were already low,
                 with only a three day supply left (maybe stretching it to five) and a planned seven day stay expected. 'Well, didn't Shorty
                 stock up in the last place?' asks Cessa 'NO! Mostly because there was not a single one for sale to us at the last
                 community. Now notice I said for sale to us, there is some bad blood between the Colonel and that community fathers.
                 They do as little as possible in the way of following the decrees of the Magistrates. They have nothing against the regulars
                 mind you, it is the little things that get to the Colonel that the fathers like to inflict those upon him. I understand Shorty is
                 working on some sort of bargain and will send the supplies back soon enough.' 'Do they not realize that his disposition
                 affects the regulars that are providing them protection that have to suffer his harsh dominance?' replies Cessa 'Like I said
                 they like the regulars just fine, it is an unhappy community that likes neither the magistrates nor the Colonel;' Spits out
                 Harve. 'I have got to get back to some other tasks or this evenings meal will be greatly delayed and that will not go over
                 well.' Thinking about meals Cessa gives her body's reflection the once over when she goes to the stream for water
                 needed in the cleanup phase of food preparation. The image she sees greatly pleases her. If she had seen this image even
                 four ten days ago she would not associate it with herself. Before hauling the water back to camp she takes a quick
                 refreshing dip and relaxes on the bank drying in the sunshine. After an hour or so in the afternoon sun she braces up her
                 mind for the work ahead and starts to haul the water back to the camp. Upon reaching steepest part of the bank a
                 rustling in the thicket next to the path catches her senses. Backing up a bit she sets the heavy jars down on the level place
                 she finds and goes to investigate the noise thinking of how nice a small herbevore would compiment her evenings usual
                 rations. As she approaches the spot again on the path next to the thicket she prepares to secure her dietary supplement.
                 Taking a quick appraisal of the spot she notices that there is only one entrance and exit from this hiding spot. Very
                 carefully she lowers her body torso to the ground in front of this opening and releases her lower jaw and streches her
                 mouth open wide enough to cpature and swallow quickly what ever has taken mistaken refuge in this place. She can
                 smell a mixture of rabbit and dear sents along with fear eminating form this place, possibly sentient verses natural
                 varieties. It wounldn't matter much to her, the rations have been rather boring and definitely not alive. With herself thus
                 positioned in front of the only exit she starts working her sinuous serpentine body portion around the back side of the
                 thicket to drive them out into the open so as to not have to go inside after them and ruin her recent cleansing bath. In a
                 matter of a few more moments her lower half is ready to scare out her next meal into salivating and waiting jaws. A
                 thought occurs to her that she didn't notice before there is definately two creatures in here and they may not be of a very
                 mature nature. Oh well, so is life. With a quick thrust of her tail she begins to penetrate the back of the thicket making as
                 much noise and disturbance as possible. It doesn't take long for the occupants to attempt their escape, runnig at full tilt
                 out of the entrance and straight into her waiting jaws which snap shut just as the second one discovers their folly and tries
                 to turn around and get back into the relative safety of the thicket. But it is too late, her jaw catches him below his
                 shoulders with the remainder of his body laying upon her tongue and down her throat. His companion in an all out dash
                 didn't even notice where she was going until she found herself fully incased in Cessa's throat and going down into her
                 upper torso, practically into her digestive tract, before her progress is slowed. Before Cessa gets full control of her belly's
                 directing valves the fawn begins sliding into her stomach past the muscular ring. At the same time the male blurts out:
                 'Shorty sent us!! From Tannerhaven!!' Since there was no way to really halt her first meal's progress she does her best to
                 work against the ravenous hunger controlling her swallowing reflexes, with a mind of their own. She finds herself losing to
                 her autonomic muscles of her empty stomach and feels the doe slipping into her stomach. While she lets her throat relax a
                 minute or two while she held the male firmly within her mouth slowly sucking him into her waiting throat she managed to
                 some how ask; 'What does Shorty want? ...explain later; I'm losing your friend to my stomach help her into the other
                 belly' At this point she sucks him all the way in an swallows him into her other belly. His passage by the muscular valve
                 almost pushes the doe the rest of the way in. Cessa says 'pull back to where you are, be quick!!' When they are both
                 safely in her storage belly she relaxes and bit and enjoys the bulge she can reach and feels their movements as they adjust
                 to their new location. 'Now what is this about Shorty?' 'When do we get to come out?' 'All in due time. Besides, I do
                 enjoy the way you feel within me. It is almost as good as having you for dinner. Well, I guess I already have you for
                 dinner, I am just not digesting you yet. Now tell me or your relative safety will be history by the count of three.' In a
                 tumbling jumble of words and regional jargon Jense finally makes himself understood that Shorty was in some sort of
                 trouble at his town's local Inn. Cessa's mouth and throat have returned to their normal proportions and the cloak
                 disguises her temporary belly bulges for the time being. In the stop and go manner the tale gets told and the comfort that
                 the doe requires, Cessa reclines and gets comfortable. She does manage to find out their names Jense and Sabra. 'I want
                 you two to tell me the whole story from the top, slowly and don't leave anything out that might be important?' Jense finally
                 got Sabra to stop her hysterical sobbing and the two of them recount to her what had recently transpired at the Inn.
                 Basically due to the local customs and jargon Shorty miss understands what the Inn keeper's concluding demand of
                 payment was. He found out after he took delivery of the needed supplies and had the helpers start transporting them
                 back to camp. Sabra witnessed Shorty's return to the Inn keepers business office to settle the method of payment and
                 that's when the problems and misunderstandings occurr. The Inn keeper, an enormous female 'taur called Aubrey, was
                 selling him the supplies for a given amount of currency and a period of his personal indenture to her. It seems she had lost
                 her last personal servant/lover, while in one of her many drunken hazes, she accidentally swallowed him into her digestive
                 tract in the midst of some involved sexual fore play. She didn't discover her mistake until the morning after and barely
                 found the bulge that represented his body in her stomach. Shorty, on the other hand thought she wanted him to satisfy her
                 sexual needs so long as the camp was going to be nearby. When he returned to her office his final pleading words to
                 Sabra was to go to the camp and find Cessa. Sabra witnessed him slip from view between Aubrey's full and fleshy lips
                 with a loud slurp. While Aubrey was still lost in the rapture of feeling Shorty seductively slide down her throat into her
                 waiting stomach, Sabra tried to locate Jense and tell him what happened. It seems that Shorty had befriended Jense on
                 an earlier trip while getting some supplies at the grainary. Sabra also knew from past experience that as soon as her
                 mistress recovered from her enjoyment she would want to avert any change of plans she had. As it was she didn't find
                 Jense right away and ended up in her mistress's grasp and followed the same path traversed by shorty. Her visit in the
                 storage belly with Shorty was long enough to understand the importance of locating Jense and relaying the message to
                 Cessa. Aubrey is quite lazy and she liked having Sabra wait on her hand and foot. Aubrey wanted to break Sabra's spirit
                 and made use of every opportunity to do so. Aubrey's reputation was known among the town's folk, and Sabra had only
                 recently come from the one of the outlying ranches. Sabra was unaware of was the untold number of helpers, servants,
                 and apprentices that just kept disappearing while in Aubrey's care. Once Aubrey had taken care of the only witness to
                 her less than fair bargaining practices, she just went into her lounge and rested for the next several hours. Then about the
                 time that the Inn started to get busy she ventured out and mingled with the crowds, enjoying the way her stuffed belly
                 swayed and jiggled when she moved or bumped into the other patrons. Some of the old regulars would even crowd
                 close to her distended belly to massage or grope her, knowing that she was in a good mood to have her emptiness filled.
                 As per usual she would get screaming drunk and be the last one in the bar that night. Through out the evening she would
                 take on most all who wanted to seduce her. After the three day rest period ran its course, the work started to pile up
                 around the Inn. Aubrey could get no one else to do it fast enough to suit her fancy and finally relented after a few day
                 period, and she released Sabra to get the work caught up before the Inn started to lose serious money. Aubrey freed
                 Sabra for a few hours each time to catch up on chores and work. For the next several days Sabra was tetherd to
                 Aubrey's harness while she did the meanial chores no one else would do. Once they were finished, it was back down
                 Abrey's gullet until next needed. The only way Sabra was able to remain sane was due to Shorty's constant
                 encouragement and support while within the 'Taurs belly all those hours and days. After spending nearly fifteen plus days
                 within the belly of her endenture holder she was sent on an errand that required the tether to be removed. That is when
                 she finally contacted Jense and made arrangements to come here at Shorty's request. The two youngsters were directed
                 to the stream by the cooks and then they lost their nerve upon seeing her all stretched out on the beack sunning herself in
                 all her preditor glory. Especially when they witnessed her massive power and proportions when getting ready to return to
                 the camp. 'Well my new friends you are safe for now, and will not be harmed where you are residing now. If though this
                 tale is false you will become my next dietary suppliment, is that clear. The detail and clarity of your story has a strong ring
                 of truth to it though' Actually Cessa was monitoring their body language and stess levels through out the whole narative
                 and concluded that they truly believed the details revealed to her. She gets a positive confirmation from them that they
                 understood terms of her protection. Sabra says to Cessa in a shaking voice: 'If you were like Aubrey, you would not
                 have worried about me entering your digestive tract, and just enjoyed me filling your nuritiousment needs with no regard
                 for my feelings. My family really doesn't care about me either, there are too many of us for the ranch to support, that is
                 just the way things are.' Cessa returns to her task and starts back up the bank with the water jars and tells her new
                 occupants that she has some work to do first, then they would go see about Shorty. 'How long are you going to keep us
                 in here?' 'Until I am satisfied that all you have told me is truthful and accurate' she replies. 'In addition if this Inn keeper is
                 even half the person you have painted her out to be you are in danger of discovery by one of her spies. Right now you
                 are safe and will not be discovered and no one is the wiser of your courageous deeds.' At that point Sabra breaks down
                 again and softly sobs. Their noises are so muffled no outsider can hear them. Cessa goes about her routine of getting the
                 regulars fed and cared for and then has her own meal and directs some food and drink to her new guests. Where upon
                 they thank her profusely and can not believe she is thinking about their welfare. 'I may have eaten you and wanted you to
                 fatten me up a bit, but it doesn't mean that this requires me to neglect etiquette and forget your needs too, does it?' There
                 is a prolonged silence and then a soft reply 'We have never been condsidered in this way before?' another lengthy silence
                 ensues. Cessa gets her own eating done and then proceeds to the cleaning area and begins the washing and cleaning end
                 of her job. During a short break she excuses her self and moves over to the side while the relief washer takes a stint. In
                 this quieter location her newest occupants finally continue their reply... 'Cessa?' "Yes" 'Can we stay with you?' "What?"
                 She catches herself before revealing her newest secret and then loudly clears her throat and coughs a couple of time to
                 obscure her outburst. ...Softly comes the reply,'we have not had someone who cared about our needs before. Shorty
                 was most concerned about me getting away form her before she accidently digested me on purpose to destroy the
                 evidence and witness of her actions.' Softly Cessa replies "We can not contiue this right now..." With her work break
                 time over Cessa returns to the washing area and gets busy finishing up and joking around with the other workers who
                 were comfortable with her massive size and were not intimidated. The piles of dirty implements finally is exhausted and all
                 that remains is a bit of mopping up to do. She confers with Harve and then retires to a secluded out of camp location for
                 the night. While in route to her secluded resting spot for the evening she explains what she plans to do for the rest of the
                 evening. When she finally arrives at the stream she gently regurgitates Jense and Sabra, where no one observes. They
                 shiver at the cool and humid conditions. Cessa directs them to eliminate their wastes and get a drink of water, then if they
                 wish she will ingest them to the safety and warmth of her belly. In a very short time they are both back and wanting her to
                 swallow them down again. 'Let me get this straight, you just ran from someone who is like me who would as soon eat
                 you as look at you, and you want to spend this night in my belly and are willing to stay there all day long??' Asks Cessa.
                 They both shake their heads in the affirmative. She just looks at them speachless. 'No one has showed the kindness and
                 concern you have these past few hours, please keep us with you and let us experience what love and integrity is really
                 about?' She motions them forward into her embrace and hugs them gently but firmly to her breast. Then slowly rocking
                 them with her upper torso she sings to them some of the melodies of her own warm and treasured memories soothing
                 their fears and loving them at the same time. Then gently releasing them from her embrace she smiles and says to them;
                 'every day at about this time you will need to eliminate your wastes as much as possible. If I do not let you out regularly
                 you will take up a more permanent residence within my flesh. You will not know the difference, being in dreamless
                 slumber but will not be digested, to become more of my flesh, but stored until I can again safely release you.' Sabra
                 approaches her and gets the OK from Jense; 'what ever you do with us, including the adding of us to your flesh by means
                 of digestion and assimilation, we want only to be with you or someone with your value system. Now please swallow us
                 down again before we freeze and become ill.' Cessa beckons them to her and hugs them to her until they both colapse in
                 her arms asleep. Once they relax to this extent she slips them into her throat to once again reside within her belly. The
                 whole process is finished in less than a couple of minutes. Cessa then procedes to her chosen location to reitre and
                 recooperate. The comforting feel of the two youths within her adds to her relaxation and she awakens truly refreshed. As
                 she returns to the camp early, she crosses a new scent and magic residues that wwere not there the day before, curious
                 again about the lack of seeing any intruders she wants to aprehend. Yet that scent was very definitely fresh and leading
                 away from the camp. It did not intersect the perimeter, and upon further investigation in veered so as to miss the camp
                 entirely. She finds Harve before the rush requires most of his time and energies. 'Good morning. When was the last time
                 anyone saw Shorty?' she adds; 'I beleive we almost had company last night?' 'I am not sure. See those two over there
                 unloading the drey? They were with him when they obtained that last large load of provision. He was supposed to check
                 in with us several days before we took up this camp site. Do you suspect something has happened? Inturder type
                 visitors?' Cessa looks around them for possible spies or eves dropping ears. She then approaches Harve for an embrace
                 and outlines some of what has come to her attention. Harve then appraises her of some other things he has in mind,
                 asking her if she would mind doing the same work as Shorty? 'How about you working on the provisions procurement
                 detail with him? It would let you mix with more of the people of the land and get the feel for how things are actually
                 happening. The Colonel has already approved it, actually it was his suggestion, and we were only waiting for Shorty's
                 return. If any of what you might suspect is true then that appointment will be made without delay.' Cessa nods her
                 acceptance and proceeds to get more of the cooking fires and cauldrons ready for the morning meal. The troops start
                 arriving on time to the aromas and the meal procedes in an organized manner. After the bulk of the regulars and officers
                 are fed she moves over to a less hectic area and proceeds to consume her own meal. Since her method of eating is not
                 acceptable to most of the others she usually eats alone. This is just fine with her, she appreciates the privacy it affords,
                 especially when she need to ingest food for her guests as well. They are awake when the skin bundles arrive and start to
                 consume what is provided. By carefully pushing the bundle coverings and small empty casks back up into her throat she
                 can then regurgitate them for use at the next time meals are scheduled. Cessa has gotten fairly good at desguising her
                 eating practices, and only one with a trained eye will be able to know she has conscious companions with in her belly.
                 The ones with that understanding and knowledge are few and far between and there are none like that watching her now.
                 As she returns to the clean up area to start the next cleaning shift, Harve intercepts her progress and asks that she
                 accompany him to the Colonel's tent. She drops her utensils off and appologizes to the cleaning crews. The meeting and
                 appointment with the Colonel and Captain is short indeed. After conferring with the provision master and the two
                 laborers to last see Shorty, she determines the last known location is some two ten-days ago. Harve scratches his head
                 over that one and reviews the pile of receipts and determines that the town is at least four days hard travel some what
                 perpendicular to the general direction they have been going. With that determined, Harve thinks that it would be best to
                 get some of the needed supplies procured and headed back to the camp before she goes trying to track down Shorty.
                 Cessa totally agrees, especially after she sees the little there is in the way of supplies. Her fellow workers bid her good
                 bye and tell her the new job is a mixed blessing. She finds out how right they are, especially at this camps' location. She
                 takes the laborers and several wagons that have been totally emptied and heads into town. When she has finished
                 haggling and dickering, her throat is parched like sand paper and it is already past mid day. The labores have not been
                 idle though... there were plenty of things that needed to be restocked, including grains for the animals. The only time
                 consuming bargaining process is for the officers' delcacies. By the time the laborers have made their last trip hauling the
                 general provisions she has brokered a deal for the remainder of the delicasies order. She then proceeds over to the most
                 popular tavern and gets into a secluded alcove to quench her parched throat and deliver some much needed nourishment
                 to her two youths and hunger wracked stomach. The tavern owner is somewhat familiar with the Lamia breed and makes
                 sure she has plenty of everything she needs. When the meal is just about complete the keeper returns with several young
                 furs and humans in tow to her table. He draws the seperating drape and quietly informs her that she can have her pick of
                 any or all of what she beholds before her as a complimentry and concluding dessert. If she doesn't see what she likes
                 there are more to chose from. Cessa is inwardly appalled at this suggestion, but also realizes that she needs to keep up
                 appearances to not break the mental mold of those she will meet here and else where. She asks the keeper to leave the
                 two smaller female humans. Then he departs and she gathers them into her most generous lap and scrutinizes them both.
                 'Are you two afraid?' she asks in a very subdued and gentle voice. With very enlarged and fear filled eyes the nod slightly
                 yes. Cessa then proceeds to talk and question them at length. In the next ensuing minutes she finds out that there are one
                 to two dozen youths and youngsters a ten-day in this tavern alone that leave the dormatories and are never heard from or
                 known about again. She has an inkling that most all major or well established Inns are doing something like this all over
                 the land. With a minimum of two such Inns per business community, and a minimum of twenty such communities under
                 the ruling magestrates authority that ammounts to a huge burden on the youth population. She quickly calculates that
                 more than five hundred a ten day are simply disappearing from the land of the living. Cessa then says to them: 'Do you
                 know what I am expected to do with you?' Their negative responce says it all to her. 'You were brought and left here for
                 me swallow alive and digest as part of this meal that you see the remains of.' Their faces fill with fear and foreboding but
                 no sound is uttered whatever. She then asks if they would like to return to their dormitory, and their reaction is even more
                 frightful than the prospect of being swallowed alive right now by her. She then tightens her embrace around them even
                 more snuggly and they almost try to burrow into her right through her skin. She again asks if they truly want her to
                 swallow them right now and they both answer in the affirmative without delay or the previously displayed fear. With out
                 warning the left one jumps upon the table top and pulls off her flimsy shift and holds her head in the middle of her lips and
                 lets her arms droop to her sides. Cessa is so touched she assists the other one on to the table top and helps her undress.
                 Then gently taking each one she kisses them both very gently and sheds a tear or two. They both nuzzle their way in
                 between her lips while the lower jaw distends and opens wide enough for two of them at once. They quickly and willingly
                 push their way toward the back of her mouth and slide down her throat with almost not effort at all. Almost before she
                 gets started they are within her belly and her throat and mouth are of normal proporions again. It is finished and time to
                 leave. She had to check her cloak and other belongings at the coat room so she parts the drapes and procedes in that
                 direction to make her departure. Her well fleshed body shows some evidence of her having fed, but there are no tell tale
                 bulges of the two little girls who have just ended up in her belly only moments ago. She notices other draped off booths
                 as she glides almost silently across the room. Before she travels her own length, she sees a pair small feet appear on the
                 floor and a bulge momentarily in a drape as a small face looks for an avenue of escape only to be pulled back within. The
                 scene that flashes in the split second that the capture took place she can see one youth's face just disappearing between
                 the lips of the bovine female taur followed by a quiet sucking sound. Without delay she proceeds to the coat room and
                 approaches the lobby, there is the Keeper greeting his patrons as they leave. She can hear his trite and greasy sounding
                 coments as she gets nearer. She bye-passes a group that are delaying their departure as they describe the way the meals
                 went and especially how the final dessert surprized them so completely. She makes her way to the door managing to say
                 a minimum to the Keeper and then she is outside again. The deeply disturbing thoughts seem to put a considerable
                 damper on the bright sunshine thats outside. Cessa then begins to get a much deeper understanding of what a polarized
                 society she is living within. How many of these people really know what goes on in the back rooms of the more
                 prominent Taverns and Inns? Cessa manages to obtain a specially designed wagon for Lamia's to use for long journies.
                 The local camp is well provided for at this time and well into the next tthree ten day intervals. Cessa points her means of
                 conveyance in the desired direction to obtain the road leading to the most direct route that back tracks her last two
                 ten-day trek with the troops. She can see other wagons and buggies going in the same genral direction she is. Very few
                 greet and travel very close to her wagon and draft animals. Her size and bulk take up the majority of the wagons cargo
                 area. When she has gotten a safe distance from the edge of town and not near any other wagon she vocalizes to her
                 belly's occupants: 'How is everything going on in there?' The response is over whelming at first with every one trying to
                 answer at once. Slow down there is plenty of time for all of you to say your piece. Then one by one she hears how
                 everyone is so happy to have connected up joined with her belly, instead of some other live food eater. And this is still
                 there feeling even if they never leave her belly ever again. 'Would any of you care to elaborate why you might rather give
                 up your life to become a part of my flesh, instead of someone else's?' After a forray of thoughts are shared, the one
                 common point that repeats more than once is that they feel truly wanted and have value in her presence. As this
                 discussion finishes she informs them all that they will be spending much of the next two and half days on the road to see if
                 they can retrieve Shorty. Through the rest of that day Cessa's progress is steady with only very short rest periods to
                 relieve the strain she feels because having to sit for such a lone period of time. The trip is long and not exciting, but
                 interesting just the same. As day begins to close, Cessa finds she is just outside the fairly large township of Union Forks.
                 She obtains a suitable stable to house and care for her wagon and animals. She ventures into town and visits three of
                 several large Taverns and Inns that advertise their existance by both the noises of occupation and posted bill boards. It
                 appears to her that not all of them will cater to her species. She finally settles on one that caters to the larger furry
                 population. She is ushered into an open theater like room with a stage and numerous different 'performers' on constant
                 parade going across. Around the perimeter she notices a number of drape equipped booths that seem to have only one
                 way in or out. There are a couple of them with occupants and several with the drapes drawn closed. The host invites her
                 to one and she declines and says she would just like to remain in the big room for a while before she decides. She
                 chooses a table in corner of lower taffic and in a low key way starts to keep track of four of the six occupied booths
                 since she was able to observe who was seated in them first of all, knowing they started out empty. She orders a variety
                 of different teas for sampling. Of the four boothes she monitors only two seem to be seeking secluded trans actions with
                 the drapes being closed shortly after being occupied. Both have only two large female bovine taur species sentients in
                 them. Within minutes a parade of 'guests' begin visiting them. Many of them resembling the entertainers recently seem on
                 stage. Cessa follows the progress as she keeps track of how many enter and how many exit each booth. The parade
                 only lasts about a quarter hour. She counted a total of twenty five entering and twenty one exiting the closer booth. Her
                 recollection tells her that those that remain behind were all female adults in various stages of undress state. The activity
                 slows down for a minute soon a coctail waitress enters the booth and takes orders all around and disappears into the
                 kitchen/lounge area. She returns with the orders in a few minutes and steps inside of the drapes and doesn't exit again.
                 Some jostling can be noticed and a measure of laughter waifts out. Nothing happens there of an outward nature for a
                 while. The farther booth has a similar accounting of numbers with these exceptions those that enter and stay behind are all
                 of late adolescent or youg adult development and all human species. The numbers are on the order of twenty-seven enter
                 and twenty-one exit. The coctail waitress takes the orders and makes her delivery and then departs for other areas for a
                 while. There is the samejostling and laughter in this one too. The closer booth becomes progressively quieter all of the
                 time and soon has only a couple of voices that she can make out with any certainty. Within five minutes the drapes sowly
                 open and the bovine taur types gather their wraps up and make ready to leave. Cessa notices that they seem to have
                 added significantly to their body mass. Their lower and fore bellies both have very definite and distinct bulges in them that
                 slowly changing shape in ways not associated with other body movements as they leave the booth and exit the room. The
                 farther booth has a very similar turn of events with the exception that when the waitress returns to check on drink orders
                 she never emerges from behind the drape. Within ten minutes or so this booth empties out and onely two bovine taur
                 types leave, with the gained mass and odd moving bulges visible in both their lower and fore bellies. When the two
                 booths Cessa has been monitoring empty and exit the room she decides that she has seen enough. The other booths that
                 had their drapes closed when she first arrived have since emptied and filled again. She decides to settle up and go for a
                 stoll around the area and see if she can figure out where some of the 'bovine' types are staying or going to after this. She
                 tails the last two individuals she had seen go through the selection process and then add the waitress at the end. They
                 proceed across the square and into a convention center hotel type facility. There are a variety of large animals of many
                 different species entering and leaving this set of doors. Cessa follows closely enough to see where her targets are headed
                 and then pauses outside before following them in. This room is like a coctail lounge and dancing floor with live music.
                 There are a number of the same species like her objectives in here. Cessa takes a seat and finally locates them by
                 recognizing a distinctive pattern in body coloring. They are a mere two tables away from her own table and she continues
                 her reconnaissance while appearing to direct her attention else where. She over hears the distinctively marked one say
                 that including the waitress in her already burgeoning bellies may have been too much for her digestive capacity. She
                 excuses herself and goes to the ladies powder room. After a discreet delay Cessa follows in an indirect manner to the
                 smae restroom. When she enters one of the larger booths is occupied and there are a few individual furs in the lounge
                 area just gossiping about the local events. Shortly after her entry the lounge soon empties quite rapidly. The occupied
                 booth seems to be experiencing some sort of distress that sounds a lot like a regurgitating is taking place. In just a few
                 seconds all is quiet, there is a running water and washing sound. A moment or two later the privacy tab disappears and
                 the taur exits the booth and the ladies room too. Cessa goes over to the last occupied booth and sees a human female
                 lying on the floor in the corner. She has a remarkable resemblance to the waitress from the other club, except she is
                 completely devoid of all clothing. Cessa retrieve a couple of warm moist towels and re-enters the booth just as she starts
                 to regain consciousness. Upon seeing Cessa her eyes go wide with fear and she appears near to passing out. Cessa
                 hurries over and starts to apply the towels to her face and she revivies and displays many signs of extreme fear. Cessa
                 gets her to stand up with help as she continues to remove the digestive fluids coating and irritating her tender flesh. 'Are
                 you all right?' she shakes her head no. 'What is your name?' "Willa" 'Is there anything I can do for you?' "I've got to get
                 out of here out of this town before they find me" 'Why?' "I am indentured to the club where I work. I will be reported
                 missing by the end of my shift. I am nothing more than a statistic now, a dead person, a business loss?" 'If you had
                 remained within the belly of that taur for much longer you wouldn't be talking to me right now young lady' All Willa can
                 do is nod her head in agreement. Then her eyes go wide as she realizes were she just was and in what state of dress she
                 is in. 'Is there anything I can do for you before this lounge starts to get more occupants?' "Just swallow me down and
                 forget you have ever seen me" 'OK, no problem. Could we discuss this a bit further at a later time?' Willa just stares at
                 Cessa in complete disbelief just shaking her head. Willa moves over and stand upon the raised dias and leans into
                 Cessa's mouth and just dives down her throat barely touching her lips and tongue. My, Cessa thinks she sure went down
                 my throat gently. The other occupants in the storage belly are not even disturbed as Willa glides past them and does a
                 gentle heal to toe roll over with her head pointing up after she is finished. In a very short time all of her mouth and throat
                 distention is gone, Willa has blended into her body contours so seamlessly Cessa has to double check to determine if she
                 is really inside of her. Cessa leaves the cubicle and exits the lounge through a differnet door about the same time a clean
                 up team starts to come in through the other door equipped with everything that would allow for the removal of corpse.
                 They never even realize Cessa's presence because of the trouble they are having getting all of their gear arranged. From
                 across the chamber Cessa monitors the marked Bovine for a few minutes. She gives the lounge entrance a few more
                 furtive looks and then the two leave the area going to the ramps that lead to personal suites and the upper levels. Cessa
                 has seen about all she can handle and she leaves the whole downtown area and heads for a private and secluded spot
                 along the stream outside of the immediate down town area. The easiest way is to get into the stream and swim agains the
                 current. Within minutes she is a considereable distance away from the heavy population areas. She finds cave and shelf
                 that is only accessable from the waters surface if you can reach up twelve feet or so. This is where she goes to seek
                 privacy for the night. She gently arouses and frees her newest collection of companions upon the rock shelf she has
                 chosen for the night's rest. Jense and Sabra each take one of the little ones Celia and Carrie over to where Willa is
                 hugging her knees against Cessa's bulk and trying to not shiver. When they finally get her attention she looks straight into
                 Cessa's eyes pleading the unspoken queston 'WHY??'. Cessa replies, 'because you are all well worth it to me.' Instead
                 of hugging herself she gets the younger kids into her lap and has the furries snuggle up on the outside of her. Cessa has
                 arranged her bulk around them all like a multi-ring donut. The over hanging shelf above them prevents any observaton
                 from above and no bad weather. When their body heat stablizes The conversation proceeds in subdued tones. After
                 hearing what the younger ones have been saying, Willa looks directly and deeply into Cessa's eyes and says; "please let
                 me become a part of you, your body, or your family? I will gladly follow you where ever you go. Wherever that means
                 being inside of your belly or whatever you decide." Cessa's eyes cloud up and start to rain tears she didn't even know
                 she had. The four younger ones indicate they would willingly do all that Willa has said she would do, just please do not
                 make them go back to where they were before. And her rains comes all that much harder. They have a confused look
                 upon their faces, how can she be smiling so big and crying so hard. All Cessa can say is that she is so happy that they feel
                 that way, and so sad at what she had witnessed throughout this long and weary day. In a few more minutes the little ones
                 are ready to go back inot Cessa's belly for the evening. Cessa smiles at them and then explains the she is going to put
                 them into full hibernation sleep and they will not be outside of her for a extended time. I am going to have to do the same
                 for both of you too Jense and Sabra, until we get back to Tannerhaven and see about Shorty, you will be out of
                 commission. They too nod in understanding and snuggle a bit closer to her upper torso for comfort. Cessa tells Willa
                 what she means by hibernation and that the genetically coded toxins would slow all of their body functions and then
                 eventually attach them into her circulartory systems for those that they can spend even longer time period in her belly,
                 without damage. Willa nods and says she has some knowledge of it and had even trained for the 'contest games'. That
                 would explain your most gentle and graceful entry into my belly. That was worth repeating many times. After a brief
                 rethink, Cessa tell Jense and Sabra they too will be going into hibernation too. They shake their heads in
                 acknowledgement, but not resignation. 'We seem to be getting much deeper in enemy territory. Where the exploitation
                 and wholesale consumptions of sentients is way out of hand for sure;' Cessa offer this as an explanation for just one of
                 her reasons. So instead of eliminating your wastes out side of me, you need to do it inside. Willa chuckles at their
                 reaction and says "Oh, don't worry her digestive system will pick it up in no time and actually within sconds. It will then
                 store it and determine when to start you long sleep. If you start tonight by noon the day after tomorrow you will have no
                 more awareness, and with in four ten-day periods you will even stop breathing all together. While the older ones were
                 discussing this the two littles ones had quietly slipped down Cessa's throat without the older ones awareness. Cessa Was
                 monitoring their progress into the lower extremity as they moved into the long term end of her second belly. For a
                 moment or two Cessa does an internal inventory to see how her other guests were doing. Her first three guests have
                 almost completely stopped breathing and could manage at this point not to breathe any more. There was a bit a fudge
                 factor that verys from one person to the next. The conversation in front of her had wound down and they all looked at
                 her expectantly. 'OK you two fur balls get up here and climb in.' That was all it took and they were into her belly almost
                 before her throat had time to recognize their passage. The expansion and contraction of her mouth and throat almost
                 resembled a shrug. There was no readjust time to take notice of. They too went in to the lower extremities of her belly to
                 procede into hibernation quickly. Willa was the only one still outside. Cessa then looks into Willa's soft light brown eyes
                 and sighs. 'You will have some very difficult tasks to do for me. The club where you worked has written you off for
                 dead, just make sure you don't move back here for the next five season changes.' Willa shivers at the direction where the
                 conversation is going, never taking her eyes away from Cessa's. 'You will have to spy for me as a waitress or domestic
                 worker in the Inn were Aubrey holds Shorty captive, do you think you could do that?' Willa nods her head in
                 acknowledgement. 'I am going to make you some special jewelry that will appear to be permanent tattoos. Will that
                 cause you any problems?' Again the acknowledgement is given. 'Once these are applied they will not easily come off
                 even when exposed in most body fluids for prolonged times. Their integrity is not affected by digestive fluids of all known
                 life forms. After watching what was going on tonight, there is no telling what Aubrey has done, is doing, or plans to do to
                 Shorty, or you when you show up. With as little risk to you, we need to find out if he is still alive and where is he being
                 kept. Does she have him sequestered in a body cavity, dungeon, or what. There is no telling what kind of clientele
                 frequent the Inn and what their numbers are; all of them can be life threatening unkowns. You may very well be
                 swallowed down or stuffed into any manner or number of life forms, many of them to just savior you as a delectable and
                 tender food or new sexual stimulant. The permanent decorations will provide you with a short range telepathic link that
                 will let you communicate to me conscious or not. Hopefully this should limit one or two concerns that need to be worked
                 around' Cessa turns away slightly then returns to say: 'In that world's eye you are the sweet of the sweet, almost a
                 stereotype of all that is desirable and coveted, all that needs to be possessed. Please understand you are most plesant
                 appearing to me too, but in a very different way, you are becoming my friend. We are in a state of war with unmasked
                 battle fields. In those fields we often lose our friends.' Willa just spontaneously leaped to her feet and snuggled into
                 Cessa's torso and delivered a firm hug around her neck, or as much around as she could reach. Then lightly climbing over
                 Cessa's coils she proceeded to eleminate as many wastes possible before returning to Cessa's embrace and now mostly
                 dormant belly. With a quick flip of her body Willa catapulted herself into the air above the parting lips and slid so
                 smoothly down Cess'a throat into her belly it surprized her. It again felt like no more than a shrug and then everything
                 become still and all rested in earnest. Early the next morning as was her routine, Cessa left the protection of her chosen
                 resting area and silently and gently lowered herself into the water and proceeded back down stream to the town after
                 washing and preparing for the day ahead. She exerted herself very little and found the out skirts of the community just
                 sort of jump out of the river's banks. After a few more bends are gone around she can see the unobtrusive spot she had
                 remembered. She notices that time has been taking no breaks this morning and it is late enuough to get what need to be
                 done without having to waste time waiting. Near the square where she had acquired Willa she hauled her self out of the
                 water and proceded to tidy up her appearance. She quickly scanned her form and reflection to see what other's would
                 see. What greets her eye is a formidable full fleshed figure of a Lamia with powerful yet sleek lines. Try as she might,
                 there was not outward appearance of what was within her belly and stomach. Cessa damp dries her self and then
                 proceeds into the open from paved path that parallels the stream she was just in. Her morning's exercise in the water and
                 gentle movements have not arroused any of her carried copanions. Once the first four were swallowed and stored in the
                 lower reaches of her belly near the others they had ceased most all movements. She could feel all of their life force
                 strongly, just not one of activity. The path she was on placed her just opposite of the hall with last night's live
                 entertainment. Boy did that phrase have a double meaning. Something familiar is noticed in the corner of her eye. Ever so
                 casually without altering her movement's progress she turns her torso slightly to get a better view and catches sight of the
                 distinctive color patern of the bovine from last night lounging near the building's side entrance obscured by some shrubs
                 and medium tall trees. Her form does appear more fully fleshed with little or no distinguishing bulges to be seen in the fore
                 or taur belly. She is engaged in casual conversation with a young grounds worker who seems to be snuggling closely
                 under the left arm of the taur's upper body. As Cessa goes diagonally across the open area of the square directly in front
                 of the main door, she has an unobstructive view of the pair for more more than three quarters of the open space
                 comprising the square. Cessa's intention is to get into the business district and obtain the some of the necessary materials
                 to allow Willa a greater degree of safety, since she agreed to play her part. Cessa slows her progress ever so slightly to
                 prolong her observations. The taur produces a large fuzzy afagan from her satchel near her feet and proceeds to draw it
                 around her and the pretty looking worker. Before the afgan completely blocks the view Cessa notices the human worker
                 shrugging out of her work coveralls, revealing no additional under garments agains her skin. Within a couple more
                 seconds the taur bends over the woman's up turned face and begins an open mouth kiss that just seems to get bigger and
                 bigger as the taur leans further over where the woman was just sitting. The taur has both of her upper arms into the
                 embrace and one of her forelegs used to prevent a lateral escape. Cessa has not traveled her bodiy's length twice by the
                 time the taur appears to be kissing the horizontal portion of the bench. With a couple of quick vertical jerks of the taur's
                 upper torso most all of the motion has seased. The taur then removes her head from under the afgan and proceeds to
                 carefully fold it up while concealing the recently worn coverall garment. This bundle is then stuffed into the travel satchel
                 and moved around to the front to block the view of the violently jostling forebelly. The jiggling motions slow and stop by
                 the time Cessa has traveled another body length and then a grounds keeper leader makes a circuit of the building. He
                 stops and inquires something of the taur who replies with a negative head motion. The leader continues his search as he
                 leaves behind the lounging taur that studiously ignores the additional motions further back along her lower body. All
                 outward motions in the taur's body have ceased by the time the middle of the square is reached by Cessa. The bovine
                 then gets up and starts ambling off in another direction an soon passes from view. The drama that she just witnessed
                 illustrates the down right bold and brazen pursuits of the larger furs in their quest to satisfy some inner need to eat smaller
                 animals, even the ones known to be classified as herbevores. Another obstacle is has also been illustrated, The need to
                 provide Willa with ability to survive without air for an extended period of time. It will take a considerable time to suffer
                 major damages from most digestive tract enzimes and acids; the skin really is a marvelous organ. Cessa's mind is awhirl
                 after just witnessing another unwilling adult sentient meal in full public view with no action taken. Is that murder, is she
                 kidnapping and abducting her guests, or are those terms for only the violentl and opposing situations? The grounds
                 keeper, was she willing? Or is live meal activity so pointedly ignored that society has amnesia and a blind spot? This line
                 of thinking is way to strenuous before breakfast. There is just what she is looking for, an informal traveling found vender
                 restaurant. She can take a few minutes out of her schedule get some food for herself and something for Willa all at the
                 same place. The place is doing a fair business, but not over working the owner and his family. Taking a place designed
                 for the larger species that allows her an unobstructive view of the remaining diners and the adjoining thorough fare Cessa
                 Relaxes from her body and discovers she has accidently put herself very near the owners residential entrance and kitchen
                 access. She reflects on her choice, and realizes just how the last day and half has distracted more social conscious side.
                 In the midst of this deep reflection, almost meditation; she is some what startled to notice that her waitress has arrived
                 and been politely waiting for more than a few seconds. She appologizes immediately and flushes for being so self
                 involved. She orders some hot tea and a selection of fresh and travel ready food stuffs. While waiting for preparations to
                 be completed she discovers a toddler has courageously been observing her from cover and is now inroute to her location
                 to get a one on one with her. She thinks Lamia's are not that rare, but she has yet to see one in the travels in the past
                 several ten-days. She now turns her attention upon her new admirer and asks just what she can do for him in a fake
                 gruffness he sees through immediately. He giggles and snuggles right up to her and plops himself into vast accomodating
                 lap the nearly swallows him from sight of his younger siblings who come charging out to join him. Soon she has all four
                 sharing her lap and company. She explains where she comes from, and what she has been doing, and learns all of their
                 names and the name of the owner as well. Several minutes have passed her tea has been delivered and the remainder of
                 her meal has started to arrive. The youngsters just dig right in and help themselves as they usually do. After twenty or
                 thirty minutes have past and she sees some hungery looks from several other large furries near her and protectively
                 guards the littlest two when then purposely stray to near to her table to see what they can get away with. Eventlually the
                 children's concerned mother comes dashing from the inner rooms and notices the outside door open. She braces up her
                 nerve to face down a battlion of enemies and is stopped short by the owner who has been observing the whole show
                 from the beigning. When her immediate area is freed of the larger furries, she approaches and appologizes for the
                 childrens' lack of manners and offers to pay for the meal. Cessa refuses insistantly and goes on to assure her that this has
                 been the best entertainment she has had in quite awhile. Then she does turn her attention to her immediate company and
                 admonishes them to listen to her mom and stay out of the dining area where they are at present when they are not in the
                 company of their parents. Then amends that thought with it isn't safe even in the compay of their parents. All the
                 childrens' face show signs of severe alarm at what violations they have committed, even though they lack the full
                 understanding of how they can even endanger the welfare of their parents too. She gives each one a kiss and hug before
                 helping them to descend from raised lap they have claimed as their own. The mother efficeintly herds them back in the
                 residence, then secures the door with a childproof clasp. While Cessa reflects upon the audience she has just held, her
                 thoughts are again sufficeintly deep to miss the approach of the owner until his shadow blocks out the sun on her face for
                 a moment. He commends her for watching and protecting his grand children. Cessa makes light of her part and thanks
                 him for the compiment and trust he bestoded upon her. There are not many Furs this close to the square that restrain
                 themselves from such tender and tasty living morsels as she had on her lap only moments ago, let alone entertain and
                 protect them. He notices a clouded expression cross her face at the mention of this. He invites her to a more private
                 location to continue their discussion. She excuses herself for but a few moments while she retires to the female lounge to
                 take care of some personal needs. Leaving the bulk of her provisions for traveling in the lounge portion, Cessa carries a
                 meals worth of food and drink with her into the private stall area and swallows down Willas meal provision, and is
                 rewared with a soft reply of thanks from with in her belly. Cessa takes care of her personal needs and then proceeds to
                 follow the owner into the dwelling where she is assaulted from her intrepid admirers. She gets them untangled and lets
                 their mom lead them away amidst their firm protestations. Cessa Quickly outlines in more detail what her new
                 responsibilities are within the regional military that is patrolling the territories. She also cautiously voices her distaste of the
                 scenes and actions she witnessed the night before and even this morning's violation. Doyal, the owner's first name,
                 cautions her about voicing her distaste to loudly or in the wrong company. Especially the fur whose attack she had
                 aborted by protecting the children in her lap. He is one that could cause her local difficulty, because of his higher level
                 connections in the government that is loathed to be subject to the regional magistrate, her present employer. In the
                 continuing conversation, Cessa makes a staunch aly and future trading in the person of Doyal further incresses her value
                 to the corp by taping into the network of food provisioners that he is a part of, and she now will have access to. The
                 materials and supplies she is seeking are also a part of this network just a couple of blocks distant. She earnestly thanks
                 him for his warnings, extended hospitality and entrance into the trading network. The remainder of her errands for
                 supplies and the traveling gear left with the stable only takes her another hour to complete and she is on her way to
                 Tannerhaven. Before returning to the Stable she prepared Willa with the tattoo jewelry in a secluded spot of the river.
                 The telepathy and protection effects are even greater than hoped for. The range was still short, about a stones throw, but
                 unstopable once the two make the first link up. The link is established by dawning the jewelry the link is from the one
                 applying it to the wearer. Only these two and hear each other, like a private channel. The protection against digestion
                 from stomach acids and enzymes last longer than three ten-days, the safeguard against a lack of breathable air is a bit
                 short of that. Once the jewelery was placed around her waist, wrists and ankles then exposed to water the colors
                 blended to a most complimentary hue that only make her appearance more beautiful, the patterns are delicate and easy
                 to miss. Once applied there is no detectable energy residuals while the effects are permanent. The trip to Tannerhaven
                 will be easier if she goes via Ironrock junction. It is faster even though the distance is longer. The route is more regularly
                 traveled and the road conditions are much better. Before she left Union Fork the stable master, a kindly fellow, informed
                 her that Ironrock would put her into Tannerhaven in about a day and a half. The animals were in good shape and fine
                 spirit. She followed the route markings and was well beyond the outskirts of town within the hour. She quietly informed
                 Willa of their progress and kept up the mile eating pace through mid day and left the junction behind them by early
                 afternoon. By late afternoon Cessa could see about where she would like to hold up for the night near a roadstation and
                 modest body of water. This direction of travel was in the oposite direction of most the bovine taurs and Willa's relatives.
                 Willa had never been this far east in all of her life. Cessa decided to have Willa as her traveler headed in the same
                 direction before they got to the roadhouse to arouse fewer questions. Willa's cover story was that of domestic worker
                 traveling to the Tannerhaven Inn. Cessa became aware of the open orders for this position while conversing with some
                 regular travelers of the trade route. Cessa's plan was to go beyond Tannerhaven to visit a specialty farm, of the Colonel's
                 treats. It was about a two hour trek beyond Tannerhaven. Willa would join the other new Inn workers at the constable's
                 chambers for a safe escort before the dinner hour at the Inn. Cessa would then travel on after parting company with Willa
                 and spend the night at the farm. These plans were worked out and adjusted while they had traveled that whole day
                 together. Cessa sees her chance to free Willa and pretend to make her acquaintance at one of the roadside businesses
                 that provided lake bathing. Cessa can release Willa in the water and provide her with shirt so she can blend in with the
                 other bathers. The plans have even greater success when a freakish gust of wind causes some confusion after the
                 stockade fence gets knocked down and every one is recruited to help coral the animals. As with many large disturbances
                 traveling groups get seperated of fatal injuries occur. In this case a group of five indetured workers are in the direct path
                 of the wind frightened stock suffer the loss of the chaperon. The guardian is killed and Willa gets drafted. Cessa follows
                 Willa's troup when they leave the bathing and accident areas. In the next twenty four hour period she wins the confidence
                 of the other four. She can communicate with Cessa and test the range, and detects a decrease the more tired they
                 become. That night at the Roadhouse Willa takes care of those with her like she was born for it. Cessa takes up a
                 position in the general dining hall with the rest. The days activities charge the air to a festive level and the normal quiet
                 atmoshere is more cheerful. As coincindence would have it very near the end of the evening meal and camaraderie a late
                 night traveling group is the last to check in before the gates are closed. One of the female taurs is a massively fleshed and
                 somewhat crude in appearance for a female named Aubrey. The firey hued reflections of her fur and hair make her seem
                 more ominous than femine. By the way she is greeted it is apparant that she is well known at the roadhouse though.
                 When she learns that there are several small groups headed for her Inn she pospones any late night celebrations. Instead
                 she has dinner in her quaters that night and interviews / inspects the 'merchandise'. When Willa is ushered into her
                 quarters with her group they all make a favorable impression and seem to work well together. They are all indiviually
                 inspected and notes are made in a journal carried by medium built sandy haired and soft spoken man that is tethered to
                 the imense taurs fore leg by a beautiful yet very stout carved silver chain. The link between Willa and Cessa serves to
                 confirm Shorty's identity. When the audience is over Aubrey jerks the chain and drags the one she calls Bert to stand
                 before her. She then produces a resealable moisture proof pouch that she puts the newly updated journal book into and
                 attaches to the other end of Bert's chain. She then calls the attention of the small group to her and waits until all eyes are
                 focussed upon her. She then lowers and opens her enormous mouth. She directs Bert to put the book upon her tongue
                 which she flips into her throat with practiced ease. The chain to Berts collar grows taught in a couple of seconds and she
                 motions him forward into her wide opne mouth. She then strips him of his skimpy loin cloth as he pushes hie upper torso
                 into her maw past his waist. The bulge of his forhead is plainly through the flesh of her neck just touching her collar bone.
                 She then extends her arms to clasp his small looking feet in her enormous hands and just up ends hime into her waiting
                 throat. From the time she swallowed the book until her mouth is closed and throat has returned to normal proportions
                 and Bert has disappeared into fleshy bulk unnoticeable on the outside less than ten seconds have passed. She then looks
                 up at her crop of domestics and says 'Any questions? NO! Well then, here is an answer for you: "That book is the only
                 thing gauranteed to come back out of my belly on a regular basis, would any of you like to join it in there to see if this is a
                 true statement?"' The four with Willa try to avert their eyes without turning their faces. An early Adolesant in the group of
                 five looks on in defiance. Aubrey singles her out: 'that one she says to her powerful guards.' They proceed to grab her
                 wrists and she sees her folly, but much too late. Quickly Willa gets in between Ginger and Aubrey, flat on the floor, and
                 pleads: 'Take me instead of her, instead of Ginger, she doesn't know what she is doing, she is too young.' Ginger starts to
                 sob: "No! No! No! I'm sorry" and gets down on all fours with tears and contrloed sobs. The whole while Aubrey is
                 enjoying the pagentry like feel of her power over these people's lives. Then mean nothing to her. Shortly she calls the
                 whole group of five over to her. She doesn't want to waste a moment of the whole drama. 'Since I am to have dinner in
                 my room and the Kitchens are already closed you have been slected as the most delectable of the new groups arriving.'
                 She motions for Willa to rise and step forward lay herself feet first inside of her mouth after stripping to bare flesh. This is
                 when Aubrey notices the intricate and exquisite tattoo like designs that only enhance her beauty and value all the more.
                 Willa feigns a soul rattling terror and fright as she settles her now totally nude body into the waiting tongue and lips, much
                 to Aubrey's amused delight. Closing her lips around her breasts and inserted upper arms she slowly tips her head and
                 neck back more and more until gravity causes Willa's body to slide faster and faster down Aubrey's fully dialated throat.
                 Willa lets go with an eerrie low resonance wail that echos off of Aubrey's mouth, throat, and chest cavity as she sinks into
                 the massively fleshed and proportioned body of Aubrey. As the wail fades she closes her mouth and shakes her torso
                 causing her massive breasts to dance around hypnotically and her streched out jaw and throat rapidly returns to their
                 normal size. Through out the whole drama Ginger is struck totally silent, they all have copious streams of emotion filled
                 tears escaping their eyes. Just then the door opens and Aubrey's exquisite supper is tastfully set out for her. Before she
                 dismisses the group she asks the four if they would like to see the woman she just ate. Gingers affentionately says yes
                 they would love to behold Willa's Beautiful form again alive and vibrant like it was earlier today, the other three intensely
                 second this opinion. Aubrey gets a wicked twinged smile upon her face and says 'Willa's return to you will depend upon
                 on how well you obey and follow orders at your new place of employment. When I return from this business trip in five
                 or so days, your report will seal her fate within me belly... as a meal or a living companion. Any questions?' Aubrey
                 notices an entirely different attitude from Ginger now. The last group is eventually ushered out and to their quarters.
                 When Her doors are shut and just her private servants and one gossip confidant is present Aubrey says; 'This Willa is the
                 most delicious human female I have ever seen, let alone tasted and eaten with such fanfare. It will be well nigh impossible
                 for me to keep her out of my digestive tract you know. Did you realize Priscilla, she never even paused in my fore belly
                 for a moment. She was in the bottom of my digestive tract even before my breasts stopped jiggling from that involuntary
                 shiver. I experienced my most unbeleivable sexual climax with her flawless behavior.' "You mean you made that promise
                 to them knowing full well that she was already history and ensconced within your powerful stomach fluids starting her
                 dugestion right in front of their innocent faces?" replies Priscilla. Aubrey just nods her head slowly, smiling like a victor of
                 a prey vs preditor fight when only the bulges give mute testimony as to what went into the belly. Even though several
                 minutes have gone by she can still feel and occasion movement of Willa's beautiful body. Aubrey and her companions
                 spend the next short while concentrating upon getting the food into their ravenous stomachs. As the feeding spree has
                 slowed enough for an older counselor that is admitted to her presence while she is gulping the minor remains. Her feeding
                 frenzy has reduced the once magnificent feast, big enough to feed fifty people, to a few table scraps and several noticable
                 bulges in her very large taur shaped body. The counselor has a very grave expression as he approaches her. He states
                 'The informal leader you have hungrily sent into your magnificent belly may have even more valued to you alive than you
                 realize. Half of your brand new recruits have slipped into a severe state of shock on the brink of death, including the one
                 called Ginger. All they keep saying is what sounds like prayers for her safe return. Up until this afternoon she was a
                 complete unknown to the last five. She seems to have captured their souls or hearts, the other ten are not all that far
                 behind the first health wise.' Aubrey thinks she could have easily swallowed and held within her enormous stomach all
                 twenty plus of them, but not now, with all of this food she just gorged upon. If they died of shock they would be
                 unpalatable too. She getslost in thought for several minutes, then she gives her fore belly a sound squeeze and Bert's face
                 pops up in the very back of her throat. She swallows him a bit so as to give him instructions. I want you to brave the
                 dangers of my belly and retrieve the girl with in my stomach before she is digested and dead. Your freedom will be
                 expanded after we return from this trip if you act fast enough to save her. He reluctantly starts his journey into her
                 stomach. Aubrey Growls as she feels him burrow his way into her; 'If he fails me, then he sleeps in the lower belly until
                 gone.' All those listening to these words cringed at the unrealistic demands she requires of her subjects that she considers
                 just fancy food. In a food induced slumber Aubreys dozes off in an upright sitting position leaning heavily into the pillows
                 piled around her tremenous bulk. Nearly a half and hour later since voicing her threat to Bert, Her breasts start to jiggle in
                 a rthymically bouncing pattern. Soon the attendants can see something being pushed up through her torso toward her
                 throat. When ever it starts to near her neck she swallows it back down automatically. Frantically her staff work on
                 waking her up. She comes awake and is in a drunken like stupor that defies reason. Finally smelling salts bring her
                 around and she spits up both Bert and Willa at one time. Then quickly slips back into unconscious slumber collapsing into
                 the cushions heavily. Greatful for her more docile stare the staff has whisked away both to the ponds for washing out
                 back and clean them both up thoroughly. Before too long Willa is looking after and causing the new recruits health to be
                 restored and an alarming rate. When the recruits shock danger is passed, Willa collapses and slips into unconsciousness.
                 The miraculous recovery, the initial shock reaction, is the result of the direct link between the minds of Cessa and Willa.
                 Willa is in no danger, but Cessa has put her self at risk for pushing the energy out of herself too quickly. Cessa knows of
                 the drama in Aubreys quarters, and could tell Willa predictament was serious when she went directly into the most active
                 part of the digestive chamber. Willa has gotten word to Shorty (AKA Bert), that he is not forgotten and Cessa is
                 planning his release when some more of the details can be worked out. Bert manages to work his way inbetween
                 Aubrey's breasts and curls up in the hollow between them and the overstuffed forebelly when he finally goes to sleep.
                 The guards have returned and secured him to her foreleg before leaving their master's quarters. Cessa makes
                 arrangements with Bart, the Roadhouse manager, for her stay to be extended to the end of the ten-day. Originally her
                 stay was for the night. Upon learning of Aubrey's identity and plans for a trip until the end of the ten-day she has
                 extended her accomodations. As her physical resources are dwindling fast, she leaves the main gathering room to retire
                 to her rooms. She sees Bart and tells him that she will be hibernating in her room for the next few days and please do not
                 disturb her, they can check on her if they wish, but not wake her. Cessa reflects on the last few hours and how quickly
                 events almost ruined Shorty's release, nearly destroyed Willa in the greedy taur's stomach for the mere plesure of it. Her
                 quick plan of applying an oblique pressure to Aubrey's business plans by making the health of the new 'food stock'
                 species seem fatal worked. She had not used that part of her mental powers to such an extent before without first making
                 preparation, and now her reserves were dangerously low. She would be vulnerable for the next eight days while her
                 system repaired itself without external help. She told Willa of her plans to remain at the roadhouse while she recovered.
                 Cessa agreed with Willa that the recovery would be safer alone in a protected spot, but that was not an option. Cessa
                 concurred that Willa needs to go on to the Inn and establish herself as indespensible to their needs, both the Inn and
                 Shorty's. Cessa does a thorough check of herself and her hibernating comapnions and finds all well physically, the
                 problem is one of emotion and mental strain psycho-kenetic energies being pushed beyond their accostomed limits, and
                 she informs Willa of her findings. She also assures Willa her Hibernation will have no direct adverse effects upon them.
                 The trustworthiness of the Bert and the ties he might have with Aubrey were another story. This was her final measage to
                 Willa before her consciousness failed, she had just managed to settle herself comfortably as possible. Early the next day
                 the rested travelers arose and went there various directions. By noon the Tannerhaven Inn recruits were well along road
                 and moving at a good pace. Their sudden sickness of the night before erased entirely with the restoration of Willa. Her
                 position within the group is not only accepted as vital, she was recognized as resourceful and indespensible. Several of
                 Aubrey's staff returned to the Tannerhave with them to keep watch on the health of all after the near disaster of the night.
                 At around mid day Aubrey made an attempt to get her cotingent arranged and conclude her out of town business
                 quickly. Her memories of the night before snapped into clear focus instantly upon discovering Bert curled up between her
                 truly massive mammeries asleep. Without disturbing his sleep she disengaged the tether from her forelegg and returned
                 the journal to its rightful place on the end of the tether with Bert on the other end. She then gently swallowed the both
                 down into belly he had so recently been sleep on. Thinking to herself.. now that is truly where you belong, totally within
                 my powers. She was also amazed at how clear headed she felt without any hangover of dullness of wit. Her meal of the
                 previous day was nicely distributed and settled. She gathered up her equipment and staff and made ready to return to the
                 road. After issuing the needed orders to get the transportation ready, Bart called her aside. He was aware of her
                 fasination with other formidable large preditor furs. Bart escorted her to the sleeping quarters of the hibernating and
                 defenseless Lamia. Aubrey's expression altered little on the exterior, but inside she was full of ideas and fantasies. She
                 casually asked 'what are you going to do with her when the end of the ten-day arrived and the room was again needed
                 for the celebrating guests?' He indicated there were still a few days, maybe he have her moved to the stables, she would
                 never know. Aubrey nodded approval and finished her preparations shortly after leave the lamia's sleeping form. She
                 could not dismiss the images of the fantasy that occurred to her when she accompanied Bart to see his sleeping problem.
                 The spark of a plan began to hatch right then. What if she could significantly increase her belly's holding capacity, could
                 she manage to swallow the hibernating creature? With not further interuptions Aubrey's entourage managed to make it to
                 Ironrock junction and decided to layover early and get an early start the next day. Aubrey decided she didn't need much
                 in the way of nourishment so ate very little that night. She put Shorty into a prearranged dungeon like cell at the house of
                 the junction manager. When she was satisfied that all was quiet for the evening, she slipped out and proceded to stretch
                 her belly's capacity with water she voraciously consumed by the barrel full from the nearby spring. When her sides felt
                 they would stretch no more, she forced several more large capacity swallows inside her. After resting a few moments she
                 managed to arise to her feet with difficulty. Will proceeding to walk normally back to her room's outside entrance her
                 belly's contents started its own jiggling and sloshing rthym of movements. At one point she almost lost her balance. So as
                 to not lose the volume stretching capacity of the water she altered the digestive process of her stomach. The earlier meal
                 within finished digesting deep within her digestive tract, while sealing off the stomachs exit to 'train' her belly. Her
                 objective was to increase its holding capacity to conform to her fantasy's image of taking the lamia, she'd seen, into her
                 belly and not be disovered. Since the night was still young she practiced with her full load and discovered how to move
                 with the rthym of her massive and bulging belly. After mastering it to some degree she retired to rest. In the morning Her
                 thinking was even more sharp than the day before along with her determination to succeed with her own plans. While the
                 last minute travel preparations were completed. She visited Shorty to taunt him of his living conditons and said when you
                 get out of here, you may appreciate my forebelly more. Shorty noticed something different about her appearance, but
                 wasn't sure what. Yes she did seem even more bulky than before, but there was something else too. Aubrey visited the
                 spring twice that morning before getting on with her buying trip. She discovered she could empty her forebelly into her
                 lower belly and continue to stretch the lower belly's capacity. She had managed her first quite quickly, needing a second
                 load for use on the journey. She was determined to carry out this wish of hers and remain undiscovered. The buying trip
                 continued without incident and Aubrey enjoyed and surprised herself to no end playing with her belly's ability to increase
                 its capacity, the relearning of how to move with so much extra mass and how good the filled feeling made her feel.
                 ---------------------------------- At the Tannerhaven Inn the new recruits setteled in and got ready for the up comming
                 celebrations. It was some local founder's commemoration day, which was marked by great feasting and drinking. Willa
                 continued to shine in her ability to know her way around and negotiate stick situations amiably among the rest of the help.
                 In the few days that they had to make the necessary preparations the staff galvanized into an efficient team. The informal
                 Inn's management committee didn't miss the subtle effects Willa's influence had on everything she became involved with,
                 which seemed to broaden with each passing hour. Even though she was not an appointed leader, her lead usually set the
                 pace for how the project went. The house manager, Berta - a massive bovine taur in her own right, continued to increase
                 her duties to test Willa's limits, and was constantly amazed that there appeard to be none. After several days of nearly
                 doubling her assigned tasks each day, she began to become fearful of own position and standing. Willa had the willing
                 cooperation of all the new recruits, and it was spreading to the rest of the Inn's staff as well. This was not the problem,
                 things were going much better than expected to have such a large influx of new recruits integ7rate so problem free with
                 the incubant staff. Berta approached the Counsel that returned to the Inn with the new recruits and explained her
                 problem. His silence continued to stretch out umcomfortably long, then clearing his throat addressed Berta: 'you have a
                 few possibilites, retire, sell her off, or find some way for her leave for a while and insert yourself into the void she will
                 leave.' Berta acquiessed to his insights, which were quite similar to her own, and returned to her staffing locus and
                 reviewed the last minute preparations and procurement errands required she had been making notes on. Perhaps her
                 standing lunch date with Amile will turn up something. The necessary preparations were made for the errands the next
                 day. Willa was to accompany Berta, on the pretext of learning more about management, when the last minute fresh
                 supplies were obtained. Berta had also planned to intorduce Willa to her cousin, from further up the valley, when the
                 purchases were finished and enroute back to the Inn. Cousin Amile was even larger than she was and had some unusal
                 ideas that might neutralize her problems with Willa. With this plan being put into action Berta relaxed a bit more. The rest
                 of the day went smoothly and the night was uneventful, the preparations were complete. The Inn's staff took care of its
                 normal routines of upkeep and meeting the guest's and long time residents needs. The day finnally wound down and the
                 house grew quiet for the night. After breakfast the following morning Willa replied to a summons from Berta for change in
                 her assigned duties for the day. But first her instructions to the varioius teams needed to be verified and given, as the
                 summons indicated she would be absent for most of the day until evening. Upon entering Berta's staffing room she was
                 told that they would be going into the merchants district to obtain the last minute fresh items for the celebration day events
                 the day after tomorrow. Willa would need to have more formal clothes on if she was to appear like person of station at
                 the Inn. After leaving this room Willa went to Ginger and asked if she could borrow some nicer looking clothes. Ginger
                 told her she didn't have any, but Marta was going through the latest load of clothes for the celebration. Marta was more
                 than happy to help Willa improve her station and wardrobe. Without over dressing, Willa's appearance transformed her
                 impact upon the staff she had worked so closely with for the last several days. At first most didn't know her, but were
                 soon at ease realizing it was Willa. Even Berta was surprized at how well she moved into this new role. Amile would take
                 a definite liking to this one for sure. Berta and her new leutenant left with the labors for the merchants section of town.
                 After enetering and leaving many different fresh supply dealers the required items were gathered and returned to the Inn
                 for use. With the task out of the way it was only Berta and Willa remaining to go to lunch. Willa had no inidcation that
                 Berta might be an enemy or threat, no injurious action let alone intent had ever been voiced from her. Willa really
                 believed that Berta had the best of feelings toward her. Amile met them at a private club for lunch. The subdued lighting
                 and private draped booths of the dinning area didn't even register as a threat to Willa, she was among friends she
                 thought. The meal was excellent and delicious. It didn't occur to Willa, Amile ate surpizingly little for being so massive a
                 person. The desert drink was brought to their booth after the meal's conclusion. Willa savored hers to the last drop and
                 then excused herself to go to the lounge. Shortly after that they also adjourned to the empty female lounge. Willa felt tired
                 and sat down when she first entered. She then forced herself up to take care of her needs and then collapsed when
                 exiting the watercloset booth. Bertha went to the cashier to settle up for the meal and then headed to the lounge. Amile
                 went there directly and found Willa unconscious where she fell. Before Berta arrived, Amile had sequestered Will into
                 one of the larger stalls at the rear of the room. She had just finished removing Willa's clothes and disposing of them into
                 the cesspool access and was closing it when Berta tapped lightly on the secured door. Quickly Berta assisted Amile to
                 eat Willa in one long swallowing action. Amile had settled herself on the floor and needed some help to support of the
                 body while it disappeared between her full lips. She could have managed it by herself, but did not want to give away her
                 intent to a casual observer who might enter the lounge right then, they need not worry, it stayed empty the whole time.
                 With a slurp Willa slipped down Amile's throat and upper torso very rapidly. Amile then stood up and gave her body a
                 shake or two and the bulges blended rapidly with no outward indication of what transpired. Berta said she never
                 imagined this scenario, in her mind Willa was just going to accompany Amile for the rest of the afternoon. Amile smiled
                 and said: 'is that not what will happen? We neglected to inform Willa of the details is all.' Berta inquired what her plans
                 were, and Amile just told her to not worry about it she would take care of this little problem as she sensusously rubber
                 her forebelly's bulge. Amile then said 'Now! I feel like lunch is over;' and smiled at Berta as she left the lounge. Amile
                 returned the washing areas and made one last check to see that nothing was left behind to reveal the most recent
                 transaction. Amile adjusted the way her clothes hung from her torso and left the lounge and briefly joined up with Berta
                 as they left the club and went their seperate ways. 'See you at the party in a couple of days' Amile called after Berta's
                 receeding form. Berta just waved and turned the corner on to the few remaining stops. At the last stop when she rejoined
                 the laborers she over heard snippets of sentences about Willa's whereabouts. To avert a problem she informally told
                 them that Willa had taken a liking to her cousin Amile and would be spending a couple of days with her polishing up her
                 oversight skills. A short while later as the last of the items found their way onto the wagons, Berta over heard the phrase
                 '...the only polishing she will do is from inside that cousins belly.' Berta moves away to her transportation and says under
                 her breath; 'You do not know how right you are.' By the time all the supplies and people have returned to the Inn and the
                 remainder of the chores from the evening meal are complete it is time for a relaxing rest. There is no adverse reaction in
                 the staff with the news the Willa is going to be away for a while. By the time the gossip has made it full circle back to
                 Berta, Willa is going to be on an extended visit with Amile's household and not expected back for a couple of ten-days.
                 Again she can not help a private smile crossing her face as she reflects on how easily Willa's threat to her position has
                 been so quickly and cleanly handled with no loose ends to worry about. By now Berta feels that Amile is back home
                 looking after her affairs and has put out of her mind the surprize lunch treat. For the most part this is true, Amile has
                 managed to get Willa into a fetal position in her fore belly with little outward bulge to indicate the occupant. At the
                 evening meal she eats up with gusto and no one is the wiser. Her belly feels very pleasantly full, and the occupant will not
                 give herself away because of the nature of the sedative administered. So long as Willa is inside of her and not in
                 prolonged contact, five to six consecutive hours, with lots of fresh air she remains unconscious. Amile knows that in two
                 days time the pre-party eating game is to be held in the back rooms of the self same club where she managed to gain
                 possession of Willa. She is almost loathed to wager Willa's value at the 'games', but doesn't have another live meal to use
                 in her place and no time to find a replacement. In the brief time she had to admire Willa, Amile is shocked at how really
                 beautiful this one is. A thought crosses her Amile's mind... she is a special one for sure. While thinking along these lines
                 she is also surpized and how easily Willa is to conceal within her bulk, not like some others she has had to store until the
                 games began, and how well the body rides within her belly while feeling so good. She recalls other times when she has
                 had to store her live meal for more than a ten-day and the difficulties it caused. When she comes back to the present she
                 realizes that Willa fits so perfectly, that it would be easy to forget she is even in there.
                 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Aubrey's Business trip continues without problem and
                 the details are worked out for the Inn's future. Since she is dealing with a whole new group of suppliers and providers her
                 previous roudy reputation is not giving away her plans for her personal fantascy. After the negotiations are complete she
                 winds up the remaider of the supply gathering. Her staff are concerned for her, mainly because the well being is involved
                 not because the like her as a person, well, maybe Priscilla does. Her routine since they left the roadhouse a couple of
                 days ago is different, she has kept to herself and not been so difficult to get along with. Finally they are on their way home
                 a day or two later than originally planned. The trip is just so much roadway to traverse and things to plan and think about.
                 The whole time Aubrey ahs been adding to her mass with more and more water than she thought possible. By the time
                 the return to Ironrock junction to retrieve Shorty/bert she has increased her capacity almost half again as much. The
                 increased size is very formidable indeed. Instead of having Shorty take up residance with in her forebelly she has him
                 tethered to her guards in the labors wagon. By the time they return to the Roadhouse five days have gone by. Bart has
                 some how move Cessa into the stable and is complaining to Aubrey of how sorry he is that he agreed to allow the Lamia
                 to talk him into letting her stay until she feels better. Ther was no problem moving her once enough muscle power was
                 rounded up to get her in to big transport trailer used to haul uncut logs. The only problem now is the the livestock in the
                 stable is reacting badly do to her presence scaring them. Aubrey asks: 'When was she supposed to wake up anyway?' a
                 minimum of five days came the reply. 'Just think tomorrow you might just find that you problems have just slithered
                 away'. Bart looks at her and softly says: 'don't I wish that were true.' 'Not all our problems are unmanagable and besides
                 things just change' Aubrey replies to him and then exuses herself for a while to return to her quarters to rest up a bit.
                 Actually she is taking on another load of water for making sure her capacity is enough. The evening winds down and the
                 Roadhouse finally shuts down for the evening. Several hours after the quietness has reigned supreme Aubrey steals away
                 to the stable to see her fantasy to completion. She locates the sleeping? lamia and then proceeds to empty her stomach's
                 unbelievable cache of water she has been carrying around with her for the last five days of so. Her once well filled belly
                 just sags in between her legs and she approaches Cessa tapered tail and begins to swallow gulp after gulp of Lamia. Her
                 belly bigins to fill comfortably at first and then with more dificulty. By the time Aubrey has consumed all but Cessa's
                 upper human torso she thinks she will never finish. Not to be defeated she walks around swaying her wonderfully full
                 belly and shakes herself to arrange her massive load. Her sexual arousal has been closing in on climax for a while now.
                 Without control her body goes into convulsions swaying back and forth side to side front to back. On one strenuous
                 backing motion the torso slips in a bit and the body inside shifts again. On the forward stroke of movement the Lamia
                 moves into her throat a bit more. Several more times this motion takes place, like she is being mounted from behind, and
                 each time her meal moves a bit further inside. On one of her more forceful thrusts she climaxes hard and goes into a
                 uncontrolled shiver like moving rthym that rearranges the coils within her belly and the lamia just slides into her mouth and
                 down her torso into the waiting belly like melted butter. After a few more involuntary shudders she awakes as if from a
                 dream and wonders where the lamia is, does she need to start all over again from scratch? She notices that her mouth
                 and throat are completely empty and the shape has returned to nearly normal. As she continues to return to reality she is
                 thinking that this was an impossible fantasy anyway. Once she is fully aware of her surroundings she notices that the
                 trailer is empty and there is no huge pile of Lamia on the floor infront of her. Then she takes a step or two to look around
                 and feels the fullness and weight she has become acustomed to, when she remebers she dumped all of her water outside
                 and she can even see where some of it has drained off into the trimmed grass reality hits her. She reaches as far back
                 onto her taur form and feels how hugely large her belly is stretched to capacity. She takes a few more step and sees her
                 sillouette a large and low hanging belly that indicates she was indeed successfull. She goes back to her sleeping quarters
                 and swiftly falls into the most pleassnt sleep she has had in a very long time. The sun shine lets her know it is daytime
                 once again, but she just stretches and luxuriates with the wonderfully full sensation that pervades her whole body. Aubrey
                 pushes the enjoyment to the limit and decides the day is wasting and there is no reason to call antention to herself by
                 acting any differently. Gathering her things and dressing herself in the recently modified blouse and jumper she gets it all
                 ready at the door and goes to get a bit of breakfast. It is only for appearances, no time to blow her accomplishment now.
                 After eating a sizeable meal she bids Bart farewell and gets on the road. The remainder of the trip to Tannerhaven Inn is
                 routine. The only difference is that Shorty is out side of Aubrey's belly traveling with the other servants. And Aubrey is in
                 pleasant mood that no one has ever experienced before. Shorty/Bert notices that her size is even more massive than he
                 remembered her. She was a mountain of a female before, but now she dwarfed even that image as he stands before her
                 in the bedroom chamber. Now that he is in the Inn the tether is gone, he lives in the prison of her private quarters.
                 Aubrey addresses him: 'Bert you will spend the night with me. It has been a while since you since you have been inside of
                 me. Come here and let me help you shed those clothes.' Shorty knows what is comming, the only time she talks
                 seductively like that is when she plans to use him as a sex toy pushed into her lower extremeties like dildo. He doesn't
                 have long to find out when she has him smearing a water base lube all over in her labia and vaginal areas. Her arousal is
                 very apparent do to both the odor and the level of self lubication present. He starts out by inserting his hands and then
                 arms into her sex to distribute the slippery subsatnce. About the time he is ready to remove his arms from her she backs
                 up pining him to the wall along side of his side of the bed. The more he struggles to pull free the more irrisistable pressure
                 is applied and he starts to go in deeper. His elbows disapeared moments ago, and now his face is at the entrance to her
                 vagina and starts to slip inside do to her unstopable pressure. With a popping sensation his upper torso is swallowed up
                 and then her muscles start to pull him in deeper. In mere moments he is inside from the hips up when she reclinces on her
                 haunches and drives him in deeper, to the knees. Then she rises forward and backs up to the wall again driving his legs in
                 past the heals of both feet. Then her mucles continue to pull him in deeper while all the time she is gyrating and squirming
                 around of the sleeping pad. Shorty senses that she is now in a reclining position and rapidly approaching her climax. He
                 was right, very soon her body goes through a series of involuntary movements that draws him in even farther and
                 rearranges him into curled up form. Then all grows still and she enjoys the after glow of it all. Aubrey then reaches around
                 her massive form and some how massages Shorty through her exterior abdominal wall and asks: 'Did you enjoy that little
                 man?' Shorty can hear her chuckling at her little joke as she rolls over to her side and gets comfortable and soon passes
                 into slumber leaving him inside. He has spent nights like this before, but she was some what smaller? Even though she is
                 much bigger the space feels very cramped indeed. He soon passes into sleep too. When morning arrives she rolls out of
                 bed with numerous things on her mind. Having a pleasant nights sleep behind her and too many things to get done. She
                 goes about getting herself ready to regain the reigns of her Inn on the eve of the celebration. She takes her breakfast in
                 her personal dining area and prepares the task lists for Berta follow through on. After this paper work and several
                 audiences with diferent staff members she leaves the dining / office area. She wants to make a personal spot check on
                 many of the accomodations and rooms where the celebrants are going to be. In no time lunch has come to pass and the
                 day flashes past. After she takes a break for dinner and verifies that all is ready and nothing more can be done she
                 returns to sleeping area. It is then that she realizes she has not seen shorty all day long. Then she recalls where he is and
                 smiles to herself. I wonder if he is still alive? By intricate muscle movements she gets Shorty to move down her birth canal
                 and into the open. Once he slides out onto the pad she has placed before her opening she then turns around to inspect
                 him and begins licking him clean form head to toes. By the time she is finished he has come to and is nibbling on the food
                 stuffs set close by. 'Well how are you doing my marvelous lover?' 'Very stiff and sore' comes the reply followed by the
                 sounds of gulping water. Aubrey smiles at hime and realizes she has come to depend upon him in ways she didn't thing
                 possible. 'I need to have you sleep in my forebelly tonight. I hope you do not hate or despise me too much?' 'When has
                 that ever stopped you? I didn't know that you even thought other people existed? I would actually love to be inside of
                 you, after I explore, carress, snuggles, and hug your magnificent abundance;' comes his reply. Her expression says I am
                 all yours come and get it. Shorty works his way around and through her contours and then ends up snuggled in between
                 her massive and soft breasts. Looking up at her unusual expression he says; 'I think you are growing on me especially
                 with the disposition you are displaying right now.' Looking at him she says; 'you think there is something changed about
                 me.' Yes is the reply his eyes say. 'We have a lot to do tomorrow, so come over here and you can have your place back
                 again.' With that she gently sucks him in through her lips and into her forebelly. 'You are going to be in there for a while.
                 The party is dangerous for you and I want nothing to happen to you. There is another within my lower belly that shares
                 my body's protection and power.' She chuckles at her humor. She is still amazed at how much easier it has become to
                 handle the massive Lamia within. It has become just second nature to her now. She enjoys the bulge that is Shorty,
                 hugging him as she goes to sleep. One of the final thoughts that surfaces in her mind has to do with servant Willa, it may
                 have to wait until a day of two after the party and clean up is finished. After Aubrey drifts off her embrace loosens and
                 Shorty explores his chamber and finds that the entrance to the lower belly is closed off tight. He can not even find the
                 valve that leads to the other chamber and scratches his head and figures that he will know in due time. Slowly he too
                 drifts off to sleep knowing that some how his relationship with Aubrey, is changing, she is thinking about other people's
                 needs and concerns more. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Amile is aroused fairly
                 early the next morning due to some problem or another and hurriedly throws on some quick covering and heads into the
                 main rooms to find out what is needed by the house master. She learns that the chores were not completed while she was
                 out and now the fire has gone out in the main stove that provides the heat and main means to cook. Amile goes to the
                 servants quarters to roust out the lazy boy who was to get this job done and discovers he isn't in the dormatory. So she
                 wakes up the next in line to find out what happened while she was out. It seems shortly after Amile left for her dinner
                 date Sem went out to get the wood in and restock the fire box. Amile continues to listen to the unfolding saga not
                 concentrating on it but thinking about the problem at hand. It is not until Ross says the words '... Sem just disappeared
                 after bringing in the first two loads. He went out again, we could hear him using the splitting tools, load the carrier, and
                 then nothing. No cries or screams, no foot steps on the porch, his bundle was at the foot of the stairs in the carrier but he
                 wasn't. There was only a short delay between the stopping of sounds and me having to go check up on him...' Amile has
                 heard enough and finds the loads that were stacked up in the corner. She then finds a hot coal in the back room's stove
                 and gets the masters hot water bottle ready. When Amile brings the bottle into the master's ante room and knocks to let
                 him know it is ready she is surprized by his promptness. Even before she can backup and turn to leave, the main door to
                 the room opens wide. The room is awash in the early morning light, she has seen it before and is not interested in his
                 doings most of the time. One particluar image does catch her attention though. In the corner under a chair almost hidden
                 out of sight are two articls of clothing that Sem had with him every where, including bed. He even tried to bathe with the
                 old hat and vest on, she recalls. What are they doing in the master's room. Then one other shape catches her attention. It
                 is the masters exposed lower belly, and the large uncharacteristic bulge that seems to move of its own will. In those few
                 seconds she understands what happened Sem. There was nothing she could do, he was the master, Sem has been
                 exposed the fluid for far to long to survive extraction and live a normal life. He would be picked off by any large taur that
                 recognized the markings for what they are. Now she had to obtain another servant. 'Here you are sir; sorry about the
                 difficulty, it seems we lost another servant,' mumbles Amile as she backs up and averts her eye to the pile of unmoved
                 dirty linens by the outer door. She thinks to herself is there another servant missing? 'That'l be all;' he says gruffly, while
                 shutting the inner door. Oh, how long has this been going on she thinks to herself, while she goes to the other dorm room
                 and finds only four of the six beds with occupants. When she enters the four girls who are their cower away form her.
                 She motions them over to her and starts to hear a similar narrative to the one about Sem. She gathers them all into her
                 embrace and hugs them firmly but gently. As they rub her own fore belly she realizes she is just as bad, but can not help
                 herself becuase of the vows of secracy and fealty the leaders of her secret group. Oh what am I to do she thinks while
                 letting the girls go and starts their work for the day. Right then she decides that this will have to be the last one if she can
                 help it. She cannot control the master, but is it possible that the participants come under some sort of spell or control at
                 the games. She promises herself to remain alert and remember how she feels then as compared to now. The rest of the
                 day they limp along with three servants short. In the late afternoon she finds time to hunt down the agency and sets the
                 machinery in motion to replace those that are missing. The evening meal and evening go along with out any other
                 problems. The master announces that he will be gone for the next ten-day starting tomorrow. Amile retires to her
                 quarters that evening ready for some rest and recuperation. Amile changes her clothes and reclines on her pads as she
                 gets ready to sleep. She reviews the day and has a number of misgivings. The lamps goes low and she closes her eyes
                 and relaxes in preparation for sleep and catches herself lovingly touching and rubbing the bulge in her forebelly without
                 thinking of what the bulge is. She drifts into a dreamless sleep and wakes rested and in a better frame of mind than the
                 day before. The master gets his gear together and is out of the house shortly after breakfast is eaten. The rest of the day's
                 routines start and the work goes off like clock work. There are no inrteruptions and the noon meal is through when they
                 have new servant recruits to accept into the house schedule. Of the five that arrive three are acceptable. Amile directs the
                 more experienced ones the teach the new ones the ropes. Amile follows the Agency's rep out of the door and waits until
                 she is finished loading her charges. Amile asks her if she is willing to talk that evenig in private, Estelle says sure, at her
                 place an hour after the dinner is served. Amile says that will give her plenty of time to get her crew assigned and the work
                 done. The rest of the afternoon things unfold smoothly. She has the full efforts of the staff behind her and the work is
                 finished on time with no one having to do more than their share. Amile's second in command, Vida, knows that she will
                 have the crew to herself that evening. Vida is a bovine taur smaller than Amile, but built wider through the barrel than
                 normal proportions. As Vida comes in from the library and turns to pick up some cleaning supplies, Amile sees two sets
                 of bulges in the lower belly. When Vida straightens up the bulges blend invisibly with the rest of her contours. It was only
                 when she forced her lower body around an awkward corner that her belly's content became some what visible. How will
                 the servants last with this predation going on? I will talk with her later if she will do so willingly. Amile leaves things as
                 they are and tells Vida she is leaving for Estelle's for most of the evening. Out of the corner of her eye she monitors the
                 girls reaction to being home alone with Vida, she is accepted without any sign of fear. Estelle's home is only a couple of
                 blocks away and the walk is pleasant. Her house servant greets her and shows her into the sitting room. They chat about
                 incidentals for a while and then Estelle insists that Amile come into her quarters to see her new project and share a glass
                 of new beverage she has. The two retire to the rooms and the house staff go off duty. Estelle's rooms are her private and
                 secure area where confidences can be maintained. Before Amile can start to say anything Estelle signs for her silence and
                 casually walks about the room until she can reach behind the chair in the window alcove and extracts a young woman
                 just starting into womanhood. The girl is shaking with fright at being discovered. She sends her over to Amile still without
                 uttering a sound reaches behind the room divider and pulls out another more mature female human. The second one is of
                 child bearing age with children of her own. Now Estelle starts the conversation on subjects related to the present. Taking
                 hold of the older one Estelle asks her purpose. The response is silence. Estelle asks: 'You know the penalties for being in
                 this room are severe?' The woman nods acknowledgement. 'Are you prepared?' another affirmative answer. Estelle
                 looks at Amile an asks if she would like to do the honors. At first her mind catches, then Amile says 'why yes of course
                 this one looks nice.' Without letting go Estelle reahes over to a plain decanter and pours small portion of the contents into
                 a cup and hands it to the woman and says drink. Without hesitation she gulps it down and hands the cup back. 'Do you
                 have anything you want to say? asks Estelle. The woman looks at her and says: 'They won't be able to breed me any
                 more and then steal my babies, like that one over there.' She points to the one I am holding. Estelle guides her over in
                 front of Amile and takes the younger one with her. Estelle directs the older one to strip down to bare skin and then to
                 stand on the bench next to Amile. She complies with no hesitation. Estelle's next directions tell the young woman to put
                 her arms down at her side and then lean into Amile's mouth and try to dive in as best she can. Amile is astounded that
                 she, herself, has not rebelled at the situation and complies as docily as the young woman. The young woman enters
                 Amile's mouth and jumps foreward and in. With Amile leaning over facing the woman's position she is amazed at how far
                 down she has swallowed her, only her calves still remain free. Amiles swallows and they are gone in a matter of seconds.
                 Amile then stands up straight and faces around to Estelle to discover the only thing left of the younger one is a descending
                 bulge in Estelle's throat and another pile of clothes at Estelle's feet. Soon there is no evidence of either woman, Estellel
                 throws the clothes into a laundry chutte and all is quiet once more. 'I didn't know that you were connoisseur of flesh and
                 do not mind me knowing it? What is in this room that has so thoroughly breached my defenses and inhibitions?' Estelle
                 pointed to a boquette of dried flowers in the corner and said 'those are, now to do what you just asked. There are other
                 things that work similarly and they are easily over looked. This group of rocks here on the table do not work as well, but
                 in combination with the beverage, they are unbeatable.' 'What is your honest opinion of what we just did to these girls?
                 Does your conscience bother you later? Do you ever feel protective of them?' inquires Amile. 'My conscience bothers
                 me more about the abuse, than the eating of the docile species. In a way we are protecting them, have you ever seen the
                 breeder camps? These two were from there. That is why I didn't even offer or mention sending them back. This way they
                 will enjoy the last few hours of life knowing that someone cares enough to spare them the atrocities that are being carried
                 out by those that do not really care. It is my opinion that if the consuming of them is done in moderation and in private,
                 not flaunted - as has been the practice around here lately it is just a normal coexistance that is to be expected. There are
                 some who are specially bred just for that purpose and they can not inhabit the world as the majority do. Some are like
                 the one you are carrying for your games tomorrow afternoon. I strongly suggest you keep Willa in your fore belly, she is
                 different altogether, and not disclose her presence while at the party tomorrow night. Lose if you have to, but please
                 protect her with your life if necessary.' finishes Estelle 'How do you know about Willa? does she show? is there
                 something I need to know about?' asks Amile. 'Amile I know you are the kindest heart around that there is. The rumor
                 mill at the Inn has placed Willa in your custody for the next two ten-day periods. What ever you do, Willa must not get
                 into the games at the club and end up in some other belly that has no conscience and sees her as just a food delicacy.
                 You must try to keep her in your belly, either one will do. I know that the games will have some of these mood enhancers
                 and then the drinks may be tainted. There is nothing I can give you that is fool proof. If for some reason she does get into
                 the mix you can work at retrieving her, but your succes rate will be so bad you will give her away before you take her
                 back. The coruption that is taking control of our land is going to be wiped away soon, and we all need to be ready. That
                 is all that I know.' Estelle finishes. 'Is there some other place that Willa can be placed for safe keeping? How about you
                 or Vida? I know how the games take control of your senses and mind... Willa is already lost. Is she something special
                 and necessary?' Amile inquires. 'Willa is special. As for safe keeping you might be able to talk Berta into swallowing and
                 holding her for the duration of the celebrations. Vida will see her as an outsider and just try to digest her vs protect her.
                 As for myself, I am slated to go to the games myself... same boat you will be in;' Estelle says. 'You know it is early
                 enough, you could go there right now and catch her before she goes to sleep. If you use the delivery entrance instead of
                 the front one, the servant that answers will take you straight to her.' With that Amile thanks her host and gets to the Inn's
                 deleivery entrance in record time. She gains entrance to Berta's quarters while Berta is just finishing her last minute
                 sleeping preparations. Berta's expression shows concern at Amiles surprize arrival and becomes more profound when
                 she finds out the reason. 'I do not have the control you have to keep something in my forebelly while I sleep. besides how
                 can I disguize something like that without practice,' Berta pleads with her cousin. 'I came to you because you are
                 trustworthy. Willa will never take your place here. She has other asignments to do, Aubrey is invovled even without her
                 knowledge too.' a look of surprize crosses Amile's face at these words and she shrugs. Amile continues 'What ever belly
                 you carry her will be just fine without causeing her harm. She will fit into you in a way like no other ever will or has. Can
                 you tell she is in my forebelly now?' 'Amile, that is because she is in your lower belly!' 'You think so? Watch...' Amile
                 gently caughs up Willa and Berta's eyes nearly pop out when the lower belly bulge doesn't change. 'Now open up those
                 beautiful lips and have an experience you will never regret nor experience again.' Reluctantly Berts parts her lips, opens
                 wide, leans her hed back and Amile gently slips Willa in. Berta swallows once and Willa is gone as quick as a shrug. It is
                 now Berta's turn to feel calm and confident and notice that she can not turn or contort in any direction to discover the
                 presence of Willa within her. As instucted she moves Willa into her lower belly and still can not detect her presence from
                 any outwart bulges not matter what pose she makes. 'If after the celebration you still want me to carry her just let me
                 know;' Amile says. 'This is like no other experience with live meals I have ever had. I like the way she feels inside of me
                 where ever she is. After the party we can discuss what to do.' Berta says. The two embrace and part company. Berta
                 remember to bring Willa to her forebelly, and then proccedes to let Amile find her own way out. Berta then reclines and
                 quikcly falls into a deep slumber she did think possible earlier that day. Amile makes her way home and moves the other
                 young woman to her forebelly. She finally gets her arranged by the time she reaches home, the walking movements
                 helped the job immensely. She reaches home and all is safe and quiet. Vida meets her in her night clothes and invites her
                 into her room for a second. She then points to her bulging belly and says they were afraid of the master and his advances
                 and asked me to protect them. I do not know how to do this and it is tiring me, please take them from me tonight. Amile
                 agrees and is amazed at the perfect shape they are in, she swallows them down without delay. Amile decides she is not
                 going to let these get into the games if at all possible. She bids Vida a good night and goes to bed herself. The pregame
                 party goes off without a hitch. Knowing that the place was rigged with charms kept her on her toes. She didn't care if she
                 won anything or not. After it was said and done she left with what she brought. There was one disturbing scene that did
                 bother her though. When visiting the female's lounge she recognized Berta greeting a rather fully-fleshed feline taur in the
                 lobby of the club. By the time her needs were taken care of and the way was clear to the lobby Berta and the taur
                 entered a private back room. There was not much she could do, and besides many of the Inn's clientelle came hear for
                 their 'other' entertainment. Perhaps this was just business. After returning to the games and taking her turn to see what
                 kind of belly capacity her body could comfortably manage, a mere dozen unconscious human forms, the winners and
                 rewards were made known to the partcicpants. The earlier incident with Berta was soon forgotten, especially when the
                 number of thirty humans smoothly disappeared into Estelle's form with ease on her turn. Estelle seemed much smaller
                 next to Amile's massive size, so the question is: how? Amile would have to look into that one later. The clean up was
                 minor and the crowds finally dispersed from around the winner of the contest, with a capacity of fifty-five. They closed
                 up the hall and leave the lobby. She walked with Estelle for a block or two and voiced this one question 'how come there
                 was no problems there tonight like you said there might be?' Estelle's reply is simply; 'there were no counter forces
                 present to oppose the ones you felt the other night. Those energies that were associated with Willa could possibly have
                 changed the way things happened in there this evening. You saw the amazing way the ones who came from another area
                 were able to hold three dozen and more, without the body mass of either of us. How do you think the winner was able
                 manage and still do the required exercises? It was not an illusion you witnessed this evening but a coordinated use of the
                 enhancers and modifiers and some other energy unfamiliar or contrary to our way of life, values, and thinking. It could
                 have been just fine to have Willa there tonight, but have you ever seen such displays before? Better to be a bit cautious
                 with an unkown like was displayed.' With that the two females separate and go to their homes and retire for the night,
                 complete with their own live meals still resting safely inside the forebelly. After the evenings events both were sure that
                 keeping these tucked away in their bellys until after the celebration festivities of the next few days was safest form of
                 protection they could offer. There was going to be a large number of stangers from outside of Tannerhaven looking into
                 many unsecure places and perhaps a few secure ones too.
                 ----------------------------------------------------------------- The day starts like any other, the sun rises and life
                 necessities are taken care of. Aubrey wakes and briefly hug her belly to feel Shorty inside of her. She takes care of
                 personal things and then goes to the dining area to have breakfast. When this is done and the various servants have
                 reported to her that their areas are ready, she has the lead clerk show her the guest list for the Inn. Aubrey sees several
                 new names that illude her knowledge as to importance. The clerk tells her what he can and that their special requests
                 have been accounted for. She smiles and then makes the rounds of the Inn to see first hand how things are going. Aubrey
                 movements are graceful indeed, inspite of how much larger she has become since her last trip. The regular staff are
                 stunned at what they see. Their formidable owner/master is even bigger than the rumors allude to. Once she tries to
                 remember any unusual events that took place upon the trip and can not put any details together that were out of place.
                 Her business deals are all in place, her massive bulk feels wonnderful, her lover's presence a warm spot near her heart.
                 She shakes her head as if trying to remember something else. She can not remember being smaller and is getting
                 compliments about how much nicer she looks at this size, what was the previous one? An so the morning goes, the guests
                 start arriving about mid morning and continue until early afternoon. Aubrey crosses paths with her house manager Berta
                 in the middle of the last minute perparation in the midst of getting the guests settled. There is no time for extended
                 conversation just a brief confirming that things will are going as expected. As Berta leaves to continue her apportioned
                 duties, she momentarily turns her attention inward and is unable to detect Willa's presence in any way. She can not
                 remember any activity or incidents that would account Willa's absence. She takes a moment to dispatch a message to
                 Amile that simply says 'she's gone, please see me and help'. That was all of the free time she experienced until the
                 opening ceremonies started during dinner. Berta takes a break while the meal is being served and meets with Amile in her
                 quarters for a minute or two. Amile brings along Estelle and some of her enhancing artifacts. Their visit takes only
                 moments to confirm that Willa is not within either of Berta's bellies. Amile then asks her about her presnce at the club last
                 night. Berta replies that she had to greet some important out of town clientelle and everything went just fine. 'What about
                 the back room visit,' Amile asks? 'What backroom?' "The one next to the our private booth when you introduced me to
                 Willa the first time?" 'I do not remember anything like that...' Berta breaks down in emotions. Estelle steps up and puts
                 the special group of rocks against Berta's forebelly and asks her to sip the spoon full of fluid she holds up to her lips.
                 Berta's eyes snap open and a surprized expression crosses her face. She starts detailing the events she had no recall of
                 only moments before. The feline taur that ushered her into the back room had her disgorge Willa onto a table infront of
                 several other preditor types, including a bovine that rivaled Aubrey's size and former disposition. As they were escorting
                 her out the door, her last image was seeing Willa disappear into the massive Bovine's mouth with no bulges apparent
                 anywhere once past her throat. The next thing she remembers, of importance, is joining with the group as they leave the
                 club to reside at the Inn for the party. She has not seen the one called Beulah, who consumed Willa the night before. The
                 rest of the group were in the dining room preparing for the celebrations to start. Berta gets a few of her most trusted
                 servants to quickly check the larger guest rooms to see if all are in attendance at the celebrations. She cautions them to
                 work in teams of four, with minimal exposure. One will act as room service and the others are to stay out of sight. They
                 are also warned that they may encounter life threatening conditons and end up as live meals with unfreindly guests. They
                 will also report after each of the suites they check. If anything unusual occurs they are to vacate their opservation posts
                 and tell any of the three what they have witnessed. Reguardless of how casual or safe the conditions appear they will
                 report back in ten minutes maximum. Otherwise a second team will see if the more remote observers are OK from a
                 distance without approaching the suspected suites. It doesn't take even ten minutes to find out that there is one suite still
                 occupied, bealah's. She is cordial to the room waiter, Sam, and invites him into her room. He emerges un scathed but
                 reports the room empty when asked. His backups give a different view. After the room check finishes, Berta instructs
                 one of the servants to keep a surreptitious eye on the Sam, and report anything unusal. All return to the dining party and
                 festivities pick up. Sam and his back-up disappear with in minutes of their special room check. No one is informed or
                 knows of this action. After the dinner is finished and the clebrants start mingling people start moving through out the Inn in
                 random directions. Some of the many celebrants want to see what things Aubrey has done through out the various
                 decorations ub the guest rooms, especially the ones for the larger clientelle. Many of the Tannerhaven citizens are there to
                 see what is going on and not join with the more boisterous crowds in the main halls. They traverse the halls and foyers to
                 see the displays. In some ingenuis way visitors are detouring through Beulah's suite, and not emerging with no one taking
                 notice it. This collecting of individuals goes on unnoticed for most of the entire celebration of three days. Part of the
                 reason is the crowded conditions and the suspension of regular reporting times do to the over intoxication of some kind.
                 Near the end of the third day Berta's staff is down by half, which is not unusual do to the larger taur's nature to consume
                 a hig percentage of the more insxperienced servants, usually the new ones. It starts to bother her that some of the older
                 and very wiley ones have also ended up on the missing list. Berta made arrangements for Estelle and Amile to stay in her
                 quarters through out all of party days. Amile is able to catch Berta on the third day and informs her that Estelle has been
                 gone for more than twelve hours and is not at her residence. She says that Estelle was last seen on a tour of the more
                 remote rooms near the larger accomodations only that morning. The other interesting factor is that the guest numbers are
                 down considerably from the first night. Berta says that is because they have gone home to sleep it off. Amile counters
                 with the thought that most of the residences in town are empty of all life, owners and servant staffs. Then Berta ask Amile
                 to use the stones and elixir on her right away. Amile complies and finds out the she has seen things that she cannot
                 remember without the help. Berta repeats the process on Amile, and they disover that she saw Estelle enter Beullah's
                 room and not come out or be found inside shortly after When Amile's group went through that area a short while later.
                 The only other point of note is her sense that beullah's size and mass appeared bigger than before, the same way with
                 beullah's staff. The two of them decide that Aubrey needs to know of this right away, and make their way to her
                 quarters. Aubrey admits them to a room of very subdued lighting. After making a cursory inspection and increasing the
                 light levels they can both see that Aubrey has been crying. Aubrey tells them that some how she lost Shorty and is heart
                 broken and despondant. Berta and Amile both approach to comfort her but aprehensive and end up in an embrace that
                 squishes them into her consederable breasts. Then releasing them she asks why they came to her, she hasn't told anyone.
                 Berta then tells her of the discoveries they have made. They apply the stones and before they give her the elixir she sits
                 up straighter and starts to tell them it happened when she went into Beullah's room last night. Aubrey has grown so
                 accustomed to her more massive size that she doesn't remember being smaller. They all make plans to visit the suite after
                 getting some back up and witnesses. Amile ask Aubrey to take some of the elixir now, then Aubrey's eyes really pop
                 open and she whispers 'do you know what I have in here?'as she point to her lower belly bulges. They both say no. 'This
                 is a creature called a Lamia? She has hidden herself within me and taught me many things and strengthened me as well. It
                 seems the Beullah wanted to swallow me down and would have done it too, except the next tour came through. I have
                 an idea... let me return to Beulah's suite and get her to consume me and then return to her residence city and maybe we
                 can find out what the source of the plaguing events really is. Amile pipes up 'Will not beullah detect her in your belly?'
                 "No, she is using some kind of counter acting energy that completely masks her off within me, so long as she stays inside
                 of me she is totally invisible. In the six plus days that she has been in my belly she has errected some very powerful
                 coumaflaging images of her own. I want you two to see what help you can round up and get the network to keep tabs on
                 Beulah's where abouts. I want you to also witness the swallowing of me from that old spy corner of special windows and
                 be quiet. I will wait until to get into position before presenting myself. You two stay out of sight and do not get caught.
                 Here is my signant stamp to use my authority to do what needs to be done, keep it safe." Berta immediately wraps it up
                 in a special pouch and swallows it. In moments both return to Beta's room and very stealthily get into the watching room
                 and wait for things to happen. A steward arrives at the door of Beullah's suite and asks if Aubrey might pay her a visit
                 before they return home. The massive taur gets a hungry look upon her face and tells the steward she would love for
                 Aubrey to do that, just give her a chance to freshen up first. "Then in twenty mintues' the steward inquires? "Yes that
                 should be fine". The steward retires to the door to go to Aubrey's quarters and the occupants get busy rearranging things.
                 In short order Beullah disgorges humongus load of humans and furs alike, including Estelle and Shorty. Her traveling
                 companions then begin quickly swallowing in to there bellies all that is possible. Soon the massiveness of Beullah
                 decreases and the pile of disgorged creatures disappears into the other companions. Both watchers are amazed what
                 they just witnessed and keep thinking what they saw is not possible. But it happened right in front of their eyes. Beullah's
                 belly actually looks like it might be sagging do to the decrease in content volume. Her companions look much more
                 massive than they did earlier, but can still move around and not be incapacitated from the impossibly huge quantity of
                 creatures disappear into them. One of the last humans to catch Berta's eye is Willa slipping from sight into the feline taur
                 she first met with at the Club. Within a few moe minutes they get the room tidied up and ready for Aubrey's visit and
                 appear to be packing up the last of their belongings when she arrives. Actually they unpacked the things they are
                 pretending to get ready for travel. Aubrey enters and on the Beulah's attendants opens a special box with stones and
                 dried flowers in it, out of direct vision from Aubrey. In a moment Aubrey seems to falter and then return to normal.
                 Beullah asks her to come over to her and sit down for a minute, becuase she has really out done herself with this party
                 celebration and the land will talk about this one for years to come. 'Yeah thought both Berta and Amile: because the
                 whole thing ended up in your belly.' When Aubrey she stumbles a second time and practically falls onto Beulah's torso.
                 Beullah doesn't miss a beat and just uses the forward momentum to her advantage and starts to swallow Aubrey head
                 first. In no time all of her upper torso and first set of legs have disappeared into Beullah's exoanding form. Without even a
                 pause she seems to swallow in a very steady way and sucks into her belly the massive and pliable lower belly of Aubrey
                 in just moments. Much faster than Berta and Amile ever thought possible. A few more concerted gulps and they watch
                 the mountain sized Aubrey just simply disappear from sight into Beullah's throat expand her previously sagging lower
                 belly. Beullah then gets up from her semi reclined position and proceeds to stretch and shake her body to settle her load
                 more evenly. Soon she look just like she did when the steward visited her less than an hour ago. Berta and Amile both
                 notice that it took less than eight minutes for Aubrey to enter the room and disappeat into Beullah's unbelievable belly.
                 The other amazing thing was the way her entourage were able to swallow indiviuals that seem so much larger than
                 themselves and the numbers were stagering. Berta estimated thatnearly eighty percent of the party celebrators and towns
                 folk were representd in this massively greddy dispaly of lust and unnatural hunger. Soon the room occupants got moving
                 toward the stables and entered the court yard. The hands had been notified to let the guests help themselves without
                 interference. This is just what happened, Berta and Amile witnessed it all and soon this cursed group was leaving
                 Tannerhaven. The were not accosted nor addressed on their way out to the main road. Quickly both Berta and Amile
                 found what was left to the constable staff and made arrangements for the network to be put into use as per Aubrey's last
                 directives. Once that was started and carried out an assessment of the town was undertaken. When it was all said and
                 done there were less then two dozen human youths left... including the ones that were inside of Amile still hidden safely.
                 There was no more of Amile's satff left. Since the Inn was the most populous place, everyone started to gravitate to this
                 familiar place to make some sense out of the demented situation. Less than twenty percent of a fairly prosperous and
                 stable town remained and most out of town visitors simply vanished. The survivors could barely believe the final episode
                 that Amile and Berta witnessed about the way Aubrey simply disappeared down the throat and the sheer numbers
                 ingested by the companions. The next ten-day found the community pulling together and putting things into order. Some
                 semblance took shape, after much effort and tears, to tannerhaven as a town again. Nothing was heard about the efforts
                 of the network as regards Aubrey and the numerous other ones that simply vanished during the celebrations. By the end
                 of the ten-day period hope of recovering the missing faded to a dim memory, and the survivors moved on with their lives.
                 The number of travelers in and out of town diminished to a bare few.
                 --------------------------------------------------------------- As Beullah and her companions left the gates of
                 Tannerhaven enroute to Ironrock Junction they devastated any travelers they chanced upon. The small businesses were
                 left alone, but the travelers caught in the open soon found their way into the bellies of this insatable team. These additional
                 spoils were distributed evenly among them, with the choicest and most numerous going into Beulah's always waiting belly.
                 She just dozed for the most part, enjoying the great fullness she experienced having bested the notorious Aubrey in such
                 unquestionable victory. By the time they reached the junction the road behind them was litered with numerous abandoned
                 carts and wagons, Not even the live stock was left behind. Resuming a more docile demanor they obtained lodging at the
                 junction and then continued on their way toward the town of Duren in the early morning. This day's travel was to be a
                 long one indeed. The remainder of their journey was less destructive the other travlers they met, since they resumed a
                 low profile mode again. Before completing their travel to Duren, they take a much less traveled trail toward Fourthstar,
                 the actual locus of their operation. Well after night fall they have arrived at their own accomodations. Just leaving their
                 equipment where it came to rest the weary travelers stumbled into their accomodations and quickly succumbed to their
                 need for rest. Even Beullah didn't take time to gloat over her task completed, but just stumbled into her quarters and
                 collapsed in slumber on her mats. Late the next afternoon the team started to arise and inspect the spoils of their
                 campaign in Tannerhaven. In an underground chamber one by one in orderly fashion they disgorge the contents of the
                 heavily laden bellies and take stock of what managed to preserve in usuable condition. After the inventory is complete for
                 Beullah's leutenants a guess is made that they lost ten percent to digestion while on the road home. Those too damaged
                 to survive are reswallowed and dismissed as the cost of operations. By some miracle of accident Willa, Shorty, Estelle,
                 Vida, and Ginger are not among those overly damaged. These join the other spoils of Beulah's conquest of Tannerhave in
                 the holding pens withing the under ground complex. The process of categorizing and sorting will be completed over the
                 next few days. When all of the leutenants are finished they depart to other tasks or take a break. When Beullah is alone
                 in this chamber she too disgorges her belly's contents to recount her victories and gloat. Aubrey is by far the largest single
                 person within her lower belly, but not the only one. She too has a certain percentage of loss nearing that of the others.
                 She quickly gobbles those too damaged to survive. Her individual spoils are more than double what the leutenants
                 manage to return to base with. She summons servants to see to the survivors and designates what storage areas they
                 need to be placed in. She personally assists with the placement of Aubrey into one of the storage areas already occupied.
                 Beullah reflects, in a matter of hours, they will all be awake and wondering what their future holds. She can barely contain
                 herself to flaunt her victory of Aubrey and then begin to savor the delecasies she has managed to gather to herself, her
                 belly can hardly wait. The afternoon has turned to late evening by the time all is put in order. It will be early mornging
                 before the new captives start to awaken and then the other fun can begin. Beullah can hardly wait for some of her other
                 teams to return and inform her of the progress made so far in subgating the lands inhabitants to her will. Her sister was
                 due back in two or three days and she could hardly wait to show her the prize she managed to bring home. After
                 spending a bit more time making new conquest plans and mentally dividing up the vast spoils almost within her reach she
                 feels her belly growl and lack the wonderful full sensation when Aubrey was within. She arises from her planning board
                 with the thought of going to recline for slumber. Instead of doing that just yet, she returns to the holding chambers to visit
                 Aubrey's reclining form. Without conscious thought she begins to nuzzle the reclining form. Before to long she starts to
                 lick and suck on Aubrey and then progresses to swallowing her. Her belly is demanding the full feeling, and will not stop
                 until the condition is met. Shortly after starting this process Aubrey is gulped down and in the now content belly. Beullah
                 then returns to her quarters again and falls asleep on her resting pads. The whole episode happens without her having
                 really been awake or really remembering the whole event sequence of the previous minutes clearly, if at all. In the
                 morning the crews go to work to properly tag and allocate the spoils of the recent success. There is also the need to
                 verify the quick inventory made the night before. Estelle is one of the first to awaken. She goes about the darkneded
                 chamber to see who her companions are and discovers both Willa and Shorty are there... No knowing what to expect
                 she decides that it will be best to hide these inside herself for safe keeping. Shorty slips down her throat easily and settles
                 in next to her other youthful companion nicely. In that time Willa awakens and discovers Ginger just waking up. Willa
                 goes over to comfort her and see how she is doing. Estelle aproaches from the other side where Shorty was laid out. She
                 explains to Willa what she knows of the situation and what her plan is and her connection with Amile and Berta. The plan
                 that she can offer is swallowing them down and hiding them until later when they know more. Upon hearing the
                 attendants getting ready to work with them, the two women agree with Estelle and are soon hidden deep with in Estelle's
                 belly. Once she is done she returns to her original area and feigns grogginess like the rest who are getting up and moving
                 around. The servants arrive and start their numbering and examining work. They can not find or determine that Estelle is
                 anything more than what she is, from the exams and tests. Their numbers do not totally agree with last night's tally sheets.
                 It wouldn't be the first time though. Of all the rooms they examine that day only one of the four are tallied and verified
                 with the same numbers. Beullah slowly woke up with the light of day removing some of the night's gloom. Her first
                 thoughts were of the comfortable feeling of her body's full fleshed feelings radiating from her lower belly. She did give it
                 much thought, just gave in to the feeling and let it move to the back ground and started to plan her day's objectives of
                 preparing for her sister's friends from outside territory. That is where all of this power to manipulate and influence people
                 came from. This is where she will obtain the leverage necessary to take control, how ever sanguinary. She also realizes
                 that it is her sister's insights and strategies that have let them plan the domination that has met no real resistance to date.
                 There was that little wobble of control she felt just before they got Aubrey's first in command to bend under the power of
                 suggestion tools and give up her ingested companion. The feeling was so subtle and brief, her mind questioned its
                 existance of ever being there in the first place. Enough of this day dreaming her minds screams at her and she procedes to
                 get up and start the preparations for the counseling and stategy caucus to take place in another day or so. She dresses
                 and goes for the dining area to get some breakfast and then on to the subterranean chambers and see how the sorting is
                 going on. The servants get a bonus by completing work early, part of the newly captured ones they are inventorying.
                 Since most of the servants are some species of 'taur this fits in with the mind set promoted by the outsiders. Many times
                 the servant body is augmented from some of those that are captured and converted to the support of Beullah. The testing
                 of possible prospects would begin right away, before the gloom of the caverns broke their usefulness. Estelle was
                 selected with several other taur type's for just such screening tests. From a master control point Beullah reviews the tallies
                 and inventory sheets. She verifies that those selected for enlarging the 'herds' are recovering quickly. She then gives the
                 order that those not recoverable be distributed among the servants for rewards/treats, the determining factor is time. The
                 twelve hours allowed for regaining consciousness will expire by mid-morning, and the noon hour is given as a cut off.
                 Those unable to perform the simple coordination tests will be classified as unrecoverable. Those that do survive will then
                 be relocated to pens that separate individuals into gender/species similar groups. Their life span is still a limited one.
                 Beullah reflects on the meeting coming up and wonders again at the advisability of making an aliance with the outsiders.
                 Can they really be trusted and believed to leave them alone when the land is under her subjection. She can not help but
                 think they have some other agenda that is much more sinister than the wholesale consumption attitude now prevelant
                 among the taurs that have been exposed to the 'enhancers and modifiers'. Is there something that is going on there that is
                 not totally revealed? What reason is there for her to trust these others to have her best interests at heart? Now where is
                 all of that suspicion coming from? She finally realizes that she is no longer being blinded by her more powerful instincts
                 and former lusts. Is there something different going on here that wasn't present before when this whole project began so
                 many campaigns ago? Perhaps a reality check is not such a bad thing, logic has its own merit and a bit of suspicion could
                 prove life preserving. These and other questions are all part of the internal dialog tht has occupied Beullah for some time
                 until an outside intruption gets her attention. Her personal aid, Lila, enters that master control point and hands her a list of
                 recomemdations for conversion to the servant staff. Two thirds the way down the list is Estelles designation code. Beullah
                 tells Lila that she would like to see this one first in the debriefing area before the noon meal. Beullah continues to examine
                 the list and the other capture manifests. She sees that the numbers are very impressive, but has a niggling question of
                 where is this really leading to. Sure she has an agenda for subjegation of the territory and exercising dominion over the
                 vast variety of sentient species, yet questions still arise. Like many other regimes of the past in other geographic areas,
                 most of those seeming rulers were under some else's control (direct or otherwise). She is using some very powerful
                 control tools to alter memories and perceptions of her victims, is she being subject to the same manipulations by someone
                 or something else without her knowledge. Is there a possibility that there are some post exposure instructions that she is
                 folowing so as to do 'their' bidding? All of these avenues for comtemplation are most unusual for her, when just a few
                 days ago she knew exactly where each foot fall was going to land in her climb to the top of the existing power structure.
                 Enough of this for now anyway. With all of these new 'meal' subjects to take care of until they were distributed, she
                 needed to check of the quantities of food stuffs. They didn't really bring back that much in the way of supplies, and
                 unhealthy subjects do not serve the purpose of food or laborers. There is always the need for processors of goods and
                 fodder, perhaps if the supplies are low they can be bent to the task of taking care of their own needs. My My,again her
                 sub-conscious asks; where is all of this practical reasoning coming from. When did she ever care for how the other half
                 of a situation felt, she was the eater, swallower, enjoyer; they were the meal that filled her belly and felt good inside of
                 her. Not knowing for real the long term affects of the enhancers or the ones who provided them gave her pause at this
                 time, especially since the last campaign and the brutal efficientcy she experienced and was a director of. This is most
                 unusual for me to be considering, the care free memories care less thoughts are no longer the dominating ones that
                 galvanize me right now. Beullah leaves the inner department and heads for the warehousing region of the compound to
                 follow through on her earlier hunch of low to little provisions? Once in the maze of store rooms and bins old habits take
                 over as she checks levels and approxiamte quantities by viusal inspection and guage guides. Soon she is finishing up the
                 last of the storage and warehousing areas and heading back to the more populous ares of the compound. She heads to
                 lounge to get some of the dirt and grime off she notices on her extremities and buging sides, from having squeezed into
                 some tight areas to get an accurate measure. While finishing up after a quick shower she proceeds to the drying area and
                 notices her lower abdomen's size and has no immediate recollection of what is its cause. Finishing up she proceeds to the
                 debriefing area to see the taur she had picked earlier. Beullah settles into secure the area and adjusts the cushions to ease
                 her bloated body into as comfortable a position that can be managed with her unusual bulk, she couldn't remember
                 consuming anything that would account for this present condition. No sooner than she leans back then the supporting wall
                 when the capitive taurs are brought in before her for the selection process. There is no conversation or questions asked,
                 just various exercises are preformed and the numbers are thinned down again. After several elimination rounds Estelle
                 and three others are the only ones remaining. Most all of those that get into the debriefing area are chosen for some in
                 house positions and then trained to take over the needed work loads. The last three are chosen for some special
                 positions and tasks. It seems the Beullah needs these three for the special conference that is coming up in the very near
                 future and they are fitted with special restraints that hobbles the mobility. They can get around without discomfort, they
                 are just not able to move very gracefully or quickly, just fine for domestic servants. Thay all accompany Beullah back to
                 the main living area above ground in Beullah's own quarters. They are given a series of tasks to perform and then 'graded'
                 by unseen observers for their diligence and attention to details of the instructions. It seems that the area where they are to
                 work is just riddled with many types of covert spying posts and they are under constant watch at all hours. Estelle finds
                 the tasks boring by easy enough to comply with. She has been practicing her control techniques so that no one is able to
                 discern her belly's contents. It seems that her capacity to hold and hide her recently swallowed guests has put them in
                 various parts of her digestive tract, all the way from the storage to the active digestion stomachs. Estelle has no full idea
                 what the situation with her new living arrangements will be, but feels that she is under close scrutiny and testing. She
                 figures that when the opportunity arrives she will see if her four passengers have faired and hope that they survive and are
                 not absorbed into her flesh as she fears one or more may eventually end up. She can slow the digestion process down
                 but not halt it, and has no way of knowing if she will be able to free them before the five day cutoff period will elapse for
                 those in the digestive tract. She gives a mental shrug and figures it is a better way to go than what ever other plans the
                 remainig prisoners will be facing. The day drags on and they are herded into a general dinning hall with many other
                 inmates like themselves to have their first of two meals for the day. While thus confined and a captive audience they are
                 subjected to a variety of indoctrinations that explains their probational status to the compound. They are then divided up
                 by their given classifications and the training continues. They are designated into groups of three that share a single
                 rooming arrangement. Fortunately they are all of similar species and seem to get along aimiably enought together. There is
                 no bond built up between them. It seems that Estelle is grouped up with some visitors who are not from Tannerhaven.
                 The living and monitoring conditons have not allowed then to trade more than a very few words between one anther.
                 They do find out that the groups are purposely set up with mixed individuals and not a group of 'former' friends / allies to
                 minimize the possibility of mutany. After going through several other 'classes' and indoctination and getting their needed
                 equipment together the evening meal is served. Immediately upon completion they are herded to their rest cubical for the
                 evening and the lighting is extinguished. They have precious little time to arrange themselves in their living area before they
                 are expected to quiet down for the night... no talking or audible communications are allowed. The darkness is a blessed
                 relief for the many strange and unusal events that the day unfolded for them. It is their understanding that the next day will
                 have its own share of new experiences and difficulties to deal with. -------------------------- -----------------------
                 DAY 1 Christa and Ketura swallowed and smuggled out of prison by Cessa DAY 2 Cessa sleeps near the river. DAY 3
                 Cessa sleeps through whole day and most of night growing used to her swallowd companions and the load they make on
                 her system; pick ups dinner/breakfast? DAY 4 Sleeps through most of day resting and digesting; make camp near
                 military group of searchers; Meets cook, Harve, Day 5 Observe intruder who spikes cooking cauldrons; helps
                 w/cleanup; Ancester Legend, Serna; Night Vigil DAY 6 Greenwedge destination; Reserves go home; DAY 7 1)
                 traveling to Greenwedge; watching DAY 8 2) traveling to Greenwedge; watching DAY 9 3) arrival at dusk near
                 Greenwedge DAY 10 Sible, Shorty's 1/2 sister; no outward sign of Sible; DAY 11 makes ready for leaving in the
                 morning; Missing person report for Sible DAY 12 Travel away from greenwedeg toawrd the East; Sible settles in; Cessa
                 sleeps in camp with Shorty DAY 13 Routine day in new camp 2nd ten-day; Shorty meets Aubrey in Tannerhaven;
                 Disappears into Aubrey's belly first time DAY 13 no news; life is routine DAY 14 " DAY 15 " DAY 16 " DAY 17 "
                 DAY 18 " DAY 19 " DAY 20 " DAY 21 " DAY 22 " DAY 23 "; 2nd ten-day DAY 24 " DAY 25 " DAY 26 " DAY
                 27 " DAY 28 " DAY 29 " DAY 30 " DAY 31 " DAY 32 " DAY 33 "; 3rd ten-day; Jense, Sabra join up with Cessa and
                 relate Shorty's story DAY 34 Cessa is promoted to supply procure officer; Black branch-carrie & celia; DAY 35
                 Highpass lay over on way to Unionfork DAY 36 Unionfork; acquires Willa; meets Doyal; joins Network; puts protective
                 'tattoos' on Willa DAY 37 Ironrock Junction; DAY 38 Stop at bathing lakes; Willa free to travel to Tannerhave,
                 Windstorm, Willa joins with four others enroute to Tannerhaven Inn, Ginger, Roadhouse; Aubrey; Cessa goes dormant
                 for repairs and puts plan into effect DAY 39 Willa at Tannerhaven Inn. Cessa goes dormant -6; Aubrey gets irristable
                 urge to have Cessa; water stretching; Leaves Shorty locked at Ironrock. DAY 40 Cessa dormant -5;Aubrey learns to
                 hold even more water and works w/forebelly to maintain pressure; Her movements become easier with the added weight
                 DAY 41 Cessa dormant -4; Aubrey at tavern in Duren for negotiations; working on more mass DAY 42 Cessa dormant
                 -3;Negotiations complete; gathers supplies DAY 43 Cessa dormant -2;Finalize agreements; Prepare to leave Duren
                 DAY 44 Cessa dormant -1; Berta and Amile make plans; Willa given to Amile for safe keeping and 'training', Berta free
                 to keep job DAY 45 Cessa dormant -0 awake next day, unless other actions happen then goes dormant ; Amile has
                 game plans; Aubrey returns to Roadhouse and manages to swallow Cessa into lower belly; adjusts mass to her body
                 DAY 46 Aubrey is back at Inn; Estelle; Shorty-Aubrey sex; DAY 47 Willa transferred to Berta for safe keeping; Willa
                 in Feline taur w/Beullah; preparty eating game contest; Shorty in Aubrey's belly DAY 48 Celebration Day; Amile has
                 older human female; Estelle has daughter DAY 49 Celebration Day; people disappearing.. DAY 50 Celebration Day;
                 most of Tannerhaven swallowed by Beullah's team and herself DAY 51 Beullah leaves Tannerhaven; 80% population
                 gone; guests gone; DAY 52 Beullah at Ironrock Junction for night DAY 53 Beullah leaves for Duren; alters path for
                 Fourstar; late night arrival at home; tally sheets; Aubrey in/out DAY 54 Shorty, Wlla, Ginger, Estelle join forces; supply
                 inventory; Estelle interview w/Beullah DAY 55 DAY 56 DAY 57 DAY 58 DAY 59 DAY 60 DAY 61 DAY 62 DAY
                 63 DAY 64 DAY 65 DAY 66 DAY 67 DAY 68 DAY 69 DAY 70 DAY 71 DAY 72 DAY 73 DAY 74 DAY 75
                 DAY 76 DAY 77 DAY 78 DAY 79 DAY 80 DAY 81 DAY 82 DAY 83 DAY 84 DAY 85 DAY 86 DAY 87 DAY
                 88 DAY 89 DAY 90 DAY 91 DAY 92 DAY 93 DAY 94 DAY 95 DAY 96 DAY 97 DAY 98 DAY 99 DAY 100
                 DAY 101 DAY 102 DAY 103