Title: Grimmy's Trip
Author: Banzai
© 2005
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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The sun was shining as Grimmy walked along the road, it was dry and the dust was swirling behind him. "Damn im getting thirsty", he thought. Even though he was a reptile, he needed water now and then, and he had not had a drink of water since he had left town. He was about six feet tall, of dragon origin, and had typical green scales on his back and on his flank. From the neck and to the tip of his tail, his abdomen was covered in larger, smoother scales, like a snake or a crocodile. On the top of his head, he had two curved horns like of a ram, ending on the side of his chin. 
He also has a small goatee, which is why his friends called him "goat", but he preferred Grimmy. He was a notorious troublemaker, a wise-guy, which is why he had to leave his town. He was not worried at all, just happy to get away, and to see some friends that lived in a town some miles away.

In the horizon, he spotted some tents and trailers parked nearby the road. He was looking forward to seeing some people, and perhaps get some water and a place in the shade. Where he was walking, there was only dust and dried out bush. He continued steadily, and saw that it looked like a circus. "Here, in the middle of nowhere?" he thought. It was strange, but he continued on.

The circus had different tents, except for the main tent, there was a few smaller ones, all of which was coloured blue, white, yellow and red in the typical circus stripe-type pattern. Around the tents, some riggers were walking around, checking cables and wires. As Grimmy approached the centre tent, he saw that a guy was sitting by a desk under a parasol, selling refreshments. "Finally, i can get something to drink" he thought. "Hello sir how are ya?". The guy was middle-age dressed in a worn out t-shirt with a circus logo on it. "Im fine man, but it looks like you need something to drink. I didn’t hear a car, have you been walking?"
- "Yeah, by car broke down a few miles down the road from here, so i had to walk"
- "That sucks, and in this heat..."
- "Yeah, even for my kind the heat takes on pretty bad"
- "Well, what would it be? What you see is what we got"

Grimmy looked at a cooler by the desk, in it was a few brands of soda.

- "Ill have a coke please"
- "That will be one buck"
- "One buck? Man you gotta be kidding"
- "Sorry sir, but we gotta have some income too you know"
- "Look, i don’t have a dollar, but, I have, just a minute..."

He looks trough his wallet, trying to fish out a few cents.
- "There 80 cent, its all i got"
- "Sorry sir, but that just can’t do"

"What the hell is wrong with this guy? Im the only damn customer, and Im offering all the money i got". The guy pointed at one of the trailers and said "well, there is where they keep the horses, you can get some water there". "Ill do that"

As he walked away in anger, he wanted to find out of there was something worth to steal from these bastards. "Damn them, Im gonna get some water, find some cash and escape on a damn bike or a horse or whatever"
He noticed that a small tent in blue and white stripes had a small opening in the back, on the opposite from the main entrance. He took his chance of looking in. He did not see a thing at first, his eyes had to adjust to the dark inside the tent. He noticed that around the inside of the tent, benches was stacked, and some flow lights was standing here and there. Right next to him, there was a stage. "This is probably the freak show" he thought.
On the bench next to him, there was a pile of clothes, he walked in, and quickly started to look for stuff in the pockets.

"Just what the hell do you think you are doing?"
Grimmy looked up, and stared at a woman on the opposite side of the tent. She was pretty tall, had long black hair and the biggest breasts Grimmy had ever seen on a human girl. She wore only a bra, a thong, and a pair of white socks. Her hair was wet and was sticking to her shoulders and bosom. "I had just lost my wallet ma'm, and uuh... thought it might be under these clothes".
- "That is my clothes you are messing with Mr, and i am sure there is not a wallet under there"
- "Sorry, but i just had to check, it might have fallen out on these benches you know"
- "There is no need to look for yourself, we always look for things like that after each show.
All you have to do is to go to lost and found in the big yellow truck by the entrance. We take very good care of our visitors you know"
- "Alright, thank you mam, I will go and check there.

Grimmy was eager to get out, he had had enough attention already, though under different circumstances he would have preferred to stay a while with this
long-legged big busted femme. He was about to walk out the way he came, when all the sudden:

- "What is your name, Mr...?"

The woman approached him, and as she walked, her breasts wobbled slightly. Grimmy was getting nerves now, unsure of what to do, run away, or stay and perhaps get something more out of this.

- "My name is Grimmy. Some call me goat, but that’s a secret, okay?"
- "Aha, you have secrets Mr Grimmy, don’t we all?"

She moved even closer to him, and he started to feel something going on downstairs. She was almost as tall as himself, and as she came right up to him, he could see how smooth and soft her skin was.
- "Dragon, are ya? Not like the average circus goer huh? Ooh, nice horns"
As she stretched up to feel his horns, he could not avoid getting a glimpse down her cleavage. She smiled as she let her hand back down. Looks like you are quite a fighter, Mr Grimmy"
- "Well, no, not really, i...i... had an accident a few years ago. What your name mam?"
- "Chess, but it’s not my real name though"

An awkward silence ensued.
Chess put her hand on Grimmys shoulder, analyzing his scales. "I have always fancied your kind, sadly you are a bit rare around these parts"
"Yea, there is mostly just humans and fur-clad people down here, heh" He knew he had something going on now, it was too good to be true.
When she pushed her bosom against his chest, he felt as if he turned to stone. He could not think of anything but to just do the girl there and then. She lay her arms around him, squeezed her bosom against him, and he got hard in a second. "It’s alright" she said.

As her bra hit the floor, Grimmy said: "Now, what’s your secret?". "Come closer, and i will show you" she said. Chess kissed him gently on his snout, and her red lipstick left some colour on him. Now he truly felt like if he had turned to stone, he could not move an inch. Therefore, he could not do a single thing when she kissed him again. But this time she gave him a big, big, kiss, and slowly let her jaw open, so that his snout slipped inside her mouth. Grimmy tried to say something, but it was too late. Chess took him in further, until she had all of his snout packed into her mouth and partially down her throat. They were eye to eye now, and Grimmy thought that this silly game of hers would stop. But no, he heard a popping sound, and her lips quickly slipped over his eyes and the rest of his head. He felt her flesh ripple over him, like a snake does when it swallows its prey.

Chess brought Grimmy down on the floor with him, since there was no other way she could swallow a prey this big single-handedly. Usually, she got help to do this, but this time she wanted to do it herself. She had his whole head in her mouth now, and was quickly making way over his neck, that was fairly easy to down. The dragon moved under her, he probably was wondering if she could take him in. Strange gurgling noises came occasionally as she started to move over his shoulders and arms, her skin stretched so thin that the outline of Grimmys arms could easily be seen. Her big tits was dragging the ground on both sides of her victim, and she felt his head reaching the bottom of her belly. She took a short break.

Grimmy had reached the bottom of her belly, and the movement around him stopped. He began to wonder if she would spit him out soon, because by the looks of it, she came no further. His thoughts went back to his erection, and the girl he was in. He felt warm saliva trickling out of the tight lips around his waist, and was wondering what she would do when she got closer to his member.
He felt movement again, and soon he felt the belly around him began giving even more room to his body, as if he was in a balloon that inflated.

Chess felt her belly give more room to her occupant, and she gulped down even more of the dragon, inch by inch, she pushed him down and came to his groin. So far, his erect penis prevented her from eating him, but this had happened before. She reached her arm over and pushed the penis against his belly, so she could get her lips over it. With a huge gulp, she had put her lips over it, and was making way over his rump. Her victim was soon gone inside her, and she quickly gulped down his legs.
She then saw his erection trough her skin, and lay her hand on it and squeezed. He suddenly moved, and she smiled, though her mouth was still holding his feet and tail. Her hand started rubbing the cock under the skin until she felt well-known throbbing inside her belly.

Grimmy felt himself coming in her stomach, and thought he had at least gotten something out of this. But although he could hold his breath for a very long time, he mysteriously and suddenly blacked out. As his body was curled up by Chess' stomach muscles, it gave room to his tail, and soon his feet was gone inside her mouth. Her jaws popped back into place, and the last inches of the tail of her victim, slipped inside her.

Chess now lay still on the floor, rubbing, burping and letting air out of her belly, so that the contours of her meal became even more visible. With such a massive meal in her gut, she could not move for a couple of days, but she could lay there and rest until someone helped her up. As she lay down, she smiled and said quietly: "I hope you enjoyed my secret pal. But those who know gotta go"