A Full History of the Macrofur Armada 

By Terastas
Story Copyright (C) By: Terastas
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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By Terastas

June 13th 1942: Paul Bunyan, a 57 ft. ox, enlists into the American Army as the first macro soldier.

August 21st, 1945: Captain Paul Bunyan is awarded a medal of honor for outstanding achievements. The number of macrofurs in the army increases.

December 31st, 1971: Military polls indicate an army entirely compiled of macrofurs with the shortest soldier standing at 31 feet.

November 27th, 1978: Macrofurs on Thanksgiving Parade cause $91,000 in damage to Buffalo NY. Legislature passes new laws forbidding macrofurs from entering city zones.

January 15th, 1985: Thousands of cevillians of Kansas City MS are reported missing. Footprints in the city streets suggest a macrofur culprit.

March 26th, 1985: After being arrested for violating city ordinances, Adder King, a 71ft komodo dragon, admits to kidnapping and swallowing two thousand furs in Kansas City. He is trialed and sentanced to the death penalty.

June 8th, 1986: Two days before Adder King's execution date, thousands of macrofurs riot in Detroit MI. The National Guard fails to contain the rioters and the city is evacuated.

August 24th, 1986: 101st airborne devision fails to reclaim Detroit from the macrofur rebellion.

August 29th, 1986: Michigan is surrendered to the macrofur rebels. Defense outposts are set up over the border.

May 13th, 1998: Macrofurs attack the Illinois border. Use of the atom bomb is considered.

July 4th, 1998: A planned attack on Chicago by the macrofur rebels fails when an army of 300 macrofurs is defeated by an army of fifteen mercenary soldiers led by Michael Riovan. How such a remarkable upset occurred is still uknown.

October 9th, 2002: An army of 600 led by Riovan successfully drives the macrofur rebels out of Detroit. Leaders of the Macorfur rebels surrendered shortly afterwards.

December 21st, 2009: British prime minister calls for American aide against the Macrofur rebellion in Liverpool. Michael Riovan has rebellion contained before Christmas.

Febuary 13th, 2021: United Nations approves the Defense Against Macor Invasion (DAMI). Headquarters is established on Riovanes, an island named after the late war hero.

September 30th, 2068: DAMI becomes UN's only peace keeping force. Representatives from all 225 countries are now included.

January 10th, 2081: DAMI outposts are established in all major cities. Resistance from macorfur rebels lessens down to nothing.

Febuary 1st, 2100: An army of 10,000 macrofurs ambushes Riovanes. Macorfurs are defeated, but the exact origin of the army is still unknown.

April 17th, 2101: Macorfur resistance increases dramatically. Number of DAMI soldiers on call surpasses one million. Source of macrofur resistance still remains unknown.

April 20th, 2105: Present Day

"I'm telling you Click, nobody is going to buy this."

"Shaddup" said Click humerously. "You almost done in there?"

"Almost. I... God Click, I don't know what I look like!"

"Shaddup! People are staring."

That was a lie actually. The men's clothing store they were in at the time was almost empty, the only other man currently present being the store clerk who was asleep at the register, his floppy rabbit ears blowing off to the right every time the fan on the counter rotated towards him.

"Sorry" said the man in the dressing room. "But I guarantee you they're really going to be staring when they see me now."

The door to the dressing rooms creaked open and out stepped a tiger wearing khaki shorts, white sneakers, and a black T-shirt, which by the local standards was fairly well dressed. It wasn't the outfit that was odd though, but the color of his fur: a light shade of blue.

Terry just stood there for a moment, giving Click his 'why-the-hell-do-always-make-me-do-this-s tupid-shit' look. Click laughed.

"Oh come on Terry! Its not that bad, is it?"

"Of course it is!" Terry hissed. "Nobody's going to buy this- its too frickin' obvious. I mean..." He clutched a tuft of fur from his arm and held it out in front of him. "BLUE!! How unnatural looking looking can you get?"

Click shrugged. "So what? It looks good, doesn't it?"
"Its not supposed to look good. Everybody thinks I'm a cereal killer, remember? This isn't supposed to look good- its supposed to make me look normal."

Click sighed and hopped down from the book she was sitting on. "Terry, trust me on this. I've worked with psychos like you before, and whenever the cops think somebody got their fur stained, they always look for the most normal looking guy." She smirked. "Besides, in the age of mind tagging anything's possible."

Terry paused for a moment, then sighed and lifted his mouse friend off the counter and perched her on his shoulder. "Fine. I'll take your word for it." He eyed the unconcious clerk. "This is all paid for, right?"

"Of course."

Terry didn't exactly believe her, but he wasn't about to start another arguement. On the way out the front door, however, he said: "One more thing Click? The age of what?"

Click glared up at Terry's massive head from his shoulder. "You never heard of it?"

"I wouldn't have asked if already knew."

"Really..." Click smiled thoughtfully. "I'll tell ya' what. I'll tell you what mind tagging is... If you explain why I'm still here after spending a week or two in your gut."

Terry stopped walking. He sighed and said: "You're better off not knowing."

There suddenly came a loud crashing of breaking stone, and a large chunk of concrete thundered to the ground inches from where Terry was standing.

"Holy shit!" shouted Click, clinging to Terry's fur as he swung his shoulders this way and that, looking around to see where it had come from. He saw it just as the sun was blotted out. Standing over them was a massive wolverine, almost a hundred feet tall, glaring down at Terry with eyes full of hate and hunger.

"Oh no" whispered Click. "RUN FOR IT!!!"

Terry leaped out of the way with lightning quick reflexes just before the wolverine's paw came crashing down, leaving a pothole five feet deep. Angered by his miss, the wolverine thundered after him, taking slow but massive steps after him, easilly keeping up with the bite-sized tiger who was running at full blast.

"Dammit Terry!!" shouted Click as she clung to his shoulder for dear life. "Are all of your friends like this?!!"

Between gasps for breath Terry said: "When did he suddenly become my friend?"
Just then, there came a squeeling of rubber from up ahead, and a huge black truck with big wheels and a gattling gun set up in the payload swerved around the corner and came barreling down the road strait towards them.

Terry skidded to a halt, but not in time to run away from the military unit that had found him. Instead, the truck swerved to miss Terry, but the wind that came with its passing sent Click flying from his shoulder. Terry made a diving catch for her right before she hit the pavement.

"Jesus" Terry whispered. "I know you hate doing this, but it'll definitely be safer, okay?"

"But... Terry, that was-"

No answer. Click was already in Terry's mouth by that point. She didn't squirm as much this time, but Terry didn't swallow immediately. His attention was entirely focused on the vehicle that was now barreling towards the giant wolverine.

The wolverine that was now running in the opposite direction.

"Requesting permission to engage directly" the driver of the truck spoke into the CB.

"AFFIRMATIVE. CITY EVACUATIONS COMPLETE. YOU HAVE FULL REIGN" the metallic voice on the other end responded.

The driver turned off the CB. "Kickass" he hissed. "We're clear Edge- show em' what we're made of!"

Edge, the seemingly human soldier in the back, hefted his bazooka, taking aim over the roof of the truck. "Target locked-"


The driver swerved a quick left that lifted the truck onto two wheels, barely dodging the giant paw that came crashing down out of nowhere. Edge fell down hard, and would have gone flying out of the truck if Deva, the fifteen foot kangaroo that had been standing behind the gattling gun, hadn't come crashing down on him as well. After a full U-turn, both of them scrambled to their feet, Edge's chest plate having prevented any damage Deva's fall might have done to him.

Both of them were now staring strait up at a bear that was actually taller than the wolverine, staring down at them with a wicked grin.

"RIO- We have multpiple hostiles. I repeat: MULTIPLE HOSTILES!" the driver screamed into the CB.
"AFFIRMATIVE. DISPACTH UNITES ON THEIR WAY" the voice on the other end replied, not sounding at all excited by the report. "JUST STAY CALM UNTIL THEY ARRIVE."

Edge rolled his eyes at the last statement as he took up his bazooka again. "Stay calm... Who the fuck is he kidding?"

Deva rotated the gattling gun around and open fired, only hurting the rampaging macros to make them shield their eyes. "Don't panic Edge- we're not dead yet." She was silent, or if she was talking it couldn't be heard over the roar of the gattling gun. Then suddenly:

"Oh no..." Deva took her eyes off the charging furs and looked off to the side. "Cevillian in the area!!"

"What?!" Edge followed her gaze. "DAMMIT!!" He shoved his bazooka into Deva's hands and took control of the gattling gun. "Go after em' and I'll hold them off!"

With Click now safe inside him, Terry was running at full blast again. Before the vehicle passed him again, he dove off to the side and ran down a narrow alley. He looked over his shoulder and noted that the two giants were nowhere in sight. When he looked back in the direction he was running, however, he was barely able to come to a halt before crashing strait into a brick wall.

"Terry?" Click's voice sounded into the speaker in his ear. "What's going on?"

"We've reached a dead end" said Terry. "But it doesn't look like their after us anymore."

There suddenly came a loud crash of stone and bricks rained down from above. Terry looked up and found himself staring strait into the jaws of a giant lioness.

"Dear God!"

The next thing he knew, something grabbed ahold of his tail and yanked him out of the way just before the jaws closed around his torso. Deva clutched him tightly under her arm and bounded off in the opposite direction. Once she had gained enough distance from the lioness, she turned Terry upright and jammed him into her pouch, ungulfing him in her fur all the way up to the neck.

"Hope you don't mind the auckward accomodations" said Deva. "Just sit tight and I'll get you out of here."

Terry had a knot in his throat, which wasn't easy to get out with Deva bouncing him up and down as she bounded down the street. He finally spoke once the pounding motion became rhythmatic.

"Okay! Hold on- time out! Time out for a moment!" said Terry, trying to get his hands out of the pouch to make a T form with them.

"No time to smell the roses" said Deva, not taking her eyes off the road up ahead. "But I take it if you didn't evacuate at the bell that you must have just arrived now. Do you always have such bad timing?"

Terry would have said more, but at that point the lioness that had nearly bit him in half before appeared at the next intersection up ahead, and Deva showed no signs of slowing down or changing course.

"Uhh... Miss? Don't you think we should turn around? Miss?!!"

"Don't worry about a thing" Deva said calmly, still thundering towards the giant lioness. "Just sit tight and don't look. I guarantee the macros won't get you, but if you throw up in my pouch you'll have me to deal with." She pushed his head down under her pouch, submerging him entirely for a moment. When Terry peered out again, the lioness was still there at the intersection, but he was staring at her at eye level now.

Then suddenly, back at her feet. Then at her eyes. Feet! Eyes! Feet! Eyes! Up and down at rapid pace, closer and closer to that creature with every change, and every time they looked at her feet there came a heavy thumping feeling in his stomach which hinted at what kind of hell Click was going through right now.

Deva was covering over a hundred feet with every jump.

'Dear God' through Terry. 'This is nuts!'

Deva's weapon was already latched to her arm. Her next bound took her strait on a colision course with the cat's face, who opened her mouth wide in anticipation of a meal. Then, at the height of her leap, Deva fired off a missile that hit her right between the eyes. There was a loud explosion that engulfed her head into a cloud of embers. The giant fell down to one knee and Deva sailed gracefully overhead before bounding on her way.

"See?" said Deva. "What'd I tell you? You're in good hands Kitty, so don't you worry about a-"

She stopped talking when the giant wolverine rounded the corner in front of her and swung his massive paw in her direction. Deva was swatted off to the side with as much force as a bullet train. She flew about two hundred feet before hitting the ground and tumbling over and over until coming to an abrupt stop in a corner between two buildings. She stayed there, lying flat on her back with her hind legs up in the air, quiet and motionless.

Terry squeesed out of her pouch, his head spinning, and nearly collapsed on top of Deva's belly. Once his vision came back, he scrambled to his feet, plopped himself down between her shoulders, checking for signs of life.
"Miss?!" he hissed, slapping her cheek lightly. "You okay? You still alive?"

Deva's eyes stared blankly at the sky.

"Blink once for yes, twice for no" said Terry. "You alive?"

Deva blinked twice. "Eh... I'm not bad."

Terry looked up when the sound of rhythmatic thunder began to approach. Staring down at him were all three of the macrofurs; the bear, the wolverine, and the lioness, her facial fur burnt off partially by Deva's original attack. All three of them had smug grins on their faces.

"Shit" Terry whispered. He slid down off of Deva's belly and pryed her gun out of her hand. "How many rounds does this thing have to a clip?"

Deva looked over at him with a dazed expression. "A lot... But cevillians aren't supposed to-"

"We'll worry about that later" said Terry. He took aim at the closest macrofur, in this case the bear, and fired.


For a weapon with so little recoil, it did quite an ammount o damage. Terry landed a hit square to the bear's nose that engulfed his head in flames. Not even bothering to see what affect it had, he took aim at the lioness and fired, landing a hit to her shoulder that sent her reeling back in pain, nearly toppling over the wolverine in the process.

To make a long story short, Terry held off the three macrofurs for two minutes, always aiming for the closest of the furs and never missing his target, which was usually the head. Finally, Terry's last shot went right up the bear's nose. His head exploded and the hundred ton corpse fell backwards, much to the horror of the surviving two.

Unfortunately, they also knew that was his last clip. They both looked down at him, clearly pissed, and approached.

There came a loud racket and the wolverine fell back, multiple explosions errupting all from his body. At this, the lioness fled, and the Rio DH-81 helicopter that had fired off the missiles which destroyed the wolverine followed in pursuit.

Terry stood there in relative silence. Deva was on her feet by this time, and her jaw was still agape in shock.

"Hey kid" she called. Terry turned back towards her, and would have helped her up if she wasn't ten feet bigger than him. "My God Kitty, that was amazing! Where on Earth did you learn to fight like that?"
Terry paused for a moment, then handed the empty weapon back to Deva. "I've had some combat experience before" he said evasively. He looked back at the two giant bodies behind him and added: "Although this is definitely a first for me." He turned back towards Deva. "You never sounded too thrilled by this- do hostile giants appear often?"

Deva raised an eyebrow. "You don't know anything about this? Kitty, if you've been hybernating all this time, exactly how much combat experience could you have?"

"Plenty" said Terry. "I'm probably older than you think I am."

After exchanging names (Terry only gave his first name), Deva asked that Terry wait until the DH-81 returned, which was supposed to take him back to some place called Riovanes where he would explain what happened. Before the helicopter arrived and while Deva wasn't looking, however, Terry stepped behind one of the wolverine's corpse, looked around to make sure nobody was looking, and tore a loose thread from his clothing, which in this case was almost twice Terry's length. Tilting his head back, Terry opened his mouth and guided the thread down his throat a good distance until he felt two firm tugs from the other end. With the signal given, he the thread back out until the end came out with Click clinging to it. She was incredibly dizzy and didn't hold on in time to make it to Terry's hand, instead ploping down onto Terry's nose.

"Bad news Terry" she said groggily. "I blew chunks in you..." She passed out after that.

The DH-81 returned, and with it came Edge, clutching an ice pack to his forehead, and the pilot, a female calico cat dressed in a pilot's uniform. Deva introduced Terry and Click (Terry told Deva she was in his pocket the whole time), they were directed into the passenger hold and lifted off for Riovanes. It wasn't the most comfortable flight. Deva took up five of the six seats availale, so Terry had to ride in her pouch while Edge sat at the end held down by her tail. Either they didn't mind or they were just too tired to complain; fighting giants does take a lot out of people. Click didn't say anything either; with her small size she could sit comfortably anywhere away from the paradrop opening, so everyone was likely to be a little irritated by any comments she made.

Midway through the flight, Edge asked the question that was on everyone's mind by this point.

"What happened to the third macro?" he asked the pilot.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you" said the pilot. "We lost her."

"You what?!" Edge lifted Deva's tail off of him and edged over to the cockpit. "Anya? Would you please explain to me how you could lose a HUNDRED FOOT MACROFUR IN A CLASS C ENVIRONMENT?!!!"
"I know you're pissed Edge, but that's exactly what happened. And I can't explain it either- she turned a corner and that was it; I lost sight of her." She sighed. "We haven't exactly ever been able to see these things coming either, don't forget. I'm no expert on these things, but if these macrofurs we've been blowing up for the past six months aren't appearing out of thin air I'll shave my whiskers off."

Terry's ears perked up. "Six months?" He looked up at Deva, then started to edge his way out of her pouch. "Okay, hold on! I'm not moving an inch further until someone explains what the hell-"

Deva pushed down on his shoulders, forcing him back into her pouch. "Calm down Terry." She sighed out a breath which Terry felt against her. "Normally that would be an odd question to ask, but since you've been asleep for the past few years I'll explain. Edge, Anya, myself, and all the other soldiers you didn't see on the battlefield today are members of the D.A.M.I. Defense Against Macro Invasion." She paused a moment. "Its a pretty self-explanatory title, no?"

Terry nodded. "I guess. And I'm assuming today was a perfect example of what you guys do?"

"Kind of" said Edge. "The DAMI does a lot of other stuff now that there aren't too many functioning armies anymore, but the whole concept was originally started to keep giants from rampaging through heavilly populated areas like the one you were just in." He was silent for a moment. "So this is your first experience with macrofurs?"

Terry nodded. "I guess so."

He looked up at Deva. "Did he really hold off all three of them?"

Deva nodded, then gave Terry a pat on the head like she was proud of him.

"He did more than that" said Anya, not having seen Deva's response. "One of them was dead when I arrived."

Edge's eyes froze open.

"Something wrong?" asked Terry.

"Of course not" said Deva. "But while I'm no psychic, I would bet that when the council gets the report, you're going to be offered a job."

To be continued...