Title: Holiday Trip (Revised Version)
Authors:GryphRaptor, Jess, Anima (Edited by Krahnis
© 2005
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HOLIDAY TRIP Improved version!
Characters (c) GryphRaptor, Anima JESS

Chapter 1
Dancing couples sway and twirl the smoke filled air to the tootling sounds from the stage band. I like to watch them, wings and tails, whiskers and scales all still a novelty to me. My name is Michelle and as usual, I pretty much the only human here. Avon, my six foot anthrovulpine lover and I can be found in this little club almost every Saturday night. Apart from the jazz and blues there's little more for me here, but I know he feels more at ease with others like himself.
Dragging my attention back from the activity on the dance floor to my love I only to see that it hasn't been missed. With both elbows resting on the table, he has a half drained glass of red wine in his left paw, on the other, a little white mouse is running back and forth, like a gambler rolling a coin. I know better than to interfere now. Avon breaths deeply, filling his nose and lungs with the heavy air, richly laden with the scents of all present. All of which are wasted on me. Eyes narrowing as his right paw is moved up to his muzzle for a close sniff of the rodent.
I subconsciously shrink back in my chair, although we've been going out for years this part always makes my skin crawl. His bottom jaw slowly angles down revealing the predatory teeth.
A tear drop of red shimmers on the end of his right canine, it's only a remnant of the wine, for now. Then all chaos breaks loose. One of the feline dancing pairs collides with our table edge, up-ending it an all it bore leaving us just sitting there, the little mouse scampering across the floor.
My only thought, 'this is going to get ugly.' Avon's look of disgust only served to provoke hostility in the somewhat intoxicated male cat's manner. It pushed aside it's partner in a display of independent strength and advanced nearer. Claws extended and teeth bared Avon launched (Vikki) from his chair (Vikki). The (Vikki) feline's hiss (Vikki) carves the air as th.......
"Wha, whuzup," as my vision clears Jasmine's face slowly comes into focus.
"C'mon Vik, you're supposed to be up and getting ready for the lemming jump, and now I find you still asleep snoring you head off. Is this common with all hippopotamus or did I just get unlucky befriending you?"
I didn't need this, "QUIET, quiet, quiet, Jaz please, just give me a second to get my head together, sheesh. I was having this weird dream that I was a, now don't laugh, a human chick at this club with a fox morph."
"A hyoomin, eeeeywww, are you sure it wasn't a nightmare? That'd make my skin crawl, I'm surprised you weren't screaming in your sleep."
"Okay, okay don't rub it in, I already feel seedy enough as it is, pass me that cloak and a cup of coffee and we'll get going."
Dear Diary:
Today is the start of our journey. We'd planned this trip to the Arctic Circle to witness the annual leaping of the lemmings, but I slept in so we had to hurry. Bundling into the car we headed for the air port, then made a beeline for the ladies powder room. I'd bought a single ticket under my name that was in economy class for two reasons; one, they still haven't installed seats for taurs in first class, and more importantly we just didn't have the cash. In all honesty it was all we could do to scrape together enough to get the one air fare saved up for. We're both shocking with saving for anything, no matter how worth while. So we were both going to go on the one flight with one seat and only being able to purchase one ticket.
It's pretty clear where this is going isn't it? Well it's not like it's the first time or anything now is it?
When the extended cab arrived we both piled in, these cab companies could teach some of the airlines a thing or two about space allocation. We travel light, well it's not like I wear much in the way of clothes anyway. A fairly short trip to the airport later and we were standing in the departure lounge, ticket in hand. Jasmine skips off to the snack bar and soon returns with a pile of chocolate bars and other packaged sweets. Looking around the lounge for an opportune moment, we slipped into the ladies restroom together.
"Front or back?" Jaz asks, cheekily.
"Well unless you want airline food dumped on you it had better be back." this brought a smile. Although being inside my belly in very comfortable, so I'm told, for a long trip my womb is the place to be - it's a little further form my heart and so quieter but to top that it doesn't smell like last night's desert. Jaz stuffed her snacks into her zip up bag and in turn that bag into a large plastic one, just to stop it getting wet. After unscrewing the top off the tub of YiffyLube she had brought with her she coated the plastic covered zip-up bag and herself, from hear to toe.
I lowered my self to the floor, which I might add was mighty cold and pulled back my cloak to reveal my womanly parts. Jaz in try fashion, I should have expected it, waltzed over and pushed her right arm up to the shoulder down into my vagina. I shrieked, 'Jeeeeeesus that lube's cold... and you cold have taken your time.' She withdrew her arm and made a coy stab about giving me a thrill, I had to confess to some degree it had. Using my tail to hang onto for balance support, Jasmine lifted her left foot to her belly height and wriggled her toes into my vulva.
She followed with her leg up to the knee, slowly sliding into me. I have to admit it felt great. Her leg was around about the size of an average hippotaur's penis so I couldn't help but enjoy it. Using the bench as extra support, she lifted her other leg off the floor and pushed it into me along side the other one. That's always the worst bit, if you could class it worst. Just for that point her hips are working their way into me, which are pretty much her widest point and her entire weight is being supported but my vulva and the entrance of my vagina.
She's not all that heavy, but it's just not a part of me that was intended to be weight bearing. Her feet and lower legs had already pushed through my cervix into my womb and I could feel her toes running over the top of my insides. She started to wriggle forward, slowly working her backside and hips into me, also making use of the resistance of my cervix on her lower legs already deep in my womb. With one more wiggle she had her hips and bottom within my vagina and her legs poking into my womb.
As Jasmine continued to wriggle in, I had to clench my jaws shut, trying to muffle the sounds of pleasure I was producing, my soft passage, rippling all around my friend as she worked herself in deeper. Thick juices coating her lube covered body, further slicking her down, as inner muscles gripped her tightly, a climax building steadily from the wonderful fullness she was creating between my hindlegs. Soon enough her hips slipped between the rippling entrance of my sex, my labia holding tightly around her waist like a strange belt, before snatch-contractions began to drag her in deeper.
Unable to stop myself I rose unsteadily to my feet, and backed up against the wall, knowing that Jaz would brace herself with her arms as we both began to work her the rest of the way in. Her motions causing my belly to ripple slightly as her toes explored the moist walls of my womb.
Grunting softly I began to thrust myself backwards, helping the snatch-contractions to drive my friend deeper, shuddering in pleasure as her smooth belly slipped between my thick hind legs. Jasmine began to moan softly herself, grinding her own groin against the hot flesh enveloping more and more of her. My cervix stretching tightly around her hips as my womb continues to fill with more of her body. Inner muscles deeply massaging her all over as she's dragged inwards.
Jasmine writhed about, loving the feel of going into her friend's body like this, and as she felt the hippotaur's inner-muscles taking over, squirmed around wildly, pleasuring her massive friend as she was dragged inwards. Reaching up to fondle the firm clit that was quite exposed to her as she slid deeper, managing to curl herself around enough so she could begin suckling on the firm nub of flesh, while she still had a chance.
My eyes opened wide as I felt Jasmine's muzzle surrounding my clit, suckling and chewing softly on it only further enhanced the pleasure of the situation, until my whole body trembled from the sensations, feeling my small friend writhing around inside my vagina and womb, stretching my sex wide around her chest now, grinding her breasts into the softness between my hind legs, before the pleasure finally overwhelmed me and I climaxed hard, barely able to muffle my cries of pleasure as my body sucked Jaz in completely, my belly rippling as she was pulled upwards into my moist depths.
As I stood there trembling I could feel her still squirming around, rubbing herself all over against the insides of my womb, pushing outwards against the warm flesh that now surrounded her.
Still shivering a bit in pleasure I shifted around a bit, grinning as I regarded my lower belly, noting that Jaz made a barely noticeable bulge within me. Reaching back I softly patted the bulge, then shuddered again as I felt her pulling her supplies in as well, gritting my teeth as I felt the lube-covered bag draw against my still sensitive sex, and then slide inwards, opening me up once more. A few gasps later, and clenching my hind legs together saw the bag deposited deep within me, along with my friend, "oooo...I thought we were going to do this quickly?"
"Couldn't resist Vik...sorry..." came a very muffled reply from within, "shouldn't you clean up a bit? It's nearly time for our flight..." followed by soft giggles
"ACK!!!" I then hurried to clean myself up, using a good portion of the towels left in the restroom, making sure to deposit them in the cleaning facilities before I'm ready to leave. All during this I can feel Jasmine making herself comfortable within my belly, opening up the compressed air tank she'd packed away for the trip. I smiled as I felt my womb swell a bit larger as compressed air filled my depths as well as containing my friend. Then it was time to leave the restroom and hurry to the gate to catch the flight, my cloak settling itself once more over my body, giving me some modesty from everyone's gazes.
Not that I really minded either way.. but I didn't want anyone to guess I was carrying a passenger of my own on this flight...
As I waited in line to board, I could very faintly hear the strains of Jaz's walkman playing, and had to smile, it was one of those newer, underwater models, and would help to keep my friend entertained during the trip. Much better then having her get board and try to tease me from within at an inopportune moment. Eventually I boarded the plane and was shown to a section of seats, which had been removed to allow for my rather substantial bulk. I carefully settled myself in the couch-like contraption that had been brought in for me and then waited, stowing the small carryon bag next to the seat, before relaxing, feeling Jaz shifting a bit inside me in response, absently stroking the soft walls that surrounded her.
It sent a very pleasant tingle through my body, which thankfully wasn't noticeable to anyone else in the compartment.
I smiled at the steward that helped me settle in, he was a rather attractive equine-morph, his body, what could be seen beyond his uniform, was nicely patterned with painted splotches of red and white. He was very helpful to me and I made a mental note to see about maybe enjoying his company during the trip, as the flight wasn't all that crowded, and the area I was in, was fairly empty of other passengers. We chatted a bit, and then he was called away, and the small TV screens popped down from the ceiling to show the usual flight safety messages and such.
They're just soooo much fun aren't they.
"In case of the unlikely loss of cabin pressure, please remain calm, breath deeply from the over head face masks that will drop from the ceiling".
Who are they trying to kid?? Let's just re phrase that shall we, "When the top of the ol' plane rips off, just tuck yer head back and smooch ya butt toodles." That I can deal with.
The turbines rumble and we taxi to the runway, the stewards mumble on about the ways out incase of a fire and let us know what movie we're in for. Boring as it is, I'm warmed by the fact that my attendant for the trip will be guy who helped me to get settled in when I first boarded. I couldn't help but think I was kidding myself when it did appear that he was catching my eye far more often than one would expect.
We arrived at the start of the runway and the engine whine rose to a banshee wail, and it was just a this point that I had my first doubts. I remembered reading somewhere about gold smugglers inserting their cargo in eggs shaped units and then them re telling later of the effects of take off and landings. I was shaken from this thought when the plane lurched forward and I felt Jaz move suddenly from where she had been currently sitting to lying a the very back of my womb. I clenched my teeth as more and more pressure was put on my insides by the effects of take off. We reached the end of the runway, when my tolerance was about to wane and then we left the ground.
My senses went blank, and I thought Jaz would surely go right through me. My lower belly pushed deep into the flight couch as Jaz was pushed down and back. I wanted to get up, to move back so I could put my belly against something a little more forgiving, but with my weight there was no way I was going to win against the g-forces created by lift. Jaz called my name twice but I wan in no state of mind to answer her, or care if anyone else heard. Though it was unlikely over the sound of the engines.
It seemed like an eternity but eventually the angle of assent reduced and eventually leveled off. I was breathing heavily and finally quieted Jaz by squeezing her inside, one of our signals for 'everything's fine'. The movie started, "Forrest Gimp II", oh joy, (insert relevant level of sarcasm) and for once I was not interested in TV. I lay on the flight couch, eyes closed, just being thankful that it hadn't gone on any longer. I was, after a few minutes please to find that although it had been very unpleasant during take off, it appeared that there was no real harm done, and the initial feelings that I thought would drive me mad were rapidly fading to a lesson well learned.
The thrum of the aircraft and the burble of the film soon saw me drowsy and I began to nod off. I was miles away in sleep, so far that I only barely stirred when the in-flight-meal trolley rattled by. I'd started to fade again when I heard a calming male voice above me ask, "Excuse me for interrupting, but are you okay now? You seemed distressed during take off?"
Very lady-like indeed I wiped my eyes and look up into the concerned, yet smiling face of the equine steward. He knelt down and asked again. My brain finally recovered from running it's back up and I managed to answer, "We're fine.... I mean... I'm fine, very fine, thank you. I goofed, I couldn't believe I goofed. Foot well and truly in mouth I smiled pathetically.
"Well," he said, as he gently placed a hand on my round belly, "as long as you're both fine."
All I could think as he turned to go was, 'he know, oh my Dog he knows!'
Then grinning like a fool I thought, 'and he doesn't seem to care..."
I watched as the stallion slowly walked back up the isle, and couldn't help thinking how tasty he looked, as if he knew I was watching him he swayed slowly as I watched him move, he was quite graceful in his motions as he headed to see if any other passengers needed his assistance. His lush tail flicked slowly with each stride, and I couldn't help wondering just how well equipped he might be.
Eventually he disappeared into the next cabin and I lay back against the couch, sighing softly. "Something wrong Vikki?" came Jaz's very muffled voice, toned so only I'd hear her. Chuckling softly to myself, I gave her a soft squeeze inside me and she giggled, stroking my womb from the inside, causing me to shiver slightly in pleasure at the light caresses.
"Think you'd like some company in there Jaz? I think I just found someone that might be interested..." as I thought about the handsome equine steward, and his hopefully real interest, after all, he didn't seem to mind that I was carrying someone inside me during the flight. I also found myself thinking that it was a good thing the red-eye we were on had been the flight we'd been able to afford the ticket for. Since most of the passengers were probably beginning to fall asleep, not that the flight had been all that crowded to begin with...
"MMMMM....I might like a bit of company...it is a long flight and I can listen to my music for only so long..." Jasmine replied as I felt her shift around, "How do you plan on getting him in you?"
"I'm not sure yet... Have to make sure he's actually interested first... Definitely don't want to cause a problem, and he's in a position to cause us a lot of trouble if something goes wrong..."
I could feel Jaz stretching out a bit inside me, causing my belly to ripple very slightly with her movements, and I groaned a bit as she did so, I really enjoyed the sensations of feeling Jaz moving inside me, and that was one of the problems. No one was supposed to find out I was carrying a passenger myself. Sighing softly I just relaxed and waited, feeling Jasmine settling herself once more comfortably, occasionally lightly tickling the warm walls that surrounded her.
I must have drifted into a light nap, because the next thing I knew, I felt a light touch to my shoulder waking me, "excuse me miss? Could you please follow me?" One of the stewardesses, a white tigress, was standing next to me, I blinked at her for a bit, "what?" and found myself examining her a bit closer, wondering if this was going to be the trouble I'd been worried about.
"Could you follow me please? There's some accommodations closer to the back of the plane that might make you more comfortable." As I thought about the offer, the stewardess leaned closer and whispered, "Actually, some of the crew members and I would like it if you joined us in the crew lounge... If you'd care to that is... We have a bit of fun planned if you do decide to join us..." I couldn't help but blink in surprise at her. She grinned nervously back at me.
Slowly I found myself nodding, carefully rose from my seat, and prepared to follow her into the back, wondering what sort of fun the crew members had in mind, though I had hopes of one or two situations, and absently licked my lips. The tigress's tail swayed as she walked, showing off her rear quite nicely.
As we passed from the passenger section to the crew, I was about to ask her what was planned when she paused, and turned to me, "There's really nothing to worry about, it's a long flight and since most of the passengers are asleep, the crew tends to get together for a bit of fun. Alex thought we should see if you'd be interested, that's the red and white painted stallion that was paying you so much attention." She grinned widely at me and winked, "I must say, I'm kinda curious to see what will develop over the rest of the flight." With that, she turned and opened the door to the crew lounge, and gestured me to enter.
As I'd been walking along and trying to keep my balance on the plane I could feel Jasmine, who must also have nodded off waking and trying to stabilize her self in my womb. I didn't have long to enjoy this though as what I saw through the door took my breath away. I must confess that my very first thought was, 'you bastards!' Mainly due to the fact that the interior of this cabin was is so many ways vastly more luxurious than what one would have expected in first class. It was one of those things that you just knew was the case but could never prove.
That didn't last long though, after all they did invite me back here and.. well.... with what may transpire I couldn't rightly complain.
The first section of the cabin, which was divided with an arch, was fairly executive, leather lounges, glass top table, laptop data- points, but through the arch was the kicker. The décor looked like it have been lifted from an early eighties blue movie, right down to the wall to wall shag pile carpet. I was expecting a young Ron Jeremy to waltz in at any moment, that fat, little hedgehog always made me laugh.
The white tigress turned to me, I noted her name take read, 'Sandi' and indicated that I should sit down where ever I liked and make myself comfortable. I crossed over to the far side of the room where a smallish mouse was sitting on an foot rest, though she could have been a rat, I've always been lousy with rodents. Anyho' I lay myself across a large, shag pile stuffed cushion that was close by where she was sitting. I introduced my self and found out that her name was Kym and that this was her first international flight on one of these 'bigger' planes, and this was certainly the first time she had been in a crew cabin like this. This did make me feel a little more at ease about all this, at least I wasn't the only one here that was a bit new to all this.
The horsey stud came back followed by Sandi, both stood there as if expecting something to happen. The seconds of silence dragged by rapidly growing uncomfortable only to be broken by Jaz calling all to loudly, "Vik, hey, Vik, what the heck's going on out there?"
Well and truly loud enough for everyone in the room to hear and then proceed o burst out laughing at my awkward expression. It can be very disconcerting to suddenly hear a voice coming from inside your belly in a quiet room full of people. You know what I mean, you've been there, and if not I'm sure you get the idea. The equine steward who had during the laughter removed his shirt and tie crossed the room to where I was lying on my side and crouched down with one hand on the outer bulge of my belly.
He spoke directly and sternly to where he guessed Jasmine was in me, "The game's up miss. Please move to the back of the Hippotaur and exit in an orderly fashion," the chuckle barely contained in his voice.
Inside I felt Jaz freeze then tap on the inside of my womb. When I didn't respond by squeezing her she started to move to my very rear. It was not very long before her bag flopped out on the floor, it was followed by her wet, furry hand, poking out from my tail end. The equine gripped her palm and after some pulling and unattractive moaning from myself, Jasmine's head and one shoulder had squirmed clear of my vulva. She saw Sandi, still in uniform and figured we'd been busted, but when she followed her arm to where the male steward was, chest exposed, grinning like a goof she did a double take, that brought us all back to laughter.
Mine causing my cunt muscles to contract quite firmly almost winding Jaz, and when I heard her 'EEP' I did my best to limit myself to controlled giggles. Kym hopped off the footstool and onto my back. Her eyes were agog looking down at Jasmine's upper half between my legs.
"You mean she was inside you all the time? Inside your uterus???," I thought she was going to faint from disgust when she smiled meekly and came out with, "ummm, could I have a go? I know this is going to sound funny but I've always had a little 'thing' for being inside someone else and well, I've never done it before, I don't want to go into details but it had always been with my being swallowed and I never thought I'd get to live out my fantasy till seeing you now... I'm rambling aren't I? This may sound like a really silly question but is it possible that you would be able to swallow me down into your stomach? I'd be more than happy to be where your friend is but if it were possible?"
I thought she was going to explode with glee at the very thought of the realization that she may get her wish. I thought about it for a second, okay probably less than that and came up with the worst gag I could think of. After licking my lips I said, "I've had air-line food before but never anything that looked this good."
Kym sat down on my back, then slid down my round flanks to the floor. I looked over my back and asked, "What do you want to do Jaz? Jaz?" She was staring into the eyes of the male steward and he to hers."
I answered my own question.
I raised my bottom up off the cushion and after a couple of internal flexes, Jasmine's head and arms disappeared into my depths. She touched down inside me with a light plop.
The look on the stud's face was priceless. He looked so shocked and for a second I thought that it was because Jaz had suddenly vanished back into me. In that same second I knew something didn't feel right.
His right arm was shoulder deep in my sex.... He had never let go of her as she slipped into me and now I think he was just a tad embarrassed. I put on my most reassuring smile and sucked on his arm with my muscles.
"If you want her boyo, you know where to find her.
Alex seemed startled, "You mean actually go in and join her?" as if he wasn't quite believing the offer. In answer, my inner muscled pulled firmly on his arm, and I'm pretty sure Jaz gave a few tugs herself, since she was still holding onto him, his wrist being squeezed tightly by my cervix. One handed, he began to fumble with his pants, then looked imploringly at Kym and Sandi, "um....a little help here?" his face going bright red in embarrassment, which caused us all to break down in laughter.
"I guess we could help...but it's gonna cost you later, Alex dear..." Sandi purred, as she moved closer, meanwhile, Kym watched with wide eyes, licking her lips slightly as she shifted, leaning against my thick hind leg, she only nodded to Alex's request, as Sandi approached the stallion and ran her hands over his back and sides.
I shivered in pleasure, as the stallion's arm slid back and forth inside me for a bit as everyone seemed to move around before Alex decided to go in, pants on or off. Pulling back a bit, he slowly pushed his other arm in, my juices flowing rather freely now, coating his painted arms, as he moved them about, before closing his eyes and pressing his muzzle in between them. I gasped as he pushed forward abruptly, my nether-lips stretching around his head and arms now as my innards began to draw him further in, helped by Jasmine as well. I could feel her shifting around, her feet pressing to either side of my cervix, as she began to pull, bracing herself to help my body pull the stallion in.
My body began to react to being entered by Alex, inner muscled rippling around his arms and then his head as soon his shoulders began to grind against my soft sex, slowly the now wet flesh contracted, swallowing his broad shoulders, my vagina filling with him from the chest upwards. I couldn't do much but moan at how good it felt as he slid deeper, Jaz's contributions only furthering the enjoyment, her feet pressing my cervix open as she continued to pull. I couldn't tell if Sandi was actually helping Alex finish undressing before he slipped fully into me, and at that point I didn't really care, my sex was filling so nicely with his body, and soon he and Jaz would be enjoying each other's company deep within me.
Kym's eyes continued to widen as she watched the scene unfolding before her. Amazed at the site of the fully grown stallion dissappearing between my hind legs, my labia rippling around his chest and then slowly down over his belly. Sandi finished pulling the rest of his clothing off, and began to tease him, fondling his firm sac, and then reaching around to stroke his fully aroused member. Coating it in the juices flowing from my body, before guiding the tip to the eager entrance to my body.
Kym decided to get in on the act at this point, and chucking her clothing, knelt down in front of Alex's legs, and began to lick and nuzzle his cock-base and sac, causing him to buck as he wriggled about within my vagina, stretching it wonderfully with his motions, his head slowly slipping through my clenching cervix. Soon enough the diminutive mouse found herself standing up, still nuzzling and licking the stallion's equipment, while Sandi began to do the same between Kym's legs.
Alex's tail flagged, as his waist slipped into my depths, thrusting his cock against my inner flesh, grinding against the pull of my inner muscles. I could hear faint moans of pleasure emanating from my depths, and could feel Jaz shifting around. My whole body trembled as Alex was drawn inwards, the two females pleasuring each other while Alex's wriggling legs were slowly swallowed by my nether-lips. My juices coating both of them as I moaned, a part of my mind hoping no one could hear the commotion we were causing.
I could feel the pressure building inside me as Alex was pulled steadily into my womb, and I began to hunch my hindquarters, helping my body drive the stallion fully inwards, gasping as finally my body exploded in climax, sucking Alex's lower legs and feet in, my belly rippling and bulging as he joined Jaz, I could feel his seed spurting directly against my uterine walls as he was swallowed completely, Jaz's body soon rubbing firmly against his own, as my belly swelled.
Moaning softly I stood there, eyes closed in pleasure, loving the sensations flowing through my body as Alex and Jaz rested for a bit after Alex's entrance into my depths. Slowly I began to think clearly again and grinned as I looked at the swell of my lower belly, mmming in contentment, thinking of how long it'd been since I'd held two guests within my womb.
As I enjoyed holding Jaz, and now Alex within my body, I looked down at Sandi and Kym, and grinned, Sandi's larger body was curled around Kym's smaller one, and I found myself shifting around, thinking, "well...Kym did want to become a meal, and I'd hate to interrupt their fun to just gobble Kym up..." They made a rather cute couple, the tigress being almost double the mouse's size. Kym's white-splotched black fur was also a nice contrast for Sandi's black-stripped white fur.
Smiling over my shoulder, I started to rise, but long before I got anywhere near to my feet it was clear that I was now way too heavy to stay standing on the unstable plane cabin floor. Instead I lifted some of the weight up with my hind legs and pretty much just swiveled on my belly until I was facing the two girls. The long shag pile carpet played wondrous havoc with my nipples, now stretched large by the fullness of my abdomen. These girls weren't wasting any time all. After my turn I was greeted with the sight of Kym's little bottom in the air, tail waving, with Sandi lying prone, sprawled out in front of her. All I could see of Kym's little head were her comparatively large ears bobbing up and down between Sandi's thighs.
I dragged myself closer, feeling those already within me steady themselves. Seeing Jasmine's bag on the floor, still lying where it had fallen from me gave me an idea. I opened it and took out the lube Jaz had used on herself in the airport restroom. I scooped out a liberal about of the lubricant and then leant forward to the two on the floor. With both hands I began to work the gel into Kym's soft back fur. Due to her size, this didn't take too long and I moved down to her legs, up her side and out to her arms. I moved a hand under her and lifted her slightly, just enough to allow me to cover her front. I finally finished her head and was quietly amazed that through the whole thing she never missed a beat with the tigress.
Looking at them both there just made my mouth water, they're so kyoooooot! With a goofy smirk on my face I caught the end of Kym's tail in my lips and held it for a second, before slurping it all the way in so my large mouth was pressed against her butt. She got the idea and wiggled her tail into the back of my throat. With my tongue I licked up both her little legs over my bottom lip to be sucked inside as well. As Kym was disappearing before her eyes, Sandi scooted forward to allow Kym to get her last licks in.
I held her there for a second, teasing Sandi by moving Kym back and forth, in and out of my mouth. I had a wicked thought and so just as Sandi was at the point of no return I tilted my head up and slurped the little mouse right up. I let her poke about in my maw for a couple of seconds, before gulping her down in one smooth motion. Sandi, almost driven mad by lust could only stare in disbelief at the shapely bulge that slid down my neck, down into my chest, then only slightly visible as movement, between my front legs, before she plopped down into my eager belly. Kym started to move about, pushing and stretching me inside in quite a rough way, I figured she must really be enjoying herself in there. It only hit me a few seconds later that I had neglected to swallow any air for her. I started gulping large mouthfuls of air conditioned oxygen, rounding out my stomach to form a large oval space for Kym to "enjoy."
During this I had all but forgotten all about the desperate tigress.
When I opened my mouth for the last breath to swallow, Sandi launched herself forward into my waiting throat. My eyes shot wide and it was taking my best efforts not to gag and bring Kym right back up. Taking the situation as it was I did what I could to lick her all over, those parts of her I still could, and then tilted my head back. Normally some one Sandi's size wouldn't be a bother for me at all. But unexpected as she was and not completely lubricated this was going to take a little effort.
I pushed one big breath around her body then began in earnest.
She had already slithered herself down into my throat up to her belly, so that to anyone looking with my mouth open, they'd just see tongue, legs, curvy buttocks and tail. The rest of her was doing all it could to try to 'climb' it's way into my taur abdomen. With my hands I clasped her waving legs and brought them together at the feet and used them to start to control her decent into my body.
I closed my mouth, leaving them poking out, so that I could take the one big gulp to pass her round hips over the back of my tongue and into my throat.
It was a tight squeeze, what with all that partly dry fur but after a strain her womanly behind was only visible as a large, peach shaped lump in my upper neck. Dry fur or no, once he bootie was over the threshold my body took over. I heard her eep from somewhere between my front legs as my throat muscles gripped her tightly, like the stubborn piece of food they thought she was. Wave after wave of natural undulation saw her legs slowly slip from view, till I felt her toes run over the top of my pallet, then join the rest of her in the darkness inside me. At this same point her arms and head had been pushed into my waiting stomach, where Kym was doing her best to speed up the proceedings. A few good pushes later and Sandi emptied out fully into my stomach, he legs flopping in behind her, and from the sound of things in there, muffled as they were, it appeared they went straight back to their game of cat and mouse.
I picked up the tub of 'yiffy lube' and looked at it. It was completely covered in its own contents. I popped the lid back on, tossed it into the air, and caught it in the back of my throat. A gulp later and it slid, somewhat uncomfortably into my distended belly. Sooner of later Sandi will be needing that.
I sighed to myself, "what a great way to start a holiday. Full with friends and ..... flight attendants."
"Well if they're going to be comfortable," I said out loud, to no one in particular, "then so am I."
I shuffled myself back over to the shag pile cushion and after considering how best to do this, resigned to just flopping down and rolling onto my side. Leaving my head able to rest on the soft cushion, and my now very round tummy, bulging out one side, with my two left-legs resting atop its upper curve.
It pleased me to see that from where I positioned myself, I was only at arms length from the mini-bar fridge. Reaching over and propping it open revealed to my delight four bottles of chilled champagne. On the other side of the fridge there were another six waiting to be cooled. I thought about it for a second, only a very short second, then popped the top off the first bottle. Tilting my head back I literally poured the entire contents down my stretched throat and into my belly. At first there were little shrieks, but when Kym and Sandi worked out what the frothing liquid was they changed to playful giggles. I popped the second bottle.
After all that I started to relax, listening to the occasional muffled words exchanged deep inside me and wondered if they had any idea that all four of them were now swelling my taur abdomen. I could certainly feel Kym and Sandi 'playing' around, using the rubbery walls of my stomach to go God knows what in there. But it was a sudden increase in the activity from back further in my womb that took my attention.
As a second, then a third bottle of bubbly was poured down my throat, I could hear the giggling from within my stomach increasing as my two guests there, were given a champagne bubble bath, my insides bulging and rippling with their motions. I found myself biting my lip slightly as a soft moan escaped me, the feeling of Jasmine's and Alex's play, were beginning to get very pleasurable for me. I could feel their movements becoming rather rhythmic, Jaz's body being slid back and forth against the insides of my womb as they began to pleasure one another.
Jaz was slowly being pressed more and more firmly against the inner curve of my womb, Alex's thrusts sliding her back and forth over my warm inner flesh, my whole body began to tremble from the experience, it'd been too long since I'd enjoyed active company within my body. I could also feel the champagne beginning to foam up inside my stomach from the motions of my body and those I held within.
Moaning softly I closed my eyes in pleasure, my legs beginning to massage my belly from outside as the motions of Jaz and Alex increased, their own muffled cries growing in volume as Jaz's body was pressed firmly into the soft walls surrounding her and Alex. Jaz was being rubbed against the inside of my cervix as her and Alex's motions, her fur teasing my insides. A startled gasp escaped from my lips as I could feel her being thrust firmly against the tight ring of muscle, sliding with increasing speed up and down against the tender flesh.
Eyes closed I continued to massage my swollen belly, moaning deeply as the motions within rapidly drew me towards climax, my belly bulging and rippling with the motions of Sandi, Kym, Jaz, and Alex, all enjoying each other within my depths. Shifting about slightly, my belly trembled, another bottle of champagne disappeared down my throat as I gasped, beginning to buck as the activity increased further within myself. Moaning deeply I clenched my belly muscles around those inside my depths, gasping in pleasure as an orgasm ripped through me, the pleasure being increased by the continued activities deep within my body.
I began to rub my swollen belly against the shag carpet beneath me, moaning in pleasure as I stimulated my stretched nipples and flesh, trembling at how good all this felt, my gasps coming quickly as the pleasure continued to build through my body.
My stomach began to swell further as the champagne I'd poured in, continued to become a thick foam, cushioning those I held within my stomach, their motions adding to the froth building inside my belly. Alex and Jaz cried out in pleasure as they climaxed, their motions becoming very erratic, Jasmine's body being ground tightly against the tight ring of muscle keeping her and Alex within my womb. My juices coating them both as I moaned into the thick pillow my upper body rested against. My thick legs continuing to rub over the large bulge of my belly. A portion of my mind regretting the fact I couldn't keep my four guests inside me once this flight was over.
Finally, cries of pleasure from within my womb, mingled with my own cries as Alex and Jaz climaxed together, their bodies writhing about against the insides of my womb, Sandi's and Kym's activities had settled down a bit before, and it almost felt like there was now only one guest inside my stomach, though the weight of them both was still there held within. Slowly the activities within my body began to cycle down, my own body doing still tingling from the intense sensations. Mmming softly I continued to stroke the sides of my swollen belly, I was feeling decidedly light-headed, and smiled as I felt my guests still shifting about, basking in the afterglow of their pleasures, and mine as well. Reaching down I began to stroke the frontal portion of my lower belly, smiling as my large hands caressed my swollen flesh, sighing in contentment as my legs did the same for the rest of my stuffed belly. Sighing softly, I downed one more bottle of champagne, and then closed my eyes for a moment to revel in how full and content I was feeling.
I catch myself drifting off and at first consider that maybe that was one of the best orgasms I've had for a long, long while. I was right, it was, but my second thought was that it may have something to do with vast amount of alcohol saturated champagne I gulped down. I rested my head down on the cushion and though, 'this has got to be the bes........~ narrated ~ sort of (well it has to be don't it! You regular narrator just wiped herself out)
Vikki sank into the sleep of a thousand babes and it wasn't before long before those inside her wore themselves out as well. Felling no major external intervention for Vikki they figured she must have dosed off. Alex called out to no one in general, pretty much directly to the soft walls of Vikki's womb around him,
"Heeeeelllllooooooo, anyone around?"
From somewhere surprisingly close to him Sandi's muffled voice came back, "I'm here Alex," to emphasis the point she moved heavily against Vikki's inner stomach wall, causing her deeper innards to make a small bulge into the taur's womb.
Smiling, Alex called back, "Is Kym with you? Jasmine has fallen asleep and I'm thinking of joining her for a few mins."
"Kym's with me, but she's, occupied at the moment." Sandi replied.
Alex was sure he could hear Kym's voice, trying to say something, but it was far too muffled for him to make it out. The fact that as soon as it started Sandi started giggling like a school girl wasn't making it any easier either. When the tigress composed herself she called out, "I think I'll join you and take a little cat nap, but it can only be for a few minutes as we're due to touch down in an hour and the passengers will be howling for last drinks long before then."
Alex and Sandi joined Vikki and Jasmine in contented sleep.
Chapter 2
<< cRaCkLe >> Passengers, this captain Charles Right speaking with a message from the cockpit. Due to a non-critical problem with engine one we will be making an early stop in Kantor City airport. Please feel free to exit the aircraft as directed by your cabin crew and move about the airport. We hope to be in the air again in approximately one and a half hours.
Inside the main cabins of the plane the passengers waited for a few moments, some pressed their attendance buzzers but no one came.
The plane squealed to a stop safely and docked with the passenger ramp, and still no one came. After a moment the copilot noticed that the exterior door 'closed' light was still on and ventured back to see what was going on. Sure enough, all the passengers were standing, carry on luggage in hand, waiting for someone to come and open the doors for them. He disguised his frustration at the cabin crew's lack of attendance and smiling, opened the outer door and thanked the passengers for flying with them as they disembarked. Once the plane was cleared of it's passengers, or so he thought, he returned to the cockpit to report his findings to the captain, who was preparing to taxi the plane over to the work hanger for the refit.
Both men excuse themselves from the navigator who takes over the task of moving the plane and they both start a search of the plane, both having a fair idea where they're going to find them.
They might have had the location correct, but they were far from prepared for what met them when they opened the door to the crew cabin.
Everything was where it should be, nothing was out of place.... Well... save for the rounded wall of light, browny / pink Hippotaur belly that took up much of the area past the arch. Somewhat carefully they approached the now snoring passenger. After a few attempts to wake her with polite whispers of,
"Excuse me Miss, um, Miss are you all right?" and "Wake up please miss"
It was at this point that they noticed the empty bottles of champagne strewn in not far from where her head was lying. Giving each other a 'oh dear' look the pilot braved patting her on back of one hand and was disappointed when her snoring didn't skip a beat.
Absent mindedly the copilot had placed an open hand on the upper curve of Vikki's belly and was stroking it back and forth. When the pilot turned back and caught his eye, he snatched it back, not quite sure what he was thinking.
The pilot looked at him oddly then sent him back up to the cockpit to see if the plane had been parked correctly and also to send the navigator, who also doubled as the plane's in-flight medic to come back to the crew's quarters and to bring his bag of doctor's trick's with him. The copilot hurried away, happy to be free from his superior's questioning stare.
It wasn't long before the navigator arrived - black bag in hand, and it was evident that he was equally surprised with the scene in the crew cabin. After he checked his large patient's pulse, and was happy that it was normal he pulled out his stethoscope and placed it on her chest. Her upper heart sounded fine, but out of diligence he moved back further down to a spot just back from between her front legs to check her lower heart. He wasn't really all that up on taur anatomy. When he had joined the company there were no seating arrangements for them at all so he hadn't paid a great deal of attention to the lectures, but he was certain that they had an upper and lower heart to keep that big body going. He smiled to himself when he heard the strong, rhythmic thump of a strong heart. He was about to move away when he was sure he heard a third heart beat. He checked again and was certain that he was hearing her upper heart, her larger lower heart and he was sure there was a third. After some trial and error he moved back along the curve of her belly and finally found the source. Although he barely remembered the taur anatomy he knew how many hearts they were supposed to have and it she had too many. After a second or two a nasty thought crept into his mind. Where he was would be about where he'd have expected her stomach to be and if there was a heart beat there it could mean pretty much only one thing.
"How many flight attendants were on this trip sir?" the navigator asked, "because I think I've just found one of them."
Looking puzzled for a second, then suddenly shocked with realization the pilot indicated with a none to steady hand that there had been three. Nodding his understanding the navigator continued his investigations. He moved the stethoscope's end from place to place until he had worked himself round to the broader section of Vikki's belly, heading towards the back. Finding two more heartbeats did not surprise him at all, it was more so the location of them that worried him. He could not be certain but it appeared that they were coming from inside her womb. Was she pregnant? If so she really shouldn't have been drinking and if that was the case, where the heck were the rest of the flight attendants? For the second time in as many minutes another nasty thought crossed his mind. Quietly he reported, "It appears that this lady may well be pregnant with twins, and, well, she may have eaten, dare I say, swallowed one of our stewards whole and alive for some reason."
"That's preposterous, who would want to do a thing like that." the pilot smirked, "are you sure you're using that thing right?"
"Sir I'm' quite certain," the navigator confirmed, "I have located three extra heart beats, one in her stomach and two in her womb."
Shaking his head, the pilot was trying to come to terms with the facts, "Okay, so taking that what you say is correct, we'll say that for example she had far too much to drink, and 'accidentally' swallowed one of our staff who is still alive in her stomach. That leaves one question unanswered. Where are the other two stewards?"
The navigator pondered for a second then he face became grave, "Sir, I hate to bring this up but we might want to consider the possibility that they are inside her stomach as well."
The pilot shook his head and said, "but you just said so yourself that there was only one heart beat from her stoma....." He stopped in mid sentence when he understand what the navigator come doctor was implying.
Recovering his composition he motioned for the navigator to move away from the taur and join him at what he considered a safe distance. "We need to take care of her if she's expecting, and put your theory to the test. Call the tower and get them to bring the following ......."
Fortunately the crews cabin used to be the upper luggage storage bay and so one whole wall of the aircraft was able to the lifted out for large luggage to be loaded and removed. The copilot returned, after an exchange of ideas the three of them disarmed the locks and swung the huge doors open. Once done they were able to see a baggage carrying flat top and a mobile crane driving over from the work hanger next to the control tower. Nodding his approval, more so to himself than to anyone in particular he signaled the crane to raise up to the height of the upper cargo doors. As per his instructions, attached to the crane was a compound fiber sling, commonly used to support light, single engine aircraft when they need to be lifted off the ground for service. One end of the sling was unclasped from the crane's hook and laid out on the floor. Pleased with the result he said, "Okay, now for the tricky bit."
He signaled for a large drum to be brought up into the cabin and the lid removed. Inside was a clear gel like substance - petroleum jelly.
"It's obvious that there's no way we're going to be able to move her from where she is onto the sling with out help. My idea is that we'll need to, for love of a better phrase, grease her up then slide and roll her onto it.
All to eagerly the copilot dipped a hand in the goo by way of volunteering. The pilot raised an eyebrow but decided if the guy wanted to do it, for whatever reason, to let him. He wasn't about to get his pretty pilot's uniform covered in that stuff. The others waited while the copilot took far too long, in their opinion to apply the industrial lubricant. For him, it'd never be enough time. He quickly covered her four legs and upper body in the gel, then moved around her to finish her upper and lower back. When he'd completed this, he moved back to the middle of the room to start working on her belly. He had an offer of help from one of the on looking crane-hands but he quickly dismissed that with a gooey hand gesture.
Holding his breath, almost certain this was a once in a life experience he placed his hands on what he instinctively felt was the roundest outer part of her distended belly. She was very soft. Without much effort his hands pushed in and made inward curves on her belly surface. Keeping the same pressure he worked his hands back and forth over her distended abdomen, going back time and time again for more gel. Trying not to appear to obvious he worked his hands quickly over her large nipples, not wanting to appear to eager to linger. Although she slept on, her nipples grew darker and rose, either from the stimulation, or more likely the cold gel. He moved his hands back and forth in wide arcs over her expansive belly and inevitably worked his way back to a point where he was going to have to go between her hind legs. He hesitated and in that second the pilot indicated that he has probably done enough and that he might as well go and clean up. Nodding, he made his way to the exit, saddened that the experience was over, but relieved as his excitement was just starting to become visible in the front of his pants no matter how many ice burgs he thought about.
The pilot indicated that he, the navigator and the two hanger hands should work their way to her other side and, well to make it plain, roll her onto the sling. All four men positioned themselves so that they were on the other side of the cushion Vikki was lying on and when they discovered this wasn't going to be in any way a delicate operation started to put their shoulders into it. Try as them might, it looked like they were going to have no luck at all moving her, till she slipped.
The Hippotaur rolled onto her stomach with a flop, legs out each side, and slid toward the open door. There had been so much lubricant applied to her belly by the copilot that she was literally sliding across the floor and in danger of slipping right out of it, destined to fall down onto the runway. As fate would have it, Vikki slid onto the sling and was stopped by the raised end that was still attached to the crane outside. A sigh of relief from every one and a moment of composition later and they had the sling re attached fully to the crane hook. Hand signals were given and the still sleeping hippotaur was lifted from the plane and down onto the waiting cargo trolley. On lookers couldn't help liken it to when they had seen whales moved from place to place on television. The trolley truck sped it's passenger over to the main hanger, but on the way an odd thing happened. The pilot who had elected to sit on the trolley near Vikki's head started hearing muffled voices from somewhere nearby. It only took him a second to realize that they were coming from somewhere deep inside the bulk of their taur's lower body. He signally for more speed as although he couldn't rightly hear what was being said over the noise of the trolley truck he was sure in his mind that it meant, get me the heck out of here now. Although it was muffled he was confused by the fact that he could have sworn that he could hear three voices and one of them male. Putting this out of his mind and focusing on the job at hand he was happy when they finally pulled into the hanger. Noise wise it was not much better, but it was clear now that there was more than one voice coming from inside her.
The pilot signaled for the hanger hands to bring over two blocks of packing foam, used for buffering large pieces of freight in the cargo bay. Thankfully they were also just about the right size for propping wide open this particular hippotaur's mouth. With some effort two of the hanger hands were able to lift the still snoring Vikki's top lip and jaw up high enough for the pilot to push into place the pieces of foam. To anyone that hadn't been part of the whole mess to begin with this would have seemed quite and odd sight. A relatively large taur lady, flaked out on the back of a baggage trolley, her belly greatly swollen and bulging out on either side of her taur back, jaws gaping wide, tongue lolling out.
The captain, still only just able to hear the very muffled voices from within addressed Vikki's belly in general, "Don't worry in there!" he shouted, "we'll have you out of there in no time!"
He couldn't help but wonder exactly how he was going to go about it but he knew he had to do what he thought was saving his staff, and quickly. It was the copilot who had just arrived on the scene who came up with the solution.
"Sir," he inquired, the assembly turned in unison to see him already running a finger up and down the taur's lolling tongue, "I could just stick my hand down her throat and see what happens?"
A blink of disbelief later when everyone realized that he was deadly serious the captain shouted, "Get away from there man! You'd just as likely to be swallowed up as well!"
The warning came far too late. Inwardly thrilled the copilot flattened his fingers and palm then slid them to the back of Vikki's throat. Now normally the pilot would have been very right in his assumption, but with Vikki all but unconscious her normally under control gag reflex kicked in with a vengeance.
All present heard what could only be described as a low rumble, which rapidly built to a deep groan. The taur's widened belly flexed visibly, then bulged ominously in a number of places. Although still indiscernible, the voices coming from inside her grew louder and more urgent. Then the flood gates opened.
What started as a liquid gurgle rapidly became an explosion of foam and champagne from the propped open taur's mouth. Wave after pulsed wave of froth shot forth, covering the copilot and much of the immediate hangar floor. Then as suddenly as it started it ceased, almost as if someone deep inside had put a plug in her throat, and funnily enough, one wouldn't have been far wrong for thinking that. Just when it seemed like all was quite, Vikki's stomach heaved again and out from her lips shot a very wet and very confused tigress, covered in a final wave of froth. She blinked in the, to her, bright light of the hanger for a few moments before she realized two very important things. One, she was completely naked, and two, her belly was obscenely swollen as if she was pregnant with two or three litters.
The captain called for someone to get her something to cover herself, and after a pause a blanket was fetched with which Sandi regained some of her modesty. It was then that all the questions started. One after another, all at once and all pointless.
Just when she thought the barrage would send her round the bend she heard one quiet voice that made perfect sense. "Did you enjoy it?" the voice inquired?
Looking to her left she spotted a male, dripping from head to toe in champagne who she recognized as the furson she'd all bar flattened when she exited Vikki. Ignoring completely the others assembled, Sandi straightened her blanket and crossed the floor to where he was sitting. She'd remembered that he'd been the plane's back up copilot who had flown with them when their regular guy had been taken ill.
Sitting down beside him she said softly, "what was that you were saying before?"
Very shyly he repeated, "what I was asking, and I know this may sound a little silly, but I was asking if you had enjoyed the experience?"
By now the main group had moved over to where the two were sitting in time to hear this exchange. They were shocked at the question, but where even more shocked when they heard her reply that she had indeed enjoyed her stay in the belly of the hippotaur and that they don't know what they're missing. To add injury to insult she went on to indicate that the copilot seemed to be the only sane one among them and that maybe he should be giving the orders around here? After all, he's the only one who's making any sense.
Red with rage the pilot managed to stay his wrath and through gritted teeth asked what the now empowered copilot would do in a situation like this. Much as the younger man would have loved to answered with 'join right in' he realized that he was only going to get one shot at this and so he'd better make it count. Firstly he asked the doctor to confirm that he had heard three extra heart beats inside their large passenger, and secondly that two of them seemed to be back further in her womb. It was the truth so he had to agree that this was indeed the case.
"In that case," the copilot continued, "I'd think you'll find the other two crew members deep inside her body, in, as you said doctor, her womb."
He looked over to Sandi for confirmation, and after a moment of non- commitment she gave an uncertain nod of affirmation.
"Okay, so what do we do from here then smarty," the pilot snarled, "how are we going to get them out of her when she's still completely smashed?"
Fully taking his moment, the copilot did his best to sound like someone in charge. He directed the two hanger hands and his steaming superior up onto the trolley tray and around to the back of the snoring taur's hind legs. None of the people who had thus far been helping had breached the protocols of decency and ventured to look at the lady's nether regions. Now that they were there it was very apparent that her vulva had recently had a fair amount of lubricant applied to it, supposedly by someone gaining entrance to her. The reddening of her outer lips also was a sure sign to them that something had gone on back there not too long ago. By way of pointing he signaled for another hanger hand to bring over a length of thick, clean, nylon rope. Once in hand he tied a knot in one end then, using one hand to gently pull open Vikki's labia, then inserted the knotted end inside. At first he tried to push the rope in by applying inward pressure on the rope still in hand, but this only resulted in the rope bunching up in her vagina.
Under the watchful eye of the pilot he extracted the rope fully then placed the knot in his palm. He curled his fingers around it to make a wide fist and with very little effort, pushed his hand and the knotted end of the rope into Vikki. After ensuring that the rope will play out smoothly he stated to carefully push his hand and arm further and deeper into the sleeping taur's sex. His arm entered her as far as it could, even to the point where he had inserted much of his shoulder into her.
He was surprised that even at this depth he was still only able to just touch her cervix, but not pass through it. He was even more surprised when the fleshy walls around his hand flexed, as did the cervix through which he was trying so had to breach was pushed open from inside and another hand grasped his. Initially the hand tried to pull him further inside but soon realized that he was holding a rope and pulled the knotted end in deeper down Vikki's vagina and through the cervix. Somewhat reluctantly the copilot withdrew his hand from her warm, wet insides.
The external end of the rope was tied off to a pylon that supported the roof and suggested courses of action were discussed. During the discussed, completely unnoticed by the assembled group was an increase in the amount of visible activity from within the taur's belly. They had also failed to notice that the rope they had just tied off had the slack taken up and was now running tight from the pylon to down between Vikki's hind legs. Had they been paying less attention to arguing amongst themselves about who was going to do what, who should really be in charge and above all the moral implications of all this they would have witnessed a slimy female hand emerge from Vikki's nether lips, wave about for attention, then when none came continue to climb its way along the thick rope. The hand was followed by the rest of the arm, another hand and then finally a very wet head. The bickering group only became aware of what was going on when Jasmine called out, "Oi you lot, little help here?!!"
All turned in unison to see a head, two arms and a set of shapely shoulders slowly extracting themselves from the taur passenger's vagina.
All rushed at once to help her free, and with a minimal amount of effort, they surprised males helped her fully down to a sitting position with a wet shlurp. A similar order as before was issued and shortly after another blanket with located and handed to the somewhat embarrassed figure. Once rugged up she told them as calmly as she could that Alex was still inside.
Once again Vikki's stomach started to bulge and ripple with inner movement as it became evident that Alex too was about to make an appearance. The assembles airline staff all took hold of the rope and applied as much outward motion as they thought was ease his progress and it was not long before his hands emerged followed by his long nose. Comical as this looked, it was almost enough to make the pilot smile when the emerging lips called, "would whoever it is please stop pulling the darn rope? This is hard enough as it is!!"
Slowly and quite noisily, Alex's large body slimed and wriggled it's way out from within Vikki's body to collapse down onto the tray of the trolley truck, leaving the taur's vulva hanging obscenely wide and wetly open - showing her pink insides off to all who cared to look. Just for the record, quite a few cared.
After Alex got out of there he pulled the rope out of the hippotaur's cunt making Vikki moan in her alcohol indued sleep on the tray inside the hangar.
Once Alex was blanketed as well, the three internal adventures were huddled together under the accusing eyes of the pilot. They blurted out an explanation but only got as far as the start before they were cut short.
"Are you trying to tell me that you three did this for fun? That you enjoyed it?" The pilot couldn't even begin to get his head around it, "and was this taur passenger part of this or did you just get her sloshed and go to town?!!"
They were all eager to confirm that Vikki was completely willing and that it wasn't an all that uncommon thing for her to have been involved in. Weighing up the fact that no one got hurt and that they had to make this stop over anyway the pilot sighed inwardly. There was no point pushing this issue with them as legally they hadn't done anything wrong. They would need a reprimand as far as shirking their duties, and they had been very lucky that there had been no 'real' need for them during the unplanned landing, save for a complete lack of opening the doors to let people out. It was all going fairly well for them.
While they were trying to come up with something to do with Vikki an administrative officer arrived on the scene carrying a pile of papers on a clipboard.
"Sir he called," addressing the pilot, "we appear to be one short on the passenger manifest."
The pilot pointed over to where Vikki was on the trolley truck but the clerk shook his head and replied, "I'm afraid I have her accounted for sir. The indescrepency relates to the name listed next to Miss Vikki's sir."
Turning the papers so that the pilot could read them also the clerk pointed to the entry in question, "It is clear to see sir, next to Miss Vikki's name that someone has entered this in pen." Sure enough, next to Vikki's name there was a note made that read, 'And Friend.' Alex started to shift from foot to foot uneasily. So far it had worked in the three's favor that the pilot had apparently not all of the stewards prior to the flight and so did not pick Jasmine as the odd one out. To get things straight in his head he decided to go through the in-flight roll ticking off himself, the copilot, the navigator and then pausing when he realized he didn't know all the stewards by name.
He pointed to Alex, said his name and when the equine nodded he placed a tick on the page.
He couldn't tell the girls by name so he just kept staring at the page can called, 'Sandi?" the looked up to see who answered. When the tigress confirmed her identity another tick was made.
Fairly certain with himself he looked up at Jasmine and inquired,
Jaz was just about to open her mouth and pretend to be Kym when a little muffled voice called 'HERE' from what seemed to be under Sandi's blanket.
Not sure he had heard correctly the pilot rubbed his ear and called again, "KYM?"
When the little voice came back again from seemingly the same source he lost patients, "Sandi, would you please let Kym out from under there?"
She hesitated for a second then parted her blanket in the front to reveal her round lower abdomen.
"That's all very nice Sandi but firstly I still don't see Kym and secondly I would have thought your agency would not have let you fly in such a gravid condition, and anoth....."
"Helloooo, I'm in here!" cut Kym's voice through the proceedings. For all intents and purposes it appeared that the raised imprint of a little hand was making waving motions back and forth across the inside of Sandi's belly.
The pilot stared in stunned silence for a second before his brain came back on-line.
He turned to Jasmine and asked very quietly, "Miss, would you mind telling me who you are please?"
Jaz, noticed that this had finally shot him and so answered, "And Friend," a playful smile crossing her lips.
The pilot's hand flew to his face then in an explosion he tossed the papers and clipboard into the air, "You're all crazy the lot of you!" and with that he stormed out if the hanger heading straight for the member's airport bar. Throughout all of this, Vikki snored on blissfully unaware.
Slowly at first, then with more confidence, a smile spread across the copilot's face.
"Well," he said, "I suppose that makes me in charge now."
As everyone looked at the copilot, Jaz spoke up, "um...so....what are you going to do with us?"
At that Sandi and Alex looked up, looking a bit frightened. "This isn't going to get us fired, is it?" Sandi inqueried the copilot, leaning against the stallion next to her.
The copilot hmmmed softly, "well... how about we get everyone cleaned up first, and then figure out what to do? The plane's not going anywhere for a few hours, some maintenance needs to be done, before we can finish the trip, and since I don't think anyone's going to file complaints..." as he looked at everyone gathered, hangar hands, and the navigator included, everyone seemed to agree that there were no complaints...other then the now absent captain, but the copilot was pretty sure he wouldn't be saying anything... "anyway, there's a large showering facility used by airport personel, I think should be fine for getting everyone cleaned up... the only problem is your large friend there...." As he regarded the still snoring hippotaur.
Alex and Sandi still looked rather dubious, but the copilot seemed like a nice guy, and it looked like they weren't going to get in trouble...at least not from him, there might be trouble from the pilot, but hopefully he'd keep quiet as well. The two of them cuddled together, Sandi leaning back against Alex, one hand nervously rubbing her belly.
Jaz giggled, "well, I guess we are a bit messy at the moment..." as she looked at Alex, and Sandi, and then over at Vikki. Getting up she walked over to her still slumbering friend, "A shower sounds wonderful... let's see if I can get Vikki up.. then we'll follow you to the shower area, um...what's your name anyway? You've already gotten our names..." she asked the copilot, Jasmine smiled at him over her shoulder, admiring the smoothness of the dolphin-morph's skin.
"oh...sorry about that...the name's Jack...nice to meet all of you... even under such strange circumstances..." he smiled a bit embarrassed, then looked over at Sandi, his gaze settling on her heavily pregnant belly, as Jaz tried to wake Vikki up. Noting his gaze she smiled back at him, lightly sliding her hands over the large bulge, slight movements within showing Kym's enjoyment of the situation.
Hmmming softly, Jasmine regarded her massive friend, Vikki usually didn't drink, but those few times she had before, where she'd overindulged, made her know it wasn't going to be easy. Vikki slept like a log normally, usually sleeping through pretty much anything... something which Jaz took advantage of occasionally, when she wanted someplace nice and warm to curl up to sleep herself. But when Vikki managed to overindulge in drink, she was doubly hard to wake, usually she just let the hippotaur sleep it off, Vikki being one of those few that somehow never seemed to develop hangovers from drink. Jasmine herself, was usually quite out of it the morning after heavy drinking, and wasn't functional for most of the day.
(Vikki's Dream Sequence)
I smiled as I found myself laying against my vulpine lover, his soft fur caressing my body as my hands lightly slide over his slowly rising chest. I loved watching him sleep, he always looks so cute laying there. Sighing softly I continued to lightly caress the male fox's body, eventually moving my hands down to the slight bulge of his belly, while I'm still uncomfortable at times with his eating habits, I do have to admit I love the roundness of his belly after he's gorged, which he doesn't do all that often.
I continued to gently run my hand over Avon's distended belly, always amazed at just how much food he can put away when he puts his mind to it, and leaning down, I gently kiss his muzzle, his soft breath caressing my face before I pull away and slip from the bed. As I do, he shifts position, his thick tail slithering from beneath the covers, and I remember how he sometimes uses the lush fur to tickle and tease me as we lay against one another. It was truly a wonderful day when we met.
Quietly I slipped into the bathroom, and found myself gazing at the reflection of my human body, it seemed strange sometimes, like I should be something that's not human, but then I shake my head and chuckle, I'm human, and always have been. Though I wonder what it's like for Avon, and others like him, those that were anthro animals. Putting those thoughts aside, I stretch, and then turn on the shower, smiling as hot spray begins to pelt my body.
It had been a thoroughly delightful night on the town with Avon, and I still had a bit of energy to burn off, a hot shower should relax me enough, and then perhaps some online time until my energy flags enough for me to get some rest. Sighing in pleasure, I let the water caress me, and find myself wondering what it might be like to end up inside Avon. I knew it was completely impossible, but when I watch him enjoy the occasional live meal, there's a part of me that envies the meal.
I stand there in the shower, for a good long while, letting my mind drift as the water continues to flow over me, imagining it must be pretty similar to this when you're inside someone else's belly. I imagine warm flesh surrounding me in the humid embrace and shiver softly. My hands beginning to roam over my body as I apply soap, lathering myself up in the warm suds, while my hair becomes plastered to my back. Softly I pleasure myself as my hands slide over my wet body, low groans coming from me as I continue, until finally with a gasp, I bring myself to climax, shivering in pleasure.
Standing under the hot spray, I let myself linger in the afterglow of orgasm and mmmm softly, as I slowly finish the job of showering myself. Much as I love Avon, all that fur of his tends to clog up the drain, especially during the fall and spring time, when his coat changes. Finally I slowly finish up and shut the water off, reaching out to grab the large towel waiting for me I begin to rub it vigorously over my body, drying myself off, before pulling my robe on, letting it hang open for the time being as I work on my hair.
That done I slip back into the bedroom Avon and I share and smile as I see him still sound asleep, slowly I move towards the bed, and easing from the robe, rejoin him, settling myself against his back, my hands and arms slipping around him as I inhale his softly musky scent, my hand once more beginning to stroke gently over his overstuffed belly. His soft murrs fill the night as we lay there, and soon I join him in slumber.
((End Dream Sequence))
After a couple tries, Jaz managed to wake Vikki up, the large hippotaur groaned softly, "ooooo...what a wonderful dream I had...." Blinking she looked around, "um...hello...." As she found herself no longer on the airplane, grinning Jasmine nudged her large friend, "we're gonna go get cleaned up...looks like you need to come along as well..." as she ran her hand over the taur's now rather slick hide. Vikki blinked again, "um...could someone tell me why I'm covered in lube?" her face reddening as she noted the strangers surrounding her as well.
Jack moved closer, "there was some concern over you and your friends here...We thought something terrible had happened...though I'm glad to see we were quite wrong..." as he lightly patted Vikki's side, his hand straying over one of firm nubs of Vikki's nipples, she mmmed softly, and grinned at the copilot.
"Ah...um...someone mentioned getting cleaned up?" Alex said, as he noted the copilot continuing to softly rub Vikki's belly, seemingly lost in the experience. The copilot jumped a bit, and grinned sheepishly, "oh...sorry about that...yes...this way please..." as he motioned Vikki and company to follow him, admiring the hippotaur as she carefully got up. The hanger hands, reluctantly wandering off to do their jobs, but not before one of them handed Jack a small card, winking at the dolphin before dissappearing with his co-worker, while the navigator/doc, headed towards the faculty lounge, to get a drink.
Jack was still a bit distracted, so just pocketed the card to look at later, most of his attention still on the group before him.
Soon the small group was following Jack to the shower facilities, asking them to wait for a minute, he slipped inside, and then returned, "well...no one's using them currently so you should have them all to yourselves...the right-hand passage leads to the male's showers, the left to the female's..." he paused as Vikki's large hand came to rest on his shoulder, "I don't think we'll need to use both....and I could deffinitely use some help getting cleaned up.... perhaps you'd like to join us?" as the others chuckled softly, before heading into the ladies' shower, Sandi and Jaz pretty much dragging Alex in with them. Jack swallowed softly and looked up at Vikki, "are you su..." his reply cut off as she leaned down and kissed him gently on the top of his head, before picking him up and carrying him with her into the shower area. Jack abruptly found himself pressed to her chest, a portion of his mind thinking, "guess that answers that...."
Soon enough everyone was gathered together in the shower facility, Vikki taking up quite a bit of room, though no one minded at all as they turned on all the showers, hot water began to spray freely, and mmmms of pleasure could be heard, as they stood there, enjoying the hot spray. Jack having discarded his rather soaked clothing outside, on his trip in with Vikki. Bottles of bodywash were handed around, and everyone began to coat themselves, and each other. Jaz smiled as she tickled Sandi's swollen belly, rubbing it lightly, "you going to let Kym out now?"
Sandi grinned widely, "mmmmmm....no way.... I'm keeping her inside me for a good while longer...besides...she doesn't seem interested in coming out yet..." as she said this, the tigress gasped softly, clutching her belly, drawing everyone's attentions as she began to moan in pleasure, movement within her signaling Kym was up to something. Slowly, the large tigress sank to her knees and then leaned back, her hands continuing to massage her massive belly as it rippled and bulged. Alex moved over, and looked at Sandi with some concern. As her moans continued, a slim tail slowly began to emerge from her now glistening sex. Kym's muffled laughter could just be heard and she called out, "always wanted to try this..." more and more of the mouse's tail slid into view, flexing about as Kym shifted around inside Sandi's belly.
Vikki had to smile at the sight, glancing quickly around at everyone she mmmed as she noted that both Jack and Alex were very aroused, their shafts bobbing slightly as they watched entranced at Kym and Sandi. Of course she and Jaz were just as aroused at the sight...
As Kym's tail continued to flex and the mouse's motions inside Sandi grew more animated, the tail slowly curled around and began to rub all around between the feline's legs, until the tip was brushing over Sandi's tailhole, causing the tigress to gasp, arcing her body upwards as she was pleasured by Kym inside her. Once more, Kym's very muffled voice could be heard, "it's too bad there's not enough room for an nice male in here with me..." as she continued to push her tail back into Sandi's body, though up into her rear, instead of withdrawing it back into her sex. Sandi squirmed on the shower floor, her own tail thrashing about as she felt her rear being penetrated by the rodent's thin tail, feeling it wriggling steadily deeper and deeper upwards into her body, tickling her insides.
Sandi abruptly reached over and grabed Jasmine, pulling the vixen to her, she buried her muzzle between Jaz's legs, her rough tongue beginning to explore her new friend's cunny. Jaz gasped in pleasure, finding herself kneeling astride the tigress's head, feeling the feline's muzzle pressed firmly around her groin, she began to grind herself against that wonderful tongue, shivering in pleasure as Sandi slowly penetrated her body, her juices flowing freely into the hungry tigress's mouth.
Unable to keep back, Alex move to between Sandi's legs, and slowly spread them wider apart behind Jasmine, resting his horse like head on Jas's shoulder to gaze at the sight of Kym's tail emerging from the tigress's sex only to dissappear back into her body through Sandi's tailhole. The soft nether-lips of the feline's sex rippled invitingly as he slowly found himself guiding his cock into the already occupied passageway of her body. Groaning in pleasure as his length pressed through Sandi's labia, spreading her wider open, feeling Kym's tail rubbing against his cock wonderfully. Sandi's body reacted by squeezing tightly around his cock, bucking upwards again, trying to take his full length into herself. Before he knew it, he could feel the tight ring of her cervix, and gasped as he felt the flange on the end of his shaft penetrate that, only to come against another barrier. A loud moan from Sandi's belly made him realize he was now pressing up between Kym's legs as well! More movement from within the tigress's belly and the stallion felt and even tighter passage enveloping his shaft as Kym wriggled her own sex down over the thick equine cock.
As this continued, Vikki slowly moved up to Jack, and lightly ran a finger down his spine, he jumped in surprise and turned around, shivering a bit as he found himself pulled against her once more, "mmmmm.... I think getting cleaned up can wait for a bit..." as she very slowly ran her tongue over his front, from his belly up over his chest, very carefully not touching his fully aroused shaft. He groaned softly in reply, and squirmed a bit in her grasp as she settled herself, rolling over onto her backs, and placing the dolphin up on top of her taur belly, between her forelegs, smiling widely at him as he looked over her entire body from his new vantage point.
Sandi thrashed about as she was pleasured inside and out, drinking deeply from Jaz's cunt, her rough tongue lapping eagerly over the slick folds of the vixen's sex, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm. Alex moaned deeply as his shaft was squeezed tightly by both Sandi's and Kym's sexes, his cocktip flaring deep within the mouse inside the tigress' womb, stretching Kym's belly somewhat in the process. Beneath Sandi's stretched belly, Kym could be seen squirming all about, working her tail in and out of both of her friend's rear passages, coiling it about the thick equine shaft that was stretching her sex so tightly as well as filling Sandi's vagina.
The quartet continued to pleasure one another, Jaz quickly losing the battle to keep from climaxing, under the eager caresses of Sandi's talented tongue. She pushed herself firmly into the tigress' jaws, moaning deeply as she ground her sex against that wonderful tongue. Her body trembling in reaction as Sandi continued, pushing vixen over the edge again and again.
Sandi herself managed only a little longer, crying out loudly into Jasmine's cunt, sucking eagerly on the soft flesh between the vixen's legs, as well as pushing her tongue way up into Jas's depths, feeling Jazmine pushing herself tightly into her jaws, shuddering in pleasure as her mouth was filled by tasty vixen flesh. Clutching her belly, Sandi continued to thrash around as she could feel Kym beginning to lose the battle, as Alex thrust eagerly into them both, Kym's tail pushing Sandi higher until pleasure exploded through her.
Alex grunted, as he felt both Sandi and Kym tightening about his shaft, and pushed in deeply, pushing Sandi's legs back against her swollen belly, feeling Kym squirming all about within the tigress's depths as he finally shot his load. His cock throbbing strongly within both females, and in an unoccupied portion of his mind he could hear Kym crying out in pleasure as well, as all four of them were finally climaxing. He could feel Kym's tail writhing about his cock as she plunged it in and out of Sandi's tailhole as well, a small loop of mousetail managing to encircle his ballsac as well, squeezing that too.
As the orgy continued, Vikki groaned softly, getting more and more aroused, as she watched. She could feel Jack's own arousal rubbing against her smooth taur belly, his hands playing firmly with a couple of the firm nipples that lined her underside. Smiling she suddenly got an idea, and squirming about slightly, positioned her head right under one of the showerheads. Reaching up she managed to switch it from spray to jet, and opened her jaws wide, beginning to drink deeply of the hot water. Jack was startled as he felt Vikki shift position beneath him, and watched in puzzlement as she began to drink deeply of the jet of hot water, wondering what she was up to. Beneath him, he could feel her belly steadily growing warmer, and softer as well. Shivering he began to thrust against the now heated taurbelly, his pointed shaft sliding easily against her soft skin.
Jack pressed himself firmly to the soft belly beneath him, pushing his shaft back and forth over the warm skin of Vikki's stomach, his hands stroking over various nipples, feeling their firmness. Shuddering, soon he shot his load onto the taur's wet belly, and lay there, shifting enough to pull one of Vikki's nipple into his mouth, and softly began to nibble the firm piece of flesh.
Vikki groaned, feeling the hot water slowly filling her belly, loving the feel of Jack thrusting against her, as well as rubbing over her nipples. Soon enough she felt him climax there atop her, and shuddered a bit, hearing Sandi, Jasmine, and Alex, and a very muffled Kym crying out in pleasure as they all hit climax at various times. A soft orgasm built within Vikki under the feel of Jack's pleasures atop her taurbelly, and his play with his nipples, and she shuddered as she came.
Slowly, Vikki could feel her belly swelling beneath Jack, and grinned at what she had planned for the dolphin-morph. She could feel his thick tail laying firmly against her water-filled belly, his legs spread apart, draped over the sides. His fluke, just brushing across her sensitive sex as she gasped, feeling Jack nibble gently on one of her nipples, his hands continuing to massage two others as she lay there.
Vikki came mildly a second time under the dolphin's caresses, her body quivering a bit. Eventually she stopped letting the hot water flow down her throat, and shifted once more, curling her upper body around enough so she could gently stroke Jack's slick skin, marveling at how smooth it was. Looking up at her, the dolphin smiled, and slowly sat up, and found himself on top a living waterbed!. The hippotaur groaned softly at the feel of all that hot water sloshing within her stomach, and lightly rubbed her hands over Jack's body, gently drawing him upwards along herself, "did you like?" she asked him as she slowly licked his face once more.
Jack mmmed, "very much..." as he turned his head briefly, admiring the swollen bulge of Vikki's belly, watching it rippling slightly with every movement she made, just barely able to hear the soft sloshing of the water inside her over the sound of the various shower sprays. Turning back to Vikki, his eyes widened as she lifted him up, somehow managing to get to her feet at the same time, her belly seeming to have a life of it's own as she slowly stood up.
"Then you're going to love this..." as she very slowly opened her mouth, and took Jack's tail fluke into her jaws, nibbling gently on the wide fin. The dolphin gasped, flexing his fluke within the hippotaur's mouth, feeling her broad teeth gently playing over his flesh. As she opened her mouth again, he found himself placing his feet into the warm embrace of her jaws, shivering at how strange it felt, to have his feet and tail being nibbled and suckled upon.
Gently Vikki began to ease Jack deeper, suckling softly on him as his strong legs and tail slipped between her lips, her broad teeth and tongue teasing him softly on his trip into her. Jack squirmed about, watching as he was slowly swallowed alive, reaching down he began to stroke his still extended shaft, shivering in pleasure at the sight and feel of the large taur lowering him into herself. Her throat muscles deeply massaging his lower legs as his upper thighs slipped into Vikki's jaws.
Vikki was finding Jack to be a pure pleasure to swallow, his slick hide easily sliding into her throat, his legs and tail moving about inside her, stroking her now bulging throat from the inside, as she carefully rotated him around, so he was facing the same direction she was, her head tilted back as she continued to ease him deeper, feeling him stroking himself off at the sight of his body dissappearing between her lips. Soon enough, the taur could feel Jack's waist slip into her mouth, and she paused, her lips a firm belt surrounding his waist as she began to suckle more firmly, pushing his hand away from his cock with her tongue, and rubbing the slick shaft, tasting his sweet arousal. Jack moaned deeply at this, and pulled his hand out of the taur's mouth, reaching down to stroke along her lower jaw line, shivering at the sight of half his body hidden within her. His legs and tail visible as vague outlines within her throat and morphic upper torso.
Jack began to buck against the maddeningly teasing tongue that caressed his shaft, his pre flowing freely as Vikki suckled firmly around his lower body, gasping he thrashed about, much to Vikki's pleasure as she drove him to spurt against her tongue, eventually tasting his salty cum, her tongue lapping firmly all against the pointed dolphin cock, milking him for more. Savoring the smooth feel of his flesh against her tongue and within her throat, her hands stroking the wriggling bulge of his legs and tail.
Eventually Jack gasped and went limp, groaning softly as his spent body began to slide once more down Vikki's throat, the hippotaur very slowly swallowing him down, groaning in pleasure as he eased deeper and deeper, wanting to enjoy this sweet morsel. Gently Vikki eased Jack's arms into her mouth, and licked softly over his belly and chest, finding his dorsal fin rubbing against the back of her jaws, tickling her slightly as she softly took his shoulders into her mouth, leaving only his head visible, emerging from between her soft lips.
Moaning softly, Jack blinked at the sensation of Vikki's throat surrounding almost his entire body, squirming about slightly, he found himself being held firmly, his body from the neck down being caressed and fondled, the taur's strong inner muscles deeply massaging him, "oooo..." He could feel Vikki's pleasure as gently, tenderly, she drew his head into her mouth, and paused once more, so he could look out from the back of her throat, her tongue softly caressing his face as she held him, completely within her mouth and throat, his feet and tailtip just brushing the tight ring of muscle leading to her water- filled stomach. "Yess....do it...swallow me..." he whispered softly as he savored the view of looking out from inside the taur's body.
Smiling, Vikki softly did so, very slowly swallowing the dolphin down completely, keeping her jaws open so he could watch as the rippling flesh of her throat gently drew him downwards, the ring guarding her stomach slowly squeezing around his body as he slipped into the hot water now contained within her. He gasped in pleasure as he slowly sank into the hot, wet darkness of the hippotaur's body. Vikki groaned as she slowly finished swallowing Jack down, feeling her belly swell larger as he was added to the hot water she swallowed earlier, her belly sloshing about as he experimentally moved around inside her.
Mmmming softly, she gulped down air for him to breath, further swelling her belly so it just brushed against the tiled floor of the shower. Closing her eyes, Vikki reached back to massage her distended belly, shivering as the dolphin began to swim around inside her water filled belly. Abruptly, her eyes flew open as she felt Jack's echolocation pinging through her body, causing a soft tingle to spread through her, she gasped at the sensation, as the dolphin gently pleasured her in such a unique way from within.
A soft giggle drew Vikki's attention back to the others sharing the shower with her, "wonder who's enjoying themselves more....you or the dolphin you just gave a private swimming pool to..."
"ME!!!" both Vikki and Jack answered at the exact same time.
Not to be out done, Jack vibrated Vikki's insides with a rapid pulse of echo signals that brought her moaning and sloshing to her knees. The other came over to her and placed their hands on her round side so they could feel what it was that was giving her so much pleasure. Able to see inside Vikki's dark belly as well as if by day (using his echo location) Jack directed a stream of pulses at where he detected the inward bulges were placed from the hands out side. All initially snatched their hands back in shock, but were soon back feeling the strong resonance from inside the taur's abdomen.
<< cRaCkLe >>
Passengers destined for the Canadian Arctic Territory previously on flight QM221 please be advised that you have been transferred to Flight GFZ323 due to unexpected problems with the aircraft. Your luggage is being reloaded now, and if you could make you way to boarding gate One now our staff will get you seated and you should be airborne in twenty minutes.
<< cRaCkLe >>
The group stopped and stared at each other for a second - all sharing the same thought that they have heaps more time as their plane is still in pieces, all realizing that plans had changed.
"Okay" called Alex, "dry up everyone and let's get top that plane before it leaves without us!!!"
Everyone made rapid attempts to do just that, Jaz and Sandi doing the best they could to help dry Vikki.
It wasn't till they were about to go and Vikki moved her first hind leg did the audible slosh from her belly remind them that they'd forgotten someone.
"JACK!" They call called at once."
"We have to get him out, or they'll be looking for a new copilot," added Jasmine.
"That'll be fine," Alex calmed, "they'll have a new pilot and cabin crew for this plane, but we won't have any tickets for seats on it."
The group looked despondent thinking this was the parting of their ways till Sandi had a spark of recollection, "This airport is really small from memory and I'll bet that they're not even on the global computer net yet for passenger and crew manifesting."
The rest of the group still looked at her blankly.
"Well don't you see," cried she cried, "they'll have no records of who was on the plane on the system, they'll just be going to get everyone that was on the original plane together and bundle them on the new one with an apology for the delay. They would have only been using the inflight checklist kept by the copilot during flight as a sort of 'check off the names' manifest.
"What, this list?" Waved Vikki, holding up the printed passenger list, the one that the pilot had been reading their names off of earlier on, "Well we better make sure it gets back to the copilot then hadn't we?"
They all watched as she flipped the list, clipboard and all into the air and on it's decent, snapped her wide mouth closed around it. A seemingly uncomfortable gulp later and the whole thing moved down her throat till all heard it splash down in her water filled stomach.
"Now everyone, if we've all finished cleaning up," she smile, 'we've got a plane to catch, and with all the free seats there were on the first plane, there should be more than enough room for everyone!"
Controlled cheers later they started off for the plane, all smiling like idiots at wet, water moving sounds coming from deep inside Vikki and the occasional chirp from Jack still floating about within her.
They all boarded and found seats, Alex subtly directing Jaz and Sandi to seats he knew were originally vacant on the first plane. Vikki slowly made her way up the 'heavy passengers' ramp behind a huge elephanttaur. She marveled at this passenger's sheer size, that almost made her feel small by comparison, not a common sensation for her at all, and no an overly unwelcome one. Vikki put this out of her mind as she found her seat / couch and squelched down onto it. Her now much bigger belly, when spread out by her lying down on it, bulged out so far that it covered the couch completely and was making a curving bid for the floor. For those who knew, or if anyone dared to steal a look at her they would have seen the taur's surprising belly ripple and bulge out as Jack moved about inside.
Chapter 3
The flight was fairly uneventful. Take off held none of the discomforts of the first on for Vikki. Sure the water and Jack all sloshed noisily to the far back of her belly, some being forced further on into her intestines but on the whole it went without a hitch. It must have had something to with the water being a more over all filling instead of pushing her in one spot as Jasmine had.
Landing was a bit more... embarrassing than anything else. When the plane started to decelerate Vikki felt all that was inside her shift forward slightly. It wasn't till the plane's wheels actually touched the tarmac did it happen. The sudden jolt and pulling to a stop caused all the water and Jack in it to slosh to the front of her body. So much so that her belly started to push out between her front legs to the point where she had to steady herself, or risk falling on the floor. The amount of noise coming from her abdomen caused a few heads to turn, the fact that the elephanttaur had been one of them had not escaped Vikki's notice. Once the plane has slowed sufficiently to be classed taxiing she regained her composure on the couch with only her red cheeks to show anything had happened.
They all followed the other passengers out of the plane and stepped into Vancouver airport. Vikki's first thought was that she'd better get herself a new, duty free, cloak better suited for the cold or she was going to end up with a huge block of ice with a dolphin in it inside her. Not to mention the fact that it was just plain cold. The others all agreed and set off to get themselves new outfits, Jack swinging side to side under Vikki all the while.
Alex pushed his hands deep into his pockets against the new cold and in doing so touched base with a small rectangular piece of thin card. Pulling it from his jeans he remembered that it was the business card- link thing that the hanger attendant had palmed Jack at their last stop.
"Club Ingestra" Fully licensed theme house. Open 10pm till dawn. "It's the best night you'll ever spend inside"
He was almost about to tip it in the next bin they passed when he re read the name then the slogan. When the others realized he's stopped walking altogether and was just staring into space they back tracked and probed as to whether there was a good reason for it or if his legs had been painted on?
He handed the card to Sandi, who in turn smiled and passed it on. The card did the rounds and the smiles continued. Vikki pondered that they probably didn't have all that much time as they wanted to be early for the lemmings, and to get a good position. But when she realized the club they were reading about specialized in the type of 'fun' they had been recently having, Vikki smiled at the thought.
"So what do you think Jaz?" She grinned, already knowing the answer, "does that sound like something we'd be interested in?"
Jasmine nodded, and after a furious water and tail thrashing from inside Vikki indicating Jack's consent it was settled.
The duty free store - attendant was thrilled when a pile of foreigners waltzed into her store and purchased some of her better items - including one a very large lined and quilted cloak that she thought she never get rid of. All in all it was a good reason to take an early lunch and not come back for the rest of the day.
Splendid in their' new attire the group moved on. It was getting dark, so they left the airport and piled into the nearest waiting, oversized taxi-bus. Once Alex flipped the card over and read the address to the driver they were on their way.
Looking like a bunch or starry eyed tourists, all with faces pressed up against the taxi-bus' windows the sped through the brightly lit city, finally pulling up across the street from. "Club Ingestra."
The cab driver paid, and the street crossed they made their way into the club. They were waved through the front door by a huge gorilla- bouncer. Vikki couldn't help but thinking, how A-Typical, though this thought was all but blasted from her head but the throb of pounding bass.
A couple minutes after the group entered the club, there was a lull in the pounding music, a chance for the live band to take a break for a while. For the patrons too it was a time to rest up for a moment before the next set, or at least let some of the patrons rested. Others were a bit occupied with the club's other purpose. As Vikki and Co. looked around, they found themselves growing wide-eyed at the various scenes taking place all throughout the club. At one corner table, a brightly plumed parrot was laying back, legs spread wide apart as a large bear mated with her? him? avians being a bit harder to determine sex from a distance. Both parrot and bear sported very ample bellies, the bear's looking like it more then likely held a couple tenants within it's embrace, the parrot probably only holding one, two if the guests were of slight build, but both were enjoying themselves immensely, their swollen bellies pressing quite firmly against one another as they pleasured each other.
Across floor, in another booth, Jaz spotted a female equine, probably a shire, deeply massaging her heavily pregnant belly, and as she watched, the female leaned back, spreading her legs wide apart, to admit yet another guest into the waiting moistness of her depths, a young fox was slowly wriggling his way upwards into her sex, stretching her cunt about him as he eased inwards. The equine continued to massage her greatly distended belly, working her hands over those she held within, their motions just visible beneath her swollen flesh as they shifted around to make room for another guest.
More of similar scenes, and a few stranger ones, greeted Vikki, Jasmine, Alex and Sandi. Kym and Jack still being hosted inside their respective partners. Kym had decided to stay curled up inside Sandi's womb, and Jack still enjoying being inside the warmth of Vikki's water -filled stomach. Slowly the group made their way to an open booth, wanting to just look around and get their bearings for the moment, though all were excited by the various scenes playing out around them. Slowly, the lights dimmed once more, and in the center of the club, the floor began to raise up, a stage taking shape, as patrons took seats, or otherwise made themselves comfortable for what appeared to be the beginnings of a show of some sort.
As the small group watched, the music started up again, this time instead of pounding bass, and strobing lights, a more sensual tune began to drift from concealed speakers. As the music continued, a group of scantily dressed female furs, of various species, began to make their way down to the stage, dancing slowly as they made progress. Their costumes just barely covering them. As the slow, sensual dance continued, they began to congregate around one another, the largest of them, a trim orca, slowly slipped down to her knees, running her hands softly over her chest and down along her white belly, looking out over the crowd as she does so.
While she's doing that, the other dancers circle around her, until a young looking tigress moves up behind the whale, and begins to caress her, running sheathed claws slowly over the orca's throat and chest, guiding the whale's head backwards. Then slowly she climbs up atop the whale's shoulders, and balances there for a moment, before bending over, and reversing her position into a handstand atop the orca's broad shoulders.
Once their in this position, the orca slowly opens her jaws wide, and the tigress begins to lick slowly over the orca's lips and teeth, nuzzling gently before carefully beginning to change her handholds, working her hands to soon grip the corners of the orca's jaws, balancing herself now above the larger fem's wide open jaws, allowing herself a look straight down that pink throat. While the duo stayed in that position, one of the other dancers, an otter this time, slowly began to stroke and caress both whale and tigress, before carefully climbing up both, eventually pushing the tigress's legs apart and carefully standing between them, his feet bracing themselves against the insides of the feline's thighs, while his hands ran up and down the feline's legs, steadying himself there. While he did this, the orca reached up to gently steady and help support the tigress, seeming to smile at the balanced feline, her broad tongue sliding up to caress the tigress' face.
While this was going on, the other dancers, continued their slow circling around the trio now balancing each other, once orca, tigress and otter were all balanced, a long snake-morph, began to coil her way upwards around the trio, her brightly patterned scales sliding softly over the three balanced fursons, caressing them as she made her way upwards, until her head was even with the otter's. Gently the two began to kiss, while the snake's long, thin coils squeezed and caressed her three dance partners. The otter slowly released his grip on the tigress' legs, and holding the snake close, slowly began to open his jaws wide, the kiss growing deeper and deeper for the reptile, until the otter's jaws were stretched tightly around the snake's entire head, the otter beginning to flex his body, belly- dancer style as he carefully guided the snake's smooth body deeper.
While he was doing this, the otter also began to wriggle her toes against the tigress' groin, pushing aside the bikini-style bottom concealing her sex, and slowly began to work himself downwards into the tigress' body.
In response the tigress gasped in pleasure as slowly her body was entered into, and looking down at the orca below her, slowly released her grip, allowing the orca's powerful arms to support her now, the orca's jaws then began to slowly slide upwards around the tigress, as she carefully stood up, now supporting the weight of three of the dancers above her, licking softly over the tigress as she began her trip downwards.
Steadily the snake began to slither down the otter's throat, eventually causing the once flat belly to swell outwards as her head and then shoulders entered, the otter's throat swollen around the long tube of the snake's body, his paws massaging the snake's outline, as well as the rest of the very long snake that now extended from between his jaws. As he did so, his motions allowed him to sink deeper into the tigress below, steadily stretching her cunny wider open, his legs disappearing into the now wriggling tigress' body.
All the while the orca continued to steady the trio above her, very slowly lowering the tigress, head first into her mouth, until her throat and jaws were able to support those above her. Her hands sliding down along her body, rubbing slowly over her chest and belly, caressing the white flesh, in anticipation of feeling tigress, otter, and snake all deep inside her.
As the show continued, Vikki found herself wondering what it'd be like to get that orca down into her gullet, perhaps give Jack some company to enjoy...
Slowly the otter continued to swallow the snake down, the soft music adding to the scene somehow, making every motion sensual and slow. The snake woman could be seen shifting about as more and more of her became a growing bulge within the otter's stomach, her long length wriggling about, the coils slowly disappearing foot by foot into the otter's eager maw, while the otter himself continued to sink deeper into the tigress below him, until his hips were pressing tightly against the insides of the feline's sex, holding her wide open.
The otter's still growing belly soon resting against the tigress' sex sandwiching his fully aroused shaft into the moist flesh below him. Reaching down he began to massage the tigress' swollen groin and the bulge of her own belly, feeling the snake coiling up inside her, until only the snake's tail still stuck out from between his jaws.
Closing his eyes, the otter pushed his tongue into the snake's sex, lapping at the rich juices flowing from her depths as he held the snake almost completely inside himself. The snake's motions causing the otter's shaft to rub firmly into the tigress' cunt that now pressed tightly around the otter's swollen body.
Meanwhile, the orca continued to gently lower the growing tigress down her own throat, licking softly over the firm mounds of her breasts, as the tigress' chest slipped between her jaws. The tigress' belly swelling steadily as the otter's legs filled her depths, the otter soon coming to a kneeling position, his belly still resting against the tightly stretched lips of the feline's sex, his cock now hidden within the feline's tightly stretched vagina.
Eventually the orca paused in her slow swallowing of the tigress, her jaws softly cradling her swollen belly, her throat rippling around the feline's upper body as she reached up, and stroked tigress, otter and snake. Gently she took hold of the otter, and began to apply downward pressure to help him wriggle his swollen belly deeper into the tigress' hot embrace. The otter writhed about, as did the tigress as evident by the way the orca's swollen throat rippled and bulged with motions from within. Slowly and steadily the swell of the otter's snake-swollen belly began to slide deeper into the tigress, a massive bulge forming between the feline's legs and easing downwards.
The outline of the otter's legs could be seen pushing outwards against the insides of the tigress briefly as the slick walls let his very flexible body ease deeper. Abruptly they passed the thickest portion and with a cry of pleasure, the otter slipped downwards, until only his head and shoulders stuck out from between the tigress' legs, his arms stopping his downward motion. The snake's tail flexed and writhed about outside the otter's jaws as he continued to lick at the trapped snake's sex. The tigress' belly growing greatly to accommodate the two dancers within her now, or almost fully in her.
At this point, the orca began to slowly swallow once more, rippling her body, belly-dancer fashion as she struggled to get the now overly pregnant tigress down the tight passage of her throat, her hands caressing the growing bulge of her throat and belly as she strained her jaws around the massive swell of the tigress' otter's snake swollen belly. The otter continued to softly rub her paws over the bulge he, and the snake inside his own belly, made inside the tigress, wriggling himself around to cause the feline's belly to ripple and bulge, causing the feline's legs and tail to flex, as the dissappearing tigress writhed in pleasure, her body stretched tightly around her fellow dancers, as well as slowly being embraced within the body of another of her fellow dancers.
As the show continued, Vikki grew more and more absorbed in it, shivering, absently rubbing her own slightly swollen taurbelly, feeling Jack enjoying the accommodations of her depths. Behind her, Jasmine and the others in her small group were almost just as absorbed into the show. Sandi was massaging her overly pregnant belly, feeling Kym squirming about inside her. Clothing was slowly being removed and placed on the benches that the group were using, as sex-drives began to kick in.
On stage, the orca slowly stood up, letting her costume fall to the floor, revealing her white and black body, her thick tail flexing behind her as she massaged her still growing belly, her jaws stretched open, showing a pair of tigress legs sticking out, between which an otter's head emerged, a snake's tailtip sticking out from the otter's mouth. As she stood, the orca slowly spread her legs apart, exposing her very pinkish sex, the soft lips rippling a bit as she flexed her body. At this point the four remaining dancers, had become two, a amply curved skunkette, and a handsome fox, both now with greatly distended bellies of their own, moved towards the orca, kneeling before her, hugging each other as they looked upwards, at their fellow dancer. The orca carefully positioned herself above them both, and stiffened as they both plunged their arms upwards into her body.
The orca reacted quite strongly to the penetration beneath her tail, her throat rippling and flexing as she swallowed convulsively, dragging those within her mouth and throat downwards. The tigress's legs could be seen to close, her sex swallowing the otter's head, until only the snake's tailtip still stuck out, then that disappeared as well, just before the tigeress' legs and tail were dragged down between the orca's jaws. The orca squirmed about as her belly grew larger, her body slowly settling down over the fox and skunk between her legs, her sex stretching over them both as she raised and lowered herself over the duo.
Abruptly she cried out in pleasure, collapsing downwards over fox and skunk, so only their feet and tails were sticking out from her now very pink cunt, her whole body flexing in reaction to a powerful climax as inner muscles swallowed her two overstuffed dance partners, her body now containing all the other dancers that had come on stage with her, her belly rippling and bulging as those inside her moved around. Trembling she slowly began to rise once more, her belly greatly swollen,
showing vague outlines of those within her, her large hands caressing tenderly over the swell of her body, her sex pulling the fox's and skunk's feet and tail upwards into her depths as she lifted her tail high, throwing her arms upwards as she cried out in pleasure once more, having finally completed taking her partners into herself. Posing there for a bit she slowly lowered tail and arms and bowed as best she could to the crowd, moving very carefully as she did so.
S'bek walked into the club and saw the new hippotaur with her friends watching the dancers on the stage so he heads over to see if they would mind if the croc joined them in their booth, Alex looked at Sandi and Jasmine to see what the two females thought then they nod to let S'bek join them, so they move over to make room for the large reptile to sit down then the horse morph reaches over to rub the plates on the croc's belly making S'bek purrr softly and nuzzles Alex, then the croc's hemipenises start to slide out of S'bek's body as the morphic horse takes hold of one while Jasmine takes the other to pleasure the large salt water croc's body as S'bek moans, then he reaches over to lift Alex up to place him on the croc's belly plates as the morphic horse feels one of the hemipenises go inside Alex's tail hole as S'bek opens his large jaws and has the horse morph to lay his head inside the croc's mouth for swallowing but the croc swallows air to fill his stomach for Alex to have oxigen to breathe while inside S'bek. Then the two males hit climax as Alex is soon swallowed by S'bek head first as the croc lifts his jaws to let gavity take over to help pull the stallion down S'bek's throat to his stomach then Jasmine takes her turn with the reptile in their booth, as the horse morph gets settled inside the croc's belly to rest from the pleasure, while Vikki keeps her eyes locked on the show going on on stage with the orca swallowing the three dancers over her jaws sliding down her throat.
Vikki shivered, awed by the show, wondering what else might be seen while she and her friends enjoyed the club, before heading out to the lemming jump. As she turned, to ask her friends to help satisfy her a bit, she was startled to find that someone new had joined their small group. A rather large salt-water croc, had slipped into their booth while she'd been absorbed in the show. Vikki gasped as she realized that Jasmine and Alex had both been gobbled up by the crock while she'd been distracted!
The croc smiled at Vikki, as he rubbed the massive swell of his belly, Jaz's and Alex's forms could be seen wriggling around as they had sex there inside the reptile's belly. Sandi was shivering as she was on all fours before the croc, his overly swollen belly resting on top of her back as he thrust eagerly into her, both of them groaning in pleasure. Vikki just stared in amazement, shivering a bit with her own needs, she couldn't help herself as slowly she moved backwards, presenting her now quite moist sex to the tigress, gasping in pleasure as Sandi eagerly began to lap at the wet folds beneath Vikki's tail.
Between them, Sandi moaned in pleasure, reaching up to part the moist folds of Vikki's cunt, opening her large friend up, lapping at the rich juices flowing from within the taur's depths, while she felt the crock (who introduced himself as S'bek) grip her thighs, pulling her firmly over his hemipenises, both fully swollen and pushing into her depths, managing to fill both her tail and sex at the same time. Inside her womb, Kym was wriggling about, suckling the crock off, working her tongue all about against Sandi's cervix, teasing her feline partner from the inside, loving the experience being inside the tigress' womb.
As S'bek continued to thrust, he watched the taur position herself before Sandi, the tigress eagerly opening her up, exposing the soft inner flesh of her sex. Slowly, he began to increase the power of his thrusts, the tigress hot around his dual male-hood, each thrust now beginning to push her more firmly against, and then into the hippotaur. He was amazed at the view before him, of the large tigress slowly being enveloped into the even larger hippotaur, the rippling flesh sliding steadily over her head, and then shoulders, swallowing her into the moist depths of the taur's body.
Vikki groaned deeply, beginning to buck backwards against Sandi, feeling her sex being filled so nicely by the tigress, trembling as inner muscles began to pull on Sandi, deeply massaging the tigress as her chest slipped between the eager folds of Vikki's netherlips. Soon the Sandi's, Kym swollen belly began to press against the hippotaur's cunny, slowly beginning to stretch it wider apart as the crock pounded eagerly into the tigress from behind, driving her deeper into the taur's body, both feeling the tigress writhing in pleasure under the onslaught, inside and out of her body. Vikki's juices coating the feline completely and beginning to coat the crock as well as the scene continued.
Vikki cried out in pleasure as Sandi's belly abruptly slipped into her body, filling her wonderfully as her insides eagerly dragged the tigress deeper, soon feeling the crock's own massive gut pressing against her rump, rubbing tightly against her as she heard his own cry of pleasure, and Sandi's very muffled growl from deep inside her as they climaxed. S'bek filling the feline's sex and tailhole with his seed, and probably filling Kym's stomach with it as well. Vikki could feel the mouse squirming about inside Sandi's womb, adding to her own pleasure as her insides swallowed up the tigress, leaving S'bek now thrusting into her enormous sex, her juices flowing freely over his swollen belly as she moaned deeply in pleasure, her belly swelling to accommodate her friends.
S'bek shivered in pleasure at the feel and sight of Sandi dissappearing into her large friend, and continued to thrust, shooting a second load into the hippotaur's depths as Sandi's legs and tail slipped between those soft folds between the hippotaur's hindlegs. Groaning, as he felt Jasmine and Alex writhing about within his own belly, their motions growing very energetic as they mated there inside him, his belly bulging and rippling with their motions. Trembling he withdrew, his shafts from within the hippotaur, then plunged his whole body in, eager to feel the liquid heat of Vikki's body around him, trembling as he stuffed himself into that hot passage. Thick juices flooding over his body as he pushed himself upwards and inwards. His tightly stretched belly soon stretching Vikki's body wide open
The hippotaur cried out once more at the sudden penetration of the croc's body into her still very sensitive sex, clenching her rear tightly around him, trembling as she felt his massive gut stretching her even wider open. His rough scales scraping her tender inner flesh, teasing and increasing her pleasures with his wriggling about. Unconsciously, she began to push backwards once more, pushing the crock's rump firmly against the back of the booth, her weight slowly coming to bear down overtop of him as she moaned deeply, eager now to feel all of him inside her.
Writhing about the croc felt the hippotaur pushing herself down over him, his belly being squeezed tightly by her snatch contractions as she climaxed again and again around him, soon he could feel her cervix pressing against his hands. Eagerly he pushed through the tight ring of muscle, moaning deeply into the wet flesh that now enveloped him. His hands encountering Sandi within Vikki's womb as he too was slowly eased into that hot chamber. A warm metallic cylinder also met his hands, and a distant part of his mind wondered what that was doing in here.
With one more loud cry of pleasure, Vikki forced herself backwards, rearing up to bring her full weight down atop the crock, forcing his enormous belly upwards into herself, stretching her overstimulated body even more as finally she collapsed downwards, the crock's belly finally inside her, inner muscles, almost beyond their capacity, dragged the massive form inwards. The crock's back-ridges rubbing against her very pleasantly, causing her to tremble powerfully in reaction. The sensations finally growing too much for the hippotaur as she passed out from pleasure.
Her unconscious body swallowing the croc fully, leaving her laying there, her belly tightly swollen around her friends.
Her belly distended all over in large round, moving bulges from the constant motion inside her. So tightly was her abdomen stretched, from both her stomach and womb that it was possible to discern individual body parts, and S'bek's back ridges when they pushed out against her insides.
The staff at the "Club Ingestra" were fairly used to their guests letting their 'habits' get the better of them and two serving staff hurried out and very carefully pulled a large sheet over Vikki's lower taur half. This provided her with both, some warmth and also some small degree of privacy as she was certainly not in any state to take care of herself. It was also a sign to other club members that she or he had had enough, and that was a very strict house rule.
Although to the outside world it was evident that Vikki was no longer in the land of the awake, it was quite clear that those inside her were oblivious to the fact. The sheet that now covered her bloated form bulged and shifted indicating that they were still quite active within her.
Inside Vikki there was a lull. S'bek had finally spent himself leaving a sticky mess over much of the soft lining of Vikki's womb, and Sandi was panting heavily, curled up around her mouse filled abdomen. The croc may have stopped moving himself, but the activity within his huge belly was just reaching it's crescendo. He couldn't help grunt an. "Ooomph" when his belly was delivered an overly active internal shove, which ended in the muffled pleasure cries of Alex and Jasmine signaling that they had reached a similar state of satisfaction.
Obviously breathing heavily, Alex called, "So, what's been happening out there? We felt a whole lot of squashing a few minutes ago?"
Sandi uncurled herself and pushed her way round S'bek to the front of his belly. Normally there is quite an amount of air space within Vikki when she has 'guests and movement is a very little problem. But in her current, extra full condition, there's no where to go without pushing and sliding over and under wet and warm flesh. When she was against the croc's belly bulge she spoke directly to where she thought Alex has spoken from, "Well where do I start? Let's just leave it at the Reader's Digest version, you, as you know are inside our new and 'amazing experienced' friend S'bek, Kym is still inside of me and we're all inside of Vikki's uterus."
"What, all of us, including Jack!?" Jaz queried.
"Hmmmm, I think so, I kinda lost the plot a little while back, hang on."
Sandi moved herself, with no little effort, to where she supposed the front of Vikki's womb should be. She noticed that the area she was now in was heavily curved in towards her, probably by the water in Vikki's stomach she thought. Placing her ear to the soft flesh she called, "Jack, Jack, are you still in here?"
An easily audible slosh later and Jack's muffed voice came back through the soft barrier, "Sure am, you said in here, so I'm gathering that from that and where you're talking from you're in her... you know, her other end."
Sandi smiled to herself, for someone so into 'all this', he was really a sweet, shy guy deep down, and couldn't help thinking that it was nice that the two could co inhabit the same person.
The Tigress pushed with her hands on the taur's insides in the direction of Jack's voice to indicate his correctness. In his small world, Jack could feel a slight bulge beneath his spread hands. He sent a series of sonic pulses at where his hands where, and their bounce back telling him that although he could feel Sandi, there was still quite a lot of the taur's insides between them.
While this was going on, S'bek had moved around so that he was face to back with Sandi. It was much more difficult for him to move inside Vikki as he was responsible for much of the taur's size and so was being pushed on all sides but he warm flesh. Mind you, he didn't really mind as it was a rare experience for him, due to his size, to be within another, and with a full tummy to boot.
When he was close enough he whispered in her ear, "So, are you up to putting that 'amazing experience' I'm supposed to have to the test again?"
Sandi rolled over on the spot and planted a sloppy kiss on S'bek's lips in reply.
Chapter 4
In the club the lights had dimmed and the crowed had lowered their voices to a quizzical humm.
After a brief wait, which had the air of technical glitch written all over it, the stage area exploded into flood lit brilliance, accompanied by showers of raining firework sparkles. Unheard over the noise of the fireworks, the sound system had kicked in again with a low droning hum, sounding like a bizarre combination of a pipe organ's bottom 'C' and a deep chanting monk, that became apparent once everyone's ears has adjusted.
Without warning, two red laser beams cut through the smoke haze that now shrouded the stage. Mounted as they were, close together and at a very tall head height of 25 feet, they looked like piercing eyes, scanning all below as they scanned across the crowd - filling all they alighted on with a sense of incorporation. Back and forth they swept, at one point they stopped to linger on the prone form of a very over filled Hippotaur before snapping back into action on the rest of the crowd.
The laser eyes cam forward, and as they did there was an all but deafening thud of four very heavy footfalls, obviously miced up to the sound system.
The sound was oppressive yet the crowd watched on, transfixed by the scanning eyes, trying to see that little but further through the smoke to what was coming - not entirely sure that they really wanted to know. Others, that had been to the club before were already smiling, not knowing exactly what was coming, but from past experience knowing who it was and what degree of fun they were in for.
The foot falls continued as the thrumming tone rose in volume. New comer of not, all fell silent as a huge black and chrome Elephant's head emerged from the swirling clouds. Red laser eyes ablaze. A loosely armored chest, two huge chest plates covering what were obviously equally large breasts, though in consideration, they were not disproportionate to the rest of the body. What followed continued to amaze. As what was obviously a taur stepped into view, revealing strong, leather and chrome plated forelegs, and the traditional barrel, hanging abdomen, though much larger that one would have expected from any normal taur.
The plated trunk rose into the air and boosted through the speakers came the unmistakable trumpet of an pachyderm. For those who had not been here before, this may have been the first time they had seen an Elephantaur.
As the trumpet reached it crescendo a thumping bass line started and lead the way into a very industrial, pulsing mix. The taur stepped out onto the front of the stage, foot falls still thumping in everyone's ears. It was clear now that she wasn't armored all the way from front to back. Her back end was all but uncovered reveling what could have been painted, but was in fact was shock white albino skin. It was also abundantly evident that she was a shi, much the pleasure of many of the assembled guests.
The crowd was captivated and ready to command.
Using the laser eyes shi zeroed in on a member of the crowd, the audience cheered as the large canine stepped forward. Two scantily clad stage aids glided across the floor to where he was standing and helped him through the crowd and up on to the stage. The taur gestured towards the anthro-wolf-like male on now on stage with her broad arms. The crowed took the que and erupted in cheers and applause. The wolf crossed his stomach with his hand and bowed low.
The hush fell back over the crowd as one by one they noticed that the laser eyes were once again searching for their next candidate. As before they slowed then stopped on another male, this time it was some species of reptile, sporting purple scales and yellow underbelly. Suddenly gripped with stage fright he stood rooted to the spot. Even when the stage aids arrived to help him to the stage he remained immobile. Seeing a potential downer the taur on stage gently clapped hir hands together, very slowly. The crowd copied and once again the crowd took their que and the clapping increased ending in a mess of cheering and whistles.
This shook the reptile out of his stupor and he allowed himself to be lead to the stage, now filled with the confidence of his peers.
One of the very first and up most important rules of the Club Ingestra was that everything that went on had to be consented to by all parties. No one was ever forced into anything... or anyone. That didn't mean that they couldn't be 'encouraged' to dare a little.
Once on stage the reptile received the same ritual applause and cheers as the wolf had, this time without the needs for prompting. The stage aids, one who, if Vikki had been awake, would have been recognized as the vulpine dance from the Orca's routine earlier on, moved to stand on each side of the taurs huge legs. Shi reached up and released the two strap clasps on each side of hir mask. With a click shi carefully lowered it to hir asides who raised it high above their heads before carrying it off stage to further applause. Any in doubt was now cleared as to if shi was body painted or not as white hir face and pink eyes confirmed that shi was indeed a very rare albino.
A little stage coordination later and it was discovered that both the reptile and the wolf were both self confessed predators and were very ready to swallow anything on offer. The Elephantuar looked back at the crowd with a wink and those that had been before started the rest of the audience laughing, much to the initial confusion of the two newbies on stage.
A large black tophat was brought out onto the stage, while this was happening, the vulpine dancer come assistant, handed the huge taur a large version of a standard headset mic. This in place on her head she addressed the mass for the first time.
"For those who do not know me, I am GryphRaptor, and tonight we shall let fate decide our entertainment.!" - hir voice was surprisingly clear, well rounded and gripped the audience like a glove.
Another hand wave towards the read of the stage saw a large, upright wheel rolled onto the stage. It was divided into two halves, one marked PRED and the other PREY. GryphRaptor spoke again, "So who should have the right to choose their destiny. Should it be our scaly friend here or friend the puppy?"
All at once a hundred cries indicating who it should be assailed all on stage, not that it really mattered, shi had already made hir choice.
Moving slowly to build tension, shi finally indicated that the reptile should be the one to spin, "Take your place at the wheel scaly one and spin your fate!"
It was at that point that the two on stage realized what was happening and what was about to happen. After a brief exchange of glances the lizard strode over to the wheel, oozing all the confidence he really didn't feel. He gripped the wheel with both hands and with a grunt set it spinning.
The room fell silent save for the clacking of the needle atop wheel. It seemed like and eternity before the disk slowed but finally it ended clearly in the middle of the PREY section. The reptile started at the wheel and how it had spun then turned to GryphRaptor and asked .... "So what does this mean...?" Fearful that he already knew too well. The audience started a low laughter but were hushed as the Elephantaur motioned to speak. "Well now scaly, you span the wheel, it was you who helped fate decide. It is you who shall feed him!" Again the crowd erupted into cheers, following the taur's line of point indicating the canine, still trying to take it all in, but beginning to smile as things began to dawn on him.
Feeling the moment he walked to the front of the stage and raised his arms to more cheers. He opened his mouth wide showing them all his wide maw and then turned to the lizard, indicating with his finger the back of his throat. Resigning to he fate, scaly walked over the stage front and took his bow.
The two aides had brief words with both 'contestants' before helping them out of their clothes, to the cries and whistles of everyone. A sheet of plastic was brought onto the stage and laid out in front of the canine, who was now on all fours waiting. Scaly was asked to step onto the mat, where he was sensuously lubricated with an organic gel that had a strong cent of blueberry. Once he was dripping he turned to look down at the wolf and asked, "So... how do we go about this, I'm usually where you are in this sort of thing?"
"Beats me," smiled the canine, "this is the only bit I know too, but just so long as I can feel you inside me very soon I'm not going to complain and neither are they. " He indicated the audience with his eyes.
The lizard pondered for a second, trying to think things in reverse, "Okay, sure, how hard can it be, I mean you have to do all the hard work after all. Open up, I'm coming in, but don't think I'll be staying long!"
Scaly crouched over for a second then tentatively extended a gel- covered hand. As soon as his hand made contact with the canine's wet lip he pulled it back beside him.
"Would you close you eyes for me," he asked the wolf.
"What on Earth for," was the reply.
After a pause the reptile replied quietly, "I dunno, it's kinda weirding me out having you watch me this close, and you look so eager. Just close 'em okay?"
The canine smiled and nodded his agreement.
At a signal the stage hands moved over to the wolf and between them they carried what was clearly a blindfold. Stepping to stand on each side of his head the looped then tied the eye-cover on, to totally block his vision.
"Happy now?" he snorted, showing mock anger.
Scaly nodded, then realized that he couldn't be see so replied, "It'll help, I'll say that much."
Two miced footfalls later and the reptile looked up along the fore body the taur. With an exagerated arm gesture to the back of the stage shi indicated a panel that lit up on command.
"Tonight," shi began, "the house offers the prize of one thousand dollars to any pair that can complete the act of vore in under 2 minutes."
The crowd reacted as expected.
Indicating the two on the plastic sheet, "Do you both accept this challenge and all that it entails?"
The two in question nodded eagerly without hesitation.
"Very well then, let the count be started... NOW."
The word boomed around the room and for a second no one on or off stage moved.
It was the Scaly who moved first reaching out and opening the canine's jaws wide. It was clear from the way the blindfold moved that the canine had been taken a little by surprise, but he took the hint anyway.
Putting his scaled arms down to his sides the lizard moved forward until his pointed nose had passed the first row of teeth and his chin was resting in the dip of the canine's tongue. He paused here for a second to check his resolve, then pushed on. Moving in forward so that his nose pressed against the back of the throat he was about to enter he heard the call -
"One minute and twenty seconds so GO!"
Steadying himself and taking a deep breath scaly pushed on, pressing his nose into the wolf's throat so that the soft tube began to stretch around him. Finding no where near as much resistance as he has expected he pressed on. Soon he had to close his eyes as they too entered the widening wolf's throat. The canine's throat closed over the back of his head and he knew he was on his way. Or so he though. His head and thin neck continued down into the wolf right up to the point where his shoulders wedged across the canine's jaw.
Both of them knew this was not about to go smoothly. Scaly worked his shoulders so that one would try to go in first, followed by the other. It just wasn't going to happen. In vain he tried to push straight in but this too proved a no go. Knowing full well that this was not getting them anywhere the canine used his strong throat muscles to gracelessly push the reptile's head back up into his mouth and then back out into the open.
The rather rude gagging sound did much for the joy of the crowd, who thought it was a great laugh.
Scaly there for a second or two, somewhat dazed, not to mention partly covered in saliva. It was the first time he had tried to be swallowed and certainly the first time he had been spit out. The roaring laughter of the crowed certainly wasn't helping him get his bearings either. Isn't till he heard a going-like noise did he start to snap out of it. But when the words, "TWENTY SECONDS TO GO !" boomed through the air it all came back to him in a jolt.
His eyes snapped into focus, right on the wolf's now dripping, wide open maw.
What happened next could be missed by a blink. Scaly took one step back then ran tree forward. Bringing his hands up over his head like a high diver jumped forward into the back of the wolf's throat. The canine's arms shot out in shock but it was too late. With a shiveringly loud 'SHLURP!" the wolf's throat, then chest and finally belly bulged and rippled as the lizard plummeted deeper into him. It was over so quickly that all the wolf could so was fall back onto his tail and sit there, stunned for a second with his arms wrapped around his now huge stomach.
As he sat there Scaly continued to disappear, it was clear that he was being swallowed down by the canine's throat muscles but it certainly wasn't going to be fast enough to beat the clock.
The activity inside the wolf's belly increased as Scaly struggled to pull in his legs. This accomplished, he started on his tail that was still hanging obscenely from the wolf's open jaws. It was clear that he was struggling inside to get it in with him but it was becoming very evident from the wolf's expressions that it just wasn't going to go no matter what he was doing.
With this, the wolf lolled limply to lie on his back with his legs spread wide to accommodate what was now a vast belly. His stomach had stopped moving from within indicating that the lizard too had given up the fight. Unable to move the canine just lay on the plastic sheet and groaned as best he could around the still sticking out tail. He was dragged rather unceremoniously off stage by the two stage hands as they simply pulled the plastic sheeting and he came with it into the darkness to the rear.
After the applause died down GryphRaptor addressed the crowed again, "A grand attempt but sadly not enough! Will anyone else take the challenge? An unbirthing maybe? It's all good vore to us.!"
There was a bit of murmuring and shuffling among the crowd, most unsure if they wanted to take up the challenge or not. Slowly a young bat began to make her way to the stage, looking unsure of herself as she climbed up, "um....I'd kinda take a shot at that prize....if someone else is interested in finding themselves inside me...." as she looked around, blushing a bit, her trim form dwarfed by the massive elephantaur that stepped slowly up besides her.
"I'm sure someone here will take you up on that..." Gryph said as shi looked at the young bat, then turning regarded the audience once more, "well folks? What say you? Any of you want to make this pretty young thing pregnant tonight?" There were some chuckles and soft laughter at that, and Gryph gently rubbed the bat's shoulders, "ah...there we go...looks like someone's decided to give you a try..." as shi pointed with hir trunk towards another young female slowly making her way to the stage. A somewhat plump wallaby was moving towards them, "I'll give it a try...haven't been inside a womb since I was a young'un meself.
Soon the two females were standing next to each other, sizing one another up, and Gryph smiled, "so...how would you two like to do this? There's plenty of options...and remember, if you manage in under two minutes you'll win one thousand dollars cash to use however you wish." The duo now onstage, though still somewhat unsure of themselves began to talk, and soon enough reached a conclusion, the bat's soft voice spoke up, "Um...would it be possible to get something I can hang from? I think it'll make it easier for me to get my partner in..." as the wallaby chuckled.
The large elephantaur hmmmed for a bit, "I think we can get something for you...." then to the crowd, "looks like we have our next contestants then, please give them both a round of applause while we set the stage for this latest escapade..." The crowd eagerly complied, causing both females to blush rather heavily, grinning out at the crowd as they realized that they'd actually be going through with this.
Stage hands began to pull out various items, and set up a strange device for the bat to hang from, complete with straps to help support her in case her feet weren't up to the task of holding both her weight and the wallaby's as well. As the stand was set up, Gryph approached both females once more, "so...why not introduce yourselves to the crowd so they can cheer you on by name, huh?" hir wide grin, and suprisingly soft voice seemed to put the two more at ease, as they were handed a small mic, the wallaby was the first to speak up.
"Well, ma name's Matty, guess me and me new mate heres gonna be getting really close to on another right quickly...." The bat smiled at that, absently rubbing her flat belly, her winghands, shrouding her body almost like a cloak as she listened to the wallaby speak. Then it was her turn to introduce herself.
"Um...well, I'm Shay..." The bat said, as she eyed her companion for the night, "and I guess you can say I'm really nervous about this..."
Gryph reapproached both females, "well, are you two ready to put a show on for the rest of our patrons? Everything's set up for you when you're ready..." as the final touches were put on the equipment, plastic once more placed on the stage, as the large taur gently led the bat and wallaby over, "if you'll both remove your gear you can get started..." that got a soft chuckle out of both females, and soon they were both completely nude, the wallaby and the bat stood there, then the bat spread her wings and flew to the top of the large beam that would support her, and slowly proceeded to hang upside down, other stage hands helping her with some of the support straps, "remember folks, everything here is voluntary, and we goto great pains to make sure the experience is enjoyable for everyone."
There were nods all throughout the crowd, especially from the club's regulars. Soon the Shay was ready, a short ladder was put in position, and the wallaby climbed up, and sat perched atop the beam, above the bat's upside-down body, her large feet dangling between the bat's legs, "Once you two start, the timer will count down the two minutes, enjoy yourselves..." Gryph said as she stepped back, both females took a deep breath, and nodded to one another as they began.
Matty quickly shifted position atop the beam, and began to lower herself between the bat's shapely legs, her feet soon pressing against Shay's now visibly moist sex, wriggling her toes around the wallaby began to push herself in, to the sounds of the bat's gasps of pleasure as her body began to stretch, her thighs being pushed apart as the wallaby's powerful legs steadily pushed into her depths. Trembling Shay gripped the side bars, her claws digging in somewhat, as her whole body began to buck, thrusting herself against the wallaby wriggling deeper into her. Matty grinned and squirmed about, soon releasing herself from the bar, letting gravity take ahold of her, and pull her downwards, Shay's belly swelling rather rapidly larger as the wallaby's legs and tail were soon fully inside.
"That's it my dears, you're at the one minute mark, and already you're over halfway there..." Gryph called out, much to the audience's delight, both females began to speed up their efforts, even though by the looks on their faces they wanted to prolong the experience for them both much longer. Placing her hands back against the bar above her, Matty began to push against it, forcing herself deeper into Shay's moist embrace, the bat writhed about in pleasure as her womb steadily grew larger and larger, her body stretching to accommodate the plump wallaby within.
Matty's belly slowly slipped between Shay's netherlips, with a soft sucking sound, and smiling out at the crowd, she abruptly plunged her arms downwards, causing Shay to cry out in pleasure as almost three quarters of a wallaby swelled her belly by this point.
"Fifteen seconds." Gryph announced once more, "looks like you two are going to walk away with the prize tonight...or at least Shay will be walking away with it...and Matty by the looks of things..." this brought another round of cheers and encouragement from the crowd as Matty wriggled deeper, her shoulders now slipping between the bat's thighs, her motions inside Shay's womb quite visible as she curled up tighter and tighter, until only her head was still outside, Shay's thighs were trembling with the effort to keep them both suspended, the padded straps helping to support her in her efforts.
Gasping, Shay slowly began to squeeze her thighs together, trying to draw Matty's head in, Matty was smiling widely as she was steadily swallowed up by the pretty young bat below her, her own motions becoming rather eager as the soft ring of flesh of Shay's sex slowly slide upwards.
"Five seconds..." and the crowd began to count down the seconds, as both females thrashed about trying to beat the clock, Shay cried out in pleasure as Matty's head slipped fully into her depths, only the wallaby's ears still stuck out, then just before the timer hit zero, with one powerfull squeeze, Matty dissapeared fully into Shay, much to the enjoyment of the crowd, the cheers grew for the duo as they managed the feat. Shay continued to hang there, trembling in pleasure her belly massively distended, the wallaby's outline visible beneath her tauntly swollen bellyflesh.
Slowly, and in a half daze, Shay released the side bars, and wrapped her wings about herself, still hanging upside down, cradling her now extremely pregnant belly, softly murring in contentment.
"Well folks, we have a winner tonight, let's give it up for Shay and Matty." As Gryph encouraged another round of applause. Carefully shi helped the bat down from her perch, Shay stood there for a moment, then with the help of one of the stage hands, staggered to a back room to relax after her efforts, "looks like those two are going to be enjoying one thousand dollars...and each other" Gryph smiled at the retreating figure, then turned back to the crowd, "well? Anyone else care to try for the one thousand dollar prize?"
During the next hour, several more groups tried, but no one else managed to beat the two minute mark, though there were some rather amusing efforts, and everyone took things in good humor when they didn't manage to win. Eventually the night began to wind down, once hir show was over, Gryph headed back into the back room, feeling quite pleased by the night's turnout.
Sighing the elephantaur slowly removed her gear, carefully stowing it away, until shi was once more fully nude, and settled hirself on one of the special couches shi used instead of chairs. Sighing shi relaxed, going over the night's events, and smiled as shi thought of the new guest shi'd noticed tonight. The hippotaur definitely had talent, perhaps once shi'd talked things over with hir partner Sienna, they'd see if she'd be interested in coming to work for them.
Almost as if hir thoughts had summoned hir partner, Sienna slowly slithered into the room, coiling herself up against the taur's body, hissing softly, "You deffinatly did good tonight Gryph," Sienna said, as she nuzzled the massive taur gently,
"I'm glad you decided to help run thiss club my friend...we wouldn't be half as sssucessful if you weren't here..."
"Nonsense, Sienna, you're the wizard when it comes to managing all of this, all's I do is stand around, do a few shows and help out around the place." As shi grinned at hir serpentine friend Sienna hissed in annoyance, "You do more then that, and you manage almosssst half the club, you're the one everyone comessss to with problemssss, you sssmooth everything better then I ever could, and you know it, you jussst enjoy it too much to admit it..."
Gryph grinned and sighed, "ack...found out..." as shi tickled the large snake briefly, then softly began to stroke her, "so...any new talent catch your eye tonight? there's a couple possibilites that crossed my mind as I was doing the show, but you know I like to discuss things with you before doing anything about them..."
"well...let'sss sssssee..." as Sienna pretended to think for a bit, "I think that bat that managed the wallaby...Sssshay wass it? Might be a good addition, ssshe deffinatly enjoyed taking that wallaby, pluss we haven't had a bat among our group before."
At that Gryph nodded, "once she got over her nervousness, she deffinatly enjoyed herself, though I think she enjoyed Matty even more...from what I hear, they're still with one another in one of the rooms, I think Ray has joined them too..."
Sienna chuckled, "wondered if that rat would, he's always a sucker for that, wonder if he'll try and get them inside his belly...he does so like female/female action....especially inside him..." Both Gryph and Sienna laughed softly as they remembered some of Ray's other escapades.
"Oh there was another possibility...not sure if you noticed her or not..." Gryph started "we had a new guest come in tonight, along with some friends it looked like."
"Let me guessss, "Sienna grinned, "that hippotaur?" at Gryph's nod she smiled, "I'd been thinking of her assss well...Not many can manage asss many guesssts as she did tonight...you being one of the rare exceptionssss my dear..." as she softly coiled around Gryph's upper torso, smiling at her large friend.
"You're never gonna let me forget that time we all got drunk and I boasted I could take the entire crew are you?" Gryph grinned, and stroked hir friend some more, enjoying the feel of her cool scales sliding over hir hide, "course I did prove myself right...much to everyone's surprise..."
"That you did Gryph...and asss I remember, you were rather ssssssore the day after too..." she laughed as she teased her large friend in return, "Ssssoo...sshould I invite her back, or do you want to Gryph dear?"
Gryph hmmmed, "prehaps you'd be the better choice, I tend to make some uncomfortable...not sure why..." as shi grinned, Sienna chuckled and nuzzled beneath Gryph's jawline, "prehapsss' it'sss your ssize my friend...or prehapssss you blind them with the color of your hide..." at that the two friends broke into laughter once more, and settled down to some cuddling.
Chapter 5
It was about this point that Vikki finally woke up, groaning softly as she looked around, uncertain at first where she was, then some slow movements from within her, brought her back, and turning her head she smiled as she regarded her massive belly, thinking of how good it felt being so full, though she did kinda wish she had more guests in her stomach, other then the nice dolphin male currently held within.
"Ssssooo, did you enjoy yourssself, and your friendssss?" a rather amused voice hissed softly next to her, startled Vikki looked over, to find herself being examined by a colorful specimen of the anaconda family, "I'm Sssienna, part owner of thissss esstablissshment..."
"It's nice to meet you, I'm Vikki, I hope I haven't done anything wrong?" Vikki looked somewhat worried, as she was unsure of just what the rules for this place were, and perhaps she and her friends had broken them somehow, hopefully it was nothing serious.
To this the snake laughed, enjoying the look on the hippotaur's face, "oh...nothing like that...We were jussst curioussss if you had sssssomewhere to sspend the ressst of the night...You rather impressssed quite a few of our little family here..." the snake smiled widely at the hippotaur. "We have sspecial roomssss in the back for thosse that need them, though few ever ssseem to require them..." As the snake talked Vikki realized that it was female, taking a moment to better examine this creature, Vikki realized that Sienna must reach a good forty feet at least in length, though most of it was currently coiled up next to her. Suprisingly there were no bulges within the snake's length.
Noting her regard Sienna smiled once more, "Curiousss why I don't have anyone inssside me tonight? No one really appealed to me tonight... though that might change latter..." as she winked at Vikki, much to the hippotaur's embarrassment. "Will you accept our offer of a place to sssstay?"
Absently, Vikki reached back to stroke her massive gut, knowing she'd never manage to waddle very far, if at all, her legs were rather pressed apart by her current guests, though it appeared everyone had finally tired and were cuddled up against and within one another..."I think I'd better...I doubt I'd be able to make it far, and I like how it feels with my friends inside me too much at the moment to ease them out.. besides I doubt they'd appreciate being expelled just after they all got comfortable..."
Sienna nodded, and as Vikki struggled to get to her feet, slowly began to coil around the hippotaur's large form, "let me help..." Vikki gasped as slowly the anaconda coiled around her lowerbody, gently massaging her as powerful muscles squeezed, carefully compressing her belly and those within so she could more easily move about. Vikki shivered a bit as her very sensitive nipples were softly rubbed by the snake's scaly hide, trying to hide her reaction as she slowly stood, "uh...thanks..." she stammered,
"I think those rooms are sounding better and better..." as she struggled to keep her arousal down, the snake's body seeming to caress her in all the right spots as she began to waddle very heavily towards the back, getting admiring glances from those patrons that were still around. There didn't seem to be any sign of the elephantaur she'd seen earlier, but perhaps she'd meet up with that strange creature later.
She had to admit to herself that she was curious what that Gryph person was like, and there were other, more intimate wonders that flickered through her mind, probably fueled by the wonderful feel of her swollen belly and the snake now coiled about her.
Sienna smiled to herself, if all went well, perhaps they'd have a new employee or two after this, she was sure Vikki would be very popular if she decided to accept the offer she and Gryph had discussed earlier, once Gryph's show had been over. She was definitely enjoying holding the hippotaur within her coils, especially the feel of those Vikki held inside her, she could feel her guests shifting about softly with every movement the hippotaur made.
Guided by an occasional lisped word from Sienna, Vikki struggled her way towards an unobtrusive entrance. She pushed it open to find a short hallway lined with doors, brightly lit and well-maintained.
"It'sss the door on the end we want, the luxury sssuite."
Vikki was too busy keeping up her momentum to protest being allowed such a room, and trudged heavily right through the wood paneled door. The lighting, just slightly brighter than candlelight, revealed only shapes inside.
"Welcome friend. Please, come in, and make yourself comfortable."
Vikki was startled at the deep voice, pinpointing its source as the largest shape in the room. Hesitantly, she stepped the rest of the way through the door, Sienna giving the portal a whack with her tail to firmly shut it afterwards.
"Are you GryphRaptor? From the show tonight?" Vikki moved slowly towards the huge shadowed shape beside the emperor-sized bed. Before she could get close enough to make out much more, one or two of her guests shifted within her, giving Vikki pause. A deep throaty chuckle answered the 'taur.
"Yes, that's me. Minus my costume, now that I'm not performing. Sienna brought you back here at my request...I saw you in the audience tonight and thought you might like to meet."
A soft click sounded, bringing the lights up, revealing GryphRaptor in all hir glory. A truly huge creature, hir presence was overwhelming. Vikki recognized hir from...from somewhere, though she couldn't decide where. Again someone inside her moved, and Vikki sagged against the end of the bed with a groan. To her surprise, GryphRaptor moved to assist her, holding the 'taur up under her arms and guiding her onto the bed. Again shi chuckled, but this time Vikki could see the warm glint in the giant's eyes.
"Overindulged a little tonight? Or just...weak from the lovely feel of it?" GryphRaptor lowered hir massive frame to stay eye-to-eye with the now-reclining hippotaur.
"Mmmmm, maybe a little of the first, but deffinitely tons of the latter..." Vikki blushed gently, very conscious of the warm weight of the bodies in her womb and stomach. She had trouble even keeping track of who was inside her now, so much had happened in the past few hours!
"I thought you might understand how lovely it is to be filled so well..." GryphRaptor glanced sidelong at the hippotaur, circling back around the bed to place hir within Vikki's field of vision once more. Curling a prominent trunk around hir fingers, almost a nervous gesture, shi settled down. After studying each other for a long moment, Gryph broke the silence.
"But I also asked myself when I saw you, 'Does she know what it's like to fill someone?'"
Vikki blushed again, though she hardly knew why. Maybe it was being in Gryph's presence...the creature was simply stunning! And sooo big... Vikki found her mind swamped with a flood of images, most of them quite deliciously sensual...
"I...no, I've never been inside anyone... No one big enough has ever offered..."
Vikki winced inwardly; her speech seemed frank and inelegant next to Gryph's. Ah well, shi'll just have to deal with it, and anyways, shi didn't invite me here to chat! Stifling a giggle, Vikki grinned up at the elephantaur. Slowly, shi extended a hand and ran surprisingly gentle fingertips along Vikki's soft cheek. "At first I was shy of *doing* anything about my curiosity, but a certain long friend of mine persuaded me to follow up." Gryph chuckled, briefly lifting hir caressing hand to indicate Sienna, who was still wound comfortably around Vikki's swollen body. Vikki watched GryphRaptor as shi spoke, taking in hir size as best she could, then slowly realizing what the combination of Gryph's words and size meant. The full import of it hadn't soaked in 'til this moment. Shi...shi wanted Vikki inside hir! Trembling now, not from fear but more from giddy excitement, Vikki listened as best she could.
"...decided to invite you back. Do you think you might like to find out what your passengers feel when they slide inside you?" GryphRaptor smiled, and though Vikki wasn't sure what shi did, the expression sent an electric sensual thrill through her! Perhaps anything at this point would've done that!
Licking her lips suddenly dry, Vikki locked eyes with the other massive 'taur.
"I, I think I'd like that... But, where? And, mmm, what do you plan on doing with me after I'm in?"
Gryph laughed, leaning down to wrap hir trunk around Vikki's neck and give hir a reassuring squeeze. "Nothing permanent! I'd be a fool to do something to limit our involvement to one experience... I'd like you in my stomach, at least tonight." The two chuckled and exchanged winks. Gryph wasn't the only giddy one, it seemed... "But I can't promise you I won't let you stay in there awhile... I have a feeling it will feel far too good to let you go easily."
Vikki giggled, sliding a plump hand back along her bulging body.
"I know exactly what you mean. So...umm, how do you want to do this?" Vikki looked back along her swollen flank, only to come nose to nose with Sienna. Giggling, she gave the snake a teasing kiss.
"Well, I think I'd like to start from the rear, Vikki luv. That way, you can watch yourself be swallowed, to a degree..." Gryph smiled when Vikki nodded, and opened hir mouth wide, stretching it to prepare for hir impending vore. Vikki couldn't tear her eyes away from the tusked portal, so *huge* and dark, lined with a thick soft-looking carpet of tongue...
Sienna slid from Vikki's body, and coiling up on the pillows at the head of the bed, she settled in for the show. Vikki herself pushed against the bed with her legs and hands, rotating her gravid form until her round rump pointed at Gryph.
"How's this, GryphRaptor?" She asked, only to choke off the last word in a gasp! Gryph was running hir tongue along her leg, up across the moist blossom of her sex. A low chuckle followed the smaller 'taur's moan.
"You can call me Gryph, Vikki, and I think that's perfect... Can you get on your belly? and stick your legs off the bed?" Gryph made a low, approving sound when Vikki managed, wobbling all the while, to comply. Again Vikki shuddered with pleasure as the elephantaur's tongue slid across her rear, this time loaded with warm saliva, smearing her with the stuff. It certainly wasn't the first time a tongue had been applied to her nether-portions, but the knowledge that this time the caress was only preparation for... Vikki shivered again. This was going to be sooooooooo good, she could feel it...
GryphRaptor rolled the taste of Vikki's skin around in hir mouth, separating and enjoying each part of it. And there was so *much* of Vikki! Shi was hard put to remember a time a larger creature had passed hir lips. At last, shi paused to enjoy the sight of Vikki's glistening hindparts, before lowering hir head and scooping up two plump legs. Pressed close together by the confines of hir warm maw, the limbs slid nicely into place, just gripped by the tip of Gryph's throat.
Vikki's hands played across what parts of her belly she could reach, feeling out the muffled outlines of her 'guests.' She could feel the pull of Gryph's throat on her legs, and inch by inch, Gryph surrounded them with the soft rippling sheath of hir throat. Puffs of hot, moist breath washed over Vikki, cooling the moistened portions of her body. She moaned, wanting badly to be in that warm pit of Gryph's mouth.
"Ohhh, ohhhHHH, Gryph! Your mouth...it's like...gods, just like mine... Now I can experience this from the other end...at last..." Vikki's eyes were squeezed shut, her hands roaming aimlessly over her bulk, stroking and squeezing herself as Gryph began devouring her. When she felt the moist, flexible rim of hir lips slide up over the top of her rump, Vikki slowly began pushing herself off the edge of the bed, placing more and more of the burden of her weight into Gryph's mouth.
Gryph panicked momentarily when hir tusks began pushing into Vikki's flesh. Shi couldn't continue like this! Not unless shi...'Well, nothing for it. Probably would've had to anyways at some point.' Shi thought to hirself, as the herm raised hir hands to her jaw, and gave it a practiced jerk sideways and down. A loud *pop* accompanied Gryph's wince as hir jaw fell out of place and sagged down, Vikki's body dropping down as well, out of danger of hir tusks.
"Gryph? What..." Vikki looked back and recoiled to see GryphRaptor's jaw hanging so loosely, brokenly! "Did I do that to you?!" Vikki cried, worried that she had proved too big even for the massive elephantaur. In reply, shi wagged hir head from side to side slightly, and just kept going.
"Sssshi isss forced to dissslocate hir jaw when ssssomeone truly challenging needsss to passss through. It isss normal, no worriess." Sienna slid over to nuzzle Vikki with hir blunt snout, reinforcing her assurance. Vikki immediately relaxed, and Gryph resumed. Reaching forward, cupping hir hands around the hippotaur's haunches, shi pulled hir big, oh-so-willing morsel in further. Gulping steadily, Gryph sighed happily through hir trunk, as hir throat began to fill. MMMmmmm, and so much more to go yet...
Vikki wriggled her rear, and smiled as she felt it settle with a squelch into the portal of Gryph's throat. It rippled hungrily up over her flesh, tugging it slickly down into deeper warmth, a closer embrace...
"You're in for sssuch a treat, Vikki. I've had the privilege of spending daysss at a time in our companion'sss insides. Shi's sssso soft and hot..." Sienna hiss-giggled as her description made Vikki moan, then peak in orgasm without any further stimulation! Her imagination was enough...
Gryph felt a gush of warmth against the walls of hir throat, and smiled as best shi could around hir stretched jaw-full of hippo. Hopefully later, shi'd get to taste that more fully...
Inside Vikki, the crocodile and company groaned as powerful muscles rippled the heavy flesh enveloping them. Where was their hostess now? Who was having such fun with her? S'bek held his tightly-stretched stomach, senses straining to make something out... Finally, after some further movement and wet slurping, sucking sounds, he detected another heartbeat. Quite loud... About as loud as Vikki's was from here--
Oh my.
"I feel like the smallest figure in those Russian nesting dolls!" Sandi laughed, when S'bek made known his suspicions. A rude organic gurgle and a rhythmic bulging of S'bek's gut heralded the start of another round of fun for Vikki's passengers.
Gryph groaned as shi struggled to swallow the hippotaur down, the females soft flesh felt wonderful as it slid easily over hir tongue and into the rippling passage of hir throat, hir dislocated jaws eagerly sliding upwards around Vikki's massively distended belly, feeling the motions of Vikki's own guests deep inside. Vikki meanwhile squirmed in pleasure at the unique sensations of sliding into the elephantaur's depths, with no fur to mute the sensations, her rump and swollen belly got the direct attentions of Gryph's swallowing efforts.
Throat muscles deeply massaging her as they pulled Vikki deeper, steadily closer to the soft embrace of the elephantaur's belly. Her whole body trembling from the sensations as she could feel her sex rubbing firmly against the inside of Gryph's throat, the rippled passageway stimulating her further and further as her juices flowed freely into the elephantaur's eager body.
Sienna hissed softly in pleasure at the sight of her friend getting such a large meal, smiling a bit as she slowly began to coil around the two taurs. Powerful coils caressing them both, helping Gryph to ease Vikki inwards, as well as deeply massage their bodies. Enjoying the feel of rippling muscles within her coils, Sienna shivered a bit, her own belly wanting to be filled as she ran her smooth coils over both Gryph and Vikki, teasing and caressing them in the process.
Large hands softly slide over Vikki's body as she was drawn deeper into Gryph's mouth, eyes closed as she savored every sensation that caressed her body, from Gryph's throat muscles, rippling around her, to the elephantaur's jaws squeezing her swollen belly, working more of her body into the eager warmth of Gryph's own, to the feel of her own guests beginning to enjoy each other once more, her belly rippling and bulging with the motions of pleasure going on inside her. Added to these was the soft caress of Sienna's coils sliding over her body, the serpent's scales rasping gently against her flesh, slipping over the now very sensitive nipples that dotted her taur-belly, causing Vikki's pleasures to build higher and higher.
Gryph's broad tongue also caressed her nipples, tasting each one in turn as they entered her moist mouth. Also rubbing firmly against those Vikki held within her body. The elephantaur moaned in pleasure as shi struggled with the massive meal, hir fore belly beginning to distend as Vikki's hindquarters slid down into her, swelling hir steadily larger as shi continued. Shi could feel Vikki's body thrashing around as her warm juices continued to flood out, coating hir throat and stomachs in the sweet liquids, helping to ease the hippotaur closer to the waiting embrace of the elephantaur's dual stomachs.
Sienna's coils enhancing the experience for Gryph as well, strong muscles deeply massaging her growing foregut as the anaconda nuzzled along hir pale hide.
Steadily, but slowly, Vikki slid deeper into Gryph's body, the elephantaur's trunk curled about her waist, drawing her backwards, her pleasured squirming only serving to help Gryph gulp her down somewhat more easily. She shudders as she felt her overly sensitive sex and nipples being pleasured so wonderfully by Gryph's innards, already she could feel her hind legs pushing against the textured walls of Gryph's fore belly.
Gryph meanwhile marveled, what portion of hir mind wasn't tied up in the experience of swallowing such a delightful meal as the hippotaur, at how good it felt as Vikki's slick body eased deeper into hir depths. One of hir large hands slipping down to stroke her swollen torso, feeling the hippotaur stretching her body by quite a bit, shi could easily feel every curve of Vikki's form beneath hir own flesh. Shi shivered in pleasure, gulping more eagerly as slowly hir jaws reached the widest portion of Vikki's own enormous belly.
Squeezing softly around her, rubbing Vikki's guests around against each other and the soft walls of the hippotaur's womb. Shi could also feel Vikki's still water-logged stomach, and the dolphin sporting about inside.
The large elephantaur moaned as hir own arousal grew as more of Vikki slid into hir body, already the hippotaur's lower body was over halfway inside hir, hir jaws and throat greatly distended around Vikki's overstuffed gut. Shi could feel ever bump and movement of the hippotaur's body and guests inside hirself as shi swallowed, trembling, shi was glad they were using the bed to help support them during this experience. Shi could feel Sienna continuing to slither around hir and Vikki, caressing them both, and helping to ease the hippotaur deeper into Gryph's body.
Reaching forward, Gryph gripped Vikki's forelegs, hir trunk still curled around her waist, and pulled backwards, shuddering as the massive bulge of the hippotaur's belly sank downwards inside hir.
Vikki cried out again as her belly was swallowed up by Gryph, her pleasured struggles rubbing her tender flesh against the rippling passage of the elephantaur's mouth and throat, even as shi could feel her rump settling into the elephantaur's fore belly. Powerful gulps deeply massaged her as they dragged her deeper, and she could feel Gryph taking a hold of her forequarters and dragging her eagerly into the embrace of hir hungry jaws. Gryph's tongue continuing to caress each of her nipples as she was pulled deeper, the tender nubs firm against the elephantaur's taste buds, filling her mouth with the hippotaur's delicious flavor.
As the elephantaur began to buck, trying to stuff more of Vikki down hir eager throat, Sienna slowly slithered along both their bodies, deciding to sate a bit of her own hunger, and grinning as she eyed the massive shaft that was now bobbing with each motion of the feeding elephantaur. Her tongue flicked out, tasting the sweet scent of her friend's arousal, both the male and female hormones filling the air as she gently began to rub her muzzle against the thick cock now exposed beneath the elephantaur's body.
She marveled as always at the pure size of her friend's maleness, and thought of how good it would feel stretching her jaws and throat around all that thick elephantaur flesh, especially as her friend's belly swelled with the hippotaur. Deciding to give Vikki something to play with as well, Sienna pushed her tail into the hippotaur's gasping mouth, shivering a bit as the female taur clenched her jaws firmly around the serpentine tail that now wriggled within her mouth, eagerly beginning to suckle it, Vikki's tongue searching out the anaconda's sex, exploring the smooth belly scales for the snake's nectar.
Squirming in pleasure, Vikki was startled to find something slipping into her mouth, eagerly she began to suckle, a strange, but pleasant taste assaulted her tongue as a part of her realized she now had Sienna's tail in her mouth. Her body tried, but was unable to suck up more of the serpent's body due to the coils around both her and Gryph. But she didn't care, the snake's own femjuices were soon coating her tongue, and slowly she began to wedge her thick tongue up into Sienna's body, getting a richer flood of the serpent's pleasure.
Finally, Gryph had to pause, breathing heavily through hir trunk, hir jaws stretched firmly just behind Vikki's fore legs, hir tongue rubbing softly between them as hir throat continued to ripple around the hippotaur's body, caressing her overstuffed form, muffled sounds of pleasure coming from Vikki's depths as her own guests continued to pleasure one another. Gryph's upper torso was greatly swollen around Vikki's lower body. Shi could feel Sienna beginning to nuzzle hir cock, and moaned softly around Vikki, bucking against the snake's coils, before feeling the slick coolness of Sienna's body beginning to slip around hir maleness.
Gasping shi began to thrust deeper into the anaconda's body, Sienna's throat eagerly swallowing inch after inch of the elephantaur's arousal, stroking it's length as it slide into her. Gryph's precum already flowing quite freely, filling the snake with the warm liquid.
Slowly Gryph began to swallow once more, moaning deeply as hir innards began to shift Vikki even deeper, her hindquarters being squeezed through a short tunnel to empty out into the elephantaur's hindbelly, hir forelegs spreading apart as the massive meal was eased deeper into hirself. Vikki could feel Gryph beginning to swallow again, the brief pause allowing her to catch her breath, however briefly. Shivering at the thought of soon she'd be tucked away inside another fur's body.
Finally able to experience the sensation of what she'd done to so many others. The hippotaur continued to suckle eagerly on Sienna's tail, filling the snake's sex with her tongue, working it around in the surprisingly cool passageway within the serpent's body. Savoring the somewhat odd flavored juices that filled her mouth. Her hands reaching down to run softly over Gryph's dislocated jaws and swollen throat, feeling herself beneath that warm and rippling flesh.
Gryph's trunk uncurled from around Vikki's waist, and with the aid of the elephantaur's hands, carefully tucked Vikki's forelegs into hir mouth and throat, suckling and swallowing around the hippotaur as shi neared taking her fully into hirself. Gryph's whole body vibrated from the powerful sub-sonics shi was emitting, the vibrations flowing through both Vikki and Sienna as well as they all squirmed in pleasure.
Sienna's coils tightened around both taurs, squeezing them tenderly as her body was invaded by Vikki's tongue, her vagina clenching tightly around the probing flesh as she writhed in pleasure. Her jaws slowly, but eagerly, walking their way upwards around Gryph's heavy cock, her powerful throat muscles squeezing and massaging that lovely shaft, milking it as her belly filled with the elephantaur's preseed. Gryph's own motions becoming erratic from the multiple sensations, the hippotaur wriggling around, stretching hir innards more and more, and from the serpent swallowing hir fully aroused cock, the sensitive head being stroked so wonderfully deep inside Sienna's depths, even as the snake's jaws pressed upwards against hir groin. Sienna's tongue flicking softly over the wet nether lips tucked up between the elephantaur's hind legs. Squirming in pleasure as her body was enveloped by Gryph, Vikki stuffed her arms down into the elephantaur's throat, shivering at the feel of all that soft flesh caressing and surrounding her, multiple orgasms continuing to build through her body as she was swallowed. Her upper torso slowly sinking between the elephantaur's lips, the large tusks brushing against her back as she was pulled deeper, their smooth, and dry coolness a strange contrast to the moist heat surrounding much of her body now.
She continued to suck on the snake tail in her mouth, drinking Sienna's pleasure as the snake continued to coil and writhe about both her and Gryph, though by this point, she was coiled more around Gryph's continuing-to-swell form, then Vikki. She could feel Gryph stroking her through the tightly stretched flesh of hir throat as slowly her chest slipped into the elephantaur's maw. Gasping around hir massive meal, Gryph trumpeted hir pleasure as shi teetered over the edge, mild orgasms had been building all throughout the massive meal, but the feel of hir hindbelly swelling, combined with the dual caresses Sienna was giving to hir male and female portions, a powerful climax finally ripped through hir entire body.
Causing the elephantaur to thrash in pleasure, hir heavy seed exploding into Sienna's belly, managing to swell the snake's belly with the thick cum. Hir female juices coating Sienna's head as the snake continued to swallow around hir cock, milking it for more and more of the elephantaur's load, feeling herself swelling to accommodate every drop. Sienna's own cum spurting freely into Vikki's mouth as the hippotaur's own climax hit, triggered by the tightening of Gryph's body all around her own. The elephantaur's mouth sliding upwards rapidly as hir throat dragged Vikki downwards, hir body eager to fill itself completely with the hippotaur's sweet body.
Soft skin rubbing against hir innards as Vikki's shoulders were swallowed up, leaving only the hippotaur's head sticking out of Gryph's mouth. Shuddering in pleasure, Gryph was only faintly aware of hir jaws slowly relocating themselves as Vikki's head was drawn into hir mouth, hir trunk tip rubbing softly over the hippotaur's muzzle, feeling Sienna's tail still held within her mouth. Reluctantly Vikki felt Sienna's tail slipping from her grasp as her head was enveloped by the elephantaur finally, the soft rasp of Gryph's teeth against her muzzle as those jaws slide shut, signaling that the elephantaur's meal was almost done. Moaning into the softness that now surrounded her, Vikki could feel herself still being pulled downwards, her lower body being squeezed into the heated embrace of Gryph's hindbelly, she could feel that soft flesh stretching to accommodate her, and she had to smile, wondering just what the elephantaur looked like with her inside like this. Eventually Gryph just lay there, gasping at how full shi felt, feeling the hippotaur slowly settling into hir depths, hir jaws and throat sore from the effort of getting such an enormous meal into hirself. Shivering a bit, shi ran hir hands over hir bulging fore belly, feeling Vikki's own upper torso held within, smiling a bit as the hippotaur was tucked away snugly within both hir stomachs. It was quite a strange sensation, with the hippotaur's waist squeezed between hir forelegs, stretching the short passage that connected hir frontal and lower bellies together.
Sighing softly, Gryph smiled as shi felt Sienna slowly releasing hir cock, the cum-filled snake slithering over to her overstuffed friend, hissing in contentment, her belly swollen with her friend's cum, "mmmm….I hope you enjoyed your meal ass much assss I did mine…" Grinning as she draped her colorful coils about the hippotaur filled elephantaur. Gryph just groaned softly, feeling Vikki nuzzling the warm walls that surrounded her, settling into the hot embrace of Gryph's body, "ooooo….Deffinitely…" as shi looked over the greatly swollen bulges of hir fore and lower belly. From within the elephantaur, Vikki's muffled voice could be heard, "wow….that was the most intense experience I've ever had…" the hippotaur squirmed a bit, getting as comfortable as she could within the elephantaur's body, loving the feel of slick flesh caressing every square inch of her own body, shivering as her still sensitive nipples and sex were caressed as well, wondering how it would feel when Gryph began to carry her around. "I do hope you don't plan on letting me out anytime soon?" Chuckling tiredly, Gryph replied, "after all the effort it took to get you in?
No way…you're staying inside me for at least a day or two…" hir soft rumbles vibrating through hir guest, causing Vikki to moan softly in pleasure. Sienna hissed in amusement, and contentment, "what a sshow thisss wassss…I do hope the camerasss picked everything up…" her blunt snout rubbing lightly against the outline of Vikki's muzzle inside Gryph's forebelly.
"WHAT!!!" Vikki cried out.
"You don't think we'd ever let ssuch a feat assss thisss disssssapear for all time do you? We had to record it…" as Sienna continued to drape herself over hir overstuffed friend, "Don't worry though…it'ssss only for our own private collection…and your'ssss too if you want a copy…" Vikki pondered that, while she was a bit embarrassed that this whole thing had been caught on tape, she had to admit to herself that she'd love to see it. Chuckling softly she replied, "Well…I guess… after all... I'd love to see it myself, especially since this was the first time I've ever been swallowed…" Both Gryph and Sienna sighed a bit in relief, "we're glad you think that way…and we're sorry that we didn't tell you beforehand…"
Gryph added as shi reached back to stroke the enormous bulge of hir hind belly. "Which partially reminds me…it seems as if you have only a single guest inside your stomach?" at Vikki's slight nod, Gryph continued, "Think he'd enjoy a bit of company himself? I know a certain orca that hasn't been eaten in awhile, if you're interested…" Vikki couldn't help but grin, feeling Jack resting inside her water- filled stomach, she could almost feel his excitement at the prospect, "oh…I don't think he'd take much convincing… Sienna slithered from Gryph's room, and wound her way up the stage stairs, then back behind the curtain, where the dressing rooms lay.
It didn't take too long to find the orca in question, who had just finished (reluctantly) releasing her additions from the show. She looked down when Sienna bumped her smooth leg with a blunt snout. "Sienna! Is anything wrong?" Her eyes flicked over the liquid-bloated body of the anaconda. Sienna shook her head, both in negation and amusement. Cheri was so sweet; always worried about the other performers. There'd been accidents, but not many, none serious, and none lately.
"No ssssweetie, just a little offer Gryph, mysssself and a new friend of oursss wish to extend to you..."
Cheri perked right up at that, knowing an 'offer' wasn't likely to be a luncheon at a local restaurant or a request for more working hours...no, the management of this place had far more delicious offers. Without a word, she scooped up a towel, and saluted the snake.
"Lead on, Sienna sweetie. I'm always happy to play with you and your friends!"
Gryph smiled to see Sienna return with their fourth party member, the lovely orca's hide glistening smoothly beneath the overhead lights. Cheri stopped dead at the sight of Gryph's stomach, three quarters hir own size, and rippling slowly...
"That hippo--you didn't!" Laughing huskily, she glided up to the elephantaur and ran her hands over the warm mass Gryph had wrapped hirself around. "What can I do, lover? Rub your tummy? Give your bulging yiffy bits some relief? Anything you want, sweetie."
Sienna cleared her throat with a peculiar little cough, "Ahhh, actually sssweet, we'd hoped you'd be up to an inside job... You ssseee, our swallowed guesssst has a lonely dolphin in her ssstomach, and--" She never got any further. Cheri had already pried Gryph's surprised lips apart, and standing on the bed, lifted a leg and slid it down the huge 'taur's gullet. Moaning softly at the feel of warm flesh sliding against her smooth hide, she quickly grabbed a tusk in each hand to support herself, and inserted the other leg. Gryph's throat had been so thoroughly prepared by Vikki's passage, that it took only a single hardy swallow to send the squirming orca down into hir fore-stomach where Vikki waited.
Vikki found a smooth limber foot on her nose suddenly, as the promised Orca slid in from above. A muffled apology, giggled out by the female cetamorph, accompanied her shift of foot to let her come down against the fore-wall of Gryph's belly. Soon she 'stood' against the stretched sloping wall of stomach lining, slightly rounded belly pressed against Vikki's lips. Taking the opportunity to taste Cheri, Vikki gave her a good swipe with her thick tongue.
"OHH! T, that tongue's almost exactly like, like," At this point Vikki had no problem imagining the white patches on Cheri's body turning pink, "GryphRaptor's... Is your passenger still amenable to a companion?"
Vikki felt Jack do an excited somersault inside her!
"Ahh, amenable's an understatement I'm afraid, my dear. I'm Vikki by the way," She murmured in the hot slick darkness, groping for Cheri's hand and shaking it. Cheri smiled and planted a brazen kiss on Vikki's nose.
"I'm Cheri, and I hope you let me stay a while... It's not often I get to curl up or play inside a nice warm belly!" Vikki just laughed and nodded, before opening her mouth and extending her tongue like a gangplank. Squeaking her delight, Cheri dropped her hands palm-first onto the tongue, caressing and stroking its broad surface... After a moment of this, then slathered in Vikki's saliva, she slid her arms in and lowered her head, shuddering as she felt the hippotaur's upper lip slide down the back of her head. Her breasts, large but streamlined, slid across that glorious carpet of a tongue, making her keen with pleasure!
Jack heard the noise, and found his member bumping gently against the sides of Vikki's water-filled stomach... It *had* been awhile since... Jack moaned, and restrained himself from leaping up Vikki's throat to meet his new lover.
Vikki's throat felt wonderfully full again, and she didn't even need to think to swallow against that bulk, pulling Cheri in to her smooth hips in one go. Raising her legs and bracing them against Gryph's sticky stomach wall, Cheri made herself easier still to swallow.
Chuckling breathlessly in her mind, Vikki silently congratulated Cheri for the maneuver, before curling her thick tongue up between her smooth rubbery thighs to stimulate her, as well as serve as a sort of appendage to help push/pull the orca down deeper into the hippotaur's depths. She vaguely felt the stirring in a more aft-wards chamber of her other guests, as they realized they had some more company inside Vikki's accommodating body. Perhaps they'd get to know each other later, shouting through the thick muffling walls of her body... Vikki gulped again, determinedly!
Cheri didn't seem to mind the touch upon her smooth sex either, squirming and moaning as she vanished further into the moist satin heat of Vikki's gullet. Another gulp, then another, soft flesh rippling all around her, and Cheri plopped into the water beside Jack. Smiling, 'looking' the dolphin over with her sonar, Cheri gathered him close to her sleek form.
"Been a little bored in here all alone, handsome?" Her cheek stroked across Jack's, a touch of lithe tongue sliding across his lower jaw. Shuddering, Jack curled his cool arms around Cheri, the two slick bodies sliding against each other.
"A little, yes... I heard your name's Cheri, mine's Jack..." He whispered breathily, flushing a little as he felt Cheri stroke her pale belly against his hot length.
"Mmmmm, Jack...it's a pleasure to meet you!" She grinned, wrapping her strong thighs around Jack's waist, in the process placing her shiny dribbling vulva against his raging erection. Jack took the hint and sank himself into the tight passage, the latexy lips of her labia clinging gently to his own flesh. Clutching each other with wild abandon, the two began rocking, grinding, then pistoning against each other, hands tongues and legs all augmenting the pleasure centered in the pair's loins and bellies... Jack thought at first he'd be able to last a good while and give Cheri's embers of passion a chance to flare into an inferno, until she whispered to him in her husky voice:
"You know, my kind have been known to eat yours..."
Vikki squirmed, her nipples stroking the flesh floor of Gryph's belly, letting out little cries as her own stomach suddenly transforms into a churning pot of frenzied mating cetaceans! She breathed a sigh of mingled relief and disappointment when the action lulled... But it was hardly five minutes later when it began again! Hugging herself and rolling from side to side against the supporting walls of her belly prison, Vikki gave full voice to her pleasure!
Sienna smileed at Gryph, looking up from the mammoth member she'd wound a few coils around. "Ssssounds like that snack agreed with her, mmmm?"
Gryph chuckled, eyes rather glazed, hands resting on hir belly and breasts alternately.
"I'm gonna hate losing Vikki and her 'guests'...I hope she can come back and visit often..."
A voice suddenly spoke up from Gryph's middle, "I will, you can count on it! Wish I could take you back home... Thanks for Cheri! These aquatic types go down so smooth....Mmmmmm!"
That left everyone in giggles for quite awhile...
Sienna continued to play with Gryph's male-parts, her powerful coils alternating squeezing and sliding along the thick shaft. The elephantaur's body shivering under the assault, both from within and without, pre beginning to coat hir shaft as shi stood there, hir enormously distended bellies bulging with every motion of the squirming hippotaur deep within hir. Sienna loved the way Gryph's belly was so swollen with the overstuffed hippotaur, feeling the female's movements within the swollen belly above her as she played with Gryph's cock, her tail lightly teasing the soft nether lips of the elephantaur's femsex, her own needs beginning to build again as the elephantaur began to rock. Gryph's hands massaging over hir firm breasts, caressing herself as the activities within hir stomachs increased in pace once more.
The massive serpent hissed softly in pleasure as her coils continued to squeeze and caress Gryph's heavy arousal, her cum-filled body squishing a bit with every motion. Smiling at her enormous friend, Sienna slowly began to shift position, soon positioning her cool sex against the elephantaur's cocktip, "mmmmm…think I'll take another helping," chuckling softly as Gryph could only groan in reply. Carefully she began to ease herself down over the elephantaur's cock, gasping in pleasure as her body stretched once more, though this time from the other end.
The snake's tail-tip beginning to dip into the moist heat of Gryph's cunny, stroking the soft passage as she began to push herself down over Gryph's cock, gasping as her body stretched to accommodate her friend's arousal.
Gryph moaned deeply in pleasure as hir dual sexes were caressed by Sienna's talented body. Hir cock slowly being enveloped by the snake's cool depths while hir femsex felt the serpent's tail beginning to fill hir. Trembling shi began to use hir trunk on one of hir own breasts, moaning as shi applied suction to hir own nipple. Gryph's hands moving down to stroke the swell of hir fore-belly, caressing Vikki's upper body within.
Inside the elephantaur, Vikki trembled under her own onslaught, feeling Gryph's inner muscles rippling all around her, caressing her more intimately then she'd ever experienced before. Her own motions rubbing all that slick flesh that surrounded her against all her sensitive spots. Her nipples seemed even more sensitive then ever. Her enormously swollen womb and stomach enhancing her pleasures further. A distant portion of her mind could feel Gryph and Sienna pleasuring each other, while her own guests began yet another orgy within her depths. The space in her stomach seemed a little more now, and chuckling mentally, Vikki realized Cheri's 'we've been known to eat your kind' wasn't an idle threat.
But the orca was still moving around enough to suggest that she hadn't even begun to think of calling the night of pleasure over. Gryph's sub-sonics vibrating powerfully all around and through her as she ground her sex firmly against the rear walls of Gryph's hind-stomach.
Outside, Sienna cried out as her tail was yanked backwards, Gryph's inner muscles taking a hold of her teasing tail and dragging her backwards into the elephantaur's femsex, impaling her on that massive cock in the process! Her sex stretching tightly around the herm's arousal as she was pulled down over the entire length of Gryph's shaft. Her powerful body writhing in pleasure at the penetration, her long vagina and womb swallowing up the elephantine cock, as hot preseed began to flood into her body once more. Soon enough her body held all of Gryph's arousal within her sex, the elephantaur's sheath pressed back against hir groin as hir femsex dragged Sienna backwards, holding the serpent firmly over the flexing and throbbing elephant shaft.
Trembling, the elephantaur bucked eagerly into Sienna's depths, the pressure building within hir body, eager for release into the snake's already cum-filled body. Sienna's writhing, only serving to increase Gryph's arousal, pushing hir steadily towards climax as hir femsex held the serpent tightly within the moist heat of hir vagina. Finally with a loud cry of pleasure, Gryph's body spasmed as hir thick seed exploded into Sienna, further swelling the snake's body, inflating her steadily larger. Scaly hide stretched, Sienna's coloring actually growing lighter as the soft skin beneath her scales was revealed.
Ooooooh, she'd rarely if ever been this stretched full! Powerful coils writhed all around and inside Gryph's body as the climax pushed Sienna over the edge as well, the serpent hissing loudly in hir own pleasure as the liquid heat poured into her depths. Slowly their overwhelmed bodies began to relax as they both passed out from the exertions. Sienna's body slipping eventually from over Gryph's cock, to be swallowed up fully by the unconscious elephantaur's femsex, an... interesting reflexive action Gryph had. Sienna's long, bloated body coiled up deep inside her friend's body, eventually held completely within the hot embrace of the elephantaur's womb.
Sleeping peacefully now, both hir bellies full and hir womb as well, greatly distended by those shi held within hir, Gryph rumbled deeply in contentment as shi slumbered, worn out by such a wonderful experience. Hir belly occasionally rippled or bulged as hir guests shifted about inside..
Ray stood there, gaping at the sight before him, he'd never seen Gryph like this before, hir pale hide swollen with all those shi held within. He marveled at the elephantaur's greed for stuffing hirself. He himself had thoroughly enjoyed Matty and Shay, even now, the two fems were tucked away within his own belly, his paws softly stroking their outline beneath his tightly stretched stomach, smiling as he felt them shift a bit against one another. The bat was quite a delightful meal, especially with her belly swollen with the wallaby! Both had enjoyed the experience, if the moans had been any indication, as he'd carefully worked the heavily pregnant bat into his own stomach after mating with her.
After relaxing a bit, he'd waddled heavily to Gryph's office, wanting to see if there were any plans to hire on Matty and Shay. He'd walked in just in time to see Gryph climaxing, swelling Sienna's already overstuffed body further, then watched as they both passed out, the serpent eventually being dragged fully into Gryph's depths like a strand of reptilian spaghetti. He'd been unable to help himself, he just stood there watching, his shaft pushing upwards against his distended belly at the sight.
Shuddering, Ray found himself standing before the elephantaur's still moist sex, hir soft nether lips swollen and pink from the earlier efforts. Reaching up, he gently began to caress that massive cunny, unable to help himself from stroking the slumbering elephantaur's femsex, marveling at just how enormous shi was, and how swollen hir belly now was. Gryph moaned softly in hir sleep as the rat began to caress hir, mmmming unconsciously at the gentle caresses to hir slit, hir juices beginning to flow once more, quickly coating Ray's arms as he stood there, the elephantaur spread out on hir side on the low bed that took up most of the side of the room here.
Continuing to work his hands over the warm folds of Gryph's cunny, Ray found himself leaning forward, beginning to ease himself closer and closer, feeling himself being drawn towards those soft lips, trembling as his arms began to slip inside the elephantaur's body, hir sex easily accepting him, as it'd already been quite stretched by the anaconda's earlier passage. Ray began running his tongue over the warm entrance to Gryph's body, shivering at the rich flavor of the elephantaur's juices, a slight tang being added from Sienna's body coiled up deep inside the taur's depths.
Drinking deeply he continued to push further into Gryph's depths, shuddering as hir body accepted him, hir inner muscles gripping his arms and drawing him deeper.
Gryph continued to moan softly as shi slept, beginning to shift around, hir heavy shaft pushing against the cushions and hir own greatly distended belly as the rat found himself being pulled into the eager embrace of hir femsex. Gryph's whole body trembled as hir sex opened around the rat's head, his shoulders soon pushing against hir nether lips as hir juices drenched his body, coating his own overly swollen gut as shi began to rock back and forth. Slowly shi shifted position, managing to roll over onto hir distended belly, gasping in pleasure, even in sleep, as hir sex slid down over Ray's body, hir seed spurting out into the cushions below hir as shi climaxed in hir sleep, a soft slurping sound signaling Ray's disappearance fully up into hir depths before shi settled once more into a deep sleep, hir soft rumble filling the room as shi slumbered.
Ray gasped as Gryph shifted position, hir sex slipping down over his entire body, inner muscles deeply massaging him all over as he soon found himself swallowed up by hir cunny, much as Sienna had been. Hir soft flesh surrounded him completely, as climax wracked the sleeping elephantaur's body, dragging him deeper, and slowly pushing him through a tight ring of muscle. Shuddering Ray's body twitched and thrashed around as the experience pushed him over the edge, adding his seed to the warm fluids now surrounding him as he slipped into Gryph's womb.
Ray moaned in pleasure as slowly he could feel his body being surrounded by Sienna as the serpent unconsciously coiled all around him, snuggling his overstuffed form with hir own, there inside Gryph's depths. Shuddering a bit, he managed to ease his cock into Sienna's own sex, and mated with her before slowly slipping into unconsciousness himself, wrapped in the serpent's coils.
Vikki chuckled to herself quietly, listening to Gryph's snores and the liquid/organic sounds of hir body all around the hippotaur's own bloated shape.
"Guess it'd be right for us to sleep too, right? We don't want to wake hir up by moving around, do we?" She giggled, talking to her flanks while she stroked her forebelly. Flesh rippling as her guests shifted inside her, Vikki realized that either they couldn't hear her or weren't willing to sleep quite yet.. Cheri was stroking herself wantonly against the soft, warm folds of Vikki's stomach, and Vikki smiled as she realized she could feel Cheri's 'phin-swollen stomach rubbing there as well.
Another shifting coaxed a gentle moan from her, as Sandi and S'bek started up again. And...was there another? It felt like it... Maybe S'bek had regurgitated one of the furs he'd bolted down earlier. Probably Jasmine the vixen, Vikki thought, which would leave the larger equine still inside the croc to keep his belly pleasantly heavy. At least, she thought with a grin, that's what *she* would've done.
Jasmine stretched luxuriously as her hips slid up into S'bek's toothy jaws, her entire body dripping with thick slime and muted digestive fluids. Murrrrring at a teasing probe from the reptile's tongue, she stroked a rough scaly cheek. Sandi pulled out the remainder of Jasmine, settling the vixen in her lap to cuddle.
"Purrrrrrrrrrrr, oh, we've been having so much fun Jas! I thought, I'd give you a turn..." Jasmine giggled, then "Waah!"ed as Sandi gigglingly pushed her head through Vikki's cervix to get her off her lap. Then, smiling seductively at S'bek, she crawled over to him and lifted a foot to his lips. "Want a kitty treat, S'bek?"
Licking his lips deliberately, S'bek sucked Sandi's foot into his slippery throat, heartily congratulating himself for attending the club tonight. Sandi brought her other foot up and worked it into S'bek's jaws alongside her other calf. Solid scaled arms lifted her up into a predatory embrace as S'bek began pulling at the tigress' body, sliding her deeper and deeper down his throat, making his plates bulge as the flesh they armored stretched over a lithe feline body. Purrrrrrrring loudly and stroking her cunt, swollen from mating, Sandi thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of S'bek engulfing her.
Jasmine slid along the pulpy inner lining of Vikki's womb, sliding beneath Sandi to wrap her legs around S'bek's horny waist. S'bek chuckled to himself, then gasped! as he felt a hand take his somewhat flaccid hemipenises and try to tuck them into warm, slippery orifices. They swelled up eagerly, one spearing Jasmine's sexblossom, the other stretching open her tailhole and gliding within. After a whisper warning to be careful of the mouse in her womb, Jasmine gave herself over to S'bek, thrashing passionately as the croc covered her. Sandi's shoulders and head protruded from S'bek's jaws, the tigress' face the very picture of sensual pleasure.
A couple hefty gulps, and not even that was visible. Seconds later Sandi was just another mass bulging S'bek's belly plates, and the croc was able to focus fully on rutting Jasmine. His grunts and the vixen's murrrring cries of joy sparked yet another passionate moment, this one inside S'bek.
Finding herself conveniently curled up with with Alex, Sandi gave his long equine face a teasing lick.
"Hiya studmuffin. You tired yet, or can you let me have a ponyride too?" He chuckled merrily, and with a slight shifting of his hips, Sandi felt the physical assertion that the stallion was far from tired. Sinking down onto the thick shaft, feeling wonderfully hot and full of the stud's cock, she ground her slick vulva against Alex's groin. Slowly, those two set up a rocking rhythm, their bodies bouncing off the slimy walls of S'bek's stomach, driven by cheerful lust.
Vikki trembled, whimpering softly with the myriad sensations coursing through her body. Thick dollops of her lube rolled down her labia, then her legs, joining the pool of other liquids in Gryph's aft stomach. She could really use a male right now...or really, anything back there in her cunnie. And still, amazingly, Vikki yearned for just one or two more furs to fill her stomach and/or womb with... The way her guests had...ah, compacted themselves, (Vikki smirked,) she didn't feel quite as full now as she had.
One last thing, to help keep everything straight where everyone is and such, update the list below as needed, ok? Thanks
Cast of Characters (as of the end of this story):
Name Sex Species Where
GryphRaptor: hermaphroditic Elephantaur
Vikki: female hippotaur
Jasmine: female vixen in S'bek's stomach
Alex: male painted equine in S'bek's stomach
Sandi: female white tigress in Vikki's womb
Jack: male dolphin in Vikki's stomach
S'bek: male salt-water croc in Vikki's womb
Sienna: female anaconda
Vikki female hippotaur Gryph's stomachs
Jasmine female vixen Vikki's womb
Sandi female white tigress S'bek's stomach
Kym female mouse Sandi's womb
Jack male dolphin Cheri's stomach
Sienna female anaconda Gryph's womb
Shay female bat Ray's stomach
Matty female wallaby Shay's womb
Ray male rat Gryph's womb
Cheri female Orca Vikki's stomach