Title: The Red Kangaroo
Author: Norch Rovian
© 2003
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The Red Kangaroo

By Norch Rovian

Roger bumped down at the bed, and read through the chapters without giving it some afterthinking. Oh God how boring this was. All next week he was going to have exams, and he was now sick tired of all. He looked out the window, and noticed that the campus was empty. It looked like a ghost town. Roger was a student at an univesity in Australia, and he was tired of everything. The studying, the bad economy, and specially tired of his room-mate, Oscar, who constantly talked about the big and strange kangaroo at the lokal zoo where he had a part time job. Roger had never been in the zoo, he was too busy with the studies, and he had not get to know anyone of the other students. Oscar was the only one he knew. And all that talk about the kangaroo.... He had told Roger that about 2 years ago, some people had captured a big, red kangaroo. No one had ever seen a specimen like this. Because it was huge, very huge. Almost 10 feet tall, and it weighted around 672 punds. And the strange thing was, the kangaroo had fangs. Like a bear. Something that was very strange and bizarre, since all kangaroos fed on plants. The keepers had tried to feed him meat, but the kangaroo had just sniffed at it, and then kicked some sand over. But it ate plants and nuts, like the other kangaroos did. Anyway, the wildlife of Australia hadn't been Roger's big interest. Could an alligator or kangaroo help him with the mat? No! And that was a good reason for Roger to just ignore the wildlife, and the others talk about all the beautiful and exciting animals that lived there. After he had thrown the book away in pure boredom, he noticed something at the table near by. It was the keys to the zoo. Oscar must have forgotten to lock them in his drawer. Roger sat there and was thinking. He couldn't go home to his parents, and tell them he had not seen some of the animals down under. And since it was night now, he wouldn't be annoyed by a snotty kid or a widemouthed guide. And by the way, he was bored. So why not? He then took the keys, and sneaked out of the room so Oscar didn't wake up. It was a bit chilly outside, so he decided to jog the few kilometers to the zoo. It was totally deserted, not a single person nearby. So he locked himself in at the back gate. But sadly, all of the animals was asleep. The graveyard would be a rave party compared to this. And after a half hour of walking, Roger stumbled upon a large area surrounded by a huge fence and thick vegetation. His eyes cathed a brown sign over the gate. "Stud". So it was here the great kangaroo lived? All of the employes in the zoo called him Stud, a perfect name for a large creature like him. Roger tried to look through the thick bushes and plants, and he saw something big and red lying in the corner. It was the kangaroo Oscar had been talking about all the time. It looked like it was... dead? Roger stood there a while and was thinking. Maybe he should go inside and take something, a souvenir? Some of his fur maybe? He could weave it, and use it as a fortune token. Because animals like this kangaroo was rare. So some weaved fur from this beast would maybe bring him good luck.
After he had walked back and forward the gate for a hour, Roger decided to go in. He opened the gate, and stepped inside. Still a bit unsecure, having the thought that there maybe could be others in the zoo. But he hadn't seen anyone. He closed and locked the gate, to be sure that no one would suspect anything if a guard or a employee came. If he got caught, he would then have a good explainging to do. Maybe the employees would think he was a kind of pervo who lurked around at the zoo, just to fuck or hurt the animals. He walked carefully towards the big kangaroo, and stopped some feet away. Why did he not go to the zoo to see this animal before? It was amazing. He never thought that kangaroos would grow so big like this, and its fur shined like blood red rubins from the lights nearby. He stood for something that seemed forever and gazed upon this animal. Suddenly he felt his legs vanish under him. He landed in the grass on his back, and noticed that the kangaroo had pushed him with its tale. And before Roger could figure out what was happening, the kangaroo now stood up on it's legs and looked curious down at him. The kangaroo bent down against Roger, and sniffed at him. It inhaled Roger's scent, and it looked like it enjoyed the smell. Then Roger whispered care fully to the kangaroo, 'Easy there Stud. I'm not gonna hurt you. Just let me go. Ok?' He tried to push the big head away, but to no use. It continued to sniff at Roger, and seemed interested in his groin. The kangaroo poked out it's tounge, and likced him there. This gave Roger a warm sensation, and he then felt the erection press against his pants. The kangaroo licked againg and again. And now there was a wet spot on his pants. Roger got extremly aroused, and decided to remove his pants. He reached carefully for his shoes and took them off, before he removed his jeans and boxer. His ererction poked out like a pole, and the kangaroo sniffed at it. It then licked it. This sensation sent shivers down Roger's spine, and he then removed his shirt. He was now completly naked. While Roger lay there, he accidentaly looked at the kangaroos groin. He didn't like what he saw, beacuse it's cock was out of it's sheat. It must have been 14 inches long. It was covered in a thin layer of slime, and it dripped something sticky out of it's tip. Roger didn't like how this had turned, so he stood up to get his clothes on and go home.
But it was not that the kangaroo had in it's mind. And just when Roger stood up, the kangaroo grabbed him with it's forepaws, lifted him up, and pressed him against the wall. Roger didn't want to call for help. Because if someone saw him like this, everybody would know. All of the students, his parents, everyone. He couldn't allow that to happen. He just hoped the kangaroo would go tired of playing with him, and then let him go. But it didn't. And he suddenly felt something warm and slimy swipe across his ass. And it didn't take long until the cock found it's way in, and went all the way up. Roger almost lost his breath, and his whole body froze. He felt like he had gotten a spear up his ass. And then the kangaroo started to thrust in a fast rytm, grunting now and then. The tears started to roll down Roger's chin, and his skin on his chest and stomac got scratched up from the claws. He could hear wet slurping sounds when the cock went in and out, and he stopped struggling. It was no use. This continued for a long time, and after 40 minutes, the kangaroo suddenly squealed, and Roger felt something warm fill him up. He felt like someone had raped him with a fire hose. After the climax, the kangaroo suddenly tossed Roger in the ground. When Roger looked up at the kangaroo, it almost looked like it was smiling at him. It then grabbed his shoulders, and lifter him up again. It stared Roger right in the eyes for some seconds, and then it opened it's huge maw. Roger should just scream for help, but a big, slimy tounge pressed itself against Roger's face. The grip around his shoulders got tighter too, and some drops of blood ran down Roger's arms. His head got pushed further in the maw, and the kangaroo half closed it over his neck. Roger managed to get a well done kick in the kangaroos belly. Something he never should have done. For in return, the kangaroo dug it's claws deep into Roger's shoulders. Almost in to the bone. Roger screamed as loud as he could, but it was just a gurgling sound, since his face was buried deep in the kangaroos throat. And then he felt another deep swallow, and the kangaroos arms moved down to Roger's hips. The air got tinner, and it made it difficult to breath. His stomac got pushed in the kangaroos mouth, and it got much easier for the kangaroo to swallow him now. Since he had stopped struggling, and his arms was locked to his sides. And with another powerful push, Roger's head vanished down the throat and into total darkness. He was holding his breath, but inhaled a bit with a gisp, when his groin got sucked inside the mouth. The kangaroo tastet Roger's cock again, wetting it with salvia. Roger's balls was covered in sperm, and he started to wiggle a bit when the kangaroo licked them clean. And then there was another powerful swallow, and Roger's body continued its tour down towards the stomac. Only his feet was sticking out of the kangaroos mouth, who now tilted it's head back and swallowed for the last time. And then his feet disapperaed into the maw, and the kangaroo licked it's lips. A struggling bulge sliding down slowly towards the belly could be seen on the outside. Rogers head was pushing against an opening at the bottom, and when his head slided through, he could feel the hot, moisty warmt from the stomac. Roger's body was pushed bit by bit into the kangaroos stomac, and it closed quickly when his feet slid through. It was very little space in there, and suddenly Roger started to scream when he felt the acid in his eyes and wounds. He tried feverish to push through the stomac, but to no use. He started to feel dizzy, and the pain was some of the worst he had felt. He managed to close his left hand around his cock, now hard after all the pressure and movement of the kangaroos maw and stomac, and he just had to give it some few jerks until he came. Roger tried to do some last few attempts to get out, but he was too weak. He cried out for the last time, and then fainted. The stomac got tighter around him, and it worked hard to digest him.
Stud was now standing up, and scratched his belly. His cock was now on it's way back into the sheat, and he belched out as he felt the last struggles fade away. He kicked some dirt over Roger's clothes, to get rid over the evidence. It was only living animals who satisfied Stud. Specially male humans, since they almost are hairless, easy to swallow, and are a good fuck. He now laid down in the same corner he was in earlier, and fell asleep while his stomach gurgled and digested the now dead human.
There was a search for Roger for a week, but no one had found a single clue. Oscar had told that Roger didn't have any friends, and he was often depressed. So they guessed Roger had commited suicide somewere nearby. That would be the only logic explaining. It didn't take long until all of the students had forgotten Roger, and in the local zoo, behind some heavy vegetation, lies a big, red kangaroo waiting for it's next wiggling meal.

The End!!

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