The Lion of Kantza 

by Rayaris
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 2002 - All rights reserved.

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It was very cold when me and my dad woke up.
It was very hard for me to understand what really happened before our nap. Or wasn't a nap?
Ya why can't remember?
Anyway what I could see was a BIG bird Dead on the grownd (crushed aeroplane in the eyes of the little white Bearcub).
The important thing is that me and my dad were alive in the middle of nowhere. The only thing we could see was snow. A desert of white snow. It was night, though we could see easily.
My dad stretched first his front and then his back part of the body.
"Come on son, we have to find a place to stay before we freeze to death!".
I love my dad. I admire every movement of his, and wish I will look like him. A great leader polar Bear with fur that looks more like a shaggy white carpet, big teeth, and large paws.
So we started walking. And walking and walking…
I was feeling so bad. This was the artic circle. There was no food. We were starving! And it was so cold, I doubt if my paw had cut I would understand it !.
Days must have passed-even if there was not really a sunlight-. And nothing. The only food we would find…some brown weeds my dad insisted that I would eat it. It was disgusting and they were crunchy from the ice.
The worst thing was that under the massive fur of his I was watching him getting thinner. So much that after a while I could even see his chops .
"Don't worry…" he kept on saying, " There will be something for us to eat…".
But I doubt about it…I was watching him getting sick. And the same happened to me.
The days passed and we could barley walk.
BUT! What was that?
We suddenly saw something. In the beginning it looked as a black dot . And while we started approaching it we find out that it was a corpse!
A corpse of a great Seal! It was quite rotten but we didn't care about it. The skin was in a rather good condition. Well there was no real flesh inside but my dad and I satisfied in a small level our hunger with the bones.
And then my dad -his so smart when he wants- had this idea. He got inside the seal skin from a hole he made in the neck and he weared it as a costume. Then he picked me up and got me inside to. He placed me under his sugar white belly witch was so furry and warm. And under me it was the warm skin of the seal witch was covering us both. Then he picked up the skin of the head and weared it as a masque. Now Not only we looked as a big seal but we were warm and protected of the polar cold !
"Feeling nice son?" he asked with his heavy Bear voice witch hadn't abandoned him.
"Excellent dad-just warm and good!"
"Now we can keep on walking till we find something".
So full of hopes my dad fell on his four feet and started crawling like a real seal!
There is no reason for telling you again for our trip on those freezing deserts. Until something happened.
Inside the dark night my dad took me out of the costume to see something. It Was a giant Ice berg with small inlighted windows! It seemed like paradise!
I got into my dads hug and he started crawling so much that we were more like slipering on the snow.
At last we reached the door.
My dad knocked, while I made a small hole in the bellybutton on the skin so I would observe.
The door opened.
Wow! There were four strange animals. Four Seals! A mother, and three small ones!
Immediately I felt a strange rumbling on my back. It was the hungry stomach of my father!
They were brown and furry the four of them, and they looked more like made of chocolate !
After our shocked (both of us) they screamed :
"Uncle Chris!!!"
and then the female shouted "Honey Uncle Chris is finally back!!!"
They came and hugged my shocked father who didn't know what was better to attack or leave! And then from behind them came a big round bulk . It was a large male seal.
"Chris! We thought you were dead! Come inside and eat!"
So…that's what was going on…
The dead corpse we were wearing was uncle Chris. When they saw us they thought my father was uncle Chris!

My dads brain was so crazy of hunger that when he heard of food, he followed inside almost like a zombie, without even to attack. Well attacking with a big elefanttoothed Seal wouldn't be a smart thing.
The icehouse was big and very warm with carpets and wooden furniture.
They took us to a nice dining room and there they brought a variety of plates mostly seafood. Shrimps, fish, and many others.
My Dad kept on eating so quickly that he almost forgot me, till I pinched his chest from inside the costume and he started putting some food inside the costume when the seals weren't looking.
Ah…at last feeling stuffed after so long….

Then we went to bed. A really comfortable room with a huge bed (So big that my dad could lay down without having his feet on the air), some small furniture and a nice mirror.
My Father locked the door and then we both got out of the costume. He hugged me warmly and told me:
"Son, we have been very lucky. But we have to stay like this for some time, till I figure something to do."
The lights went off, and we both fell on a happy ,comfortable and deep sleep.
That night I had a strange dream. The first explanation I gave was that we were so hungry for so long time.
I heard of the door knocking in semi-dark of the stars, and my dad weared the costume. He opened the door. It was the little seal.
"I wanted to see you uncle Chris. To be sure that you finally came for sure."
"Yes, it is me"
But then the Seal sees me laying on the bed. Her eyes turn round and she's ready to scream.
My Dad is picking her up and removes the Seal head.

Great knockings woke me up!
My dad is opening the light and the door.
"Chris are you ok? Have you seen Ony?"
"we heard Ony, our daughter screaming" said the Big Sea elephant who was besides the door.
"No I haven't, please let me sleep. I am excised".
He closed the door.
'Sleep again sun. You're lucky they didn't see you. I forgot to hide you again!.
"Dad, what is going on?"
"Nothing, sleep!".
Next morning I woke up, noticing that my daddy had forgotten to take the suit out.
Offcourse I slipped from the neck and got inside for any case of someone would open the door.
But I noticed something strange…
There wasn't so much space for me inside the costume. There was no chance for the costume to get smaller-neither for me to get larger. It was my fathers belly! It got tougher and rounder!
So it wasn't a dream, my daddy had eaten the small seal , slowly and silently -except that scream and now it was inside his stomach, digesting!

After that, the days passed on…boring, but trusting my father for what he was doing.
The truth is that it was rather uncomftable in the suit, cause my daddy kept on eating and eating all those sea food. And me to. We both started to have problem on sitting together in the costume so some times I was staying in the room. I saw my daddy looking him self on the mirror, and he reminded me Mom, as his breast started to grow from the fat. No reason to talk about his belly that kept on growing every time he came from the diningroom!
Till one night.
I stayed in the room and my daddy came. He took out his suit and I saw that he had eaten so much that his belly would make hard for him to get out. He had brought me two big lobsters. I ate then quickly and when direct to bed to sleep.
The door knocked at about 3:00. Fastly as we woke up, we tried to get both in the suit. But no use.
"Go and hide behind the curtains!"
So did it.
He put the suit on and opened the door.
" Hello uncle Chris…"
It was the older child of the family.
"Remember when I used to tell you my secrets?"
"Sure, come in" My daddys voice sounded so bass and sweet… even I would like to go to him.
He layed on the bet, and invite her to do the same.
"Uncle what happened to you? You have become double from the last time I saw you!"
"You know why?" he asked "Cause I am not you uncle!" And he took the costume out. He graped her mouth so she wouldn't scream, and opened his tremendous jaws!
Her head was so small that wasn't even problem to get into his mouth. Then it got a little more difficult, as he started chuing and pushing with his paws, and she was shaking and moving. His through expanded while the body was passing. Slowly the bulk came to his already big stomach and inflated it more.
And after a while a bass "gloop" showed the ending of the sealfins on the throat of my daddy…
"Come son to see your dada"
His belly was Big and round and hairy, he placed his hands and welcomed me on a huge hugging! I run to him. I could feel his stomach shaking-probably the seal didn't have a good time. I could feel that my belly compared to his was like a small tennis ball to a huge beach ball!
And then came disaster. The door opened-shit we had forgotten to lock it, and the younger seal entered!
The reaction of the Bear was sudden and amazing. He rushed on to it, and for a couple of seconds I could see his belly moving left-right after his body.
She turned to run away, but he grabbed her tail, and pull her inside closing the door.
He took her slowly inside the room, and sat on the bed.
"Come here son" He said withought even to take his eyes from her, holding her mouth with his great paw that almost covered her hall face.
"What do you think…will she fit inhere?" And rubbed his already very inflated belly.
I looked at it. "No dad…"
"Well son, you know what is the problem? That they are damn tasteful!"
And He licked her head as it was lollipop. Then after she got very wet he raised her and slowly opened his mouth. And even he had eaten so much, I could feel my dads desire for tasting once more. I remember from the old days that when it came about his stomach he estimated no one !
And now he was doing it again. He wasn't even thinking of the results. Cause he had problems after that.
She was sacking while she was passing through his throat alive. Slowly, while he was gulping again and again. He had closed his eyes from the lust or eating, and his belly was shivering as it wanted to get even bigger. And the seal was approaching. And with a bloopy sound, she was there. Next to her sister, in the white furry dome of my fathers belly.
He was so much stuffed that he just layed down and felt the beautifull feeling of the food and the two seals in to his stomach.
He fall asleep withought even to talk to me.
Until next morning, when we heard a knocking on the door. And then some whispering:
"Don't wake him up, there is no reason. Just go and search for them".
It was the voice of the Mother seal.
I opened my eyes. At the other side of the room was my father. Sitting on a big chare . He was filling it completely, and his big stomach looked like it wanted to escape.
After a while my father said: "Ok son, I know I over do it some times. But believe me there is no better feeling than a full stomach of alive delights ! Still we have a little problem" He raised and looked at his white big belly. "I cannot wear the skin…I got to large for it."
"Daddy, why can't you face the Father Seal?"
" He is very big, and it is not easy" he though a pit "…unless we take advantage now that he's away and take care of the mother . Then we'll figure out of something of the other Seal".
After a while we both went out and run to the mother seal who was cooking in the kitchen. She screamed when she saw the huge bear. My dad just grabbed her and locked her in the small storeroom. Then we sat in the livingroom…try to think what we'd do with the father.
"What can we do son?" He starred at me with his paws on his waist.
I was walking in the empty house, until I would come up with an idea.
Suddenly, a sound came from the locked door of the storeroom, as the seal was trying to brake it. Again after a few minutes.
The Big white bear, although he didn't feel like moving after that feast, his nerves made him go to the door, open it and shout:
"Can you please be quiet! I am trying to think!"
" You cannot hurt me! Wait until my husband came home!"
Daddy steared at her. And us his eyebrow were moving up, a smile came to his mouth.
"A…! Shut up!" And locked the door once more.
Then suddenly We heard the door open!
"Quick hide !" He whispered "I don't want you to get hurt!"
"Were?" There was no place to hide in the kitchen. Maybe I was a bear cub, but I was already to big to find a place there. We run into the livingroom.
The big sea elephant entered the room full of sadness to announce to his wife that he found none of his children. As he came into the livingroom, he stop suddenly as he faced the back of a huge white polar bear. The bear slowly turned his head facing the seal. His teeth showed up, and while his body turned, fatherseal saw that it was unusually expanded in the waist. Then he understood everything. He was never afraid of the hears. He was the same size. But this one was way to big.
"So it was you from the beginning!"
"If you knew you would have killed me from the first day" said the white bear. "I was to weak. But now it is time for you to join your family!" And made his first attack.
I could see the hall battle from the top of the Big wooden closet the my dad placed me. My heart was ready to brake. My daddy was strong, but his stomach was already giving him a bad time with all the bulk, and was making him slower. On the other hand the sea elephant was fast and started injure my daddy with his big white elephant teeth. The nails of the bear weren't reaching the target , and the teeth kept on hitting from all the sides.
I knew what was up to happen… My father, the one that knew everything, and I admired so much, would just end this way. I should do something.
Blood was already starting to come out.
I had to do something.
"You will regret for what you have done you monster…" shouted the seal. "Say your last wi…" and stopped because of the stone fish sculpture that landed with a -Boop- onto his head. He immediately fell down, and his teeth wedged on to the iced floor.
"Well done kid!" said the bear, with no much life in him.
I was so lucky to have this sculpture next to me!
The seal started to wake up again. The white bear did not louse time. He runed and garbed the tail with his jaws. He started chewing, and gulping, and chewing, and gulping. And with every movement ,despite his tiredness, and the refusal of his stomache to accept, he would feel a strange lust, and sutisfaction. This was much tastier than all the small meals he had within all this time. And kept on, while the seal was still dizzy, and unable to move.
The jaws were on the waist. This was the most difficult part. The belly on the sea elephant was a big ball of fat. When he when out he stopped in a penguin motel, and just had a few beers, and four plated to fried fish. The bears jaws opened, and started heating , but the body of the seal kept on entering, and the belly was expanded so much that the back of the bear was already more elevated.
Chewing and gulping, and chewing and gulping…
After ten minutes only the head was out of the mouth. Screaming and swearing. My dad had no power to continue. I went down and started pushing it inside. Now my dad looked as if the elephant teeth were his! But with one movement with the stone fish sculpture I broke them. With a last try of the bear, the huge seal was laying as a fatball into his stomach.
That was awesome! A battle ended the opposite was I had imagined. My dad took a deep breath. It was hard for him. His belly now was a huge round dome over his body. He turned and walked onto his four paws to the way to the main bedroom of the seals. He could 't walk on his two. His belly really looked like a massive drop, ready to fall from his skeleton. It was so expanded that it was rubbing the ground.
Later I heard a sudden noise, as wood was braking. It was the double bed of the seals that broke under the new weight of my father. I went slowly, entered the room, and I roosted on the chest of my dad, were I had his huge belly under me, and his head over. The female seal was Shouting, but nowone gave her attention. She got tired and stopped.

A new day came. It must have been day since in the pole there is no light for six months. I was warm. But not because of my dad. I was inside a pink blanket. I was alone. After the sense of sleep left from my eyes I started feeling an other sense. A beautiful smell! I run in to the kitchen, and I found the table made as it was a celebration. White with candles, and a big plate was waiting me with a HUGE roasted stake!
My father was on the other side, with a towel on his neck, just finishing licking the last bone of his plate (which was offcource placed on his belly since he could not reach the table) and place it on a plate next with a pile of bones.
" I thought of having a celebration lunch for our new house son!" I run onto the chare and started eating the most delicious food I have ever eaten.
" I am sorry I couldn't wait for you. The female was the tastier I think!" and gave a Noisy BUUUURP!

The end.

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