Title: Katt Scratch Fever

Author: Sly Cooper

İSly Cooper, 2005

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Summary: Furry, swallowing, f/m.


Story: Katt Scratch Fever

By Sly Cooper




She was getting quite good at what she did.


She thought so, anyway. The Katt stood a good thirty feet above the rest of her clan on her usual cliff, the majority of them sporting bloated midsections, enough extra weight to immobilize them. Those that remained were contented in prodding at and petting them. Katt let out a bit of a chuckle, and stretched a bit before lying down.


Although not close to the largest of her clan, she was most undoubtedly the strongest. She had proven that time and time again to those of her charges who that her not fit to be leader, usually with a quick, embarrassing scrimmage, but sometimes, for the extreme cases, a thorough digestion. Katt found that monarchy was all the more effective when no one had the guts, or the ability to take a shot at her.


It was not that she wasn’t a good leader. After all, every month or so, she would provide an immeasurable feast, consisting of one type of creature – most recently, anthromorphic wolves. No one knew how she came up with it, but they were usually too busy stuffing the hapless preys inside them to actually go up and ask her.


The Katt stood an honest six foot four, and had recently learned to stand on her hind paws after a rather harsh coaxing from her mostly-anthro clan. A real morale-raiser, that was. The majority of her fur was a light tint of blue, with several black spots; black-tipped ears and tail, and fox-like ‘boots’ and ‘gloves’, with the odd streak about her torso. It was uncertain among the tribe of what species Katt was, some saying lion, and some saying tiger, others claiming a mix of both.


All of the claims were, in reality, the truth; she was a chimera, in the sense that she had the various characteristics of a host of animals. Her childhood was basically a daze, with the highlight being the ‘purification’; almost being drowned in the river where she was nonchalantly dumped. ‘Purification’ was the standard in her clan, which was holding a new charge underwater until they lose consciousness – all without the charge struggling - and waiting for them to awaken of their own merit. This was main way to earn respect in Katt’s eyes, and for those who failed, the easiest way to get a free pass into her belly.


After the latest feast, a relatively new charge – one that, if Katt remembered correctly, sat up just after being pulled out of the water, just as she did – approached her, to her great surprise. She slowly rose to a sitting position as the charge fell to a similar one. After an approving nod, Katt spoke.


“Ah, greetings, charge. What troubles you?” Her tail, oddly bushy and uncharacteristic for a feline, waved quizzically behind her. It rose no question from the charge (a lioness, or so she assumed).


“Hello, mistress.” She quickly bowed, apparently dead set on not offending Katt. “Nothing troubles me, I assure you. I was only wondering...”


The chimera quickly cut her charge off. “How I brought about this feast, and those before it?” When the lioness nodded, she continued. “You intrigue me, charge. None have-“


“My name is Shalia.” She quickly brought a paw up to cover her muzzle, having realized she interrupted Katt.


Instead of getting the expected deep gashes across her face – the standard for disrespect about her clan – Shalia only got a kind-hearted pat on the shoulder. “I apologize; there are too many charges amongst me that I cannot possibly remember all of their names. I warn you, though, do not interrupt me again.” A flash of her three-inch razor sharp claws shut her up – as it usually did with the majority of her clan.


“...Then I will continue. None have bothered to trek up here to ask me the question you want answered...but you must tell none of the other clan members, or I will be forced to take extreme measures against you.” Shalia was scared straight, but still listening. It was good enough for her to continue. “I suppose the best way to explain would be to tell the story of how I got the latest meal...”




Katt was hiding – a rather distasteful method of approach, but a necessary one – outside of the wolf clan’s usual hangout. She ran over her plan again in her head, and hoped that the raccoon she had hired for her reconnaissance work was accurate. He was the only non-feline she kept around, and even more amazingly, the only male she kept around, if not only for his services. The place where the wolves were, as informed, was an abandoned fort. As she was told, the guards were as jumpy as they were armed; immediately ruling out that entrance.


“...Now, where did that raccoon say it was...” Katt felt along the eastern wall, patting discolored stones until a few budged. After a single blow with her shoulder, the apparently rigged spot caved in, and she burst right into the resting place of the higher-ups in the clan. The noise had spooked the guards, who now ran at her with an angry yell.


The chimera took a single stroke with her fatal claws, severing the jugular vein of each of the wolves. She would probably hear about it from a few clan members that their meal was stained with blood, but it didn’t bother her too much. The wolves fell to the floor in a heap, and she took a quick scan of the room. “...Damn it. I broke into the wrong damn room.” She licked her claws clean, and turned to walk back out of the hole, when her ears perked a bit at the sound o a door creaking open.


“...Rikko? Rukko? Cretins, you are terrible guardians, vanishing when I need...” An obviously older wolf entered the room, his apparently brown fur stained with gray. “...What are you doing in here!?”


Katt moved quickly, lunging across the room, pinning the wolf to the door, and slamming it shut in one fluid motion. The lock snapped into place. She held her muzzle right before his, holding it shut with her nimble paws. “I’ll give you two guesses; once now and once when I’m done.”


The wolf narrowed his eyes, managing to force out words through the paws that bound his muzzle. “You...wouldn’t...”


The chimera tilted her head, and then shook it. “Ooh, sorry. ‘You wouldn’t’ is incorrect.’” A wicked smile crept over the cat’s face before widening into a yawn, forcing the canine’s head into her open mouth. He was of similar size to her, and by her estimation, she wouldn’t have to much trouble with him. The wolf only offered a weak squirming, Katt’s lips stretching easily over his head.


It amazed the wolf how clearly she could speak while his head plugged her mouth, but was in no position to question her; by the time these thoughts came about, his muzzle was forced shut by her tight throat. A series of powerful swallows forced his shoulders and chest into her almost elastic maw, it seeming to stretch easily around him. The wolf’s pitiful squirming was sort of disappointing; she was really hoping for a nice, writhing meal on the way down, and was sort of let down.


In deciding to get it over with faster – the door was thumping rather viciously – she lifted up his legs, and put them against the door, starting to swallow faster. It was much easier on her to push him into her than to swallow alone, and also helped keep the door adamant. The wolven had passed out from shock, it had seemed; his squirming had more or less stopped, and Katt was left with a frenzied twitching. Her lips crept rather rapidly over his crotch, legs and finally feet, tailing her tongue along one to get somewhat of a taste from him before swallowing a few more times; within moments, the wolf was gone, and her stomach was filled out absurdly. She unlocked the door, and fell back onto a chair that was near it as a plethora of guards poured in.


“You! What have you done with our master!?” One piped up, before eyes started to travel downward to her stomach.


“Mmm...use your imagination. If this was your leader, though... I’m taking his place as leader.” This rose a frenzy of shouts from the wolves, and Katt had to raise a paw to quiet them down enough to speak. “I know of your rules, wolves. One who kills your leader becomes the new leader.”


This information shut all of the wolves up.


“Though... I’ll let this go and leave you alone, if you gather everyone to attack somewhere.” Almost immediately, all of the wolves shouted in favour of the latter idea, very much against the idea of having a feline freak as their leader.


“Tell us where, and we’ll go right now!”


“...Whatever. Head directly east from here, until you see a large cliff...”




 The lioness’ eyes were widened like saucers. “...and that is what happened today, right?”


Katt nodded, and looked over her charges. “The stupidity of some animals astounds me, it really does. They charged their way right down our throats.” She raised an eyebrow at Shalia, somewhat of an inquisitive look on her muzzle. “Remember...tell no one of my tactics.”


“I-I won’t, mistress Katt.”


Katt gave her an approving nod, and waved her off. “You’re dismissed.” She watched the lioness rise, and back up and out of sight. It bothered her, but it was very likely that she would have to devour that one. One thing about her tribe, they couldn’t keep secrets at all.


She’d just have to wait for night to fall...



The End.