Title: Feeding Aunt Maggie
Author: Dancing Queen
© 2004
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When Maggie babysits the kids they love to play "Feed Aunt Maggie" but tonight it's about to be taken one step further.

Feeding Aunt Maggie
By Dancing Queen

Susan opened the door and with a sigh of relief hugged her sister. "Maggie, thanks again for coming on such short notice."
The plump brunette chuckled and hugged her smaller sister back. "Honey not at all it's no trouble really, you know how I love to watch the kids."
"I know but this is still a great favor, and we really appreciate it," Susan said somewhat rushed as she threw on her coat and grabbed her purse. "Now they have a couple a friends over who were going to spend the night but if you think four kids is too much to handle…"
Maggie cut her off with a hearty laugh. "Susan it's going to be fine, now get going, you're going to be late." She gave her petite sister a quick peck on the cheek and a wave as Susan hurried out the door to the car waiting in the driveway.
"Thanks again Maggie!" Susan called back to the open door.
"Just go you silly woman," responded Maggie, shooing the car away, giving it a last wave as it pulled out and then closing the door with a sigh. She hung up her coat and then made her way her typical first destination, the kitchen.

Upstairs the children had been in 7 year old Tobey's room when they had heard Maggie's car pull up to the house. Tobey and Annie became very excited with the arrival of their aunt. Their young friends, Debby and Terry look at each other and then at their excited friends. There was a pause and then 9 year old Terry spoke up.
"So… what's your aunt like?" he asked.
Both Tobey and Annie seemed in a race to answer, 8 year old Annie managing to get her mouth open before her younger brother. "Oh she's the best, she lets us stay up late and we play the coolest games!"
Little 6 year old Debby smiled, "What kind of games?"
Tobey and Annie looked at each other and burst out laughing. Debby looked at her older brother who could only shrug. Finally she asked, "What's so funny?"
Tobey managed to calm himself down, "It's nothing it's just we have this awesome game that she came up with, it's called 'Feed Aunt Maggie.'"
Terry raised an eyebrow, "How's it work?"
Annie jumped in, "Well we tell her what we want to see her eat, you know as long as it won't hurt her, and she eats it."
"Well what's so special about that?" asked Debby, a bit disappointed that it all sounded so ordinary.
"Because she swallows food whole!" squealed Tobey. "She doesn't chew or anything she just gulps it down, even big stuff like pies and stuff."
"We saw her do it to a whole watermelon once!" added Annie.
Debby was in obvious awe but Terry scoffed. "I don't believe it, nobody can do that."
"Can too!" declared both Tobey and Annie.
"Can not!" retorted Terry in typical 9 year old fashion.
"We'll show you!" announced Annie and she got up and headed out of the room and downstairs, followed closely by the very eager Debby, then Tobey and finally the still skeptical Terry.

Maggie made her way to through the kitchen, licking her lips. She wasn't really a fat lady, but she was definitely plump and well curved. Her hips were wide and her belly was a soft bulge that more then a few people had mistaken as being 3 months pregnant. She was just an overall big girl, with muscles to compliment her fat, she'd never really been uncomfortable with her bulk, in fact she rather liked it.
She approached the refrigerator, opened it and her face sank. It wasn't really empty but by her standards it was criminally lacking in food, and definitely was missing anything with the heft and substance she loved. She sighed and closed the door to the fridge, turned around and was greeted by four little faces, she smiled at them. "Hello kids."
"Aunt Maggie!" Tobey and Annie cried out in unison and both rushed up to hug her, almost tripping each other up on the way. Maggie embraced her beloved nephew and niece, taking one in each arm and hugging them firmly. After a minute she let them go. "Who're you little friends?" she asked.
"Oh," Annie felt embarrassed for forgetting. "This is Debby and that's her big brother Terry."
Maggie squatted down to peer at the children on their own level. "Hello Debby." Debby giggled and shied away slightly. "Hello Terry." Terry nodded a greeting but said nothing. Maggie was about to ask him if anything was wrong when she felt a tug on her dress, she looked back.
"Aunt Maggie, we want to play a game," said Tobey with a grin, letting go of his aunt's dress.
"Of course Tobey my little cupcake, what game do you want to play?"
Annie and Tobey smiled to each other and then squealed together "Feed Aunt Maggie!" Debby clapped in excitement, Terry just stood and watched.
Maggie smiled warmly as she stood up, "I'd love to kids, but there really isn't much to eat in the house."
All the kids seemed disappointed at this, even Terry, though he still didn't believe it he had wanted to see her try. Annie looked at her aunt hopefully, "Come on Aunt Maggie, I'm sure we can find something."
"Well dumpling I promise you that if you can find something for me I'll be more the happy to gulp it down for you." Maggie patted her belly, "She's feeling frisky tonight."
The kids giggled and began to root through cupboards and pantries looking for things to feed to Maggie, even Terry joined in the hunt. They didn't come up with much, nothing too impressive. After a thorough search they presented Maggie with the best they could come up with, which was a two foot long loaf of Italian bread. Maggie sighed, knowing it was not nearly filling enough but she smiled all the same. "You ready kids?"
They all nodded eagerly, Tobey and Annie both held the bread. Maggie knelt down in front of them. "Ok then dumplings, feed Aunt Maggie!"
Maggie opened her mouth wide and her niece and nephew put the end of the loaf into her waiting mouth. Debby clapped eagerly, Terry's watched on, surprised at how wide the plump woman could open her mouth. Tobey and Annie pushed the bread in some more until they felt resistance, the loaf had hit the back of their aunt's throat. They let go and backed away watching with excitement as their aunt reached up, placed her hand on top of the loaf that was sticking out of her mouth and with a loud gulp pushed it in two thirds of the way as she took her first swallow. Tobey and Annie squealed excitedly while Debby and Terry just stared in amazement. With another gulp and a push Maggie shoved in the rest of the loaf, the form of which could be seen bulging in her neck. She closed her lips over it and swallowed hard, sending the loaf down to her waiting belly. Tobey, Annie and Debby all clapped, and Terry joined in soon after.
"That was so cool!" exclaimed Debby.
"Wow," was all Terry managed.
"Told you so," said Tobey with a grin as he stuck out his tongue at his friend.
Maggie let out a slight burp. "Now cupcake, don't be rude."
"Do it again, do it again!" Debby squealed as she jumped up and down excitedly.
"I'd love to little crumpet but there's not much else that's big enough for me," replied Maggie, clearly as disappointed as the kids were by this fact.
"So you can eat pretty much anything huh?" asked Terry.
"As long as it's not sharp or poisonous… yes," replied Maggie proudly.
"Think you could eat a kid?" Terry asked.
All the kids turned to look at him, there was a pause and then Maggie laughed. "Well I'd never thought about it really."
"But could you do it?" pressed Terry. The other kids nodded, also now interested in the answer.
Maggie pondered this for a moment and decided to just play along, "Yes Terry I could."
"Then prove it, eat one of us," said Terry, partly in challenge and partly in legitimate excitement to see it done.
Maggie wasn't sure what to say, she hadn't expected to have her bluff called. "Oh I really shouldn't Terry…"
"Awwwww, come on Aunt Maggie!" whined Tobey.
"We're not sharp or poisonous," chimed in Debby.
"You promised Aunt Maggie! You said anything we find you'll eat!" declared Annie.
Maggie felt overwhelmed, she tried to sort out what was being asked of her but the four children kept on pestering her. She didn't have the heart to just say she wouldn't, or couldn't do it so she tried a new tactic. "But which one of you would it be? I mean who would really want to be eaten?" Maggie smiled, confident that none of them would step up to the challenge.
"I'll do it," said Terry without hesitation. "Eat me Aunt Maggie."
"Yeah!" giggled Debby. "Eat him!" The other two children soon joined in to lend their support of the idea.
Now Maggie was in trouble. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of this. But even as she was trying to find a loophole she was eyeing Terry, sizing him up. She couldn't deny that he did look rather appetizing, in fact he looked positively scrumptious. Terry was a well build boy, a health mix of muscle and fat, Maggie almost drooled looking at his little legs that showed between the bottom of his shorts and the top of his white socks. Her belly let out a low grumble and Maggie cracked. "I'll do it," she said calmly.
All four children burst out in cheers and excited yells, Terry looking the most eager of all. He stepped up to Maggie, "So… how do we start?"
Maggie looked him over, now taking this business very seriously. "Well sweety, you take off those sneakers and hop up on the table here." Terry smiled and began to undo his little white sneakers.
"Why's he have to take his shoes off Aunt Maggie?" asked Annie.
"Because the rubber on the bottom of them is tough and it might hurt your Aunt Maggie's throat, we don't want that do we?"
Annie shook her head as Terry climbed up on the table and sat down in the middle, looking more to Maggie like a center piece dish at a fancy meal then a kid. "Now what?" asked Terry eagerly.
"Just lie on your back and dangle your feet over the edge of the table for me sweety, ok?" Maggie pulled up a chair at the head of the table as Terry laid down oh his back and pushed his stocking covered feet toward her.
Maggie started to have second thoughts as she picked up the child's feet, gripping them at the ankles. But as she looked down on the succulent boy on the dinner table she knew she couldn't stop now. She licked her lips. "Ready kids? Let's feed Aunt Maggie!"
The children cheered as Maggie opened her mouth wide and eased Terry's white cotton clad feet into her gaping mouth. Terry and the others watched her eagerly as her lips wrapped around the boy's ankles. Maggie could feel Terry's toes hit the back of her throat. She paused, again questioning what she was doing. As if it sensed her hesitation her stomach spoke up, letting out a rather loud rumble, much to the giggly delight of the three kids watching. Debby gave it a light poke and chirped "That's where my brother's going!"
Between the kids egging her on, the rumbling from her tummy and the eager look of her young meal Maggie knew she couldn't stop even if she wanted to. She took a hold of the boy's legs at the knees, took a deep breath and pulled him in sharply as she took the first swallow. And it was a large swallow at that, bringing Terry's legs into her mouth clear up the knees. The boy's feet made a sizable bulge in Maggie's neck which the children pointed to and cheered about. Terry smiled eagerly, "Wow it's all nice and warm in there, I can't wait to get all the way in!"
Hearing this caused Maggie's stomach to grumble again, very insistently. As much as she was enjoying the child's taste Maggie knew she needed to fill her deprived tummy and soon. With that in mind she reached out and took hold of the boy's sides at the hips and with a tug and a gulp Terry found his legs entirely engulfed by his friend's hungry aunt.
"Go Aunt Maggie! You can do it!" cheered Annie.
"Yeah eat him Aunt Maggie, gobble him up!" added Tobey.
Debby clapped and giggled her support and Terry just looked wide eyed at the mouth that had taken nearly half of his body into it. Maggie's neck was bugling out even more now and she was finding it somewhat hard to breath. This urged her on to take in the boy quickly, so she reached out and gripped Terry under his armpits. She pulled and gulped, swallowing hard and managing to take in her meal's hips and stomach in one gulp, bringing her lips halfway up the boy's chest.
"Wow this is the coolest thing ever!" exclaimed Terry. "I've never felt anything so awesome in my life!"
"What's it like?" probed Annie, taking her eyes off of her aunt to look over at what was left of Terry.
"It… it's like…"
Terry was cut short as Maggie hooked her hands over his shoulders and pulled him in even deeper. The boy was forced to hold his arms up over his head as the hungry woman's mouth took in his shoulders, leaving only Terry's head and outstretched arms visible. Debby and Tobey both prodded the growing bulge in Maggie's belly. To make the upcoming swallows easier Maggie tilted her head back which pointed Terry's arms and head straight up in the air.
"Whoa!" exclaimed Terry in surprise as his arms were pointed skyward by Maggie's movement. He could already feel gravity start to pull him in further without Maggie even swallowing.
"What's it like?" repeated Annie. "Tell me quick before she swallows your head!"
"It's kinda like a really warm, really soft, kinda slow water slide!" replied Terry with a huge smile on his young face.
Those were the last words Terry managed to say before the feasting Maggie, loving the increasing feeling of the boy entering her belly, reached up, placed her hand on the boy's head and pushed it into her warm mouth. The children cheered, giggling as they saw Terry wiggle his fingers and then give them a thumbs up. Maggie then eagerly slurped down her tasty meal's arms like they were spaghetti noodles, closing her lips over the little fingers and taking her last gulp. The three children watched in silent awe as they saw her neck return to it's normal size and her belly surged outward as Terry curled up inside of it.
There was a moment of silence and then Maggie let out a triumphant belch and the kids cheered, clapping and laughing. They all hurried over and put their hands and ears on Maggie's bloated tummy. They all giggled, feeling Terry wriggle around inside. After a minute or so Annie stepped back and looked at her Aunt. "I want to go next," she declared.
Maggie and the other two children stopped short and looked at Annie. Maggie started to protest but before she could say anything the two younger kids' faces lit up. They both burst out eager encouragement of the idea. Maggie fumbled for words. "But…"
"Come on Aunt Maggie, you ate Terry. I want you to eat me now, I wanna feed Aunt Maggie!"
"Then me!" blurted out little Debby.
"No fair," retorted Tobey. "I wanted to go next."
"Well too bad, I called it first," gloated Debby, sticking her tongue out at the boy.
"Kids now hold on a minute," interrupted Maggie. "I really don't think I have enough room for all of you, Terry filled me up pretty well…"
"But Aunt Maggie…." whined all three kids in unison.
Before Maggie could respond her belly decided to speak up and in direct contrast to what she'd just said gave a very hungry sounding rumble. It was as if it had a mind of its own, and it wasn't about to be cheated out of more food as tasty as what it had just received and was still squirming about inside.
Annie pointed at the offending bulge in her aunt. "There see! She's still hungry! Come on Aunt Maggie, eat me!"
Maggie looked at her niece for the first time not as her sister's daughter, but as a second course, as food, as something to stuff her ever hungry belly with. She licked her lips and gave in to the kids and the demands of her own stomach. "Alright dumpling, take off your shoes."
"Yay!" the children cheered as Annie quickly slipped out of her petite footwear and looked at hear aunt, bouncing up and down eagerly. "I wanna go head first! Terry said it's like a water slide and I like to go on those head first!"
"Anything you want dumpling, hop up on the table for me," instructed Maggie as she pushed her chair aside and stood up. Once Annie was up on the dinner table Maggie couldn't help but see her niece as little more then a wonderfully succulent dish needing to be devoured. "Lay on your stomach facing me, my little dumpling," said Maggie. She then got down on her knees at the head of the table, her face about level with the top of table as Annie laid down on her belly, her head peaking over the edge of the table at her aunt.
"Whatcha doing down there Aunt Maggie?" asked the young girl.
"Well this way you'll be going downward to make it even more like a water slide," replied her already stuffed aunt as she licked her lips and rubbed her stretched tummy with the still playfully squirming Terry inside.
Annie smiled wide and stuck out her hands in front her, offering them to her aunt. "This is going to be awesome!"
Maggie took the girl's hands and placed them together, holding them inches from her lips, she gazed up at her niece. "Ready dumpling?"
Annie nodded eagerly, "I'm gonna feed Aunt Maggie!"
Maggie smiled up at her and then opened her mouth and sucked the young girl's hands in, slurping them up as far as the elbows. Debby and Tobey cheered. Annie wiggled her fingers and the children could see their shape moving around in Maggie's stretching neck.
Maggie reached up and gripped her niece's shoulders and pulled her in deeper, her lips now pressed against the top of her meal's braided hair. Annie giggled excitedly and pushed herself forward, eager to continue her descend into her ravenous aunt. Maggie hungrily opened her already stretched lips wider and with one loud gulp engulfed her niece's entire head.
Tobey and Debby could hear muffled squeals of playful joy from Annie as she kicked her legs excitedly. Maggie was finding the smaller Annie much easier to swallow then Terry had been and in a bold move grabbed Annie by her sides, causing the girl the squirm as she was rather ticklish. She then hoisted the girl up in the air, tilting her head back and swallowing all at once causing Annie's entire upper body to sink down into the hungry woman's mouth and throat in one loud gulp.
The two remaining children cheered wildly at this amazing feet. Annie's pink stocking clad feet kicked about in the air, in surprise and excited joy, her squeals of delight causing Maggie's ribcage to vibrate. With gravity urging the girl downward Maggie quickly took another gulp, gobbling up her niece's legs past the knees. Annie's feet wiggled about in the air, her entire body wriggling it's way down her aunt's gullet. Annie's arms and head had already been pushed into Maggie's stomach to join the still squirmy Terry.
Maggie prepared for the last gulp and paused. She felt a vibrating in her belly and soon realized that the two children were talking and laughing inside her, their voices causing her tummy to jiggle. She then felt a sudden tug from inside her and Annie was pulled in further, her pink cotton covered feet now the only thing left for the world to see. It didn't take long for Maggie to realize that Terry had just pulled Annie down from inside her. She smirked and reached up to give the exposed feet one final little tickle, causing the girl the squirm wildly in her throat, and then taking in the feet and swallowing, sending the rest of her niece down to join her friend.
Debby and Tobey cheered together, Debby already starting to climb up onto the table. Maggie felt Annie curl up with Terry in her stomach, which had ballooned out to enormous proportions. She burped loudly and then there was a ripping sound as the front of her dress tore open and her tightly stretched tummy surged out of the fresh hole, flopping heavily on the ground as Maggie sat on her knees and tried to catch her breath.
"Wow!" exclaimed Tobey as he raced up to fell the dome of a belly his aunt now had. It was constantly jiggling about, occasionally lurching to the side. Maggie put a hand to her belly and grunted, feeling the two kids having a tickle fight inside her. "Now me, now me!" squealed Debby as she tossed her purple sandals aside and stood on the table. She smoothed out her little purple dress and sat at the end of the table, her feet dangling in front of Maggie's face.
Maggie only had to take one look at those tasty wiggling toes and she grabbed the small girl's feet and stuffed them into her mouth. Debby giggled excitedly and Tobey moved back from his examination of his aunt's stuffed belly to watch Debby go down. This latest meal was the smallest yet and as a result she was sliding down fairly easily, Maggie's first gulp sucking in the girl's legs and bottom of her dress smoothly.
Debby squealed in delight as Maggie tilted her head back, pointing the girl's upper half straight up. Another massive swallow and Maggie slurped down the little girl's petite upper half, leaving Debby's smiling face and now outstretched arms the only things left. At this point though Maggie was forced to pause, the girl's feet had started to enter her already tightly packed stomach and now she was worried she might not have room for what she was doing. But the taste of this little treat was too good to pass up so Maggie braced herself, placing her hands on her taught tummy and swallowed. Debby let out an excited "Wheeeee!" which was cut off as her head was gobbled up and her arms slid in easily. One more gulp and the lump in Maggie's throat traveled down and added to the already immense lump in her belly. She burped and groaned, hugging her stomach despite the fact that she couldn't even get her arms all the way around it. All three children giggled and wrestled around inside of her, causing her tightly stretched belly to jiggle about in all directions. She felt truly and fully stuffed. Then she looked over to see her fidgeting nephew.
"Do I get to go now?" he asked in what was almost a plea, he could clearly see that his aunt looked stuffed well beyond what she was comfortable with. Maggie groaned. "Oh I don't know cupcake… Aunt Maggie's really full."
"It's not fair," Tobey pouted. "They all got to go now I'm left out alone… not fair!"
Maggie looked at the boy sympathetically and made up her mind, she loved her nephew too much to let him down now, and besides of all four of the children he looked the tastiest of all. "Take off your shoes cupcake."
Tobey's face lit up in an instant as he clumsily fought to get his little velcro sneakers off. When he'd managed to do this he looked at his aunt's belly and then up at her face. "Can I go head first? Like Annie did?"
Maggie smiled, "Of course you can cupcake, now up on the dinner table with you."
Tobey gave his aunt's fleshy dome of a belly a loving hug, feeling his sister and friends wriggling about playfully inside and then climbed up on the table. He laid down on his stomach as he had saw his sister do and stretched out his arms to his warmly grinning aunt.
Maggie sighed, "The things I do to amuse you kids." She gently took her nephew's hands and licked her lips. "Let's feed Aunt Maggie."
"Yay!" yelped Tobey excitedly as he watched his aunt take in his hands and then quickly slurp up his arms. He giggled and kicked his little feet so fast they were almost a blur of white socks. Maggie pulled the boy's head in, also managing his shoulders and chest in the same gulp, before tilting her head up and pointing her nephew's playfully flailing feet at the ceiling.
With gravity on her side she took another swallow and Tobey sank in clear up to his knees. His lower legs still kicked in excited delight, his outline could be seen in his aunt's neck as he wiggled his way down her throat. Maggie reached up and pushed down on the boy's kicking feel, engulfing them and closing her lips over his toes. She took her last swallow and her nephew was pushed into her stomach to join his sister and friends, who squirmed all the more excitedly at his presence, thrilled that they all made it in.
Once Tobey was completely inside of her now painfully stretched belly Maggie let loose a monstrous belch which eased the pressure on her stomach slightly. She leaned heavily against the wall, legs spread in front of her, forced that way by her mammoth tummy that weighed heavily on the floor.
She breathed heavily, and glanced around at the four pairs of children's shoes laying around the kitchen. She chuckled to herself and rubbed her tummy, feeling the four kids kick and wrestle inside her, obviously having the time of their lives. Now completely exhausted Maggie let her eyes close and slowly drifted began to drift off. She was rocked to sleep from the inside by the diminishing yet persistence playful and happy squirming of her nephew, niece and their two friends. They had truly and fully fed Aunt Maggie.