Phoenix Cycles PT1 

by TigerClaw
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 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Phoenix Cycles
Night of the Daemon Werewolf
By: TigerClaw

Life is composed of cycles, several kinds of cycles in fact. People go through cycles, cycling through different pleasures and emotions, or cycling through history, repeating it. Some people try and be like others, creating a small endless cycle of laughing at those that are different, or won't conform. But through it all, life keeps on going through cycling, each one the same, yet different in its own way. I'm TigerClaw, just an 18 year old boy that ran across a phoenix, which in turn ate and fused itself with me, to where we were transported to a magical land where many things exist. From the dragons to the avians, the humans to the crossbreeds, creatures of legends to creatures without names, creatures of light, and creatures of dark, I've met several, but through it all, I've learned that the cycle of life can be changed, if one tries hard enough. These are my cycles, the Phoenix Cycles.

Last Time:
"Grandpa, he's dead!! It's all Dark Pheonix's fault! Only it could do this!" With that, she ran at him and hugged his waist, head buried in his chest, sobbing. Still not sure what to do, TigerClaw hugged the child close to him, wrapping his wings around her. "I'll kill Dark Pheonix, I'll kill it if it's the last thing I do!"
TigerClaw stared at the girl, then he asked in his mind, * Pheonix, are we Dark Pheonix? *
{ I don't think so, but I really don't know. }
* So this girl swore to kill us? *
{ Yes, I'm afraid so }
TigerClaw looked up as the sun started to rise in the horizon. * Why did I have to answer that message and go to school? Why? *

Now, two days later:
I leaned over the spring and drank the clean water, thinking. Phoenix and I decided not to tell the young girl, Gemeny, that we were, well, possessed by the spirit of Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix, the monstrous being that destroyed Gemeny's home, her friends, her family. She had told me the legend of the Dark Phoenix, yet she seemed so sad, as if this legend used to be a story she enjoyed hearing, now turned into a nightmare. I've been trying to cope with the fact that not only was I fused with a kinky bird that had eaten me, and on top of that, transported me to this land, but also had a monster living inside me. It was a tad much to take in only a few days. But I felt I should watch over Gemeny, after all, there might be a way to expel this Dark Phoenix from my new body, and the like. So Gemeny joined us as we traveled, hoping to find out how to kill Dark Phoenix, while I just wanted to find a way home, or at least get these two phoenixs out of my body! But there another reason Phoenix and I had Gemeny join us.

It turned out that Phoenix knew absolutely nothing about this world, and we needed a guide. It turned out that Gemeny new a great deal about magical creatures and the like, and we realized we'd be in serious trouble without her knowledge. We started traveling north, towards another kingdom that Gemeny said we should go to, mainly because we needed things to survive. There was plenty of food in the cellar she had been in, but we would need better supplies, and this kingdom Gemeny was leading us to was the closest one to us. We had been making good time, I think we were anyways. After all, I lived in a REAL city, with electricity and everything, this land seemed stuck in the medieval times!! I wasn't cut out for this kind of life.
As I gave an exasperated sigh, Gemeny glanced at me. Her green eyes looking at me from behind her blond hair. She had seemed scared a bit when Phoenix and I had transformed into, our, human form. I guess I have to call it ours, because we're in the same body. She quickly pointed out though, how funny I looked with feathers in my hair, but they seemed to be a part of it, and hurt when she tugged them. I still owe her for that. And after a while, she seemed to like Phoenix, though he never mentioned eating people with her. Of course, I was the one telling what he was saying, just in case. It seemed that no one could hear him but me, unless he took control over our body, and he could only do THAT in what he called our Hybrid Form.
We were walking upstream, hoping to find a place to camp out before it got too dark. One nice thing about all this, though, was the fresh air and water. And all the stars in the sky, it could almost make me forget about all the things that had happened so far. Almost. { I'm just saying, we could eat bad people, like that Katrina. SHE was a murderer, and those two prison guards, I hate to say it, but they got what was coming to them. We'd only eat people like them, people no one would miss! } Phoenix persisted in my head. He seemed quite insistent on eating people, and that bothered me. He had taken control over our body when we became that Hybrid Form, and eaten Katrina, a captain that was going to kill us.
* Phoenix, the answer is still...NO!!! Now stop bugging me about it!*
{ Just think about it, you've dreamed about that kind of thing for ages. So now that you can bring those fantasies to life, why won't you? }
"Would you shut up already?" Gemeny looked up sharply at me, confused. Sighing, I tapped against my head, "The bird won't shut up, sorry." She looked away, but as she did, I think I caught sight of a smile. She was coping pretty well with what happened to her, I think. I don't know too much about kids, so, I'm not too sure how she's holding out. Or how she should be holding out. Sheesh, I've been in this land, what, four days? and already my life's too complicated! Why did I have to answer that message and go to school?
{ Because you're a sucker for punishment? }
* What did I say about going through my thoughts?! I could have sworn I told you NOT TO DO IT!!! *
{ Don't yell at me because you think loud, and stop complaining, I think this is a good place to camp out. } I looked around, we were in a small clearing.
"This is good, we can rest here," Gemeny said, as if she knew what Phoenix had said, though of course THAT wasn't possible, me being the only one who could hear the blasted bird.
{ I heard that! }

* If you don't keep out of my thoughts, that won't be the ONLY thing you hear! * Phoenix just laughed in my head. "Great, of all the phoenixs in the world, I get stuck with this one," I muttered under my breath. I started preparing things to camp out. I did know how to do that much, at least. It was a good thing it didn't look like it would rain, because we didn't have a tent. Instead, we rolled our bedrolls on the ground, and tried to go to sleep. We didn't have any means of making a fire, so we went without one.
"Thank you for coming with me, TigerClaw," Gemeny said softly. I sat up and looked at her questioningly. "I don't know why, but I feel safer around you. It's nice of you to waste your time going with me to Waynaru. Thank you."
I smiled, "Actually, we don't have much of a choice, Phoenix and I, we're around here, and need a guide to keep us out of trouble. So let's call each other even, shall we? You guide us around, and we protect you?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled.
"Yeah, sure! Together we can kill Dark Phoenix, right?"
"Right, but now, it's bed time, kiddo," I gave her a stern look, and she giggled softly, turning over in her bedroll. Sighing softly, I turned over and went to sleep.

Gemeny's POV
Gemeny turned over in her bedroll, thinking. TigerClaw had what her Grandpa called a protective aura. He said people that are with people who have protective aura's feel safer and more comfortable talking about things and the like. Remembering her Grandpa, she almost broke out crying, but she couldn't, she wouldn't, she would be strong. She'd have to be strong to be able to destroy the Dark Phoenix. And the strong didn't cry. The weak cried. So, biting her lower lip, she drifted off into sleep, determined not to be weak.
She woke up to the sound of TigerClaw yelling a bit. Quickly, she sat up, rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and looked around. The full moon was high up in the sky, illuminating the area. TigerClaw quickly stood up, his face pale, and turned around, and around, as if he were looking for something.
"What's wrong?" she asked, curious as to what was going on.
"Trouble, really BIG trouble, that's what!"

TigerClaw's POV
I woke up to Phoenix yelling loudly in my head. Giving a yell, I sat up. * What the hell is wrong with YOU?! * I yelled at him.
{ There's something coming here, something very wrong } I quickly got and looked around, nervous from the tone of Phoenix's 'voice'. He sounded very worried, and if there was something coming that would make a phoenix, well, ex-phoenix, worried, I better be careful.
"What's wrong?" Gemeny asked, causing me to jump. I had forgotten about her.
"Trouble, really BIG trouble, that's what!" I could feel it now, and Phoenix had made an understatement, whatever it was, it wasn't very wrong, it was extremely wrong, and evil. "Quickly, let's get up a tree, I don't like this!" There wasn't a sound anywhere, no crickets, no owls, nothing. The moon gave us enough light to see by, and we found a tree with a branch low enough we could climb up on. Well, I could, but I had to lift Gemeny up to it so she could get up first. Then I moved her to a higher branch that she could barely reach with me holding her up, but I couldn't get any higher. Not that I would have a chance, for it was then that something decided to enter the clearing. Gemeny screamed, not that I could blame her.

It was a wolf, that was the closest thing to describe it. It stood on two long legs, obviously made for speed and endurance, and had an extremely muscular body. Its tail was bitten off at the end. Its extra long, muscular arms reached down to its kneecaps, and it was bent over, so its fingers were actually being dragged on the ground. And its hands were a lot bigger than they should have been, and each of the thing's four fingers ended with a sharp claw. Its head was that of a wolf, a really big, mean, snarling, nasty one. Did I mention big? One ear was ripped off, and there were scars running all across it's long snout, which was sniffing around. Drool hung from its mouth. It was covered in black fur. Oh yeah, even though I was standing up in a branch seven feet was at eye level with me. The damned thing was at least thirteen feet tall!! It's eyes seemed to be glowing a blood red, and I got the feeling they were looking at me as a chill ran down my back.
"A daemon werewolf," Gemeny said in terrified voice. A werewolf, greeeeat, and whatever that daemon part was didn't sound too nice either. I didn't get the chance to ask her anything, because at that moment, the daemon decided to charge. The action took me by such surprise I slipped and started falling backwards. I would have fallen to the ground if something hadn't grabbed my leg, so as it was, I was just hanging upside down, facing away from the werewolf, and that wasn't good. I heard Gemeny scream above me, and when I looked all I could see was the werewolf holding onto my leg with its mouth.
Giving a yell, I started kicking it with my other leg. That didn't last. It quicky snapped its head forward as I kicked, and the next thing I knew, both of my legs were in it mouth. "Oh no, I'm not going through THIS again! LET ME GO!!!" The werewolf only growled, and swallowed, bringing my feet into its throat, and my butt into its mouth. I could feel drool and saliva soaking through my pants and boots, but there wasn't really too much I could do about it, because then the werewolf lifted its head up bringing me from being upside down looking up at it, to being right side up looking down at it. Unfortunately, I was now sliding down the monster's throat as gravity pulled at me. Quickly, I put one hand on the werewolf's bottom jaw, and the other on its nose, and shoved. Lot of good that did me, the werewolf swallowed again, and my stomach was brought into its mouth. My legs were tightly pressed together inside the throat as I disappeared further inside it.
I started pounding on the daemon's nose, hoping for some reason that that might work, but of course, it didn't. The werewolf swallowed again and brought my shoulders into its mouth! Its hot, moist breath surrounded me as it breathed around me. Slowly, my head sunk past its front teeth, and my back was resting against its tongue. I was forced to pull my arms in the creatures mouth as the jaws started closing. And before I knew it, I was trapped in the daemon werewolf's mouth, legs stuck in its throat. The feathers that were in my hair were glowing, allowing me to see the rotted teeth covered in saliva, and the pink tongue that was tasting my back. Soon I was drenched in the thing's drool, making me extremely slippery, and it was then it decided to swallow again. As the tight, powerful muscle held onto me, the only part of me that was free was my head, but that didn't last long as the werewolf swallowed again. I was now completely trapped in the throat, and heading down.
Soon I was emptied into the creature's gut, sliding around the slick, slime covered walls. I couldn't breathe, but I could feel the werewolf moving around, and then there was a muffled scream. The werewolf was going after Gemeny! Not knowing what else to do, I began concentrating on the Hybrid Form, hoping to fill this monster up enough to give Gemeny a chance to escape. After a bit, there was a cracking sound as the werewolf did something to the tree. And just as I felt the effects of the transformation starting, I passed out from lack of air.

Gemeny's POV
Gemeny stared at the daemon werewolf as it swallowed her friend. Screaming she tried to climb higher up the tree, but she couldn't get anywhere. Glancing down, she saw the monster looking up at her, and move closer to the tree. She screamed again as it calmly pushed the tree over. As she hit the ground, pain lanced through her left arm. Tears streaming down her face, she turned around to see the approaching danger. The daemon werewolf stood only a couple feet away, towering over her, drool dripping down from its jaws as it belched.
The werewolf reached down for her, then stopped, staring at its stomach. Gemeny looked in time to see it swell a bit. The werewolf put a clawed hand over it, like it was having a stomach ache. After a moment, the monster looked at her again, rather angrily. It lifted one arm and swung it down at her. Gemeny closed her eyes and screamed, waiting for the blow to come and kill her, but nothing happened. She opened her eyes and looked. There was TigerClaw as she first met him, holding the clawed hand up.
He glanced down at her, < Ya miss me? Good, now RUN! > Gemeny didn't argue, she got up, trying to ignore the pain in her arm, and ran. < Yeah, it's me again, hope you saved room for seconds, ugly! > That was all Gemeny heard, as she ran into the darkness.

TigerClaw's POV
I opened my eyes in time to see the flames around me die out. Quickly standing, I looked around, realizing I was in our Hybrid Form. * What happened?! *
{ We, we were reborn! It seems that we have some phoenix powers, I had thought they were lost! }
* Great, where's Gemeny? * Running quickly, I came into the clearing where we had made camp in time to see the daemon werewolf raise its hand to crush Gemeny. Rushing over, I caught the hand as it came down. I looked down at Gemeny, < Ya miss me? Good, now RUN! > I yelled, not even bothering to wait for her to answer. I turned back to the werewolf as the girl got up and ran. The werewolf was staring at me in shock, like it couldn't believe I was back, < Yeah, it's me again, hope you saved room for seconds, ugly! > I taunted as I shoved the hand back. Strange, I'm much stronger now, must be another perk for being in this Hybrid Form. * Phoenix, you concentrate on seeing if this Form of yours has any other tricks hidden in it, I'll keep the puppy busy. * Phoenix sent me a wave of agreement, and set to work.
Now all I had to do was stay alive. I tried to keep my gaze from looking at its rounded gut, feeling a little disturbed that, well, I was still in there...sort of. I jumped back as claws slashed at me, eager to rip me limb from limb. < Gotta do better than that, hairy! > I ducked in and gave a hard kick to its leg. It felt like kicking a brick wall, but from the way the werewolf roared afterwards, I'd say I hurt it a bit. Then it was time to dodge as it tried to grab me. Twisting at the last second, I avoided the hands again, and I was starting to get confident, and that's were things started falling apart.

I had forgotten the werewolf had teeth, and it used them to bite into my shoulder, lifting me into the air. I opened my mouth to scream, but all that came out was a bird's cry. That seemed to startle the werewolf a bit, and it let go. I landed on my feet, and jumped back to a moderately safe distance. My arm was healing, but it was also leaving me tired a bit. I took the moment to catch my breath, and take stock of some new information. In this form, I was telepathic, but if I tried to use my mouth to even scream, only bird calls came out...great. And my healing power tires me out, why did this body have so many balances? For one good thing, there's a bad thing. It was then that Phoenix gave me his report. { Alright, I believe I know how to use our powers, but they're not very nice. }
* We don't want to be nice, we want to get rid of this thing so it won't hurt anyone! *
{ Then shall we? } I grinned, feeling more what he was talking about, than knowing.
< Lets dance > I let my control lessen a bit, and Phoenix took what I dropped. In a matter of a second, both of us were in control of the body, minds acting as one.
The daemon werewolf roared and we hissed back at it, and attacked. We half charged, half flew and rammed its swollen gut. The werewolf reared backwards, caught off guard as we pressed the attack. Jumping down in front of it, we flapped our wings as we jumped up, swinging our fist up in an uppercut, hitting the monster in the jaws. Drool flew everywhere as the head snapped back. As we landed, we gave a quick kick down south. The roar that followed was by far the loudest. We jumped back to avoid the claws as the werewolf swung at us.

In a nearby village, a tavern was getting ready to close up when a howl broke through the night. The keeper of the tavern opened the door and looked outside, and saw many other people looking out of their homes. The howl had come from the daemon werewolf, which had been terrorizing them for months. People started coming out of their houses, wondering what was going on. The howl had been one of pain, and the hunters they had hired had refused to start working until morning. As they stared at the direction the howl came from, a form came out of the shadows of the forest. It was a little girl.
"You have to help him, it's a daemon werewolf! He's fighting it alone, you have to help!"

TigerClaw's POV
Our fight had taken us to the stream. The werewolf was on one side, we were on the other. As the werewolf jumped at us, we quickly folded our wings in front of us. Opening them quickly as we made a pushing motion with our hands, a wall of fire appeared in front of us, and right in the path of the werewolf. It wasn't able to move out of the way, and crashed right into the shield where it hung there, fire burning at it. The smell of burning hair and flesh met us, but we kept pushing, keeping the wall there as we brought our wings back. Sweat trickled down our face as we held the wolf in the air and prepared a direct attack, hoping we'd be able to pull this one off. Giving one last shove, we let the shield drop and whipped our wings forward, sending a torrent of fire from them. We weren't able to keep that up very long and the flames died out. We stood there, gasping for air, covered in sweat. The werewolf was lying in the stream and wasn't moving, so we carefully walked up to it.
The werewolf's arm suddenly rose and slashed our face as it got up once more. Part of its claws caught on the mask that covered the top half of our face, and pulled it free, and there was chaos as strength flooded our body. Energy coursed through us so fast it sounded like we were in a hurricane, it felt like we were on fire. We barely had mind enough to try and gather some of the energy and direct it at the werewolf, and then it was silent, and we collapsed, the energy leaving as quickly as it had come.

Gemeny's POV

The villagers were organizing a search party while her arm was being looked at. It had gotten quiet since the explosion sounded off from the forest. People were running around without talking, all trying to prepare to look for TigerClaw when someone gave a yell. Villagers stopped what they were doing and stared. Gemeny got up and when she saw what they were looking at, she felt tears of start swelling up. TigerClaw was walking out of the woods, and he was dragging something behind him. He was in his human form. Her face went from happiness to horror when she saw all the wounds on him. His shirt was nearly gone, and there were slashes all over him. He was staggering towards them and looked as if he were about to collapse. As he entered the village area, he looked around, "Anyone want a werewolf head?" And with that he collapsed, out cold. She quickly ran over to him, trying to ignore the sharp pain in her arm, and saw that he was still breathing. The villagers looked from her, to him, to the disembodied head of the daemon werewolf, unsure as to what was going on.