Reeka and Renamon 

By TigerClaw
Story Copyright (C) By: TigerClaw
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Reeka and Renamon. by TigerClaw

I don't own any characters in this story

this is my very FIRST try at any story, so i hope you all enjoy =)

the names in front tell the point of view.

and as a ps, i hope to write a Pokemon story starring Misty, Charizard, and Ash, so if you enjoy this story, hopefully you will love my next one.

Reeka: Reeka sat in her room alone. She had had a horrible day, and wanted to end it all. But she didn't want to die in pain.

"I've had more than enough of that!" she muttered to herself.

"More that enough of what?" asked Renamon, appearing from nowhere.

"Hmph, don't you ever knock?" Renamon just stood there. "Fine, I'm sick of this, this life. It's horrible! Mom doesn't understand me, and Grandma
had to go, I stink at being a tamer, I just want it all to end!" Reeka started crying.

"But...I can't help you there, Reeka." Renamon looked down, as if saddened. Reeka sat there, trying to think of how she could end her life without
pain, when she found herself staring at Renamon's stomach. Then she had an idea.

"Renamon, would it be possible...possible for you to..."

"To what, Reeka?"

Reeka looked down, "To swallow me? whole?"

Renamon: Renamon stared at her tamer in shock. "S-swallow you?! But-"

"Can you do it, Renamon?" demanded Reeka, looking in her eyes.

Renamon stared, then looked down. "Yes, I could. But not, I've eaten already!"

Reeka sighed, "Then tomorrow, Renamon." Renamon phased out into the backyard, to try and sort out what just happened.

The next evening, Reeka was alone at home, and that left Renamon no excuse to stop Reeka from carrying out her plan.

"What do I have to do, Renamon?" Renamon swallowed nervously.

"Lie on the bed face down. Reeka, are you sure you-"

"Yes Renamon, I'm sure. How many times must I say that I'm sure that I want to do this?"

Renamon looked down, her stomach rumbled.

Reeka: Reeka couldn't belive she was actually going to do this. Reeka went over to her bed and laid down, "Now what?"

Renamon looked up and she sighed, defeated.

She turned to see what Renamon was going to do. Here eyes widened and Renamon's mouth opened wider, and wider, and wider.

Renamon grabbed Reeka's feet, and slowly and carefully put them in her mouth. Reeka turned back and sighed at the feeling of Renamon's rough tongue and smooth mouth all her feet.

Renamon: Renamon took Reeka's feet and put them in her mouth, careful of her teeth. She licked them to taste the flavor, and found herself enjoying
it. "That feels, nice Renamon." Renamon pulled Reeka's legs, shoving her feet into her throat, and started swallowing.

Reeka: Reeka smiled as she felt Renamon swallow at her feet. Her feet were now tightly surrounded by smooth, hot walls. Reeka looked back at
Renamon, and almost broke out laughing at the sight of her legs sticking out of Renamon's mouth. She felt Renamon start pulling on her legs, shoving
her into Renamon's throat. Renamon swallowed again and again. Soon Renamon was up to Reeka's knees.

Renamon: Renamon kept shoving Reeka into her throat, enjoying the taste. She was coming up to Reeka's butt, and started relaxing her jaw to prepare
for that task. She swallowed Reeka's knees and groaned at the feeling of Reeka partly in her throat. Her stomach growled, impatient for its future
occupant. Renamon swallowed several times and was finally at Reeka's bottom.

Reeka: Reeka again looked at Renamon, wondering how she would get her bottom into her mouth. She didn't belive that Renamon could open her mouth much wider. Renamon started to kneed Reeka's butt into her mouth, bit by bit. Reeka jumped a bit and her skin was shoved against one of Renamon's sharp teeth. And soon Reeka's butt was in Renamon's mouth. Reeka then started to shove her hands into Renamon's mouth. Renamon, sensing what Reeka was doing opened her mouth enough to take Reeka's hands into her mouth. Reeka then felt Renamon's throat ripple at it prepared to swallow.

Renamon: Renamon smiled a bit as she accepted Reeka's hands into her mouth. She gave one more good swallow, which brought Reeka's stomach into her mouth, and with some strength, stood up, and Reeka gave a cry as she was lifted up into the air, and let gravity start to pull Reeka down. Reeka started to squirm and Renamon shuddered at the unexpected sensations. She let gravity bring Reeka down, and let her tongue slide over Reeka's skin, tasting every bit of her as she could. Way too soon Reeka's shoulders entered her mouth.

Reeka: Reeka was in a world of pleasure. She could feel her legs folded up in what must be Renamon's stomach, when her shoulders entered Renamon's mouth. She had been surprised when Renamon suddenly lifted her into the air, but she calmed down when she realized what Renamon was doing. Reeka looked down, or tried to, at Renamon stomach, but with Renamon looking up, she couldnt see anything. Renamon apparently knew what Reeka wanted, and carefully walked over to a huge mirror that Reeka's mom had insisted she have there. Reeka looked at the mirror and stared. She was making a HUGE bulge in Renamon's throat. She could see any movement she made. She watched as her head sank closer, and closer to Renamon's mouth. She felt Renamon's mouth on the back of her head, and soon she saw Renamon's bottom jaw. She watched as it slowly
covered her entire vision.

She couldnt believe it, she was now looking at the inside of Renamon's mouth. she looked upwards and saw her ceiling...surrounded by teeth. Reeka
looked around at the pink flesh that was all around her, and at the sharp teeth that were glistening with saliva. As she sank to the back of Renamon's
throat, she whispered, "Thanks, Renamon."

Renamon: Renamon relaxed as Reeka's head entered her mouth. She was loving this now, and enjoying the feeling of Reeka entering her stomach,
filling her. She felt Reeka sink the edge of her throat, and heard a whisper, "Thanks Renamon." Renamon smiled, closed her mouth, and swallowed deeply.

Reeka: Reeka stared as Renamon slowly closed her mouth, cutting off all light. Then she felt Renamon's tongue on her face, as if saying goodbye. She
leaned her head towards the tongue as much as she could. Then she felt Renamon starting to swallow, and then she was shoved down. She knew she
was in Renamon's throat and enjoyed it. Then she was emptied into Renamon's stomach. Reeka felt the smooth walls that surrounded her, and smiled.
She couldn't believe that she had just been eaten alive, that she was now in her partners stomach. Reeka squirmed and shifted around in the stomach.

Renamon: Renamon swallowed and smiled as she fest Reeka slide down her throat, and into her belly. Her stomach was now huge as it now held a
whole girl in it. Renamon could feel Reeka as she shifted and squirmed inside. She ran her paw like hands over her over sized stomach. Renamon burped.

Reeka: Reeka snuggled inside the stomach, and smiled one last time. She was getting sleepy and didn't try and fight as sleep took over.

Renamon: Renamon sighed as she felt Reeka finally stop moving inside. 'That was unbelievable! I wish I could do this again.' she thought, then
remembered little Impmon,Terriermon, Takota, Henry, Jerrie, and Takato's two annoying friends, and smiled. Guilemon was to big to eat, but she then she thought of her Digivolved form, Kiubymon, and smiled. Surely Kiubymon was large enough to eat Guilemon, she would just have to learn how to Digivolve without Reeka. Renamon burped again, and grinned evily, paws rubbing the form in her stomach.