Rebirth PT2 

by TigerClaw
Story Copyright (C) By: TigerClaw
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Last time, Jedd was lured to his school by a mysterious message on his computer. When he got there, he encountered a pheonix, which said that he was the key to unlocking the gate to the land of dreams, and ate Jedd. As it flew off, its exploded into a ball of fire, and disappeared into the sky.

And now, it continues...

Jedd wanted to scream, to do anything, but he couldn't. He was surrounded by fire that burned him, yet was cool. He felt as if he was being changed, and his soul as well. It was as if another presence was being fused with him. Fire continued to burn skin away, leaving him feeling a cool power there, and as he felt his body burn completely, he felt himself anew, and as he was anew, the fire left, leaving him entirely, except for a presence that seemed to burn in his mind.
Jedd slowly opened his eyes, and stared. He was lying among tall grass underneath a tree. He was in a valley, with a city in the horizon, and a lake between himself and the city. Seeing the water, he realized how incredibly thirsty he was, and slowly got to this feet. Walking carefully, he made his way to the lake, where he collapsed and put his head in the water where he started drinking, not caring if the water was contaminated or not. Finally, that firey thirst left him, and he pulled his head out of the water. He just sat there, eyes closed, for a couple of minutes, trying to clear his head, which felt strange. After a bit, he opened his eyes, and stared at the water. In it, his reflection looked back at him, only it was different. The reflection was of him with long red hair with the colors of fire in it, and what appeared to be a few glowing feathers coming out of it.
Jedd stared at the reflection that looked back at him. "Is..that me??" he asked himself, when he got an answer, in his head.
< Yes, that is us > Jedd jumped up and looked around, but didn't see anyone. < Have you forgotten about me already? > Jedd stood there like a statue. That voice, that was the voice of the pheonix, the pheonix that ate him. 'But if the pheonix ate me, how can I be alive?' he thought to himself, getting nervous. < Because I fused myself with you, using the energy to cross dimensions from the land you call home, to this land of dreams. Yes, I did eat you, but it was necessary >
"Hold on a minute!! Land of dreams?? Just what is that supposed to mean anyways?!" Jedd yelled, turning around, looking all over for the pheonix, when what the pheonix also said hit him, "Fused with me?"
< Yes, I fused with you, and we were born anew in one body. We are two minds in one body, I know everything about you, as I can read your thoughts >
"What?! Don't go picking around through my mind! Where are you, damnit?!"
< You cursed... you don't do that often > said the amused voice in his head.
"What did I say about going through my mind?! Where are you?!"
< In your head, your very soul >
Jedd just stared as the realization hit him, and he fell to his knees, " head? Then, this is all real?" he looked around once more.
< Yes, this is the land of dreams. I have dreamt of this place for ages, then I found you, a human that shared my tastes, and I knew that together we could breach the barrier that kept me from here, and we did >
"Tastes? What tastes?"

< Why, the feeling of eating others whole. I know you enjoy the prospect of it. That is why I chose you to fuse with you >
"You mean vore? Great, I have a kinky pheonix in my head. What do I call you anyways?"
< Pheonix, if you would, and I am not kinky. As for what we should be called, I rather like that name you made up for a character you drew those years back, TigerClaw >
"Don't go through my mind!!! And what's wrong with my name?"
< You are no longer Jedd, but a new being, and because of this, you need a new name, and I like >
"I heard you the first time! Alright, I'll be TigerClaw, but what are we doing here?"
< We are here to eat >
"Wait one MINUTE!!! Are you trying to say you actually want to swallow a living creature for REAL?!"
< Yes, but in this form we cannot. By concentrating, you will be able to bring out our true form, where we would be able to do so >
"You're sick. OK, so vore as a fantasy intrigues me, but for real? It's just not right! I mean, it's like murder."
< No, it's survival Trust me, we won't eat everyone we see, just those we need to survive >
"You're sick, bird, real sick!" TigerClaw stood up, "and you're crazy if you think I'm going to hang around here! I'm going home!" He turned around and stared at what he saw. There was a group of people standing there, around seven of them, and they all had crossbows pointed at him and were laughing. "Ummm, hi?"
A woman walked up to him, handing her crossbow to one of the others, and taking off her helmet, letting her long, brown hair tumble down her shoulders. As she got nearer, he could see a scar that ran across her face. She stopped five feet from him. "I am Captain Katrina, you are charged with trespassing on the King's land, and you shall be taken with us to await your punishment. Resistance means your immediate demise." One of the men behind her smirked, and raised his crossbow a little higher, obviously wanting to use it.
"Wait a minute! You can't be serious, I mean, c'mon!! I didn't exactly choose to be here! You had to have heard Pheonix! So you know I'm not here by choice," he cried desperately, not wanting any part of this, and Pheonix was silent, as if it were thinking.
"All we heard, was you babbling to yourself you crazed fool! Now will you come with us alive, or dead?"
TigerClaw backed up, vaguely noticing he was going in the lake, "N-now hold ON! Surely we can talk this out, can't we?" The woman gave him an evil smirk as he continued to back up. "Guess not," he was about to say more when his foot didn't touch ground. He had hit a dip in the lake and fell into the water. Realizing his luck, he quickly started to swim down when something zipped passed him. It was a crossbow bolt. 'They're shooting at me!' he thought, getting even more scared, if that was possible.
< Concentrate! >
'Huh? What?'

< Concentrate on transforming, it's our only hope of surviving! > Pheonix yelled in his head. A picture formed in his mind, it was of a winged man. He was tall, around 8 feet, and had slightly long, spiked red hair on the top of his head, and was very long in the back, it had several small feathers in it that glowed red and gold. He had a gold covered mask covering the top of his face, bringing out his sapphire eyes. He had a red shirt on that had no sleeves, and two slightly muscular arms. Out from his back came two great wings that appeared to be on fire from the way they glowed. He had on slightly baggy blue pants and dark blue boots. All in all, he looked rather dangerous. < Concentrate on this form! We'll die if we don't! > That got through to him, and TigerClaw started concentrating.

Katrina looked at the lake. The boy had fallen in two minutes ago, he couldn't possibly be still alive, but she felt something, and she didn't like it. She was about to call her men off when she saw something glowing in the water. She stared as a tall, winged man slowly got out of the water, and stood looking down at them all through his mask. Her men quickly ran back, but she stood there, too stunned to move. The man grinned and started walking towards, steam rising off him as the water evaporated. As he reached out and put a finger under her chin, she lost her nerve and slashed out with the knife she kept hidden. The stranger quickly jumped back by flapping his wings, raising a heavy wind.
< Now, now. That wasn't very nice, now you'll all have to pay > She barely had time to realize that the voice came in her head when the stranger flew over her and landed in the middle of her men. With several swiftly skilled punches, they were all rendered out cold. Turning to look at her, he grinned and started walking towards her. She wanted to run, but she was paralyzed.
"Wh-what are you going to do?" she managed to get out, and his reply sent a chill down her spine.
< I'm going to eat you >