Rebirth PT3 

by TigerClaw
Story Copyright (C) By: TigerClaw
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Katrina looked at the lake. The boy had fallen in two minutes ago, he couldn't possibly be still alive, but she felt something, and she didn't like it. She was about to call her men off when she saw something glowing in the water. She stared as a tall, winged man slowly got out of the water, and stood looking down at them all through his mask. Her men quickly ran back, but she stood there, too stunned to move. The man grinned and started walking towards, steam rising off him as the water evaporated. As he reached out and put a finger under her chin, she lost her nerve and slashed out with the knife she kept hidden. The stranger quickly jumped back by flapping his wings, raising a heavy wind.
< Now, now. That wasn't very nice, now you'll all have to pay > She barely had time to realize that the voice came in her head when the stranger flew over her and landed in the middle of her men. With several swiftly skilled punches, they were all rendered out cold. Turning to look at her, he grinned and started walking towards her. She wanted to run, but she was paralyzed.
"Wh-what are you going to do?" she managed to get out, and his reply sent a chill down her spine.
< I'm going to eat you >

Pheonix's POV

Pheonix grinned as he watched Katrina. He had been able to take control over the body he shared with the human after they transformed as he thought he would. Because this hybrid form was more pheonix like, he had more influence over it, and Pheonix was quickly took the chance to take control from TigerClaw. And with Katrina's men out of the picture, he could finally feast. Walking towards the frightened woman he felt TigerClaw trying to regain control, and he found with glee that it was easier to keep control over the body than it was taking it over, and TigerClaw couldn't take it back.
Katrina started to backing up, and Pheonix quickly walked over and grabbed her wrist, tugging her back towards him, and looks down at her, still smiling.

Katrina's POV

Katrina stared up at him, unable to move. The man towered over her, smiling down at her, obviously enjoying this. She was dimly aware as he loosened the straps on her armor, letting fall to the ground and leaving her only in her cloth clothing used to cushion the armor. Slowly the man wrapped his wings around himself and her, blocking off the sunlight, but she could still see perfectly from the glow they gave off. She found all she could do was stare at him, unsure what was going on. He had said he was going to eat her, but he hadn't even tried to bite her, or even harm her, had he changed his mind? If so, she'd make sure he wouldn't live to regret it, she was supposed to be the one in charge, not anyone else. But he didn't move, he just kept smiling and staring at her through his mask, with those sapphire eyes that seemed to glint in the light his wings made. All in all, he seemed quite handsome close up. Then he smirked, and she realized his trap. Without her noticing it, he had pinned her arms to her side, and lifted her up into the air about a foot. He then opened his mouth and started to bring her towards it. She stared, his mouth didn't seem to get any bigger, but before she knew it, her head was in his mouth, and she then realized what he had meant when he said he was going to eat her. He didn't mean he was going to rip her flesh from her bones, he meant he was going to swallow her whole.

Upon this realization she started struggling, trying desperately to loosen his hold on her so she could escape, but was no good. His grip only tightened slightly, before returning to normal, as if to let her know that there was no chance to escape. He started to shove her up, and her face was crammed into his throat before she could scream. She kicked at him as hard as she could, but it was as if he didn't even feel it, if he could, he didn't show it. Her shoulders were brought into his mouth, bringing her head completely inside his throat. She tried desperately to breath, but the wet tunnel was wrapped around her head to tightly for her to move it. Realizing that if she kept struggling she would suffocate, she stopped, desperately trying to think what to do. The man used this opportunity to swallow and she realized she made a deadly mistake, by giving him the chance to swallow her this far down, he could easily finish her off, and she sat there, stunned by her own stupidity, and with what was happening. She could feel his tongue run across her breasts, and she squirmed, determined not to be insulted in such a manner, and he swallowed again. Then she felt herself being lifted up into the air, so she was upside down.

Up until now, she was on the verge of panic, but had kept her mind, but now, as gravity tugged her into this monster of a person, she did panic. Her hands were still pinned to her side, but she squirmed violently, she kicked, she did everything her panicked mind could think over, but all it did was help bring her further inside him. She felt herself crying, and heard the man's heart beating loudly through the walls that shoved her down. Soon her hands were in his mouth, and all she could do was kick violently as he swallowed again. Her hips and hands were in his mouth, the rest of her was being tightly hugged by the man's throat. She felt the ripple as he prepared to swallow again, and she didn't even fight. She was too exhausted to fight, so she just lay there, halfway down his throat. Soon she felt what was like a ring stretch across her face, and her head slid through into the stomach. She breathed in several breaths of air as the man swallowed her thighs. She could feel him taking off her boots, but she didn't care, she had lost to him, she was nothing but food now. Slowly she was deposited into the sac like stomach, and curled up as he ate more of her. Soon her feet entered his mouth, and were also swallowed. She curled herself up as her feet joined her inside of the stomach, the slick walls stretched around her. As she lay in there, crying, a voice rang in her head, < Now then, if you had a next time, perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to try and kill people > Then it hit her, the man was that boy that fell in the lake, and upon realizing this, she drifted off, unable to keep awake any longer.

Pheonix's POV

Pheonix smiles as he looked at his stomach which hadn't changed it's size through the whole ordeal. [ WHAT DID YOU JUST DO, you DAMN bird?! ] Pheonix's head snapped up, startled, then realized that TigerClaw had just figured out how to communicate with him. Smiling, he was about to answer when something cut into his left shoulder, pain ripping through it. Looking at it, eyes squinted slightly in pain, he saw it was a crossbow bolt, and as he turned around, he had just enough time to see the club the smashed into the side of his face, and then darkness.

TigerClaw's POV

TigerClaw slowly woke up to find himself on a cold, stone floor. Then the recent events of what had transpired earlier returned to him. Pheonix taking control of the hybrid form, and eating that lady, then that bolt and club. Remembering the crossbow bolt, TigerClaw reached over to his left shoulder only to find the bolt gone, and strangely, his shoulder was completely healed. As he sat up, he realized he was still in his hybrid form, and he could feel Pheonix slowly stirring in his head. He didn't have time to dwell on the thought as he heard someone coming. It was as three people appeared, one very fat, that he noticed the bars that caged him in. The first two were obviously guards by the way they were dressed, and the third was wearing rather expensive looking clothes, and had a crown and cape on. Slowly, TigerClaw got to his feet, and looked down at the three, recognizing one of the guards as one of the men he encountered earlier.

"That's him, he's the one that ate Captain Katrina, your Highness."
'Highness?' TigerClaw thought to himself, as the oversized man looked at him, 'what, have I been transported to a land that's in the medieval times?!'
"So, you are the monster that ate my Captain?" TigerClaw just stared at him, Pheonix waking up, but still drowsy. 'Because he was the one in control at the time, it must take him longer to recover' The king didn't seem too happy about his lack of response, "You will ANSWER when you're spoken to, creature!"
< Shut up, you fat ugly slob! > TigerClaw snapped back, sick of everyone pushing him around, or expecting him to obediently follow orders like a puppy. The king took a couple steps back, eyes wide with anger at the insult.
"Y-you dare insult a King?! That is punishable by death!" Turning to the other two men, he snarled, "He shall die at dawn, make sure he's...comfortable tonight!" And with that, the king left.
"Heh heh, you heard him, we're to make 'im comfy!" One of the men grinned, and grabbed a pole. TigerClaw decided that this was going to be a very bad night.

Gemeny's Grandfather's POV

The Grandfather watched his 12 year old granddaughter get into her bed. She wasn't really his granddaughter, she had been left on his doorstep when she a little baby, but he had taken her in, and raised her as his own, and he couldn't love her any more if she was really his granddaughter. To him, she was truly a part of his family, and that was all that mattered.
"So, what story do you wish to hear tonight?" he asked, sure he already knew the answer.
"The one about the Dark Pheonix and the Golden Pheonix!" Gemeny replied instantly.
The Grandfather laughed softly, "You always loved that story. All right, I'll tell you the story. Once, there lived a dark and evil pheonix that terrorized the land. It was a cruel monster with unimaginable power. Anyone that tried to destroy it, were killed. The people named this pheonix, Dark Pheonix, for that was what it was. Other pheonix's even tried to defeat the Dark Pheonix, but it ate them, do you know why it ate them?" he asked, knowing she knew the answer, she knew the legend by heart.
"Because the only way for one pheonix to die is for it to be eaten by another pheonix!" Gemeny yelled, her eyes wide.

Smiling, the Grandfather nodded, "Yes, something about being eaten by another pheonix negated the pheonix's power to be reborn again. Where was I, oh yes. Other pheonix's tried to defeat Dark Pheonix, but it was too powerful. It continued to lay waste to the land until a new pheonix challenged it. It was unlike the other pheonix's as it was a goldish color, not red."
"That's why it's called the Golden Pheonix, right Grandpa?" interrupted Gemeny, smiling.
"Yes, that's exactly why, and because Dark Pheonix's colors were black and purple, they called it Dark Pheonix. Now then, this pheonix challenged Dark Pheonix, and won the fight. But the damage was done to Golden Pheonix as well, and it knew that if Dark Pheonix escaped, it would return to lay waste to the land again, but it was too tired to eat Dark Pheonix, so while it held onto the evil pheonix, several mages sent the Dark Pheonix to another dimension, but unfortunately, the Golden Pheonix was also sent with it, and before the Dark Pheonix disappear, it swore it would return. To this very day, people watch, hoping the Dark Pheonix won't return, and if it should, that the Golden Pheonix shall return to stop it." He stopped, noticing that his audience was asleep. Smiling softly, he walked out of the room, and carefully closed the door.

He walked to a nearby window, and looked into distance. From here he could see the dungeon. King Gareth made sure everyone knew where it was. Things were rotten in the kingdom, and it was just asking for trouble. "And trouble will come, soon enough. I feel it in my bones, something is very wrong tonight," he looked at the door to Gemeny's room, "And I hope for your sake, little one, that the trouble does not bestow upon you."

TigerClaw's POV { Approximately one hour until sunrise }

TigerClaw glared at his captors. He was chained to the wall, as he had been most of the night. Pheonix had woken up, but he hadn't been able to help any either. The guards had found out, much to their joy, that he healed rapidly, explaining why there wasn't any wound where the crossbow bolt had hit him, and would continiously stab his with knives. TigerClaw lived through it, but now the pain was finally too much, and he snapped.

Guard's POV

The guard looked at the man, something the way he looking at them was different, and it sent chills down his spine. < Let...Me...Loose > The guard stared, then looked to his partner. This was the first time the man had spoken to them.
He looked back at the man, "Not on your life, we've still have much more to do to you!" Those were his last words.

The winged man grinned, and calmly broke the chains holding him like they were nothing. It was then that the guard noticed the man looked different. His wings were completely black, as was his hair, only the feathers in his hair were purple, and the mask was gone. The man smirked at them, and slowly folded his wings in front of him, and in one fluid motion, snapped them open, shouting in their minds, < Shockwave of Dark Flames!! > Then the dungeon building was enveloped in black fire, and exploded as a shockwave of fire appeared.

Grandfather's POV

The Grandfather stared as the dungeon was enveloped in fire, and immediately knew what was happening, Dark Pheonix. "Those fools, now we're all dead. I'm must save Gemeny!" He raced to her room, swung open her door, which awoke the girl. He quickly grabbed her hand, "Come on, Gemeny, we have to hide!"
"Grandpa, what's going on?"
"There's no time to explain, just follow me!" the Grandfather ordered, and Gemeny followed him. He went down to where he had a trapdoor, opened it , and shoved Gemeny in, "Whatever you hear, don't come out!" he yelled slamming the heavy door down. He had stocked that room with provision, in case of attack, and he knew that the worst attack possible was about to happen. He could hear Gemeny crying and slamming against the door, trying to get out, but he knew the only way for her to survive was for her to remain down there, and he had to make sure the door held. He quickly set about covering the door with a soaked rug, and put thing on it, hoping it would hold against what was coming.

Dark Pheonix's POV

Dark Pheonix grinned as it pushed TigerClaw's and Pheonix's meager minds out of its way, and took control of the body, getting rid of the mask that reduced the hybrid's powers, while allowing them to be focused. It had no need for the mask, it could control its powers. As the dungeon exploded, Dark Pheonix wrapped it's wings around itself, and focused its energy.

Grandfather's POV

The Grandfather ran back to the window in time to see a giant, black pheonix rise up from the ruins of the dungeon, "Oh Goddess no," he whispered under his breath.

Dark Pheonix's POV

Dark Pheonix completed transforming itself into its pheonix form, and stretched its wings open, and looked around. Seeing the castle, it opened its wings, and snapped them down, rising up into the air and leaving a torrent of firey winds under it, scorching any nearby houses. In the air, it flew quickly towards the castle, homes being destroyed in the fire that followed it, people screaming as they died. Soon it reached the castle, and saw to its amusement, the king in one of the windows. < So, execute me in the morning was it? I believe NOT > With that, Dark Pheonix created another torrent of firey wind that enveloped the castle completely. It kept it going into the castle melted, then flew around the city surrounding the kingdom, the fire following it destroying everything. It laughed to itself as it heard the people scream. Then it felt itself weakening, realizing that while it was back, it still wasn't able to keep its form, it wasn't strong enough yet, for that it needed more rest, and time. Dark Pheonix growled in anger as it landed, returning to its hybrid form, then released its hold on the body.

TigerClaw's POV

TigerClaw fell to his hands and knees, shaking, and threw up. < Pheonix, did, did we just do that >

[ No, I-i don't believe so ] answered a shaky voice in his head, [ I think that was something other than us, we were both aware of what was happening, weren't we? ]
TigerClaw threw up again, < I couldn't stop it, what was that thing? >
[ I believe it was...Dark Pheonix ]
< And what the damn hell is a... > he stopped hearing something. He slowly got up, and started walking towards the sound. It sounded like someone was crying. Finally he came to a trapdoor. It looked like it had barely survived the assualt, and he quickly opened the door. Inside was a girl who immediately ran out past him, and looked around, before bursting into tears. Not sure what to do, TigerClaw kneeled and put a hand on her shoulder, and she immediately turned around, staring at him.
"Who are you?!" she yelled.
< I'm....TigerClaw, are you ok? > She looked at him, and burst into tears once more.
"Grandpa, he's dead!! It's all Dark Pheonix's fault! Only it could do this!" With that, she ran at him and hugged his waist, head buried in his chest, sobbing. Still not sure what to do, TigerClaw hugged the child close to him, wrapping his wings around her. "I'll kill Dark Pheonix, I'll kill it if it's the last thing I do!"
TigerClaw stared at the girl, then he said in his mind, < Pheonix, are we Dark Pheonix? >
[ I don't think so, but I really don't know. ]
< So this girl swore to kill us? >
[ Yes, I'm afraid so ]
TigerClaw looked up as the sun started to rise in the horizon. < Why did I have to answer that message and go to school? Why? >