Roo the Day 

by Race
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 2002 - All rights reserved.

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"And if you look over there, you can see the majestic koala. Contrary to popular belief, koalas are not bears..."
Bobby sat in the back of the Outback Tours tram, staring out at the barren wasteland and getting rather bored at the monotonous sound of the tour guide's voice over a scratchy PA system. The twelve-year old boy's parents were seated in the bench ahead of him, and they were busy snapping photos and making notes and occasionally shouting exclamations.
"Did you see that honey?!"
"Wow! Look at that one!"
"Is that a kangaroo?"
Bobby sighed and rolled his eyes, reaching behind him into his backpack to retrieve an old newspaper. This trip to Australia had been a complete bust for Bobby. Of course, this was the same boy who got a new bike for his birthday and complained because it was blue instead of midnight blue like he wanted. In other words, it was rather difficult to ever please Bobby.
His parents thought this outback safari would be great fun. Accordingly, Bobby thought his parents were morons. It was the night before in the family's hotel room that Bobby's mom had first suggested taking the tour.
"Look Bobby! The Queensland Outback Tours experience! See real Australian wildlife closer than you ever have before!" she exclaimed while excitingly pointing at a brochure.
Bobby turned away from his comfortable seat on the bed watching TV and looked back over at her. "Why in the world would I want to do that?" he asked.
"Because, sugar, it's a great educational experience and you'll learn so much. I'm going to tell your father! I can't wait to see those cute koalas!" Bobby's mother ran from the room and went off to tell the boy's dad.
It didn't make a difference what Bobby did that last night or this morning to complain, because he now found himself stationed on an uncomfortable wooden bench looking out at a bunch of boring animals and sand. He opened up his newspaper and took out a pencil to do the crossword puzzle.
One hour later, Bobby had solved a total of three clues and had become so frustrated that he filled in the rest of the crossword with swear words. He grumbled and crumpled up the newspaper, tossing it out the side of the tram to litter the Australian plain. The boy huffed and looked around for something else to do.
"Humph," he said under his breath, "this is boring. If I really want to see some boring animals, I'd rather see them up close." Bobby leaned forward and around the outside of the bench to check on his parents. Both his mom and father were asleep, obviously affected by the sheer boredom of the tour guide, who continued to drone on.
"And if you look over there you can see the majestic platypus. Contrary to popular belief, platypi are not ducks..." Again, Bobby rolled his eyes and scooted over in his bench. He looked around once more, then steadied himself and jumped from the moving tram. Normally this would have been dangerous, but the tram was only traveling about two miles per hour.
Even despite the snail's pace of the tram, Bobby was still quite uncoordinated and managed to get a great deal of dust and sand on his shirt as he tumbled onto his stomach. He grumbled and swiped the mess off with his hands, before standing to his feet and looking around. The tram continued to move away, but Bobby didn't seem worried.
"I'll just look around for a while. Nothing will happen. That thing's moving like a tortoise anyway, so I can catch back up," he said as he justified his actions. The boy adjusted his glasses, which had gotten knocked off-kilter by his leap. Bobby set his backpack over by a tree and wandered over to an interesting looking pond.
The boy stared at the water for a minute, hoping to see something interesting. What he was hoping to see was a crocodile. Now that was an exciting animal! Ten minutes later, Bobby had seen nothing. He turned to check on the tram; since it was still in sight he turned back to the pond for one more minute.
As he turned around, he found himself staring into the eyes of a fifteen-foot long Australian crocodile, just like he wanted. Of course, he would have rather it not been at a distance of four or so feet. Bobby screamed and turned from the marsh, running as fast as he could away from the man-eating reptile.
As for the crocodile, he had just caught a couple of rather tasty raccoons that had conveniently fallen from an airplane that had been flying overhead. This was convenient since the mammals were not native to Australia. In fact, had Bobby been paying attention he would have still seen the striped tails sticking from the croc's closed jaws. For this very reason, the crocodile didn't chase after Bobby. Instead, he just slurped up the tails and went back into the waters of the marsh to ambush more prey later.
As for Bobby, he just ran. He kept running, chasing after the tram and calling out for his parents. The boy was not the most athletic, but it seemed that seeing the terrifying creature had caused his adrenaline to start pumping. Unfortunately for Bobby, the outback was not as barren as he originally thought, and the boy soon tumbled over some unseen article, rolling on the ground for a few seconds before settling to the point that he could see what blocked his escape.
It was an enormous red kangaroo. Apparently she had just been lying there taking a nap or something when the young human rudely woke her up by tripping over her body. The roo quickly raised herself to two feet, allowing Bobby to see just how immense she really was.
She had to be at least seven feet tall, easily dwarfing the young boy. As for her weight, it was rather hard for him to tell so since I'm the omniscient author I'll do it for you. She was exactly 200 pounds. Her fur was mostly a ruddy tint, with a bit of lighter tan color on her legs, arms, and tail. Were Guinness around, she would have more than likely been considered the new record holder for largest known kangaroo. Of course, Guinness wasn't around. It was just her and this curious human.
The flyer blinked a few times and peered down curiously at Bobby. She hopped up a bit closer to him, and then leaned her head down to sniff at the boy curiously. Meanwhile, Bobby was growing quite annoyed.
"Hey! Get away from me you overgrown mouse!" he exclaimed as he kicked the roo square in the muzzle. She quickly stood up, making a quite loud shrill and instinctively lifting a clawed-paw to rub where the human kicked her. Although she wasn't sentient, she knew how to fight, and retaliated by landing a hard kick against Bobby, who was trying to stand up and walk away.
Bobby groaned as he was booted by the kangaroo, her powerful muscled leg reaching him with great force and knocking him back down on the ground in a heap. Bobby's glasses flew off his face and skidded along the sand, and his head slammed back against the hard ground. He seemed to be knocked cold for a second, but came to a few minutes later.
What he saw when he awoke was the curious kangaroo's nose right up against his face as she sniffed the curious looking human. Bobby groaned and wriggled away from the kangaroo, yelling at her to go away.
"Get! Shoo roo!" The loud noises not working, Bobby readied himself again and launched a rather hard punch against the side of the roo's muzzle, which was sniffing down near his belt now, and even had the leather strap in her mouth, trying to yank it off.
Again, she let out a high-pitched shrill of pain and rubbed over the area where she was hit. However, she did not stand up this time, and still kept her nose rather close to Bobby's shirt. The boy smirked and leaned back to let another punch.
You could almost see the kangaroo's eyes follow the human's movements, and just as Bobby was about to connect, she opened her muzzle and grabbed the young boy's hand at the wrist. Not only that, but she wouldn't let go! Bobby whined and sat up, trying to pull his one wrist out with his other hand.
"Hey! Knock that off! Let go of my hand you stupid rat!" he exclaimed as he continued to fiddle with the kangaroo's jaws. At that moment, the kangaroo seemed to get an idea, and as Bobby reached for his hand, she opened her muzzle again slightly.
The human seemed to find this very convenient and moved to pull both hands away at once. To his surprise, the roo was much quicker, and managed to lock her jaws onto both of his hands. Bobby blinked at that and found himself dragged up from the ground slightly as the roo got her muzzle over both of his hands.
The inside of the kangaroo was much like any other mouth, quite warm and moist. Bobby didn't seem to enjoy it though, and the young human tried all the harder to pull away. Unfortunately for him, it seemed that this roo was more interested in keeping Bobby close.
She opened her muzzle again, but just slightly, and slid the tapered jaws down a little further along the boy's arms. Surprisingly, she managed to envelop his rather small limbs almost to the elbow with little difficulty. Bobby made a face and continued to try and pull away. "Hey, stop that! Let go of me you dumb roo!" he exclaimed as he tried to stand back up from the ground.
She wasn't having any of that though, and quickly lashed her foot out to trip up the struggling human again. The roo continued to gently nibble on the fleshy arm, considering this curious new taste. Most kangaroos are herbivorous, meaning that they really only eat plants. However, this enterprising female seemed to really enjoy the taste of Bobby's sweaty arms.
Her muzzle opened once more, and amazingly she managed to work her jaws past the boy's elbows, to the point that she bumped into Bobby's brown-haired head. The kangaroo just kind of stood there for a minute, almost as if thinking that maybe the human had learned his lesson and she'd let him go. Bobby changed that thought real quickly. Although he was being drug along the ground, he still had complete control of his feet, and it was no problem at all for him to slam the heel of a sneaker down on the roo's clawed foot.
Rather than let out another squeal of pain, she seemed to actually growl, even with two of the boy's arms halfway in her mouth. The roo reached around Bobby's body and used her short but still well clawed digits to push against the young boy's back. She held him there for just a minute, leaving Bobby to wonder just really was going on. A few grunts emerged from the kangaroo, and she slowly opened her muzzle as wide as she possibly could, starting to shake from the strain it was putting on her to widen her jaws.
Bobby's view, meanwhile, was straight down and staring at the ground. Another view soon supplanted this one though. The roo used her stubby arms and did the impossible. With her jaws as wide as she could get them, she walked her stretched muzzle slowly over Bobby's round head, taking in part of the arms as well. The boy felt her tongue swipe across his face, coating it in a thin layer of slime, and started to kick up and struggle again.
"Wait! No, this can't be happening!" came the muffled shout from the boy. The roo seemed undaunted by his kicking and struggling, finding it quite easy to hold his sides with her paws and keep him mostly still. The poor roo's muzzle was stretched impossibly wide already, but there was one more obstacle for her to get past. She leaned down and wiggled her painful stretched jaws just a little bit wider, her eyes starting to water from how difficult this was. It's a wonder that her jaw didn't just snap at the connector muscle, but somehow she was able to complete her task.
With another loud grunt and a few shoves from her stubby arms, the roo managed to work her muzzle over the boy's shoulders. Bobby's head continued to get pushed back farther and farther into her maw, until he could see right down her gullet. The boy started to change his mood at this point, from anger to fear.
His fear was well founded, because the marsupial had reached the point at which she could push no more of the human into her maw without making more room. There was only one way to make room. The kangaroo closed her eyes, and imagining the boy as just a large lump of chewed vegetation, swallowed. Bobby screamed as he felt his hands drawn down into the dark tunnel, though his loud wails were muffled by the roo's fur and skin.
She leaned her head back and gulped again, eyes watering and her body shaking spastically as she tried harder than anything she'd ever done in her life to get rid of this disgusting annoyance. Her maw continued to secrete saliva, which would normally be used to start the digestion process, but here simply allowed for lubrication of the young boy. With a hard push of both her throat muscles and her clawed paws, the roo managed to swallow Bobby's head down.
Now she had plenty of room in her maw, and she made use of it. The roo let go of Bobby's hips and moved her paws down to the boy's jeans, grabbing his hips and pulling up, grunting. Despite the boy's struggles and screams, and despite the sheer lunacy of the idea, she managed to slowly work her muzzle down over Bobby's tee shirt. Her herbivorous teeth gently gnawed at the shirt, but after discovering that it wasn't all that exciting of a taste she went back to swallowing.
Meanwhile, the roo's neck started to bulge tremendously with the arms and head of the boy that she'd already partly swallowed. Bobby could feel the rippling warm muscles grab against his hands and arms and instinctively pull them down the long gullet. The roo's body was doing was it was made to do, take in food and then after a series of steps, change it into energy and mass. Of course, normally that food was grass or leaves.
The roo continued to stuff and push, still shaking and trembling as she pushed her body to the limit. Her gullet hurt tremendously, and the skin was becoming so stretched with the boy's shoulders now that she felt it would just split. Lucky for her, that didn't happen. On the contrary, it seemed as though her body was getting used to this larger than normal meal.
Her shaking started to die down as she pushed another six inches or so of Bobby's small body into her muzzle, the tongue's saliva making the boy's tee shirt stick to his skin. With a grunt, the roo glomped her muzzle shut over the boy's waist. At this point, she lifted her head from the ground to take a rest. Her neck and maw were bulging and wriggling incredibly full with the boy's squirming body, but she didn't have much more to go. Bobby's legs dangled limply from her stuffed maw like a pendulum on a clock, simply swaying in the breeze or whenever she rocked her head.
The roo let go of his hips now, since there was really no chance of Bobby's escape. The larger-than-your-average roo was only a few more swallows away from making a meal of the young American tourist.
The roo growled and snapped her head back, tossing Bobby's legs into the air and swallowing at the same time. The first parts of his denim-covered thighs disappeared into her furred muzzle, and the large bulge in her neck fur moved further down as well. She repeated this process a second time, greedily gulping once more until only two lower legs and sneaker-covered feet hung out of her muzzle.
Meanwhile the boy's body was slowly reaching the end of its journey. Bobby's arms bumped up against a thin flap of muscle that opened up instinctively and seemed to suck the boy's limbs in. He struggled and tried to pull back, but the pull of the roo's muscles was just too much. His hands were pulled into the strange cave, and upon feeling how wet and warm it was inside, there was no doubt in Bobby's mind where he was.
The roo meanwhile seemed to get distracted and took her time finishing off the last few swallows. As for what caused the distraction, it was an Outback Tours tram that was riding by. In fact, it was the same Outback Tours tram that had passed by earlier, with the same boring tour guide.
"And if you look over there you can see the majestic red kangaroo. Contrary to popular belief...holy shit! Does that kangaroo have a pair of legs sticking from it?!"
The passengers of the tram, including Bobby's parents, turned and looked over at her. The tram slammed on its brakes and skidded to a halt as they watched the strange animal.
She seemed to sense danger, and gained a bit of urgency. The roo snapped her head back and swallowed again, pulling Bobby's legs in down to the ankle, two sneakers the only visible sign of the boy. Her belly started to greatly distend as the boy's head was pushed through her sphincter as well. The roo blinked and looked over at the tram for a second, and then with one last quick swallow and flick of her head, the boy was completely gone.
Her esophagus did its job well. The warm rippling muscles pushed Bobby's small body down into her stomach completely in a matter of minutes. The roo's gut swelled impossibly as it was filled to at least three times its normal capacity. Yet, somehow she didn't seem in as much pain. Perhaps it was some kind of euphoria or something, but the marsupial soon exclaimed the only sign of her current state as she stared right at the confused tram's occupants.
At that, she turned and hopped away, her comically sized gut causing her a slight disability, but she was still able to use her strong legs for locomotion. She kept on hopping for a few feet until she reached the original marsh. The people on the tram continued to watch her and her every movement, still in complete awe and shock.
The roo hopped up to the water and leaned her head down to get a much-needed drink. All of a sudden, a pair of large crocodilian jaws snapped out of the water and grabbed her head. The roo wailed in pain, but it was too late and she and her oversized gut were pulled right into the marsh with a loud splash.
The tour guide yelled into his intercom, "Um...okay. That's enough majestic animals for a lifetime! This tour is over!" With that, he started the tram again to its maximum speed, a whopping four miles per hour, and sped from the scene of the grisly predation.
Bobby's mother and father stared at each other in awe, each exclaiming the same words in unison. "Did you see that?! Bobby," they turned to look back to their son's bench, "did you see...Bobby?!"
The End
And if you look over there you can see the majestic vore story that is copyright Justin M. Schuver / Race 2002. Contrary to popular belief, copying and reposting of this story is prohibited without the author's permission.