Title: Sienna
Author: Strega
© 2004
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By Strega

"You want me to do what?"

Alias shook his head. "Surely it’s obvious." The huge raccoon – over ten feet tall standing on his hindpaws – was leaning against the inside of the cage. His sheath pushed between the vertical bars, and three or four inches of wet, pink tip protruded from the bellyfur about eighteen inches above his balls. "I want you to suck his dick. Or jack him off, anyway. Sucking would be quicker."

The brown-haired thief shook her head. "Not a chance."

The bald mage smiled thinly. "Sienna, my Gul captured you and your comrades torturing praka for information. Gul like praka. They may treat them as servants, and they may dominate their little Praka lovers, but they are very protective of them too. If I give you to the Gul, they will make your life very unpleasant.

"Not all gul are cruel, no matter what you may have heard. Some of them would refuse to abuse you even if I ordered it. But I know at least a dozen who wouldn't refuse. Given what you did to my poor praka, I am perfectly willing to order them to, oh, let me see…."

Light reflected off the mage's tattoed pate as he thought. "…If you don't agree to my request, I will turn you over to some of my younger and randier gul and order them to take turns sodomizing you."

Sienna grimaced. She'd never seen a gul without armor, but she'd heard that some of them were 'painfully' well endowed. That assumed said gul was using the right hole, too. Being buggered by one wouldn't be any fun at all.

Alias continued. "Even some of the praka males might join in, though by the time they got a turn you'd probably be too stretched out to care. When the gul are finally sated, in, oh, a day or two (it being mating season, after all), I may ask you to do 'it' again. Or I may just let them have you for breakfast. Some of my gul could swallow you in one gulp, but whether in one piece or in little bits the result would be the same.

"So there you go: Unless you want to spend an entirely unpleasant day or so being buggered by Gul, then a short and equally unpleasant time being eaten, I suggest you walk over there and give Toothless what he wants."


"I need semen samples from several of my animals. This raccoon is one of them. He’s used to being blown, and he likes it, as do the others. He won’t hurt you. If you make yourself useful until Candra gets back, I will free you."

"I don't think you would, 'Maker'. I'd carry tales of what you made me do, after all."

Alias burst out laughing. "Ha! Who would you tell? Some guard in Greyston? I work for Lord Grey. The elves to the east? They already don't like me. And, you know, my familiar is a well-known and accomplished bard. Do you really want me to ask him to set the record straight? Bards' songs are addictive little things."

He hummed a few bars. "? Sienna, who sucked all the beast's cocks/Sienna, her brown hair spattered with spunk ?…no, that doesn't work. Still, I'm not the bard, eh?"

Sienna eyed the fat, pink shaft still emerging from the raccoon’s fur. On the big 'coon it looked small, but it was going to be a struggle to wrap her lips around that thickness. And the thought of her mouth filling with spurting raccoon spooge was intolerable. But if it was that or death..."How many animals?"

"This raccoon. A smaller 'coon, about 400 pounds worth. A grizzly bear. A minotaur. A giant wolverine, also about 400 pounds. A lion-taur (that is, a Wemic). And a panda. Oh yes, also a Khardaki lion-man. I'll need one semen sample from each per day." In fact, he only needed samples from the bear and panda, but his creations and guests liked to have their dicks sucked as much as the next male. The Khardaki was a good example: ‘She has fat lips. She would suck well. I don’t suppose…?’ The maned cat-man had agreed to play dumb and stand in a cage, provided the result was he got what he wanted.

"And I don’t have to swallow? Always spit?"

Alias handed over a stack of clear jars, each labeled and lidded. "Always spit. After all, it's the seed I need."

She sighed, accepting the vials and the knee-cushion he offered. "All right."

The coon’s eyes were eager as she set the cushion down and knelt in front of the bars. The Maker left, but the Gul guard assigned to her stayed, watching with cruel amusement as she opened her mouth for the first cock of the day. As she’d feared, it was a stretch, and she had to pull back as the coon humped against the bars. The top few inches of the heavy cock filled her mouth, and she tried to ignore the happy churring as she sucked.

She ignored the Gul’s growling laughter as well as she took the long, bizzarely curved erection in both hands. Stroking the raccoon cock as hard as she could, she suckled and licked the bulbous tip.

Her initial hope that the horny 'coon would come quickly were dashed: minutes went by with him humping the bars (and her hands) lustily, and then more minutes. Slimy goo pooled in her mouth, but it was only precum.

In fact, it was more than twenty minutes before he rewarded her efforts. Her warning was the steadily louder churring, the violent twitching in his bellyfur, his sudden need to spread his hindpaws wider. As a visible shiver developed in his bellyfur and haunches, his balls clenched visibly up against his groin. It was the unmistakable preface to ejaculation, and she reached for his jar –

And his dark gray, furry ‘hands’ reached through the bars to pull her face firmly down on his cock. Before she could even mumble in protest, he churred violently and filled her mouth with a massive gush of semen. Then another, and another. So firmly was the raccoon’s cock wedged into her mouth that the salty goo spurted into her throat, forcing her to swallow or choke. She swallowed.

Pulses of warm raccoon jizm slid down her throat, feeling both gelatinous and solid. She tugged back against his forepaws, trying to catch some of the spunk with the jar, but still he would not release her head. Four, five heavy spurts of seed, and finally his grip relaxed…but only when she had swallowed the last drops. With a contented sigh the enormous raccoon leaned back, wet cock still hanging from his bellyfur.

"He likes praka too." The Gul’s voice was amused. "The little prakafemmes come by and suck on him. You’re lucky he didn’t ram his dick down your throat for what you did to his friends. And look, you swallowed. I think your only option now is to suck on him again, yes?"

Coughing and cursing, she reached for the coon’s shaft once more. Her stomach was warm and tight, full of the raccoon’s copious release, and she suspected it would not be the last load of seed down her throat today.

"It doesn't have to be all bad. I bet he'd lick you out if you asked." The black-armored wolverine man shifted with a clink of metal. "For that matter, maybe I would."

"Shuff uff."

He shrugged. "Suit yourself." He didn't bother to tell her that she should move on to the next animal. After all, the big 'coon had just come. It'd be ages before she coaxed more out of him, but if she did a circuit of the other 'donors' he'd be ready when she returned.

It was no skin off his nose either way. Though he wasn't much into humans, he did enjoy watching this one lower herself to service beasts.

In retrospect, he regretted not speaking up when she'd been captured. The khardaki had the right idea. He could see the Maker now: 'This gul was a bit of a failure, mindless you know, and I need samples of his seed to figure out why….'

Maybe next time.

The End