Title: Starfire Chronicles, Chapter 1
Author: Corona
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Summary: This story has been in the works for the past 3 months, having changed storyline many times in that time. It contains non-consentual vore and a bit of blood reference. If this is not your kinda thing, i suggest you turn back now. But if not do enjoy it and send any feedback you have to me at Corona_Blaze@yahoo.com

Chapter 1: Bumbling Guests

It was a foggy October night, the glow of the Dynis Inn illuminating the gloom. A rather husky looking wolf with two companions, one a lean otter, the other a lithe tiger, walk through the dusty streets towards the slightly rundown inn. The tiger sighs and turns to his wolf companion "Are you certain this is the right inn this time Jeht? I don't think Kleth and I could stomach another meal like at the last two inns." The otter nods, burping a little "Yeah, I don't think that badger agreed with me *belch* ugh... I'm still having bad burps." Jeht stops and turns around to his two partners "I'm certain that i've got it right this time, Gan. I'm sure the rouge Corona is here." They nod and follow him into the inn.

All around there were beings of all sorts, accompanied by the ever present smoke haze. Jhet and his partners glanced over the crowd as a small timid lynx came up to them "Heya big boys, ya'll need a table?" Jhet was about to say no when he spotted his target "Certainly." She nods and leads them to a table near the bar. She then takes their drink orders and, as soon as she is gone, Jhet leans in to his companions "It looks like we've found our catch boys. Up at the bar towards the end..." Gan peers down the line at the mentioned furson "Looks like our roo alright." Jhet nods "We'll keep an eye on hir for the moment, don't want to draw any attention just yet." They nodded, taking up their drinks when the lynx came back with them.

As the trio downed a few glasses, the lynx waitress went up to the roo from behind the bar, so the three wouldn't see her talking to hir. Shi glanced up from hir malt at her "So... I take it my reputation finally caught up to me, eh Kila." The lynx nodded, "Thats right Corona. I think they are waiting for you to be alone to jump you." Corona grins, taking a sip of hir malt, "Well, we'll see who jumps who then." Kila chuckles and nods, returning to her rounds.

Half an hour and seven beers later, Jhet and his group finally saw Corona get up from hir seat and head for the stairs leading to the inn rooms. "Ok boys, there shi goes. Lets get this job over with." The other two nod and follow him. Jhet follows Corona silently, soon coming to hir room. The trio waits outside hir room a moment till the lights go off. Jhet turned to his partners, "Ok, lets do this quickly and silently." They nod, Jhet taking hold of the handle and gently turning it. Silently, the trio slipped into the room. "Shhh... easy does it." Gan whispered as they got around either side of the bed. Jeht nodded at the two, mouthing one, two, and on three they all jumped onto the bed. "Gotcha... hunh?" Jhet called "What the.... where is shi?" Kleth cried from the bottom of the pile when the lights suddenly came back on.

"So, you boys thought you could get the jump on me?" The trio turned to see Corona close the door, arms crossed over hir chest. "How?! Grrr... nevermind. Get hir boys!" Jeht cried, all three launching at hir, Jeht swung hard at Corona's head, Corona just sneering as shi easily dodged it, taking hold of the wolf's arm and planting a hard punch to hir gut, Jeht letting out a little grunt as he fell over in a heap. Kleth crept up behind hir and snagged hir in an arm lock. "Hold hir Kleth" Gan pulled back and swung at Corona's head, attempting a knockout blow that Jhet failed at. At the last moment, Corona ducked forward, a surprised eep coming from Kleth just before getting his face crunched by the tiger's blow, his grip on Corona slipping, allowing hir to gut punch Gan, a stunned look on his face as he collapsed forward on top of an unconcious Jhet.

Corona smiled to hirself as shi stepped out of the heap "Easy as pie." A knock soon came to the door, the lynx waitress from before poking her head in "Is everything alright Co.... ah I see everything turned out good. Can I get you anything? Something to eat perhaps?" Corona grinned and shook hir head "Thats ok Kila," shi glanced at the three figures on the ground, "I think I'm good for now." Kila glanced at the three then back to the roo, grinning "Ah I see..." She nods and heads back out the door "I'll be sure not to let anyone disturb you tommorrow. G'night" She leaves, Corona going over to the squirming otter, picking him up licking hir lips.

Kleth whimpered a little, clutching his bleeding nose "You son of a mmphmhm....." he didn't get to finish as his head was shoved into Corona's mouth, the hungry roo quickly working hir jaws down and over his torso, hir neck bulging with hir first meals every struggle visible under hir fur "Mmmm...." Kleth doesn't give up though, his struggles keeping up till only his feet are outside Corona's jaws. Shi then slathers over the otter's large feet a few times before slurping them down, hir belly swelling as Kleth empties out into hir hot stomach. Kleth squirms futily against the pulsing walls of the roo's belly, his motions causing hir to belch loudly, stroking the wriggling bulge in hir middle "Ah... delicious." Corona then reaches down and takes hold of Jhet's feet, slipping them past hir lips "and now for the second course." Shi mrrs happily as shi slips the unconcious wolf's legs down hir gullet.

As shi got to his chest, Jeth finally came to. "Uhhhhn.... What the?!" Seeing hir meal awake, Corona quickly slurped him in up to his neck. "No! Please don't.... don't eat memmph!!" his voice was cut off as Corona closed hir lips over hir second meals head, a struggling bulge making its way down hir throat to make hir belly bulge even more. "So I see shi ate you too. I guess we shouldn't have underestimated hir" Kleth mrred as Jeht slid out into Corona's stomach with him. Jeht just groaned, growling slightly "Oh shut up..." Corona gently stroked hir massive gut, belching loudly "Mrph... thats two down, one to go." Corona took hold of gan, turning off the light. Shi quietly dragged the unconcious tiger over to hir bed. Down below hir window, the patrons from the bar started to stream out, their voices drowning out the steady gulping noises as Corona claimed hir third meal.

The next day, Kila stopped in to check on Corona after hir escapade the night before. She knoced a few times before peeking in "You awake Corona?" She looks around and spots the roo, hir gurgling belly sloshing atop hir. She could make out a few noticiable bulges, the rest just a wobbling mass. Kila can't help but chuckle a little "My, quite the feast you had" she grins, stroking Corona's bloated gut. "Mmmm... that feels nice, Kila" Kila eeps a little as shi speaks "Oh I see you are awake. Is there anything I can get you?" Corona shakes hir head, groaning a little and giving hir gut a rub "Those three will hold me for a while, just let me rest for a while." Kila nods "Ok, I'll let you rest and make sure noone else disturbs you, sleep well." She gives Corona's belly a little hug before departing.

Chapter 2: A Narrow Escape

Over the next few days Corona's belly slowly shrank down, hir body fully absorbing the failed assassins. After 3 days, hir for had returned to normal by the next morning. Hearing commotion downstairs Corona gets up, sprucing up hir appearence a bit before heading to the door. Though shi doesn't reach it before it is suddenly flung open "What the?! Who? Kila!" Shi gasps, the lynx waitress stumbling in, her fur caked in blood "Uhhn... Corona... the men.... the assassins... they weren't the only ones after you..." She collapsed into hir arms, her sword clanking on the floor. "Kila are you alright?! What happened?!" Kila groaned a little, clutching her bleeding arm "They first came yesterday while you slept. They asked about you and I told them I didn't know anything" Corona nods "Then what happened?" Kila grunts a little, using a portion of the bedsheet as a bandage "That night some shady characters came snooping around," she pulled the wrap tight, wincing a little "Next thing we knew, several heavily armed men broke in just before daybreak. The staff and I have been fighting them all morning, not many of us are left." Corona's face went a little pale when shi heard the news "My god, Kila, why didn't you wake me sooner?!" The lynk just curled up against the roo, sobbing softly "I would have if I had the chance. It all happened so fast."

Corona pouted, cradling the weeping cat against hir. Just then a short little dragon came running into the room, gasping for breath. Kila dries her tears and looks up at him "What? Ganna? What is it?" He gasps for breath "They... they're... on their way... back... the fighters." With that Kila jumps out of the bed "Corona! You have to get out of here! Theres no way you can take them all on at once, theres far too many." Corona pouts a little, perking up shortly after "But there is something I can do to help. If I can get them to see me running off I can probably get them to follow me." The duo look at each other, grinning "That may just work! Ok when I give the signal take off out your window and head for the woods." Corona nods "Alright" The lynx and dragon then leave.

In moments Corona can see well armed soldiers approaching the Inn. "Ok," Kila calls upstairs "Get ready." Corona climbed up into the window, awaiting the signal. "Now!" Kila cried from downstairs. Corona didn't hesitate in the least, dropping down from the window to the street below, making sure the soldiers saw hir. One of them, a very large bull, pointed straight in hir direction "There shi is! Get hir! Lord Doshin has promised a hefty reward for hir head!" With that the bull and the rest of the men charged hir.

Corona waited till they were a bit closer before making a break for the woods, swearing a little when shi heard who has put a bounty on hir head. "Damn that greedy brother of mine, it seems his power has finally gone to his head. Damn him!" Shi fumed, running fast through the trees, the troopers in hot pursuit. Shi suddenly felt something searing hot graze hir right arm, clutching it as pain shot up it "What the fuck?!" Shi glanced back over hir shoulder, ducking just in time as a second volley sailed over hir head. The bull from before now had a gun where his left arm was. "Shit. thats the last thing i need, a damn morpher." Shi dodged to the right as the bull fired again, the shot blasting apart a nearby tree. "Damn at this rate I'l be nothing but an ash pile, time to lose em." Reaching into hir pouch, Corona pulled out a small blue vial, tossing it back behind hir "Here! Catch!" The pursuers skidded to a halt just short of where the vial falls, a thunderous erupting from the impact, several of the men being flung back a few yards. The bull, however, escaped harm, a large metal shield covering his front "Son of a bitch!" he growled, disspersing his shield, "Damit, shi got away." He punched the nearest tree, the trunk shattering from the blow. He then turned to those around him. Shi can't have gotten too far ahead. Fan out and search the area." "Yes sir, Master Gavis." the troops bellowed, splitting up to scour the woods. Gavis turned back to where Corona had vanished "I swear that roo is going to pay. Lord Doshin shall not be denied." he stormed off into the woods.

Chapter 3: New Allies and an Ominous Message

Meanwhile, back at the Inn, the survivors let out a sigh of relief when the soldiers took off after Corona. "That was far too close" Kila sighed leaning back against the bar. Ganna nodded, setting his ax, which was as big as he is, against the wall "Sadly, I don't think the Dynis Inn will be seeing much business." A lithe vixen with a crossbow nodded "Its going to take forever to clean up this mess." The main floor of the Inn was littered with the bodies of fallen soldiers, as well as staff members of the inn and a few drunks. Kila sat up and dusted her hands "Well Kurai, we might as well get started." The other two nodded , replacing weapons with brooms and mops.

Not soon after they started there was a knock on the inn's broken door. Kila looked up from her mopping "I'm sorry but we aren't open." The figure shook its head, its voice a little cracked but definately masculine "I'm not looking for a room, young cat. I'm curious at to if you have heard of anyone by the name of Corona perchance?" All of them froze, staring at the stranger, Kila was the first to speak "And what business do you have with hir, if its malicious in any way you can expect a fight before we tell you anything." She tugged a knife from her belt. The stranger held up his hands "Do not be alarmed, I mean neither Corona or you and your staff any harm." Kila stared at him curiously, lowering the knife "Go on...."

Back in the woods, Corona was gasping for breath having hid out in a small burrow "I think they've left" Shi carefully poked hir head out of the hole "No sign of em, time to make a break for it." Shi clambers out of the hole, taking off deeper into the woods, unaware of two sinister eyes watching hir.

"So you're saying that you're name is Alex Nighthawk and that you have some vital information to tell Corona concerning hir brother?" The figure, a tall and slim dragon with dark scales, nods "It is vital you take me to hir." Kila sighs, staring at the floor "Well, I don't know where shi could be. A group of Doshin's soldiers attacked us looking for hir. shi drew them off by having them chase hir into the woods. I have no idea what has happened to hir." Alex said nothing and stood up, heading for the door. "Wait!" Kurai, who had been listening from the bar called "Where are you going?" Alex stopped just inside the door, looking back over his shoulder "...to find Corona." With that he spread his wings and took off towards the woods. The inn fell silent, Ganna the first to speak "You think he'll find hir, Kila." Kila looked at him, a worried look on her face "I hope he does, Ganna. I hope he does."

Around this time the sun had started to set, dark shadows creeping across the forest floor. Corona glances around "I wonder how Kila and the others are doing, I hope they're alright." Shi yawns a little "Boy, all this running has worn me out, I best rest before I continue on." Shi looks around and finally just lays up against a tree. "*yawn* Just a quick snooze... *yawn* then its... back... on the... zzzzz" Soft snores soon echo silently around the clearing. As soon as shi falls asleep, a dark figure steps out of the bush "Good, ssshi'sss finally fallen asssleep," a husky voice hisses, "Lord Dossshin will reward me well."

Elsewhere, high above the trees, Alex speeds across the canopy "I know shi's around here somewhere, but where." He soon stops suddenly "Oh shit, I hope thats not hir." Down below where Corona slumbers, a snakeman silently coils Corona up in his grip. Corona squirms a little in hir slumber "Uhhnnn...." The snakeman still keeps up his coiling, hissing softly to himself "Sssuch a pretty prize, and tasssty looking asss well." Corona groans a little in hir sleep, the coils getting a tad uncomfortable, soon hir eyes flutter open sleepily "Uhhnnn... Hunh?!" Corona wriggles, hir body already coiled up to hir chest "Who are you?!" The snakeman hisses softly "Ah ssso the catch awakenssss. I am Thakisss, and you are my prize, though I may have to sssilence and ressstrain you if my journey back to Lord Dossshin will be easy." he grins toothily, licking his lips "and for that it looksss like you're my next meal."

At this Corona wriggles against the coils, staring up at Thakis as he opens his mouth, lowering it down towards hir head, the pink gullet of the snake yawning over hir muzzle. "Shit, got to get loose or i'm snake chow." Thakis's maw starts to close, but suddenly stops, a stunned look on his face "You should eat faster and talk less, serpent." Corona blinks a bit, looking at at who spoke "What now?" In Thakis's eagerness for a meal, Alex had arrived, planting a hard punch into Thakis's chest, leaving him gasping for air and knocking him back quite a ways "You should be able to get out now, Corona, I strongly suggest you do."

Corona doesn't think twice on it, wriggling hard and soon slipping out of Thakis's coils "Thanks, whoever you are." Alex doesn't respond "We aren't out of this just yet." Thakis finally came aroudn, clutching his aching chest "You wretch, you ssshall pay for that," he hisses, suddenly launching at Alex, "I ssshall devour you both!" He shoved past Corona, his rage fixed on Alex. "Look out!" Corona called, but Alex just stood there. "Now you die!" Thakis bellowed, reaching out to Alex. Alex suddenly raised his hands up in front of himself and shouted "Stasis RIng!" Glowing rings then pulsed from his hands, colliding and sliding over Thakis, halting his attack as well as pinning his arms to his sides. Thakis hissed loudly, straining against the bonds "You sssson of a bitch! I'll tear you apart when I get loossse!" Alex just grinned, stepping up and cupping the restrained snake's head in his hand "I don't think I'll give you that option."

Without another word, Alex pulled Thakis in close to him, gripping him in a tight bearhug as he opens his mouth wide, sliding his lips down over Thakis's head and shoulders in a single gulp. Thakis strained to wriggle out of Alex's grip but to no avail. Alex then grips further down Thakis's body, his neck buldging as he works his lips down over his waist, Alex's belly starting to bulge as Thakis's head slips out of his throat and into his stomach. Corona just stares dumbfounded as hir dragoon rescuer proceeds to devour Thakis down, his tail flip flopping like a piece of thick spaghetti, Alex's belly now writhing with Thakis's struggles as Alex finishes off his meal, a loud belch echoing around the clearing.

Corona just blinks, staring at the spectacle a bit before approaching the gorged dragoon "Who... Who are you?" Alex belches loudly, idly stroking his grumbling stomach "My names Alex Nighthawk, I have come to find you because I have vital information regarding your brother, whose new alliance will threaten the entire world as we know it..."

End Part 1