When the Tables Turn 

by Race
Story Copyright (C) By: Race
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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"When the Tables Turn"
by Race - with special thanks to Ragnar Wolfcoon for input and proofing
Kerrigan Rowlfer rubbed his eyes and sat up while his alarm clock endlessly rang. The juvenile coyote growled and reached over to the clock, which was sitting on a table beside his bed, and swiftly knocked it to the ground with a paw. The clock slammed on its top, hitting the button that turned it off.

Kerrigan, or Kerry as he would prefer to be called, slowly started to climb out from under the covers. He was clad in only a pair of boxer shorts, as were his customary pajamas, and his fur was all mussed up from sleeping on his pillow awkwardly. He squinted in the bright morning daylight that was passing through his window, and blindly searched around the same table for his eyeglasses. Eventually, his paw found an object that seemed to be eyeglasses, and he quickly fit them on his head.

As soon as he put the eyeglasses on, Kerry could see clearly again. A bed sat empty right next to his, still made up perfect as it was the day before. The coyote smirked to himself, and looked down at his naked chest, running a paw over his belly.

The bulge was still slightly there, although at this point Kerry could probably put on a normal sized tee shirt and walk around without gaining much attention. The coyote's somewhat surly mood from having to get up changed for the better as he rubbed over his swollen gut.

"Heh, how you doing today Kenny?" he smirked as he slammed a paw hard against his tummy. "Oh, that bad, eh? I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe a shower would make you feel better."

Kerry chuckled to himself and pulled completely out of bed, walking a short distance to the bathroom that he and his brother Kenny used to share. The coyote whistled a tune to himself, slipped off his boxer shorts and glasses, and stepped right into the shower. The water felt wonderful against his fur, and the coyote smirked to himself as he continued to tease his brother, who at that point was slowly digesting away in his gut.

"Heh, it sure is nice not having to wait for you to finish your shower first. I mean that time you tripped on the soap and broke your leg. I mean, come on, I had to wait an hour then. Can you imagine how much of a hassle that was?" Kerry smirked and rubbed a paw against his gut again as he worked the soap into his fur. "Heh, I guess you can't do much imagining now period, eh bro?"

In a few minutes, Kerry was squeaky clean and he stepped out of the shower. Before covering himself with a towel, the coyote took one last minute to admire his taut stomach. He smirked and poked at it once more with a paw, and then cradled his paunch in his paws, lifting it up a few inches before letting it sag down again.

"Heh, I'll say this much for you Kenny. You sure were tasty," he sneered and licked across his lips. Kerry then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist before heading back into the bedroom to get dressed. He picked a pair of khaki shorts and a large tee shirt, and then came down the stairs for breakfast.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowlfer were seated at the table already, eating a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. Erin, Kerry's five year old sister, was eating cereal with marshmallows, and she was picking out the marshmallows and leaving the cereal, much to her mother's displeasure.

"Erin, eat your cereal too," Mrs. Rowlfer said.

"No, me eat marsellows," said Erin, banging her spoon hard against the table.

Kerry rolled his eyes at his sister. "It's marshmallows, squirt," he grumbled.

Erin began to cry, and Mrs. Rowlfer turned to look at Kerry with some disgust. "Apologize to your sister right now, Kerrigan Scott Rowlfer!"

Kerry rolled his eyes at his mother. "Why should I? It's not my fault I'm the only member of this family with any brains," the coyote snapped as he left the table in a huff and headed for the front door.

Mr. Rowlfer yelled out after him. "Don't talk to your mother like that! And where's your brother Kenny?"

Kerry stopped for a second, and turned back to his parents with a snarl. "How the hell should I know? Is it my responsibility to carry him around everywhere I go?" He couldn't help but smile a little at the double meaning of that, but before his parents had a chance to answer back, he had stormed out the front door and slammed it shut with a bang.

He padded down the street about half a mile before arriving at a rather unassuming blue house with a broken lawn mower left in the yard. Kerry walked up to the door and rang the bell. A large portly raccoon lady came to the door and smiled at him.

"Why hello Kerry. Should I tell James you're here?" she asked the teenage coyote.

Kerry nodded and leaned against the porch railing, folding his arms across his chest. "Yeah, if you could please Mrs. Porter," he said politely.

In a few minutes, a large raccoon boy wearing a backwards facing baseball cap and an equally large tee shirt appeared at the door. "Kerr Bear," he yelled out to Kerry.

Kerry smirked and waved the boy out onto the porch with him. He held his paw up high and waited for the raccoon to make a move to high-five him, at which point Kerry pulled it away.

"Ha, you're too slow Fatso," he smirked and elbowed the boy in his gut. "How're ya Butch?"

The raccoon grinned and chuckled. "Oh, pretty good." He looked over his shoulder to make sure his mom wasn't still around, and then turned back to look at Kerry. "Though I don't think I can say the same for Jenny, haw," he snickered as he pushed a paw against a small bulge in his own belly.

Kerry snarled and kneed his friend in the bulge, causing Butch to almost fall forward as the wind was knocked out of him. "You idiot. Don't talk about that here." Kenny rolled his eyes and walked off the porch, waving Butch to follow after him.

The raccoon followed after Kerry, and once the two were safely out of sight of Mrs. Porter and any other witnesses, the coyote reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

"What do you think, should we go?" he asked Butch quietly.

The raccoon retrieved an identical piece of paper from his own pocket and read it over quickly. "Uh, I don't know. Do you want to?"

Kerry shook his head. "Nah, let's go to the arcade. Heh, like we need a piece of paper that tells us we're graduates of the Institute of Predation. We've got our proof right here," he grinned as he pat his own gut and that of his friend's. Butch murred quietly and Kerry grinned. "Heh, and I thought you ate a lot before, you fat pig." The two chuckled and marched off toward the arcade. Along the way, they tossed their invitations into a garbage can. Butch missed. Kerry made his shot, and put Butch's in as well.

That same day, in a small storefront between a pizzeria and a Laundromat, the Institute of Predation was preparing to graduate its first class. A large wolf, who had to be at least eight feet tall but perhaps more, stood at the doorway and greeted his pupils as they came in.

"Hello Mary. What a nice dress you have there," he said to a tigress who walked in through the door. "Nice to see you again Gregory," he chuckled as he slapped a paw on the back of a chubby bear who followed after her. The last to arrive was Violet, a deermorph who was eating a rabbit whole as she came into the building. "Excellent work, Miss Violet, I'm glad to see that you're continuing to practice your skills," bellowed the wolf. He frowned and looked down at his watch after she came into the classroom.

"Wait a minute, where's Kenny?" The wolf looked around the class, to make sure he hadn't missed anyone, but his fourth pupil was nowhere to be found. The wolf, whose name was Mr. Black, frowned and looked down at his name list again. "Where's his brother and James Porter, the two in my early class?" The wolf sighed and closed the door to the institute, and set the clipboard of names down on a table. "Guess they had something better to do."

Mr. Black chuckled and turned to his students who were present. "Well that's okay. Those three will just have to miss out on this important day for all of you." The wolf grinned and walked over to stand behind a podium at the front of the classroom, and continued on with his speech. "Yes, the three of you are very special indeed. In many ways, I'll be leaving her with a little bit of each of you inside me."

Mr. Black sighed and wiped a few tears out of his eyes, and then reached behind the podium, pulling out a camera. "Okay everyone. Time for a picture," he smiled and made a motion for the three students to get up. The wolf led them over to a little area of the room where six "X"'s had been taped to the floor. Mr. Black arranged the group carefully.

"Well I wanted this to have two rows, but I guess we'll just have to make do with you three. Gregory, you stand here. Mary, you there. Violet, you get right next to her. Okay, everyone ready?" The three pupils nodded.

Mr. Black walked back over to his podium and reached behind to get the camera. Instead of retrieving the camera, he pressed a hidden button. A large cage lowered from the ceiling and slammed down on the three. Mr. Black grinned and slowly padded away from the podium, over to the front door, which he abruptly locked.

Gregory, who was the largest of the three pupils, was the first to speak. "Mr. Black, what are you doing? Let us out of here," he said as he and the other two rattled the bars of the cage.

The wolf chuckled and reached for a light switch, shutting off all the lights except for those near the cage. Mr. Black pressed another switch and shades lowered on all the windows, and the glass front door. He smiled wickedly and turned back to his class, his yellow eyes gleaming quite noticeably in the low light.

"It's very simple, Greg. I'm going to give you three one last lesson. It's called, 'When the Tables Turn.'" Mr. Black grinned and padded toward the cage. He took a key out of his pocket, and slowly fit it in the door. Gregory and Mary tried to escape as he opened the door, but the wolf slapped them aside with his strong arm. The two crumpled hard against the bars, moaning in pain, while Mr. Black slowly dragged Violet out of the cage. Cradling the deer under one arm, he slammed the door shut again, leaving Gregory and Mary inside and trapped.

Violet squirmed and yelled, close to crying, but Mr. Black was far too strong. He smirked and pulled her close to him as he could, and turned to look at the other two. "I hope you two are happy. Because of your obvious attempt to undermine my plan, I'll let you watch as I slowly devour your friend." The wolf smirked and licked across Violet's face with his tongue, causing the deer to scream.

Gregory and Mary slowly stood up from where they had been slammed against the cage, and after gathering to their feet, they ran back to the front of the cage and began shaking the bars. "You monster," yelled Mary until her voice went hoarse, "Let us out now!"

Mr. Black smiled back at the two. "Oh don't worry, you'll both be let out...eventually...at least until I put you in another kind of prison." The wolf chuckled and lifted Violet up toward his salivating muzzle, holding the poor deer with his gruff paws in such a way that her arms were pinned to the side. Her legs started to kick Mr. Black, and he growled and slammed her up against the wall.

"Don't even start with me, missy. Just shut up and deal with the fact that you're my prey. It will make it a lot easier," he growled at her face, his hot steamy breath rushing over poor Violet's face. Her eyes showed a great deal of worry, and she stuttered a few times as she tried to gain the strength to speak. "I-i-i..."

Mr. Black never let her finish, however, as he slammed his muzzle down over her head. Gregory and Mary screamed as they watched, shaking the bars all the harder but not even loosening them one inch. The wolf, meanwhile, slowly began to growl as he delighted in his meal. True, normally he would have much rather ripped into these young pieces of meat, savoring their blood and tearing their muscles from the bone, but this plan had to leave no trace of evidence behind, which was why he was so upset that so many were missing. Particularly because he so loved coyotes. Still, at least his belly would be more full than it already was.

The wolf chuckled and closed his eyes to take the first swallow. Violet's head passed quite easily into his gullet, and he pushed roughly with his paws as he managed to get his jaws over her shoulders. Violet was easily the smallest of the three, so Mr. Black figured it would be good practice. He'd save Gregory for last. He had plans for him.

The wolf tipped his head back and took another large swallow, continuing to slowly work his muzzle up and over the young deermorph. He was so hungry, he neglected to remove her clothing, but that was okay with him. His drool ran all across the poor creature's fur, matting it down and slickening it to allow for much easier swallowing. A bulge began to form in Mr. Black's neckfur, as the deer's shoulders passed into his gullet as well, the wolf wasting no time at all in devouring poor Violet to her navel.

At this point, Mr. Black didn't have to worry about keeping her arms out of the way, as they were easily pinned by his powerful jaws, so he moved his forepaws down to the girl's thighs instead. The wolf's stomach began to rumble considerably as more of Violet passed down into his throat with each swallow. Her sweet feminine taste was familiar to Mr. Black, who had taken down his share of does in his time. The wolf slowly turned to face the cage again, a noticeable delight in his face as he stepped back toward the other two and showed them what he was doing, only Violet's legs protruding from his muzzle.

Gregory stumbled back, looking like he was going to throw up, while Mary passed out. The bear ran to her aid and started to shake her, but Mr. Black continued even without his audience. The wolf tipped his head back and snapped up the deermorph's thighs, her cute little white tail disappearing into the cold abyss of Mr. Black's maw. His throat had considerable distention in it now, as the wriggling form of poor Violet could be seen indenting his coarse neck fur.

Mr. Black tossed his head back once more and swallowed hard, pulling Violet's lower legs into his hungry muzzle as well. Only a pair of hooves remained outside his muzzle, but in no time at all the greedy predator snapped them up as well. Mr. Black growled with delight and leaned against his podium as the deer continued to struggle inside his gullet. All her efforts got her nowhere, however, and soon she was only a bulge in the large lupine's belly. His shirt stretched slightly over the paunch, though not too bad, as the petite Violet wasn't that large of a meal. Mr. Black licked over his lips and turned back to look at the cage, where Gregory was still trying to wake the fainted Mary.

"Mmm...I must say you two have excellent taste in friends," he grinned as he again stepped toward the cage, making sure to walk in such a way that his belly was prominently displayed. "And now for you two."

Mr. Black again retrieved a key from his pocket, and opened the door of the cage once more. This time, however, he joined his captives inside. Gregory pulled Mary, who was still out could, away from the wolf and cowered against a cage. "Get away from me, you bastard! You're not eating Mary too," he growled at Mr. Black.

The wolf chuckled and calmly shook his head, giving up a small belch afterwards. "Heh, urp. Of course not. I promise that I will not eat your friend Mary, Gregory."

The bear blinked and shook his head. "Then why are you in here? Let us go," he yelled to Mr. Black.

Mr. Black smirked and shoved Gregory hard against the cage. The bear moaned as his head slammed against the bars. The wolf put a paw over Gregory's neck, holding him there while he pinned the bear's legs under his own. "I'm going to eat you next, don't worry. I think you could use a little fattening up though." The wolf grinned and stuck his claws slightly into Gregory's neck, causing a slight bit of pain. "And if you don't agree, then I might have to make my next meal a little more messy."

Gregory whimpered and nodded, and Mr. Black pulled away. The wolf grinned and reached down for Mary, collecting her unconscious form in his paws. "Mary's your girlfriend, isn't she Greg?" he asked to the still whimpering bear.

"Y-y-yes sir. She is."

Mr. Black smirked. "I'm sure you two have been intimate in the past, been really close, am I right?"

Gregory blinked, not sure where the large lupine was going with this, "Y-y-yes sir, we have."

Mr. Black grinned and collected the tigress in his paws and turned to look at Gregory with cold eyes. "You two are about to get a little closer." The fact that Mary was unconscious made the wolf's life a lot easier, as he only had to hold her in one paw. Mr. Black's other paw reached out and grabbed Gregory's muzzle. The wolf growled and stared at the bear. "Open your mouth."

Gregory started to cry and tried to shake his head and pull away, but the wolf wouldn't let go. Mr. Black sneered at him and repeated. "Open your mouth, Greg, or I will make you open your mouth." This was not the jovial Mr. Black that had only recently taught six young teenagers how to eat living prey whole.

Again, the bear shook his head adamantly. Mr. Black's eyes began to show a tinge of anger, and the wolf dropped Mary on the floor. He growled loudly and reached over with his other paw, grabbing at the bear's lower jaw and forcing it open. Gregory tried with all his might to slam his jaws down on Mr. Black's paws, but the wolf was too strong.

Mr. Black smirked and pulled the bear's head forward, and then with all his strength slammed Gregory's head back against the bar. The boy moaned in pain as he shut his eyes, having been knocked out. Mr. Black grinned to himself and let go of Greg's lower jaw for a minute, as he reached down to collect the other unconscious fur.

He wrapped a paw around Mary's neck, and roughly pushed her head into Gregory's open jaws. The wolf smirked and continued to shove as hard as he could, just as Gregory woke up, his girlfriend inside his muzzle up to her shoulders. The sight was so frightening that Gregory swallowed, pulling Mary's head down into his gullet, just as the tigress woke up from her fainting spell as well.

Mr. Black grinned at Gregory as he held the boy's girlfriend in his paws. "Good boy, Greg. I didn't even have to ask you to swallow." Gregory's eyes widened and he choked and coughed, trying to spit her back up, but Mr. Black only continued to use his strength to force her down.

"Now, now, Greg. I keep my word. I said I wouldn't eat her. I'll have you do it for me. And surely you remember what I told you in class. Once your gullet grabs your prey, there's no turning back." The wolf chuckled quite wickedly at this last comment, and continued to work the squirming and crying tigress into her boyfriend's muzzle.

Gregory could not believe this. At the same time, he could do nothing to stop it. His body was made that if it felt prey in his throat, then it would do all it could to pull that prey down into his stomach. That's exactly what was happening. Mary was rapidly disappearing inside him, her head and shoulders bulging out his brown neckfur as her legs stuck from his muzzle, Mr. Black's paws wrapped tightly around her ankles.

Mr. Black chuckled again and waited for more of Mary to be pulled down by Greg's throat, to where he could work her rather muscular thighs into his mouth. "You see, Gregory. Everyone has a little predator in them." He smirked and folded up the girl's legs at the knee, jamming them into the poor bear's muzzle. The wolf reached down and collected Mary's striped tail, folding it up and forcing it between his jaws as well. Mr. Black then grabbed Gregory's muzzle and held it shut. "Swallow her, Greg."

Tears flowed from Gregory's eyes as he tried with all his might not to swallow his precious Mary down, but the wolf's grip was tight, and he was having trouble breathing. Greg sighed pathetically, which was enough force for his throat to take over and pull the rest of Mary's body down into his gullet.

The wolf sneered and actually danced around a little, before pushing a paw against the poor abused boy's throat. "Mmm...you feel those movements, Greg? That's Mary. She's trying to escape. But she won't escape. Not after what I taught you. I hope you enjoy your last meal."

Gregory closed his eyes and fell down on his side, crying his eyes out while his stomach started to swell. His tee-shirt ripped down the middle as his belly bulged, still wriggling around a little. Muffled screams could be heard as his beloved Mary was forced to curl up inside him. "I'm so sorry, honey," Gregory whimpered as he looked at his belly and kissed it.

Mr. Black chuckled and sat down beside Gregory. "You did well, my boy," he growled as he put a paw over the bear's bulging stomach.

Gregory turned his head and screamed at Mr. Black, stuttering and with tears still in his eyes. "You bastard. You monster. How the hell can anyone be so evil?" The wolf smirked and pulled his paw away.

"It's not that evil," he snarled. Mr. Black reached out again for Gregory's shoulders, and roughly lifted him from the ground. "I just wanted a fattened meal."

Gregory's eyes widened again, but he didn't even try to escape. He had already had more pain done to him, and at this point, he really didn't care what happened. Mr. Black had won.

The wolf opened his jaws, which were pre-stretched from his earlier meal of the deermorph, and shoved Gregory's head inside his muzzle. The bear's head was rather large, so it took some doing, but the fact that Gregory was so upset that he didn't even bother to try to struggle made the going a lot easier. The wolf growled happily as his tongue licked across the bear's facial fur, finding the salty tears there to be a very nice flavor to his meal.

Mr. Black turned his back against the bars, leaning back while he held Gregory out in front of him. The wolf leaned forward, and slowly began to stretch his jaw. A creaking and popping noise was heard as the wolf's jaw dislocated like a python. Mr. Black growled happily at the taste of poor Gregory as he slowly walked his jaws over the boy's shoulders.

Again, the wolf was in such a hurry he didn't bother to remove his prey's clothing. He hadn't removed Mary's when he fed her to Gregory either, but the bear was in no capacity to complain about that. Mr. Black swallowed hard, pulling the large bear's head down into his gullet, greatly distending it.

The wolf moved himself around so that he was on his knees, letting Gregory stay weakly out in front of him. Mr. Black lowered his head to the ground and allowed the bear to lie as well. Now, the wolf was able to slowly walk his jaws over the large boy, even more like a snake than before. Mr. Black still used his paws, holding them at Gregory's hips, but most of the movement was more of Mr. Black working himself over the bear, rather than him working the bear inside him.

Gregory continued to cry, and occasionally moved, but his spirit had been broken. It was like he was dead already, but that was okay with Mr. Black. He still tasted absolutely delicious. Mr. Black made a mental note to eat bear again as often as he could. For now, though, he had Gregory and that was more than enough. Mr. Black's tongue continued to slurp across the boy's furry arms and shirt, the wolf's growling picking up as he approached the bulging stomach.

Mr. Black really had to stretch to get around the tigress-filled stomach of Gregory, but he was eventually able to do so. After all, he was one of the best predators around. The wolf reached down for Gregory's ankles now, his neckfur bulging with so much meat that he was having trouble keeping his head parallel to the ground.

Mr. Black began to sit up now, holding Greg's furred legs above his muzzle so that he could allow gravity to simply pull them down. Mr. Black's shirt completely ripped down the middle as Greg's head was pushed into his stomach, so the wolf simply decided to remove it. He closed his eyes tightly and swallowed twice more, pulling the large prey down to where only his feet stuck from the hungry lupine's jaws.

The wolf pushed the feet in gently, licking across them a few times before swallowing completely. Mr. Black growled in extreme pleasure and leaned back against the bars again, pawing over the bulges in his neck and belly, coaxing Gregory (and Mary) down to join their friend in his belly.

Eventually, the wolf's strong throat muscles pulled the bear down into his belly completely, causing the button on Mr. Black's pants to snap off and his large gut to push over the waistline. The wolf smiled and patted his large belly a few times, before letting up a monstrous belch.

"Braaaaaaaaaaaap! Thank you, my students. Class is dismissed." Mr. Black chuckled wickedly and continued to pet his belly, lying back against the bars of the mostly dark classroom to take a nap.

"Shoot him! Get the...no! You missed him, go back. Get the ammo! Look out!" Kerry yelled at Butch, who was on his 15th quarter of the day and was still no closer to beating the first level of Super Grabnoids.

Butch turned to look over his shoulder at Kerry. "I know! I'm trying to...damn it!" The raccoon slammed his fist down hard on the machine, which now read "GAME OVER."

Kerry smirked and rolled his eyes at Butch. "You just aren't any good, Fatso. Let's get out of here before you blow your college tuition."

Kerry grinned and led Butch out of the arcade. As they were walking back towards the Rowlfer house, they noticed a commotion outside Stan's Pizzeria. Several police cars were there, as well as some large vans marked with lettering that read, "Biogenics Corporation of America. BHM."

The coyote blinked and looked back to Butch. "Do you see that?" he said as he pointed out the vans to the raccoon, who was still livid about not getting a chance to REALLY show his video game skills.

Butch turned and looked, as several white-coated scientists raced to a door and smashed the glass open with crowbars. Butch squinted his eyes, and turned to look at Kerry. "Hey Kerry...isn't that the Inst..."

The coyote snapped his head and looked over, and grabbed the raccoon around the arm. "Shit! Let's get home, Butch. NOW!" Kerry raced away from the scene, pulling his pudgy raccoon friend behind him.

The two arrived at the Rowlfer residence, wheezing and puffing as they pushed the door open. Mr. and Mrs. Rowlfer and Erin were watching the TV intently. Mr. Rowlfer was the first to notice them. "Kerry, James, get over here and watch this!"

The two teenagers walked into the den and stood behind the couch, watching the special bulletin on the television. A cute vixen was addressing the audience as she stood in front of Stan's Pizzeria.

"A patron of this local pizza establishment behind me heard a scream and called the police around 2:30. Local law enforcement arrived on the scene and entered this seemingly empty storefront," she said as she pointed out the storefront.

"Upon entering, they discovered a grossly overfed wolf asleep inside an iron-barred cage. After tranquilizing the wolf, he was brought in for questioning at headquarters. The wolf, who identified himself as Mr. Black, was forced to take a polygraph test. After failing, he was administered a truth serum."

"He said that he was a product of the Biogenics Corporation of America, headquartered in the Deep South, which has come under recent scrutiny for their illegal experiments on animals and furs. Mr. Black explained that he was given special injections that increased the size of his brain and his strength, while at the same time his appetite. After his genetic code was spliced with a snake, in the hopes of further increasing his strength, he gained the ability to swallow prey whole."

The vixen lowered her head in reverence as behind her white-coated scientists were removing evidence from inside the building. "Mr. Black said that he devised a plan to capture local children from this area and eat them. This storefront was the location of Mr. Black's 'Institute of Predation,' where he said that he gave the appearance of teaching students how to do what he could do."

"Mr. Black explained that today was graduation, and that after getting his class to join him, he trapped them in a cage and slowly..." The vixen again lowered her head. "...ate them."

Kerry and Butch almost fainted right then and there. The coyote reached over and slammed a paw hard against his raccoon friend's mouth, so he wouldn't say anything stupid. Meanwhile, the other Rowlfers watched on in horror and disbelief.

The vixen continued, "After administering an X ray, the wolf's stomach was indeed discovered to hold three partially-digested bodies, although the type were not easily identified. Mr. Black has been returned to the Biogenics Corporation of America, or Biogen, as they are more commonly known. Apparently, this is not the first case that Biogen has had a specimen escape. Details are unclear, but there are reports that several years ago an experimental raccoon managed to escape the facility. This escape coincided with an accident in which a Biogen executive, Dr. Alan Ross, was found to have been eaten by a python specimen in a horrific feeding accident."

"Members of Biogen were unavailable for immediate comment, but one would believe that after lawsuits of the families of Mr. Black's victims, the biogenetics company will be forced to shut down. For Channel 5 news, I'm Maureen Davis," the vixen ended.

Mrs. Rowlfer turned to look at her husband. "Can you believe that? What is this world coming to? And there's ANOTHER ONE still out there?" Mr. Rowlfer patted his wife on the back.

Kerry and Butch slipped out into the kitchen, the coyote still holding his paw over the raccoon's mouth. Once they were out of his parent's audible range, Kerry let go. Butch was quick to try and speak.

"Can you believe that? Those three kids! They probably attend our school. Mr. Black ATE them? He would've eaten us too! We were invited. We would have died, we would have..." Kerry quickly covered up his friend's jaws and spoke in a loud whisper.

"Fatso, HUSH. We're fine. That's all that matters. Just keep your fat mouth shut for now! And stay in here. I have something to do..." Kerry smirked wickedly at Butch and pointed at the refrigerator. "Why don't you eat something. I'm sure Jenny's about gone now, heh." The coyote turned and ran back up the stairs, his tail swiping Butch across the face as he raced upwards.

Kerry returned after a few minutes, slowly walking into the living room again with tears in his eyes. He solemnly turned to his parents. "I know where Kenny is..."

Mr. and Mrs. Rowlfer turned to look at him anxiously. "Where is he Kerry?! Where is he?" Kerry sighed and handed his parents a piece of paper. Mrs. Rowlfer read it out loud.

"To Kenneth Andrew Rowlfer for Excellence in Swallowing. Signed, Mr..." Her voice began to crack and tears filled her eyes. "...Black. The Institute of Predation." She looked to Kerry again, close to sobbing. "Your brother..."

Kerry nodded solemnly and reached around to hug his mother. "I'm sorry mom. I never knew. I don't know what got into him...this morning he said he was going to go to the library. I believed him...I didn't know any better." Kerry had tears in his eyes too, although he was faking it.

Mrs. Rowlfer bawled on her son's shoulders. "He's dead. Eaten by that monster. I hope that company goes bankrupt."

Mr. Rowlfer interrupted the two sobbing coyotes. "It's okay hon. I'll talk to Mr. Jennings at work. That weasel is the shrewdest lawyer in this whole area. Those scum will be brought to justice..." he tried to stay calm, but even he began to cry and howl in pain at the thought of his son being dead.

Erin looked at the coyote hug and climbed up onto everyone. "Wheh's Kenwy?"

Kerry sniffled and patted his sister on the back. "He's gone, Erin. That wolf on the TV ate him." Erin started to cry as well, at which point Kerry pulled away from his family.

"Guys, I can't take this. I'm going upstairs to cry my eyes out." Kerry wailed and ran from the room into the kitchen where he motioned for Butch to follow him up to the room. Once he and the raccoon were inside, Kerry shut the door and locked it.

"Butch! Do you know what just happened? I convinced my parents that Mr. Black ate Kenny. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Jenny was eaten by him as well," Kerry sneered and walked over to his friend and gave him a little hug. He looked up at Butch with a wicked smile.

"And that TV. It said there's another one out there. Another fur-eating monster. We can get away with it now. Everyone will blame any more missing disappearances on that fur. No one would ever suspect two sixteen year old furs." Kerry grinned and rubbed a paw over his friend's belly and another over his tail.

"Do you see what this means? We can get away with so much now. Mrs. Wallace gives you a bad grade? Just ambush and eat her. They'll blame that other Biogen guy. Sister annoying you? Just sneak in her room and eat her," the coyote chuckled and nuzzled his face against Butch's belly. "There'll be a lot more people filling this cute gut in the future. I guarantee you that."

Butch grinned and licked his lips. "You're right Kerry. I always knew you were smart, haw. Heck, why stop at sister? I could eat my parents, and you could too. We could eat everyone, Kerry. We'd never have to eat regular food again, we could just eat people!" Butch chuckled and hugged his friend. The two furs had never been so happy in their life.

Kerry grinned and pushed against Butch. "Heh, not so hard you big Fatso. We've got some planning to do."

Race sat watching his favorite TV show, "A History of Chocolate." It was a four part miniseries that was eight hours long, and just as they were getting to the part about how they put the nougat in Snickers, the channel switched over.

The fourteen foot raccoon almost fell over in his couch, glaring at the screen. "Hey! Put Chocolate back on!" Race grumbled and pressed several buttons on his remote, but nothing seemed to work, and the report was on every channel.

Race's brother, well not biological brother but adopted brother, Ragnar Wolfcoon came padding into the main room of the den.

"Hey, bro. What's up?" Ragnar, whose nickname was Rags, asked of the tubby pile of fat and fur that was about two seconds from tossing the remote through the TV screen.

Race looked back to the seven-foot wolfcoon, a wolf and raccoon hybrid who looked a lot like a smaller version of Race except for a white chest, toothy wolf muzzle, and a long, bushy tail. Race had all grey fur covering him, and a normal raccoon's muzzle, and a slightly more poofy tail. The coon pointed at the TV. "They interrupted my show."

Rags walked around and sat down beside his brother, reaching over to scritch his belly a bit. "Aw, you know you have this on tape," he said, smiling up to the large raccoon.

Race sighed and nodded, and turned to watch the screen. Maureen Davis was standing in front of Stan's Pizzeria. Race chuckled and looked to Rags. "Heh, Stan's Pizzeria. I'm surprised we haven't put them out of business with all the delivery boys we've eaten."

Rags chuckled and leaned against his brother, smiling and murring softly. "Hee...I know."

Maureen continued on the screen, and her next words caused Race's ears to perk up. "Mr. Black has been returned to the Biogenics Corporation of America, or Biogen, as they are more commonly known. Apparently, this is not the first case that Biogen has had a specimen escape. Details are unclear, but there are reports that several years ago an experimental raccoon managed to escape the facility. This escape coincided with an accident in which a Biogen executive, Dr. Alan Ross, was found to have been eaten by a python specimen in a horrific feeding accident," she said.

Race did the most sensible thing he could at that point. Scream. He screamed so loud that it caused Rags, who like most raccoons and wolves had sensitive ears, to sit up. "What? What is it bro?" he looked to Race.

Race stuttered and pointed at the screen, shivering. "It's th-th-them...Biogen...they're h-h-here."

Rags turned his head to the side. "What?!"

Race looked to Rags. "Those scientists. They found him."

Rags was dumbstruck. "Found WHO?"

The raccoon took a deep breath. "The wolf that escaped before me. He...kn-kn-knows me."

Rags shook his head. "Knows you?"

Race nodded. "Yes, we would talk all the time. He told me of how they were changing him. He could eat squirrels whole. I joked with him that it would be great if we could eat our way out of the lab...they caught him. He'll tell them I'm here too."

Rags shook his head. "What do you mean? He couldn't know that you are here as well..."

Race sighed and nodded. "I guess you're right. But still, they know I'm out there somewhere. That wolf's not responsible for all the disappearances in this area. They know that." The coon shuddered. "They'll find me."

Rags frowned and climbed up onto his lardball of a brother and hugged him, scritching over his back. "It's okay, bro. They're not looking for you. And even if they were, I wouldn't think a few humans would be much trouble for you." The wolfcoon chuckled and poked Race in the belly.

The coon shuddered and nodded slowly. "Thanks, bro. You're right."

Rags kissed Race on the cheek and nodded. "Of course I'm right. Now let's order us some pizza."

As the two brothers walked off to call out for their dinner, the voices on the TV continued as a Biogen representative was interviewed.

"There's one more out there," the man said. "And believe us, we're looking for him."

The End

Story copyright Justin M. Schuver/Race 2002

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