Title: The Calling
Author: Starblade Riven Darksquall
© 2005
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Summary: A dragoness gives visions to a troubled young male human, who later finds her. Unbirthing ensues. This is the beginning of a series, the rest of which has yet to be written.

Story: The year was 2013. Tom Dallen, an 18 year old, in a rather odd predicament, was loosing it. Reila Goldheart, the age of a good few hundred, and a visitor to this Earth, was searching for him. She had entered through a portal into a cave, and was hoping to get to him before it was too late! Too late for what? Too late for him to regain his old self.

~I must save him.~

The one thing that Tom hated the most, was his parents mocking him. They always did. Every little detail they could nitpick. This could have tragic effects on somebody, even his age. It was too much. But, eventually, his mind couldn't take it, and hid from him the source of his mental anguish. This was a very sad thing indeed, but... there was a cure. Yes, a cure. Reila looked to him, in a vision, feeling sorry for him. Soon, she would have to help him. She was only on Earth temporarily, and she had to act quickly, for he was in grave danger.

It was the 8th of November, 2013, and it was about time for bed, at about 10:26 PM, but Tom wasn't tired. Not one bit. Something was bothering him, and it wasn't going away. Something was on his mind. He paced for the next minute or so, trying to get his energy out so he could go to sleep, but nothing worked. Then he just decided to lay in bed, but nothing worked. Then it was 10:30 already. His mom knocked on the door, and told him it was time to sleep, and turned the lights out. After about 15 minutes or so of rolling in bed, Tom eventually tired himself out, and went to sleep. But sleep, he was soon to find out, was even worse than insomnia.

~The dream, I must give him the dream.~

The dream was about a cold, winter night. But Tom was outside, freezing. A cold breeze blew over his body, making him even more uncomfortable. He walked without seeing, and without thinking, blundering into the darkness before him, until he found the warmth. It was quite worm. Steaming hot even. He held himself up against it, enjoying its warmth, but something was wrong. He looked up, and then, he saw it: the most horrifying creature he had ever laid eyes upon. It was huge! It was at least 50 feet long! And then, the warm flame spout out from its snout encompassed him, burning him into ashes.

~He has awakened.~

Tom wakes up, his heart beating heavily, and then realizes it was just a dream. He looks at the clock. It was about 12:20 AM. He had not even been asleep for even two hours. He then decided he should go back to sleep. But, he couldn't. He went back downstairs, quietly so as not to wake his parents, and went to make some tea. Eventually, after the tea was made, he drank it. Clearly it was necessary. He didn't want to resort to medication, but he would if he had to. But, it seemed, for now, he was able to get some sleep. He went back up to his room, closed his eyes, and eventually fell back asleep.

~I must repeat the process.~

The dream repeated itself, only more clearer. The creature was a dragon, and he was walking right into 'its' cave. He knew the creature had a gender, but he could not clearly distinguish it. And instead of being burned to ashes, he was simply burned, dying of heat. Once again, he woke up, this time sweating. He didn't know what to do, so he went downstairs and went to get his medicine. It was 2:55 AM, and he wanted to get to sleep right away. He took his medication, and decided to sleep down here, just in case he needed to take it again.

~I must keep doing this. Eventually, it HAS to work!~

It repeated again. Another change happened. It was beginning to become lighter, until he got into the cave, and he was running for some reason. The dragon turned out to be a female. And the flame... while it didn't burn, it hurt. But somehow, it was soothing. But, then she dragon wrapped her tail around him and crushed him. It was too much. It was about 5:00 AM in the morning at this point. He needed to get just a bit more sleep, but he couldn't think of any other way... so he went outside. It was cold, and raining, so he went back in. He didn't need to go out. Not just yet. He went to sleep again. But the dream, once again, and for the last time, repeated.

It was lighter out, much lighter, though still a bit of darkness. He wasn't sprinting. He was just moving his legs. He felt the weight of his legs seem to dissappear, and he felt like he was flying... but he wasn't. Eventually he got to a point where he'd never looked before. It was an strange place, and it looked old. He went inside. Besides, it was cold out there, and might be warmer in there. And, of course, he went deep enough, and saw the beautiful dragoness. She was in color now. She appeared to be a mixture of orange and green, with a bit of deep purple added in. But that was all he could see. She soothed him gently with her warm breath, flames sparkling around him. Her tail wrapped delicately around him, but she brought it to her body. She held it on him, constricting him, until he couldn't breath, and he soon suffocated.

When he woke up, it was about 7:30 AM, a good time to wake. He had gotten about 9 hours of sleep, but it was broken, so it was worth about 6. He needed some way to get kick started. He eventually forgot about the dream as well. He didn't need any distractions. He went to make some coffee, and after it ws made, and after he had drank it, he felt a little better. But it was hardly caffienated, only enough to get him started, not enough to keep him going. So he went outside, took a raincoat, and went for a jog.

~The stage has been set. It all comes down to this.~

He went out the door. The wind was still blowing, but the rain had stopped... at least somewhat. It seemed the perfect conditions for a jog. He looked up. The sky was clearing up, but this could be only temporary. He looked back in front of him. He liked the scenery. It was very refreshing to see the outside world rather than his twin 'boxxes', that is, his home and his school. He also liked how he felt when he jogged. He felt his body lifted off the ground, but he knew it was just his body chemicals kicking in, his endorphins. It was still a pleasant feeling though. THIS was the refresher he needed!

He looked around a bit more, enjoying the scenery, deciding to go further than he usually did. He tended not to go to these further out places, but he wanted more time, and more exercise to help zap his body back into full-alert status. Right now, he was still somewhat out of it, except for where he forced himself to concentrate. He continued jogging, but it seemed the temporary light that was granted him was fading. He also felt the wind pick up, telling him that the storm was about to continue. From what it seemed, the storm wasn't going to simply be lenient just because he was out by himself in the middle of nowhere, so he began looking around for some shelter.

Eventually, he found something. It was an old mine, abandoned, broken, and pretty much useless. He knew nobody would be in there... or at least, he was beleived nobody would be, and was fairly confident in it. He looked inside, also wondering what could be in there. He was curious, so he stepped in. He picked up on the fairly new environment, and smelled it. It was mostly clean, being that there was no work being done on it. He looked back outside. The rain was picking up, and it was getting windier, so he decided to delve further inside.

He was walking along further, looking for a good place to rest, and then he thought of something. This was a lot like his dream. Though he hadn't quite pieced it together until now, it was a LOT like his dreams. Now that he wasn't so focused on his exercize, and on the environment, as it was pretty dark around the place, he had time to think about it. It WAS a lot similar... and the only element missing was... the dragoness. And, right when he considered this, he bumped into something warm. It really was a no-brainer.

He had bumped into her soft tail. He looked up, and... she looked down. He could tell there was a look of curiousity on her face... strange that a dragon or dragoness would be capable of immitating human facial expressions, he thought to himself... and she began to speak, "Hello, what is your name?" He gulped, speaking rather timidly, "I'm... Tom." She chuckled, "Hello, Tom! I've been expecting you," She smiled sweetly, brushing her tail from side to side happily... but it gently knocked into him causing him to stumble from the ground. He fell face first, not harmed, seeing as he landed on a pile of soft dirt, but he still feelt humiliated.

She snickered at him. "Ooops, I keep forgetting how unbalanced humans are, as they must be, standing on to legs and without a tail!" He just stared blankly at her, and she urged him, "Come on, get up!" He nodded, and did so. "Who are you?" He asked. "My name is Reila. It's a pleasure to meet you," she answered. Tom nodded again, "Hello... Reila." She looked to him, sympathetically, and asked, "Are you alright? You look rather cold and wet. Let me dry you off." Tom stared, looking at himself, and shaking his head. "Look, it won't hurt. Just, you'll need to take your clothes off, or else you risk getting them stuck to your body, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

Eventually, he decided to trust her. Despite the images in his dream, she sounded rather nice. Besides, it was dark in here. She wasn't going to see anything! So Tom took off his clothes, first his rainjacket, then... well, everything else. It all lay in a pile, and he moved a few meters closer to the dragoness. "Now what?" She smiled, and breathed in, deeply, and before he could object she breathed out. He closed his eyes quickly before the flame hit him. The flame itself was large... but it didn't burn. While it did feel hot, particularly when contrasted against his cold body, and that much did sting, it didn't burn, not even first-degree.

Eventually, the flame stopped, and she sat there, cross legged, and smiling much wider now. The flame seemed to have caught onto a big wood pile far back, and a few well placed mirrors kept the light shining on both of them. She seemed to have put them there on purpose. He realized he was exposed, and guarded himself the best he could. She giggled. He looked up to her, and just then realized how absolutely gorgeous she was. She had a green body, for the most part, except for an orange underside, and a mottled orange color around her face. Her eyes were deep purple, and so were her ridges that went all along her back. Her wings were mostly green, however, with orange around the bones, and purple fur. Her entire body followed this design, being a mix of green, orange, and purple. Then, he realized how similar she looked to the dragon in his dreams.

"You... you appeared in my dreams!" He sputtered out. She smirked, "So I'm the dragoness of your dreams, am I?" He looked to her, and nodded. "Well, kinda." She laughed. "Oh, this is lovely! Absolutely lovely." He wondered what she meant by that, but she reassured him. "Oh, don't worry. It just means I get to have a little bit more fun with you, that's all..." And with that, she flicked her tail out, curling it behind him as he was backing up, and quickly wrapped it around his naked body. "Yes... I will have plenty of fun..." He asked, "But... why?" She smiled warmly, "Because... I was the one that gave you that dream." She chuckled, as if he were to understand it right away. She went on to explain, "I gave it to you because your life was miserable, and it was leading you down a path that would eventually lead to your doom. I wanted to give you another chance... at life..." He wondered about that. "So, you're saying, you're here to... alter my path?" She nodded, "Not just that. I'm here to change you completely."

He thought about it, within the embrace of her tail, and he asked how this was possible. "How? You can't change me. I've allready been built. Finished. I'm done changing. I'm 18 years old. How can you possibly undo for me the identity that I have already come accross, and chosen for myself? While I can change some of my tendencies, my exposure to the world itself has affected my growth. There is no way, save for reverting me back to my infancy... and even so, even if you could do that, I'd still be me. I'd still be human." She chuckled. "My, my, and all these thoughts have produced nothing in terms of an idea? Well, just ask yourself, how did you know to ask those questions? Yes, you are skeptical, but your mind put it together, even though you have forced yourself to have doubts about it." He pondered this. She then decided to tell him her plan. "I am goin to give you a new life. Everything about you will change, from your upbringing to your genetic structure. The only thing I can't change is your soul, but even that will change as you are inspired by your new life, your new form, and your new world. I am going to make you into an egg. I will unbirth you, and then rebirth you. You will not be the same. You will not be doomed. You will be happy!"

He looked to her, and finally got it. But... he still wondered... I mean, how would he get to being an egg? Before he thought any further on this, she answered it for him. She took her tail, still wrapped around, him, and gently squeezed it, forcing his body a bit thinner, and in the right positions, as she brought it closer to her legs... to between her legs... and then he saw it. Her labia. It was reddened, and now begging to inflame, releasing a sweet aroma from within. He could smell it, the smell enticing him, though there was nothing he could do in this positon. She brought him closer, and closer, until his face was right up to it. And, while attempting to resist the tempation, he eventually couldn't resist, and snuck a quick lick at it, tasting it curiously. He liked this taste. It was like a sweet nectar, with an interestingly 'cinnamin' like taste, mixxed with a sort of 'apricot', and 'mango', but he knew it wasn't quite these things. She shuddered, and her lips spread to the touch of his blunt but still-mobile tongue.

He ran his tongue along her a bit more, and she shivered in delight as he stimulated her. She wanted him in her, badly, and she was willing to do anything she could to do it. She rather enjoyed the idea of having him within her, so close, and within her reach. She rubed him slightly against her slit, rubbing him against her opening. He breathed in deeply, taking in her scent, then breathed out, and she shuddered softly, wondering if that was intentional or not, but either way it delivered the same effect, and she felt her arrousal heighten. She wanted more of him in her... and she was in the perfect position to do so. So, she helped him, sliding his face to her slightly, carefully. It was enough for him to get a better taste of her sweet juices, and he did so, causing great pleasure to the dragoness, arrousing her further, and even beginning to arrouse himself, despite them being of different species. She murred lightly, enjoying this, and hoping he was enjoying this as well. And he was. He was enjoying this as well, his member starting to harden and erect, and she could smell his own musky scent, which despite the size difference making it relatively less, her own good senses caught on to, and which signaled to her that he was definately becoming arroused.

She pushed him in further, his head entering into her warm sex, right past the entrance. He was shocked by this sudden movement, but eventually he found that he had trouble breathing, for a bit. But she reassured him, "Don't worry about breathing. Just drink the juices, and it will take care of everything." He didn't know what else to do, so he did drink them. They tasted just as good on the way down as they did on his lips and tongue, and they felt warm and soothing in his stomach. He wanted more of these juices, and began to run his tongue along her walls further, scooping them up. She shuddered, tightening her muscles on his body in response to this, releasing more of the nectars from within her cunny, and he continued drinking them, gulping them down, noticing the effects. She slid him in further, up so that his shoulders were at her slit, and he delved even further with his tongue, wanting her sweet taste, lapping them up and drinking of it.

As Tom continued the drinking, Reila shuddered, slipping even more of his body into her, his body beginning to sweat from the heat of her warm, moist sex. He couldn't think of much else but the various sensations. He also felt his own arrousal, as his own cock was fully hardened from the stimulation of her rippling walls around his body. She felt this, and pushed him in even further, sliding his chest and arms into her, slipping him in to the point where she could hold onto his body with her vaginal muscles alone, not needing her tail, and she slowly unraveled it from him. She gave him one more nudge, and he slipped up to the point where his hands could be used more freely, and he felt that she needed a bit more than his tongue to keep her pleased, so he moved his arms and hands around inside her, rubbing them against her soft walls, which tightened around his hot, sweaty body in response. He could even hear it this time, the slight slurp-like noise, as he slid up her well lubricated tunnel. This caught his attention, and he looked forward, but he could see hardly anything, except a slight illumination, very slight, which showed the reddish pink color of her vagina.

The dragoness shuddered more at the human's movements, enjoying the feel of his hands rubbing up against her inner walls, and squeezing her muscles together against his body, causing more rippling of her sex against his body, the soft skin rubbing against his nakedness as he shivvers in delight as well, continuing his movements within her. He rubs his body around more, and started to push his penis against her inner surface, causing her to gasp in pleasure. She grinned, rubbing lightly betweein his crotch with her tail in gratitute, also rubbing against areas that he seemed to have missed. She was very much pleased as he continued to make his movements within her, and she wanted this to continue as much as it could before he would have to move on and make his full journy into her. She was enjoying this so much, though, so she decided to take it a bit slower than necessary, just to savor this moment. She kept him like he was for a while, before poking a bit more at him, using her muscles again to caress all over his body.

Eventually, Tom begain thrusting a bit more, squirming around a bit also, and Reila begain squirming as well. Tom felt his body move further into Relia, up beyond his belly and waist, with only his legs sticking out at this point. He could feel the smoothness of her walls all around him, and rubbed up againt them happily, finding a soothing aspect to this unbirthing as well as a sexual one as he slowly slid up inside of her. Reila rubbed just above her sex, where Tom was positioned, having great enjoyment as well, knowing full well that he would soon be fully within her, along with deriving enjoyment in advance from the prospect of orgasm. Tom continued in the act of pleasuring his 'mate', now rubbing with more of his body as his legs began entering her, pumping harder against the somewhat rubbery walls of his lover, as Reila writhed in pleasure at this, pushing her tail inside her sex to stimulate her 'mate' in turn, murrrring deeply at the feeling of fullness he gave to her.

Eventually, the human slid up to his feet into the dragoness, and then beyond that point, her cunt lips closing tightly after his feet passed through their opening. He shuddered at this, knowing he was fully encompassed by her sex at this point, but continued bucking his increasingly large - at least to him, but she didn't mind, she had something much bigger in her (:P) - shaft against her walls, despite knowing he had gone past, and in fact was already long past, the point of no return. She mmmmed, deeply, and with no use of her tail in any other way, began using it to rub at her clit, to help increase her arrousal further. The dragoness murred a bit at her own pleasuring, sending this energy in a form back to the human, who in turn lightly wriggled agaainst her soft walls. She gasped, moaning now as her pleasure level jumped up, releasing more of her sweet lubricating nectars, and they dribbled all along his body. He began drinking of them more, and lapped up at them, trying to get as much of them as possible. However, this only further stimulated the female, and she squeezed onto his body even tighter, but the human didn't suffocate, seeing as he'd been drinking the juices again.

This continued for a while, and then, began slowing down. After things cooled off for a little bit, Tom eventually found his body trapped. It was not moving any further up, nor would it move back down. At this point, he started to panic. He realized that something was not right... but Reila only shuddered. She enjoyed his movements within her, moaning slightly as he tried to move himself around inside her. He tried pushing himself back out, but this only lead to the entrapment of his arms further into her. However, when he tried to pull them back, he only ended up pulling himself forward. This also seemed to continue until he could not pull himself any further, due to the tightness of this further passage, or perhaps her natural responsive tightening, at which point he only seemed to be engaging in some sort of futile 'swimming' motions, affecting her, but not moving himself at all. However, this only brought pleasure to Reila, who found herself much closer to orgasm, almost there a this point, his slight panicking sending shivvers through her spine, up to her neck and down her tail.

Eventually, she suggested, "Perhaps you should make the best of your situation. After all, you won't be able to enjoy pleasaures like these again for quite a while." Tom thought of this, and agreed, and went back to his thrusting. Eventually, it came to the point where he couldn't hold back any longer, and the increase in arrousal took him over, and he tensed up, and then let go, reaching his eventual, but inevitable climax within her, spurting forth his seed within her depths. He pumped faster and more vigorously for a while, moaning, until it stopped, and he continued on to making the motions within her. Relia also moaned, gasping, and eventually the feel of this within her set her off, sending waves of pleasure through her body, as she began to orgasm as well. She felt her body's tension all come to one point, and then suddenly release throughout her her body, her sexual passions concentrating all on one place, on him, deep within her body like this, and moving to pull him in up her birth canal, or UNbirth canal, as it was.

Tom felt this, her cunny rippling and convulsing around his body, squeezing onto him tightly and letting him go, eventually acting to push him further into her, as well as releasing a lot of juices, which only lubricated the passage further, preventing him from resisting. Her contractions pushed him all the way to her cervix, but wouldn't stop there. He found the fleshy insides were not so much smothering him as pulling him into her, and her cervix gave way. The walls enclosed and squeezed him into her depths, the tightness forcing him into her womb, systematically, and he tried to prevent his passage, but he had no choice, eventually her sex pushing him into her fully, and he slipped into her womb. Once he was fully past, her cervix shut tight behind him, almost as if it were sealing him in.

She panted, as did he, once this scene finished. He could hear her heartbeat from here, which was still pumping harder and louder from the scene, but eventually the sound grew quieter, still audible, but softer, and he could tell her orgasm was over. Tom looked around, his energy spent, and he saw what seemed to be the source of the light. It was around the corner, up one of her tubes, and he looked. It was an egg, with a rather strange shine in it, and its sheer energy seemed to be beckoning him toward it. She could tell where he was, and after panting a bit more, and regaining her breath, she spoke to him. "Go on. Go inside. It won't hurt you. It's there to help you. Help you regain your dragon form." This shocked him. He remembered... he did love the form of the dragon... and he remembers how he had to forget it. She was right. He WAS in trouble. He had forgotten entirely! This must be what the dream meant! She patted her belly, rubbing it lightly, and he could feel her hand through the walls. She smiled, as did he, and he went on to the egg, going up through, climbing up through her falopian tube, crawling, and even swimming, until he reached her ovary, and then he saw the egg more clearly.

He smiled, sliding his hands inside it. It was an odd feeling... like pushing his hands through jello, but he continued. He wondered how he could do this, seeing as his seed had not yet reached it... and of course, it allreaddy seemed have what could be sperm, but, oddly it didn't seem normal. It appeared to be more than his physical esscence. It was his spritual escence. His passions seem to travel quicker than his semen, wich of course made sense, since it was purely energy. But it needed a body, his body, to completely fertilize her egg, so he went in further, pushing his head in, and the rest easily following. He was forced to curl up inside of the egg, which at this point gained a leathery lining, which he was incapable of penetrating, but felt good against him. Then, at this point, he began to feel sleepy, some reaction, whether chemical, or simply emotional, like from the spend energy from this sexual involvement, eventually led him to sleep. Tom was now beginning his long hibernation within the dragoness.

Reila murred, laying back, feeling him regress, trying in a failed attempt to keep herself from giggling as she was amused at the thought of the idea of someone growing backwards! But she needed a more compact form than this before she could proceed to redeveloping him. She needed to bring him to the dragon realm. She could not stay here. So he regressed, along with the egg, back into his primal state, eventually his esscence and matter merging with that of the egg, until the egg was small enough and she absorbed the egg through her walls, the egg having slid back into her fully, going along with the other eggs. He wasn't conscious now, but she could enter into his dreams, and communicate with him this way. But right now she needed to concentrate on leaving this realm.

She stepped through the portal, knowing fully he was safe from the dangers of travel of this sort, and she stepped in, all of her, including the 'human', now known to be more than just that, going with her. They were now leaving Earth. They were now leaving from his entire realm, that of the yet unnamed universe, simply called "Uncharted realm." and back to hers, one of the dragon realms. The name was "Mern", and it was a place this 'Tom', to be renamed once he was reborn there, would soon have calling his new home.