Title: Together Forever
Author: Dancing Queen
© 2003
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Together Forever
By Dancing Queen
The moonlight shone through the open window and lit up the room in a soft blue glow. Sarah sat at the edge of the bed, clutching her knees to her naked chest, crying. Nathaniel lay beside her, asleep on his back under the sheets. Sarah looked back at him and then turned away again, choking back tears. She couldn't bear to lose him.
It had been an hour before that Nathaniel, her boyfriend of nearly a year and half, had confessed that he thought it best if they broke off the relationship. He didn't feel the same for her as he once did and had done his best to explain that while Sarah had cried on his shoulder. She knew she couldn't change his mind, and she didn't want him to stay with her out of pity and have their relationship be a lie. Knowing it would be their last night together as a couple they had their final love making session. It had been the greatest sex of Sarah's life, full of passion, of feeling, knowing that it would be for the last time and nothing had been held back.
Now Nathaniel slept, thoroughly wore out from the passionate finale of love making, and Sarah was left with her grief. She had been sitting up for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out how to handle this, how to cope with losing him, but she couldn't. She couldn't bear to see him with another woman, she couldn't bear to think that another girl would capture his heart, would make love to him. She had always taken great joy in the thought that she was the only woman Nathaniel had ever made love too (and she had thought she always would be). Now that joyful thought was shattered and she couldn't stand it. Sarah knew what she had to do, she didn't want to do it but she was not about to face the alternative.
Sarah turned back to look upon her sleeping lover, wondering if she really had the strength to go through with this. Her stomach spoke up, letting out a low rumble. She rubbed her belly and wiped her eyes. Then slowly, hesitantly she pulled the sheets off of Nathaniel's body, exposing his nakedness. Nathaniel shifted slightly but remained asleep as Sarah silently moved to the foot of the bed and knelt down, her lover's feet inches from her mouth. She bit her lower lip and fought to keep from bursting out crying again. She swallowed hard and leaned closer to the feet in front of her.
Sarah grappled with what she was about to do, she really didn't know if she could do it. But then she thought of Nathaniel lying naked next to another woman, one who could not possibly love him like she did. That image giving her the strength she very carefully put her hands around Nathaniel's ankles, opened her mouth wide, and slid the warm feet into her mouth. She was careful not to lick at his feet, afraid that tickling could wake him up too soon. She moved her hands further up his legs and gently pulled him down, he slid across the sheets as Sarah swallowed and sent his wiggling feet into her throat. Her lips crept up to halfway to his knees as she gently took hold of his thighs.
Again she pulled him down the bed, taking a much larger swallow this time and getting Nathaniel's knees into her mouth. Her neck bulged with the presence of her lover's calves. As much as she wanted to be able to savor his divine taste Sarah knew she had to work faster, the longer she took the more risk there was that he would wake up and try to stop her. With that thought in mind she gulped down his knees and took his thighs into her mouth. Nathaniel shifted slightly in his sleep, nearly causing Sarah to gag from the unexpected motion. She recovered quickly and gripping her love around the waist she pulled him down and slid her lips over his waist, engulfing his rear, hips and manhood in one large swallow.
She felt the pressure in her stomach as a bulge had now formed from the presence of Nathanial's feet. She paused to catch her breath, but then something happened she hadn't counted on. Inside of her warm wet mouth Nathaniel's member started to come to life, not doubt stimulated from being in the loving cavern of Sarah's mouth. He moans slightly and smiled in his sleep, thinking she was playfully trying to wake him with her skilled mouth. As he came fully out of sleep Nathaniel started to become aware of other, unfamiliar and strange sensations of warmth and wetness not on just his manhood but over the entire lower half of his body. He opened his eyes and looked down. His jaw dropped and his eyes went wide in disbelief at seeing himself half engulfed by Sarah. He stammered, trying to make sense of what he saw and trying to find words to express his shock but failing.
Sarah took advantage of this moment of stunned silence to grab a hold of Nathaniel's hands and stuffing then into her mouth. She took a hasty gulp and her lover's stomach entered her mouth. With his arms now effectively pinned to his sides all Nathaniel could do was wiggle and squirm, which he did.
"Sarah what… what are you doing?"
Sarah rolled her eyes up to meet his. A tear ran down her cheek, it was all she could do try and explain. There was so much she wanted to say to him but the presence of his body in her mouth, throat, and increasingly in her stomach made that impossible.
"This is impossible! This can't be happening!"
Another swallow pulled in Nathaniel's chest and proved him sorely wrong. He squirmed and wiggled in Sarah's throat but he was held tight, only his shoulders and head remained.
"Sarah don't do this! Please! I'm sorry…"
There was a whimper in his voice that caused another tear to trickle down Sarah's cheek but she knew this was the only way. Her belly had a rather lumpy bulge as more of her love was sent to it. She reached up and stroked Nathaniel's head, running a hand through his hair as she had always loved doing. Then she swallowed again and engulfed his thick shoulders.
"Sarah…" Tears welled up in Nathaniel's eyes as he looked down at his scorned but still loving girlfriend. He looked at hear brown eyes now wet with tears and saw no hate, no anger, no hunger for revenge. What he saw was love, unflinching, eternal love. He choked back tears and spoke to her one final time. "I love you..."
Tears flowed freely from Sarah's eyes as she ran her hand through Nathaniel's hair once more and looked into his misty green eyes for the last time. She pushed his head down and swallowed. Nathaniel's upper body slid into her mouth and with a series of smaller gulps he was deposited in her stretched and bloated belly.
Sarah let out a burp and rubbed her lover filly tummy. "There was no other way… but it's alright now." She hugged Nathaniel through her stomach. "We'll be together forever now, like you said we would."
Sarah crawled painfully up onto the bed and laid on her. She rocked her belly, feeling the wiggling of her lover become less and less and finally cease as he slipped into sleep inside her. She rubbed her tummy and soon she too was asleep, while her digestive system went to work, bringing the lovers together, making the two into one. He would be a part of her, forever.