by Catman
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 2002 - All rights reserved.

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(WARNING: this story contains: Vore, fattening, cooking, sexual
practices, and the fulfilment of dreams)

A story by Catman, Part one of VORE, MY LOVE.

He knew this was the end for him. The Foxtaur was going to eat him,
and he was too late to realize it.
Not that he minded. After all, it was a game. And to Chazor21, it had
become his favorite.
Chazor21 was a websurfer of 21years, and spent most of his free time
looking for vore sites to fill the time he wasn’t working. It was odd,
but it turned him on. Especially when it was a woman doing the eating.
He wanted to be at the food end of that.
Today he got lucky. He had found a MUCK that was made for vore and
fattening. He was playing the role of a rabbit, and his captor, who ID’ed
herself as VIXEN20, was a hungry female foxtaur. They had spent a
couple hours talking and fattening Chazor21 up, and now it was mealtime.
“Are you scared, my dainty sweetmeat?” VIXEN messaged to Chazor21
(Who, in real life, was called Charles Cortez).
“A little… but what can I do? I’ve been stuffed to immobility, placed
in a pie, and covered with chocolate.” He messaged back, adding that he
was squirming a little in his bindings.
“Good. Fear makes rabbit pies much more delicious. “ VIXEN began to
sugarcoat her dessert. “Now, in to the oven you go! Mmm…”
Chazor was excited, and it showed. His shaft was now hard as brick,
and he almost started to masturbate. This woman, whoever she was, knew
just what he wanted!
During the next few minutes, VIXEN sent a series of comments on his
delicious smell and how she was setting the table for some rabbit pie.
Then she OCC ‘ed to him all of a sudden.
“Are you alone, Chazor21?”
Chazor had to answer yes. His friends at work were only for their
work, and his social life was non - existent.
“I am. I have some time to kill before bed.”
“Me too.” Came the reply. “I mainly stay online. After all, everyone I
know is through here. I don’t have too many friends outside of the
“I know that feeling.”
“Really? Surely you have friends out side of your work!”
Chazor stopped dead. Should he tell her? Before he could respond, she
“Not that it’s bad, mind you.” She said. “Frankly, I like having you
all to myself J!”
Chazor had to smile at that. It was good to have a friend. “Well, then
that’s the way it will be. Now come on. I think the pie is about done.”
VIXEN sent that the foxtaur was overwhelmed by the delicious smell.
After pulling out her pie, she picked up a carving knife.
“Yummy Yum YUM!!!!!” VIXEN stated, carving the pie.
She then proceeded to eat Chazor’s character, getting fat from the
sweet meat.
“Ouch! Stop, please! I don’t wanna die!” Chazor sent, but he didn’t
mean it. He loved this part!
“Stop? (Gulp) but I’m already at the best part!” She replied, and
began to nibble at the shaft. “Delish! Chocolate covered sex. My
For a few minutes, she ate at his sex, sucking and biting and licking,
pulling the cream from inside. When she was done, she bit it off.
“Yummy.” VIXEN sent. “Now, for the rest.”
On stating that, she picked up the pie and shoved it in. With a final
gulp after a few minutes, she had won. She leaned back in the chair,
and set to work digesting her meal.
“What a finish!” Chazor messaged his playfriend. “I was getting
excited at your tasting me!”
VIXEN20 was quick to respond. “Thank you, Chazor21. You were
absolutely delicious!”
“I’m Chaz in real life, or Charles if you prefer.”
“And I’m Vixen. Pleasure is mine.”
“I’d smile when you say that. I found the whole game quite…
“Then let’s promise to keep it between you and me. I’m here every day
at 6:00 PM.
“Me too! We’ll make it a dinner date (ha ha ha!)
After some more minutes of talking, the duo went back to the real
world. Charles was looking forward to tomorrow, and everyday there after.
Over the next month, Charles worked hard at his job, but also awaited
each evening when Vixen would eat him a different way each time. After
dinner, as it were, the two would talk about their days and general
goings on. During this time, Charles was longing more and more to meet the
owner of the Avatar. He was starting to like the Foxtaur character, as
well as its owner. Finally, one day, after Charles had been broiled in
the game, he asked her.
“Vixen, where do you live? I’d like to meet you.”
After a pause, there was a reply. “YES!!!! I’ve been waiting for you
to ask me. Remember when you said you live in Johnstown? Well, I don’t
live too far from there!”
“No kidding?” Charles messaged her. “Well, how does tomorrow morning
sound? I’ve got a week vacation, and I can see you!”
“Excellent! I’ll E - Mail you the directions. Just remember, Charles,
that wishes can come true.”
Though Charles wondered what she meant by that, he was turned on.
“Great! See you tomorrow!” With that, Charles went to the E - Mail and got
the directions.
“Imagine,” he thought to himself, “I think I’m falling in love with a
web character! Still, whenever we talked after the games, she was kind
and sexy and comforting. I hope she is as special as she sounds!”
With that, Charles printed the directions, logged off, and headed for
bed. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.
Charles set out for Vixen’s home around ten. Following the directions
led him pretty far from other homes. He didn’t care, however. Vixen was
all that was on his mind as he drove up to the house.
It was a big house, white in color, which could almost pass for a
mansion. As Chaz got out of the car, he smelled pancakes and syrup. “She
made breakfast, and I ate before I left!” He said, cursing the horrid
cereal he had. “Oh, well. I guess I can fit some more in.”
As he got to the door, he grew nervous. “What if she hates my looks?
I’m not that handsome. I just hope that I don’t embarrass myself.”
Finally, he ringed the doorbell.
Vixen had been watching Chaz ever since he pulled up. Now she was
getting a good look at him.
She loved what she saw.
He was six foot tall, with short dark hair and a slight tan. He was
clearly not well built, but made up for that with his handsome
appearance. But the best part was the eyes. They were deep blue and pure, and she
just fell in love on sight.
“Ohmygod,” she said to herself, “ he’s gorgeous! I just hope he
doesn’t wind up afraid of me. I want him to like me.”
Getting the last pancake done, she went to the door and opened it.
Charles stood there as he saw Vixen for the first time. He certainly
did not expect what he saw.
There before him, in flesh and blood, not a costume at all, was a
FOXTAUR. She was a vixen, of course, with beautiful red fur and a bushy
tail. Her ears were alert and spiky, and had a tip of white on the end.
Clearly, as far as foxes go, she was lovely.
What prevented Charles from running was that she was also lovely by
human standards. Her body was curvy and sexy, with decent boobs and a
round, firm butt. She wore a torn shirt, which just covered her breasts,
and tight jean shorts. Her eyes were green as the forest, and eyed him
over just as he was her. Simply put, she was a beauty.
“Hello, Charles.” She said, her voice pretty and sweet. “It’s so good
to finally meet you.”
“Y-you must b-be Vixen.” Charles stammered. “I am glad to meet you.”
That was the truth.
“Would you like to come in?” Vixen asked, motioning inside. “I made
you a big breakfast.”
“Thank you.” He said, and went in.
As he did, part of him said to run and fast, but more of him knew
better. This was the same woman he met online, all right. Kind and giving
and pretty sounding. She was also so pretty. More than he wanted to
admit, a part of him wanted to take her right there. His shaft hardened at
the thought.
He was led into the dining room, which looked like it was made for
huge parties, and saw a pancake feast. There, at a place set for him, were
the biggest, most delicious looking pancakes he ever saw, swimming in
maple syrup and butter. Vixen knew he loved pancakes, and she had made a
lot for him. There must have been twelve in the stack!
“Woowie!” He said. “You made that for me?”
“Weeellll,” Vixen said, “You are so skinny! I thought you might like
to start with a big breakfast.”
“But I feel so guilty!” He said, sitting down. “Do you want some?”
“It is all for you, my sweet.”
Charles looked at the stack and licked his lips. He was about to dig
in when he remembered what Vixen had said: “Wishes can come true”. That
put an idea in his head he did not want to think about yet. So he
forced it out of his mind for now and began to eat.
The pancakes were SCRUMPTOUS!!! Each bite he ate only made him want
another. While he ate, however, he did not become oblivious to his host.
He talked to her about several things while he was eating.
“Oh,” he said after a bit of talking, “I want to thank you again for
that E - card.”
“You’re quite welcome.” Vixen said, remembering the occurrence. His
mother had died, but no one even cared. When he told Vixen, she sent an E
- card with heaven on it, offering her condolences.
“It’s hard, you know, when no one in your family is left, and no one
seems to care. Even my friends at work…” Charles stopped himself short.
“Here I am, going on about something completely pointless again.”
Vixen put a hand… er… paw on Charles’s back. Gently, she massaged his
shoulder, calming him and soothing his mood.
“It isn’t pointless.” She said in a soothing tone.
Charles loved the feel of her paw. It was warm and comforting. More
than he would have admitted at that point, Charles had fallen in love
with his foxy friend. He slowly finished his breakfast, noticing that he
was a tiny bit plumper now. Not that he minded.
When he finished, Vixen took Charles on a tour of the house. It was a
large house, of course, and had several old world rooms. The main hall
also featured a spiraling staircase to the upstairs bedrooms. When they
went in the last one, however, Charles was met with a surprise.
While the other rooms were neat and done in an old world fashion, the
last one was obviously for a separate purpose: sex. The bed was soft
and silky, and was shaped like a heart. On a shelf were various dessert
toppings and even a set of handcuffs. Several costumes, ranging from a
see - through bikini to a gourmet chef hung in the closet.
“This,” Vixen said, her eyes twinkling at her guest, “is the fun room.”
“Holy…” Charles started. “You have a room just for… well…”
Vixen nodded, clearly understanding what he was saying. “I’ve never
used it, but I thought it might encourage men to stay longer.” Charles
simply nodded, not wanting to embarrass himself by stating his desire.
“It’s almost lunchtime, my friend.” Vixen said. “I better get started
on it. I plan to make a lot!”
Charles remembered his previous thought as she said that. “Uh… Vixen?”
“Yes?” Vixen said as she started for her kitchen.
“Are you going to… eat me?”
Vixen stopped short on hearing that. ‘Oh god’ Charles thought. ‘That
was stooooopid!’
But Vixen wasn’t offended. Rather, she looked both embarassed and
ashamed. “Oh Charles,” she started, on the verge of crying, “I’m so sorry.
I lost control, and I…” She felt apart then, balling and collapsing in
Charles’ arms.
“No. I’m the one who is sorry. I shouldn’t of asked.”
“You don’t understand.” Vixen said, her eyes still filled with tears.
“I was fattening you up to eat before you left. I wanted you to sleep
in my tummy just once before you left, so I was…”
“HOLD THE PHONE!!!” Charles interrupted. “What do you mean by that?”
“All ‘Taurs have special bellies other than their main one. It’s
mainly so sexual vore can be done safely, but it has other uses. I’ve only
used mine when I wanted to hide Christmas gifts. So when I heard you
were coming…”
“You figured I would love the idea of being cooked and eaten.” Charles
finished, now starting to smile.
“You seemed to on the web!”
Charles lifted Vixen’s head until she was looking into his eyes. He
was afraid of what he was about to say, yet she was right. It had been
his fantasy for several years now.
“Well, then we better get moving. If I’m going to be plump enough for
a dainty meal, I’ll need a lot of help.”
“You mean…?” Vixen said, again on the verge of crying.
“I want to enter you. I want you to taste every part of me and slurp
me up. I want to grow plump and juicy for the occasion, so you won’t eat
for days. I want to be baked like a cake, so you can even bite me
without fear of harming me. I want you,” as Charles prepared to say the
last, he drew closer to her lips, obviously awaiting attention, “to eat me
As he said it, he furthered the experience with a kiss, long and
sweet. He loved the feel of her, and wanted the full experience before the
fattening started.
“After lunch.” She said. “I plan to get you quite plump on it.”
Charles went along with it for now. After all, his fantasy was coming
true. Well, one of them at least.
Lunch, like breakfast, was a huge meal. It mainly consisted of some
tasty pasta, several sandwiches, and a chocolate cake for dessert. Though
Charles found it hard to do, he was able to get the whole of the meal
down. When he was finished, he leaned back in his chair, moaning in
“Ohhhh…” Charles groaned. “I feel like I ate a whole train. But it was
so good…” Charles was obviously stuffed from the meal.
Vixen did a quick look over. “I guess I overdid it, but it worked.”
She said, hungrily looking at his stuffed belly. “Mmm… You are looking
delicious… uh… I mean…” She began to stammer, embarassed at her longing
to eat her guest.
“It’s OK, Vixen. I know now. Besides, I hope I taste as good, or
better than, I look.”
“Well then,” Vixen said, gently lifting his arm, “how about a taste
test?” And before Charles could answer, his hand was in her mouth.
Vixen rolled her tounge around, tasting every part of the plump
fingers. The whole experience was almost too much for the human, whose shaft
was now hard as brick. Vixen then released his hand and began to taste
the rest of his arm. Finally, Vixen stopped.
“Yummy!” Vixen said, licking her chops. “You ARE delicious! I could
eat you right now!”
Charles said nothing. So far, his visit had been amazing. As his
stomach finished settling, he looked down at it for the first time. Indeed,
in the short time he had been here he had put on quite a lot of weight.
‘Probably a secret ingredient.’ Charles thought, but it didn’t matter.
He was plump enough now for a huge appietite, and he knew he was ready
for dining.
“Well, “ Charles said, letting out a small belch, “before dinner, I
wouldn’t mind a little exercise, as it were. I’d like to lay with you.”
Vixen looked in surprise at the humans endurance, but continued to
listen. “I’ll only do it if you want me to, but be warned, I am still a
“Then why ask me for your first time?” Vixen said, wishing she didn’t
when it came out. But the answer was one she had been waiting for a
long time.
“Because,” Charles said, taking her paw, “I think I’m in love with
you. You are just like you are on the web, VIXEN20, and I just call this
all a wish come true. You are sweet and generous, pretty, a fantastic
chef, and a great friend. If that cannot become love, I don’t know what
Vixen answered with a delicious french kiss. Then, taking his hand,
they headed for the fun room.
Once inside, Vixen removed her outer garments, leaving only her
panties on. Charles then began to undress as well, obviously nervous about
his first sexual experience. Still, this had been quite an experience so
far. Then he looked at his host.
Vixen was pretty before, but was more so now. Her furry body was
gourgous! Her breasts were large and clearly wanted attention. Her legs were
spread apart, showing the opening of her second mouth.
“Well, “ Charles said, at last naked before the foxtaur, “how do I
Vixen sized him up as he approached the bed, his shaft starting to
harden. “Mmm…” She said at last. “You look delicious! Nice and plump and
juicy.” She licked her lips and motioned him forward.
“Vixen,” Charles said, falling unto her soft body, “love me.”
And she did. Charles moved his shaft around until it found the waiting
hole, which began to pull it in. Vixen responded to the feeling with a
deep kiss, murring in pleasure at the feeling he was giving her. She
moved her paws all over his back, occasionaly giving a love prick with
her claws. Charles, meanwhile, thrusted into her several times, as well
as tasted her ears and breasts.
“Ohhh…” Vixen moaned. “Be gentle…”
“Sorry… OH MY…” Charles shouted as he sprung to life inside her. Both
moaned in delight as the cum was exracted. When at last it eased up,
the two settled down beside one another.
“Not bad for your first time, “ Vixen said, holding Charles close.
“Certainly, you are going to be a great lover.”
Charles didn’t answer. As far as he was concerned, he was hers now.
Not that he minded, of course. As he lay next to her, exhausted from the
lovemaking, Charles felt the softness and warmth of Vixen’s body. His
wishes had come true. And he knew now that she was his chosen mate. He
knew it in his heart now.
As he drifted off into a contented sleep, he thought of dinner that
night, and looked forward to it. He dozed off, whispering these words to
“I love you. Forever and ever.”
Vixen smiled, held Charles close, and also drifted off into a short
but completely happy sleep. She would dine well on her lover tonight.
It was night out when Charles awoke. He heard commotion from
downstairs, and knew it was almost time for dinner. He knew what was going to
happen now: he would be cooked and eaten, just like on the game. This
both excited and terrified him. His mind raced as he heard her coming.
‘Oh God,’ he thought, on the verge of panic, ‘ what am I doing? That
woman is going to… oh, why should I worry. She has given me so much, and
this is all I can give her. Besides, I promised her.’ He decided not to
dress, as he was on the menu now.
Vixen entered the room wearing a chef’s hat and an apron. The time had
come, and he was ready. He stood there before her, waiting for his
fate. He knew what she had said, but it did not matter. He loved her, and
he knew that now.
Vixen came to him and held out her paw. “It’s dinner time, “ she said,
licking her lips.
“I’m scared, “ Charles said, taking her soft paw. It seemed to ease
his fears as he touched it.
“It will be ok, my love.” Vixen said. She led her meal downstairs to
the kitchen.
It was a large kitchen, like all the other rooms, with a huge oven in
the back and an array of books, utensils, and foodstuffs. In the center
of the room was a large counter, and on it was a roaster just big
enough for Charles to fit in. Vixen opened the cupboard and got out a small
“Drink this.” She said, handing him the blue liquid. “It will protect
you from the oven’s heat as you roast.”
After gulping it, Charles had to ask her something. “Is this going to
hurt?” He said, feeling foolish as he asked it.
“No,” she said, kissing him, “It will feel wonderful thanks to that
potion. I could put you in lava and you would live. Now, on with the
dinner preparations.”
Charles sat on the counter as Vixen grabbed a cookbook. “How would you
like to be eaten?” She asked. Charles smiled a little at the question:
after all, it is not heard that often.
“Well, “ he said, looking at the roaster, “I’d like to be wrapped in
dough and baked.”
“Can do, my love.” Vixen said, pulling out a large bowl filled with
cake dough. Charles could never have lifted it, and wondered how it was
that Vixen could both be so strong and so…
Wait. Best to focus on the moment for now. Charles got off the counter
so Vixen could spread out the dough. Once it was done, she took part of
it and laid it in the roaster. Charles knew what to do next, and
climbed into the roaster, right into the gooey mass. His body shook at the
pleasant feel of the pastry on him, and was aroused slightly.
‘I must be dreaming.’ Charles thought. ‘This is my fantasy come to
Vixen mmmed to herself as she pulled out another bowl filled with
melted chocolate and a basting brush.
“Are you going to…?” Charles started to say.
“Baste you?” Vixen finished, stirring the sweet liquid. “To enhance
your flavor. I love sweet men, you know.”
Charles smiled as she began to baste her sweetmeat. She started at his
chest, giving a decent coating to where he was shining, then moved down
slowly, gently, applying a tasty coating to all of his front. Then she
got to his shaft, hard and erect before the brush.
“Go ahead.” Charles said, guessing her thoughts. Pleased at his
approval, she took some chocolate, put it on the end, and put it all into her
mouth. She sucked on it, tickled it with her tounge, and even gave a
love bite. At last, he sprung to life again, filling her mouth with cum.
She tasted the goo and swallowed, moaning in pure delight.
“YES!!!” She shouted. “That was heavenly! It tasted like marshmellows
and vinnilla icing!”
Charles only smiled, giving a sigh of exhaustion. She resumed the
basting process, covering him from his neck to his feet.
“How did you know I would choose this?” Charles asked as she rolled
out the rest of the dough. “And what will happen when…”
Vixen spread the dough over Charles like a blanket, wrapping him
tightly. “I planned the whole evening, though I admit I should have asked
“To be honest, “ Charles said, as she finished wrapping the dough
around his neck, “I don’t think I would have believed you.”
“I know.”
By now, Charles was completely wrapped in the delicious pastry. All
that was sticking out was his head, and even there the underneath was on
the crust. He was now a literal lover pie, ready to be baked. Vixen’s
stomach grumbled with impatience, and the nearby oven roared in
anticipation. Vixen waited no longer. She picked up the roaster, which was a
slight burden for her, and set it in the oven. It seemed to eat him right
away, as the flames began to come up around the roaster.
“Ohhhh…” Charles said, experiencing the feel of the heat. It felt…
“I’ll see you again in about a half hour, my tasty treat.” Vixen said,
teasing Charles a little. “Enjoy this sauna.” And with that, she closed
the oven and let Charles bake.
Charles set aside his fears. Instead, he let the oven work its magic
on him. He felt no pain as the flames baked him, only the soothing
pleasure they brought to him. He looked up slightly, just to make sure he
was, indeed, being cooked.
Sure enough, he saw the reflection of his form on the oven. It was
bronzing and emitting an irresistable smell, which made his mouth water
despite his efforts. The dough around him browned and rose. Surprisingly,
it felt much more comfortable as the baking went along.
‘She was right,’ Charles thought to himself, ‘I love this! But I bet
the potion only lasts until the baking is done.’
He settled back and closed his eyes, letting the oven turn him into a
centerpiece dish.
Not that he minded, of course.
Meanwhile, Vixen was setting herself up to eat the pie whole. She knew
it would be done soon, and she had to be ready. She also hoped that
potion worked.
“The body coolant should allow for a temporary cooking, so I can taste
him as a dainty dish.” Vixen said, remembering the potion labels. “By
tomorrow, however, he will return to normal, as if the cooking never
happened. I just hope it worked. I sure did not want to kill him!” She
decided to check on the oven when a timer dinged. He was done.
“Oh God,” she prayed as she opened the oven, “please let him be
She pulled him out and set him on the counter. His head was bronzed
and the dough finished. A sweet and delicious smell wafted into Vixen’s
nose, causing her stomach to rumble and gurgle in sheer delight.
But Vixen had to be sure…
“Eat up, Vixen.” Charles said, opening his eyes and smiling. “You’re
too skinny to wait much longer, and your stomach obviously wants to be
“Oh thank God!” Vixen said, kissing him. Then she tasted his cooked
“Am I good?” Charles asked, slightly curious.
Vixen responded by lifting the pie out of the pan. Clearly, heat had
no affect on her. She licked her lips and eyed him hungrily.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Charles said, but it did not matter.
Instinct had taken over.
Vixen opened her mouth wide and began to shove him in, head first. His
head was easily in her mouth, and Charles soon felt the tounge taste
his face. A powerful swallow ended the ectasy, beginning his descent into
her stomach. He decided to go with the flow.
Vixen bit into the dough to taste his chocolate - covered chest. She
mmmmed and yumed at the taste, then swallowed again. The pie was half in
his throat after only two swallows, so she took her time and fully
tasted his delicate features. On the whole, the fattening had helped his
taste. He was sweet, juicy, delicate, and in all ways, simply scrumptous.
When her tasting was through, she swallowed him down, leaving only his
dough covered feet hanging out. With a slurp, they went to join the
rest of the meal in her belly.
Vixen licked her lips as the meal ended. “Yum,” she said, leaning back
in her chair, “that was incredible. I hope he has fun in there
“I’ll try to!” Charles shouted out from inside her. Vixen had
forgotten about that. “But what will happen?”
“Wait until you get there.” Vixen said, smiling. “You won’t be
The Charles pie at last reached the belly. To Charles, it was the
biggest surprise yet. He had expected to be digested slowly, nourishing her
and fattening her slightly. He also expected a terrible stench in the
air, or lack thereof.
He was dead wrong.
He landed softly in a pink chamber slightly bigger than he was. It had
two openings in it, for reasons he did not know yet save one: the one
he came in from. It was also filled with breathable air, and had a
delicious smell to it. The walls of the belly were smooth and silky on his
exposed skin, and jiggled slightly as if waiting for him. In short, it
was wonderful.
“Comfortable?” Vixen asked, following it with a loud belch.
Charles laughed a little, then answered her. “It’s wonderful! I could
stay in here forever!” And Charles meant that.
“I certainly would not mind.” Vixen said, rubbing her bloated belly.
“You are quite satisfying, my love. I’d like to keep you in there for
reasons you will soon see.”
Charles settled into the stomach when it seemed to come to life all
around him. He saw a soft, tounge-like appendenge emerge from one of the
holes and come close to him. His eyes widened as it removed the dough
from around his chest and placed itself in his belly button. The
sensation caused Charles to go into a fit of helpless laughter.
“Now to remove the fat from you. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”
Charles looked in amazement as it sucked out his fat layers, reducing
him to the shape he was. It seemed to him that the whole belly was
tasting his “stuffing” and loving it. Soon, the feeling stopped, and the
dough coverings were replaced. He sighed with a combanation of joy,
disbelief, and exhaustion.
“Yum yum,” Vixen said, “Even your stuffing was tasty. But you
obviously are in the desserts category now, not the dinner one. You’re much too
sweet for a common dinner.”
Charles only laughed. This was some visit! As he laughed, however, he
became aware of her yawning. This evening had tired her and him out.
“I think it’s time for bed, Vixen.” Charles said. “Do you want me to
come out?”
“In the morning, please.” Vixen said, standing up to lock the house.
“It feels so good having you in me, and I would like to keep you in for
“Not a problem.” Charles said. “I just hope you don’t mind my
“It’ll be music to my ears.”
Vixen undressed and climbed into her bed, making sure to lay on her
back so Charles wouldn’t be hurt. She then felt him hug her from the
inside, a feeling that was simply wonderful.
“Good night Vixen.” Charles said. “I hope you have pleasant dreams.”
With that, he went to sleep.
Vixen thought of the day, and of Charles. She was amazed at how good
the day was. She had never had a friend over, and felt wonderful that
Charles was here.
Charles. He was everything she had hoped for. As a man, he was soft,
kind, strong, and selfless. As a meal, he was simply and completely
delicious. Having him in her sexbelly felt wonderful. She gave her bloated
belly a soothing rub and licked her lips, remembering his taste.
“Oh Charles,” She said, hoping Charles could hear, “I love you. I know
it is sudden, but it’s true. One day, I hope to be your wife.” She
patted her belly gently, and felt him shift slightly. “Sleep now, my dear.
Dream of me tonight.”
With that, she shut her eyes and dreamed of what their future may
bring. She hoped for the best.
As Charles awoke, he felt different. He pulled out his arm from the
dough and saw that he was back to normal, as if the cooking never
occurred. The dough was still baked but he was not.
“Wha…?” He started, then he remembered. “That potion must have
restored me! Wowie. It would be great fun at parties, I bet.”
He then heard Vixen’s voice. It sounded… sad.
“You awake?” Vixen said, sniffling a little.
“Are you okay?” Charles said. Something was wrong.
“No. A man named Thompson called. He said your answering machine
forwarded him to the cellphone you have. He said you are to report to work
directly, in order to make up for the vacation you took yesterday.”
“WHAT?!” Charles almost bust right through the stomach on hearing
that. He was promised a week!
“He says that budget cuts will restrict all vacation for employees.
You will be limited to Sundays and holidays only.” Vixen got on her back
and opened her mouth wide. As she did, the tunnel in the stomach became
big enough to just crawl out.
Charles was furious when he came out. He was promised a week off and
now had to return today. It was simply unfair.
“I’m sorry.” Vixen said, fighting back the tears. She to was unhappy
about this.
“So am I.” Charles said, heading into the room where his stuff was. He
put on a different outfit and packed to leave.
“How will I see you now? It is not fair!!”
“Vixen, you’re not helping.”
“He shouldn’t do that to you!”
“WELL HE DID!!!!” Charles screamed in rage. Then he realised what he
“Oh, Vixen. I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t want to leave. Not now.”
Vixen rushed to embrace him, her eyes full of tears. She knew just how
he felt. Then she remembered something.
“What about online? We can still E - Mail and Chat for now.”
Charles smiled as she said that. His boss could prevent seeing her,
but not talking to her. “I’d love that.” He said at last.
“You better go.” Vixen said, wiping her tears away. “You’re late
“I guess so.”
As Charles loaded his car, he gazed back at the foxtaur standing on
the porch. He wanted to stay with her forever, but it couldn’t happen
yet. Yet he had to do something to cheer her up.
He rushed to her, holding her close. He did love her, and he wanted to
show it.
“Charles,“ Vixen asked, “is this the end for us?”
“Far from it, my dear.” Charles said, smiling. “This is only the
beginning for us. I swear that by my own blood. We will not part here, but
continue on for a long time.”
“I hope so.” Vixen said. “You are the one I want to share my life
“I know how you feel.”
Charles released the embrace and started down to the car.
“See you online.” Charles said as he got in his car. As the started
it, he also began to cry. It was not fair to shorten his vacation, but he
had no choice.
“I love you!” Vixen called, starting to cry herself. Charles signed
back the same and drove off, looking at the house until it was out of
Yet he knew in his heart this would not be the last chapter of their
love. Rather, it was only the first of many. He smiled at the thought,
and longed to see her again.