Amdrea's Passage 

By Gimlet 
Story Copyright (C) By: Gimlet
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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Andrea's Passage
by Gimlet

This was NOT what Andrea had in mind for her vacation!

The thick forrest gave a dim gloom to the air around her, the mix of background noise coming from the forrest animals added to the atmosphere along with the high humidity. Right now she'd have given anything for a nice dark, quiet, cool bath to drift in. Instead she was half deafened by insects, birds and animals, her clothes sticking to her from her own sweat, and the gloom faded in and out, shards of light spearing through the trees that would have been quite beautifull, if it hadn't shown the muddy mess of the forrest floor. Not only that but she tended to get dark adapted eyes, then get half blinded every now and then when the sun glanced through the leaves.

Stumbling on she yet again cursed the travel agency.

'"Warm sunny weather all year round and freindly locals' Hah!" she muttered to herself as she again nearly lost her footing on a root.

Again she wiped sweat from her brow and decided enough was enough. She pulled her tight, sweat soaked blouse off and tied it round her waist. She glanced about almost automatically in the gloom, fearing some peeping tom catching her half naked. Then she shook her head. This was no time for prudishness! Steadfastly she continued, her breasts bouncing in the twilight conditions here, she still wishing she'd thought to have good supportive bra this morning! There was no way she was running for any length of time like this!

It was several minutes later, and still no sign of the end of the forrest canopy, when she finally gave in and slumped to the bottom of a tree, exhausted. Panting she leant back and closed her eyes, telling herself it would only be for a minute, then promptly fell asleep in a few seconds.

Her slumbering form lay against the tree, faint snoring eventually heard, and little changed around her. Slowly the shadows shifted, decending as the afternoon wore on, and soon darkness fell, the sounds in the forrest faded a bit, changing more to the chirping of insects than the barks and whistles of animals and birds.

As the light faded under the boughs of the tree Andrea rested against, a flickering light sparked above her. Soon a flashing... something, streaked down the tree to hover, glowing infront of her.

The creature could have been desribed as a fairy... but not anything like the classic description. This one was eight inches tall, had braided,
almost dreadlock like golden hair, and wore a faded T-shirt and tattered jeans. She also seemed to be chewing gum. The only real similarity to the fairies of legend was the gossomer wings and the glow suffusing her whole body.

The 'fairy' grinned, twisted and spat her gum out, then drifted closer the the half naked, sleeping girl under her tree. As Andrea grunted softly
in her sleep and shifted, tipping her head to one side against the trunk, the fairy giggled faintly, then slid up to her. Smiling she floated right
up to the girl's right breast and opened her mouth. She grasped the soft skin on either side of the nipple with both hands and gently pulled it towards her, sucking the nub of flesh into her tiny mouth with an audible 'MMmmmm!'.

Andrea's expression twitched, a faint moan escaping her lips as she slept, and the fairy felt the nipple harden in her mouth. Grinning around it
she sucked and gulped, pulling the suculant flesh tightly in past her lips and teeth, her jaw widening impossibly around the gigantic meal. The
mountain of flesh seemed to just disappear apon entering the fairy's body, and only her mouth and neck swelled as she gulped in Andrea's breast whole, her lips finally resting warmly against her ribs, faintly sucking still.

For a few minutes the fairy just sucked and gulped, playing with the sensitive flesh within her, Andrea reacting more and more strongly to
the sensations, moaning louder and louder in her sleep, her head twisting from side to side, her brows knitted as waves of pleasure breached her
dreaming consciousness.

The fairy suddenly glanced up, sensing the girl was nearly awake. She glanced around, her eyes darting everywhich way, and finally settled
down below. With a wet 'PLOP!' she pulled back and let Andrea's breast slide from her gaping maw. She then shot downwards, plowing in under the girl's shorts and panties. As Andrea was startled fully awake she felt a wriggling 'something' delve in past her vulva, diving up into her sex, plowing it's way inside her body. That was just too much and she let go.

"GEEEAAAARRRRRRRROOOOOOO!!!" came her cry as both her hands clutched at her groin, just catching the faint struggling of two tiny feet as they slipped within her, but not really registering it. Instead she just writhed there against the tree, feeling an incredible sensation, then a breif heave within her, a tightness, and then a smooth flowing sensation, pouring in.

She gasped as she felt the remains of... whatever that was, drift away. Panting she sat up, thinking it was a particularly pleasant dream... a
VERY pleasant dream. She chuckled.

"Wish I could get something like that in the real world! Ha, if only. Sam never could bring me off like that. Well, at least I'm shot of him at
least." she sighed, wishing there was someone at least she be with now, but eventually resigned herself to being alone again in the forrest.

Reluctantly she got up and started off once more in the cooling forrest. After a few minutes she realised it would get a lot colder soon and
started to put her blouse on again. Unfortunately it was still wet through (possibly a bit from her sweat after her... excitement... just now) and so
instead she tied the arms of it around her neck and let it dangle behind her, drying off as she went. Hopefully it would be dry before it got too cold later on.

As she went on she felt a kind of distant squirming sensation in her belly. It felt odd, but rather nice in a way. Certainly it felt warm down
there, she suspected a left over of her burst of pleasure.

"If that will warm me up maybe I'd better sleep out here more often!" she muttered, giggling to herself. Surprisingly for a moment she thought
she heard a muffled giggle in reply, almost seeming to reverberate through herself! Shaking her head she carried on, just beginning to wonder if
she was loosing her sanity!

Hours stretched on as she travelled, trudging into the forrest cover further. Then, as she waved at one of the ever present insects around
her, she felt a sort of 'snap' inside her belly, followed by a flapping breeze at her right thigh, just under the leg of her shorts. Immediately a slight
slurping pressure rang straight up her sex, her nether lips seeming to vibrate with the speed of it.

She fell to her knees in an instant, the wave of pleasure almost instant, and clutched her knees for a moment. But the sensation was gone, a
breif surge only.

Blinking she sat up on her haunches, staring down at her crotch. Nervously glancing around her she bit her lip and gained enough courage to slowly
stand, and pull down her shorts and panties. Leaning over she peered down, slowly parting her sex with her fingers.

After a few minutes peering she couldn't see anything unusual, though she of course couldn't actually see far in from this angle. Instead she
reluctantly drew her panties and shorts back on and went on, glancing nervously downwards every now and then. This was getting scarey!

Inside Andrea's womb the fairy softly giggled around the struggling form of the humming bird she was swallowing. She wriggled a bit in there, just
send a slight shiver through her 'host' as the bird, half her own body size, slid down her throat and vanished inside her, leaving not a bulge in sight
through the tattered T-shirt.

Andrea glanced down again at her belly. That couldn't have been a burp could it? She gulped nervously and carried on. This was beginning to
seriously freak her out!

It was quite a while before the fairy decided to continue, and Andrea was now thoroughly lost, if she hadn't been before. She had just decided
her blouse was dry enough to put back on again. Before she could do that she felt a slight twinge down below again.

She gulped and stopped.... there it was again! It felt like something... alive, squirming inside her! Then something slid against the silky insides
of her sex, working against the passage walls softly.

"Oh god! There aren't any worms that live in there are there?" She gabbled to herself.

With trepidation she again slid down her shorts and panties and peered down. Bending her knees she managed to lean over quite a way without
overbalancing and again pried open the lips of her sex with two fingers. This time she was shocked to see a face grinning back at her.

"Hi ya! Thanks for the ride." The face said, chuckling softly. Andrea just stared, open mouthed.

The face winked at her, then Andrea gasped as she felt a wriggling pressure within her, squeezing out of her tight sex. Soon the body of the lythe
young 'woman' eased out of her sex with a wet 'SLURP' and floated there in mid air. It was only after a few seconds (and several deep breaths) she noticed the translucent wings behind the figure.

"A... are you a f.. fairy?" she stammered, staring down at the creature.

Slowly the fairy drifted upwards, and Andrea stood up, her head trying to veer away from it, but only keeping level with it. Her feet didn't seem
to want to move away so she just wavered there, now standing upright with the 'fairy' floating infront of her face.

As Andrea watched, the fairy put her hands to her front, grasped her breasts through her T-shirt, and squeezed. She saw liquid squeezed out from the T-shirt's fabric and drip away. Then the soaked hands went up to the fairy's mouth and she casually placed both hands in her mouth completely
without any visible strain. A long slurping suck dried both hands quite effectively as she drew them out, and the fairy grinned at her.

"*GULP* MMmmmm! You do taste delicious you know, wanna try some?" the fairy drifted slowly closer to Andrea's face, her body still dripping with the girl's juices.

"I... I d....don't.. MPH!" Andrea managed, and while her mouth was open the fairy darted quickly forwards, her head and shoulder plunging inbetween Andrea's lips instantly.

Andrea froze, clenching her eyes shut, not knowing what was going on. She tried not to move, but could taste the juices dripping onto her tongue,
sweet and tasty. She tensed, trying not to react, then felt wriggling. The fairy was pushing in! She barely had time to react to this when the
fairy's head pushed into the back of her throat and Andrea gagged.

Leaning over she tried to cough, then splutter around the fairy, who refused to come back out it seemed, then she reflexively found herself gulping.
Suddenly she could feel the lumps of the tiny body sliding inexoribly down her throat! She grasped at the tiny feet, but couldn't halt the fairy's

She grimaced as shoulders edged into her throat, her muscles there complaining. Strain turned into dull pain as her neck was stretched
wide. She reflexively gulped again, and felt wet squeezing as soft breasts were wedged in over the back of her tongue, to slop into her throat. the
fabric of the fairy's T-shirt wrinkled up at her gulps, pulled around her shoulders and she could feel the wriggling soft, hot flesh pour down tightly
inside her.

Andrea strained, but soon lost her grip on the struggling feet and they slipped into her mouth, forcing her to tip her head back. Trying to
gasp, but finding her airway blocked, she stumbled back against a tree and leant, gulping desperately to get a breath. She felt the tight form strain
down inside her gullet, heaving down through a tube that was never meant to stretch that wide. When the slim legs heaved back over into her throat
she felt the fairy's descent speed up slightly, then her airway was clear.

Panting, as she could at last breath, she clutched at her neck with a hand and felt wriggling bulges of two feet sliding in under her collar bone.
She felt a heaving tightness slide down, wriggling down as the fairy descended with the waves of muscle. The muffled cries of 'Yeeeehaaa!' gave her a bit of a shock, then she gasped again as the entrance to her stomach strained open. That began to hurt again as the heavy width of shoulders then the fairy's chest were squeezed tightly down.

Eventually the heavy pressure in her chest lessened, and the wriggling descended, and finally she sighed as she felt a sudden shift, and her
stomach filled. As she lent against the tree, still trying to catch her breath. She was rather started when she just make out a voice from
within her belly.

"Yeah! That was great, thanks. Hope you liked the taste?"

Andrea just gaped yet again, staring down at her belly, feeling the squirming coming entirely within her stomach now. Before she could even
consider a reply the fairy continued.

"Well, as much as I'd love to stay in here I think I'd rather get out. D'ya mind?" And not waiting to hear an answer from Andrea the fairy started
wriggling in earnest.

Suddeny Andrea buckled over, intense pain shooting through her gut. It only lasted a second, but after there was a tight stretching sensation, held
taught for almost a minute. Then blissfull release. Panting once more she stood up, only to feel another shifting down below. It felt like a
rapid sliding, squirming again, though lower.

She held a hand to her belly and could feel the movement worming round in her belly, sliding from one side to the other in less than a minute. As
she tried to work out what was happening she lost the bulge in her belly, feeling a tightness down below that was all too familiar.

"OH! I gotta go!" She cried, then gasped as the 'blockage' moved and writhed downwards. Suddenly she realised what was going on! "Oh no! Don't, please! That would hh...HOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Andrea buckled once more as the fairy's head popped out from her sphincter. the tiny face giggled between the tightly clenched buttocks around her, then slowly drew her shoulders out too. Andrea gasped again at this, but at least it wasn't painfull as the swallowing had been. As the fairy pulled herself out gasping pants of pleasure could be faintly heard from between the girl's legs, increasing as the fairy's soft breasts were squeezed out. Slowly she drew herself out further, finally shouting her pleasure out to the world as her hips popped free, and instantly flew, litterally, out of Andrea's ass.

As Andrea stood up slowly and turned she could see the fairy floating there in mid air panting, the glow around her seeming to slowly clean off
what she'd picked up in her passage through Andrea's body. From the fairy's expression she had completely enjoyed herself. Andrea didn't want to admit it, but she had actually begun to enjoy the fairy's escape herself! She controlled her breathing with some difficulty and tried to think of
something to say. Yet again the fairy beat her to it.

"Oooh, that was wonderfull! Thank you." She darted up and wrapped her arms around Andrea's left breast and hugged it. She held the soft mass for a few seconds, then released it and stared up at Andrea. "That was intense! Since you've given me so much pleasure the least I can do is return the favour. Here..." And she spread her arms and lightly grasped each of Andrea's nipples in a tiny hand.

Andrea barely had time to gasp before the tiny hands gripped the nipples tightly. Then she and the fairy floated off the ground! She clenched
her teeth, but then realised the fairy wasn't hauling her up by her grasp on her, instead a glow was around her, and she was floating upwards,
guided by the tiny grinning figure. Andrea chuckled, and then grinned back, not being able to think of what else to do at that moment.

Slowly they floated upwards, soon weaving inbetween branches. Andrea thought she was being taken to some hidaway in the treetops, but soon they emerged from the folliage and floated up into the cold night air.

Gazing upwards Andrea was entranced. She'd never seen so many stars. That was when she was really aware of how far she'd strayed from the tourist party. She couldn't see any lights or buildings anywhere. She opened her mouth to mention this to the fairy, but yet again the fairy interupted.

"Oh, of course! You're cold. Well don't worry *chuckles* like I said I wanted to return the pleasure you gave me, then you'll be warm."

Andrea gasped as she realised the fairy was right. Somewhere between the ground and the tree tops she'd lost the blouse wrapped around her neck, and now only wore socks and shoes. It WAS rather cold up here! Then she gasped as the fairy's hands started walking carefully down her body, laying palms firmly against hir flesh as she went, always making sure one hand was well pressed against Andrea's body before moving the other.

Biting her lip faintly Andrea closed her eyes, feeling the pressure working downwards. When it reaches her hips, palms pressed either side she felt
lips against her sex, then a tiny tongue lapping at, and inside, her moist passge. She could already feel herself heating up from the touch of the
fairy, then she gasped as the fairy pushed her face against the opening. Gasping she felt the tight passage open and admit the wriggling head,
hair catching at the entrance, but the braided nature not cutting into her at least.

Moaning softly she placed a hand down over the fairy's body and pressed, jerking slightly when the head popped in fully, her vagina clutching at
the slender neck. As she sighed and worked the muscles in her sex to feel it's new guest, then started once more as shoulders heaved up, scrunching into her moist sex.

She brought her legs together sharply, squeezing the tiny figure as it slid in, but the fairy's body was considerably wider and longer than Sam's
shaft had been, and she did begin to feel a tightness inside her when the fairy's breasts squished inside. Gasping she tried to relax, to let the figure
gain entrance, and soon only felt pleasure as the fairy wriggled her way in.The tightnes came again when hips heaved against her tender dripping
lips, but they too passed within, and she felt the small head push up against the end of her sex, deep with in her, and sighed at the tight feeling, of
being thoroughly FILLED!

"Oh yes!" she murmered, reaching down again and grasping the thighs emerging from her dripping snatch. Slowly she began to work the writhing little body in and out of her sex, feeling the wonderfull conterpoint of her own motions sliding her in and out, and the fairy's own wriggling motions twisting around inside.

Obviously the fairy loved it too as when she was half way to her own orgasm Andrea felt the twitch, and heard the muffled cry, of the tiny figure
deep within her. Smiling she continued to use the little figure, heaving it's sweaty form in and out of her sex, the hips bumping back up against the
entrance with each thrust, almost escaping, then plunging back inside. Soon the fairy was gasping again inside the hot, wet, silky passage.

It didn't take long for Andrea to reach her own pleasure, and the fairy again along with her. The two of them gaped and screamed high above the
canopy, rolling and twitching in the air, and Andrea suddenly felt VERY full. She gasped as legs slipped from her fingers and she felt the
little form curling over inside her sex.

Straining she gasped, curling over and grasping her knees as the fairy pulled her self in, Andrea's sex sealing shut behind her with a wet
slurp. Panting in mid air Andrea finally got her breath back and could feel her sex beginning to close in, clutching it's guest tight as it started to get
less 'pliant' after her orgasm. However her guest soon solved that by wriggling around inside. Andrea moaned again and felt her juices start once more, easing the passage.

Slowly she felt the huge, doubled up, form of the fairy ease down. She gasped as her sex was stretched wider, wider, WIDER! Then she heard
gasps, felt wriggles, then a wet pop and her body was relaxed once more... AND FALLING!

She managed to get a breif gasp out before her decent stopped abruptly. She blinked and felt two wet hands on her hips. looking down she saw she was rising upwards again, floating hundreds of feet in the air with the fairy grinning up at her.

"Sorry, got kinda carried away. Don't worry, I won't drop you again. You just relax and enjoy, OK?"

Andrea didn't know what to say and just nodded dumbly as lips brushed lightly around her sex, then on it once more, then slowly descended,
kissing lightly down her thighs, alternating from one to the other as the fairy's hands 'walked' down with her, keeping contact carefully.

Sighing from the intense feelings she closed her eyes and went with the flow. Slowly the hands and lips worked down, past her knees and over
her calves. Soon socks were being drawn down to her ankles, then she felt the pressure of teeth on the toes of her shoes. With some wriggling the
fairy managed to draw off the shoe with only her teeth, her hands gripping bare ankles tightly. Then the other shoe came off and plummetted into the dark below.

Andrea giggled as teeth then licked at her ankles and pulled down her socks, hot breath heavy on her flesh till both feet were as naked as the rest
of her. Just from this she was on the cusp, her breath heavy in her chest, her heart pounding. She'd never thought she was gay before, but this WAS kind of different... wasn't it? Then she descended into giggles as a tongue started lapping at and inbetween her toes.

Soon the pressure became sensuous once more, licking under the feet to the balls of the sole, then back to the toes once more, then switching to
the other foot. She sighed at the tender touch and muttered wondrous thanks to the little fairy, saying this was ample repayment.

She sighed as her feet were pressed together then licked together, the little tongue pushing into the crack between them and tickling to
either side. Tightness followed and for a moment she didn't register it. Slow creeping pressure slid over her toes and she moaned as the silky
wetness enfolder the tips of her feet... then she wondered what that was?

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling the glorious sensations creeping up her feet, squeezing and warm, tight and hot, all around her as she still
felt the tongue underneath, now against the balls of her feet once more, pressing around them and up.

Finally Andrea peered down in the dark and tried to see what was going on. She was hampered by her body betraying her and made little moans of pleasure every now and then, her eyes snapping shut instinctively for a second with it. Also it was rather dark and even when she had her eyes open all she could make out was a rough shape of the fairy, glowing against her own glowing skin, as soft wetness enfolded her ankles.

She wriggled her feet and felt the tightness all around them, pleasant and warm, tight in a nice cosy sort of way. But still she couldn't work out
what was going on. What was around her feet? Had the fairy shoved them down the front of her T-shirt against her chest? It didn't feel quite like that, but who could tell with something like this?

Moaning as the hot wetness spread tightly up her calves she tried to see what was going on down there still, with little success. Moving her
calves slowly back and forth caused muffled moans below, obviously pleasing the fairy, so she continued, slowly working her feet agains the silky
constraints they were incased in, still trying to see what was happening.

Now the tightness was heaving up over her knees, her legs from the knees down totally enclosed in that hot wet... something. Surely that was
longer than the fairy's entire body? What was going on? As the tightness worked upwards she leant over, reaching her hand down to try and feel what was beneath her.

Finally, as the pressure was half way up her thighs (and her own pleasure was reaching feaver pitch once more) her hands met something hot, soft,
and wet. She felt down, feeling it around her mid thigh. She frowned, for barely a second, before her expression melted once more in the middle of a heartfelt gasp of pleasure. Then slowly she edged her hand downwards to find out what this was.

Her hand felt her thighs firmly through whatever was warmly encasing them for about an inch, then Andrea gasped. Her fingers went inwards as they followed the surface, where her brain told her should be actually INSIDE her thighs! She gasped, in shock this time, and clutched down with both hands abruptly. She found her hands clasping the tiny, but familiar form of the fairy, normal from the shoulders down, but swollen from the neck up with her thighs!

Her mind couldn't grasp the concept and at that moment the hungry lips of the fairy heaved up towards the top of her thighs. Andrea released the
fairy with a start as the dextrous tongue wriggled up betwee her buttocks and wove into her ass! Surprised at herself she bucked backwards, that being all that was neccessary to tip her over the edge into sheer orgasmic pleasure.

Writhing and moaning, floating high in the air, she came, shouting her pleasure to the world as her hips were gobbled up by the tiny little
body beneath her. While she was still lost to the sensations a tiny hands clasped her fingers and drew her hands against her body, pressing them in past the greedy lips of the devouring fairy beneath her. By the time she had returned to her senses her arms were pinned to her sides and the fairy's lips were just under her ribcage, slowly slurping upwards!

"N...n...noooo!" She cried, more of a squeak than a scream. She stammered some undeciferable comments, confusing herself for a moment, then lost it again as she felt warm wet muscles squeeze and heave against her body, drawing her down. Gritting her teeth she panted as the lips ascended her body, getting closer to her breasts.

Only now did she realise that somewhere along the line her weight had returned to her, her body no longer glowing aparently now that the
fairy's hands weren't pressed against her. Instead only the fairy's lips and throat held her upright. She realised with a start that even if by some
miracle she could escape this hungry fairy's gullet she was now several hundred feet in the air, with no safe way down!

She gulped, and then felt the fairy do the same. Moaning despite herself she felt herself approaching a second mighty orgasm.Then small hands began grabbing handfulls of her soft breast flesh, and stuffed it down into the tightly stretched mouth beneath her. Gasping she felt the soft flesh
squeezed in, forced down and into that relentless mouth consuming her whole.

Wracked by pleasure she felt the powerfull muscles heaving over her entire body from the breasts down now, as the two succulant spheres of flesh
were sucked inside. Gradually they folded in, pressed under the fairy's upper lip till all was tightly encased in the fairy's mouth. Gasping Andrea
looked down to see only her shoulders and the tight ring of the mouth ever encrouching on her body.

"P...please...*gasp* don't hurt me... I d.. Oohh!" she gasped at a particularly heavy squeeze inside, pressing her chest heavily into the
back of the fairy's throat and pressing lips up just over her shoulders, slowly working down towards her neck "I... I don't want to die... J.. just
don't e.. *GLUP!*" and her words were cut off as hands grasped her head and pulled it down, lips encasing her own mouth, shutting off her speach.

She stared wide eyed as the lips slid up, pressing over her nose, and then she was looking at the inside of the fairy's mouth. She watched in
terror as lips and teeth rose past her, and then ribs of the pallate slid over her nose. She tipped her head back, and got a tiny tongue in her eye
breify, then it licked over her forehead. Slowly the lips ahead of her slid shut, closing with wet finality infront of her eyes.

Andrea got one final view of the moon between those tiny, stretched lips, before light was cut off completely.

After that, slow heaving flesh squeezed against her, pushing her downwards. She couldn't help but release the pressure of her orgasm once more as
the massage of her entire body sent her over the edge. When she recovered from this she was already halfway into something she hadn't felt before, denoted by a tight ring of muscle just under her chest. With a fast, wet, heave it squeezed over her breasts, sending a tight shiver through her body, and then slid rapidly over her shoulders and head.

She was now held tightly in a wet chamber, small, forcing her into a fetal position. Soon warm air gusted into her face from above and gurgling
shifted around her. She greedily breathed in the fresh, if warm, air, then gasped as the world shifted around her.

"This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening..." she mumbled, closing her eyes and wishing as the
wet, bubbling sounds all around her filled her senses. She suddenly stopped her mumbling as one thing brought her position all too clear to her.... the sound all around her of a deep beating heart!

She gulped, and began to panic, twisting around inside her tight prison, squirming for all she was worth. Suddenly the whole world span for a
moment, shifting around her, and she heard a very faint shout, seemingly of pleasure. It sounded very far away, but yet there was a kind of
vibrating quality, as if an echo had passed into a mine shaft or something. Somehow the echo seemed very close.

She closed her eyes and concentrated, trying to bring her thoughts together, trying to focus, but then everything shifted once again.

This time her wet prison of flesh squeezed in on her... HARD. She strained as it heaved, and felt herself being pushed around, flipped end over
end inside here, as the muscles worked on her. Just as she was beginning to get dizzy it stopped, with her upside down, and squeezed hard.

She managed to take one deep breath before it hit her. Suddenly something incredibly tight slapped around her face, then over her head. The
pressure around her body shoved her in hard, her shoulders literally squeaking inside as the wet flesh wriggled around her.

Gasping she felt the strains of the ring of flesh on her breasts and nearly passed out from the pleasure, it swayed over her as her body was rammed
down, heaved into the smaller tube, her legs straightening out behind her. She felt her passage start to speed up as her feet left the tight
chamber she'd been resting in, and soon the waves of muscle were like a vibrating massage, squeezing her along and winding her around this weaving tube of hot wet flesh.

She couldn't hold out and felt herself shiver through yet another orgasm, quivering tightly against the rippling walls. She gasped, and felt her
breath leave her, and nothing here to breath back in again. She desperately held onto what little was left in her lungs, but the pressure on her
body was inense and she could feel her breath leave her in little 'wuff's every now and then.

Soon she could feel the tightness in her chest, the desperate need to breath. Then suddenly her head was squeezed TIGHT! She cried out, then
gasped as light flooded back to her. Her face was rapidly shoved out of the tiny backside of the fairy, sliding back into the real world. With a
pant she felt the pressure lessen, and the tiny girl's buttocks slide down around her head to settle firmly against her neck.

As she tried to regain her breath she looked around. Above her... no, it was below her, she was upside down now... she saw two tiny slim legs on
either side of her head, spread wide with the crumpled tattered jeans hanging on one foot. Slowly she tried to lean over to look 'upwards' and stared up the tiny, but still slender, body of the fairy.

She'd taken off her T-shirt and Andrea could make out beads of sweat on the little girl's heaving breasts. Obviously this had taken it's toll on
the fairy too. Then she saw the tiny face peering down, grinning over those breasts before her, her hand stroking Andreas cheek.

"There, told you *pant* I'd return the favour, and I *gasp* always keep my promises!" she was drenched in sweat, and obviously intensely enjoying herself. "So, do you want out now? I rather like the feel of you as you are to be honest."

The fairy giggled, her insides clutching at Andrea's whole body from the neck down and Andrea couldn't help release a gasp of pleasure.

Gasping she grinned up at the fairy, feeling herself getting close yet again.

"Well... I'd never thought of myself as a living supository, but..." she chuckled "Oh what the hell, just don't you suffocate me in here, OK?"

The lythe fairy actually bent over double and kissed Andrea on the nose, making Andrea actually blush, and then smiled into her eyes.

"I'd never think of it my dear. You just keep yourself comfortable in there and I'll head home. Perhaps there we can think of some other
interesting places to get into eh?" And the two of them laughed intently as they drifted off, the fairy's legs still spread wide around Andrea's giant head emerging from her rear.

It looked like it would be a loooong night!