The Bear and the Alligator 

by FatBear 

Story Copyright (C) By: FatBear
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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The Bear and the Alligator

It had come to this. After years of friendship, the bear had asked the alligator to do this thing. The alligator was shocked. Why would his friend ask him to do this? Surely, there must be a way. There must be something he could do to help his friend. Certainly, this cannot be the answer. But it was.

The bear and the alligator had known each other since they were both younglings and although their friendship was scorned by others of their kind, they quickly learned not to care. Both matured and both continued to share feelings for one another. But their greatest love was the joy of eating. They loved to watch each other feed. Whether it be fish, crayfish, eels, rodents or even the occasional large mammal, they enjoyed the sight of each others feasts. Over the years, the bear had grown very large. So large that he had become fat. The alligator on the other hand could not become fat. He simply grew to monstrous proportions, far exceeding others of his kind. He had reached the height of the social order and had nothing to fear. The bear loved to watch the alligator swallow his meals whole in great gulps; often alive and still kicking. The alligator loved to watch the bear devour his food, whatever it may be, and watch his belly get rounder and fuller. He knew that the more he ate, the bigger his friend would become.

Unfortunately, their lives were taking different courses. The bear had become too large, too lazy and too old to effectively defend his territory. Other, younger and stronger competitors were eyeing his dominion. Rogues had already stolen many female bears from his region. It was only a matter of time before they would come back and claim the land for their own. He was past his prime and he knew it. The alligator on the other hand was at his peak and showed no sign of being toppled. His extravagant size allowed him to dominate the area. Other alligators had no chance to muscle in and the females....well the females wanted the best genes for their offspring. Food was still plentiful and easily caught. Ironically, the bear often found himself feeding with the alligator when the bear’s food was scarce or too hard to catch.

Thus, the bear began to spiral into loathesomeness and shame. He had no regrets about his life. He had ruled his territory for a long time, eaten to his heart’s content and mated with more females than he could possibly remember. But now, he had fallen from grace. He was old. Soon, something would happen that would doom him. He was too slow to catch his food. He was afraid to fight for his territory for fear that the other bears would injure him so badly, he would not be able to survive. Thus, he feared that he would spend the rest of his days; wasting away, without a home, without a chance. Until the day came that he would finally die; alone and starving. He didn’t want that.

The bear asked the alligator to do this last thing. To take his very living self and use it. Use it to increase his size and power. To take it for himself. They had helped each other for many years; now the bear wanted to help the alligator one last time. And perhaps, inside his friend, the bear would find the peace and salvation that was now lost to him. The bear had seen the alligator swallow his food so many times. Now he wanted to feel what that was like and end his torment.

The alligator was saddened by this. He did not want to see his friend go. Yet, he also did not want to see his friend suffer. Any help he could provide was limited to the immediate area. He could not protect or help the bear beyond the swamp. He did not understand the bear’s beliefs and rules. He wished that the bear could just stay here with him. But deep inside, he knew the bear would not be happy here. This was not the bear’s true home; only a place that he visited. He wanted to help the bear so much. Thus he agreed.

One night, the bear and the alligator met for one last time. The bear had lost his home territory that day, just as he had feared. He had nothing to return to. The alligator was saddened to hear this. But it also meant that the bear would be his now; to protect and love. They began by doing what they so loved to The bear was overjoyed to see that the alligator had already collected a stash of food for this occasion. The bear ate and the alligator watched his friend swell again; just like old times. When the feast was finally over, the bear leaned back on the alligator’s belly. The bear then took the alligator’s tail, now lying between his legs, and curled it up and over his drooping gut. The bear then began to suckle on the tail like a cub would on his mother’s teat. The alligator was surprised at first, then let his friend have his way. They stayed like that for some time.

Finally, on some unseen and unheard signal, the alligator was ready. He looked down at his friend, still suckling on his tail, and began to open his maw. The bear knew it was time. He could feel the alligator’s breath on his back and felt the drops of saliva running down his back and shoulders. The bear watched as the alligator’s huge maw opened around him. As the jaws closed around his head and neck, he released the alligator’s tail and watched as it slid out of his throat and then his mouth. The bear then felt the alligator’s hands wrap around from behind; firmly grabbing the space formed by the bear’s breast fat fold and belly. Up into his friend’s jaws the bear was lifted. His view of the outside world ended. Now, all he could see was the alligator’s mouth and just beyond that, his throat. The alligator pulled up on his friend again and at the same time, came down upon him. The bear was forced further into his throat. The alligator was straining to continue and he knew that the most difficult part was yet to come. As the bear moved deeper into the alligator, his instincts were beginning to overpower him. He was afraid. He was afraid of being eaten. But even before the bear could struggle or fight, the alligator slid his clawed hands down and began to hug and caress the bear’s belly. Comfort. The bear did not fight as the alligator reached under the bear’s gut and pulled him up some more. Now, the bear’s shoulders were gone; already on their way down the alligator’s throat. With all of his strength, the alligator lifted his jaws into the night sky. He had reached the bear’s overflowing belly and needed gravity’s assistance in swallowing his fat friend. With short but powerful gulps, the alligator pulled the bear deeper into his throat. He carefully kneaded and massaged the great, furry belly in his jaws; eventually, the large paunch slid down into his throat to follow it’s owner. The bear’s fear was gone; replaced by the fantastic feeling of being swallowed by his friend. Nothing had ever felt this way, not even mating. Just ahead of him, the alligator’s stomach was rumbling and churning in anticipation of such a fantastically large meal. He could hear it’s delight as he got closer, though he could not see it. The bear was massaged and pulled down, down....until he could feel his belly slide into the alligator’s throat as well. Now, as the bear’s descent into his friend hastened, the smell of digestion was strong. He was just ahead of the stomach’s opening; the gateway to his salvation. The alligator’s throat was painfully distended. It was almost too much pain to bear. For a moment, he thought of ejecting his friend. But he did not want to. He had gone this far and he was not going to turn back. His stomach, having no such qualms, begged him to continue. He swallowed mightily. The bear’s ass was now slipping down the alligator’s throat. The alligator slithered his thick tongue up and around the bear’s rear. He was hoping to feel the last of the bear’s gut before it was gone, but instead felt the bear’s cock; hard and wet with precome and saliva. They were both surprised. The bear could feel the alligator playfully wrap his tongue around his member as if he was saying good bye. He climaxed in his friend’s jaws. With one last and powerful gulp, the bear disappeared and the alligator closed his jaws; sealing his friend inside. The gateway opened. The bear spilled out into his friend’s stomach and he was sealed inside the chamber. Although it was cool and smelled of old, digested food, he was comfortable. Within moments, the bear’s body heat turned the alligator’s stomach into a warm and comfortable cauldron. He felt the alligator lean back, probably against a tree and rest. Now, safe and secure inside his friend, the bear rested. With nothing but the sound of the alligator’s heartbeat and the gurgling of his new home to keep him company, the bear slowly drifted into sleep.

The alligator was happy again. He was glad to have helped his friend live out his last few hours in peace. The bear would be warm and secure, knowing the alligator would always be there to protect him. He was also pleased knowing that he would be satiated for quite some time. As he belched loudly into the night, he patted his now grossly distended gut. The taste of the bear’s excitement was still in his mouth. He liked it and regretted that he would never taste it again. He could still feel his friend inside of him, moving ever so slightly in response to his pats. Soon, the bear would be part of him....part of the alligator forever.