Title: The Calm Before the Storm
Author: Meer
© 2004
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Sunlight glittered on the surface of the water, small ripples destroying the mirror-like illusion created by the breezeless air. With a sigh, the captain turned from her perch atop the deck of her ship, tired of the same scene day after day. Not a sail had shaken in almost a week, the crew of the pirate vessel stranded in the baking sun with no sign of respite. "What a mess" Hannah muttered, wiping at loose strands of her fiery red hair which had escaped the bandana covering it, A tall blonde nearby snapping a quick salute, unsure what else to do. Waving her hand dismissively at the girl, Captain Hannah Kinsley made her way from the aft deck of her ship, the Black Madonna. All around her, the crew of her ship bustled about, trying to look busy though there was little left to do except pray for a breeze. Still, Hannah did her job and barked orders at those that had decided to slack off, swatting the arms of those that she felt weren't giving it their all. She wasn't a big woman, only 5'8 or 9, with a lithe frame, a white vest and red leggings tucked into brown leather boots her only real clothing, though today she'd grabbed a bandana as well to keep the sweat from her eyes.. Her green eyes piercing any that looked into them for too long. She commanded respect though with her voice, not deep, but strong with authority. Finally, reaching her cabin she let out a quiet curse and entered the cramped space that she had called home for the last several months, though quite luxurious compared to that of the crew quarters. Closing the door behind her the lithe woman slipped behind her chart-table and set about making the course they'd follow should God look upon them as deserving of escape from this water-laden desert.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief as the captain walked away from her, the blonde releasing the salute she had assumed. The captain had been irritable lately, well, they all had, and it had seemed the best way to avoid her scrutiny. Tempers had flared over the last three days or so, the heat getting to even the hardened sailors among them. Looking out over the busy deck before her, Tina watched the all-female crew that had assembled just a few short months earlier. Having been promised adventure and riches they had eagerly ignored the Jolly Roger that flew atop the mast of the ship and had signed up quickly, not expecting anything quite like this. Letting out a quiet yawn, the young blonde turned and rested her head on the railing, looking out across the pristine blue of the sea and closed her eyes, safe for now from the demanding captain locked away within her cabin.

The bell rang clear through the dusk air, catching the attention of the women as they ate, their meals growing noticeably smaller with each passing day, conservation being held as their only hope of survival. Reaching for chunks of salted meat while trying to make it through the door to the deck the crew scattered, rushing out in waves to stand in ranks on the deck, the captain had a bad habit of singling out the last woman to reach the deck for announcements, and nobody wanted to know how that would happen tonight. The cool air brushed against almost two dozen sets of nipples, covered only by thin tunics made of green satin, matching bikini bottoms having been handed out after several days from leaving dock, the captain reasoning that they were all women and the thin garments made the daily chores of the women more bearable in the unrelenting heat they had found themselves locked within. Shivering lightly the crew stood silently, ignoring the caress of the satin against their bare flesh, eager to get back to their meals. The captain's voice boomed, nearly as clear as the bell had. "We've been stuck in this spot for days, and I won't lie, it may be days yet, if ever, when we leave. We're in luck though. Another ship has fallen into the grip of this lull, and as such, is easy pickings for pirates" as she spoke Hannah's arm shot out, pointing at a shape in the distance, the dusk light making it harder to see the unfortunate ship. A voice followed her, a young redhead by the name of Joanne fancying herself a comedian "Pirates!? Should we prepare to defend ourselves ma'am?" Without missing a beat the captain's hand flew to her boot, a sliver of light in the growing dark flashing before Joanne collapsed with a grunt, a thin-bladed dagger buried just below the hem of her tunic, piercing her belly. "Anyone else care to contribute?" Hannah asked, her eyebrow quirked, as if she had not just murdered one of her own crewmembers. Silence answered and with a satisfied nod she continued, "We'll prepare a boarding party tonight and tomorrow, then depart tomorrow night. We'll claim to be in need of help, supplies and whatnot. No doubt they'll be more than willing to help a boat full of helpless, half-naked women" a low chuckle burst from several girls at this, prompting a number of hushing noises. As silence once more settled the captain finished. "Once we're aboard we'll deal with them accordingly, and take their supplies for our own." Waiting for a moment to let the plan sink into the skulls of her crew, Hannah finally let out a boisterous laugh. "We may be stranded ladies, but by god we won't be bored." Without waiting for a response from the assembled crowd, the young captain turned on a heel and headed back into her cabin to begin the preparations, leaving her crew to their own devices.

The night passed quickly, and Tina was exhausted. She had been one of the two girls assigned to dealing with Joanne's body, huffing and puffing as she pulled it to the railing, muttered curses from her partner. "How the hell could she be so thin, but so damn heavy?" the brunette whined. Tina hadn't really talked to her, but had heard her name was Melina, or Melanie, something like that. Either way, she didn't care. "Who knows, stupid bitch should have known when to shut up though" was all she could manage as they both lifted the dead weight of the ex-comedian, hurling her down into the frigid waters below, the body sinking into the darkness with only a slight splash to mark her passing. "Well, so much for that, now what are we supposed to be doing?" the short brunette asked, Melina, that was it… and if not, it'd do.. Tina shrugged, watching absently at the spot where Joanne had vanished, almost regretting her comment about the dead girl. "I think we're up for a break, and I intend to take every advantage of it." Tearing her eyes away from the void of the ocean, Tina moved towards the crew quarters, Melina left to watch the blonde's pert rump sway through the door that led to the lower deck, the green satin rippling over the smooth flesh. "Yeesh… what a bitch… nice ass though" turning the other way Melina headed towards a growing knot of other women on break, her mind already turning to other things.

The night passed quickly, women running to and fro as they completed their tasks, one by one retiring to the warmth of their cots. Several remained scattered around the edges of the ship. Hannah had demanded guards remain posted around the clock in case the other ship decided to come to them before they were ready, though the only thing that came that night was fatigue… and several lonely women, making the most of their time off. A surprise awaited them all when morning came; the ship on the horizon was gone. No breeze had stirred their sails that night, and it was assumed none had caught the sails of the mysterious vessel. Still, Hannah stared blankly at the empty patch of water where it had sat, the sea still, giving up no clue as to where it had gone. "Fuck" she cursed to herself, "Those bastards must have had oars or something, they're no doubt long gone by now." Turning back to a group of sailors behind her, she did her best to keep her anger in check. "Now… which one of you was on duty last night" glaring from one girl to another, Hannah waited patiently. A quiet voice from the back ended the deafening silence that followed the simple question, "Um… I was ma'am…" a hand joining it a moment later, Melina's voice barely a squeak as she spoke. Wincing when Hannah turned sharply to face her, Melina's belly clenched, expecting the dagger that had dealt with Joanne the previous night, to end her as well. Rather then giving her a quick death, Hannah simply stared at the brunette. "Well clearly you need more practice at it, don't expect to sleep tonight, you'll be standing here all night again, just in case they decide to come back." Turning her back to the relieved girl, she added, almost as an afterthought. "Tell Tina she'll be on first watch with you tonight…" Melina's disputes met only with silence.

The day passed as the one before had, heat suffusing every inch of the ship and the women aboard it. No sign of the other vessel presented itself, and finally night fell once more. Melina sighed, she had been working all day, given no breaks, and forced to eat her meals on the go, and now she had a night to look forward to with little to do but stand about. Luckily though she had company this time. Looking over Tina, the brunette remembered her glance of the blonde's bottom, and having had time to mull over it, decided if she couldn't take a break, she could at least have some fun with the taller woman. Strolling up to the relaxing girl, Melina gave her a friendly smile. "So, think we're ever going to see that other ship again?" her only answer a frank "Probably not" Still this didn't keep her from continuing, "Well, then why do we have to stand watch so… diligently" the smile still on her face, Melina leaned forward, nuzzling her soft cheek against Tina's, the taller blonde stiffening at the touch before relaxing somewhat. "You might not be so lucky with the captain if you're caught slacking off again…." Her common sense was lost in a sudden rush of pleasure as Melina's hand found the front of her small bikini bottom. Stepping back, the playful Brunette gave Tina a wink, "Close your eyes and you can say you didn't see me goofing off, right?" Not wanting to put her off by objecting, Tina simply rested back against the railing, spreading her legs slightly as she closed her eyes, readying herself for the next touch.

Licking her lips Melina moved towards Tina, looking over her lithe frame as she came ever closer, her hand already moving down to cup at the satin-covered crotch of the prone woman. Something began to creep up behind the waiting girl though, Melina wouldn't have noticed it if she had been a step or two closer, Tina's body blocking it almost completely from view. "What the hell…" she mouthed quietly, watching as the long object continued to slide up the side of the railing, another one creeping out onto the deck, twining around the blonde's legs. Still not realizing anything was wrong, Tina giggled, "What? Don't like what you see?" the object moving up to curl between her legs.

Tina gasped once more, a sudden pressure placed between her thighs through the thin satin. "Oh wow…" she breathed, "What are you doing? It feels like you have your entire arm curled up there" the crotch of her bikini-bottom dampening slightly with her arousal. It had been some time since anything besides her own hand had pressed against her like that, and the sensation perked her nipples almost instantly. So caught up in her pleasure, the doomed blonde didn't question as something else wrapped around her breasts, mashing the hard nubs of flesh beneath the tunic, causing a short moan to push from her lips. Reaching down to press her hand against what she believed to be the arm of Melina, her eyes snapped open as it found something else, cold, rubbery flesh caught between her grasping fingers. "What the fu…" was all she had time to say before she was hauled over the railing, instantly wrapped within several… well, several of whatever the hell had grabbed her, her scream piercing the silence of the night.

Melina's mouth moved as she watched the tentacles slip around her intended playmate, short moans and gasps escaping the blonde's lips as she was wrapped up in them. Unable to get the words out, Melina watched in horror as Tina finally opened her eyes, and was dragged from the deck, her shriek the last sign of her before she was lost in a multitude of giant, thrashing limbs. "Jesus Christ…" turning on her heels Melina made a dash for the supposed safety of the crew quarters, almost sobbing as she felt a strange sucking feeling around her ankles, the deck suddenly rushing up to meet her as she fell. Pulled backwards the brunette let out a desperate scream, clawing at the wood planks rubbing against the entire front of her body before she too vanished over the side of the ship, leaving no trace either had been there to begin with.

Hannah rolled out of bed, "What are those morons up to this time, no doubt out there jacking each other off…" trailing off into random mutterings, her eyes shot open as a second scream ripped into her ears. Hurrying into her clothes, the captain made her way outside, greeted by what could only be called a monster. A squid had found it's way onto the deck, hardly an emergency, except this one was nearly the size of the ship itself. Within it's wavering tentacles it held a pair of squealing girls, no doubt the pair that had woken her. "Son of a bitch!" rushing back into her cabin, Hannah grabbed her blade, determined to at least go down with a fight. By the time she got back outside, several other women had stumbled from the crew quarters, most still groggy, but some, hardened enough to have already grabbed some form of weapon gave Hannah some hope in their survival. Ignoring the screams of the captured women, the captain began shouting orders over them, "Alright people, lets not fuck this up shall we? You!" pointing to a panicking girl, "Get downstairs and wake the bastards that aren't already on their way up here, while you're down there grab some of those ranged weapons we've been stockpiling to repel boarding attempts. Spears, arrows, bows, whatever the hell you can carry, now MOVE!" not waiting to see if she had been heard and understood, Hannah twirled quickly, slicing the tip from an approaching tentacle, her courage wavering for the barest of moments as she watched one of the two girls vanish into the squid's beak.

Tina tried to scream again, her entire body covered with writhing tentacles, suckers gripping at her nearly naked form, lashed around her waist, chest and the original tendril curled between her kicking legs. Looking around in panic, she watched as Melinda too was grabbed from the deck of the ship, unlike her though the brunette's top had been torn off by one of the suckers gripping her, her breasts left exposed as she was flung around by the giant creature. Hearing the faint shouts of the captain, a flicker of hope arose in her, the feeling lasting only a moment, and dashed horrifically as she watched the small form of Melinda vanish into the maw of the squid, squirming futilely as she too was pulled closer to the gnashing beak.

Melinda's chest heaved as she fought against the grip of the squid, her breasts freed from the confines of her tunic, left to rest against the rubbery inner-suckers of the beast's tentacles, the pull on her nipples from it almost intoxicating in it's gentle pressure on the sensitive flesh. Letting out a sigh, she found herself trying to rub her satiny crotch against the encircling tendrils, not noticing how close she was to the squid's mouth. With an almost disappointed sound, she found herself freed from the grip of the monster, suddenly finding herself wrapped in a new feeling, warmth spreading through her. Looking up she saw the night sky vanish as the beak crashed shut, her body assaulted by the thick tongue wrapping itself around her waist, saliva dripping down onto her body. Feeling her thighs slicken as the saliva mixed with her own fluids, the heat rushing through her, and the feel of the fleshy insides of the mouth against her body causing her body to almost ache for more. Her wish granted as she slipped deeper into the depths of the maw, lost in a push of pink fleshy lining.

The battle wasn't going as well as Hannah had hoped it would. Bodies lay strewn about the deck, the occasional groan coming from the prone shapes, clubbed down by a pair of tentacles thicker than the rest. She had lost half her girls, some of which still being held by the massive squid, waiting their turn to become it's food. One by one they were thrown headfirst into it's beak, the lucky ones going in whole, though she had seen one or two cleaved in half by the sharp edges of the maw, or perhaps THEY were the lucky ones. Whichever it was, they were no good to her anymore. Looking around the surviving women she almost winced, they were in rough shape. Those that had held onto their courage had little else, their bodies bruised and blood covered, both their own red blood and the black blood of the beast splattered everywhere. "Come on ladies, if we don't keep fighting we'll all end the day in this things stomach!" punctuating her shout with a stab through the very middle of an encroaching tentacle, sending it slithering away. A few hearty shouts followed, though few then she'd have liked. Still, the redhead had never known defeat, and fear was an unwelcome visitor. Rushing forward she waved her sword above her head, egging on any that would follow. Sparing herself a quick glance back, she saw a number HAD followed her, the few that had stayed behind finding themselves suddenly swarmed by thick tentacles, their swords flashing as they fought, falling before the onslaught. Gritting her teeth, Hannah turned back to the body of the squid, ignoring the fresh screams as the recently captured girls were pulled close to the body of the monster above her head.

Tina squirmed about in the fleshy confines of the squid's esophagus. She could hear faint shouts of devoured crewmates, her own situation no better. Her entire body was being compressed by the strong muscles of the beast's throat, the heat interrupted only by the growing heat between her legs, her vagina throbbing with a perverse pleasure at her predicament. She had given up hope of survival, and rather then spend her last moments crying and moping, she had pressed her hand down through the muscles, slipping it into her bikini and stroking at the delicate folds of her crotch, her clit swollen with all the attention pushed upon it. Short moans escaping her as she slid down towards whatever awaited her in the stomach of the squid. Her fate hidden to her, Tina paid it little heed, her attention turned completely on the soothing touch of her own fingers inside her, pressing against the inner-lining of her pussy, tickling at it with her nails. A sudden rush of warm air against her bare feet sent her over the edge. Her hips bucking into the flesh that surrounded her, Tina gave off one final howl as her fingers were submerged in her own juices, the sticky fluids rushing out, splashing onto her thighs as it broke upon the front of her garments. Her entire world fading out in the sudden onslaught of pleasure, the blonde girl didn't notice as the rest of her became free from the crushing press of the throat, falling into a pool of tingling fluids nearly 12' below her. She had entered the stomach, and she wasn't alone.

Melina watched wearily as another body slipped from the exit of the throat, crashing down into the fluids she had found herself in. It was sapping her strength just staying afloat now, around her several other women had joined her in the stomach. Slime covered walls rearing high around them, the acid was as deep as a swimming pool from what she cared to guess, and the size of the belly was just about right to be a swimming pool as well. She had come in alone, but others had followed her, one or two just being the top halves of the devoured woman. Not all had lasted though, several bodies floated face down in the acids, others simply slipping beneath the surface and not being seen again. She didn't doubt that she'd end up the same way, forgotten and digested within a giant monster, doomed to be little more then a snack for the bastard that had captured her. Her body had tingled for some time, her skin softening in the liquid grip of the beast's stomach acids. Not long ago it had ceased tingling and simply gone numb, her nerve endings finally killed by the fluids around her. Letting out a sigh she watched as a rather beautiful brunette slid beneath the surface, her hand flailing weakly before vanishing. "Another… one…." Almost slipping under herself from the effort of talking, she caught herself at the last moment, a redhead in the distance letting out a sob before she too was gone, more dead meat. Reaching down to her crotch, Melina was not surprised to find her satin bottom gone, dissolved away already. What did surprise her though was the lack of feeling, she knew her hand was there, but only because she knew she'd put it there. "Great… dead, and I can't even enjoy myse…" her mouth filling with acids, she made no effort to regain her position as she slid beneath the waves of acid, her vision fading with her, her last thought "I wonder if anyone noticed me go under"…. Then nothing.

Hannah growled, this was no good, she would have to take her chances with the sea and get out of her… now! Ducking under a flailing tentacle she ignored the scream of a blonde beside her as she instead was smashed by the tendril, wrapped within it and pulled away from the deck, her weapon laying where she had stood. Hacking through an errant tentacle Hannah, for the first time in her life, ran, the creature behind her snacking on what was left of her crew. "Come on ladies, time to get the fuck out of here!" Herding the remains of the Black Madonna's crewmembers, two brunettes, a blonde and a redhead as she ran. The lifeboat they had planned to use to overtake the other ship lay at the aft of the ship, and with bounding leaps punctuated by the occasional swing of her sword, and at one point the scream of a girl that hadn't quite cleared the beak, they reached it. Climbing into it, she urged the others to hurry up, "Everyone get in and get us loose, our only hope is to get away while that thing's still busy feeding." A quiet squeak reached her ears, turning she saw that it still hadn't given up the chase. One of the brunettes simply standing stark still as a tendril slid up between her legs, sliding into the leg hole of her bikini and from the sudden moan from the girl, into the tight passage of her vagina as well, just the tip of the tentacle fitting into her. "Oh god, Captain help… me" wracked by a sudden rush of pleasure the brunette went limp on the intruding tip, trying to grip at it as her hips jerked, pushing it in slightly deeper. Before Hannah could even get her blade to the rubbery flesh of the monster, the girl was gone, whisked away suddenly with a shriek into the night, more food for the monster. Scowling the captain turned back to the remaining girls, "GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! NOW!" chopping one of the ropes tying them to the ship herself with the stained steel of her sword.

The night passed agonizingly slowly for the survivors, the blonde sobbing in the darkness as they sat helplessly in the small boat. Even the captain didn't have the heart to tell her to shut up, they had lost their ship, most of their crewmates, and were now somewhere in the darkness with a giant squid still lurking about. "We'll wait until morning and get back to the ship, take some supplies, a row in this small tub. We're better off taking our chances then staying around here, hoping that thing doesn't come back" Hannah offered, her words sounding hollow in the dead of night. Sighing once more the small captain lay back, waiting for the dawn, the only sound of the shocked group, the sobbing of the blonde.

The morning came as it always did, at least one thing not changing. Something else had changed though, the ship… it was gone. "What the fuck happened to it?" snarled Hannah, knowing full well what had happened but not wanting to accept it. Without the ship, they had no supplies, without supplies, they had little chance of reaching land. The only sign that the ship had been there at all were scattered planks floating in the water, none of the crew had escaped save for the few in the small boat with her. "Now what do we do!?" whined the blonde, prompting a quick glare from the captain. "We shut the hell up and start rowing", answered quickly by another pitiful moan from the traumatized girl, "But I'm hungry, and tired. I don't want to row" leading off into a fresh set of sobs, she urked suddenly as her belly exploded in a fireball of pain. The captain had saved her knife it seemed, much to the misfortune of the whiny blonde as she tilted back, still not believing what had happened. "Then don't row, less weight for these two to carry away!" the captain shouted, in no mood for any form of incompetence. Lulling back against the small side of the ship, the blonde could only come up with, "But I'm not that fat…" before toppling over into the frigid waters, vanishing quickly in the darkness below. Standing up Hannah almost howled, anger and frustration filling her to the very soul. "EAT UP YOU BASTARD, I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU!" the other two getting the hint that the captain was not to be messed with, especially today. Beginning to row they headed north, soon leaving behind the spot where the ship had been, all glad to leave save for the Captain, her eyes closed, already plotting her revenge…