The Country Bear 

by FatBear & Greywolfe

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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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The Country Bear

I was really off the beaten path. I guess that shortcut was not a good idea. It was late, I was hungry and the sun had just about set. The lightning flashing in the sky was not reassuring. As the road continued to wind on endlessly, I caught sight of a building glittering in the twilight. At first, I was hoping it was a motel or at least a gas station. As I approached, I could see a dimly lit sign on the roof: Fred’s Country Buffet. It was only a restaurant, but at this point, anything even resembling civilization was a welcome sight. I pulled in and parked, only to see that everything was closed. With nowhere else to go, I decided to at least try. Who knows; maybe Fred will be in a flexible mood. As I walked up to the old style doors, I noticed that this place was completely ‘frontier’ style. The windows, the wooden porch and even the big rocking chair all exclaimed country living. I pulled open the door and stepped inside. Only a few dim lights illuminated the place. Obviously, the place was closed, though I didn’t know why the front door was still open. I approached the bar and checked out the pictures on the wall. Old animal trailblazers, frontiers men and adventurers decorated the walls. I sat down and waited. I guessed someone would eventually find me here. And someone did.

I was startled by a deep growl coming from what I could only guess was the kitchen. I turned to see a pair of large doors swing open and an enormous bear lumber out. He was carrying a pair of platters topped with a pair of colossal sandwiches. Finally, he noticed me.

‘Hi. The doors were unlocked and I’m kind of lost. I hope I didn’t startle you.’ I said.

He looked at me inquisitively and smiled.

‘Aw, don’t worry about it.’ he said. ‘I don’t get too many visitors ‘round here after hours.’

‘I lost my way some time ago. Is there any place I could stay around here?’ I asked.

The bear put down his platters and shuffled to the doors. He was simply huge. He was dressed in a tent like red and black flannel shirt. His dark blue pants looked old, worn and comfortable. They were held up by a pair of thin buttoned suspenders. He seemed to walk slightly hunched.

‘You’re not gonna find anyplace ‘round here. You’re pretty far off the path, son. Only truckers and a few farmers come out this way.’ he said.

He reached the doors and I heard the distinct sound of the doors locking. He then turned and came back to the bar. He sat down next to me. The poor stool creaked and the floorboards groaned under his tremendous bulk.

‘You’re welcome to stay here, son. At least until morning if ya, like. I’m here by myself anyway. I got plenty of food, if you’re hungry too.’ he said.
The storm outside was just beginning. The wind was howling and rain was coming down hard. I realized that I didn’t really have a choice.

‘That’s a generous offer. Thank you.’ I said.

‘Good, now how about some grub.’ he said, taking hold of his huge sandwich.

He slid off his stool and shuffled back into the kitchen; beckoning me to follow him. I took off my jacket and I followed. As I entered the room, I couldn’t help but be awed by his sheer size. Just like a true bear, he was very large and bulky. Even with his slight hunch, he towered over me; probably close to seven and a half or eight feet tall. He must have easily weighed over one thousand pounds. Inside the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator and began to prepare another sandwich.

‘I hope ya like cold cuts, son. It’s all I got right now.’ he said.

‘Oh, that’s fine. Just fine...Mr.?’ I asked, extending my hand.

‘Oh, I’m Fred. Just plain ol’ Fred. No mister. None of that fancy talk ‘round me.’ he replied.

His huge paw engulfed my hand and we were instantly friends. For the next several hours, we ate and drank. When we finished the cold cuts, we went on to sweets and some strange dessert made from molasses and maple syrup. That stuff was sweet enough to make me feel like I was in sugar shock. We washed it all down with a keg of home made ale. Needless to say, it was late and we were stuffed. We moved to a couple of sofas and just relaxed.

‘Wow, that was a real feast. Thanks.’ I said.

‘Aw, don’t worry son. My pleasure. Uuuuuurrrrp!’

We laughed. His monstrous belch shook the floor and was probably felt in the next county. Thus, we sat there, too tired and too contented to move. We soon fell asleep to the sound of our stomachs churning.

That night, I was awakened by his thunderous snores. The lightning flashing outside dimly illuminated the place for a second. I could barely see him. He was lying there, with one of his short legs and some of his gut hanging over the edge of the sofa. I didn’t know what was louder, the thunder or his snores. Still somewhat sleepy, I sat up and inadvertently made some noise. Fred’s snoring stopped abruptly and he stirred. Soon, he also sat up, probably to see what I was up to. The floor groaned under his shifting weight. He stretched out to his right and slowly, the light of a lantern grew and softly illuminated us. We sat there, simply looking at each other in the warm glow of the flame. I could still hear his great stomach gurgling and digesting our previous feast. He grunted slightly.

Fred was inquisitive. He had never been so...close and personal with a human. Sure, he had seen plenty of them in the form of customers. They all seemed friendly and courteous. Still, he felt at ease; warm and peaceful. He wasn’t sure why. As he looked at the human, he could see nothing extraordinary. Nothing that would make him stand up and take notice. Yet, something inside of him was attracted to the man. After some thought, he started to understand. Something inside of him connected. He liked the man, but he also wanted him; in a feral, perhaps primeval way. Something primordial stirred within him. An urge. A wanting. A hunger that he had not satisfied in years. Yet something else surfaced that he had never felt before. Something told him that these primitive thoughts were wrong. Just plain wrong. Was it remorse? He didn’t know. He was sure, though, that he wanted to be with the young human. He wanted to be with him and protect him from all that might do him wrong.

‘You all right, son?’ he asked.

‘Yes. I’m fine.’ I answered.

‘Good. Come here and help ol’ Fred up, son.’ he asked.

‘Sure.’ I said.

I got up, still feeling a little full and went to him. Even sitting down, he was very wide and took up most of the sofa. I gave him my hand and pulled. He was so massive, that he pulled me down on top of him. He grasped me with both of his powerful paws and held me there. I was sitting on his enormous belly, and was almost face to face with the bear. I was a little surprised.

‘Whoa. A little too fat, son?’ he asked playfully.

He chuckled and I laughed with him. Even though he caught me by surprise, I didn’t mind being held by him. It felt kind of good. Being so close to such a big fellow made me feel all warm and fuzzy (literally!). He pulled me closer to him, pressing my body against his own. The heat from our bodies was making us quite warm. As I sat there, I wrapped my arms around him. Squeezing him gently, I could feel him sigh quietly. He released my hand and gave me a big, genuine bear hug. I was enveloped in thick, warm fur. All around me, everything went silent; the clock ticking on the wall, the rain tapping on the roof, even the thunder outside. The only sounds I heard were his heartbeat, his heavy, labored breathing and an occasional grunt from his stomach. The rustic scent of the cabin was overpowered by his musky smell. My arms had no chance of reaching around his overflowing girth. Thus I took pleasure in feeling his bulging sides. We stayed like that for a while, not really wanting to let go. As we snuggled, my face moved directly in front of his snout. His mouth slobbered open and revealed his deep, red throat. Immediately, I was smothered by the stench of his breath; the disgusting smell of old, digested food. I could barely breathe and as he drew me closer; all I could see was the deep, unending abyss of his gullet. All I could do was stare into his great jaws as his putrid slobber dribbled down upon me. His thick tongue came to life and slithered up and down my cheek and face. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he seemed to be tasting me. I could hear a deep bellow erupt from deep within him. With that, he suddenly stopped. He looked at me as though he had done something terribly wrong. He immediately released me.

‘I’m sorry, son. I didn’t mean to do that.’ he said, almost ashamed of himself.

‘Sorry for what?’ I asked. ‘You’ve done nothing wrong.’

‘I shouldn’t do that.’ he said. ‘I’m a bear. I can’t let that go too far. I don’t know if I can help myself.’

‘Don’t worry, Fred. It’s alright.’ I said reassuringly. ‘You didn’t go too far.’

I placed my hand on his furry cheek. He nuzzled it, accepting my loving gesture. He did the same; gently patting the side of my face with his enormous paw. I slid off his tremendous gut and stood in front of him for a minute. I then sat down on the floor next to him as he made himself more comfortable on the sofa. His huge paw then landed on my chest and with gentle grace, caressed me. I snuggled closer to him and buried the side of my face in his overhanging belly. As his paw made its way past my shirt and touched my skin, I slipped past his suspenders and into his baggy pants. As customary with many large animals, he had nothing else underneath. His belly seemed to go on much further under his pants; too far for me to reach. I was suddenly startled by a deep bellow from within his stomach. It trembled underneath my hand. I patted it in response.

‘Fred.’ I said.

He didn’t respond.

‘I know you want to. I know.’ I whispered.

‘You’ll be gone.’ he said. ‘You’ll be part of me.’

‘I know. I’ll be part of you forever. I’ll be swimming around in that great pot of yours for the rest of your life.’ I said.

He chuckled. A warm, friendly chuckle that could only come from such a grand animal. It was followed by a deep rumble. A rumble that could only come from within such an enormous creature.

‘Well, son. All you have to do is say yes. And I’ll take care of you.’ he said.

I looked up to him. One part of me was petrified with fear. The thought of agreeing to this was making the rational half of my head scream. I would be eaten. Plain and simple. I would end up inside of this monstrous creature; deep inside of him to be absorbed and digested. Just like those wonderful sandwiches. Yet, as I looked into his eyes, flashing with the lightning, I could see something else. It was something that my rational half could not see. I could see myself as Fred. I wanted to be the bear. I wanted to be large and lumbering; to feel the weight of my enormous gut pulling down upon me. I wanted to be Fred more than anything. And if I couldn’t be the bear, than I would at least be one with the bear. I would be within him; closer to him than otherwise possible. Close to his heart, soul and body. Eventually, two would become one. All of these thoughts raced through my head. Damn the world. I look to him again and nod and it feels like a great weight is lifted from my back. He needed to know that. To know that I want this as much as he does. There would be no feelings of guilt or shame. Only happiness.

With that, I began to remove my clothes. Where I was going, I would no longer need them. I was going to a place where money, material possessions and ambitions would no longer have any meaning. Fred removed his shirt, and loosened his suspenders. Thus, I sat there in front of him; naked and waiting. Those few seconds felt like hours. I was at the crossroads; my last moments as a human being. I was afraid. He knew and took my hand within his massive paw. He looked at me and smiled. It was a smile that said ‘ Don’t worry. It’s going to be just fine.’

Taking me by my sides, he gently hoists me up to his waiting mouth and presses his lips against mine and kisses me. For a moment, he holds me there; gently tasting and enjoying me. His thick tongue runs all over my face and head, coating me in bear saliva. He holds me tightly against his gut. I feel myself melt away. Nothing in the world matters. Then, I feel it. He opens widely and begins to take me. My face moves into his mouth. Carefully, he hoists me up further and I move deeper into his jaws. His paws move lower along my body; down between our stomachs. I look down into his gullet. I was slowly moving deeper into it. Soon, I will know nothing else but his stomach. With another powerful swallow, he pulls me deeper. My organ is fully aroused. We were generating a tremendous amount of heat and the feeling of so much fur and fat rubbing against me was even more exciting. It’s unlike anything I have ever felt. Soon, my neck makes it’s way into his mouth. I am bathed in darkness. The smell of digested food is growing stronger as I slide deeper into him. I should be scared, but I am not. His gentle paws gently caress my body; feeling it as his tongue continues to taste it. They all reassure me that everything will be fine. Deeper I go. My shoulders slip past his snout and begin their trip into his throat. All the while, I wonder. What will it be like when he’s done with me? How much weight will he gain from me? How long will I satisfy his great appetite. The thunder outside interrupts my thoughts. I can barely hear it. The sounds of his gulping and slurping overpower everything as his throat opens widely to accept me. He struggles. I knew he was in some pain. His mouth squeezes me tightly and eventually, he wins. With my shoulders on their way down his throat, he presses my arms to my sides as he prepares to take the rest of me in. I don’t struggle. I wanted this and now I would be free. To stop now would be vulgar. No. I would see this through; even though the alarms in the rational portion of my mind were growing louder and louder. Perhaps he feels...or tastes my fear. He holds my arms tightly. Now his great maw must open even wider to accommodate my stomach. Slowly, surely, I slip into him; all the while I’m caressed and tasted by his tongue. With renewed zeal, he slobbers all over my body. He must be enjoying this so much. As I slide further into him, my painfully erect organ comes to rest in his jaws. It is ironic that in all my years, I have never been so aroused as I am now; with a huge bear swallowing me whole. With another gulp, he takes in my organ and rear. He was getting anxious. I could hear his stomach just below me gurgling and grunting in anticipation. He was so eager to have me. I was so anxious to be his. He slobbered upon my organ for a minute; tasting the precome and my flesh. Then, he gulped again. The outside world ceased to exist. The thunder, the lightning, the smell of the cabin...gone. It is all replaced by his internal universe. His gurgling stomach, the fetid stench of digestion, his soothing heartbeat and the warm embrace of his innards. I can no longer tell what’s going on but I can feel his weight shift as he stands up. Perhaps allowing his pants to drop to the floor. He releases my legs and slurps them down like huge strands of spaghetti. Just beneath me, his stomach roars as I slide into it. With a few more short gulps, my legs feel the warm embrace that the rest of me is in. I grin as he playfully runs his tongue over my feet a last time, then swallows. I’m inside of him.

For a while, I feel him grunt and shift as he strokes his very large gut. I wonder what it’ll feel to become part of him. With that, he belches powerfully. There is no more time to ponder. Slowly, I drift off to sleep.

Fred reaches over and turns down the gas light. Grinning at the wonderful feeling of the young man inside of him. It’s the largest meal he’s had in quite some time and he is quite satiated now...well...for a while anyway. Contemplating the young boy, he strokes his stomach and marvels that he was so willing. He understands some of them, but not all...and he wonders if this one has been at the end of calls and curses. It doesn’t matter now. He’s safe. And Fred will always remember him. Quietly patting his gut, he resumes his previous posture on the sofa, staring out the window, into the rain and thunder, letting sleep take him.

Original story by Fatbear.....Finished and perfected by Greywolfe.
Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you, Greywolfe! ;)

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