Cute, Shy, and Edible 

By Random Dragon
Story Copyright (C) By Random Dragon
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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  Cute, Shy, and Edible by Random Dragon

(This story is humbly dedicated to Sch'Ana, the best (and only?) predatory 'Roo this side of the Outback.)


Random Dragon's mind raced as fast as his feet. As he dodged, ducked, and dashed through the tangled underbrush of the swamp, he could hear the angry snarls and growls of the wolf behind him. The canine's keen sense of smell had picked up the tiny dragon as he made his way home, and had been chasing him for almost ten minutes now, which was severely tiring out the frightened dragon.

RD gulped deeply, then leapt over a tree root, landing in the muck behind it. Sneering and yanking his foot free of the mire, he continued frantically running down the path. A quick glance over his shoulder confirmed his dread. The wolf had just leapt gracefully over the root and landed, never slowing down. It was gaining considerably on him, and if he didn't think fast, he'd be dog food. Suddenly, Random noticed that up ahead, the path veered sharply to the right, and a rather large log lay next to the path.

Not tonight, wolfie. I've had enough of you for a lifetime...

He forced his weakened body forward, and he got a small burst of speed, just enough to get him around the corner before the wolf could see where he was going. Random made a panicked leap behind the log, and focused all his remaining concentration to the task at hand. Feeling a bit light-headed from the process, he shrunk down to a little under three feet. He curled up behind the log, certain that he was now completely hidden. Despite his best efforts to remain quiet, his raspy, gasping breath was louder than he had wished. He gritted his teeth and prayed he would make it through the night.

The hurried footsteps of the wolf went roaring past the log, kicking up leaves and dirt as it passed. RD opened one eye and remained as silent as death until the dreaded sound of the wolf faded into the swamp, and finally disappeared. He poked his head over the log to see if the coast was clear. Feeling a bit more confident, he struggled and climbed over the log, landing back on the path, right between two pawprints. He stood up and brushed himself off, sneering down at the pawprints. Too many damn canines...

After the small dragon's breathing had returned to normal, he began his tireless trek down the path towards his makeshift home, deep in the swamp and hidden from predators. He plodded down the dirty path for almost twenty minutes before he began to realize that none of the scenery was familiar. The leaves looked different, and the trees were all bent and gnarled, looking like ancient corpses jutting out of the murky waters and soggy ground. RD's wide eyes glanced about frantically, desperately searching for a landmark he could recognize. When he could not find such a thing, he stopped dead in his tracks, heart smacking against his ribcage. He turned around, 360 degrees, to get a view of his surroundings. Not a single thing was familiar, and he was beginning to fear the worst.

Don't even tell me I'm lost. That stupid, stupid mutt must've chased me onto the wrong path...

After a few tense minutes of staring at the foreign locale, Random heard the low, eerie, far-off howl of a wolf, which reminded him it was better to keep moving than sit there like an hors'devoures. He pulled his scattered wits back together, and continued down the path that was leading him to nowhere.

* * * * *

After what seemed like hours of aimless wandering, the path broke into a clearing. Light filtered from above into the dark swamp, giving it an odd "dusk" appearance. It seemed rather quiet and tranquil. The exhausted dragon quickly searched the clearing...not a soul in sight. Thankful for a resting spot, he waddled over to a somewhat sunny spot and sat down. After stretching and getting the cricks out of his joints, he lay back and lay limp, thoroughly enjoying having a bed of thick, dewy grass. His eyes fluttered a few times, then closed, bathing him in comforting darkness.

Just as RD passed into an odd state of mind, halfway between sleep and awareness, he was yanked back to reality by a faint rustling from the corner of the clearing. His eyes shot open and he sat up like a cork popping out of a bottle. His wide eyes searched frantically in front of him, but he saw nothing. Nor did a single sound inhabit the silent clearing, save for the wind brushing about the blades of grass. Out of nowhere, a gentle cooing wafted to his ears, carried on the breath of an angel. It was a hauntingly beautiful sound, and all too familiar to the tiny creature.

He got slowly to his feet and turned to face the bushes behind him, just in time to see the form of a large kangaroo creep out of the foliage, her calculating eyes scanning the clearing. His eyes went even wider, and his heart began to hammer against his ribcage. Random recognized the voluptuous creature just as her mysterious gaze landed on the tiny dragon. He gulped.


His frightened exclamation was met with a mischievous grin as the 'roo sauntered towards him.

"Well, well, well. How lucky, er, lovely , to run into you again so soon, my little dragon," Sch'Ana replied, her green eyes piercing into his own as she stopped in front of him, paralyzing him on the spot.

As she neared him, Random's fear mounted. Had she always been that tall, that large? She had grown nearly a foot since they had last met! As if to match his thoughts Sch'Ana glanced down, clearly taken aback by the difference in their sizes.

"My, you are my little dragon, aren't you? If I didn't know better, I'd say you've shrunk since last I laid eyes on you! Positively bite-sized, in fact..." the teasing 'roo stared into the tiny dragon's eyes with her own: deep, green, and hungry. It finally began to sink in. He had never returned to his normal size after he escaped from the wolf! Random gulped and began to back up in a panic, shaking his head wildly.

She couldn't. She wouldn't!

"And it's so hard to find a meal at this late hour. I'm so glad I found you..." Sch'Ana continued, her smirk growing broader.

She would...

The ravenous 'roo lowered her head as her ears flattened down against it, so she could see eye-to-eye with the trembling dragon. Every shaky step he took backwards, she matched with a confident step forward, staying right in his face. She couldn't help but grin mischievously.

"C'mon, cutie. I just wanna hold you..." she whispered softly. The dragon took several steps backwards this time, almost stumbling. When he regained his composure, Sch'Ana could see he was blushing madly. However, her grin was replaced with a disappointed frown as the color returned to his face, and he did his best to look vicious.

"Oh, n-no ya don't! I'm not f-falling for that again!" Random stammered. His accusation was just met with the kangaroo's curious gaze, as if to question him further.

"Y-you're just sayin' that! You d-don't think I haven't caught on t-to your little g-game? You just w-w-wanna eat me!" he continued, taking a quick step back, as if expecting immediate vengeance from the imposing predator. She just stared at him. RD was surprised to see her expression turn to one of pure shock and offense. She raised her chin indignantly.

"Is that what you think? I want to be your friend and protect you, and all you can do is babble on about silly little evil plans I have about eating you? I've never been so insulted in all my life!" she said, doing her best to fake an offended tone. The tiny dragon just blinked at her in disbelief.

"Y-you're not gonna e-eat me?"

"Hmph! Of course not! What kind of monster do you take me for?!" she spat at him.

"Well...I j-just thought..." "Oh, you just thought? Well, if that's the way you feel, I suggest you leave. Go away. Leave me alone," she interjected, dismissing him with a wave of her paw.

Sch'Ana saw Random's eyes fill with a new kind of fear. The bashful dragon hung his head apologetically. As his gaze drifted to the ground, Sch'Ana couldn't hold back her grin any longer. Was it really going to be this easy? As RD looked back up, she quickly banished the grin from her face, taking on a truly hurt expression. The guilt-ridden dragon turned and began to walk out of the clearing. However, the sound of movement and a gentle cooing from behind him brought him to a halt. He looked towards the source sadly.

"Awwwww, you're such a cute lil' dwagon. I just over-reacted, I'm sorry. I forgive you. C'mere and give me a hug, little guy," the devious kangaroo beckoned, arms wide open to grasp RD in her embrace. He sniffled pitiably, then waddled over to where she was waiting, open-armed, to forgive him. He collapsed into her inviting arms, on the verge of sobbing his tired eyes out. As he buried his face into her shoulder, tears welling up, Sch'Ana gripped him very tightly. Grinning mischievously to herself, she patted the vulnerable dragon on the back sympathetically, cooing softly. He was so predictable...

"There, there, it's ok. Don't worry, it doesn't take much to make it up to me. It'll be all right, just relax," she whispered soothingly. The only response she got was the faintest trembling of the dragon in her embrace. The controlling 'Roo didn't quite know what to make of it, but she dismissed it quickly.

Still rubbing and patting his back to calm him down, she lifted the vulnerable dragon slowly to her waiting mouth. She licked, then parted her lips, and held him there for a moment, as one might hold a sandwich. When the veritable scent of his unassuming fear mingled with her anticipation, making her mouth water, she opened wide and stuffed the guilty dragon's pudgy little head into her maw.

Knowing she would have to act quickly, she simultaneously gulped and pushed him in further, using his hind paws as handles. The trembling little dragon didn't even realize what had happened until it was too late. Gripped by her throat, shoulder-deep in her hungry jaws, he began to struggle and flail about wildly. The powerful predator simply snatched up both of his tiny forearms in one hand, pinning them helplessly together with her grip. His flavor was so enticing. She couldn't stop...not now. Not ever...

Despite her full mouth, she giggled a bit as her tongue played across RD's face, savoring the taste and coating him with saliva for the journey downwards. Suddenly, something powerful struck her right shoulder. Practically reeling backwards, Sch'Ana realized she had forgotten about his annoyance of a tail. As if to warn him, she gulped powerfully, then gently slid him in further. His small, subdued forearms joined his upper body in her hot, wet mouth effortlessly. Another quick gulp, for good measure, and the terrified dragon was up to his waist in the gaping maw.

After her hand was freed, the starving 'Roo reached out and firmly grasped the violently struggling tail. Snagging it by the tip, she bent it this way and that, tiring it out as it spasmed in her clenched palm. As the tail began to slow its frantic movements, she gently rubbed and rolled her fingers across the tip, hoping it would do well to pacify her meal. Just as Sch'Ana had expected, the tail shuddered underneath the delicate massage, then fell limp behind the dragon. Having taken care of that little detail, she resumed her feast.

Random struggled vainly in her grip, both from her arms and her throat. Just as his fear mounted, his snout pushed and entered her tight throat. As the rest of his head squeezed into her gullet, he felt the warmth up to his knees. Meanwhile, the sultry kangaroo was busying herself with the task of keeping his little legs from smacking her in the face. Gripping both of them tightly with an arm, she leaned her head back and shoved all but the tips of her draconic snack's hind paws into her drooling mouth.

Fortunately for Sch'Ana, the constant struggles coupled with the pressure of her waiting throat tired and weakened the tiny dragon. She stroked her throat gently, giving her dinner a final comfort. The contented 'roo felt her stomach begin to bulge and push outwards as Random's head popped out of her tight gullet and into her equally tight belly. Running her free hand over the smooth, furry surface, she felt more and more of his body fill her hungry stomach. He still struggled, though they were much weaker, and actually provided her with more pleasure than discomfort.

With a soft slurp, she pulled the last of his tiny legs into her dainty mouth. Now that the majority of her meal filled her, Sch'Ana felt completely at peace. She struggled to sit down, but succeeded eventually. She spread her legs and stretched comfortably, just in time for the rest of Random to fall into her huge belly. As he curled up helplessly, caught within her, she cooed as well as she could, rubbing and patting her swollen stomach, just as she had massaged her dinner a few minutes earlier. As the stuffed Kangaroo went cross-eyed to look down at her mouth, she giggled at the tail, still twitching slightly, dangling languidly from her jaws.

Taking her time to savor the last of the delicious dragon, she finally tilted her head back and slurped the tail up. It twirled about, sucked between her lips like a giant noodle. Swallowing deeply, the limp tail joined the rest of its owner, deep inside her. The delight was almost unbearable. Her stomach distended as the small dragon gave a last futile struggle, and sagged down to touch the soft grass she was lounging upon. Indulging her predatory side, she belched rather loudly, expelling the air she had swallowed along with her draconic lil' friend. Sch'Ana lay back in the cushiony tufts of grass, closing her eyes. Feeling lazy and tired, she continued to gently rub and massage her stuffed belly.

Cute, shy, and edible! What more could a girl ask for?

Grinning at her own thoughts, she relaxed in the dewy grass, and drifted off to sleep. In unison, RD, warm and tight within her, fell into a deep sleep, nourishing the gorgeous body of Sch'Ana.